Magnus Carlsen vs. Hikaru Nakamura FINAL GAME 2 | Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals


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  • Daniel Cahall
    Daniel Cahall Hace un año +127

    The commentary on these videos is A+. Please keep more of this type of content coming

    • Matt Z
      Matt Z Hace 11 meses +1

      except for reading peoples tweets...

  • Glen Atchison
    Glen Atchison Hace un año +188

    Finally, a game without someone coughing in the background the entire time!

      THAC0MANIC Hace 2 meses


    • Twiss
      Twiss Hace un año +1

      They should have added a cough track, much like how they add the canned laughter in sitcoms. For the realism.

    • SUPA K2
      SUPA K2 Hace un año +2

      Bruh it's like they have a savings account dedicated to coughing

    • Berp Morph
      Berp Morph Hace un año +2

      *Cough Cough*

    • Oliver Doane
      Oliver Doane Hace un año

      No audience >>

  • E S
    E S Hace 4 meses +24

    Cannot stop listening to the male commentator. Intonation, vocabulary, rythm... All great.

  • OW B95
    OW B95 Hace un año +11

    What a commentary! On point and very helpful.

  • W Scot
    W Scot Hace un año +21

    This was an intriguing thought out process by Hakaru... commentary was great. Love this for the fans of CHESS! THANK YOU

    • Aryan Singh
      Aryan Singh Hace 29 días

      There's a reason he is called Hiroshima Nagasaki

    • doyleklein0628
      doyleklein0628 Hace un año +3

      Hikama is very good indeed

    • Tim Höernle
      Tim Höernle Hace un año +3

      Nakamu plays CHESS with élan

    • 4c00h
      4c00h Hace un año +5

      Indeed, Nikaru is quite a decent player

  • Nicky Chimes
    Nicky Chimes Hace un año +6

    AMAZING COMMENTARY! Do you show yourselves in moments? Maybe a tiny box in another corner with y'all... Well done crew! I'm an instant fan! Thank you
    GREAT GAME thanks maestros #hikaru #chess #MagnusCarlsen

  • RightDem
    RightDem Hace 9 meses +1

    I would have greatly preferred to have seen, 12:08, Nakamura repeat the castle position to see if the bishop would repeat the trade offer. I prefer to see doubling in situations like this to see if the other party will consider a different approach.

  • Mach
    Mach Hace 4 meses

    finally a game without cut aways at key moments

  • Ando Ali
    Ando Ali Hace un año +2

    Here's a line I saw immediately. Staring with Move 19.. White moves knight to E5.. Carlsen takes with his knight.
    Move 20 pawn takes knight.. carlsen takes the dark squared bishop with his remaining knight.
    Move 21 queen takes knight.........
    I am a fairly novice chess player.
    If I've missed something please let me know but the anouncers didn't even see or mention this option for white.. which in my opinion puts white in a very strong position. It doubles a pawn but blocks blacks center pawn from advancing further.

  • Groovy Buddha
    Groovy Buddha Hace un año +5

    I was waiting before Magnus pushed his passed spend to e3 I was hoping he'd give a check to the king on f3 first then push e3. Point is that black queen occupies the 3rd rank already

  • Jack He Tech
    Jack He Tech Hace un año +9

    38:19 I think if Magnus went QD1, he would have won the game.

    • Petko Petkov
      Petko Petkov Hace un año +7

      White Qe4 and there is an option for perpetual check.

  • Kiritle Maila
    Kiritle Maila Hace un año +8

    This goes to show we all do mistakes and we forget general principles

  • MrBibibip
    MrBibibip Hace un año +2

    That was a good game by hikaru because escaped death

  • Jacob Rafati
    Jacob Rafati Hace 4 meses

    The commentars are talking about their hoarding problems and quite proud of them 11:38 to 14:12

  • George Iorga
    George Iorga Hace 14 días

    26:35 he shouldn’t push to h4 because it would be checkmate

  • Life is Beautiful
    Life is Beautiful Hace 11 meses +2

    I thought of moving e3 to e2 instead queen to e4

  • Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou

    39:47 can someone explain me why not black pawn e2? 🙃

    • ArchangelGR13
      ArchangelGR13 Hace 8 meses

      Maybe because of: e2 Qe1 Qf3 Kg1 and you are about to lose the e2 pawn cause you got to stop the white passed pawn on a file (a4 is the threat). idk tbh...

  • Borhan Eddine Boutemedjet

    Magnus grew some extra beard between game 1 and 2

  • Sean Valenzuela
    Sean Valenzuela Hace un año +1

    I would have moved there too

  • Jean Paul Felix
    Jean Paul Felix Hace un año +10

    Hikaru is not playing his game against Magnus. These are more traditional positions. Just sayin.

    • ighsight
      ighsight Hace un año +4

      This actually is Nakamura's game. He can't play dubious Blitz chess openings against arguably the greatest player of all time when there is more time on the clock to play sound chess. His fun openings like the Bongcloud and the Hippo are for low stakes streams and would be ruthlessly punished by Carlsen in this format.

  • James Octa
    James Octa Hace 8 meses

    The rivalry

  • pike eve
    pike eve Hace 8 meses

    @25:50 wasnt it better to attack black queen using the pawn?

  • Rutunda Abraham
    Rutunda Abraham Hace un año

    Can Anyone Please explain to me how the 4 rooks were traded between each other on 31:13 I don’t get it, Thank You.

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne Hace un año +1

      Chess is more about trading pieces, it's about what the trade does for you. Carlsen's rooks were stronger than Hikaru's because they were in prime position to launch a deadly attack on the White King. Trading those rooks relieved the pressure for Hikaru.

    • ighsight
      ighsight Hace un año +1

      Carlsen has a superior position and a bit of an attack at the point where Nakamura forces those exchanges. Once the rooks come off White's chances of losing in a mating attack go way down and his chances of achieving a draw go way up, that's why White plays Rf2. After the trades Carlsen still had the better position and the best chances to win in the endgame but Nakamura found enough moves to hold the draw. You can tell by how Carlsen continued to look at the game afterwards that he felt like there had to be a win in there for him.

    • Bearish
      Bearish Hace un año +1

      Hikaru moved to F2 then trades from there. You should be able to see how that plays out.

  • EvoMars - Trading
    EvoMars - Trading Hace un año

    Someone can explain me why at 39:48 he didn't move the black pawn forward towards the white queen?

    • Marcus Fossa
      Marcus Fossa Hace 10 meses +1

      The king can help stop it from promoting.

    • chocmintsify
      chocmintsify Hace un año

      I think because Magnus knew that Hikaru wouldn't take the pawn and sacrifice his Queen, that would give Magnus the win. He was always going to place his Queen in front of the pawn to stop it from promoting

  • Nusrat Faria
    Nusrat Faria Hace un año

    Magnus won the game because Hikaru Nakamura couldn't fight so he made decision to draw.I don't agree this type of draw system.

  • F
    F Hace un año +17

    Lmao. Camera zooming in at their hands clicking the mouse. 🙃

  • HighRob
    HighRob Hace un año

    I see these tiktoks of Hikaru doing pre moves and winning....then I watch this and see him make simple mistakes. 39:42 - push the pawn forward.

    • Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou
      Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou Hace 10 meses

      i was thinking the same, can some explain why magnus didnt do it?

    • ab
      ab Hace un año +15

      watch out we got a super gm over here

    • HighRob
      HighRob Hace un año

      @Nicholas Acton How would it give him a better chance? I can't visualize the moves. If he moved the pawn forward, magnus would move the queen in front of the pawn, then Hikaru moves queen to E4, trapping magnus queen, then move the king out and start making moves. GG's.

  • Youtubecommenter
    Youtubecommenter Hace 8 meses

    I still haven’t gotten full proof advice on how to win a game

  • Mark Lagare
    Mark Lagare Hace un año +2

    guys, I thought Magnus retired from chess?

  • Jason Andanar
    Jason Andanar Hace 4 meses

    why not pawn to E2 instead of Queen to E4

  • kem1k
    kem1k Hace un año +7

    At 38.15 why didnt magnus play QD1

    • Scott Wilhelmsen
      Scott Wilhelmsen Hace un año

      because it loses the pawn to the king and loses the game

    • Kashan A
      Kashan A Hace un año

      Hikaru could make a draw if qd1 black, Hikaru could remove d line pawn and make a draw.. magnus wanted to win

    • Josue Aguilar
      Josue Aguilar Hace un año +2

      Nope, because Qe4, with a perpetual threat for white

    • kem1k
      kem1k Hace un año

      Isnt that a winning move?

  • Pepe Luis Sáez Báez
    Pepe Luis Sáez Báez Hace un año +45

    Why dont you put the board in the center and the players in the corner?

    • Matt Z
      Matt Z Hace 11 meses +1

      @Marquise Kelly There ISN'T anything to gain from making the board bigger. It's plenty big, instead of being mad at everyone for your disability I'd maybe get my eyes checked if I were you.

    • Matt Z
      Matt Z Hace 11 meses

      most people want to watch the players.

    • Marquise Kelly
      Marquise Kelly Hace un año

      @Kubi it’s one thing to say you like the setup how it is. It’s a whole other delusion to say nothing would be gained by making the main focus of ALL OF THIS BIGGER. These asinine comments really grinds my gears

    • Luis Obregon
      Luis Obregon Hace un año +3

      @Kubi Yeah everyone had trouble watching the board. It's about watching the game not the players.

    • Kubi
      Kubi Hace un año +1

      Did you have difficulties seeeing the board? Imo there is nothing to gain from making the board larger. But having the players larger allowes us to see ther mimics better.

  • MS Karoly
    MS Karoly Hace 9 meses

    Is carlsen just listening to music, or taking some audio help? Either way, is it allowed?

  • SorryAboutThatChief
    SorryAboutThatChief Hace un año

    Magnus looking like anchorman and of CEO of ESPN, Hikaru's world is a tiny, low rez thumbnail. The visual cues say that Magnus should have crushed him like a mosquito. He may be small but he is fierce!

  • Joe Wright
    Joe Wright Hace un año +5

    Check 38:10
    If Magnus had played Queen d1 he would have won the game. No way to stop pawn promotion without sacrifice.

    • Joe Wright
      Joe Wright Hace un año +3

      Wait, if Magnus moved to D1 then Hikaru could move to E4 and then E8 to cause a perpetual check.

  • Chase Cartwright
    Chase Cartwright Hace un mes

    Sounds like the Goldeneye track

  • JukesOG
    JukesOG Hace un año

    Am I missing something? At 28:30 after white plays 30. d4 why can’t black play 30. Qxg3+ 31. Kh1 Rf1+ 32. Rxf1 Rxf1#?

  • Franz Clement Uy
    Franz Clement Uy Hace 5 meses

    Magnus could have win this game if he pust his queen to D2 to promote his pawn. what a waste. 😣

  • Eyosias
    Eyosias Hace un año

    i dont knw why chess tournaments doesn't have millions of views

    • nepto
      nepto Hace un año +1

      Because people need to study first to enjoy it

    • bjird
      bjird Hace un año +2


  • zecoya
    zecoya Hace un año +1

    magnus hips don't lie 41:13

  • Ryan May
    Ryan May Hace 16 días

    Please make THE chess board smaller and the hand/mouse screen bigger.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Robert Mitchell Hace un mes

    38:03 I woulda played white queen d 3

  • Coach Fezz
    Coach Fezz Hace 10 meses

    Tani defeats all

  • Darby Smith
    Darby Smith Hace un año +2

    Interesting match but you have to mute the commentators they keep talking about their collections various items ad nauseam ad infinitum

  • Juni Li
    Juni Li Hace un año

    31:08 why this trade?

  • Clauwasaki
    Clauwasaki Hace un año +3

    was it carlsen or stephen hawking?

  • desoz topdesoz
    desoz topdesoz Hace un año

    my sister is watching paint dry now, and I am watching chess

  • 1 1
    1 1 Hace un año +1

    excellent commentary.

  • Edward Walsh
    Edward Walsh Hace 8 meses

    38:14 Black Q D1! and walk the pawn in! WTF is wrong with these mouth pieces? Magnus totally messed up. Sitting with over 5 minutes to play this move but no he gets a draw!

  • Tom Shaw
    Tom Shaw Hace 7 meses

    move 47 black pawn to e2......bada bing

  • jroc
    jroc Hace un año

    It's pronounced Mang-nus, not Mag-Nus.

  • Gangsta Xu
    Gangsta Xu Hace un año +26

    I don’t get how this whole commentary it just seems like they favor magnus, Hikaru is an amazing chess player

    • Christian W
      Christian W Hace un año +1

      @John Bowman they should when its hikaru

    • John Bowman
      John Bowman Hace un año +1

      @Christian W Professional commentators shouldn't blatantly all be biased towards one player over the other, don't be dumb

    • Christian W
      Christian W Hace un año +3

      Cause Hikaru is an annoying manchild and Magnus is cool AF, everyone should be favoring Carlsen over Hikaru.

    • Cos Modo
      Cos Modo Hace un año +3

      @Kiritle Maila not really

    • Kiritle Maila
      Kiritle Maila Hace un año +1

      But when you a commentator you must be fair no favors

  • Lab Monkey
    Lab Monkey Hace 11 meses

    stating the obvious as a commentator. I rather press mute and watch in silence

  • Andy Long
    Andy Long Hace un año

    So slow!

  • Karimi Roman
    Karimi Roman Hace 10 meses

    the commentators comments like it is a football game. It is chess. With lower tone would be better.

  • Ignacio
    Ignacio Hace un año +1

    i fell in love with those womans accents, wich part of england are they?

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 Hace un año

    You think THIS game is a challenge? Try Hearthstone....

  • Zizhdizza Bagus
    Zizhdizza Bagus Hace un año

    How hikaru, cheating as usual, cant beat magnus? Thats weird

    • Infect
      Infect Hace 9 meses

      someone's mad cause they can't get past 800 rating

    • John Bowman
      John Bowman Hace un año +1

      "Cheating as usual"

  • Black panther
    Black panther Hace un mes +1


  • jsteel89
    jsteel89 Hace un año

    terrivle layout. please try again.

  • Supersayia Ginger
    Supersayia Ginger Hace un año +1

    Maybe get some commentator with more Gameknowledge. Sry for my eng

    • Christian W
      Christian W Hace un año +3

      They have 100 times the game knowledge you ever will in your life bud..

    • James Kyle
      James Kyle Hace un año +1

      Isn't the dude the youngest English GM or something? Seems like they've got plenty to me.

  • Takeda Shingen
    Takeda Shingen Hace un año

    25:40 That's why I don't watch these games. I get so damn frustrated. Can anyone for the love of God tell why he did not move the white pawn E4 to E5 and check the black queen? WHY? Don't tell me a professionnal who clearly took almost a minute to take a decision didn't see that option ! Grrrr

    • skiter nine
      skiter nine Hace un año +4

      I ran your move through an engine and it went from 0.0 to +1.5 for black. In short, your move is extremely poor and does nothing but open up the diagonal for the queen, as the black queen just moves to c6 with a check next move. It's probably even a resignable move at their level of play lol. So maybe don't get frustrated next time. Just watch the game like the rest of us who are no way near the level of these guys and assume that if they don't play your move it probably just isn't as good as you think it is.
      Edit: I hadn't double stacked the rooks. It actually goes from 1.0 for black to 2.6 for black if you play that move...but still a bad move.

    • stef beast
      stef beast Hace un año

      @Takeda Shingen if pawn moves to e5 then the black queen gives a check then white king has to move and black rook comes into 2nd rank threatening white queen . I maybe wrong but that's what I think. Waiting for your response.

    • Takeda Shingen
      Takeda Shingen Hace un año

      @paranoid hippie Yes the black rook check the king, the white queen take it, the last black rook come down to take it, then the white king take the last black rook. Now the black has no rook and the white has 2 rooks. What am I missing?

    • paranoid hippie
      paranoid hippie Hace un año

      @Takeda Shingen black has rooks on F7 and F8. if he moves the took on F7 to F2 checking white's king, white has to either take the rook with the queen or move to king. either way white is gonna lose the queen.
      hope that helps

    • Takeda Shingen
      Takeda Shingen Hace un año

      @paranoid hippie ... ? Use the location because I'm not following you. If E4 goes to E5, the black queen definitely is backing off. The rooks aren't even a concern in this scenario.

  • Hector Chavira
    Hector Chavira Hace un año


  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Hace un año +5

    I wish these commentators would talk less!!

    • BadBlunder
      BadBlunder Hace un año +5

      Just mute it then, genius. I find the commentary informative

  • moohaxx
    moohaxx Hace un año +7

    God what an Annoying commentary