How Two Microbes Changed History

  • Publicado el 15 ene 2018
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    What if I told you that, more than two billion years ago, some tiny living thing started to live inside another living thing … and never left? And now, the descendants of both of those things are in you?
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    We ABSOLUTELY LOVE PBS Eons!! Thank you so much for all the work you good folks put into it. Would you guy put the speakers name up on the screen a couple times during the video so we know who we’re listening to and a link to the behind the scenes crew as well? Thank you again!

  • Charly Petra
    Charly Petra Hace 13 horas

    How about a brief on microbes that may have altered the brain and the leap of brain power theory.

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    Little Geek Hace 22 horas

    Hold up.

  • Joseph Westhill
    Joseph Westhill Hace un día

    2:45 I don't think the ribosome is an organelle

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    Friendly Machine Hace un día

    A video on the evolution of metabolism would be nice.

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    1:10 How do you know I'm not some prokaryote watching PBS Eons and typing on a keyboard?

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  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris Hace 16 días

    All Eukaryotic cells also contain peroxisomes, which also might have been bacteria.

  • Stephen Marek
    Stephen Marek Hace 16 días

    One of the "prokaryotes" images sure looks like the filamentous fungus Curvularia

  • Vilhelmo De Okcidento
    Vilhelmo De Okcidento Hace 19 días

    Are the groups of yesterday are the individuals of today?

  • 羅百尉
    羅百尉 Hace 25 días

    A small error at 2:21, now we know that the larger one was an archaeon rather than a bacterium

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    Bold of you to assume I'm not a prokaryote

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    So my cells are all infected with mithocondria?

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  • Morgan R
    Morgan R Hace un mes

    Adding to this... there is a theory that the nucleus itself evolved after an archaea and a megavirus merged. A lot of the evidence on this is that nucleic structure closely resembles a megavirus, but the transcription mechanisms come from the cell. Since such viruses aren't a lot smaller than the cell, just reproducing and killing the cell would be rather inefficient, since it would only get a couple copies that are now unprotected.
    It isn't certain yet, but it is notable that some of the larger megaviruses are about the size of an animal cell nucleus, and more primitive life such as bacteria and archaea don't have a nucleus (or other organelles, really).

  • Breezy Baby
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    You don't know me very well at all. I'm as prokaryotic as it gets. I'm basically E. Coli with a twist. Anybody trying to get infected tonight? 😉 My flagella isn't very big, but I know how to use it.

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    “Because you’re a eukaryote.”
    *Did you just assume my cell type?!*

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    3:05 Mitochondria create the majority of ATP, not all of it. Some ATP is formed in the cytosol by glycolysis.

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    7:25 that's a pretty big hurricane off the coast of Mexico..

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    Nicholas Crane Hace un mes

    I'm curious about animals going from land to sea and vise versa . . or if there is a species that has switch the most

  • Lee Siggens
    Lee Siggens Hace un mes

    An episode on theories of how multicellularity evolved would be nice. It's not totally understood but it seems like a good fit here.

  • bbababonbon..bonfire!
    bbababonbon..bonfire! Hace un mes

    So do scientists think that the human gut will also completely incorporate the gut bacteria in the distant future? Maybe that's what the next stage of human evolution is.

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    I'd like to have a symbiotic relationship with her, I love it when she talks sexy!!

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    Mahmoud Ali Hace un mes

    What about the studies that suggest that the mitochondria receive genetic material from both parents not just maternal???

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    It is astonishing to know that we are a symbiotic colony.

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    This channel is brilliant

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    If cloroplasts are the plant ancestor , and the other one is the animal ancestor, where do the fungi fit in ?

    • 6026961
      6026961 Hace un mes

      elikopo kopo plants have mitochondria as well. Some fungi have chloroplasts too. The only major difference is the fungi cell wall.

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    Sometimes I feel that some people really don’t differ so much from procaryotes

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    I keep falling back on why. Why is life alive.

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    Jim Piaz Hace 2 meses

    Hey guys. I had an idea for a good video. can you make a video from bacteria to trilobites. How did we get from bacteria to teeny little animals. Thanks guys.
    love your show.
    Jimmy. P.

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    Great stuff

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      Aditya S they're not living things

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    They also form the basis for awesome series like Star Wars!

  • Sophie Nugre
    Sophie Nugre Hace 2 meses

    I thought this might be about the various steps of changes in the atmosphere brought on by our single felled friends. Endosymbiont theory was discussed one too many times during my education. I'm somewhat disappointed and have only my own expectations to blame.

  • Emmett Turner
    Emmett Turner Hace 2 meses

    A few questions:
    If our cells can’t reproduce organelles, where do they come from during our development from a sperm and egg cell? Are there the equivalent of stem cells for organelles in our eggs cells?
    Next, if it happened three times that we know of in Earth’s history then why do some seriously consider it as a potential “great filter” for galactic civilizations that we happened to cross? If it happened theee times that we know of then there are likely a couple more times it happened but failed to survive longer-term. Heck, we know organisms have joined forces for more complex multicellular life externally as well, with stuff like Portuguese Man-o-war, Lichen, sponges, etc, so it’s really not a leap to expect it to be common on a sub-cellular level as well.

  • Debopam Sil
    Debopam Sil Hace 2 meses

    Mitochondria and chloroplasts also possess 70S ribosomes, translation starts with formylmethionine, no introns in their DNA, and so on, just like prokaryotes. Mitochondria might probably have originated from purple sulfur bacteria.

  • Exo Research
    Exo Research Hace 2 meses

    So... I would imagine if it happened 3 times it is not an uncommon occurrence given enough time.

  • Exo Research
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    "Or the internet" 😂😂😂😂

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    Life is so crazy and complicated!

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    is this the only theory? are there any other?

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    Not all eukaryote need mitochondria for energy.

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    While the evidence for endosymbiosis is overwhelming and coherent, it is not conclusive of life itself. Just because the time involved and science drastically struggling to "see" at the molecular level, where all intelligence of life resides. If DNA was the pre-programmed instructions of life was are virus loooking very much life the elite or current computer programmers. The truth is panspermia has as much legitimacy in explaining life of today as an oppurtunistic self-assemblage of organisms. A virus is very much a precursor to both the prokaryote as the sophisticated eukaryote....cheerz

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    Fracarmon Hace 3 meses

    A small correction to a very common mistake:
    Symbiosis doesn't mean that both organisms benefit from the relationship, it's just the existance of said relation. In Symbiosis you have 3 types of relation, Mutualism, where both organism benefit, Commensalism, where one organism benefit and the other is neither harmed nor helped, and Parasitism, where one organism (the host) is harmed to the benefit of the other (the parasite).

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    I'm wondering that if all things contain with cell and bacteria and where did bacteria come from? 4 billion years ago, the earth was engulfed with rust and totally contained with iron as a whole. Scientists can't answer for all those questions because the answer is obvious.

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    The microorganism that acquire the mitochondria was an Archaea, not a Bacteria (they are VERY different types of organisms).

  • Dakota Lee
    Dakota Lee Hace 4 meses

    Where do viruses come into play? Couldn't the nuclei be remains of some virophage infecting a giant virus? Or even some of the organelles like mitochondria?

  • Jamie Coyle
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    Dont assume im complex life. I'm very simple. P.s If the chloroplasts did not go into cells there would be no plants, therefore no complex animal life and if the mitochondria didn't go into a cell there would be no complex life and this is so rare that it only ever happened three times. And two of those was plant related. Maybe we are the first, only or very rare complex life in the universe. And to get intelligent life after all this. Yet there have been no situations like asteroids, solar flares or tectonic problems too wipe all life out. Finally it was hard enough for the perfect ingredients to come randomly together to form the first cell let alone one that reproduces. lol
    Yep perfect grammar, btw im not fixing it.

  • Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

    Do you guys talk to astrophysicists? Because this could be another explanation for the Fermi paradox. Could it be that the chance of eukaryotic cells developing is so unlikely that the vast majority of planets with life only ever develop single-celled organisms, and that, because of this, advanced civilizations are so rare that it's likely we'll never find them?

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    This are very specific factors.
    Even at Earth, there are organism that live and evolve in very specific places like many endemic species. I think, with the information we already have, that intelligent life is endemic of Earth. But any other kind of life may happen in many other forms and nature in other places in our galaxy and on the rest of the universe. Is life the only way that "matter" can act? What is the meaning or definition of "life"? Not even scientist are sure. Viruses are our own example. A virus is "alive"? Can 2 or a million different viruses interact to form a new "life" in a distant galaxy? 🤔

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    There are many examples of organisms that currently undergo various stages of development into endosymbiosis. There are even cases of endoendosymbiosis and endoendoendosymbiosis.

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    The strange thing about endosymbiosis is that mitochondria and chloroplasts can't survive outside of a cell. What triggered that shift from being an endosymbiont into becoming an organelle. It had to involved a change of cellular structure (for both organisms) and a change of DNA for the endosymbiont

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    Thanks so much for this video! Really, how do I study to do this type of job? Love everything you guys do!!! 💖💖💖
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    just as we were facing ignominious defeat:
    three valiant warriors rose to our defense, the bac-
    terium, the virus and the - spirochete!
    Die, Martians!

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    The story of the separation of nucleid and mitochondrial DNA is one often exaggerated. Gene transfer between both is well known (i.e. and it has been shown again just this summer that both show signs of regulating each other (i.e. ) so the mitochondria are not as secluded inside the cell as some textbooks make you believe. Not to pass criticism on this great show, but a small fact that is often overlooked. Sorry for that smart-assing.

    • nephie
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      Might by possible. But think about doing it one single skin cell after the other. Might hurt after a while... ;)
      Better tread your gonads so that any possible future offspring can bath in the sun efficiently.

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