Frankenstein GPU Cooling - IT'S AWESOME

  • Publicado el 9 nov 2019
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    Can you get maximum performance AND silence at the same time by using a tower cooler on your graphics card? We took not one, but two DeepCool Assassin III Coolers and built the Silent but Deadly PC to find out!
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Comentarios • 2 818

  • Sotzrem
    Sotzrem Hace un día

    Mechine shop required... water cooling doesn’t require a machine shop

  • Edgar Renje
    Edgar Renje Hace 2 días

    Good job, Linus, you turned the heat pipes 90 ° (vertical instead of horizontal).

    8:25 Would be interesting to know, if the power consumption was significantally lower. You know, for the sake of saving energy...

  • David
    David Hace 4 días

    Yep, because the average person definitely has a drill press at home

  • Notmi Relnam
    Notmi Relnam Hace 4 días

    "We finally found a solution for GPU sag! Make the cooler BIGGER!"

  • Jon Colverson
    Jon Colverson Hace 4 días

    The hassle of having to make sure everything important is covered by the heatspreader puts me off, but I would buy the hell out of it if a card manufacturer made something like this, or if the cooler manufacturers made mounting kits.

  • Zaleucus
    Zaleucus Hace 6 días

    I would not be surprised if these started coming out with GPU compatibility out of the box.

  • Nickolay Kabar
    Nickolay Kabar Hace 7 días

    can u do this sort of thing for a RX 5700XT reference model, I am sure there are plenty of people who are just as curious?

  • Deniss Muhla
    Deniss Muhla Hace 7 días

    Hey Linus! What about water cooling of air cooler heat sink? (: There is some video about attempting this... "I Water Cooled My Air Cooler AND..."

  • bannablitz247
    bannablitz247 Hace 9 días

    This is why I am using the Kraken g12 and an AIO to water cool my gtx1060 XD mostly for fun, but when I upgrade I should be able to water cool that card as well.

  • Алексей Хоум

    Oh shit. And what will to cool a VRM zone?

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins Hace 9 días

    7:42 that fucking face made me laugh so hard

  • Christian Bechsgaard
    Christian Bechsgaard Hace 9 días

    DIY Perks did it to a 980ti

  • katnerd
    katnerd Hace 10 días

    If a fan dies on my gpu I just use that as an excuse to strap some Noctua's to it. Looks janky and all but progresses my mission to put Noctua fans everywhere :P

  • darklexx
    darklexx Hace 10 días

    when u like games but u dont have money for a PC u look here and dream

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston Hace 11 días

    I would like to see an experiment using gas instead of liquid in a water cooling loop.

    • biohazardlnf
      biohazardlnf Hace 10 días

      By gas what do you mean? It would work like normal air. It's a gas.... if you mean by liquid nitrogen or gases in liquid states, yes they work well. However this is generally used for extreme OC test

  • F Seemann
    F Seemann Hace 11 días

    I just removed the three 85mm fans with their plastic cage from my loud AMD R9-390 and replaced them with three 120mm arctic F12 PWM PST fans that I fixed with plastik straps. Thanks to PST all three fans can share one unused 4pin connector on the mainboard and I can change the speed in the BIOs or with the driver-software for the board for all three fans. Dropped the temp from 90°C to 65°C and the fans are really quiet at 1000rpm. The size got up from a two slot board to a two and a half slot board. No need to waste more place with a big CPU-Cooler. I like to think that would work with the card in the video too.

  • Jeixs Daier
    Jeixs Daier Hace 11 días

    Oh common everyone thought about the song when he said "The sound of silence"

  • Михаил Костромицкий

    Stick a piece of kork between power supply and new gpu heatsink to support pci-e slot

  • TheRealCat
    TheRealCat Hace 11 días

    if you watched the whole video you could've seen you didn't need to use a cnc machine 10:07
    you can get those for super cheap too and you don't have to go as crazy as linus did. you could install a smaller cpu cooler you idiots
    and you can buy your own heatsinks for CHEAP.

  • fellpower
    fellpower Hace 11 días

    Its sooo crazy, how u rape some expensive hardware....u never paid for....

  • Freak80MC
    Freak80MC Hace 11 días

    At about 7:06 go to 0.25 speed and you can see something fall down, its pretty easily visible on the right side of Linus' shirt, is that snot or something falling from the ceiling? o.0

  • Гамер Игронский

    Did the same (put massive CPU cooler to GPU core) almost 12 years ago.

  • DarkMatter1993
    DarkMatter1993 Hace 11 días

    I am using the Morpheus 2 with my 1080 TI at 70°C maximum and 700 RPM, thats cool enough for me, a big tower cooler wouldnt fit in my Phanteks P600S anyway. :D

  • Face Mcshooty
    Face Mcshooty Hace 12 días

    Around 7:00 you can see a tiny bit of spit fly out of Linus mouth

  • The_Cosmo
    The_Cosmo Hace 12 días

    Less catastrophic.. unless you chip the die.

  • Zarrx
    Zarrx Hace 12 días

    it's funny the zoomers who don't realize its like easily $300 for a complete GPU loop + block LOL

  • Ivan Dudkin
    Ivan Dudkin Hace 12 días

    Это круче рeмонтяша)))

  • Jay Bojorquez
    Jay Bojorquez Hace 12 días

    Interesting. I recall once when I worked in an industrial sized freezer warehouse, I looked up to see where the cooling was coming from. I saw fans. Made of some kind of metal. Looked like aluminum finish. Plastic fans are not ideal. I'm sure they can come up with something like a thin copper fan right?

  • inuysha360
    inuysha360 Hace 12 días

    Imagine it with a NH D15

  • hamtaro0314
    hamtaro0314 Hace 13 días +7

    Linus: "It needs to accomplish three things"
    Also Linus after saying the third: "And finally four..."

  • MrPirateking619
    MrPirateking619 Hace 13 días +1

    This video concept was stolen from DIY perks Linus at least give him credit

    • TheRealCat
      TheRealCat Hace 11 días

      Not everybody knows every video out there okay?

  • Syntactic Garbage
    Syntactic Garbage Hace 14 días

    rtx2080 in an average gaming computer

  • Falbert Forester
    Falbert Forester Hace 14 días

    So, how did using the custom heat sink/spreader for the VRMs work? Did they stay in spec?

  • Stance santos
    Stance santos Hace 14 días

    Watch some crazy person slap a prism on his GPU (since the trend on Facebook ATM is hacking the prism into a case fan)

  • Rohit Mehta
    Rohit Mehta Hace 14 días

    Sponsored by 'Deadpool' ...What!!?? ohh its Deepcool lol

  • Nathan Law
    Nathan Law Hace 15 días

    has anyone tried one of the AMD stock coolers?

    • Zarrx
      Zarrx Hace 12 días

      I wouldn't recommend anything but some sort of mid range tower cooler (like linus recommended 120mm) or better.

  • PhilouDudeBro
    PhilouDudeBro Hace 15 días

    7:43 The jokes about Linus testosterone level are not true, he can donate other testosterone replacement.
    His voice!!!...

  • Dyatlov
    Dyatlov Hace 15 días


  • Leah96xxx
    Leah96xxx Hace 16 días

    I couldn't hear the video over the sound of my own fans....

  • MultiScoreGasmz
    MultiScoreGasmz Hace 16 días

    Yea I want this mod to be cheap and for everyone... 5sec later all you need to do is pull out your very own CnC’d heat sync for your VRM and drill new holes for your bracket😂 like I expected these disadvantages but come on don’t lead your vid by saying all that nonsense lol

  • Alex K
    Alex K Hace 16 días

    9 year's ago, done that. Pretty good, but someway bulky.. and GPU card needs some support. To protect motherboard and card itself...

  • Stunseed
    Stunseed Hace 17 días

    it has to accomplish 3 things. "and finally four" linus whats wrong with your counting there buddy? 00:42

  • Secondary Torimaku
    Secondary Torimaku Hace 17 días

    For me i just stuck a cpu liquid cooler on my gpu via a kraken g12. Idles at ambient, and load maxes at roughly 35 to 36.

  • Suilujz
    Suilujz Hace 17 días

    FPS probably didn't improve because why would the stock heatsink not be able to keep it cool enough to not throttle?

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott Hace 18 días +1

    This is a nifty mod, but normal GPU coolers work just fine AS LONG AS THEY'RE EQUIPPED WITH CENTRIFUGAL COOLING FANS. Centrifugal fans pull air in from the side and then blow it out through through a PCI slot in the back of the case, whereas lots of GPU coolers insist on using cheaper radial fans that blow hot air every-which-way and generate a ton of useless turbulence in the process. The problem isn't with the cooler design, the problem is with the fan design. IF YOU ONLY BUY GPUS WITH CENTRIFUGAL COOLING FANS, YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO MOD YOUR GPU COOLER.

  • xAcid9
    xAcid9 Hace 18 días

    VRAM and VRM probably toasted.

  • Anithon l انيثون
    Anithon l انيثون Hace 18 días

    *Send a cpu cooler for review*
    Linus : Let’s use it on a gpu

  • Quinten Barker
    Quinten Barker Hace 18 días

    There's a song about that, John Cage's 4'33"

  • Ahmed Sarkar
    Ahmed Sarkar Hace 18 días

    I was waiting for the captions after the intro...

  • AyyImHere
    AyyImHere Hace 18 días

    You wen't from a thicc card to a dummy thicc card in three and a half seconds

  • fatih yener
    fatih yener Hace 18 días

    Hey Linus, i can't seem to find a decent comparison between the cpu coolers for ryzen 3700x All i find is someone running 5 minutes of stress testing with whatever cooler they have and that means nothing for someone who might want to use the system for lightmapping or long run heavy tasks. (this is the most mainstream processor with decent performance and it will probably sell way more than 3900x or 3950x or dumb 3800x) So why don't you just get a 3700x and throw a long run stress test with some aftermarket coolers with and w/o oc? Everybody is talking about it at the moment.

  • pavlentiy91
    pavlentiy91 Hace 18 días +1

    Пиздец шланг. Поменял охлаждение, и вместо сравнения температур, показывает нам сравние фпс.

  • Mayank Jariya
    Mayank Jariya Hace 18 días

    you know that heat transfers upwards always.these upside down gpu designs........coils whine only when they are loosely fitted.find yours and put one drop of super glue.just one1.

  • Mauriceb B
    Mauriceb B Hace 19 días


  • AnonymousCoward3000
    AnonymousCoward3000 Hace 19 días

    Great video! Linus is the Alton Brown of PC.

  • MayTheTriforce
    MayTheTriforce Hace 19 días

    linus should send it to linus torvalds because he lovves a quiet pc

  • Richard Reavis
    Richard Reavis Hace 19 días

    MASSIVE heat sink!
    CUSTOM metal heat spreader!
    PROPROD is a random piece of plastic!
    (nah, I'll just let it sag...)

  • Mackan G
    Mackan G Hace 19 días

    how to do this... @Linus Tech Tips @LTT what ever.... Linus u must have mist this oneídeo.html

  • Pancake Lizard
    Pancake Lizard Hace 20 días

    I brought the Noctua NH-D15S for my 9900k and it's the best!

  • Andy Chen
    Andy Chen Hace 20 días

    just put an AIO on the GPU, smart one