Giant Cheeseburger & Cheese Fries Challenge!

  • Publicado el 16 feb 2018
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    Look forward to some live streamed food challenges in the near future!! Until then, enjoy this edit of the failed stream I attempted back in December.
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Comentarios • 2 969

  • sukhee tuguldur
    sukhee tuguldur Hace un día

    Can you eat naruto ramen

  • sukhee tuguldur
    sukhee tuguldur Hace un día

    Your eating 2 much but your skinny

  • Super D
    Super D Hace 6 días

    Hey Matt stoneie please come down to terrace BC for our bobby wing challenge at our local wings restaurant , it would be nice to meet you one day :)

  • R44F
    R44F Hace 8 días

    I came from another guys video who did this challenge and saw a comment saying that you would finnish it in 10 minutes... and then there was a guy who replied to him and said "why didnt he? Probably because he cant" and then there was a guy who replied to him by linking this video

  • Hadis Gaming
    Hadis Gaming Hace 9 días

    That looks so good i wanna aet that 🤤

  • ItzGoldGamerzYT ROBLOX and MORE!

    I would actually eat that crap

  • ItzGoldGamerzYT ROBLOX and MORE!

    4:21 *Those kids that are watching you are priceless*

  • fredbear click vz el original 100c/o no fake

    Mi salud no me lo permite

  • Jonathan Keye
    Jonathan Keye Hace 16 días +1

    NIcE CAMerA

  • Xrocks
    Xrocks Hace 19 días

    Those kids behind him sure are hungry 😂🤣😆

  • Lala Vlogs
    Lala Vlogs Hace 20 días

    What restaurant is this?

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD Hace 21 un día

    Anxiety: 10000000000000

  • slave trader
    slave trader Hace 25 días

    5:42 i wanna fuck the girl in the back

  • Xinxaver Quadro
    Xinxaver Quadro Hace 26 días

    Turk varmi

  • Peter Sniffin
    Peter Sniffin Hace 29 días

    "I want to borrow your metabolism"

  • Alessio Van Nuland
    Alessio Van Nuland Hace un mes

    Restaurant: you only have 20 minutes
    Matt: Eats the burger in 6 minutes
    Restaurant: 😯

  • Miguel Celocia
    Miguel Celocia Hace un mes

    Your a legend

  • shradha smriti
    shradha smriti Hace un mes

    he should be hosting a show instead of adam richman

  • Asia
    Asia Hace un mes

    I wonder how much backwash is in his cup 🤢🤢

  • Zia Veluz
    Zia Veluz Hace un mes

    *MATT BE LIKE: piece of cake my dear*

  • ArwenMeow
    ArwenMeow Hace un mes

    Long hair Morgan is the best Morgan

  • Talesha Montgomery
    Talesha Montgomery Hace un mes

    Awesome video 💯

  • Jack Drackot
    Jack Drackot Hace un mes

    If you look mat stonie press read more

    Read more

  • samawe mamawe
    samawe mamawe Hace un mes

    Morgan is always high

  • Victor Segovia
    Victor Segovia Hace un mes

    Do the eagle delis burger

  • Delete Mexico
    Delete Mexico Hace un mes

    Where is this place, I must eat tha

  • Pheminon
    Pheminon Hace un mes

    Oh my God
    I actually did this same challenge back in May 2016 in Maui
    They did that whole announcement thing and everything. It was so dumb lol
    I would have won, but it was impromptu and I ate lunch, like, 4 hours before hand

  • FlexWinger
    FlexWinger Hace un mes

    Wait you live in Hawaii
    Me too

  • Laura Langa
    Laura Langa Hace un mes

    Morgen is handsome

  • Italian Stallion
    Italian Stallion Hace un mes

    i love you so much

  • james shields
    james shields Hace un mes

    Its called a poutine

  • Justin2231 Hadlach
    Justin2231 Hadlach Hace un mes

    I definetly wanna know,how his shit look like.

  • Joe Hunt
    Joe Hunt Hace 2 meses +1

    What song is this???

  • Isaac Guandique
    Isaac Guandique Hace 2 meses

    I think Matt was I bit nervous because everyone was watching him. His hands were shaking a bit..but I think he ate faster because of it 👌

  • itsfern 09
    itsfern 09 Hace 2 meses



    Real big smoke

  • COC BASE MAKER !!!!!!!!

    Who thinks matt looks like muselk

  • WolfGang
    WolfGang Hace 2 meses

    i will scold the kids at the baxk for looking at me

  • Thunder King 9000
    Thunder King 9000 Hace 2 meses

    Is it just me or when the second matt started picking up the burger and shoving it into his mouth my brain literally just goes "YOU EAT PUSSY LIKE THAT?!"

  • C -ROD
    C -ROD Hace 2 meses

    Morgan looks like a retard. Sounds like a retard.

  • samet sahın
    samet sahın Hace 2 meses

    1 tane bile insan gibi yemek yerken videosu yok orospu cocunun

    TvA_GHXST Hace 2 meses

    Where was he why was there so many Asians

  • Joe
    Joe Hace 2 meses

    3:03I’d be well embarrassed if that happened to me I’d go red and probably faint

  • Susana Catalan
    Susana Catalan Hace 2 meses

    Adele is sooooo right “We could’ve had it all”

  • Lomzk
    Lomzk Hace 2 meses

    06:24 xd i cant

  • Hoverboard Deadpool
    Hoverboard Deadpool Hace 2 meses +1

    He has a black hole in his stomach

  • LoL Lyf
    LoL Lyf Hace 3 meses

    Look at that bts looking fella God damn

  • Rojan Balilo
    Rojan Balilo Hace 3 meses

    5:43 - Cute chick. Definitely got my "fingers" burnt

    VLT LYRIC Hace 3 meses

    Why is he still muscular even tho he eats so much its like eating a french fri for him

  • Lord H4773Rthe2nd
    Lord H4773Rthe2nd Hace 3 meses

    That burger and fries didn’t stand a fucking chance.

  • shehab mohamed
    shehab mohamed Hace 4 meses +1

    I Loved your hear💗💗💗💗💋

  • Christine Winston
    Christine Winston Hace 4 meses

    Lol hi boys! Morgan wants to be on camera today. :)

  • applegirl9189
    applegirl9189 Hace 4 meses

    Idk where Matt Stonie gets his appetite from but it's amazing. For a normal person they would've exploded

  • miriam Parra
    miriam Parra Hace 4 meses

    Does he have two different colored eyes?

  • Quo isQueen
    Quo isQueen Hace 4 meses

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • White Hat entertainment

    Matt stonie be like let me get a snack

  • Hot six
    Hot six Hace 4 meses +1

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  • Karabat
    Karabat Hace 4 meses

    You‘re cute.

  • kevin 95
    kevin 95 Hace 4 meses

    How do you not get fat

  • random videos
    random videos Hace 4 meses +2


  • yorkiyorkxx
    yorkiyorkxx Hace 4 meses

    Came from watching Raina Huang. She is some serious lady.

  • bootymeats
    bootymeats Hace 4 meses

    id like to borrow your metabolism too

    HAKUNA MATATA Hace 4 meses

    5:44 ''I wanna borrow your metabolism'' same girl

  • IEarnXp
    IEarnXp Hace 5 meses

    Why the (beep) is there all these freakin asian kids watching in the beginning?

  • Ben Mason
    Ben Mason Hace 5 meses

    Fuck off children.

  • Allxn
    Allxn Hace 5 meses

    I’m sorry but Matt is sooo fine 😩

  • sergio eid
    sergio eid Hace 5 meses

    a kid behind disappeared, he was found later in stonie's stomach

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang Hace 5 meses

    They think it’s a challenge for him but it’s a snack for him

  • Ece Nur Başlık
    Ece Nur Başlık Hace 5 meses +3

    Bravo valla senin yerinde olmak çok isterdim

  • If ur reading This u can read

    Lmao them Asian girls just wanna try it on the background looking 😂

  • Lol John
    Lol John Hace 5 meses

    Anybody notice rolling deep the song in the background?

  • Joshua Cunningham
    Joshua Cunningham Hace 5 meses

    I like that keep that same energy

  • Verbal Assassin
    Verbal Assassin Hace 5 meses


  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    Haha it takes me longer to finish a cheeseburger from McDonald’s

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank Hace 5 meses

    It would take me an hour to finish that thing even 2

  • Josef M.
    Josef M. Hace 5 meses

    4:13 What‘s the name of this song in the background?

  • david odell
    david odell Hace 5 meses

    I can't have people watching me while I eat.

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez Hace 5 meses

    What’s your fortnite name or anybody’s on ps4

  • Iara Susy
    Iara Susy Hace 5 meses

    Oh my god😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto Hace 5 meses

    I wonder how you eat it all and not get fat?

  • 고드릭
    고드릭 Hace 5 meses


  • Alberto Garcia Silva
    Alberto Garcia Silva Hace 6 meses


  • Bri Yanez
    Bri Yanez Hace 6 meses

    Random Adele music in the background lol

  • NumberJuan
    NumberJuan Hace 6 meses

    5:40 I have a fucking crush on that chick behind him.

  • Red Raph
    Red Raph Hace 6 meses

    I'm binge watching all of your burger videos. You have no idea how badly I want a burger.

  • Zhenar Muhammad
    Zhenar Muhammad Hace 6 meses


  • Mike The gamer
    Mike The gamer Hace 6 meses

    How do you hold the fork

  • Angelyn Nguyen
    Angelyn Nguyen Hace 6 meses

    Does anyone else notice that Matt has two different eye colors???

  • Daniel Youtube
    Daniel Youtube Hace 6 meses

    Child look at you man

  • Jobelle Pagaduan
    Jobelle Pagaduan Hace 6 meses

    Funny how you manage to stay attractive despite looking like that..

  • Joli Herrera
    Joli Herrera Hace 6 meses


  • yang mata
    yang mata Hace 6 meses


  • Raffy Putra
    Raffy Putra Hace 6 meses

    look video channel ... tanboy kun ... he is matt stonie indonesian....

  • Emma Speck
    Emma Speck Hace 6 meses

    Not gonna lie that looked frickin good

  • Vertical Venix
    Vertical Venix Hace 6 meses

    Im the cheese

  • Hiro
    Hiro Hace 7 meses

    5:42 take a look at the left :)

  • dragon beast
    dragon beast Hace 7 meses

    All the people were like so he started looks back Now HOW THE HELL

  • Tamia Bussey
    Tamia Bussey Hace 7 meses

    What place is that located at

  • Han Lie
    Han Lie Hace 7 meses

    Stonieee dude always be my hero in eating a horse or even horses

  • Con Chao
    Con Chao Hace 7 meses

    How are you still alive