Classic Breakfast Challenge w/ Pancakes, Bacon, & Eggs!!


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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace un año +95

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! The final challenge of our Northwest USA Winter Tour!! On Wednesday we will post a blooper video with all the funny outtakes filmed during the tour. Then on Friday we will post an update video about what all is coming up!! Thanks everyone for your continued support of our videos and channel!!

    • Russell Grier
      Russell Grier Hace 23 días

      great job Randy! keep up the good work on 2019!

    • Hector Hernandez
      Hector Hernandez Hace 3 meses


    • Mike Georgius
      Mike Georgius Hace 6 meses

      Randy Santel North West is the best. But Randy, Wisconsin is not the West. I believe rhat is referred to as the Mid West.. Sorry brother, you loose again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.JK...

    • David Harrison
      David Harrison Hace un año

      Why don't you try using your free time to master the english language first? What are you 12 yrs. old?

    • Jaqua Brown
      Jaqua Brown Hace un año

      David Harrison hi. I'm randy. Santell. Atlas and promotions and today I'm going to film my self getting a heart attack

  • chrismax christian
    chrismax christian Hace 10 días

    good job randy

  • Vane Mak
    Vane Mak Hace 11 días

    $20 for all that food what a freakin deal!!! You can easily feed 4 people for that price it is a fact eating In Wisconsin has always been a great deal. Even the Greek Freak said the same thing.

  • Thomas Page
    Thomas Page Hace un mes

    Randy you need to visit Tony,s I-75 in birch run Michigan. They have massive food items.

  • miguel ang
    miguel ang Hace un mes

    Subtitula los malditos videos amigo, ganarias Miles de suscriptores de habla ispna

  • awii xo
    awii xo Hace un mes

    How can you digest this without any paparazzi

  • Keisha Boles
    Keisha Boles Hace un mes

    Randy in consideration mainly,having that much food in a sitting causes weight gain.Could pick up those weights your advertising on T-shirts.

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez Hace 3 meses


  • Ruckus Tom
    Ruckus Tom Hace 3 meses

    Seriously. This should be and Olympic event broken into two categories - speed challenge and heavy weight.

  • Crazy Whiteboiy
    Crazy Whiteboiy Hace 4 meses

    And it would’ve been a minute shorter if you would just shut the FUCKKK up and eat ❗️❗️❗️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ if you’re trying to break a record talk after

  • JazznRealHipHop
    JazznRealHipHop Hace 4 meses

    Y'all see what he did there? He got the win before he began #beastmode

  • updown4455
    updown4455 Hace 4 meses +1

    Shithole Stallis

  • jrockoplen Koplen
    jrockoplen Koplen Hace 4 meses

    Randy the eating machine!.

  • Big Dog Trump Supporter

    Nice Win Brother Randy A Super Human Reckin Eating Machine!!!!

  • Trisha lovesall
    Trisha lovesall Hace 5 meses

    Come and do a challenge at Boise Idaho

  • Malik Brown
    Malik Brown Hace 5 meses

    randy stfu and eat , hate when he talks like bro your wasting time

  • I stay getting hoed
    I stay getting hoed Hace 7 meses

    This ain't nothing i could've finished in 5-10 minutes

  • Jonatan Dracnan Eriksson

    Great Video

  • Ziad Baltaji
    Ziad Baltaji Hace 7 meses

    This is too easy come onnnn you follow magic mich to brake his record and u know magic mich is a normal eater and a very normal one.. thats why u bring him with you everytime and u beat him

  • jaswant limbani
    jaswant limbani Hace 7 meses

    Hi randy santel I want to job with u

  • Jantina Haspels
    Jantina Haspels Hace 8 meses

    All I can think is, I'd be stuffed sick after the 4th pancake. Wow!

    JBONE DEVIL Hace 9 meses

    Challenge ? Ok I feel fat now as this is just my breakfast hahaha

  • Tony Lindholm
    Tony Lindholm Hace 9 meses

    go randy you are best greetings from finland😊😊😊😊😊

  • pratik astro saha
    pratik astro saha Hace 9 meses

    how doesn't he have any sort of pimple outbreak😢

  • Jonah Sandoval13
    Jonah Sandoval13 Hace 9 meses

    I could easily destroy that

  • Braian Ortt
    Braian Ortt Hace 9 meses


  • Eric Beeman
    Eric Beeman Hace 9 meses

    You should try bubs burgers and ice cream in Carmel Indiana they have the big ugly burger it w as on man vs food

  • Lord Red
    Lord Red Hace 9 meses

    Pancakes look amazing!

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Hace 9 meses

    In Australia that would cost $50 minimum.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson Hace 10 meses

    Remember Randy, "KETCHUP IS YOUR FREIND."

  • othman zaidou
    othman zaidou Hace 10 meses

    I'm a huge fun Randy unfortunately I'm from Germany and I know we don't have good food challenges as good as you have back there guyes but I'll be so excited you think about visiting us again on a European tour IT would be awesome
    Keep up

  • marc thibodeau
    marc thibodeau Hace 11 meses

    Great victory Santel. You really zoned in and took no prisoners. P.S. I get sick of seeing immature and ribald comments from a minority of so-called fans. I love what you're doing and you always give it your best shot! And Hell no you never talk too much. You are kind enough to explain things to your audience. Keep striving Randy and thanks for always putting a smile on my face....Charge ahead my friend---

  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams Hace 11 meses

    I am a pancake freak i luv pancakes this challenge is getting me hungry

  • Hodari Kibwe
    Hodari Kibwe Hace un año

    Man looks so good

  • tony smith
    tony smith Hace un año

    awesome challenge. I didnt think youd dominate those pancakes so easilt

  • Your Average Bean
    Your Average Bean Hace un año


  • Footlockmaster Leopard
    Footlockmaster Leopard Hace un año

    Im hungry

  • Footlockmaster Leopard
    Footlockmaster Leopard Hace un año

    Straight stud!!

  • ckemi mire
    ckemi mire Hace un año

    Bro thats the breakfast i eat everyday and im 190 pounds

  • Matthew gt
    Matthew gt Hace un año

    I was feeling sad for that old man

  • pearlXdiver 99
    pearlXdiver 99 Hace un año

    2:23 did you see his hand shake? Jesus looked like Michael J Fox trying to eat pancakes during a 9.5 Earthquake.

  • tazz 505
    tazz 505 Hace un año

    haha i live in st louis too

  • Stephen Millang
    Stephen Millang Hace un año

    One of those spoonfuls of the scrambled eggs is all i can eat never mind the shitload of everything else there

  • Lithilic
    Lithilic Hace un año

    Dang, that looked like a lot of food requiring the full 1 hour but he was barely phased.

  • Mark Duling-el
    Mark Duling-el Hace un año

    a great competitive eater and flexing his muscles at the same time

  • A Place
    A Place Hace un año

    And mom says I eat fast 😂

    WITLESSMASS Hace un año

    Weird thing about these videos even though you know this isn't healthy, you can't take your eyes off of Randy as he demolishes these food challenges. I think it comes down to how he does it. He has it down to a science, he's neat, doesn't really eat in a gross manner. There's a method to the madness that keeps me coming back for more.

  • Nadeem Swagath
    Nadeem Swagath Hace un año

    How does listening to music helps in while downing that humongous meal? Randy does it often.

  • legend519
    legend519 Hace un año

    imagine eating like this in public

  • dillajohn
    dillajohn Hace un año

    RANDY, Now that is a Breakfast ! :) Im so JELLY!

  • Amanda Blake
    Amanda Blake Hace un año


  • AJ F
    AJ F Hace un año

    This must be a fun job

  • Marie peachy
    Marie peachy Hace un año

    I can watch all your videos and never feel grossed out. Keep up the great videos coming. 🙂❤️

  • Jay C
    Jay C Hace un año

    Blond in the background of the beginning of the video had a remarkable ass.

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Hace un año

    again $22 not bad. could feed a whole family

  • loool fu
    loool fu Hace un año

    I'm sorry but that flex at the end had me dying😂😂😭

  • spoggspears1
    spoggspears1 Hace un año

    this looks like wat my fiance eats normally lol... never understand how he never gains weight lol

  • ENDZ
    ENDZ Hace un año

    Daym this guy can eat

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Hace un año

    How com he does not get fat if i had eaten food like that i would look like a potato

  • Marty B
    Marty B Hace un año

    Randy dont waste your time replying to the haters its just encourages them more

  • Marty B
    Marty B Hace un año

    We love to you randy we do ohh randy we love you!!

  • Julio Cesar Rivero Garcia

    Bolivia 🇧🇴!!!!!!!

  • EpicGaming 1414
    EpicGaming 1414 Hace un año

    Matt stonie does better ones and faster plus he’s way smaller

  • Aussie Gamer
    Aussie Gamer Hace un año

    Well done big fella. Still the best bloke on youtube mate.

  • Lilia Sahanova
    Lilia Sahanova Hace un año

    I remember the times when Randy was actually fit. You surely let yourself go. I mean..Holy crap you got fat.

  • Kev Wilson
    Kev Wilson Hace un año

    Yo mate theirs a food challenge at bear grills Congleton Cheshire in the UK would love to see you smash it as no one has yet

  • Allison Brown
    Allison Brown Hace un año

    Wasted seconds dipping syrup and butter. Should had made those pancakes into egg burritos. Looked delicious

  • Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson Hace un año

    Congratulations on the tour wins Randy, can't wait to see the Australia videos!!

  • Tim Tucker
    Tim Tucker Hace un año

    It's Mr.floppy tits still flexing

  • LanyahzTruth29
    LanyahzTruth29 Hace un año +1

    So proud of you Randy😘😣😎!!

  • Alexandre Eduardo Oliveira

    Congrats! Very nice series of videos with challenges. Really enjoyed.

  • Isaiah Harvin
    Isaiah Harvin Hace un año

    That breakfast looks great making me hungry,,,

  • Maika ti
    Maika ti Hace un año

    Dude ure videos are fuking nice idk why im watching them every time i eat keep it up bro!

  • Jacob McCarter
    Jacob McCarter Hace un año

    Randy letting himself go

  • soccerguy34
    soccerguy34 Hace un año

    hey nice videos. you seem like a really down- to - earth guy and you treat every city with respect :) - cleveland , ohio

  • Trigger Finger
    Trigger Finger Hace un año

    That how
    Much I will
    Eat 2day and here he is eating it in one sitting.
    Good work mr Randy

  • James McDaniel
    James McDaniel Hace un año

    Big fan here. You have the perfect personality for a competitive food eater lol. Of all the food challenge youtube channels, this is by far my favorite.

  • Christina Izbaşa
    Christina Izbaşa Hace un año

    Those are giant-ass pancakes. ....

    • daddydojang
      daddydojang Hace un año

      I thought they looked like giant normal pancakes. I didn’t know they were made outta ass! No wonder they were hot on the bottom.

  • Mr Guershon
    Mr Guershon Hace un año


  • Glen White
    Glen White Hace un año

    Wow, looks good... but all that starch

  • The Adventures of Moose and Lucy

    Great video Randy! I watch all your videos! Just a question though, have you ever bitten your finger trying to eat fast?

  • dan spliff
    dan spliff Hace un año

    U r a disgusting human beeing

    • dan spliff
      dan spliff Hace un año

      daddydojang keep on eating fat boy

    • daddydojang
      daddydojang Hace un año

      Your English teacher has failed you.

  • Yone Zawa
    Yone Zawa Hace un año

    Crowds just ain't there no more are they

  • john barnes
    john barnes Hace un año


  • MrDude88
    MrDude88 Hace un año

    Holy smokes, you beat your friends by a whole 3 minutes.

  • Abramović Sta
    Abramović Sta Hace un año

    Hey randy before doing the challenges can you show us how these massive meals get prepared.

  • Sean Clarke
    Sean Clarke Hace un año

    All that for $22? Not bad

  • Notorious B.O.B.
    Notorious B.O.B. Hace un año

    Hash browns look great

  • Ell Hiro
    Ell Hiro Hace un año

    I like how Randy used to write "bodybuilder" on his videos but that is no where to be seen now

  • white chocolate
    white chocolate Hace un año

    What was your favorite food out of all your challenges

    JT STEALTH Hace un año

    Looks so yummy 😁

  • outfctrl
    outfctrl Hace un año

    Randy, Now the end of the year is coming up, please do some bloopers. I love the ball cap off and on when you forget your lines...LOL

  • Richard Sydenham
    Richard Sydenham Hace un año

    I bet you was happey when you got the Tshirt as you always have the same one on

  • Flat Girth
    Flat Girth Hace un año

    Have you got mild Down syndrome?

    • daddydojang
      daddydojang Hace un año +1

      He has Extreme Down the Hatch syndrome!

  • Zubair Akhter
    Zubair Akhter Hace un año

    Feels weird not to hear people clap and shout when he stops the timer and completes the challenge 😂😂

  • RammC RammC
    RammC RammC Hace un año

    The most hyprocrit person is this guy. Asking help from God!!!!! Gluttony is consider a Sin. Let see how it sink in.

  • aaronimpactnz
    aaronimpactnz Hace un año

    Awww I would have put the leftover syrup over the other food.

  • Truong GameZ
    Truong GameZ Hace un año

    starts his cut next week guys :)

  • FAHAD_9997
    FAHAD_9997 Hace un año

    Very Good Video

  • andy shaikh
    andy shaikh Hace un año

    Ez u got this bro