One Day in the Coldest Village on Earth | Yakutia

  • Publicado el 1 mar 2022
  • Documentary movie about life in Yakutia, the coldest inhabited region on Earth with the lowest recorded temperature -71°C (-95°F) and the average winter temperature -50°C (-58°F).
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    3 video "How We Prepare for Winter" with Arian and his family:ídeo.html
    4 video "Summer in Yakutia" with Arian and his family:ídeo.html
    5 video "Traditional Yakutian Ice Fishing Munkha" with Arian and his family:ídeo.html
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Comentarios • 20 595

  • Kiun B
    Kiun B  Hace 4 meses +1682

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    • Joan Esters
      Joan Esters Hace 2 días


    • Aylin ASMR
      Aylin ASMR Hace 6 días


    • divadoodledoo
      divadoodledoo Hace 16 días

      These people epitomize the best of humanity!

    • Charlette A. P. Kealoha
      Charlette A. P. Kealoha Hace un mes

      I had a Great time Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Dr Snooz
    Dr Snooz Hace 4 meses +4256

    There is so much gentleness, goodness and love in that father's eyes. The kids of the village look so balanced and grounded. What a remarkable place.

    • bunnywavy xx
      bunnywavy xx Hace un mes +2

      @Alonso de Hojeda It has touched everywhere with Universities and civil rights because both are built upon liberal values. Don't be stupid.

    • bunnywavy xx
      bunnywavy xx Hace un mes +3

      You can see he was in deep thought when he was speaking about it. He doesn't enjoy having to hew wood and fish in such extreme weather everyday, it's a hard life, but he knows he has to do it for his family to survive. It's depressing. Those core moral values hold them together in such a hard life.

    • Dara traveling
      Dara traveling Hace 2 meses


    • Anna Simons
      Anna Simons Hace 2 meses +7

      I feel like they're luckier than I am and I live a pretty posh life... but I will never be able to experience what they hve... sense of community, sense of self sufficiency. it's a beautiful life.

    • keystr0ke
      keystr0ke Hace 2 meses +3

      @Valentine De the fuck?

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy Hace 17 horas +7

    I am soo humbled watching this precious piece of humanity in one of the coldest places on our planet. Arian's a brave little boy who has a great family to support him. I'm honored to have watched this.

  • francesco dipietro
    francesco dipietro Hace 2 días +8

    People, mostly kids should see this video to understand what it means to have duties.
    Arian is a pure soul, you go boy !!

  • Nancy Garcia
    Nancy Garcia Hace 26 días +1514

    10/10 for the camera crew as well, who are not used at all to this weather and recorded this masterpiece

    • Sara
      Sara Hace 7 horas

      @A J at the end of the video there’s the name of the cameraman so I don’t think she filmed it herself, and in a previous video she said that the cameraman was cold while filming the video, which may be why people assume that he is not used to the cold.

    • Retaliation
      Retaliation Hace 13 horas +1

      @Some commenter i know right! they even go into space and record everything!!

    • Tzortz KawaZ
      Tzortz KawaZ Hace 4 días

      @Videon bro they cover the cameras with fur... duh

    • A J
      A J Hace 6 días +2

      A bold claim to make that the 'camera crew' weren't used to the weather and to assume there even was one! A huge region like this place and you think the owner of this channel would not be able to source a local camera crew? What's not to say this was not filmed by the person who uploaded this video herself, a native? Absolutely nothing! Yet you've made a statement as if it were boldfaced fact without anything to back it. Good thing it's something as trivial as this and it doesn't affect anyone personally in every day life geez.

    • Goodnight Munchie
      Goodnight Munchie Hace 10 días +1

      @Fishbat I wonder what wood have happened if a black fella got his hands on those cameras 🚬☺️

  • Daejah ♡
    Daejah ♡ Hace un día +1

    It is wild how different cultures can be to certain rules. I’m some cultures/countries/areas, kids using tools like Arian did would be a No No. but honestly, he seems to be okay.
    This was such a interesting video. I enjoyed it.

  • _pampeop
    _pampeop Hace 3 meses +12319

    arian is one of those kids who gets to say when he’s older “ya, i used to go to school in the freezing cold, had to climb mountains and stuff”

  • Stephen Lines
    Stephen Lines Hace un día +1

    Teaching the world how to live well when things are so tough!
    Gotta say you're looking good on it.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and coping strategies. Confess I would not have thought of using moss as an insulation material
    Keep it coming - we need you!

  • Angel Potchekansky
    Angel Potchekansky Hace 3 días

    Amazing video!
    Huge props to everyone involved in the filming process!
    What gear did you use for filming? It's impressive to shoot in such cold weather with drone shots and all

  • Mz_R
    Mz_R Hace un día

    It was beautiful! I’m glad that kids are loved, well fed and get educated. Simple but happy life there. Be safe! ❤

  • Brad wallace
    Brad wallace Hace un día

    This was amazing. A village of people with meaningful skills and work that affect those closest to them. I would guarantee this village is happier statistically than the western wold watching this video through their devices.

  • StonyRC
    StonyRC Hace 4 meses +9262

    MASSIVE respect to the people of Yakutia. These are folk who really do understand the value of home, family, food, education and society.

    • bergitka wilk
      bergitka wilk Hace un día

      how do you know that?

    • Adam Lea
      Adam Lea Hace 5 días

      Yes, neo-liberal capitalism and its destructive side effects has not yet infiltrated remote villages in Siberia.

    • The Cheshire
      The Cheshire Hace 22 días

      @Jeff Wilson you’re a fanatic

    • Elmo The Fried Waffle King
      Elmo The Fried Waffle King Hace 22 días

      @Jeff Wilson lol

    • Easy
      Easy Hace 27 días

      @Jeff Wilson Jesus was real, now he's dead. The words of the bible aren't meant to be taken at face value. It doesn't matter what religion you practice if you have good moral values.

  • Kathryn Stewart - McDonald

    These are the sweetest people and the most natural. I think everyone falls in love with this family. They have not lost their culture and live in two centuries with great agility. Normal, good hearted people. Aarian will grow up to be a fine human being. We can learn a lot from these people.

  • CK Norris
    CK Norris Hace 3 días

    When I was a kid my area typically saw below freezing temps in the winter. Most of us would walk to school or the bus stop. It was normal to us. So all your parents & grandparents stories of how they walked 20 miles to school in feet of snow and freezing temps are more than likely true.

  • Renee M Carr
    Renee M Carr Hace 22 días +893

    Amazing how this 9 year old knows more about surviving than the average 45 year old outdoorsman. He's chopping firewood and seems like such a great kid. Hard work teaches great character and its lacking in most parts of the world.

    • Mark Hatch
      Mark Hatch Hace 10 horas

      @em What is it with so many females being obsessed with true crime? Maybe you're the sociopath. A lot of females lack empathy these days and are only concerned about likes on their pictures.

    • Quarterburn
      Quarterburn Hace 18 horas

      @Valued Humanoid they are bellyaching because you raised them wrong.

    • IT NUTS
      IT NUTS Hace un día

      Very well said " Hard work teaches Great character and it's lacking in most parts of the world " 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Kathryn Stewart - McDonald
      Kathryn Stewart - McDonald Hace un día

      The boy is doing a man's job but has not lost his childhood. Children as he grow up to be very good people.

    • Ryan Bronson
      Ryan Bronson Hace 2 días

      @Valued Humanoid We can all agree with this

  • The Plantastic Nerd
    The Plantastic Nerd Hace un día

    This was so mesmerizing to watch! Thank you for taking us with you!

  • AJ etc
    AJ etc Hace un mes +3111

    I love how that kid is like nearly freezing to death on his way to school, and a dog just trots by completely fine. Not even a husky, just a random collie dog.

    • sophi tarrant
      sophi tarrant Hace 3 horas

      @Jonathan Lennox
      We certainly don't get -60 and under!!?
      I'm freezing my ass off at present and it's 4 degrees!!
      This is on a whole different level. Our home freezers are -18.

    • Len Zielenski
      Len Zielenski Hace 15 horas +1

      That's not a "random collie dog", that's a BORDER Collie. Smartest breed bar none, tough and hearty.

    • schlunggi cheib
      schlunggi cheib Hace un día

      wth is going on with your edgy emoji, proud to be a smoker?
      and yes; that dog is definitely freezing, even if he isn't showing it.

    • Bul Kathos
      Bul Kathos Hace 2 días

      ye., that surprised me too, poor dog is in the wrong country lol

    • NoVa_cant_acc
      NoVa_cant_acc Hace 3 días +1

      @N0Lif3 actually dogs are easily capable to survive colds down to - 40°C. (from my own experience). Dogs who have owners during extremely cold temperatures like -55° or - 60°C sometimes are allowed to sleep in houses or at least in barns or veranda (it's a little bit warmer there, cuz there is no wind inside. (around - 30 or 40.)). Dogs who don't have owners can sleep near furnace pipes, heating lines(in cities) etc.

  • Phil
    Phil Hace 28 días +435

    Props to the people filming, I can’t imagine spending an entire day in a place like that, especially if you’re not used to it. And of course Arian and his family seem so hardworking, and I wish them the best of luck.

    • Phil
      Phil Hace 5 días

      @A J Just an assumption, but I think the narrator is from that area. Whether they’re from there or not, I’m still impressed.

    • A J
      A J Hace 6 días

      What makes you think they weren't local? 😣

    • Bee Bee
      Bee Bee Hace 21 un día +11

      @J J After doing a lot of research into the guys comment he is lying but I believe he is mistaken. A boy of the same first name from a different town stayed with a friend and saved himself and 3 other children from a fire however that persons mother died (RIP). This is from Russian news outlets so that person is mistaken. This videos Arian is still okay as much as I can see since Russia has blocked most sources. His last social media posts was of him and his girlfriend. So he is okay. Thankfully! :) you’re welcome.

    • J J
      J J Hace 22 días +25

      @Goodnight Munchie Nah, you don't get to make shit up and pass it off as truth. Source, or it didn't happen.

    • theanimefan
      theanimefan Hace 22 días

      @bellesies wdym

  • Eiahfou
    Eiahfou Hace un día

    I've always been curious about life on this side of the planet. Very interesting lifestyle and wonderful people

  • M Fiorito
    M Fiorito Hace 2 días

    Wow, I love the family dynamic! Their school makes me sad that my kids don't have that education.

  • Frank Conrad
    Frank Conrad Hace 21 un día +180

    These are literally model parents. Even in the harshest conditions, their dedication to not only their livelihood and survival but family too is incredible. Reminds me of alot of those families up here in Alaska… *except the cold where this kid is at seems much harsher.*

    • ⚡️Vivi ⚡️
      ⚡️Vivi ⚡️ Hace 4 días

      Cool 🎉

    • Just A Fan
      Just A Fan Hace 13 días

      it is much harsher, we can still play outside for part of the year lol

  • Khánh Ngọc
    Khánh Ngọc Hace 3 meses +2230

    Big respect for the kid Arian, he looks so mature and stable at his age. Looking at his hands can tell that he actually works a lot, callous and experienced. Living in environment like this really helps the kids acknowledge and value their life more. I hope they keep doing well and have a happy life afterward

    • Dara traveling
      Dara traveling Hace 2 meses

      I love it soo much.

    • The Truth Hurts
      The Truth Hurts Hace 2 meses +1

      Meanwhile in California, I was chased by three little devil girls, kicked and damaged my eyes when they threw dirt and wood chips at me. Their moms in the distant gossiping, saw what happened and lightly yelled "stop it you three".

    • J Son
      J Son Hace 2 meses

      @rvlxt Agree, Can't Fix Stupid

    • zync war gaming
      zync war gaming Hace 2 meses +4

      @Jocelyn Cordeiro Yeah not really the kids fault its just how he was raised. The harder the conditions the more mature they are.

    • SweetLorikeet
      SweetLorikeet Hace 2 meses +7

      His parents are raising him to know lots of valuable life skills, it's so great for children to know responsibility and how to do useful daily tasks.

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin Hace 8 horas

    Watching this and living in the equator line range myself; I have so many things to be grateful for!

  • Therese louise Carpenter

    Incredibly interesting. If we sent every unruly child here to live for one month instead of detention homes, perhaps it would change the world in a positive way.

  • Tayman1771
    Tayman1771 Hace 16 horas

    As a Canadian I can understand some of this sometimes the weather is ok -25c -30c at warmer times and some bad winters are -40c at warmest but it’s not like them for nine months it’s about one and a half months

  • Sudarsan P
    Sudarsan P Hace 14 horas +1

    People out here in South India would complain even 20 degree Celsius to be too cold.... P.S They would have never felt snow on their hands before
    Watching the video being a south Indian, teaches me a lot of social values.............

  • natsuminofan
    natsuminofan Hace 9 meses +34348

    Very enlightening ending line: "After all, there is no such thing as bad weather; there is just weather and your attitude towards it."

    • Angela Page
      Angela Page Hace 4 días +1

      Love it!!

    • Adam Lea
      Adam Lea Hace 5 días +1

      Yes, you can't control the weather but you can control your response to it.

    • Aylin ASMR
      Aylin ASMR Hace 6 días +1


    • Cheese
      Cheese Hace 6 días +1


    • Shrek
      Shrek Hace 10 días

      It’s not really a matter of attitude but biology? Whoever wrote that quote…😂

  • Michael Coffman
    Michael Coffman Hace 27 días +674

    "Today was relatively warm, about -40°F"
    As a Floridian I'd die

    • 🐻TeddyBears4Life🤎
      🐻TeddyBears4Life🤎 Hace un día +1

      @Daejah ♡ right?? Its winter in HOLLYWOOD and i have the fan on. 🙂

    • Daejah ♡
      Daejah ♡ Hace un día +1

      As a Californian 😅😅 no need to say

    • Wioletta Pagowski
      Wioletta Pagowski Hace 2 días

      Perhaps you should warm them up by dropping some bombs on them.

    • Pawel Kotelnicki
      Pawel Kotelnicki Hace 2 días

      @Michael Coffman Teeth cracking. Imagine the feeling (and the sound)

    • Pawel Kotelnicki
      Pawel Kotelnicki Hace 2 días

      @Касатка 30С идеально для меня, 46С в 23:00 в Эр-Рияде нет, согласен.

  • Jozsef Varga
    Jozsef Varga Hace un mes +588

    And the dogs are happily walking outside all day... Wonderful animals

    • Spontan Sound Records
      Spontan Sound Records Hace un día

      @lakaboMNR just like you

    • 54tomcat
      54tomcat Hace 4 días

      @Mimi 🤣 Brilliant!!! 👏🏾

    • Aylin ASMR
      Aylin ASMR Hace 6 días +1


    • Hoàng Duy
      Hoàng Duy Hace 15 días

      @Mimi lmao 😂

    • Mimi
      Mimi Hace 15 días +8

      "Cold never bothered me anyway!" - Doggo probably. 😂

  • Grace Love
    Grace Love Hace 13 horas +1

    I am watching this from a place where current temp is 48F and i am freezing to death fully covered under the blankets and just imagining how quickly I would die if i were to ever visit there.

  • Anime edits Bub
    Anime edits Bub Hace 2 días

    Imagine taking stuff for granted you don’t have to worry about covering your whole body for the cold you don’t have to worry about fire wood to keep warm we take stuff for granted more than we think.

  • Tiki Flower
    Tiki Flower Hace 8 meses +3069

    The way Arian’s dad looks at him is very heartwarming, you can tell he really cares about his family

    • Marxel
      Marxel Hace un mes

      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

    • Mikel and Daniel gaming
      Mikel and Daniel gaming Hace un mes

      @Zua SHUT UP!

    • Mikel and Daniel gaming
      Mikel and Daniel gaming Hace un mes

      @Zua shut up

    • Mikel and Daniel gaming
      Mikel and Daniel gaming Hace un mes

      @Zua shut up

    • Valentine De
      Valentine De Hace 2 meses

      STOP THE WAR in UCRAIN !!!

  • Vicson Lattuca
    Vicson Lattuca Hace 15 horas

    Wonderful video, love learning about new cultures. Beautiful spirts. Can ask about the dogs? How do they survive? Are they owned? Thank you.

  • Charlene Davidson
    Charlene Davidson Hace 21 un hora

    This was very informative! Them poor babies probably pass out when they get home.

  • Sunyavadin Hridayana
    Sunyavadin Hridayana Hace 3 días

    Beautiful! I from Yekaterinburg - Russian city in Ural mountains. First 3 yars of my life I lived in willage like this. It`s so beutiful lifing then around of you a mountains, temperature -43. but at home komfortable and warm! Спасибо!

  • Gabriel Lacerda
    Gabriel Lacerda Hace 15 horas

    I love how she suddenly just throw a “other kids have survived the journey as well” lol

  • Bella
    Bella Hace 2 meses +3258

    10/10 for the camera crew as well, who are not used at all to this weather and recorded this masterpiece

    • CargoRay Gaming
      CargoRay Gaming Hace 2 meses +11

      This isn’t some bbc documentary… the woman who runs this channel was the director and the cameraman was a local so is in fact used to the cold.

    • Nobody
      Nobody Hace 2 meses +2

      I don't have the heart to break the 777 likes... perfect number...

    • Brian Scott
      Brian Scott Hace 2 meses +6

      No, the camera operator was named in the end credits.

    • d
      d Hace 2 meses +1

      Finally it's here the clip you all wanted.ídeo.html

    • Trupen
      Trupen Hace 2 meses +1


  • Ed González
    Ed González Hace 5 días +49

    What a place! The family values are STRONG. The unity, respect and care for each other is humbling. Truly beautiful people.

    • The Faceless Nomad
      The Faceless Nomad Hace un hora +1

      The school to lower 48 standards is failing, I mean where is the gender confused she-male to twerk as it reads them a story about being gay is alright and your duty is to become gay? Where are the body piercings and the tattoos? In all seriousness i envy these kids not having to be taught by brain damaged people.

    • Dominic
      Dominic Hace 4 días +1

      more like a prison life of boredom,no wonder if people in harsh climates become alcoholic and suicidal

  • JUNE
    JUNE Hace 23 horas +2

    سبحان الله كيف كل واحد على وش الأرض متأقلم بالمكان يلي خلقان فيو رغم الاختلافات الكبيرة ورغم الطبيعة يلي ساكن فيها

  • Christian
    Christian Hace un día

    Incredibly interesting. But allow me one question. Why do people live in such a hostile environment?

  • Max Planck
    Max Planck Hace 2 horas

    Her talking accent just amazing 😍

  • 에이미쓰
    에이미쓰 Hace 9 meses +23031

    I legit couldn't do it. I respect this family that much more knowing this is their way of life.

    • Aylin ASMR
      Aylin ASMR Hace 6 días


    • Marxel
      Marxel Hace un mes

      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

    • Dara traveling
      Dara traveling Hace 2 meses

      I love it soo much.

    • StuntFAX
      StuntFAX Hace 2 meses

      To who r u asking?

    • StuntFAX
      StuntFAX Hace 2 meses

      @robert Yeung Alone as well with animals and an crazy weather

  • gonzalo
    gonzalo Hace 10 horas

    bro I want that life, it’s my dream to be in such weather

  • Aigerim Ulan Kuzu
    Aigerim Ulan Kuzu Hace un día

    That’s crazy I’m Kyrgyz language speaker and I can understand Sakha language wow. Strange but this program forgot to mention that Yakutiya is part of Russia🇷🇺

  • blackowl
    blackowl Hace 17 días +73

    Больше никогда не буду жаловаться на то, что живу в Сибири😅 Якуты всегда для меня были небожителями в плане адаптивности к климату, я у себя то в минус 30 из дома не выхожу))) Очень интересное видео, удачи Ариану и его замечательной семье!)

    • Khaas Pindi
      Khaas Pindi Hace 4 horasídeo.html

    • ProxUrAimz
      ProxUrAimz Hace un día +1

      @blackowl that miracle is a bullet or 10

    • Angelika Vershinina
      Angelika Vershinina Hace un día

      @Vasya Trex я считаю лучше холод чем жара.

    • Vasya Trex
      Vasya Trex Hace un día

      @Angelika Vershinina наверно ночью доходили ,а в якутии днем и всю зиму.

    • Анна Малеева
      Анна Малеева Hace 2 días

      @Мила Лана бесит, когда преподаватели так говорят. У нас в минус 40 тоже надо было идти, хотя мы на юге Сибири живём. Ну и в минус 45 тоже, хорошо, что автобусы ходят по утрам, холодно стоять на остановке больше 15 минут

  • Matthew N
    Matthew N Hace 14 días +21

    I really enjoyed this video. The narration and the production of the video was extremely thoughtful. These videos are the reason why I love ESclips so much. I just learned a whole different perspective on life that I didn't even know existed. KEEP THIS CONTENT COMING!!! :)

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Hace un día

    Beautiful ❤️

  • askari thagreat
    askari thagreat Hace 2 días

    36 degrees here in the US and it’s considered cold 🥶

  • StoryModeDraco
    StoryModeDraco Hace 2 días

    I really appreciate being from the Caribbean

  • lurre burre
    lurre burre Hace 3 días

    what a beautiful family

  • ThisDream
    ThisDream Hace 7 meses +2342

    What a beautiful and wholesome life. To see a boy of Arian's age learning such useful skills and spending many hours with his dad is really quite heartwarming.

  • روح
    روح Hace un día

    Beautiful good looking people who brings the joy of life where many would probably give up.

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez Hace 9 días +17

    I don't know why, but I feel like this way of living is some how more aligned with how we are actually meant to living than we are currently.

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark Hace 3 días

    The temperatures look brutal, but on the other hand, whipped cream for breakfast sounds tempting 😀

  • bbbf09
    bbbf09 Hace 5 horas

    Fascinating insight into different lives. But it's depressing to think that if Russia's insane genodidal war drags on for as long as some have suggested , that this poor kid's future won't be making artisan crafted knifes but instead be part of a 'meat grinder' wall of human death send to kill Ukranians - who he has never met and no connection with.

  • Marion Holtzmann
    Marion Holtzmann Hace 8 meses +2042

    I teared up when the father talked about raising his child as honest and hardworking, it obvious that they are good people raising good people

    • لبخند میدیا Smile media
      لبخند میدیا Smile media Hace 5 meses

      Afghans Village Life 👇👇👇ídeo.html

    • Kahdija Barry
      Kahdija Barry Hace 6 meses

      @Gabriel Fergon yes that's true 👍

    • Gabriel Fergon
      Gabriel Fergon Hace 6 meses +3

      @Kahdija Barry not only sudan, native black egyptians are called nubians too

    • Kahdija Barry
      Kahdija Barry Hace 6 meses +4

      @Mike Hunt nubians?? Nubians are Black people from sudan. You don't find them in America. Children are raised to be hard working and respectful in africa

    • Tanvir Rahman
      Tanvir Rahman Hace 7 meses


  • Brech Bühler
    Brech Bühler Hace 2 días

    Beautiful Film! Congratulations.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Hace 20 días +24

    Their way of life is almost like going back in time. Really admirable how they make it with that weather.

  • Madameen mamadaliyev
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    These types of environments always bring out the best in humanity. Everyone depends on each other to survive, they all care and look out for their community. The end result is a safe, tight knit community that exudes warmth in the unlikeliest of places. I wish we could have this attitude in large cities; the world would be a better place. The Yakutia are amazing people.

    • princeparkook
      princeparkook Hace 26 días

      Or it could evolve into a society like Japan...

    • Marxel
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      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

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      gots03 Hace 3 meses

      Most of the war crimes in Ukraine are comitted by Buryat/Yakut people, fyi.

    • Matthew Torres
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    i live in a very cold part of canada, our winters here average -40c and peak -50c, it is so hard for me to imagine people living in climates even colder than this, i can barely go to school in -50 and arian is doing it like its nothing. my respect for you all is immense

    • Locomotive Train Station
      Locomotive Train Station Hace 4 días

      Thats crazy. -40C? Average? For me in northern it peaks -35C and its usually above -20

    • Paul JJ
      Paul JJ Hace 7 días +2

      @Crazy Dayz I don't care about your science, I experienced sub zero temperatures for most of my childhood. When I was a kid I would spend hours outside even if it's -20c or -30c playing, skiing and having fun just like any other kid, frankly I didn't care about the temperature outside and never experienced the frost bite ever. I'll tell you more I absolutely hate gloves, I'm happy to hold snow in my hands without gloves, makes my fingers red, but I don't have any problems doing that. I'm talking from a real life experience here, not scientific theory, etc

    • Crazy Dayz
      Crazy Dayz Hace 7 días

      @Paul JJ Hmm...go jump in a freezer for an hour and video tape yourself in there. I can tell you don't believe in science, so here it is: When the temperature is zero degrees Fahrenheit or below, it takes about 30 minutes for exposed skin to get frostbite.
      At 15 degrees below zero with even a little bit of wind, frostbite is possible within 15 minutes.

    • Paul JJ
      Paul JJ Hace 7 días +3

      @Crazy Dayz You talk rubbish, clearly you haven't experienced the cold weather, I experienced -48C myself and didn't wear the facemask or glasses, hell not even gloves... yes it was cold, but I spent about 2 hours outside and didn't get the frostbite anywhere, If you grow in the climate worst than Alaska (and I did), then you're used to that basically. It's like for Africa to experience +50c is nothing special and I wouldn't last long at such hot temperatures, as I'm not used to them. There is a video somewhere where the guys Yakuts go for a 10 km run in -40c, now THAT is something... Some of them can run even 20 km at -40c.

    • Kiic Loyn
      Kiic Loyn Hace 13 días

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    • real life hack
      real life hack Hace un día +2

      @halfvolley11 yakutia too is resource rich but you know where the money goes

    • Suhas Gillipelli
      Suhas Gillipelli Hace 3 días +2

      @A J I'm pretty sure it's just a kid who doesn't really understand the correct way to think about the world or interpret information.

    • A J
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      @Suhas Gillipelli I get to the point where I don't even argue or respond to ignorance and stupidity.

    • A J
      A J Hace 6 días

      @halfvolley11 🤡 Whilst the narrator and older sisters of the brother in this video are wearing $500 boots and $3000 fur jackets to keep warm in the same city. 😆
      Your argument is so flawed. I'd zip it before you make a bigger fool out of yourself.
      Oh and not that it's any of your business but I just want to point out how ignorant you are, I also live in one of the so called 'fortunate' places in the world and the average Yakutian, is financially better off than me!

    • halfvolley11
      halfvolley11 Hace 7 días

      @A Tomtor which is a fraction of Alaska - its hard

  • adan urias
    adan urias Hace 6 días +5

    I've been working my way to taking cold baths and accepting the cold. Watching this made my heart race in a good way. This was amazing to watch, thank you!

  • Evangeline Hoke
    Evangeline Hoke Hace 8 meses +1845

    I love their simple life. What struck me is how healthy the schooling is. Only 6 hours a day, multiple languages, healthy and unprocessed food. It’s beautiful, and should be a model for bigger communities

    • Aylin ASMR
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      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

    • Асен Миланов
      Асен Миланов Hace 2 meses

      A number of services have an estimate that the most secret services of Ukraine keep defensive conventional equipment as a last resort, and according to those in the know, this can be corrected in the outlined one-sided annex with the international documents, considered to be invalid documents to date!!! Clearly compromised documents with their violation unilaterally by the Kremlin.
      - Ukraine, including, can already be supplied with similar conventional weapons, similar in power to the Russian ones, from any supplier from the moment of invalidity of the international agreements, which is already a fact

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  • schlunggi cheib
    schlunggi cheib Hace un día

    my main question is: why would you live there? i'd move my ass outta that place as soon as i turn 18..maybe they get used to those temperatures by that time, what do i know😅
    but it's a very interesting documentation, thanks!

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    It’s content like this that makes me love the internet. Just meeting a lovely family from the other side of the planet. On the last line… as my Irish father used to say ‘ there’s no such thing as bad weather , only the wrong clothes’.

    • Locomotive Train Station
      Locomotive Train Station Hace 4 días

      There's a such thing as bad weather, just move if you can't accept the truth

    • Adam Lea
      Adam Lea Hace 5 días

      @Sandy Juntunen Exactly. The victims of hurricane Ian would disagree with the notion there is no such thing as bad weather.

    • Goodnight Munchie
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    • Julius Moe-nstar
      Julius Moe-nstar Hace 15 días

      Wise words of your father, Up here in the Arctic, where i am from in Greenland as well, is somewhat similar but i'll give it to Yakutsk, They have us beat in cold, if by -10 Celsius or more. Right clothes for the Right environment and you can live practically anywhere.

    • va_duck
      va_duck Hace 18 días

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    • Ryan Bronson
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      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

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    • healthynaturalherb.c0m official
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      @P. J. Its all about the Environment you grow, If u grow up in a lazing, money obsessed society, you'll most likely be like them. But if you grow up in a hardworking Environment, you'll be like them as well.

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    This is an amazing family and their house 🏠 is very clean! I hope they always live in such harmony. Please make more videos with them, if possible!

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    I love this video so much :) I'm from sweden and we definitly have the same attitude towards cold weather. You can't change the weather but you can change your clothes. It was also fun seeing the ice fishing as that's a big thing here too!

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      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

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      STOP THE WAR in UCRAIN !!!

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    • healthynaturalherb.c0m official
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    • لبخند میدیا Smile media
      لبخند میدیا Smile media Hace 5 meses

      Afghans Village Life 👇👇👇ídeo.html

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    Meenwhile me
    It's -9 i prolly should not leave my bed
    Respect for these people 👍

  • Opus Dei
    Opus Dei Hace un día

    Meanwhile in the west the kids breaks down in tears and needs a safe space and a counselor if the temperature drops below +5C and they find a brown spot on their apple. We went wrong somewhere.

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    MC ANLSN Hace 6 meses +2076

    The stillness in the soul of that father. The values he works towards instilling in his kids… The freedom of choice he still offers them… that family’s overall appreciation for simplicity… it looks like proper living to me. Looks like what humanity is meant to be like without all the distractions poisoning it in other places. Little piece of heaven …

    • Chris
      Chris Hace 14 días

      @Scladoffle They own a car, which was shown in the final shot when they went fishing. Those parents absolutely could drive their kid to school everyday. They apparently work from home (the dad owns a smithy inside his workshop), so this is a lot of nonsense.

    • Chris
      Chris Hace 14 días

      @BrokenSymetry He owns a huge home, has a nice car, has a huge workshop with a smithy inside, looks healthy, etc. What exactly is so harsh and dangerous about it? Most people on earth live far, far worse than these people.

    • princeparkook
      princeparkook Hace 26 días

      They have no choice but to appreciate simplicity.

    • Marxel
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      Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.

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