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  • Terrence Smith
    Terrence Smith Hace un año +49

    As a master plumber here...i would give 80% for neatness, but that would fail inspection,
    1 too many 90
    2 must not installed a 90 on the side like that unless it's a vent
    3 instead of tee, use wye and a 45 to change direction.
    Also for your water supply too many 90 is going to slow up your water pressure and cause water hammer possible break. Hope this helps...Looking forward to your next video or pics.

    • WaynIe Wonder
      WaynIe Wonder Hace un año +2

      @Paul Burgess for drains the sweep fittings is the best way to go

    • Kyre Banorg
      Kyre Banorg Hace un año

      I think this is from Afghanistan.

    • JohnnyD 67
      JohnnyD 67 Hace un año +1

      Not sure where you are a master plumber? There is nothing about this job that will pass any plumbing code. No radius 90's, no sanitary T, no vent. And why in the hell would you carve up the walls just to have the main run across the middle of the floor.

    • Dan Dan
      Dan Dan Hace un año

      @Paul Burgess ooooo he didn't show us his master plumber card. I think you caught him up. Lol

    • ScG1982x
      ScG1982x Hace un año

      Believe the word your looking for is a combo wye

  • Cody Mathisen
    Cody Mathisen Hace un año +23

    If I were sent to that house for a drain cleaning, I would think of about 100 ways to punish this plumber

  • Elephant Nuts
    Elephant Nuts Hace un año +2

    Imagine down the line I go for a clog and I’m putting in the snake 🐍 and it won’t go more then 4’ ft! WTF. Someone get this person a certified plumber

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man Hace un año

    Priceless! 😅😂🤣😁😎👏

  • Tomasz hf
    Tomasz hf Hace un año +1

    Good job 💪

  • Rory Galusha
    Rory Galusha Hace un año

    Those right angles are definitely a help 👍

  • ScG1982x
    ScG1982x Hace un año

    If this is good plumbing in other countries, I would be a Master Plumber with 100yrs of exp. AKA MASTER JEDI PLUMBER 😎 😄

  • Fabio Magliani
    Fabio Magliani Hace un año

    Ottimo lavoro 😎👍

  • antonio fernando da sousa correia

    When he was young his favorite videogame was the "Snake".
    That pipes goes against phisics laws, and human law too.

  • Peckerhead
    Peckerhead Hace un año +14

    Pressure fittings 😂😂i sure hope this isn't for DWV

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard Hace un año

    Im no plumber but would i be right in removing the last two 90 angles use a longer pipe for that section then use the T shape for the pipes coming from either sides

  • Nailbender
    Nailbender Hace 2 años +27

    That plumber should have been a Mason

    • Nailbender
      Nailbender Hace un año

      @Christian Harrison yeah he must be a patient guy

    • Christian Harrison
      Christian Harrison Hace un año

      I’m a mason and I’m wondering how he did that. That’s a few dusty hours of hell.

    • Krenar Sulejmani
      Krenar Sulejmani Hace un año


  • Philip K Hung
    Philip K Hung Hace un año +3

    Nice wall chasing work.

  • Frank Carey
    Frank Carey Hace un año +3

    On top of all the other comments its thin wall electrical conduit not plumbing pipe...good luck with that draining and not breaking in the first couple months

  • Andre Genter
    Andre Genter Hace un año +6

    It’s impressive how low standards are in other counties

  • Top Notch
    Top Notch Hace un año +2

    I thought gray was electric conduit ..but what do I know Im a tile installer lol

  • WeThePeople1503
    WeThePeople1503 Hace un año

    That's OK work, but those turns are super tight and gonna end up being restriction points, what is this for drainage or sewer?

  • Tomasz FuryFAN
    Tomasz FuryFAN Hace un año

    Great Handymans work

  • John gurung
    John gurung Hace un año +22

    If you use 'Y' instead of straight 'T' everything is just fine.

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S Hace un año

      Can’t notch into the foundation like that cause it weakens it. Pipe got to be run ontop of the wall

    • click click
      click click Hace un año +1

      That's not true...... there are no "Y" or "T" in the "fine" ...😁😁😁
      You know I am just kidding right....have a blessed day

    • Derek Mcdowell
      Derek Mcdowell Hace un año +1

      John gurung 90s on there side is a no no this fails hard lol

    • America
      America Hace un año +3

      Because they want it to clog up.

  • God Man
    God Man Hace un año

    I'm not a plumber, but even I know you have to use sweep 90's, that is too many elbows, and if that is going to be back filled with dirt, why not just go straight in??

  • American First
    American First Hace un año +4

    If that’s a sewer drain, god bless the poor soul who comes to clean it one day.

    • prabhjot sanghera
      prabhjot sanghera Hace un año

      My thoughts exactly Jesus Murphy

    • Jo
      Jo Hace un año +1

      Basically this thing will either hold or get fucked

  • Edison Carter
    Edison Carter Hace un año +16

    When they pulling the wire through? Lol

  • Humberto Vivanco
    Humberto Vivanco Hace un año

    Re-mal no era necesario cortar la pared, bastaba solo la primera parte al suelo y luego al tubo de descarga.

  • James Burke
    James Burke Hace un año

    Looks legit.

    JUDE ARTS N PAINTS Hace un año

    Nice work

  • M McCarthy
    M McCarthy Hace un año +12

    When you lied on the application

  • thhizon
    thhizon Hace un año +90

    Im sorry bro. This wouldn't pass inspection where Im from.

    • jonesj811 Jones
      jonesj811 Jones Hace un año

      @Shawn of course

    • Shawn
      Shawn Hace un año

      Hi guys, is it ok to pipe a sweep 90 fitting running horizontal directly into another sweep 90 running vertical? Or would I need to run this out to make it work? Any help would be appreciated. Main drain line btw.

    • Ryan S
      Ryan S Hace un año

      Wouldn’t pass inspection not where I live cause your not allowed to notch out the foundation like that cause it weakens it. The pipe would have to be run ontop of the wall down the side not notched into it. Also can’t have a T section like that the water if this is for water who knows it back up you need a Y peace and it needs to be set in the direction of the water flow

    • Fruit punch Bigga
      Fruit punch Bigga Hace un año +5

      That wouldn’t pass inspection in Nigeria mate so it won’t pass anywhere l

    • Ian Chandler
      Ian Chandler Hace un año +6

      Same it wouldn't pass here either I'm only 18 but grew up doing plumbing my dad's a plumber of 42 years now and he had me with him since I was able to pic pipe in and use a shovel so I instantly knew it wouldn't pass

  • Derek Mcdowell
    Derek Mcdowell Hace un año +4

    This is ok I guess for a 3rd world situation but fails big time here in Canada, can’t have 90s or Ts on there side, you need a ys and 45s on horizontal runs and some slope wouldn’t hurt either 😂

  • Gregory Roberts
    Gregory Roberts Hace un año

    Mmm pressure fittings and tees on their side in what appears to be a drain line.... real nice. I feel bad for anyone who has to service that in the future.

  • Naseer Ahmad
    Naseer Ahmad Hace un año +1

    Where is the work site?
    I am also professional plumber.
    I live in Lisbon Portugal.
    I want to join your company any where in theworld.

  • Tyler square
    Tyler square Hace un año

    Why use pressure CPVC?

  • Harun Yildirim
    Harun Yildirim Hace un año

    30 and 45 deg. tubes exist !!!
    You should use it...

  • ابومحمد
    ابومحمد Hace un año

    لماذا الف والدوران التمديد خطأ جدا حسب خبرتي كثرة الاكواع يشدد مجري الماء لذالك يحتاج مستقبلا تنظيف باستمرار وسلامتك ،،،

  • civick2052287livecom
    civick2052287livecom Hace un año

    I can't tell if its good or bad

  • Uncle Paul
    Uncle Paul Hace un año

    Well, why You do not use modern pipe without adhesive?

  • Kerry Clark
    Kerry Clark Hace un año

    Not sure you can undercut the foundation wall like that. Ruins the structural integrity.

  • Family Guy
    Family Guy Hace un año

    Looks nice but you used the wrong fittings for a drain and there is no vent anywhere close

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Hace un año

    What are all these pipes for? Where do all these pipes go?

  • Plombier mehdi بلومبي مهدي


  • carmelo oquendo
    carmelo oquendo Hace un año

    Where is this being done at... cant be the U.S. especially if that's drainage pipe... and I'm curious as to what type of material that pipe is made of

    • Mickey
      Mickey Hace un año

      Looks like that thin conduit for electrical wiring.

  • Joeybagadonuts
    Joeybagadonuts Hace un año +1

    NYC Union Plumber will never do that. Work like that is done by a scab

  • Zali H
    Zali H Hace un año

    Full falt. Dont use T in counseling time, also elbow. Use short bend.

  • seb Vega
    seb Vega Hace un año

    Rien de de correct, on recommence !

  • Betty Synegal
    Betty Synegal Hace un año +1

    How to replace a water shutoff on the out sid

  • Samuel Jardine
    Samuel Jardine Hace un año

    I'm not a plumber and the plumbers in the comments rip this to shreds. But besides all the plumbing violations, as someone with common sense this is ridiculously dumb. There was absolutely no reason to 90 to the right like that and travel inside that wall. They easily could have just come straight out at the bottom. It would have used fewer fittings, less pipe, there would be fewer restrictions on flow, it would have been way less effort than carving up that wall, and take less time to install the pipe.

  • Hammadi Hammadi
    Hammadi Hammadi Hace un año


  • HunterXD
    HunterXD Hace un año

    That is going to cost a lot of problems in the future

  • Javier Diaz
    Javier Diaz Hace un año +10

    That’s a clogg waiting to happen

  • Random Person
    Random Person Hace un año

    Those look like supply fittings. To tight for a drain.

  • Руслан Пушкин

    Как его чистить?

  • superwout
    superwout Hace un año +11

    Why not down and in a straight line across the floor to a y joint?

    • Krenar Sulejmani
      Krenar Sulejmani Hace un año

      learn from his technics mate,we must "pay him for those lessons he shows to us"

    • em gee
      em gee Hace un año

      Yup,that was my opinion too.

  • Thelegendl23
    Thelegendl23 Hace un año

    It cant be a T has to be a Y and we dont use rocks to prop up pipes, as an inspector me seeing this video I would fail you based on that relevance alone.

  • P
    P Hace un año

    Square tee - straight fail there buddy.

  • lollandz
    lollandz Hace un año



    What this piping for?

  • M McCarthy
    M McCarthy Hace un año

    The only way this is right is if it's a central vac system

  • Thomas Bruch
    Thomas Bruch Hace un año

    Pretty sure thats conduit not drain line🤔

  • Montana Livin
    Montana Livin Hace un año

    Hope that's a water line... If not, no DWV fittings were used and won't flow crap, literally. Neat glue joints though...

  • Gixer750pilot
    Gixer750pilot Hace un año +1

    Somebody’s pleased 😃

  • German Arellano Campos
    German Arellano Campos Hace un año


  • Peckerhead
    Peckerhead Hace un año +4

    Where's the vent?? LMAO

    • Family Guy
      Family Guy Hace un año +2

      That is the vent because those are vent fittings not drain fittings

  • Meme's-Tiktoks &more
    Meme's-Tiktoks &more Hace un año

    Wow you did this?🙅🏽‍♂️🤮my dad is the head inspector of Florida he goes through every single thing to make shure it is 💯 and I can tell you this is probably 36 🤭 atleast give em there money back it’s going to be a longer process if you don’t fix it now

  • Zaiya Daoud
    Zaiya Daoud Hace un año +1

    Sure hope you have insurance, if that’s a thing wherever your from.

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar Hace un año

    Bro why Lbows only for 2 Lbows is fitting

  • Paweł Fortuna
    Paweł Fortuna Hace un año

    Ale zjebał robotę nie daje się w ścianie 90' tylko 45x2

  • Leonardo Aguilar
    Leonardo Aguilar Hace un año +1

    A la próxima déjale ventilación

  • Mericavids
    Mericavids Hace un año +1

    The water is like 'which way do I go? which way...

    • Leroy Brown
      Leroy Brown Hace un año +1

      mericaenterprises dude I’ll still laughing that was a good one

  • riquiix
    riquiix Hace un año

    Better be for a fucking pool with all those pressure fittings

  • Tioga Fretworks
    Tioga Fretworks Hace un año

    Total fail 😂.

  • shane buddington
    shane buddington Hace un año

    No integrity left in that wall 🤔

  • Frantisek Vangel
    Frantisek Vangel Hace un año

    I’m sure that this will be clogged up in a few weeks and you don’t want to listen the man who will clean this and also this will not pass the inspection. My advice if it must be done like this instead of using 90” use at least 45” or 30” and bigger dimension of pipe

  • Stephen Walsh
    Stephen Walsh Hace un año

    Easy on the plumbing guys, this is just for the cable line. It's a little big but is set up to change cable provider every year. Lol.

    • Rick Daystar
      Rick Daystar Hace un año

      Getting cable fished through all those 90' elbows will be a bitch

  • 1SmOkEYj3
    1SmOkEYj3 Hace un año

    Shouldn’t that T be a Y for easier snaking

  • ismael melendez jr
    ismael melendez jr Hace un año

    Hope its not a washing machine drain line. It's never going to drain correctly with pressure stacking back towards the house..

  • Sal P
    Sal P Hace un año

    Are you making furniture?

  • James Beeson
    James Beeson Hace un año

    this is all pressure fittings wth? that better not be a drain line that’s not gonna work

    OM PRAKASH NIGAM Hace un año +3

    You should use also 45° band , y tee for all this I'm also a professional plumber sorry I did not want to hurt you but you use there too much 90° band that's not fair...

  • Norm Davis
    Norm Davis Hace un año

    DON'T wat THIS is, MAYBE a habitrail for hamsters.Roto rooter.Maybe my helper did it 50yrs ago

  • gamer HERE
    gamer HERE Hace un año +1

    reduce number of elbows to reduce cost and increase force

  • Kent Carver
    Kent Carver Hace un año

    I'm assuming this is in a different country I guess that plumbing is better than shiting on the ground or in the streets

  • Donnie Roessling
    Donnie Roessling Hace un año

    Is that even schedule 40 pipe? Looks like some cheap vac piping. And it won’t fail because of to many 90’s whoever said that is an amateur. All it has to do is hold a head pressure for DWV and pressure test for the water pipe.

  • Paulo Sousa
    Paulo Sousa Hace un año

    Okay so when does the chick who can't pay come in??

  • Caleb Warwick
    Caleb Warwick Hace 2 años +19

    I hope that’s not sewer I would never put a straight T on a main sewer run where is ya Y junction and 45 bend ya flop

  • rafa baraja
    rafa baraja Hace un año

    Is this a hamster maze?

  • chetan titirmare
    chetan titirmare Hace 4 meses

    80% fail

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson Hace un año +19

    what in the hell

  • McGregor's Plumbing & Heating Services

    But do you got that grading tho

  • Vince Black
    Vince Black Hace un año +1

    Ok then short pattern 90s. Tee on side. Thin wall crap pipe. That looks like is for pressure not DWV What a mess. Holy hell. RIP IT OUT START OVER

  • Jean-Louis Parmeggiani
    Jean-Louis Parmeggiani Hace un año

    A ne surtout pas faire (coude a 90 scellé ds un mur

  • Jeffrey Boarman
    Jeffrey Boarman Hace un año

    Make the doo doo run downhill and get paid on Friday

  • Был Здесь
    Был Здесь Hace un año

    В газоблоке..? Ет не допустимо!

  • Supporter of everything you like.

    What's this for a wall mounted toilet?

  • MSGC96
    MSGC96 Hace un año

    Il tee per terra non si mette altrimenti l acqua scorre nelle entrambe direzioni era molto meglio un y

  • кафельщик Новороссийска

    Все склеено.

  • Colton Davis
    Colton Davis Hace un año

    I will never clog

  • Блэк Стингер

    Зигзагом говно застрянет быстрей)

  • Javan Kuusisto
    Javan Kuusisto Hace un año

    Looks like a hot tub or something

  • Lets go Brandon.
    Lets go Brandon. Hace un año

    You are now ex-communicado!!! Poor job dude.

  • Darian Zielinsky
    Darian Zielinsky Hace un año

    That's not even water pipe.....

  • Astro Mope
    Astro Mope Hace un año

    Is this a water system? If it’s a sewer system you are using the wrong fittings...