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  • Nadia Alvarez
    Nadia Alvarez Hace 39 minutos

    Where do you get your clothes.👗

  • Mia Hunter
    Mia Hunter Hace 9 horas +1

    Like👍if they should do an updated makeup routine!

  • Anni Hidalgo
    Anni Hidalgo Hace un día

    I love how niki only gave gabs 5 mins and she took 10

  • Khadija Asif
    Khadija Asif Hace un día

    Niki's skin is much better than gabi

  • Khadija Asif
    Khadija Asif Hace un día

    I love niki!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe M
    Chloe M Hace 2 días

    Niki talks a lot...

  • amanda rios
    amanda rios Hace 2 días +1

    Me and me dad were at a stop light in his car and there is a lady with WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY to much contor

  • amanda rios
    amanda rios Hace 2 días +1

    #i love you guys

    HEIDY PEREZ SALAZAR Hace 3 días +1

    How different and gabi wears a little bit of makeup and niki wears a lot of makeup what that hell

  • sungtha nawn
    sungtha nawn Hace 4 días

    Oh lala

  • Bling Baby Bling
    Bling Baby Bling Hace 4 días

    Wtf niki

  • Rebekah Glover
    Rebekah Glover Hace 5 días

    no hate but niki is being a try hard i swear

  • M Leclair
    M Leclair Hace 5 días

    Witch lashes do niki use???

  • Irli Beauty
    Irli Beauty Hace 5 días

    Omg at 10:02

  • Chris Higgins
    Chris Higgins Hace 5 días +1

    Omg my name is Penny 😮😮

  • Libby Her
    Libby Her Hace 6 días

    I love you guys but Nikki...... Quit speeding up on Gabi!! I mean I'm pretty sure I didn't see a single speed up on your makeup routine but Gabi? I see a TON of speeding. Nikki you're also saying stuff that don't need to be said, I can't think of an example rn but I remember there was parts you were. Plus you're the one that edits the videos right? I still love your videos but Nikki you need to stop giving yourself all of the video, I mean Gabi barely had any.

  • ST.Emma Nieuwenhuis
    ST.Emma Nieuwenhuis Hace 6 días

    I have the same Colour in foundation

  • Pixie Lock
    Pixie Lock Hace 7 días +1

    I Gabi not nikin sorry nikin

  • Alissa Fan
    Alissa Fan Hace 10 días

    Wow niki took 10:00 but gabi got 5:00 but I love both

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Hace 10 días

    gaby's look is soooo much better

  • Momma Dana
    Momma Dana Hace 11 días

    I have becca

  • Sabrina art 101
    Sabrina art 101 Hace 11 días

    Niki are you tired

  • John Kerolus
    John Kerolus Hace 11 días +1

    When they are doing there makeup they look so funny 😛

  • Melissa Johnson
    Melissa Johnson Hace 12 días

    Niki!! just imagine your makeup how it would look if you didnt blend it!!

  • Mish Faiz
    Mish Faiz Hace 12 días

    Where are you living

  • Angie Bustillo
    Angie Bustillo Hace 13 días

    Literally Gabi foundation looks so ashy until she puts some dark colors on her face

  • Kaitlyn Loves Vines
    Kaitlyn Loves Vines Hace 13 días

    I like how this was HIGHLY requested but, people STILL find a way to hate.Even though they requested the video.

  • renata guimaraes
    renata guimaraes Hace 13 días

    lttlry, niki's part os SOOO much longer than gabi's part.

  • Kaylie Dodson
    Kaylie Dodson Hace 13 días +1

    Niki was trying real hard not to say asian eyes😂

  • Pornchai Phisarnanukunkit


  • juan kook
    juan kook Hace 17 días

    Niki is soooooooo prettyyy 💖💖💗💗💗😭😭

  • Fun Times
    Fun Times Hace 18 días

    i would pick the more natural one... WHERE IS IT?!

  • Rachel Henninger
    Rachel Henninger Hace 18 días

    Nikkis wasn't speed up but gabis was

  • peacendpola23
    peacendpola23 Hace 19 días

    I confess I skip to Gabi's part.

  • Hellocoolkitty Boom
    Hellocoolkitty Boom Hace 20 días +1

    I litterely hate nikki when she is doing that stupid thing with her lips like girl your cringy

  • Besfort polisi
    Besfort polisi Hace 21 un día


  • girls fun
    girls fun Hace 22 días

    NOT sponsored by tarte at all

  • Phoebe Grace
    Phoebe Grace Hace 22 días +1

    Does gabi have plastic surgery. The only thing that moves on her face is her lips and her eyes

  • Kate Robbinson
    Kate Robbinson Hace 23 días +1


  • UnicornPoops 123
    UnicornPoops 123 Hace 23 días

    I'm more of a Gabi girl so girly ❤

  • NoOneKnows GD
    NoOneKnows GD Hace 23 días

    gabi should have put on mascara

  • rylin strong
    rylin strong Hace 23 días


  • Shy 4
    Shy 4 Hace 24 días

    You all should do something with the eye shadow pallets.

  • Lily’s nest 99
    Lily’s nest 99 Hace 25 días

    My favourite video everw

  • Lily’s nest 99
    Lily’s nest 99 Hace 25 días

    Wow niki looks so different I’ve still with you guys since the begging of niki and gabi beuty and wow use have changed so much I adore your styles use have got me so far in life love u !?!?!?!

  • S B
    S B Hace 25 días

    I would like to be Gabi when I'm older and have my boyfriend as my boyfriend now (By the way I'm 7

  • Chelsea Barron
    Chelsea Barron Hace 26 días

    Niki is straight up serving marge simpson realness!!!💛💙💛💙

  • norberto antonio herrera mercado

    i love nikis make up toturio

  • GazalaYasin
    GazalaYasin Hace 26 días

    I hate how niki gave herself the spotlight with more time but she should have given gabi the same amount of time

  • Izzie Reeves
    Izzie Reeves Hace 26 días +1

    Your the best we stayed up all night watching your video

  • it's me _hima
    it's me _hima Hace 26 días


  • fofiax
    fofiax Hace 26 días

    I never got into highlight. Like whats the appeal of it except for the button nose effect?

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me Hace 28 días

    Niki's makeup is so messy but looks good on her smh

  • Kay Harris
    Kay Harris Hace 28 días

    do you guys worry about matching your makeup to your outfits? It's a huge pet peive of mine for my makeup not to match my outfit.

  • Aibrey Cas
    Aibrey Cas Hace 28 días

    So......she dye her hair blue, and now she edgy?

  • Juzar Jeevanjee
    Juzar Jeevanjee Hace 28 días +1

    Who else just watched nikis? 😂

  • GreysAnatomy4LIFE
    GreysAnatomy4LIFE Hace 28 días

    Gabi looks different in this

  • Maddie Torres
    Maddie Torres Hace 29 días

    Did it bother anyone else when Gabi said “and Gabi” instead of “and I’m Gabi”

  • Erin Nicholson
    Erin Nicholson Hace 29 días

    Don’t listen to niki when she says to pull out your eye it’s gonna give you wrinkles on your eye

  • Rebecca Ly
    Rebecca Ly Hace 29 días

    You should switch makeup looks for a week

  • Madeline LeVeque
    Madeline LeVeque Hace 29 días

    Niki pulling her eyelid. ahhh

  • Nyathuok Yiel
    Nyathuok Yiel Hace 29 días

    is you real name Nicole Niki

  • isabella cabral
    isabella cabral Hace un mes

    im totally gabriella

  • Georgia Lynn
    Georgia Lynn Hace un mes +1

    Surprise surprise niki is in the video longer than Gabi 🤦🏼‍♀️🙁🙄

  • Eliza Muncey
    Eliza Muncey Hace un mes

    umm whose asking for crows feet... NIKI!!!!!!

  • Sha-Niyah Ortiz
    Sha-Niyah Ortiz Hace un mes

    Anyone know where Niki’s choker name necklace is from? ❤️

  • siane ventura
    siane ventura Hace un mes

    i like niki's makeup though #nikismokeyeye

  • Mrs. Mendes
    Mrs. Mendes Hace un mes

    Their faces look a bit cakey,no hate.

  • Ayesha Mosqueda
    Ayesha Mosqueda Hace un mes

    I Like Gabi's Makeup

  • Kaylee Holley x
    Kaylee Holley x Hace un mes

    The girly works, but I'm pale so it looks like a vampire trying to be girly

  • Seneti Pulu-Suliafu
    Seneti Pulu-Suliafu Hace un mes

    Gabi put on so much foundation but it’s fine because her makeup turned out wonderful

  • Noora Saadi
    Noora Saadi Hace un mes

    that's a lot

  • Andreea Măriuța
    Andreea Măriuța Hace un mes

    But why so much makeup? 😫 ❓

  • ItsMeTamarah
    ItsMeTamarah Hace un mes +1

    Do a winter makeup routine! Like if anyone agrees!

  • Charlie Utting
    Charlie Utting Hace un mes +1

    I feel like Gabi is more confident in talking when she is alone.

  • Courtney nelson
    Courtney nelson Hace un mes

    I am an mix of edgy and girly I have wired style

  • puma slay
    puma slay Hace un mes +1

    *Edgy Nikki And Girly Gabi*

  • m o o n a e s t h e t i c


  • Jade Tandy
    Jade Tandy Hace un mes

    9:24 “OMG everything is tarte” ummmm you’ve used three things!!

  • Denise Morales
    Denise Morales Hace un mes

    Makeup is good but the best way to be beautiful it to just be yourself

  • Cheryl Graham
    Cheryl Graham Hace un mes +1

    Fake eyelashes are like a wig for your eyelashes

  • Jazmine Sweet
    Jazmine Sweet Hace un mes


  • nuca vefxvadze
    nuca vefxvadze Hace un mes

    i love you both niki you are so beautiful❤

  • Nanci Murrin
    Nanci Murrin Hace un mes

    I love that unicorn brush gabi.

  • Destiny Pintado
    Destiny Pintado Hace un mes

    Niki slay!! & Gabi Too!! Howeverrrrr, ya'll look gorgeous w/o makeup.
    No makeup makeup routine next?

  • Salem's Vids
    Salem's Vids Hace un mes


  • Cheyenne Bishop
    Cheyenne Bishop Hace un mes

    I do my makeup in the exact order omg

  • yasmine wabi
    yasmine wabi Hace un mes

    I love gabi s girly style 💄👜🎀😗

  • Pastelmitty YT
    Pastelmitty YT Hace un mes +1

    I all ways like having things it so fancy kawaii so she my fav💗💗

  • Charalampos Psimopoulos

    I love gabi makup it is so good I love it it is 100precent better then nikis

  • Martyna Dudnikaitė
    Martyna Dudnikaitė Hace un mes

    Niki look like she was punched in the face with that shadow

  • Nicole R
    Nicole R Hace un mes

    girly is so pretty

  • Rachel Gottschalk
    Rachel Gottschalk Hace un mes

    I hate when people cake makeup all over there face. People are beautiful just the way they are

  • Sarah Owen
    Sarah Owen Hace un mes +4

    not hating but she dies her hair blue and she's suddenly edgy????

    • seouled
      seouled Hace 16 días

      Sarah Owen dyes* and IKR

  • ceca flavia
    ceca flavia Hace un mes +3

    Niki is trying to hard

  • Avery King
    Avery King Hace un mes

    The comments are better than the actual video😂😂

  • Siena Brignolo-Thorneycroft

    gabby you are so pretty and Niki you are pretty to

  • Aubrey Figueroa
    Aubrey Figueroa Hace un mes +1

    My sister has a smashbox but it’s rainbow