What F1 Just Announced For the 2023 Cars is INSANE


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  • Ben William
    Ben William Hace un mes +134

    “We don’t want teams relying on tyre strategy”. “Also, we’re giving you less tyres so drive slower on the ones you have”

    • CryptoMann
      CryptoMann Hace un mes

      that is fucking stupid

    • Rick James
      Rick James Hace un mes

      F1 IS so stupid. It's more entertainment than a sport. When drivers can drive all out because they are worrried about tire wear then that is no longer racing. No wonder Bernie sold this garbage. No in season testing so whoever is on top stays on top since you cant ttest. Imagine of your football team ban practice. The pinnacle of motorsports is a joke

  • David Ribeiro
    David Ribeiro Hace un mes +116

    2023 is going to be similar to 2019. RB have Adrian Newey. The best aero designer in F1 and most knowledgeable man when it comes to ground effect cars. Also, it was extremely apparent from footage that the RB had much higher ride heights then the Merc and Ferrari, yet still manage to extract incredible performance. So the extra 15 mm the floor edge will need to be raised will surely impact Merc and Ferrari much more then RB. Also, I think people are exaggerating the impact RB’s diminished aero testing time will have on them. Less hours in the wind tunnel don’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to develop the car, you’ll just have to be more selective when it comes to testing different designs and mods. RB already have a solid design from 2022, so they’ll just add to it and modify it to extract the most performance from the reg changes. So in my opinion RB will be the front runner by a considerable margin, with Ferrari still being a competitive car when it comes to winning races, and the Merc closely behind. Similar to 2019 in which the Merc was comfortably ahead, with Ferrari still competing for race wins, and RB close behind managing to compete for race wins as well.

    • Jos van der Weide
      Jos van der Weide Hace 7 días

      You have some good point David!
      I'm not sure about Ferrari, they must have solved their engine problems to be able to compete with Mercedes.
      If they can't run full power, Mercedes will beat them.

    • Jimbo Bogie
      Jimbo Bogie Hace un mes +2

      The 2023 season will be no different than 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019...
      The greatest surprise is that the other teams waste their time and money.
      How do you think Max and Lewis would do if they were teammates at Williams?

    • Lafoote97
      Lafoote97 Hace un mes +1

      @TheLegendaryDeikay he didn't forget, he actually went into detail on that fact. Do you read comments before responding?

    • Lamster 66
      Lamster 66 Hace un mes +3

      Whilst it is true that Newey is the most successful F1 designer in History. The designers at other teams are not idiots.
      It's likely that RBR were already running this type of concept which would have explained their better performance with a higher ride height.
      And whilst Newey was around at the backend of the previous itteration of Ground effect the likes of Colin Chapman and Gordon Murrey were the kings of that concept. The concept is well understood by designers and whilst Newey may well have had an historic overview of what works and what doesn't the otherteams have now had 12months to analyse their concepts and establish what works and what doesn't.
      The changes therefore won't effect RBR performance as much as other teams whose performance should lkely improve by adopting a concept closer to that of RBR I would envisage the improvements of Mercedes and Ferrari to be greater than RBR also considering that RBR will get less Wind Tunnel time as Constructor Champions and the penalty to that time due to their overspend in 2021. They may well start off with a faster car but the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari should close that gap in the first part of the season I expect the racing to be closer than in 2022.

    • Maarten Stam
      Maarten Stam Hace un mes +1

      That is a good answer what we gonna expect for next year. I hope that Mercedes a little bit closer with Ferrari that for them becomes a challenge than the other round.

  • Troy McGrew
    Troy McGrew Hace un mes +35

    Let the teams innovate and have the FIA stay out of the way more.

  • Skarwood
    Skarwood Hace un mes +15

    Mandatory hard to medium to soft tires for qualy: this will make lap times come down artificially! However, reducing DRS zones is supposed to happen. Can't have cars breezing by others, too easy and too artificial. There's plenty of data after a few seasons to know how much distance each zone should be to allow the following car to get close enough to at least try a pass.

    • Steve B
      Steve B Hace un mes +1

      the cars are too big and too aero sensitive..... the cars are now 200kgs heavier than 20 years ago and much longer, so DRS all the way.
      DRS makes this sport feel like WWE

    • Octav B
      Octav B Hace un mes

      Similar thoughts on tires. I was thinking the same about DRS zones but if the cars are setup differently for grip in corners or speed on straits the top speed one will have a hard time exiting the corer to overtake although it could be faster on paper so the DRS zones are the jolly in this case.

  • steven moran
    steven moran Hace un mes +11

    Next time a team or tens fail to make their car work within the rules do not change the rules to benefit those teams. Mercedes would have had no bouncing problems had they just raised the ride height. They put their drivers health at risk by demanding they used too low a set up as it slowed their car down. Tough luck. You failed to build performance within the rules which apparently was impossible to do. Hmm, Red Bull managed easy enough!
    Funny how the engine rules weren’t changed for 7 years whilst Mercedes were winning by miles.

  • John Powell
    John Powell Hace un mes +21

    Why don't they just introduce a rule that tells every team where they will finish in the championship?

  • Gladys Mavuso
    Gladys Mavuso Hace un mes +18

    Question regarding qualifying if you have to use all 3 compounds between q3- q1 what tire do you start the race with ? It just seems like fia is trying to take every single advantage any team comes up with. Why then not race the same as indy cars as at this point there is no need for engineering innovations as next season they will say it's banned

    • PvP_p3laaja
      PvP_p3laaja Hace un mes

      If you are 10th or higher you will start with the tires that you drove the fastest lap in q2 if you start below 10th place you get to choose the tires you start with

  • Mr J
    Mr J Hace un mes +2

    The FIA has got to call all on track race penalties no later than 3 laps after the infraction.
    A call must be made quickly as fast as possible.
    The stupid half race decision makes it seem like they are basing the penalty of where the car is running .
    See a infraction , enforce the infraction right away .

  • Jason Joseph
    Jason Joseph Hace un mes +16

    The most impactful changes from an engineering perspective will be the further restrictions on font wing and rear wing design, raising of the floor edge by 15 mm along with diffuser throat expansion. The weight reduction from 798 kg to 796 kg is beneficial, as the teams will therefore have 2 additional kilograms to direct towards ballast. The aforementioned regulation changes will also cause a change in the optimized centre of pressure for each car, so CFD, simulation and wind tunnel analysis have even more emphasis. The increased floor height as stated is also beneficial to the drivers as it reduces the pitch sensitivity of Venturi duct based car designs. The inherent pitch sensitivity of venturi duct based aka ground effect designs along with the requisite stiffer sprung suspension systems is why cars were not using the curbs as much in the 2022 season.

    • Octav B
      Octav B Hace un mes +3

      Regarding the weight reduction I guess you've meant the other way around, less ballast because they are shedding 2kg. They used to have a bigger minimum weight thus they had more ballast at 798kg, now they will have 796kg so less weight means less ballast. And for sure no one would put more weight on the car than necessary right?

    • James Maroon
      James Maroon Hace un mes

      @Alan Turner WOW. Ok. Should I say thank you Mr Turner for that lesson. I told you I don't know that much about these cars. I never said I would be right about nothing. But you and your infinite wisdom made sure you made me look like an ass. Great job. I guess I don't have an opinion on anything. You just go right ahead and say what ever you want. I just don't care.

    • Alan Turner
      Alan Turner Hace un mes +2

      @James Maroon your assumptions are wildly incorrect. The problem is most definitely the floor. This is not a new problem. Both F1 and INDYCAR had similar issues back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The solution then as it is now is raise the floor height as measured along the outside edge relative to the bottom of the floor(the bottom of the chassis tub). If you try to address the issue with spring rates(tire pressure/deflection is the “spring rate” off the tire) your springs get so stiff trying to keep the bottom of the car up off the race track that you approach the point where the car effectively has no suspension at all. There problem with the suspension that stiff is that you lose a lot of ability to use mechanical grip in low to medium speed corners. Also, you lose most of the down force when the car gets a few degrees of rotation (think oversteer). I good example if this problem can be seen very clearly on high speed corners such as the turns at Indy. Th car gets sideways, the driver steers into the slide and the lift(downforce) from the floor goes away because the air flow through the tunnels is no longer going in the right direction. As the car yaw corrects itself the downforce returns but now you are pointed at the wall(ovals). Look up Danny Ongias and Gordon Smiley. Best case scenario is that you pulverize the bones in your legs (Ongiass’ right rib and fib we’re in over 200 pieces. On the other end you lose your head ( Smiley was nearly decapitated) I’m willing to bet that the “compromise” of a 15mm raising of the floor is going to go up after next year. Frankly, I’m astonished that the rule makers and the car designers didn’t see this problem coming. I’m sure that Newey did and that is why RB was pretty much the only team that didn’t experience this problem. Normally I would say that’s great for RB now the rest of the paddock needs to figure out what Newey did to address the problem. But, it’s a very serious safety issue and common sense dictates that you make a rule change rather than allow the designers to stumble upon the solution.

    • James Maroon
      James Maroon Hace un mes

      Ok. Not really familiar with the aero of these cars. But, I do think that a lot of the porpoising (or bottoming out) of the car, has to do with the floor. I think it's the suspension and pressure of the tires. I guess my question is. Why not increase the pressure of the tires and take a look at the springs, instead of the floors of the car? I get the aerodynamics of the car. Such as the wings and such. Just a question I had.

  • Jay Bower
    Jay Bower Hace un mes

    The roll bar. I thought this was an interesting point because the rule change isn't necessarily changing the bar itself rather than the adding of these two new tests. Zhou's roll bar did its job and withstood that initial downward impact, it failed after that because it was forced to do a job it wasn't exactly designed for. The car slid for a long way on its head and stuff like that is supposed to shear off to reduce the likelihood of catching and flipping the car. With that said though, I've always thought that things of safety nature should be the most reliable/reinforced members on the car

  • Ego Lysergic
    Ego Lysergic Hace un mes +5

    I believe every team except Mercedes have to use square tires. Regarding the rest, I hope for good racing.

  • I. R.
    I. R. Hace un mes +7

    Are aero mirror supports/fins like Mercedes this season still grey area that will be allowed next year? The clarification i saw was only for front and back wings... Will this open the door to teams trying to put fins on other area's of the car as well?
    There might be a separate update for mirrors all together for better visibility and safety? Bigger mirrors and clarified rules?

    • Ollie Hunt
      Ollie Hunt Hace un mes +1

      Mirrors will be bigger and they have to be a specific size and in a specific position. I haven’t seen anything regarding the mirror “supports”.

  • Paul Hunter
    Paul Hunter Hace un mes +202

    The fact that they keep adding races to the racing season and adding more sprint weekends but arent' giving the teams more engines, gearboxes, turbos and so on is pure stupidity to me and kills the racing for the fans. How much better would racing be for us all if they didn't have to use engines for so many races and they could actually turn them up and put on a better show. Hell they can't do it now because they'd get so many grid penalties in a year it wouldn't be worth them even going racing. 3 engines for a race season isn't cost cutting, it's stupidity since they have to run and break so many engines during the year on a dyno to make them so reliable that they end up spending more money on test engines than they do on engines that are raced. Imagine if they could use all those test engines in the season, spend the same amount of money and be able to run engines at the hp that t hey are capable of for most of the races and put on a better show of what they are capable of.

    • Jb
      Jb Hace 10 días

      What are you talking about, now the whole grid has a fair chance and a equal playing field, racing is going to be so much better now that the same 3 teams won't win all the damn time!

    • GNX157
      GNX157 Hace un mes

      There’s a budget cap now so they should allow more engines using a formula based on how many races are in a season, using as a basis the original engine rule and how many races were in that season and increase engines allowed from there, and let the budget cap be the control. Assign minimum dollar values to certain major engine and transmission parts.

    • Tech DIYer
      Tech DIYer Hace un mes

      It does help the teams with less money, but if they allowed the teams to redesign the engines, and run the redesigned engines during the first 2 races in the year, then finalize the changes for the rest of the season, I think it would definitely be cool.

    • FranKandBells
      FranKandBells Hace un mes

      WHAT HE SAID!😋

    • EndGamerPlays
      EndGamerPlays Hace un mes

      okay and?

  • Lezerni Wolf
    Lezerni Wolf Hace un mes +2

    This sport is becoming brutal on everyone. Everyone in the sport isn't getting as much time off to spend with their families, teams are getting less tyres so they can't drive as hard on them as well as not maintaining races:engines ratio we had prior so it limits engine performance to ensure the teams have enough engines, the engine and aero regulations are getting stricter which almost forces the strict front running-mid-back marker team hierarchy (no more BrawnGP moments in modern F1). The sport was amazing in the eras leading up to the late 201X's. Even though I wasn't there for it, I watched some previous seasons and they were so much better since the teams had a few shots to really make a difference, but they tried their best even if it seemed futile. Now, they understand the status quo of the season by around the first 1/3 of the season.

  • none ur business
    none ur business Hace un mes +3

    The fia really need to figure out a way to reduce the size and weight of the cars its getting ridiculous. Yes I know its hard with the hybrid systems now

    • David Macholecki
      David Macholecki Hace un mes

      The cars are changing in 2026 shorter and lighter which should increase speed .

  • Hoofhearted
    Hoofhearted Hace un mes +2

    It's sad to see the FiA turn the best racing series in the world into a soap series driven by an ever increasing thirst for controls. Nascar has proven that thinking they are smarter than everyone else by implementing more and more controls only serves to destroy the sport.

  • njgrplr2007
    njgrplr2007 Hace un mes +5

    If some teams struggled with the porpoising issue, while other teams thrived, I fail to see why the successful teams should be stripped of their advantage by the new regulations.

    • neXus
      neXus Hace 28 días

      @Joost Prins 😂😂 ohhh that went over my head

    • Joost Prins
      Joost Prins Hace 28 días +1

      @neXus thought you would get the joke…

    • neXus
      neXus Hace 28 días

      @Joost Prins new rega raised the minimum, no maximum to my knowledge, if you know more please elaborate.

    • Joost Prins
      Joost Prins Hace 28 días

      @neXus The problem with the new regs is that RB has to go down… 😂🤣😂

    • neXus
      neXus Hace 28 días

      if I remember correctly, RB had the ride higher than merc and ferarri which is why they did not suffer, and the rules are agreed upon with all the teams, so raising the minimum ride height isn't an issue but rather the solution the teams not suffering were using. in fact merc will be affected as they have always had a low rack car while RB had a higher rack.

  • Pete Wick
    Pete Wick Hace un mes +11

    Mercedes when dominating: they need to do better
    Mercedes 2022 with substandard car: we’ll complain till they change the regulations for us

  • Daniel Rice
    Daniel Rice Hace un mes +21

    These changes are INSANE! More than 1KG less heavy!!

    • who Indeed
      who Indeed Hace un mes +1

      @TheSimCaptain "less heavy" was a little joke.

    • TheSimCaptain
      TheSimCaptain Hace un mes

      @Daniel Rice The point I was making was the word "lighter" is better than saying "less heavy".

    • Daniel Rice
      Daniel Rice Hace un mes +3

      @TheSimCaptain nah they’re buses. Use whale terminology to talk about these behemoths.

    • TheSimCaptain
      TheSimCaptain Hace un mes +1

      Or lighter.

  • Gary Collins
    Gary Collins Hace un mes +1

    Safety first as always but we all want to see better racing. I belive also that if a driver is seen to deliberately take a corner that both going into it, know it's not possible should be band for one race, need stiffer penalties for blatant taking someone out !

  • Adam Bruhn
    Adam Bruhn Hace 29 días

    The only positive takeaway out of this is the six sprints. Everything else will make the season worse for the drivers and fans both.

  • N1cocraft
    N1cocraft Hace un mes

    The hard tire wasnt bad because it didnt last long enough but because it was just way too slow in most cases...

  • Heinrich Becker
    Heinrich Becker Hace un mes +1

    Any rule changes to make F1 more exciting and interesting for spectators? To me the '60's and the '70's were the best so far, and it seems we are moving further away all the time.

    • Coldlake Alta
      Coldlake Alta Hace 29 días

      I enjoyed the racing back then very much but the pure fact is that it was a blood sport as teams, with special shout-out to Colin Chapman/Lotus, built cars with total disregard for human life. It took the imposition of rules upon the teams, led notably by Sir Jackie Stewart, to build survivability into the sport. That has, thankfully, gone well but over-regulation of every tiny component is taking innovation out of what should be a designer/engineer's game. They are on the verge of turning F1 into Indy Car, a single-chassis class with a choice of 2 crated engines. You get the good with the bad, I guess. At least the cookie-cutter Indy Cars clearly display the differences in drivers' performance.

  • MonsterTruckWt
    MonsterTruckWt Hace un mes +2

    The 2022 regulations is a failure so will be the 2023 it was supposed to bring the field back to 1sec but there’s still 2seconds gap from the worst car to the best car which isn’t normal .Less dirty air will not help a williams or a Aston Martin to win a race against the top 3 teams

  • James Akers
    James Akers Hace un mes

    These changes will not help the racing be more entertaining. Instead it will be how slow you can go to save your engine or save your Tyre from wearing out. Give them two engines per race max and let them race. Building the excitement for going as fast as you can.

  • Luke
    Luke Hace 6 días

    Good video but I must have missed the insane part 🤷😂. And it's probably a good idea to go into a bit more detail about the curfews

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes Hace un mes +1

    How about no changing tyres or repairs under red flag unless you enter your pit box then take your chances on getting out on a safe release after

  • David Jones
    David Jones Hace un mes +1

    Regarding tyres - all that is needed is a general dry weather tyre, and a general wet weather tyre. Not multiple choices.

  • Mr J
    Mr J Hace un mes +1

    Mercedes magic era is over and I see Mercedes falling further behind next year .
    They will be a team fighting for 4th or worst .
    If that do win a single race next year it will be due to the top teams all crashing out .

  • Fred Hunter
    Fred Hunter Hace un mes

    So many rules and regulations, soon the drivers just won’t be able to drive without penalties. More sprints= more power units and tyres

  • JL Soares Curado
    JL Soares Curado Hace un mes

    Ferrari replicates the traditional Enzo's full domination, as the Roman emperor, always present, inconditionnally accepted, loved and hated, but always the sovereign.
    The only successful period after Enzo's passed away was what can be qualified, by the same token, as the Todt/Brawn/Schumacher, consulate, a period of triumph.
    The authority came with the technical, organizational and sportive performance, became indisputable and rock solid.
    That's the universal recipe, with RB, Mercedes, McLaren, Lotus...
    Now, that 2023 car is ready for testing, it's the organisation package that needs to be fit the Ferrari format and... work seamlessly.
    Berger, please.

  • Dave Laneve
    Dave Laneve Hace un mes +1

    The extreme amount of rules is ridiculous. The teams should be allowed to have more freedom to experiment with technology and suppliers, tires for instance. F1 has become boring...

  • ronan farrelly
    ronan farrelly Hace un mes +4

    What's next, you wouldn't be allowed to sweat in the cars. If F1 is serious about reducing costs, 2 types of dry weather tyres, hard and soft. 6 different compounds is ridiculous.
    6 sprit races next season but no extra engines, I know what they're pushing for but an engine reving to such high rpm's for what will be effectively 32 races is not going to end well or us there something I'm missing

    • MonsterTruckWt
      MonsterTruckWt Hace un mes

      If u dont sweat then u got diabetes or heart issues which is dangerous

  • Matej Samardzic
    Matej Samardzic Hace un mes

    They might have slower times next year but there is gonna be loads more DRS usage. This Q1 Q2 and Q3 on different types of tyres, don't see a point there but ok.

  • Máté Ágoston
    Máté Ágoston Hace un mes +3

    Actually the new compund will be softer than the 2022 C1. C1 will be the C0.

    • Kylara Kuhn
      Kylara Kuhn Hace un mes

      Which makes them harder.. as last year's C1 is now C0... and there's an extra hard tire now

  • Jordan Cama
    Jordan Cama Hace un mes +7

    Maybe beginning the F1 season without wheels!?

    • Designer One
      Designer One Hace un mes +1

      Sounds good because at this point, what is the point of racing?! "Lace up your shoes gentlemen and on my mark..."

  • J KANE
    J KANE Hace un mes +1

    We want more racing and less dependance on tires... Gives less tires...??
    And why are there restriction changes eeveeryy year??
    The older cars were so much more fun

  • Stuart Leckie
    Stuart Leckie Hace un mes +3

    Say that penalty/ starting position thing again.
    This time in a way that anyone can understand it.

  • Lance Heckel
    Lance Heckel Hace un mes +4

    I just want the sound back. The sport lost so much when they took that sound away

  • DrumMakha
    DrumMakha Hace 9 días

    In my opinion, this a waist of time cause RB will come up with the fastest car and all these rules changes are made for RB and Max to look great. There is an agenda in place

  • Gabo
    Gabo Hace un mes +1

    Newey can see air, the less tunnel time is nothing

  • Andrew Polasek
    Andrew Polasek Hace un mes +10

    Man I am glad I don't have to keep track of all this.

  • Englishman inFrance
    Englishman inFrance Hace un mes +12

    WTF . F1 is going to stranglle the racing with all these rules . It's demented

    • Bad Man
      Bad Man Hace un mes +2

      Strangle the racing for seven years it was Hamilton. Mercedes winning all the races ,if these rules give other drivers chances to win or even give them a fighting chance then that's OK by me ,just can't stand one team or one driver winning all the time it gets boring , more competing for podiums by mid field driver s with make f1 more interesting

    • Laurent Williame
      Laurent Williame Hace un mes +2

      Agree. Too much rules kills the rules.

  • gary shepherdly
    gary shepherdly Hace un mes

    The FIA unjustly give Mercedes the thumbs up to create that front wing then ban it. Mercedes should be allowed to invoice them to recover that cost. Since they have wasted the team time and money.
    Especially since a price cap is in place . What a waste of money 💰.

  • Joseph Maiorano
    Joseph Maiorano Hace un mes

    I have just one question. Who has the FIA picked to be the 2023 driver champion?

  • spotontheroad1
    spotontheroad1 Hace un mes +9

    I don't know why the FIA don't just design, build and supply control front and rear wings that all teams must use. This might reduce costs and maybe level the playing field a bit.

    • JohnH
      JohnH Hace 28 días

      Do you watch Indy car?

    • carrapaz
      carrapaz Hace un mes +2

      ​@j-maoh which is already the case. fia killed innovation. I remember F1 in the 80s was something, all cars different and every season something new

    • j-maoh
      j-maoh Hace un mes +1

      that means all the cars will be basically the same

    • Nathan Ricketts
      Nathan Ricketts Hace un mes +5

      Totally agree but that means a lot would be down to the driver and you know the fia favour drivers, I mean, they gave max his championship 🤣

  • JOK3R
    JOK3R Hace un mes +54

    Adrian Newey will have the RB team on top once again. He's the man with the experience and knows how to handle ground effect floors

    • Tigertank 1A
      Tigertank 1A Hace un mes

      i have waited 90 days to change my name finally Well, all I see was contradiction and you showed your true intelligence 😉

    • i have waited 90 days to change my name finally
      i have waited 90 days to change my name finally Hace un mes +1

      @Tigertank 1A
      That's the lamest "gotcha" attempt ever, do you read curse words and instantly assume that someone is mad? Cuz that's fucking stupid.

    • Tigertank 1A
      Tigertank 1A Hace un mes

      i have waited 90 days to change my name finally Who did you say looked like a petulant child with their comment. Oh, talk about comments coming back to haunt you. Have you poster's as well i wonder, touchy touchy. 😏 😏

    • i have waited 90 days to change my name finally
      i have waited 90 days to change my name finally Hace un mes +1

      @Tigertank 1A
      You're reaching really far with that one, that's like saying you're a nazi, you fucking nazi.

    • Tigertank 1A
      Tigertank 1A Hace un mes

      Tartus Maximus 😆 🤣 you numpty. According to your name, you have posters of him all around your bedroom, even on the mirrors on your ceiling.

  • Rick Mueller
    Rick Mueller Hace un mes +3

    The formula is out of control...it's ridiculous, If you want to go non-linear...do it on safety and let them go as fast as they want...it's a race.

  • Ben Portman
    Ben Portman Hace un mes

    Dictating what tyres teams use during qualifying just seems pointless to me

  • Tartus Maximus
    Tartus Maximus Hace un mes +2

    I hope this reverse drs isn't a thing just sounds silly

  • CaptainCawk
    CaptainCawk Hace un mes +4

    They are adding wild bears to the pift area!

  • B N
    B N Hace un mes

    Try relief holes on the floor to equal pressure

  • aeyleh twink
    aeyleh twink Hace un mes

    Mercedes : Our car was shit in 2022 so you have to change the regulations according to our development research towards the end of 2023 where we deviate from the rest of the teams thus giving us a huge advantage for 2023.

  • Leander de Jong
    Leander de Jong Hace un mes +135

    Why can’t we just go back to the v10 era😩😩

    • Varun Tomer
      Varun Tomer Hace 22 días

      @Chilli Peppa no tihis is race not music competition.

    • John Rice
      John Rice Hace un mes

      @Hakeem Bisiolu ....If they got rid of the mguH a couple yrs ago in F1 like they were supposed to.....except for Mercedes objecting to it, the cars would actually sound half way decent and it wouldn't have been such an issue!

    • Hakeem Bisiolu
      Hakeem Bisiolu Hace un mes

      @John Rice none. but their turbo tech is what will carry the current car industry. especially with the removal of the mguH
      They have to go back to more traditional methods of getting more efficiency.

    • John Rice
      John Rice Hace un mes

      @Hakeem Bisiolu how many F1v6 turbo engines are in your daily cars??...HAKEEM!...in 2014 the F1 cars sounded like a Lawnmower...about 99% of the people that watched F1 hated it

    • Hakeem Bisiolu
      Hakeem Bisiolu Hace un mes +1

      Because this sport is the suppose to be the pinnacle of motorsport.
      Why tf would you use an engine layout that not only peaked in 2010. But has no applications in the real world....
      especially when gas is finite resource.
      At least this v6 turbo hybrid development are making our daily cars faster as well

  • Steve Mr W
    Steve Mr W Hace un mes +13

    Well, at least grid penalties are easy to understand..............Not!!

  • Samuel Avlonitis
    Samuel Avlonitis Hace un mes

    I’m kinda new to f1, I don’t know why Aston Martin and Mercedes got their wings and rear wing banned, isnt the sport supposed to be creative ?
    Why are also some of the regulations on the body lowered to 5mm instead of what sounds like more room for a creative design at 8-12mm.
    I heard f1 is trying to standardize more, but why, the sport doesn’t seem in danger of financial trouble

    • Breezy Interwebs
      Breezy Interwebs Hace un mes +1

      F1 is currently trying to play the hardest balancing game in the world. On one hand, you want to let the designers and engineers have their fun and creativity when designing. But this means teams can throw huge amounts of money at the best engineers (RB, Merc, and Ferrari used to have 300M+ budgets.) This meant that teams in the back were massively behind the front runners.
      What can you do? Well, if you restrict all the teams to a budget cap, that would certainly help. And some designs are banned because F1 feels they’re not made to their vision (such as creating too much dirty air, but innovation bans are not common occurrences.) Plus, by giving teams a max budget and adjusting development allocations inversely, the hope is that racing will be closer and more exciting.
      But now you’re in a vicious cycle, because people will say F1 is meant to be the pinnacle of motorsport, and all of this artificial slowing and design restriction is ruining the sport. However you still want to cater to the smaller teams with lower budgets, since if they leave the sport there’s even less racing now.

  • TimF
    TimF Hace 20 días

    Is there a new rule for how many espresso's a driver can have before the race? These rules ARE insane.

  • Tom Henry
    Tom Henry Hace un mes +1

    When talking about the roll-bar changes, why does the video keep highlighting the Halo?? The changes are targeting the roll structure, within the top air intake…

    • Racer Girl
      Racer Girl Hace un mes +1

      Yep, maybe he doesn’t know lol

  • Leander de Jong
    Leander de Jong Hace un mes +2

    Why can’t we just go back to the v10 era😩😩

  • Werner
    Werner Hace un mes +2

    Great, it's becoming like rugby with all the changes.

  • Procat Procat
    Procat Procat Hace un mes +1

    Great work by the FIA for 22. Keep it up 👍

    • FivePercent
      FivePercent Hace un mes

      @Richman deleted the comment where you called me a r*tard is it? You aren’t healthy

    • Richman
      Richman Hace un mes

      @FivePercent And I was never even talking to you anyways, mind your own business bruh, dont try being out here being some philanthropist bruh fuck you and fuck off retard

    • Richman
      Richman Hace un mes

      @FivePercent What insults lol?? Listen I apologise if I offended you in anyway but not everything is that deep. Dont you have anything better to do than trying to roast someone in a youtube comment section?

    • FivePercent
      FivePercent Hace un mes

      @Richman Hmm... straight to insults and no points made - I think i am the one with a life here...

    • Richman
      Richman Hace un mes

      @FivePercent I dont even check my notifications lmfao, get a life and dont be so hung up on a youtube comment, not everything’s that deep bruh.

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman Hace un mes

    What happened with Red Bull being 15 million over budget…🤔

  • vadergrd
    vadergrd Hace un mes

    hard/mid/soft rule will make the qualy less interesting and with less surprises!!!

  • Joep Kortekaas
    Joep Kortekaas Hace un mes +9

    Makers of F1 videos are really very fond or the word "insane", isn't it?

  • Juan Montoya
    Juan Montoya Hace un mes +2

    The FIA definitely knows how to Killjoy.

  • Palaniappa Kalairajan
    Palaniappa Kalairajan Hace un mes +4

    Too many restrictions not rules.😀

  • Tyler Anthony
    Tyler Anthony Hace un mes

    Sprint races at a few events is dumb. Either have them at every race or no races. Or why give out extra points at a handful of events. That could definitely sway a championship like 2021

  • Bumped His Head
    Bumped His Head Hace un mes +1

    Abolish the FIA and all the rules. The only rules should be minimum weight, total width, total length and a total fuel allotment for each race. Everything else should be up to the teams. Let the engineers do whatever they want and let's see how fast they can really go. If a driver is foolish enough to drive an unsafe car just to win, that's racing. If other drivers won't race next to a driver in an unsafe car, that's racing. Get the fucking lawyers out of racing.

  • Griffin
    Griffin Hace un mes

    This is going make drivers more tired than ever last year because six sprint races is way to many and what is fia doing to these drivers because if they have six sprints race well then you are going to see a lot of wrecks and accidents and safety cars

  • Mark Westlake
    Mark Westlake Hace un mes

    You say hard for q1 medium for q2 amd soft for q3? So will everyone be able to start the race on whatever tyre they want?

  • Peter Reber
    Peter Reber Hace un mes

    Whenever I saw these DRS passes I thought this must be a joke.

  • hector herbert
    hector herbert Hace un mes

    The Mercedes car you show at the very beginning and at 4.44 is not the 2022 race car but the N°2 car 'podded' version of last year"s Spain testing....

  • Mr J
    Mr J Hace un mes +1

    Mercedes will not be a top 3 team next year .
    They will fall much further off the pace.
    Then we get to see the Lewis and Toto implode publicly.

  • Patrick Morris
    Patrick Morris Hace un mes

    I as sky sports fans love the new mercedes new rules😂🫣🤣🤦😂

  • Chuck LorreBazinga
    Chuck LorreBazinga Hace 28 días

    One constant: Breaking rules and cheat as hell ( Budget, Wings, Fuel …)

  • RJB
    RJB Hace un mes

    Changes for safety, great. Changes for change sake, hell no. FIA just seem to "F" things up.

    STEPHAN FEIBISH Hace 29 días

    On a scale of 1 to 10. How insane was it?

  • baron von chickenpants
    baron von chickenpants Hace 28 días

    They've got built in kneeling platforms on the front?

  • Mark Andoyo
    Mark Andoyo Hace un mes

    A 2023 season may be a gravity of nuisance

  • jrx6666
    jrx6666 Hace un mes

    Bring back v8's just make them I bit smaller amd use the new better fuels l, these teams are rich as fuxk, make it a 28 take calendar mo money more new fans

  • P Ram
    P Ram Hace un mes

    I like when the cars go VROOOM

  • Petit Biscuit
    Petit Biscuit Hace un mes

    I don’t like the way the wheel covers look. I know it’s a weird opinion but I hope they change the rims

  • hans dahlberg
    hans dahlberg Hace un mes +2

    Rules Rules Rules..... And Rules for the Rules!!!! And then penalty ... And penalty for farting in the pit lane!!!! My God

  • thurgogopro
    thurgogopro Hace un mes +1

    FFS. Let each team make a race car thats max x mm long and max x mm wide and x mm high. Best car wins.

  • demetrio merlino
    demetrio merlino Hace un mes

    ferrari was dialed in last year ! TILL they changes the rules without to mention in mid year .--- when MB complained of the car being undriveable ... all politics!

  • rugu6869
    rugu6869 Hace un mes +1

    The team that will win will be the ones that cheated

  • Khairus Alonso
    Khairus Alonso Hace un mes +2

    Agree with the statement

  • louist003
    louist003 Hace 25 días

    The FIA is ruining the sport. They need to just focus on safety standards.

  • Dennis Hughes
    Dennis Hughes Hace un mes

    It is all to do,with what Mercedes wants they get. It is like Mafia.

  • Danny Bartlett
    Danny Bartlett Hace un mes

    Mercades redbull Farrari the only team to already have all changes done and already on w14 rb14 ect

  • weth56
    weth56 Hace un mes +1

    The mandatory tires in quali is just dumb

  • Scott Harrison
    Scott Harrison Hace un mes

    Whatever the rules are I'm sure they'll get amended during the season once toto and shamilton start bitching if things don't suit them...

  • D1M1
    D1M1 Hace un mes

    Who cares about the cars, what about consistently enforcement of the rules, no matter if it is your favorite team or not (MaxiPad & red bull)!!!!

    TURBOCHARGED Hace un mes +1

    Bro as drift fan and ect this is just too anal man , what’s happened to fun ?

  • Butcherbg
    Butcherbg Hace un mes

    The wealthiest team, he wealthiest team will come on top next year.

  • Adam Pink
    Adam Pink Hace un mes +1

    Bent rules all geared around Red Bull !!!

    • onyx3003
      onyx3003 Hace un mes

      I think you meant to say "Mercedes", right? Honest mistake, can happen.

  • orKKa
    orKKa Hace un mes

    Typical F1, tyres, tyres and more tyres making up the bulk of the racing strategy. I can see why racing fans are getting sick of F1 as teams spend most of the time managing tyres and not racing.

  • Mike's Tropical Tech
    Mike's Tropical Tech Hace un mes +1

    The FIA is getting out of control with stupid little rules. Let the teams use their creativity! Otherwise make one car design and sell 20 copies.

  • Lorne Wright
    Lorne Wright Hace un mes

    This is motorsport or avation? all this obession with aerodynamics is now overkill.

  • Bots Weekend Covers
    Bots Weekend Covers Hace un mes +1

    Very Informative! Good video!