Brilliant Andy Murray Shots v Cuevas | European Open 2019

  • Publicado el 17 oct 2019
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Comentarios • 163

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn Hace 29 días +1

    Man! This guy Andy Murray is such an intelligent and strategic tennis player. Such a joy to watch.

  • Kamil Florian
    Kamil Florian Hace 29 días

    Hope this prick will loose badly against Stan.

  • George Glassell
    George Glassell Hace 29 días

    I’m sorry but that hyperbolic commentator is the most annoying person in tennis

  • Banta CT
    Banta CT Hace un mes

    Love him or hate him, you got to love his determination and dedication to the sport. Btw I'm a big fan of Andy Murray. He just always keeps on going.

  • Chicho Banegas
    Chicho Banegas Hace un mes

    0:48 "Boludo" jajaja bien argentino le salio ahi a Pablo

  • Yashasvi Bajaj
    Yashasvi Bajaj Hace un mes

    The form on both his groundstrokes has changed; probably altered biomechanics to prevent future injury.

  • d st
    d st Hace un mes

    Less painful for his hip to play much more aggressive rather running three four meters behind the line from one to the other side. Shorter points, not used to be his style Cmon Andy!

  • jackattack212
    jackattack212 Hace un mes

    Comeback King Murray ,soo happy for him after what hes been through and the suffering .good luck andy, wishing u further success

  • Jan Merc
    Jan Merc Hace un mes

    Andy Murray is good !! Great 👍🏽!!

  • Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis Hace un mes +1

    His name is Andy Murray...
    He's on his way back 👍👍

  • Gonzalo Arias
    Gonzalo Arias Hace un mes

    Go Andy!

  • TopSpin News
    TopSpin News Hace un mes

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    New episode tomorrow @8am CST!
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  • Mark Banner
    Mark Banner Hace un mes

    The freak is pretty much back. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I remember a few years ago when his team called him that. Because he is quite a big chunky muscular guy, very fast, and has bags of stamina. Not many have all those things in abundance. Most players don't have it all. Go Murray!

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person Hace un mes +1

    Sir Andy Murray giving Cuevas a lesson in hard courts.

  • Riz Ali Baig
    Riz Ali Baig Hace un mes

    He’s on his way back, come on murrayyyy

  • Reddy Reddy
    Reddy Reddy Hace un mes +1

    King is underway

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hace un mes +1

    AM is really looking hip now...

  • willythefree
    willythefree Hace un mes +1

    Glad to see Andy coming back

  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield Hace un mes +1

    Murray slowly but surely getting better and better on court. If he keeps improving, he'll be back within the top 20 in the next 12 months.

    NASHIT HASAN Hace un mes +1

    I think he will win this tournament

  • Tarqan ___
    Tarqan ___ Hace un mes +2

    Congratulation Andy you're coming soon to destroy djoko and sacha !

  • Ali El Majouri
    Ali El Majouri Hace un mes

    Andy is back !

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple Hace un mes

    Wild card Murray on a comeback. 🎾

  • Prithvi Rangaswami
    Prithvi Rangaswami Hace un mes

    None of those shots were "brilliant"

    • Prithvi Rangaswami
      Prithvi Rangaswami Hace 20 días

      @Phoenix Wang if any other top 10 player hit those shots it wouldn't be labeled as brilliant but because Murray hit them right after his surgery, now all of a sudden they're brilliant shots

    • Phoenix Wang
      Phoenix Wang Hace un mes

      Yeah cuevas wasn’t really playing that well.
      I think the video meant Murray however

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      Phoenix Wang Sorry, I was referring to the other person.

    • Phoenix Wang
      Phoenix Wang Hace un mes

      Okay then Mr Brain Cells, tell me if you can hit these “non-brilliant shots” and then make this type of comment

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      None of your brain cells must be working.

  • Mylène. B
    Mylène. B Hace un mes +2

    👌Andy = talent👌👏👏👏😊Mylène

  • Liz Copp
    Liz Copp Hace un mes +2

    Murray magic!🎾

  • Jagroop Dhillon
    Jagroop Dhillon Hace un mes

    The resurrection.

  • Bono Yoon
    Bono Yoon Hace un mes +2

    his forehand looks better than before? am i only thinking that so?

    • Young Coaster
      Young Coaster Hace un mes

      Still lacks a bit of conviction especially when hitting it down line.

  • A C
    A C Hace un mes +1

    Someone please fire this commentator.
    We need a voice which matches the quality, wit and fun like the game being played. This is so dull.

    • Anuj Jyothykumar
      Anuj Jyothykumar Hace un mes

      You mean the woman? She was really enthusiastic I thought

  • Jonathan Fa
    Jonathan Fa Hace un mes +2

    I hope andy won AO 2020

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes +2

      Jonathan Fa He definitely deserves it.

  • ad-rock
    ad-rock Hace un mes

    One of the weirdest indoor surfaces. Almost like they were playing on rubber. Cuevas never had a chance to hit over a BH

  • acurakim
    acurakim Hace un mes

    I never like those portable net
    1. Players.might run.into the net and step on the tube at the bottom
    2. What if the ball.bounce onto the tube after a drop shot or touch the net during the point? does that count as a bounce or not? do players need to get to the ball.before the ball hit the ground?

  • Ooi Thaim Seng
    Ooi Thaim Seng Hace un mes +1

    wait till he wins this small fry tournament first

  • Ooi Thaim Seng
    Ooi Thaim Seng Hace un mes

    Andy is destined to forever be the bridesman in A0

    • Anuj Jyothykumar
      Anuj Jyothykumar Hace un mes +1

      If he gets to that point now I would be overjoyed so yeah

  • Press and Hold !
    Press and Hold ! Hace un mes

    I think they should make complete highlights with daily videos like they do with 500 and 1000 events does anyone else agree

  • Tan Yew Jin
    Tan Yew Jin Hace un mes +1

    Andy Murray is the best player in the tour after all.

  • Kevin Le
    Kevin Le Hace un mes +1


  • George Azeh
    George Azeh Hace un mes

    Looks like Murray back to disposing off these no name players easy. Copil up next is another no name player. If you know what I mean...😉

  • Josh Heinink
    Josh Heinink Hace un mes +2

    Murray's strokes just like we remember

  • reg man
    reg man Hace un mes +2

    Can you image if he wins the the ATP Antwerp Title? What a comeback that will be. Playing pain free for the first time in Ten years. Interesting to see if he can get back to his best. Could be the main man at Wimbledon 2020....

    • Gabriel Vergara San Martín
      Gabriel Vergara San Martín Hace un mes

      Ten years? Dude...

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      reg man Honestly, I think he’s one of the favorites. Wawrinka is still coming up, despite his amazing win over Novak at the US Open. Goffin just lost, he’s been up and down all season. Fucking Monfils lost to a guy who’s probably just gotten old enough to drink. And Diego who could probably beat Murray at this point lost.

  • Mateus Henrique
    Mateus Henrique Hace un mes +3

    Murray x copil remember Washington last year match end 3:00am Murray crying in final 😢

  • Mateus Henrique
    Mateus Henrique Hace un mes +1

    Any chance Murray play in Paris masters 1000

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes +1

      Mateus Henrique Hopefully a safe and healthy delivery.

    • Mateus Henrique
      Mateus Henrique Hace un mes +2

      @Ryo Shusuke other third child is coming Next week born

    • Stuart Lloyd-Jones
      Stuart Lloyd-Jones Hace un mes +1

      I would imagine he'll be in Miami for an intense training camp as per usual. Get his speed back (still not quite there), fitness and importantly his resilience to the fierce heat and humidity of AO. Sure he'll have another tune up tourney in Jan before t kicks off. The best thing is, he looks to have the ability to push his body again.

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes +1

      Mateus Henrique He said that after this, he would be ending the season by playing the Davis Cup. I wished he played more though.

  • J Felicio
    J Felicio Hace un mes +3

    i'm so happy he got through the match without being broken, keep it murray, he may lose to goffin in the semis but great end of the year regardless for him. looking stronger and stronger and his serve was on point today

  • Gap Year
    Gap Year Hace un mes +16

    Second QF in 3 tourneys (and let's be honest, he had so many chances to beat Fabio in Shanghai).
    Anyone who thinks him taking wildcards is a bit cheap, he keeps backing it up by winning and winning.
    He deserves those entries.
    Great to see him playing good tennis.

    • Rallynub
      Rallynub Hace un mes

      @Ryo Shusuke Bro i dont even like Fognini he legit has no serve he mentally explodes sometimes but look at some of his shots. Barcalona this yr? Yea Nadal may have played badly but u dont often see someone almost BAGEL Rafa on CLAY. He doesnt have super intense footwork but his talent (sometimes) can win him a match bb.

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      Rallynub Fognini just got destroyed by and old Tipsarevic who’s set to retire at seasons’ end. That is shameful.

    • Richard Harrow
      Richard Harrow Hace un mes +1

      Rallynub yeah yeah that was a ridiculous statement. Fognini is an immature brat, but he's as talented as they come.

    • Rallynub
      Rallynub Hace un mes +1

      @Ryo Shusuke Fognini? Untalented? Bruh im not even a fan of him but......

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes +2

      -w- Fognini is a court jester who can’t even take the sport seriously. He’s basically an untalented version of Kyrgios.

  • Will Stoppani
    Will Stoppani Hace un mes +2

    Cuevas GOAT

  • Scott Burbridge
    Scott Burbridge Hace un mes +1

    Come next year if he keeps progressing like this he will be with the big boys again I know hes 32 but that is nothing these days

    • Marc 1993
      Marc 1993 Hace un mes +4

      He is one of the greatest of all time. He will be top 10 again ofc, alongside with Stan I hope...

  • dominic spiller
    dominic spiller Hace un mes +10

    Murray is on the way back. Incredible he can do this.

  • August 25th
    August 25th Hace un mes +1

    Fantastic win for Murray

  • roter13
    roter13 Hace un mes +15

    Maybe Andy will be forced to be more aggressive. I love the way he played against Nadal during the Aussie Open in 2007 4th round. It was aggressive as hell

    • Anuj Jyothykumar
      Anuj Jyothykumar Hace un mes +1

      @Gabriel Vergara San Martín he absolutely obliterated Nadal in Tokyo

    • Anuj Jyothykumar
      Anuj Jyothykumar Hace un mes

      @Ooi Thaim Seng first positive comment about Murray that I've ever seen from you..... Nice

    • Ooi Thaim Seng
      Ooi Thaim Seng Hace un mes +1

      @Ryo Shusuke I miss the andy murray who used to be so much more aggressive than now

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      I think he will try to incorporate more net play.

    • Ooi Thaim Seng
      Ooi Thaim Seng Hace un mes

      @Gabriel Vergara San Martín but now he is more of a pusher

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus Hace un mes

    A singnificant come back? Yes. But the main point is : can he again get to the level where he can beat those top ten? I doubt it.

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes +3

      Aside from the top four in the rankings: The three Kings and Medvedev. Murray could honestly beat the rest of the top ten. Those fools barely have any consistency and could lose in the first round of tournaments consistently.

    • andrew mabs
      andrew mabs Hace un mes +4

      Rusdayati Idrus I’m sorry but I don’t doubt him, and I’m sure I will tell u and those who doubt him that I told u so, don’t ever doubt a former world number one with 3 grand slam to his belt

  • keith buckel
    keith buckel Hace un mes +5

    Will be interesting to see how he copes with the 140+mph serve of Marius Copil. Best of luck Andy! looks so much better than even just a couple of months ago at the Winston Salem Open.

    • Claire Reichel
      Claire Reichel Hace un mes

      @Marc 1993 He coped and won! Go Murray!

    • Marc 1993
      Marc 1993 Hace un mes

      I mean he had one of the greatest returns with Djokovic and Rafa

  • TheM31ShadoW
    TheM31ShadoW Hace un mes +27

    Is it just me or these english commentators repeat same words all over again ??! 😆😆

    • ivegotabfmv
      ivegotabfmv Hace un mes

      It’s painful. You hear the same stuff constant. Tim Henman favourite is “be proactive and not reactive”.

    • Elijah Saxton
      Elijah Saxton Hace un mes +2

      Shhh, no one's supposed to know...

  • c4ar1zard
    c4ar1zard Hace un mes +2

    Yes Andy, get in Sir

  • WozWozWozniacki
    WozWozWozniacki Hace un mes +1

    Nothing special this video tbh

  • Nikhil Joshi
    Nikhil Joshi Hace un mes +15

    He looks perfectly fine at the moment! And the Australian Open this year made such a big deal of him retiring. It’s gone be super awkward in January

    • ivegotabfmv
      ivegotabfmv Hace un mes

      guillezorro yet you’re the one crying like a little girl here...

    • Ooi Thaim Seng
      Ooi Thaim Seng Hace un mes

      @guillezorro that sums up Andy as being the greatest drama queen of all times

    • Gabriel Vergara San Martín
      Gabriel Vergara San Martín Hace un mes

      @Ryo Shusuke he's the one with less feeling among the "Big 4". Also, smashes are certainly not his thing.

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      Here’s a question: Why does Novak suck at hitting backhand smashes? Roger, Rafa and Andy can seem to do it just fine.

    • Ryo Shusuke
      Ryo Shusuke Hace un mes

      guillezorro Honestly, maybe you should try to break a hip by working your ass off on the tennis court instead of being such a lazy fool who sits around all day posting nonsense. Maybe you’ll understand then.

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain Hace un mes +6

    Still doesn't quite have that fearsome return of serve that used to be a big part of his game.

  • agradina
    agradina Hace un mes +6

    reporter: how u ocupy ur free time andy after retirement?
    andy: i am busy wining.

  • Jack Messent
    Jack Messent Hace un mes +8

    Great match from Murray.

  • Cristhine J
    Cristhine J Hace un mes +74

    Andy is back👏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

  • Tom Deverson
    Tom Deverson Hace un mes +80

    Playing better all the time