A Day in the Life at Imperial | Design Engineering

  • Publicado el 29 jul 2022
  • A realistic college day in the life at Imperial College London. Follow myself, an Imperial Design Engineering major through a typical day in the life.
    Hey ~ I’m Jackson. Thanks so much for watching :)
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  • Clash Bases

    Hey, I’m thinking of applying, could you please let me know how good the work life balance is and whether people go socialise/clubbing a lot? Thanks :)

  • Damani MC

    Awesome video, great editing.

  • Arhaan Kishore
    Arhaan Kishore Hace un día

    I have applied this year for design engineering. I have 5 A stars predicted in maths physics chem econ further maths. Do I have a good chance? Also when did you receive your interview mail and final offer? How was the interview like

  • Lightflames

    Hey I'm a highschool student in grade 10 from India. I'm planning on studying Design Engineering in ICL. However, I have a keen interest in math hence wanted to know what are the math topics the course has and tips that you suggest that will help me get into ICL for undergrad. Thanks

  • sf 27

    where can we read more about your project and your prototype ?

  • Lavender Foo

    Nice video!

  • Freddie Page

    Nice one Jackson!

  • francisco parraguez

    Hi from Chile. I enjoy your video. 你是不是 中国人? 我很高兴认识你。