Blue Smokey Cut Crease Tutorial

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    Hey guys! Here's a blue eye look because I haven't done a blue eyelook since 4 months. It seriously feels like not that long ago but time flies I guess. I hope you like how it came out ♡ Big Hug!!! X

    ⇢ The Shadow Shields I used are available here:
    ⇢ Morphe 35B Eye Palette
    ⇢ Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette
    ⇢ Makeupgeek White lies and Boo Berry Eyeshadows.
    ⇢ Makeupgeek Atlantis and Telephatic Foiled Pigments
    ⇢ MAC Pro longwear concealer
    ⇢ Sigma Beauty Wicked Gel Eye Liner
    ⇢ The Balm Scuba Mascara
    ⇢ MAC Mixing Medium Gel
    ⇢ Certifeye White Glitter
    ⇢ Annytude SNOBBY Lashes
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    My name is An Knook. I'm 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have a big passion for Make-up and love inspiring other people by using my own face as my canvas. In January 2016 I started my own lash company called Annytude. Subscribe to my channel if you like to get a notification whenever I upload a new video.

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  • An Knook
    An Knook  Hace un año +93

    Hey guys! Here's a blue eye look because I haven't done a blue eyelook since 4 months. It seriously feels like not that long ago but time flies I guess. I hope you like how it came out ♡ Big Hug!!! X

  • Katherine Almaraz
    Katherine Almaraz Hace 28 días

    Love the glitter look!! 💖💖

  • aoife aine cara
    aoife aine cara Hace un mes


  • Iana vidal Vidal
    Iana vidal Vidal Hace un mes

    Fabulous 💙💙💙💙

  • ikaika S
    ikaika S Hace un mes

    I prefer without the glitter unless daytime or nite time fun outing!

  • ikaika S
    ikaika S Hace un mes

    Thank u for showing me your version of a hot eye:) try to get more comfy without using those line protectors:) muah! Aloha

  • Maria Octeur
    Maria Octeur Hace un mes

    Your voice sound like Jennie voice from BlackPink, when she speaks English ! :)

  • Taylor Shannon
    Taylor Shannon Hace un mes

    Her lash company gave my phone a virus when I tried to go to the website....

  • Shona Gallagher15
    Shona Gallagher15 Hace un mes

    An Knook you are a true makeup inspiration 🤩😍

  • Carmen Garcia Lopez
    Carmen Garcia Lopez Hace 2 meses

    Me encantan tus maquillajes 😍

  • michelina morena
    michelina morena Hace 2 meses

    I love both x

  • shevyb22
    shevyb22 Hace 3 meses

    Very pretty 👍😊

  • Mad Zac
    Mad Zac Hace 4 meses +1

    Your eyebrows are on fleeeeeeek yh girl u killing it👏👏👏🤤😍😍😍😍

  • Krystal Jane
    Krystal Jane Hace 4 meses

    Take my money. No seriously!! 😭❤❤❤👌👌👌

  • Massimo Canton
    Massimo Canton Hace 4 meses

    Che spettacolo ragazzi grazie mille..

  • 3 runes
    3 runes Hace 4 meses

    Someone stole your whole video. Your actual thumbnail and video including your actual footage. It's sick.

  • Cveti Borisova
    Cveti Borisova Hace 4 meses

    Fuck you bitch

  • Tess Ferraro
    Tess Ferraro Hace 4 meses

    Thank you thank you so much. Just finding you and I am so happy someone still does real actual tutorials.

  • mswhunter118
    mswhunter118 Hace 5 meses

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • sensualchocolatekisses S

    💣.... I love this look💞😍🙌👌😃

  • SouthernCarolinaLady
    SouthernCarolinaLady Hace 5 meses

    My husband is graduating from college Thursday. I’ll be wearing something blue so you definitely came thru for me! Love it 🥰 any tips on how to stay steady when applying concealer for cut crease?

  • crispina
    crispina Hace 5 meses

    pretty 😍😍

  • Goovitor Cosmetics
    Goovitor Cosmetics Hace 6 meses

    Beautiful Blue Eyeshadow looks . we are recommend Goovitor Royal Mario Eyeshadow palette. it can make blue looks . Purple looks .and smoky looks .

  • Alexis kominos
    Alexis kominos Hace 6 meses

    Damn I tried this and it came out lowkey shit but it’s fine. This is amazing tho omg

  • Ygcazares
    Ygcazares Hace 6 meses

    Fuckkkk i love it 😍

  • Tekeisha Williams
    Tekeisha Williams Hace 7 meses

    whats the pallet name I can't find it

  • We Vlog
    We Vlog Hace 7 meses

    I love it the glitter one looks on fleet♥️♥️

  • Annika Alicia
    Annika Alicia Hace 8 meses

    I don't really like blue eyeshadow but for cheer comps we always need to put some makeup on with blue eyeshadow and I really need to say that this tutorial is on of the best tutorials cause this makeup looks so good even if it's blue 😳💙

  • Maggie Schumann
    Maggie Schumann Hace 8 meses

    You really shouldn’t put eyeliner in your eye like you did.

  • lissavlogsit
    lissavlogsit Hace 8 meses

    Love this!!!

  • Amna Ghulam rasool
    Amna Ghulam rasool Hace 9 meses

    Tried this and it turned out so great cant even explain

  • BunnyJr Hopper
    BunnyJr Hopper Hace 9 meses

    Very pretty blue very pretty blue
    Blue blue blue blue blue blue 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Shannon Reynolds
    Shannon Reynolds Hace 9 meses

    I enjoy the look with or without the glitter As Always Much Love toYou 😘💋😍❤️❤️❤️

  • flow
    flow Hace 9 meses

    She rolls her eyes when she closes them 🤔? Wth

  • kandy
    kandy Hace 10 meses

    i like everything except the eyeliner

  • Allan Espinosa
    Allan Espinosa Hace 10 meses

    i need to make how to step that its fabulous

  • Michelle Paz
    Michelle Paz Hace 10 meses


  • weirdncrazy1190
    weirdncrazy1190 Hace 10 meses

    300 tries later... lol it’s so pretty! U are amazing! Wish me luck!

  • Alexandra Caraballo De Jesús

    This is perfect!!! And so beautiful. While I watched it is was thinking if all the intagram photos of make up and I just realized that heavy beautiful make up like this one's always look like " hey guys I just woked up like this" xD

  • KaleidoscopiCreature
    KaleidoscopiCreature Hace un año

    when you subscribe because of the dramatic eyeroll, ik this gonna be GOOOd

  • Nisha Vish
    Nisha Vish Hace un año


  • MakeupByCarlos
    MakeupByCarlos Hace un año

    You have so much talent I feel like you deserve way more subscribers because your crazy talented!!! Btw I subscribed and I first started watching your tutorials on Instagram and found out you had a ESclips channel and I was so happy

  • fabulous queen
    fabulous queen Hace un año

    This is the exact look i want for prom. This is soooo beautiful!!!!

  • Bre MBeauty
    Bre MBeauty Hace un año

    This is so clean and your eyelashes are so beautiful, absolutely love this look !

  • Chloes Phone
    Chloes Phone Hace un año

    What song did you use in this video? I love it I must know the Title!

  • Juliana Makeup
    Juliana Makeup Hace un año

    OMG i love this look!!!!!

  • Lejla Sas
    Lejla Sas Hace un año

    Beautiful💙. Gitter version is prettier, more glamorous!

  • Hijabiah Makeup
    Hijabiah Makeup Hace un año

    Love it!

  • Television Tracker
    Television Tracker Hace un año

    I think I might try this look for prom in April

  • Michelle Rau Klimas
    Michelle Rau Klimas Hace un año

    You do a really WOW EYE LOOK ALL THE TIME,I love it😍😍 Keep it up girl WTG

  • Charlotte O'Halloran
    Charlotte O'Halloran Hace un año +1

    where do you get the tape type things that also catch fallout?

    • Charlotte O'Halloran
      Charlotte O'Halloran Hace un año

      Twyla Russell ty x

    • Twyla Russell
      Twyla Russell Hace un año

      Charlotte O'Halloran just google an knook and lash gaurds itll bring em up w her website

  • Ygcazares
    Ygcazares Hace un año


  • Julie Abcede
    Julie Abcede Hace un año

    Loved this! I did a frosty blue shadow look on my channel 💙❄️ hope you can check it out!

  • Natalie’s Tutorials and more

    Limelight by Alcone has a light blue shade

  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Hace un año

    With glitter!! 🙌🏻

  • Eabha Diskin
    Eabha Diskin Hace un año +1

    The way she says boo berry has me dead😂😂it sounds like she cant say blueberry

  • ItsMyStyle822
    ItsMyStyle822 Hace un año

    i wish she wrote the brushes she's using in the description box

  • Tymaria Owens
    Tymaria Owens Hace un año

    Hi An, I like the eye with the glitter!

  • Dawn sandberg
    Dawn sandberg Hace un año

    God i love your videos. You gave me life with them

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia Hace un año

    SHOCKED 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Miss Madeline
    Miss Madeline Hace un año

    this is very brilliant i must say!

  • Dani Derpasaurus
    Dani Derpasaurus Hace un año +2

    I don't have the money for all this lmao

    • Twyla Russell
      Twyla Russell Hace un año

      Honestly morphe pallettes r the best on a budget 35 color for 23 dollars blend incredible if ur gonna buy eyeshadow check out there website the 35b that she uses is one of my favorite pallettes ever

  • enazario3377
    enazario3377 Hace un año

    Flawless 💁🏻...shimmer at end gave your look an extra bang 💥

  • Elizabeth S c
    Elizabeth S c Hace un año


  • Andrea Ismael
    Andrea Ismael Hace un año

    Maravilhoso! Sucesso sempre!

  • Amit Dhuria Cristiano
    Amit Dhuria Cristiano Hace un año

    awesome work mam..
    have any workshop pls update me... I wish to learn more from you..

  • Proudly G
    Proudly G Hace un año

    You're simple the best !! Thanks for teaching us all 😘😘😘

  • Mari B
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  • Georgina Wordlaw
    Georgina Wordlaw Hace un año


  • Layla Moore
    Layla Moore Hace un año

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  • Kayla Gosnell
    Kayla Gosnell Hace un año +2

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    Sébastien patte Hace un año

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  • fulloflife9
    fulloflife9 Hace un año

    All items came in and didn't have morphe 35B. Lost for words but it want take long to come in. Zoeva palette stunning and makeup geek such beautiful colors. With your help know what to use with what. Thanks

  • pauline beck
    pauline beck Hace un año

    dilemma German face shop standard gather racism slam Palestinian audience.

  • Diana Felix
    Diana Felix Hace un año

    You are fantastic!!! I love your make up!!! It look so gorgeous!!! Really good work! I love all your tutorials!! ❤

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    Candy DeVille Hace un año

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    Shantelle Compton Hace un año

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    Ana Laura Hace un año

    Make a video about your top makeup brushes 🙂 sometimes i have to go back to certain videos of yours just to get the name of the brushes that you recommended. It would be so much easier to got to one video for future reference.
    i bought the mac 242 brush and it changed my life when it comes to packing eyeshadow wet/dry.. all the ways you said i could use this brush are on point for me. Thanks you are the best ❤😀

  • Amy Kavanaugh F
    Amy Kavanaugh F Hace un año

    You really are the best!!!! ❤❤❤

  • Melissa Quinonez
    Melissa Quinonez Hace un año +6

    i like how you do your makeup its a lot easier to follow your tips. YOUR really good, i love all your looks, you have amazing work!

    CIELNOIR3 Hace un año

    So pretty! 💕

  • Ceci WolfCat M
    Ceci WolfCat M Hace un año +1

    This is gorgeous An! You can only be surpassed by yourself!😄💙

  • therogina stha
    therogina stha Hace un año

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  • Alice Kersten
    Alice Kersten Hace un año +2

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  • Brooklyn Smithers
    Brooklyn Smithers Hace un año

    I just noticed she rolls her eyes to the back of her head every time she blinks and the end of her blink closes so slowly and it freaks me out😂

  • Bionca Rippetoe.
    Bionca Rippetoe. Hace un año

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  • Pareeshay Noor
    Pareeshay Noor Hace un año

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  • RaeAnn Mahovlich
    RaeAnn Mahovlich Hace un año +2

    I love the look both ways! The glitter just gives it the extra pop which I love! Your eye looks are stunning.

    • Rosita Franze
      Rosita Franze Hace un año +1

      RaeAnn Mahovlich
      An knoch schönes das mache gernir

  • Jonathan Heath
    Jonathan Heath Hace un año +1

    The version with the glitter is better.

  • Chichi Mweetwa
    Chichi Mweetwa Hace un año +13

    Recreating this look as we speak, hopefully it turns out even half of hers tho

  • Teresa Bell
    Teresa Bell Hace un año +1

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  • Lord Scorpio's Universal Tarot

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    Minnie Mouse Hace un año

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    Donna Brown Hace un año

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    Ashley Hanely Hace un año

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    Elizabeth Morales Hace un año

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    Li na Hace un año

    مكياج روعة