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  • Getout Gamer
    Getout Gamer Hace 8 horas +1

    I always watch the whole video because the best is the end of the video(the cut screens).

  • Phoebe Churn
    Phoebe Churn Hace 8 horas

    Is it just me or do u think Kristans head is big not being rude I love her (comment on this saying how bad I am with names) 💩

  • Desiree Nabors
    Desiree Nabors Hace 8 horas

    Every time you make a video I always in up liking them😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Claire Selby
    Claire Selby Hace 8 horas

    i want someone to look at me the way liza looks at kristen

  • Aubrey Maye Mercado
    Aubrey Maye Mercado Hace 8 horas

    When theres BTS Advertisements...I never skip😂

  • Desiree Nabors
    Desiree Nabors Hace 8 horas

    I think you should make a funny movie😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃😂

  • Desiree Nabors
    Desiree Nabors Hace 8 horas

    If you have time to read my comment I think that you should be on Saturday night live

  • Pradatoru
    Pradatoru Hace 9 horas

    They didnt said it so I gyess they were sponsored by EGGS

  • cool family
    cool family Hace 9 horas

    Liza should do wearing a pregnancy belly for a week

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 9 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikeaDoDo 24challenge on target or ikeaDo 24challenge on target or ikeaDoDo 24challenge on target or ikea 24challenge on target or ikea 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 10 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 10 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 10 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 10 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikea
    Do 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Roo Viinikka
    Roo Viinikka Hace 10 horas

    Do 24challenge on target or ikea

  • Granny Weatherwax
    Granny Weatherwax Hace 10 horas

    Kwisten ded

  • Galaxy Gurl
    Galaxy Gurl Hace 10 horas

    I love Liza and how creative and intersting she makes her vids hilarious 😂

  • Leanna Bryant
    Leanna Bryant Hace 10 horas

    You need to upload to your channel

  • gloria theuri
    gloria theuri Hace 10 horas

    I was bored,this made my day.Lots of love from AFRICA@wakanda nation

  • Phoebe Davis
    Phoebe Davis Hace 10 horas

    Remember kids, Stay in drugs, Don't do vegetables, And eat your school.... what???

  • Princess_Kat101
    Princess_Kat101 Hace 11 horas

    At least you know how to make a chip bag flammable

  • Summer Vassar
    Summer Vassar Hace 12 horas


  • Lisa Silva
    Lisa Silva Hace 13 horas

    Ik. Right....when she fell i started to laugh soooo hard

  • Sisi H.Mobley
    Sisi H.Mobley Hace 13 horas

    Hai Elizabeth!(To Liza)I know ur real name ...

  • pinkhairedderp pinkiewinkie

    coming out vid? lol

  • 1K Rocky
    1K Rocky Hace 14 horas

    Came to watch lizza video and her commercial came up too AWESOME !!

  • Obese European
    Obese European Hace 14 horas

    Damn that girls got a big ass head

  • Ducks & Dogs for life ,
    Ducks & Dogs for life , Hace 14 horas

    Omg I've watched this like a thousand times and I laugh every time! I love you Liza

  • C Pettit
    C Pettit Hace 15 horas

    Hi Liza! I am a huge fan and I have watched everyone of ur videos. Does that sound creepy? (Yes) Anyway I just want to say u r my favorite ESclips, used to be my favorite Viner (rip), and my favorite muser on musically. Do u still have Musically? I hope u do. I love freakish (I may have cried alittle when u died, same with in Escape the Night) and Jingle Ballin. Can't wait for Liza on Demand to come out with more. Just wanted to say u r amazing, funny, talented and very creative. Even my brother watches ur videos. I love all ur character s u created (my faves r Jet and Little Liza). Hope this message doesn't sound to creepy!

  • Marguex Guimary
    Marguex Guimary Hace 17 horas


  • Jimena Mendez
    Jimena Mendez Hace 18 horas

    Friendship goals omggg

  • Miriama Matthews
    Miriama Matthews Hace 21 un hora

    Fuck. It’s depressing how easily I am entertained...
    do more!

  • Isabel M.
    Isabel M. Hace 21 un hora


  • Eric Martinez
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  • Scorpion XX
    Scorpion XX Hace 23 horas



  • Karina Mahoney
    Karina Mahoney Hace 23 horas

    kristens head is fucking huge

  • G Dizzle
    G Dizzle Hace un día

    Happy birthday to John 3/14(watch the video we’re Liza has a bunch of tattoos on main channel)

  • ChewbaccaBalls 7
    ChewbaccaBalls 7 Hace un día

    The other girls head is HUGE

  • Maura Campbell
    Maura Campbell Hace un día

    @Clare Siobhan the ending musicccc

  • Sophia Mele
    Sophia Mele Hace un día

    I’m happy now.

  • Alisha
    Alisha Hace un día

    why is her head so big

  • Jesus Paz
    Jesus Paz Hace un día

    1:39 she falls off the table😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂

  • Brinae Pugh
    Brinae Pugh Hace un día

    Omg they are such GOALS

  • Alpha Rose
    Alpha Rose Hace un día +1

    Awesome video

  • Kids Art Mission to Mars

    Liza we did the tied up challenge with art!!!! Thank you that was so much fun! esclips.com/video/4f2a-Q4mApU/vídeo.html

  • Quinten Stutler
    Quinten Stutler Hace un día

    Her face so hugeee

  • Voice of Joyce
    Voice of Joyce Hace un día

    Why am I shipping this lol 😂

  • Kaili Puro
    Kaili Puro Hace un día

    After they took off the tape I thought her hand was a potato

  • Helena Ravenclaw
    Helena Ravenclaw Hace un día

    The definition of perfect

  • bj135911
    bj135911 Hace un día


  • Isabella Grace
    Isabella Grace Hace un día

    If they where lesbian I’m for sure they would be together

  • Jolie Kuring-kehr
    Jolie Kuring-kehr Hace un día +1

    Kwisten is the QUEEN at this!👸👸👸👸👸👸👸👸

  • Emily Gorman
    Emily Gorman Hace un día

    I thought she just edited the thumbnail too make the other girls head GIANT, I thought wrong hahahaha 😂😂😭

  • Kaylin  Lopez
    Kaylin Lopez Hace un día +1

    Did you know elbows are called wenis😏

    No literally😂 Google it. Now I must like my own comment

  • Karlie Shelby
    Karlie Shelby Hace un día


  • leo chow
    leo chow Hace un día

    what a dumbed down society

  • A.R.M.Y__ Si
    A.R.M.Y__ Si Hace un día

    Please REACT TO (B.T.S)... THE SONGS I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO REACT TO ARE~blood,sweat, and tears and ~GoGo .....PLEASE....LOVE YOU ❤🙏🙏

  • Casey Henry
    Casey Henry Hace un día

    I dont understand why it's now perceived to be "cool" to act mentally retarded like this. If you two were butt ugly, you know that absolutely no one would be watching this. In fact, people would be making fun of you and laughing at you for this. Thank God for good looks, I suppose.

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez Hace un día

    1:47 😂😂 I DIED

  • Unicorn Gaming
    Unicorn Gaming Hace un día

    Liza I am your biggest fan I love you so much

    XTGBGX Hace un día

    Anyone else just started there day with Liza?

  • Douaa H
    Douaa H Hace un día


  • mia grenier
    mia grenier Hace un día +1

    I love Liza but I wish all of that was real. And the reason why I’m saying it’s probably not is because every time the opened something she cut the video. But I still enjoyed it🤣

  • Sarah Polley
    Sarah Polley Hace un día +1

    I’m sick so what do you do when your sick...you binge watch Liza

  • Meantally Unknown
    Meantally Unknown Hace un día +2

    *I was flipping dying when she said it’s like taking off to ur bra after a long day of work xD*

  • Rash Mohd
    Rash Mohd Hace un día

    Nasty bloody helll....bullshit!!

  • Blue Fairys
    Blue Fairys Hace un día

    We'res weendayzzzz with liza

  • A Day in Jays life
    A Day in Jays life Hace un día

    I freaking love these 2 together 💯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mochalocious
    Mochalocious Hace un día

    I just realized how big Kristens head was 😂😂

  • sophia _597
    sophia _597 Hace un día

    Girl that thumb nail tho 😂

  • Samantha Palacios
    Samantha Palacios Hace un día


  • Samantha Palacios
    Samantha Palacios Hace un día

    1:33 to 1:53


    First time i came for Kristen... Kwisten...Kwitten... idk

  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter Hace un día

    I laughed so hard when lizza sat on the chips

  • anna ousley
    anna ousley Hace un día

    Liza you should start a gaming channel

  • Pinx
    Pinx Hace un día +1

    *Liza should do a Just Dance Gameplay*

  • abithatgirl
    abithatgirl Hace un día

    i love you

  • Sarah Schoon-Coker
    Sarah Schoon-Coker Hace un día

    Liza do a slime video

  • Wolf Minecraft Girl Gamer And More

    Liza why you haven't posted videos on the main channel?

  • Ines Abreu
    Ines Abreu Hace un día

    I love them soooooo much

  • Amy Cavanagh
    Amy Cavanagh Hace un día

    Love 💟 the videos ✌👍❤️

  • Amy's Life
    Amy's Life Hace un día


    LUCY VLOGS Hace un día

    Post on ur main channel it’s been 3 weeks

  • Soph Xo
    Soph Xo Hace un día

    Omg the thumbnail 😂 you always make me laugh Liza 😂❤️

  • willow falls
    willow falls Hace un día

    Omg can I just say that Liza played the sims music in the end of her video

  • Arya Putra
    Arya Putra Hace un día

    what a fucking crackhead bitch.

  • Kelsey Lee
    Kelsey Lee Hace un día

    Best friend goals

  • Zalia-Eve Demirovski
    Zalia-Eve Demirovski Hace un día

    You two should make a channel together like If you agree

  • Zalia-Eve Demirovski
    Zalia-Eve Demirovski Hace un día

    Hi Kwiten

  • angelina kong
    angelina kong Hace un día

    i asked my sis liza and cwisten or liza and david she said''liza and cwisten '' im like same

  • Kiira Meier
    Kiira Meier Hace un día


  • Youtube Lovver
    Youtube Lovver Hace un día +1

    Great vid, just short

  • clolton
    clolton Hace un día

    why is this channel the best

  • Pixel Panduh
    Pixel Panduh Hace un día

    I cant even 😂

  • Emma Duncan
    Emma Duncan Hace un día

    If I didn't look at their sholders they looked like there arms had been amputated

  • Rhiannon Sierra
    Rhiannon Sierra Hace un día

    re watching her videos (like i always do lol) i think they like being tied up...kinky 😂😭

  • Priskit
    Priskit Hace un día

    So in-sync

  • Kailani Rodriguez
    Kailani Rodriguez Hace un día

    I got a commercial for Beats with Liza!! Yasss QUEEN

  • Candace Nelson
    Candace Nelson Hace un día

    The music she played sounded like something at Babylon from Queer as Folk

  • Zenaide Bati
    Zenaide Bati Hace un día +1

    I watched the full ad just for liza