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  • Michael Timpa
    Michael Timpa Hace un día

    all of it is face makeup

  • Michael Timpa
    Michael Timpa Hace un día

    all of it is face makeup

  • Danique Govender
    Danique Govender Hace 2 días

    I'm edgy

  • Ravine
    Ravine Hace 3 días

    4:40 What your doing is making wrinkles on that spot bc it is really sensitive

  • Pari Patel
    Pari Patel Hace 3 días

    I loveeeee Niki (and Gabi too) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Elina Rodrigues
    Elina Rodrigues Hace 5 días

    #niki smokey eye

  • Lucy Brierley
    Lucy Brierley Hace 8 días

    Gabis makeup is perfect ❤️💜🤤🤤

  • Ryn Elizabeth
    Ryn Elizabeth Hace 9 días

    we love your makeup videos

  • Laila Shahab
    Laila Shahab Hace 9 días

    Yo I always thought it was gabi that wore a lot of makeup

  • Amanda Huang
    Amanda Huang Hace 9 días

    they look like there friends but there make up is just dif gabi is glam and niki is edgy

  • Mia Pink Pretty
    Mia Pink Pretty Hace 9 días

    Can you girls please do a moreneg ru ten

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie Martinez Hace 12 días

    Stop hating Niki had more time because she takes longer to do her make up than gabi

    • Natalie Martinez
      Natalie Martinez Hace 8 días

      +Kali but she explains more

    • Kali
      Kali Hace 11 días

      Natalie Martinez No, it was because she is more talkative.

  • Addison Aquaro
    Addison Aquaro Hace 13 días +1

    Love it niki

  • Charlotte Beim
    Charlotte Beim Hace 15 días

    You would think that edgy would be less time and less makeup then girly...
    Please don't hate on me it's just an opinion

  • Em Weploe
    Em Weploe Hace 19 días

    the only reason niki had longer was because gabi works quicker and niki has more steps dont be too quick to judge niki just saying I love them both x :)

  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt Hace 20 días

    I love your blue hair

  • V Squad Official
    V Squad Official Hace 20 días

    No hate but its cringey when niki make those weird lips stufff

  • Sarcasm Entries
    Sarcasm Entries Hace 20 días

    I just loved how niki put nervada on top of throwback . 💙💫

  • Sarcasm Entries
    Sarcasm Entries Hace 20 días

    Niki is so beautiful without makeup! We don't get to see that beautiful face often 💜💫

  • Lyle Ahenakew
    Lyle Ahenakew Hace 21 un día

    I'm like a mixed style of niki and gabi
    Sometimes Niki sometimes gabi

  • jayia short
    jayia short Hace 22 días

    giabi you are my fav

  • Zoe Brebner
    Zoe Brebner Hace 22 días

    why did nikki get 10mins to do her routine and gabi only 5

    • Kali
      Kali Hace 11 días

      Zoe Brebner Because Niki talked more while doing her makeup. Gabi just said what she was using and stayed silent while putting it on. So she fastforwarded it which make her part shorter

  • Hannie Texting stories
    Hannie Texting stories Hace 23 días

    Everbody is so annoying the only reason niki got more time was cuz she explained everything and Gabi didn't. So there you go stop giving hate to niki

  • Jasmine Webb
    Jasmine Webb Hace 23 días +1

    Why did gabi only get 4 mins 😭💗

  • Maddie Ziegler
    Maddie Ziegler Hace 23 días +1

    Why does Niki get more time than gabi

  • Hhhh Hhhh
    Hhhh Hhhh Hace 23 días

    gabi you look like you dont want to be there

  • Deanna Florencia
    Deanna Florencia Hace 23 días

    niki about 10 minutes and Gabi is only 5 or not 4 minutes

  • Deanna Florencia
    Deanna Florencia Hace 23 días

    niki about 10 minutes and Gabi is only 5 or not 4 minutes

  • Harmony I. Mendoza Mariano

    all maybe so star with face make up first

  • shraddha das
    shraddha das Hace 24 días

    I love both of them but I liked gabi makeup much better..😅😅

  • Charlotte Parks
    Charlotte Parks Hace 24 días

    ilove nirvana

  • Nicholas Packer
    Nicholas Packer Hace 24 días

    I love you niki

  • Patricia Corley
    Patricia Corley Hace 25 días


  • Sbiene 15
    Sbiene 15 Hace 26 días

    I am actually very glamy cute and I love pink and I’m very girly but I like Nikki’s make up more cause she has the perfect fake eyelashes 😍😍🙈

  • oana panait
    oana panait Hace 26 días

    Gabi that’s exactly the one I have I loveeee it

    K SIRAJ Hace 26 días

    Pls do makeup without blending challenge

  • Etta's Channel
    Etta's Channel Hace 28 días

    Not to try to hate but I kinda feel like niki gets like 50% of the video gabby gets 35% and the intro and outro gets 15%

  • k
    k Hace 28 días

    So nobody is gonna mention that each makeup look is hundreds of dollars each 😂

  • Cherry Garcia
    Cherry Garcia Hace 29 días

    Anyone know Nikkis eyelash style

  • Yara Naman
    Yara Naman Hace un mes

    I am tomboyish i like football and i like niki's mooore but gabi looks amazing

  • Μαριαννα Love
    Μαριαννα Love Hace un mes

    Just wow

  • Hhhh Hhhh
    Hhhh Hhhh Hace un mes

    niki i do my face make up firsst to and i love how diffrent you to twins our ❤️❤️

  • Inez Pong
    Inez Pong Hace un mes

    Niki got up to 10:41. The video is 15:43.😑

  • Kimora Davis
    Kimora Davis Hace un mes

    Gabi you do good love you

  • Kimora Davis
    Kimora Davis Hace un mes

    Do a prank video

  • Leah O’Neill
    Leah O’Neill Hace un mes

    Not trying to show some hate but why is Niki’s tutorial 10 mins and Gabi’s is 5 mins 🤷🏼‍♀️😐🤔

  • Linda Krokmo
    Linda Krokmo Hace un mes

    No primer? No setting spray? And Niki had like 3 favourite parts of putting on makeup 😅😁
    #nohate #chillax

  • Ma L
    Ma L Hace un mes

    Niki so rocks the blue hair! I want it but I’m scared it won’t suit me lol 😍

  • J_Bliss_ A
    J_Bliss_ A Hace un mes

    Niki’s video was SO much longer. I feel bad for gabi sometimes.

  • The Glam Girls
    The Glam Girls Hace un mes +1

    It only took Nikki so long because of her smoky eye

  • Phoebe Summer
    Phoebe Summer Hace un mes


  • My life as Sophia
    My life as Sophia Hace un mes

    me: i might be a gabi
    looks at myself siting in my black white and teal bed with a pizza box on the end of my bed
    me:nvm i am a niki lol

    PURPLE_SLIME Hace un mes

    OMG UR FACES ARE BEAUTIFULLLLLL! No need for makeup!

  • andy tamayo
    andy tamayo Hace un mes +1

    Gabi did her makeup better than kiley IM SHOOK. Who else agrees

  • beauty bygeni
    beauty bygeni Hace un mes

    11:39 gabi's forehead looks like she put mud on it

  • Jaden Pope
    Jaden Pope Hace un mes

    0:03 looks so weird and cool at the same time

  • Said Rawat
    Said Rawat Hace un mes

    I'm so edgy

  • bearbears_testing
    bearbears_testing Hace un mes +1

    I’m living for Gabi’s lips 👄!!! They’re so pretty!!! 😍❤️

    • Sbiene 15
      Sbiene 15 Hace 26 días

      They are plastic surgery look her vids where she’s talkin‘ bout her face she got 3 plastic surgery’s her nose,lips and her tooth

  • Malak Ahmed
    Malak Ahmed Hace un mes

    Did niki pronounce Laura mercie wrong?

  • kari herrejon
    kari herrejon Hace un mes

    i also go crazy for highlight!!!

  • Sophie Marie Holland
    Sophie Marie Holland Hace un mes

    I completely understand why everyone is saying that it is unfair that Niki got 10 minutes and Gabi got 5 but Niki’s is more complex because of the eye look, so that’s why! Don’t hate!
    Edit: Also I really love that they are so different and don’t care that even though they are twins they are different, if they express themselves in different ways SO WHAT!? Let them be they’re amazing!

  • Sasha Jade
    Sasha Jade Hace un mes


  • Julianne Jao
    Julianne Jao Hace un mes

    #nikki smoky eye

  • Genevieve Moore
    Genevieve Moore Hace un mes

    i dont understand why everyones hating on the lengths of each tutorial they each had enough time and it was a good tutorial

  • Emina Spahić
    Emina Spahić Hace un mes

    Niki is so me. i am blue and edgy from my childhood💙💙💙

  • fancy vlogs by nessa montalvo

    Niki's smoking eye should be called the smoking look and gabi's should be the glam look

  • Sofia Racko
    Sofia Racko Hace un mes +1

    jesus niki took up 10 minutes of the video while gabi only had 5. niki loves to steal the spotlight

  • nataly fialova
    nataly fialova Hace un mes

    I love gabis eyshadow

  • Keri Loftus
    Keri Loftus Hace un mes

    I'm more like gadi

  • Kenedi H
    Kenedi H Hace un mes

    you guys sound the EXACT same

  • Munchies life 3
    Munchies life 3 Hace un mes

    Then you get ich on your eye and rub it without thinking 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😅😆😅😑😑😑😑

  • Emma Robin
    Emma Robin Hace un mes

    Niki’s tutorial was so loud and it was 9:30 seconds long and gabi’s was softer in tone and her’s was 5:00 was seems wrong about that

  • Kaylee !
    Kaylee ! Hace un mes +1

    I tried nikis one, it worked. Tried Gabis, was too hard.

  • Dilshad Rattani
    Dilshad Rattani Hace un mes

    I am niki

  • Roysan Reyes
    Roysan Reyes Hace un mes

    I like niki more than gabi becose we both like worm things

  • Donald Monald
    Donald Monald Hace un mes +1

    3:29 Nikki sounded like gabbie

  • Hania Life
    Hania Life Hace un mes

    Guys i love you Niki is wonder and gabi too

  • NCT In the house
    NCT In the house Hace un mes +1

    Niki: I am pretty pale
    Me: No hate but you are not that pale you are just white 😅

  • Juliana Frattini
    Juliana Frattini Hace un mes

    Niki I love the huge lash gurl💙

  • Mylifeas Petroula98
    Mylifeas Petroula98 Hace un mes

    Niki 10 mins Gabi 5 probably niki edit this

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu Hace un mes +3

    Everyone knows that Niki edits every video and gives herself the spotlight. Niki, I love you so much and I know everyone wants at least a little bit of attention but without Gabi this channel wouldn't be the same. Give some attention to Gabi too!!! And btw you're makeup isn't edgy at all, you made it way too bold. I love you still but this is all I have to say and everyone else, this is my opinion so dont even think about hating on me.

  • hanar pixle
    hanar pixle Hace un mes

    I like both😍

  • Julie Bowater
    Julie Bowater Hace un mes +1

    Such a big fan of Gabi's rosey eye and Nikis smokey eye!😊💖

  • Amanda-K
    Amanda-K Hace un mes +2

    yes... edgy is _exactly_ what id call someone like niki. not hating, just saying that she's far, and i mean very far from being "edgy".

  • Amanda forever
    Amanda forever Hace un mes

    love gabi's eye shadow

  • Eliza Muncey
    Eliza Muncey Hace un mes

    why did gabi get 5 minutes but niki got 10 wtf!!!!!

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes

    Love you eyeliner and you and nikkis looks and your highlighters are amazing yours and nikki

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes

    Gabi dont put cream stuff over powder it will never blend

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes

    # you dont wont flash back marry gabi

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes

    Love that gabi uses shape tape ( best concealer ever i now )

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes +1

    A tip for your eyeliner in stead of pulling your eye grab a mirror for like your eyeshodow and look donw and than you wont have bad crease

  • Michelle Menosky
    Michelle Menosky Hace un mes +1

    You now nikki if you stretch your eye out like you do you will start to get very bad creses(sorry if i spelled that wrong)

  • Grace Thomas
    Grace Thomas Hace un mes

    i love you guys so much. me, my twin sister ashley, and my best friend emma have been binge watching your videos for hours bc we are having a sleepover lol.

  • cassie kimmins
    cassie kimmins Hace un mes

    you guys are pretty with and without makeup :)

  • SayeedUltimate Gaming
    SayeedUltimate Gaming Hace un mes +1

    I like gabi's better

  • Manveer Kaur
    Manveer Kaur Hace 2 meses

    I like Niki’s tutorial

  • nini Kapanadze
    nini Kapanadze Hace 2 meses

    They are so opposite OMG

  • MAO
    MAO Hace 2 meses +1

    I love Niki. But Gabi is not bad.

  • Erna Suke
    Erna Suke Hace 2 meses

    Gabi 😍

  • ximena alvarez
    ximena alvarez Hace 2 meses +6


    • Sbiene 15
      Sbiene 15 Hace 26 días

      ximena alvarez okayyy...