Joe Montana & Joe Burrow on Chiefs-Bengals, NFL QB mistakes, 49ers days | Colin Cowherd Podcast


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  • The Volume
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    Joe Burrow & Joe Montana Give Back with Guinness and talk about the importance of giving back as a leader. To make the Guinness Pledge, sign up at

    • Faydene Reed
      Faydene Reed Hace 26 días

      Bull! He’s very much a egomaniac!

    • Tim's Music
      Tim's Music Hace un mes

      Has either Joe ever had a real pint of Guinness in pub in Ireland where it hasn't traveled?

    • Eric King
      Eric King Hace un mes

      And Joe M is my goat and soon to be Joe B

    • Eric King
      Eric King Hace un mes +1

      CH your one of my favorite commentators you know your stuff and thanks for loving Joe I’m from Cincy

    • CherubicBen
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  • Kristina Malott Alchemical Yoga

    As an older Bengals fan, I’m having some horrible flashbacks seeing Montana 😂

    • Paul Coover jr.
      Paul Coover jr. Hace 2 días

      At 50, I hoping for another reunion.
      Talor for the td! 34: seconds left!

    • Debra
      Debra Hace 2 días +1

      Love Mahomes too Me Best Quarterback In NFL right now because he's Magical some things he Does nobody Does

      MAXIMUS XXI Hace 2 días

      Nothing to worry about, you got Joe!

    • Paul Coover jr.
      Paul Coover jr. Hace 7 días

      Montana hits Taylor, 34 seconds left .
      I'm probably not helping, lol.
      Signed niners fan, 50 years

    • Steve O
      Steve O Hace 8 días +1

      Wouldn't it be great to watch Cincy beat SF in SB LVII? Who Dey

  • Frost Classified
    Frost Classified Hace un mes +317

    Seeing OG Joe Cool 😎 & new Joe Cool 😎 is surreal. What likable and amazing talent together, well done Colin!!!

    • Frost Classified
      Frost Classified Hace un mes +7

      @Easy E Network Same here, he burned us twice in the 80’s but still mad respects for Montana, one of the best to ever play the game!

    • Easy E Network
      Easy E Network Hace un mes +7

      Montana is my all-time favorite even as a Bengals fan.

    • Frost Classified
      Frost Classified Hace un mes +4

      @Aaron Halladay would’ve been an Event!!!

    • Aaron Halladay
      Aaron Halladay Hace un mes +9

      If only they got Namath too... He's still alive...

  • Workout Queen
    Workout Queen Hace un mes +232

    Been a 49ers fan for 50 years
    Watched Montana’s whole career
    He is my all time favorite
    Huge Burrow fan!
    Love them both

    • Tyler Chauvet
      Tyler Chauvet Hace un mes +1

      I like Burrow he's tough as nails, no excuses, will take hits while delivering good passes, can scramble and pick up 1sts if needed. He's a throwback QB in the era of dual threat guys.

    • Daryl Hoskins
      Daryl Hoskins Hace un mes

      @HeartlessXiao Agree Would Have Been Awsome ,Niners we’re in except for Dropped Interception in Championship Game against the Rams!

    • HeartlessXiao
      HeartlessXiao Hace un mes +1

      Really wish we could've made the SB. I was rooting for the Bengals for the entire AFC bracket, and in the SB. Woulda been an awesome story after all those Niners Bengals SBs back in the day.

    • David Gilmore
      David Gilmore Hace un mes

      @mikemarc92 🤣🤣I just noticed

    • Daryl Hoskins
      Daryl Hoskins Hace un mes +3

      Bengal Fan Here !Joe Cool Broke My Heart Twice !but one of them our DB Dropped The Interception in the End-zone against Montana Whom was never intercepted in the Super Bowls. But He Was Great! Burrow reminds Me of Him but Bigger and Stronger Arm and More Athletic !

  • Klayningus_Punctilious
    Klayningus_Punctilious Hace un mes +153

    The way Burrow talks about Football and his obsession with it reminds me of the great Kobe Bryant’s approach to basketball. Compared to their peers, both are not athletic freaks, but their passion absolutely consumed them and with it comes an amazing understanding of the game which separated them from the rest. Burrow’s dedication to training, his fundamentals and his reluctance to allow distractions during the season are so eerily similar to Kobe.
    Cincinnati got a legend in the making folks and as a bonus he’s really likable. He’s confident but doesn’t come as arrogant, great locker room guy from all
    accounts too.

    • Jeff Lanham
      Jeff Lanham Hace 24 días

      Better watch Kobe highlights he was the closest thing to Jordan for the longest. Only a handful of guys were more athletic

    • Fr0st B1ght3
      Fr0st B1ght3 Hace un mes

      @John Brinkman yeah, I saw that. I'm dreading my notifications because of it. I'm leary of anything coming up Cincinnati.

    • John Brinkman
      John Brinkman Hace un mes

      @Fr0st B1ght3 he let our best head coach ever walk away to Wisconsin and gave it to satterfield from Louisville who couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag n recruits even worse a mass Exodus of players from Cincinnati will be leaving through the portal thanks a lot athletic director

    • Fr0st B1ght3
      Fr0st B1ght3 Hace un mes

      @John Brinkman what do you mean?

    • Fr0st B1ght3
      Fr0st B1ght3 Hace un mes

      @Kevin Walker it wasn't eithers fault. Joe B was hurt and couldn't compete for the position then when he could he lost it to Fields. Can't hate them for what they didn't know.

  • Brock Jensen
    Brock Jensen Hace un mes +7

    Shout out to John Taylor. I don't think people realize how difficult it is to be in the NFL knowing damn and well you'd be a WR1 on damn near any NFL team besides the 49ers and remain WR2 and say nothing about it. You may think that's not a big deal but you have to realize, these are PROFESSIONAL athletes, their job is to compete to be the very best every single night. Knowing you're unable to compete at your highest capability because you're not getting the opportunities would be VERY difficult. I'm glad Joe said something about that because those sacrifices are the kinds of things that win games and more importantly win championships. John Taylor doesn't get the proper recognition for being willing to give all that up to give himself and his team the best chance of winning.
    Maybe it's just me but it honestly makes me kinda sad to think about that. Jerry is glorified as the greatest wr of all time (and rightfully so) but like Joe is saying, John was just as capable but because he made that sacrifice no one really talks about him

  • King Me
    King Me Hace un mes +277

    Bro this is legendary. Shout out to Joe Montana, Joe Burrow & Colin for making this happen. An amazing sit down would be Montana, Brady & Mahomes.. basically the passing of the torch
    Edit : if Mahomes broke you and you’re teams heart at some point, please pour your feelings out in the comment section. Lmao smh

    • Jared Mason
      Jared Mason Hace 5 días

      Na I'm a bengals fan. Yall ain't hurt our feelings at all lol.

    • Riley Gemme
      Riley Gemme Hace un mes

      Nah we rolled his ass in. The 2018 szn

    • John Re
      John Re Hace un mes

      @Joaquin Solis I'm mostly talking about when burrow came into the league. It's more even now KC still has good receivers and the best TE in the game. Also a qb friendly coach in Andy Reid. Burrow came to a team that was was known for being a losing organization lately and having alot of qbs that didn't live up to expectations.....just looking at the stats now the chiefs have a way better running game than the bengals. The chiefs have 1650 yds with a 4.8 yds per carry....the bengals have 1400 yds with only a 3.9 yds a carry. Not even close.

    • Joaquin Solis
      Joaquin Solis Hace un mes

      @John Re 2 stud running backs , chase….. sorry man that’s a horribly argument you just made about burrow not having weapons. Oh and not to mention a legit defense. Mahomes lost his hof receiver and still puttin up mvp stats. Mahomes is one of the most pressured qbs and has fewest sacks among the top qbs.

    • John Re
      John Re Hace un mes

      @Joaquin Solishe also took over a team that was in the playoffs every year with Alex smith. Burrow didn’t have the weapons mahomes did when he took over. A matter of fact he still dosent.

  • Muskegon
    Muskegon Hace un mes +66

    Montana beat my Bengals twice in the Super Bowl but he's still my favorite player of all time. Now Joe Burrow is my current favorite player. Both guys are classy, respect the game and know how to handle success. The most important thing is that they understand the importance of giving back to the community. I wish all wealthy people had the same attitude.

    • Connie Holland
      Connie Holland Hace un mes +1

      Montana has been my favorite QB. He and J.B. are so much alike. Glad we got our "Joe Sheisty."

    • TOKO!
      TOKO! Hace un mes

      You are on point and brilliant in your assessment!

    • MadLadNate
      MadLadNate Hace un mes

      @Frank Maxfield yeah I watched when all the fair weathered KC fans went nuts. I found it amusing. If it took you that long, to be a fan, just because he went to KC, it just shows that KC fans really don't know football. They like to get drunk in the parking lot, and yell Chiefs at the end of the national anthem. Football IQ... very low.

    • Frank Maxfield
      Frank Maxfield Hace un mes

      @Jacob Rochman Eddie Montgomery has got to be loving what the Bengals are now

    • Frank Maxfield
      Frank Maxfield Hace un mes +1

      I hated Montana after the 88 super bowl. But he became my favorite qb when he was traded to Kansas City. Back then I lived in the cincy tri state but its when the Bengals were really garbage. So Kansas city became my favorite team in middle school. Until I realized that no matter how bad the Bengals were they were still my favorite team even of I didn't want to admit it back then.

  • Most High 6 God
    Most High 6 God Hace un mes +156

    Finally we got a legit QB in Cincy

    • BEL15VE
      BEL15VE Hace un mes

      @Kevin Dukes As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling (*moot). Thank you and have a great day!

    • Kevin Dukes
      Kevin Dukes Hace un mes

      @BEL15VE but the season hasn't ended today so your comment is mute

    • Kevin Dukes
      Kevin Dukes Hace un mes

      @Jonathan Andrus that's your opinion that Burrow is number two and that's fine but it isn't everyone's

    • Kevin Dukes
      Kevin Dukes Hace un mes

      @Chennao knock that shit off both teams got shitty calls against them in that game..hell the Bengals had 3 more penalties than the chiefs

    • Thomas Pick
      Thomas Pick Hace un mes

      And, he’s a whitey.

    ECHO JULIET ANIEVAS Hace un mes +12

    I respect and fear Brady and I can see JB developing into a fine QB, but there's something about Joe Montana magic especially if the game was on the line. His stats won't blow you away but when you see him play live in those days especially in critical moments of the game, that's the only time you'll truly grasp his true greatness!!

    • Robert
      Robert Hace un mes

      His stats in SB's are outstanding. Never lost or threw a pick in the SB's

    • jdstox1
      jdstox1 Hace un mes +2

      nobody was AS CLUTCH as Montana.....nobody

  • Kdevin Turner
    Kdevin Turner Hace un mes +43

    Great to see the mutual respect between the two quarterbacks.

  • George Marshall
    George Marshall Hace un mes +10

    This was great. Thank you Colin for making it happen. And thanks to Joe Burrow and Joe Montana for sitting down for this chat. Great fun.

  • Brian Hartman
    Brian Hartman Hace un mes +8

    Joe Montana was so cool and such an awesome QB, to even be mentioned in the same breath is beyond an honor. If Burrow could have half the career that Montana had, Bengals fans would be forever happy. Awesome interview!

  • Daniel Schneller
    Daniel Schneller Hace un mes +46

    Was at the game Sunday and it was truly incredible seeing Joe get this game done. So damn clutch. Who Dey!

    • Daniel Schneller
      Daniel Schneller Hace un mes +1

      @---- delusional

    • —-—-
      —-—- Hace un mes

      News Flash: Joe Burrow didn’t beat KC….KC and the refs beat KC…… you must have been at a different game

    • Tom Strickland
      Tom Strickland Hace un mes +2

      We were there to...incredible time!go bengals!!!!

  • Dan Snyder
    Dan Snyder Hace un mes +33

    Steelers fan here. I was at the Sunday night Steelers Bengals game. I was really impressed with Cinci. My prediction is Bills vs Bengals in AFC Championship game. Then, I see Bengals vs Eagles in the Super Bowl, and Cinci gets the Super Bowl win! Love their Defense too. Great Linebackers.

    • Timothy Berry
      Timothy Berry Hace un mes

      That’s awesome man! Something I would think I’d never hear from a Steelers fan’s mouth , so as a long time die hard bengals fan I appreciate that. I had season tickets for a couple years (Dalton’s last two years) but things were pretty heated with our two teams lol I’m sure I don’t gotta tell you but I was kinda expecting things to get heated just between fans but the Steelers fans there kinda surprised me really , they were cool even when you would start arguing with people next to ya it was really civil and it was fun they spoke their mind but we did too and it was cool. They were a lot more respectful than I thought they would be. On the other hand the browns fans were the complete opposite lol 2019 we were getting hammered by them at home. Half the bengals fans were leaving not even half way through the 3rd qtr. Browns fans were getting drunk and obnoxious acting like they owned our stadium. I do gotta place a lot of the blame on the bengals fans for leaving. Besides we actually came back within a score and it got interesting. But In the section I was in there were only a couple bengals fan’s left.
      A guy who was with his daughter I assumed , was down there surrounded by some drunk and disrespectful browns fan’s. The guy asked them once to tone it down and everything seemed ok but next thing I knew that bengals fan jumped up out of his seat because the guy said something he didn’t like or really I think he just didn’t like them cussing around his daughter. One of them was huge and they all jumped up like it was about to go down. I ran down there and got behind the bengals fan so he knew I had his back. Because that’s how real fans should be. Not leaving at halftime because your not happy with the results of the game. Show some dam pride and if your a real fan you suffer with your team. This was the year that led to us getting Burrow. Wouldn’t change a thing about that year now lol
      Security must have been monitoring the whole situation because they were pulling us all apart almost instantly. Anyway appreciate the compliment and I agree. We have something really cooking again. You must of loved that play when JJ Watt magically snagged that ball just barley off Burrows fingers in thin air lol He is a beast! That was a great draft pick! I’m sure y’all will bounce bac back soon enough. Hope Picket recovers quickly too , man we needed y’all to beat the ravens too lol. Take care man!

    • Cassius King
      Cassius King Hace un mes +1

      Well first we got Bengals vs Bill's Monday night football in 2 weeks

    • Spaceknight79
      Spaceknight79 Hace un mes

      I hope you’re right.

    • Stevy Luv
      Stevy Luv Hace un mes

      @Edwin Tapia It will look what happened last Super Bowl thay almost won it tho the same now

    • Edwin Tapia
      Edwin Tapia Hace un mes

      Good one not happing 😂 bills lost von miller

  • Stichamania
    Stichamania Hace un mes +6

    I am just here appreciating Joe Montana. What an All-Time great football player.

    • TOKO!
      TOKO! Hace un mes

      Me too! But I like Bengals fans.

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe Hace un mes +36

    OG Bengal fans are feeling conflicted with this interview 😂😂😂

    • Richard Ng
      Richard Ng Hace 10 días

      yup, cincy got out staged by the legend again!

    • David Kramer
      David Kramer Hace un mes

      It is kind of like an ex that did you really wrong....but you still kind of want to hook up with 🤣

    • J-Heir Music
      J-Heir Music Hace un mes


    • Spaceknight79
      Spaceknight79 Hace un mes

      Yeah, Montana is not our favorite guy.

  • carol curtis
    carol curtis Hace un mes

    I just love Joe Montana! I remember watching "the catch" on tv. To see how super respectful Burrow was during the interview..props young man. You broke my Steelers heart but you have an excellent future ahead!

  • Stuart Damon
    Stuart Damon Hace un mes +1

    Amazing Interview in Every Way. ❤
    Giving Back. (If you see something wrong, do something about it).
    Film Study.
    Cool Under Pressure.
    Stud Receivers.
    Avoiding Distraction.
    Joe Montana & Joe Burrow!

  • Tony Ruby
    Tony Ruby Hace un mes +5

    Not a Bengals fan but I'm happy they finally have a QB that's reliable.

  • Mwaeszkx Xkprxsznx
    Mwaeszkx Xkprxsznx Hace un mes +7

    I think Joe Burrow can lead the Bengals to 4 more super bowl games and win at least 2 of them over his career.

  • CP A
    CP A Hace un mes +10

    Amazing interview, Colin!
    Top shelf pure class!

  • Matthew Harmon
    Matthew Harmon Hace un mes +25

    Bill walsh coached for bengals a long time. The Brown family knew him. Niners and Bengals go way back. Walshs kids loved Cincy. Amazing 2 great super bowls against cincy. Great ND player. 2 wonderful QBs and people.

    • Patrick Hennigan
      Patrick Hennigan Hace un mes

      @Zach Snyder Yeah, but it's been said that Walsh used film of Ken Anderson and Isaac Curtis to demonstrate the WCO for years because he said that no one ever ran it better.

      ECHO JULIET ANIEVAS Hace un mes +1

      Yes sir the Great Bill Walsh.. in his book he mentioned that he was with Cincy when he developed the West Coast Offense!

    • Zach Snyder
      Zach Snyder Hace un mes +9

      Shame it's called the West Coast Offense and not the Cincinnati Offense.

    • Michael W
      Michael W Hace un mes +3

      Paul Brown chose Bill “Tiger” Johnson over Bill Walsh to coach the Bengals as his successor, the rest is history!

  • Yislainne Itzel
    Yislainne Itzel Hace un mes +13

    I'm just thankful that Joe B is the QB of the Bengals✨

  • Alice Pieritz
    Alice Pieritz Hace un mes +2

    What an honor to see the two Joe's interviewed together.

  • C.C.
    C.C. Hace un mes +4

    A legend, and a legend in the making.

  • Fig Newton
    Fig Newton Hace un mes

    Those two gentlemen are the epitome of Class and excellence! Quiet refreshing to see these days. I indeed hope Joe Burrow has as much success as Joe Montana did.

  • Michael Partyka
    Michael Partyka Hace un mes +6

    Joe M was The Man and Joe B is becoming The Man in today’s world. Love them both!

  • Doc Holidays
    Doc Holidays Hace un mes

    Thanks for the great interview. big montana fan as 49er but rooted for him as a chief too and loved it when he beat my niners. 1 game oh well. cant say enough what he meant to bay area sports. anyway joe please talk more about dwight clark and his role before jerry because i just remember when we really needed a first down dwight would get it. so much fun to watch and thanks for talking about john taylor because he was unreal after he caught the ball. jerry was a streak of flame but john could makes guys miss like crazy. what a treat.

  • Bill Powley
    Bill Powley Hace un mes +2

    Really great enjoyable segment and interview. Colin just keeps bringing it. 🔥 Joe 😎 😎 😎 s...Let's Go!!

  • Justin Wills
    Justin Wills Hace un mes +1

    From the first QB I remeber as a kid to my favorite QB on my favorite team now. It has come full circle. Who Dey. Hott take. Burrow will have as many if not more SB appearances and wins when he retires as Brady.

  • Rell Phoenix
    Rell Phoenix Hace un mes +8

    Did I just watch an interview featuring Joe Montana and Joe Burrow? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ray Barsamian
    Ray Barsamian Hace un mes +1

    Joe Montana was still the greatest QB I ever saw. What a great player he was.

  • Grant Ritchey
    Grant Ritchey Hace un mes +7

    Thank you for this interview, Colin.

  • Frank Maxfield
    Frank Maxfield Hace un mes +2

    So many of us older Bengals fans hated Joe Montana at one point in time. To hear that he watches the Bengals now and admires Joey B is pretty cool.

  • Jackobee
    Jackobee Hace un mes +6

    Imagine Joe Montana being in aww of your game. Great convo.

  • Tim Castens
    Tim Castens Hace un mes +2

    He was joe cool from his first snap against Miami when he called an audible on his first snap as a starter at LSU and it was the right decision back went for a good gain I think a first down.

  • Lemmakinen
    Lemmakinen Hace un mes +6

    One of the best interviews ever!

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Hace un mes

    That might have been the best podcast I've seen in some time.
    Cincinnati native , we sure have a upstanding young man running the offense.
    Joe Montana, you put a damper on a couple superbowl parties as I remember lol, but what a classy guy

  • Larrry Wells
    Larrry Wells Hace un mes +1

    My favorite quarterback of all time and my favorite quarterback in the NFL today. Good stuff

  • TOKO!
    TOKO! Hace un mes

    John Taylor is my favorite receiver. Thanks Joe for speaking the truth about JT and how much you know how important JT is.

  • Glenn Halila
    Glenn Halila Hace un mes

    This is the best interview with Joe Burrow that I have thus far Ever Heard (Herd, as in Cowherd Lol)! Seriously Colin Cowherd Asks all the Right Questions and Now one of the GOATS! He's a Legend Joe Montana was amazing, but Coach Bill Walsh started out with Paul Brown, ironically. Joe answers questions about specific passing situations. It's truly a Great interview with a Champion! Thank you Gentleman for being both Being Joe Cool and Thanks Colin for asking all the right questions!

  • brian meeker
    brian meeker Hace un mes +1

    What a was like watching something from back to the future

  • Jarrett Johnston
    Jarrett Johnston Hace un mes +5

    Ah a bengal fan Joe Montana just had to bring up John Taylor. 🤣🤣🤣 Great interview!!

    • Mayhem Jr.
      Mayhem Jr. Hace un mes

      One of the greatest nights of my life was happened right after that Super Bowl

  • Joe Schueler
    Joe Schueler Hace un mes +1

    Damn, I hope Colin sits back sometimes and realizes how great his job is. What a great combo right there

  • sleazy m
    sleazy m Hace un mes +1

    Joe my guy you’re one of best own it I know you don’t like attention but you’re that guy so it’s coming a lot of kids look up to and want to be just like you and your not a bad role model for them to have it’s your turn to be the one that people look up to and want to be like 👍🏾 Joe Shiesty beast mode you a star 🌟 nothing wrong with that stay fly enjoy life smile everyday Who Dey

  • Susan Gunn
    Susan Gunn Hace un mes +13

    Joe Montana to Jerry Rice - best memories of my football life.

    • Zach
      Zach Hace un mes

      As a bengals fan who wasn’t born yet - that’s the reason we’ll never be considered a legitimate franchise lol

    • Stuart Damon
      Stuart Damon Hace un mes

      Me too! ❤

    • Mayhem Jr.
      Mayhem Jr. Hace un mes

      Me too🙂

    • DOHCtor
      DOHCtor Hace un mes

      I can still hear "Montana to Rice"

  • Elmer Coblentz
    Elmer Coblentz Hace un mes +4

    Colin, you should do an in-depth study on how much talent falls through the cracks. This has been a question for me, for some time. Burrow’s transfer from third in line to record touchdowns and of course, the Heisman, shows a lot are missed.
    And, you seem to be in touch with this great guy, I really want his jersey. Been a huge fan since Burreaux.
    Edit. I get goosebumps each time I watch the video of that ‘jersey’ going out the tunnel.

  • dsfddsgh
    dsfddsgh Hace un mes

    Joe Burrow since his days at LSU has reminded me of a bigger stronger Joe Montana same swag and confidence when the game is on the line.

  • Randall Roberts
    Randall Roberts Hace un mes +56

    I'm so sick of the disrespect of the o line at this point. They've been balling lately

    • Isiah Redfern
      Isiah Redfern Hace un mes

      @Bobby Patrick poverty?

    • Bobby Patrick
      Bobby Patrick Hace un mes

      @Isiah Redfern We’ve done your poverty ass franchise so many favors so idk why your talking so much🤣

    • Isiah Redfern
      Isiah Redfern Hace un mes

      @Jack Quick bills mafia all day 716 just beat the browns for my money Sunday

    • Jack Quick
      Jack Quick Hace un mes +1

      @Isiah Redfern we can see that you're really a Steelers fan 🛑🧢

    • Nate Johnson
      Nate Johnson Hace un mes +4

      @Isiah Redfern bills fans and Bengals fans are actually friendly. I'm guessing your a kid or a troll

  • Roland Connor
    Roland Connor Hace un mes +2

    This is THE interview... Joey B will not forget this!

  • Thomas Pick
    Thomas Pick Hace un mes +1

    Joe Burrow, a wonderful young man.

  • Jedidiah
    Jedidiah Hace un mes

    after that last play in the super bowl Im loving seeing Perine get to take control

  • Erik Will
    Erik Will Hace un mes +2

    Joe Montana was playing when I was a kid. I am a huge browns fan but the Niners were a close second because I loved Montana and Rice.

    • reynarain
      reynarain Hace un mes

      I remember hearing Pat Summerall say Montana to Rice every week.

  • Andrew Stacy
    Andrew Stacy Hace un mes +4

    Joe Montana always keeps 3 cases of Guinness with him at all times. Joe Burrow keeps 4.

  • Erik R.
    Erik R. Hace un mes +2

    You brought in Montana with Burrow…… you sir, get a like ….

  • Phoenix Boling
    Phoenix Boling Hace un mes

    The fact that Joe burrow is so calm about talking to one of the greatest legends in football id be losing my mind

  • Eric Patton
    Eric Patton Hace un mes +2

    I'm a 51 year old Bengal fan. I remember Harold Green running 2 yards a carry and Achilles Smith throwing 50 yard passes over the heads of receivers 10 yards away... Burrow is amazing. Everything you thought Palmer was going to be.

    • Eric Patton
      Eric Patton Hace un mes

      @lazysundayz Harold was far better than the line he was running behind.

    • Eric Patton
      Eric Patton Hace un mes

      @reynarain I wish Achilles all the best, and yeah, that was the height of Mike Brown ruining everything he touched. The line was shit and he was not surrounded by talent etc... but I know a fair bit about his time in Cinci, his hold out, his 12 million dollar sign on bonus and the Rap career he spent more time working on than he did learning the play book. I worked with a few of the people he was working with on his music. And yeah man, his touch was absolutely terrible. My discription isn't much of an exageration.

    • lazysundayz
      lazysundayz Hace un mes +1

      League leading rusher Harold Green!!! (in my Madden franchise mode)

    • reynarain
      reynarain Hace un mes

      Thats funny Akali Smith is a great quarterback coach down here in San Diego. Back then Bengals ruined every quarterback. Now days Akili would be a perfect fit as a dual threat quarterback.

  • League of Patriots
    League of Patriots Hace un mes +3

    Now Colin has to do Ja'Marr Chase and Jerry Rice.

  • 1craley878
    1craley878 Hace un mes +3

    I'm seeing double, two joe cools, this is awesome, my old favorite quarterback with my new favorite quarterback.

  • David Cavan
    David Cavan Hace un mes

    So, as a diehard Bengals fan since established in '68, I've never felt more confident that my Bengals, on the hunt for their first badboy trophy. will succeed in the year of the Tiger, being led by a future HOF quarterback named Joe. WHO DEY! (from "high" in Sin City)

  • REL Delivery Solutions
    REL Delivery Solutions Hace un mes +1

    Been to long I was born in 88 I would love a Superbowl win and MVP but to even see a winner at the helm is enough

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