Smash Ultimate Piranha Plant Trailer, Except it's Little Shop of Horrors

  • Publicado el 2 nov 2018
  • It's the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant Trailer, but Mean Green Mother is in the background.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Trailer - Song
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  • The Lone Shy Guy
    The Lone Shy Guy Hace 3 años +114

    When this should be Piranha Plant's theme in-game.

  • PzKitty678
    PzKitty678 Hace 3 años +60

    When Piranha Plant ends up being a top tier

  • Thomas D
    Thomas D Hace 3 años +80

    Should've left in "and it looks like you've been had", given the circumstances.

    • cheadlestudio
      cheadlestudio  Hace 3 años +11

      Maybe I'll make an extended version. Hmm? Hmm?

  • a nut on the internet
    a nut on the internet Hace 3 años +29

    The one thing that kept coming to mind after the Direct.

  • Ratchet the Rat96
    Ratchet the Rat96 Hace 3 años +23

    Exactly what I thought of when I first saw the trailer.

  • EpicsBroFlame
    EpicsBroFlame Hace 3 años +7

    I’d love to think of a Naval Piranha spirit with one giant piranha and two smaller piranhas serving as its piranha arms
    And it would be one of those defeat main fighter to win spirits

  • Flame The Braixen
    Flame The Braixen Hace 3 años +17

    When the plänt is revealed as an S tier

  • I like to yell
    I like to yell Hace 3 años +5

    This should have been the actual trailer music

  • The Real Minimarsh
    The Real Minimarsh Hace 3 años +7

    0:45 perfect timing

  • Daminox Hextremist
    Daminox Hextremist Hace 4 meses +1

    This fits way too well.

  • The unnamed
    The unnamed Hace 3 años +4

    of course they would make a joke about that movie.

  • X - Man1620
    X - Man1620 Hace 3 años +8

    My favorite movie!

  • Rat Queen Lenore
    Rat Queen Lenore Hace 3 años +5


  • Waluigi
    Waluigi Hace 3 años +19

    Well Audrey 2 has been leaked now

  • Ya Boi Chase
    Ya Boi Chase Hace 2 años +3

    Piranha plant=Audrey 2

    • Myth
      Myth Hace un año

      I mean, waluigi has been shown with a piranha plant with him multiple times in nintendo concepts, like their mario party onem

  • uni stories
    uni stories Hace 2 años +2


  • Michael Tapia
    Michael Tapia Hace 3 años +8

    F E E D M E

  • seraphimprince
    seraphimprince Hace 3 años +35

    Feed Me Seymour lol

  • lemmingscanfly5
    lemmingscanfly5 Hace 3 años +1

    So hype

  • Joshprime
    Joshprime Hace 3 años +1


  • Santiago C.
    Santiago C. Hace 3 años +1

    I main it…

  • Dragon James
    Dragon James Hace 3 años +1

    Awesome 🌱

  • Kayla Barco
    Kayla Barco Hace un año

    amy kazama pinopi scareds you up
    rodin: aww come on
    maddie: daddy!

  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 Hace 2 años

    Missed opportunity, Nintendo.

  • Pardo_RM 53
    Pardo_RM 53 Hace 3 años

    Seria cool que fuera reak :'v

  • Liam Funnyman
    Liam Funnyman Hace 2 años +1


  • Salty Kombat
    Salty Kombat Hace 3 años +1


  • funky monkey
    funky monkey Hace un año +1


  • mickey mouse
    mickey mouse Hace 2 años

    i love mario yoshy and parana plant

  • Maskbunny ELECTRO
    Maskbunny ELECTRO Hace 2 años

    Pirahna plant was made by the little shop of horrors fans

    • Maskbunny ELECTRO
      Maskbunny ELECTRO Hace 2 años

      @cheadlestudio I meant nintendo chose this character for the little shop of horrors fans

    • cheadlestudio
      cheadlestudio  Hace 2 años

      no it was made by nintendo