Is Duolingo Really a Good Way to Study Japanese? | A Japanese Man Reacts to Duolingo

  • Publicado el 29 sep 2022
  • We are often consulted by people who are interested in studying Japanese but do not know how to begin their studies. I myself am still not familiar with it, so I decided to try Duolingo, the most famous language learning application, first. As a Japanese person, what will my impression be after taking Japanese lessons?
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    There is no intention of denying other theories and cultural aspects
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  • Let's ask Shogo | Your Japanese friend in Kyoto

    ▼Please support me through Ko-fi (a donation platform like Patreon)▼
    I have a new dream… It is to raise money to enroll in a school to become a Japanese language instructor (an official qualification)! I promise you that I will become the best Japanese teacher who not only teaches Japanese, but is also familiar with Japanese history and traditional culture.
    Things I want to do after I get the qualification:
    -Free Weekly/Monthly Japanese lessons on ESclips LIVE
    -Online private Japanese lessons
    ▼The BEST online katana shop for decorations and cosplay: Mini Katana▼
    *Get 15% OFF off all their products by purchasing through my affiliate link
    ▼Who is Shogo? What is this channel about?▼ídeo.html
    ▼Related videos in this channel▼
    -The True Reason Why Japanese Uses Three Different Charactersídeo.html
    -I Asked the World’s Most Renowned Polyglot How to Correctly Study Japaneseídeo.html
    -How to Do Everything Wrong at Japanese Drinking Parties | Japanese React to NAMIKIBASHIídeo.html
    ▼MY DREAM▼ídeo.html
    “To make every Japan lovers’ dream come true, by making Japan a more secure, comfortable, and safer place for everyone to visit, study, and live in”
    I will be using the profit I gain from this channel at restaurants, hotels, and cultural facilities in Kyoto to introduce them. The more you watch the videos on this channel, Kyoto and Japan will become a more exciting place, and you can support your own and others’ dreams in the future even more.
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    ▼[Sub-channel] “Shogo’s Podcast”▼
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    The perfect channel to learn about Japanese culture and history in your spare time, during your walk to school or work, and when you are cooking or doing house chores.
    Not only will I be covering the topics in this main channel, but also some topics that you will only be able to enjoy in the sub-channel, like answering questions I receive, and my opinions towards some of the comments.
    ▼Places recommended to visit in Kyoto | "Kyoto Hidden Gems" series▼
    *Please ask me questions through the DM here!(⚠I do not use e-mail)

    • Sean The dracunyan
      Sean The dracunyan Hace 8 meses +7

      As just want to say congratulations on getting this job for teaching people the Japanese language

    • Feral Shade
      Feral Shade Hace 8 meses +7

      I'm really glad you made this video!
      I used Duolingo for a while, but didn't have much success with it. I'm still very eager to learn Japanese, but I don't know what resources are out there that are effective.
      I hope you decide to do videos about other apps in the future! :)

    • 伏見猿比古
      伏見猿比古 Hace 8 meses +2

      You should do a video reacting to duolingo memes.

    • EL
      EL Hace 8 meses

      I love the video! You should try drops next!

    • Sara Winardi
      Sara Winardi Hace 8 meses

      I am actually using DuoLingo to learn Japanese, so I want to see your reaction 😂😂😂

  • Alastor-le-demon
    Alastor-le-demon Hace 3 meses +4280

    My problem with Duolingo is that my family was kidnapped after I missed a single lesson and it’s a bit too strict

  • Ruben Eihwaz
    Ruben Eihwaz Hace 5 meses +4599

    My problem with duolingo is that my brain uses more efficient heuristics for determining the correct answers. So instead of thinking about what is correct, I just know what to choose because duolingo uses the same pattern/structure for everything.
    Eventually the repetition does start to take hold. But I have to make an effort to really study each exercise. Otherwise it just becomes a japanese language themed puzzle game to me

    • Conswa Mc
      Conswa Mc Hace 4 meses +277

      I had the same issue with learning Dutch on duolingo. I've always been a great test taker because I can pick up on patterns but that's never been reflective of how well I've absorbed the information.

    • Ruben Eihwaz
      Ruben Eihwaz Hace 4 meses +14

      @Conswa Mc Blijven gaan 👍

    • Cedrick25
      Cedrick25 Hace 4 meses +114

      This! For all my time using Duolingo it never felt like i was truly soaking in anything, pattern recognition was mostly at play

    • Erfolgseinfluss
      Erfolgseinfluss Hace 4 meses +11

      I do exactly the same! But you can jump to other topics to avoid that :)

    • Lis25
      Lis25 Hace 4 meses +11

      @Izzy On The Move they're usually give you the numbers in other exercises where you have to say how many things there are.

  • Game Master
    Game Master Hace 4 meses +799

    One time I was talking in Japanese to my friend who takes Japanese classes, and he was actually really confused with how casual the words that I learned were and said that it could be possibly insulting to a stranger. Thanks for the insight.

    • tak60viz
      tak60viz Hace 2 meses +77

      That seems to be an issue in other languages as well.
      I use Duo to review German and Czech.
      (Since I have been in the US so long and don't get to use those languages I am starting to forget.)
      And I noticed that they throw in a LOT of slang without marking it as such.
      Some of it would be downright rude. Certainly, nothing that should be used unless it is with someone you know very well. Or if you want to offend your coworker or boss.

    • Joachim Fischer
      Joachim Fischer Hace 17 días +2

      @tak60viz so are you Czech then or German?

  • gg p2722
    gg p2722 Hace 6 meses +3635

    Shogo should make an app to teach us

  • Amber
    Amber Hace 2 meses +262

    A lot of people miss this, but every single question on Duolingo has a comment section. You can access by pressing the discuss button after answering the question. In the comments a lot of native Japanese speakers break down the sentence, explain the grammar and the formality of words.

    • Mei
      Mei Hace 23 días +12


    • Lucy
      Lucy Hace 8 días +2

      It says that "the conversation is limited" or something like that and comments don't show on any question i try 😢

    • AyushEDITZ
      AyushEDITZ Hace 5 días +3

      @Lucy the comment section is limited because there is too many comments, but you can still read it and people will most likely answer the question you had

  • Niogth
    Niogth Hace 5 meses +797

    Finally a ESclipsr that promotes Duolingo! Almost everyone says it's bad, but for me I used it for German a while ago, and when I started learning Japanese it made me hooked, and the system to learn Kana helped me memorize every character. I use Duolingo as a supplement to some textbooks and workbooks that I have. No access to a teacher, but I surround myself in Japanese to learn, and Duolingo was a motivator for me.

    • Eren yeager
      Eren yeager Hace 3 meses +3

      Which book do you use for japanese

    • MehDrac!
      MehDrac! Hace 3 meses +9

      I’m learning German with duolingo

    • Tizyfox_05
      Tizyfox_05 Hace 3 meses +45

      Right? I don’t understand people always hating everything. I just started with Japanese and the kana learning system (even if sometimes repetitive) is still nice, and I see it just as a way to memorize it even better. Why do people always have to complain about everything…

    • Niogth
      Niogth Hace 3 meses +9

      @Eren yeager I'm using Genki 1 textbook and workbook right now. It's interactive, and has all the beginner grammar concepts. I would recommend!

    • minanur-
      minanur- Hace 3 meses +1

      @MehDrac! me too 😊

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon Hace 8 meses +10539

    For me the biggest problem with DuoLingo is that it gets really tedious after a while. It's the same kind of exercises over and over. The upside is the stories are really cute, and there are classes that are varying in quality, but at least you can start talking to real people. I've done a few of the beginner conversation classes, and they're okay! Another thing is that the progress quizzes are SO much harder than the material you're learning.

    • Toby
      Toby Hace 8 meses +143

      @Recluse You could absolutely learn to speak a language at a party

    • disneyfan_123
      disneyfan_123 Hace 8 meses +526

      I like that it's repetitive and tedious. It reinforces basic words and phrases. But that's just me.

    • South Coast Inventors
      South Coast Inventors Hace 8 meses +181

      You are compressing learning a language in a few years so in many ways it like re-reading a abridged dictionary cannot be helped. It takes multiple iterations to learn a language especially a one that completely different from English apart from lone words.

    • WhiteFlame
      WhiteFlame Hace 8 meses +42

      For me quizzes are usually kind of the same as normal lessons... But Android version may be different form others...

    • Nekoromancer
      Nekoromancer Hace 8 meses +26

      just do it daily 20 minutes or less a day. i literally cannot do it for more time.

  • ShanniiWrites
    ShanniiWrites Hace 6 meses +1037

    For me, the fact that you don’t really learn if a word is slang or keigo is one of the reasons I switched to French. I felt so awkward and thought I should just go back to the Genki textbooks

    • Nicolas Marion
      Nicolas Marion Hace 5 meses +47

      You went from learning japanese to learning french because the lessons are clearer in the french class? (On duo I mean)

    • ShanniiWrites
      ShanniiWrites Hace 5 meses +92

      @Nicolas Marion yeah, my partner is French and he said that it’s mostly accurate. Sometimes a little bit old-fashioned or cringe but rarely a politeness issue

    • Stratonikis Porcia
      Stratonikis Porcia Hace 5 meses +60

      @ShanniiWrites As a French person myself, it's quite hard to teach French, as it's becoming more and more of a generational gap between Québec, scholar and older people, and the actual French that's spoken today, with more arabic words being borrowed, verlan slang etc. Also we have a lot of words that are only used in some regions, the most famous one being "chocolatine", in Occitany and southern Aquitaine.

    • ShanniiWrites
      ShanniiWrites Hace 5 meses +23

      @Stratonikis Porcia verlan is killing me! I get the general premise! Couple it with people talking fast, though? Yikes!

    • Podstęp Mistrzem
      Podstęp Mistrzem Hace 5 meses +24

      @Stratonikis Porcia I've heard that that's becoming an issue for a lot of languages. You would almost need a friend to write to/speak to to clarify what age group you'd be talking to with some of the sentences Duolingo throws at you.

  • Martiddy - Sama
    Martiddy - Sama Hace 4 meses +104

    You know that the Japanese grammar is difficult when even a native speaker is having a difficult moment with it.

    • HarbingerDawn
      HarbingerDawn Hace 11 días +4

      To be fair, the same is true with native speakers of many languages. For example, how many native English speakers do you know who have a flawless understanding of English grammar? I don't think even a single friend or family member I've known has. Most people make a variety of technical mistakes every day (using me instead of I, using who instead of whom, etc.), and that's how many languages tend to be used in common practice. This is doubly true when taking regional variations into account.

    • Thomas Gordola
      Thomas Gordola Hace 2 días +1

      ​@HarbingerDawn I had a friend who was asking me why a Spanish speaking student was failing Spanish class... and I reminded him that a lot of native English speakers are also failing English class.
      The world of learning is cold blooded

  • Netrali Deshpande
    Netrali Deshpande Hace 5 meses +271

    Actually I've been using Duolingo for 4 years to learn Japanese daily. But, this app gives you a repetition of exercises and it's very basic. And as you say it is an easy to go app to keep in touch with the language but not really useful for JLPT proficiency tests levels. I also use NHK world and NHK easy Japanese news to read which is useful to strengthen the difficult version while reading different news in Japanese.

    • SUS
      SUS Hace 4 meses +1

      Spanish or Vansish

    • UwW the bird boy
      UwW the bird boy Hace un mes +1

      I also use NHK its a great resource!!

    • KByouknowbaby
      KByouknowbaby Hace un mes

      @UwW the bird boy NHK has too much English

  • John Bowers
    John Bowers Hace 6 meses +373

    I finished the Japanese course and am now studying spanish. I'm on a 1137 day streak. It's not perfect but it got me somewhat conversational and I continue to review the lessons!

    • HahAaH huhuh
      HahAaH huhuh Hace 5 meses +44

      I couldn't even do a 3 day streak. Thats amazing!

    • Kari is smol
      Kari is smol Hace 3 meses +28

      Amazing!! I'm on 360 days right now, only doing a lesson or two per day, I'm working through it slowly. The new one line track made it a bit annoing tho.

    • Kansf
      Kansf Hace 3 meses +8

      I still on Japanese unit11 on 45 day streak, I wonder if I can finish Japanese in one year ?

    • AzaDoesArt
      AzaDoesArt Hace 3 meses +5

      I’m learning Spanish! I want to go on a vacation to Japan with my best friend once we’re able to, and a year or two before we go I want to learn Japanese! I want to learn a lot of languages so I can communicate to others better 😁

    • ꧁𝓤𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓱𝓪 𝓘𝓽𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓲〖ᴷⁱⁿᴳ
  • Bransbow
    Bransbow Hace 5 meses +431

    This is the first Duolingo reaction video I've seen that isn't also trying to sell its own language learning product, and 99% of those act like it's not great for learning.

    • Abel Garcia Chavez
      Abel Garcia Chavez Hace 3 meses +7

      i agree with you so much i swear i see everyone bash all the tools i use except for reading ofc (except for one person who said it'll lead to hoarding 😂 yes he offered his program afterwards) and then offer me their expensive product

    • Alanood
      Alanood Hace un mes +3

      What about learning the basics like the alphabet

    • Trevor Waldorf
      Trevor Waldorf Hace un mes +2

      ​@Alanood I use it for Japanese learning. It gives both Hirigana and Katakana alphabets.

  • Linxee
    Linxee Hace 8 meses +5878

    I had a 180 day streak on Duolingo, but when I started studying Japanese in Japan, it became more stressful to keep it going. The biggest problem with Duolingo is that it doesn’t explain why things are the way they are, you just kinda have to figure it out on your own.

    • ragh
      ragh Hace 8 meses +150

      goddammit if it ain't true

    • 4536647674
      4536647674 Hace 8 meses +367

      On the website it's explained. On the app though..........

    • TaraBoo Art ARMY
      TaraBoo Art ARMY Hace 8 meses +27

      I’m currently at a little over 180 days.

    • Reymax レイマックス
      Reymax レイマックス Hace 7 meses +31

      True, to some extent.
      It explains in the Tips where you use a phase.
      But most of the time, you gotta figure out yourself why the phases become like that.

    • Amanda Stapley
      Amanda Stapley Hace 7 meses +98

      This is my problem. I took Spanish classes so I understand conjugations and how different letter combinations sound. I tried French on duolingo and can't for the life of me understand sounds different letter combinations make. It's so frustrating.

  • Ansgar Abschlachten
    Ansgar Abschlachten Hace 6 meses +93

    I like Duolingo, but my fear when speaking other languages is accidentally offending people or starting in Japanese panicking then accidentally mixing in German and Spanish. The other problem is remembering what I learned. However, I learned more and retained more with Duolingo than books, and Pimslur.
    Great video though.
    Thank you so much 💖

    • Aramati
      Aramati Hace 2 meses +1

      It think that Duolingo just was not made for languages were the connotation weight so much like Japanese.
      It's a great tool, just don't works perfectly for every case.

    • ObamaShowtime
      ObamaShowtime Hace 2 meses +2

      If you do not remember what you have learned, you did not learn it.
      There is a difference between discovering something, getting to know something and learning it.
      Do not get manipulated

  • azurechan
    azurechan Hace 6 meses +28

    I would never suggest ONLY Duolingo for learning Japanese. I enjoy using it, but I also use wanikani for kanji/vocab and satori reader for grammar/vocab. What I also like about Duolingo is that it's free, meaning a lot more people can mess around with different languages.

  • P2M
    P2M Hace 2 meses +43

    One thing that wasn't mentioned here was the "discussion" section for each exercise. When you finish a sentence building exercise, there will be a speech bubble icon that you can tap and it will show you a discussion about that specific exercise. You will most likely find someone asking a very pertinent question and you will probably find a well researched answer. Other comments will further clarify what was used, and why it was used, and many other things.

    • Teka
      Teka Hace un mes

      That's useful ! Is it only on the website and not on the app ?

    • P2M
      P2M Hace un mes

      It's in both.

  • JingleInTheDark
    JingleInTheDark Hace 5 meses +239

    Hey, thanks for the contextual video for my duolingo studies! Not sure if you've tried it or had anyone else mention it... I've interacted with or looked up long time players (not sure my sources) and they've recommended that once you get far enough into a language (or if, say, you're a native speaker of the other language!) it's worthwhile to start a second course inside the app that is the flip of what you're otherwise studying. So if you're studying Japanese from the context of English, start a course on English via Japanese. That way you can see both sides of what the languages focus on for structuring and whatnot.
    Hope I've offered something beyond two cents, thanks again for the Japanese! It's going to be a long time before I can try learning that language again, but it's been a long term dream for so long it's only a matter of time - so get your license and I might be able to buy your lessons ^_^

    • Tiziano Guy
      Tiziano Guy Hace 5 meses +8

      The problem is that the Japanise course is only in English, so if I want to learn it in Spanish I can't. I have the luck of being studying English so I can take the Japanese course but other people can't.

    • piiinkDeluxe
      piiinkDeluxe Hace 4 meses +2

      @Tiziano Guy i do that for German and English

    • crwydryny
      crwydryny Hace 4 meses +2

      I've actually thought about trying this to see how it differs

    • Logikx [ラジックス]
      Logikx [ラジックス] Hace 4 meses +4

      I started doing this around lesson 35 in the Japanese course and it has helped me a lot. Also watching Japanese streamers learning English either from Duolingo or other sources has been very helpful for me. Other than that I almost exclusively watch Japanese streamers and listen to Japanese music for immersion.

  • Benjamin Pavel
    Benjamin Pavel Hace 6 meses +275

    I just LOVE your dramatic pronunciation and explaining why something might not work, very entertaining and informative! ❤😂

    • Francis
      Francis Hace 5 meses

      Is it dramatic though? 😅

    • Aaron Rosales
      Aaron Rosales Hace 4 meses +2

      @Francis yea nobody speaks japanese like that naturally

    • Naruto fans
      Naruto fans Hace un mes


  • lilacbombs _
    lilacbombs _ Hace 8 meses +5470

    2:39 shogo remarking "ohhh you can get a daily reminder to make your goal! perfect!" and then moving the mouse very clearly to the block button took me OUT

    • hajimedj
      hajimedj Hace 8 meses +320

      Yeah that one slayed me too hahaha

    • Boomier
      Boomier Hace 8 meses +201

      I thought I was the only one who noticed 😂😂😂

    • Connor -Eldenoras- Lahm
      Connor -Eldenoras- Lahm Hace 8 meses +77

      I'm so glad that, when I paused to see if I was alone in seeing that, I saw this...

    • Trad Irken
      Trad Irken Hace 8 meses +38

      Right? So two-faced! (just kidding, of course)

    • Maverrick2140
      Maverrick2140 Hace 7 meses +42

      that block-button click is happening literally automatic .. ^^

  • EmmyFluff
    EmmyFluff Hace 5 meses +136

    This was so interesting. I've been studying Japanese on duolingo for a couple years now, and I took beginning Japanese in high school and college, so I feel like I have the basics down pretty solid. But I've been wondering if I should try another program to become more fluent, because I still don't feel like I could have a whole conversation with another person yet. I'll be curious to see what other methods you review!

    • Elkin Kain
      Elkin Kain Hace 2 meses +1

      To be fair, I was taught English since 2nd grade, grew up with English music, movies, TV and games and I still didn't learn to speak it conversationally, until I got internet access in my late teens and were able to communicate with actual, native English-speakers. I think very few people can learn how to converse in another language, without commucinating with native speakers in some way. That's why I got stuck on Italian, once I reached the most difficult part on Duolingo... They completely botched it, so I'm stuck at this point, without knowing any Italians I can ask for elaboration or practice with in general :/

  • Christina Azarian
    Christina Azarian Hace 6 meses +52

    Another thing I will add is that Duolingo, as adorable as it is, REALLY misses the mark on explaining why things are how they are. It does well in explaining conjugation patterns in languages that have them (i.e. romance languages). However... some really important details... go missing. In French (again, as a native French speaker), we have 3 articles: Definite, indefinite, partitive. They penalize people when they use them incorrectly, but they don't explain why. It's never explained why some nouns take the definitive "I like French" whereas others take the partitive "I want coffee." Someone would need to previously understand the articular parts of speech then learn about French's specific rules that are not like, for example, Spanish's, a cousin language. Just my input. Japanese is beautiful but I'd need to learn from a native speaker

    • Aramati
      Aramati Hace 2 meses +1

      It was in the forums and article but the forums where removed.
      No idea why.
      I think the articles still exist but are harder to find.

  • Demon Ascended
    Demon Ascended Hace 2 meses +63

    The only issue I have with DouLingo is that it’s very hard to heard differences between words when different accents are used.
    I’m trying to learn some Japanese before I go to Japan.

  • Elie Annora
    Elie Annora Hace 4 meses +12

    I think duolingo is such a nice tool to introduce a new language to someone. It's not a big deal to learn the whole thing, and it gets a bit tedious further, but sumetimes it's really enjoyable to go back to this app and answer their exercises just to remember some of the basics! ^^

  • Aela Jorrvaskr
    Aela Jorrvaskr Hace 6 meses +33

    It's great as a companion tool to learn a language, but I think you def need to be following up with some textbook studying to understand context, appropriateness, etc. They methods they use definitely help the info stick way faster than anything else I've used, so I use it to lay a foundation and then build on the knowledge after it's committed to memory. Currently doing Spanish, Japanese, and French. Not confusing or any more difficult than 1 language at a time, tbh!

    • Madds
      Madds Hace 2 meses +1

      100% and I think it applies to Japanese especially bc a big aspect is the written language and digital doesn't really help you get consistent and memorise

    • Spice For Spice
      Spice For Spice Hace 2 meses

      @Madds To me, I feel like digital would be really useful. Idk much about Japanese, I'm still VERY basic (I literally don't know all of the hiragana yet, I've been focusing more on Russian and Spanish), but most of my usage of Japanese, as well as my other target languages, will be digital. I'm not gonna hand-write much stuff in Japanese, I don't even hand-write a lot in English, which is my native language.

    • Madds
      Madds Hace 2 meses

      @Spice For Spice ofc, I use digital most of the time, I'm js it needs to be accompanied by writing especially to get used to writing kanji because there is technique and stroke order that's way easier to learn when you do it holding a pen. In theory using a apple or Samsung pen would probably be as effective though

    • Spice For Spice
      Spice For Spice Hace 2 meses +1

      @Madds That makes sense. Haven't really thought about that.

  • Dollopuss Films
    Dollopuss Films Hace 8 meses +1349

    You can report errors in Duolingo too. So if something is really informal or your translation was right but, for example you used "cash" instead of "money" you can essentially protest and tell them, "No I was right!" Or "This is very informal!" It helps them improve.

    • Lauren Bonner
      Lauren Bonner Hace 7 meses +138

      I'm glad they're open to critique. It displays integrity on their part.

    • Baroudeur Aventure
      Baroudeur Aventure Hace 6 meses +78

      They don't really take it in consideration, it was very common on duolingo comment section that people were writing the date when mentionning mistake and some of them are not corrected after two years...

    • 🇭🇰 Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - VOLP
      🇭🇰 Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - VOLP Hace 6 meses +29

      there was a forum inside, and they removed completely early 2022.

    • Quintillion
      Quintillion Hace 6 meses +11

      In the settings, you can turn off romaji to help memorize Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji sounds

    • Sam Roberts
      Sam Roberts Hace 5 meses +15

      But they ignore everything, their customer service is none existent. I raised an issue recently, response was -send screen shots. Did this, plus 3 more times and 3 weeks later still no response. So, i sent a complaint. Zero! Tumbleweed. It was a system error of which I couldn't progress course. Have now wiped my data and deleted them. Annoying cos I kinda liked it and i was learning quite well.... 🤷‍♀️

  • Azu
    Azu Hace 5 meses +23

    I started taking japanese lessons taught by an actual japanese person. I can say that duo did help very much but it really didnt explain why things were said the way they were. My only problem was that i only used duo to keep up my streaks and rankings rather than actually learning so i stopped using it..

  • kristenamaezing
    kristenamaezing Hace 2 meses +8

    One of the frustrating things for me learning Japanese with Duolingo is that the order in which I've been learning words in the first sections is difficult. I'm not learning by 'group', so I can say 1, 2, 3, 4, white, cloudy, dirty, vegetable, etc. But very little in terms of language 'grouping.' It makes it hard to remember what I've learned, since they don't seem to be organized in any way other than how they want you to learn hiragana, but you also don't learn hiragana the same in the main lessons vs in the pure character-lessons! There are some hiragana you don't learn til the end (before you move onto variations), but if you're just in the main lessons they're towards the beginning? It lacks the flow I've had in learning Romance languages.

  • vegabotain
    vegabotain Hace 5 meses +144

    I use duolingo, and I also get mistakes with the English part, as English is my second language. And it is a little frustrating, but when I started using it, there wasn't a course for Spanish - Japanese

    • Ana Dominguez
      Ana Dominguez Hace 5 meses +4

      same here 🥲

    • Pedro López Ojeda
      Pedro López Ojeda Hace 4 meses +21

      Same here and it’s frustrating when you know the answer but you mistake it in English😅

    • shinobuchan
      shinobuchan Hace 4 meses +1


    • ActionPeter
      ActionPeter Hace 4 meses +2

      nearly same here (i miss german->japanese)

    • emyemy
      emyemy Hace 4 meses +1

      well at least we are learning two languages! 🇧🇷

  • Christina Azarian
    Christina Azarian Hace 6 meses +27

    I am a native French and Arabic speaker and I like to use Duolingo just to keep my French in top-shape (and needlessly learn 7384 languages for fun). I live in the states now so there aren’t many French speakers around here. I noticed some of the pronunciation is odd too! I would never pronounce “ien “ as YAH it’s more like YEH… it bothers me so much I’m like “no one says bien like this.” The Arabic is even tougher I’m like “this sounds like I plugged it into Google translate.” Otherwise it’s a really cute app. The stories are fun and the podcasts are interesting

    • AdoraBell
      AdoraBell Hace 5 meses +2

      Now imagine doing it as someone used to Québécois. I didn’t realise how much my accent changed from when I was in school than when I started doing Duolingo again to improve my active grammar and all of my vowels are off. All of them.

    • AftershockTM
      AftershockTM Hace 26 días +1

      many people pronounce it as yah though. biyahn instead of biyehn, it’s very common in France

  • catalinacurio
    catalinacurio Hace 20 días +1

    You would make an excellent teacher of Japanese language, your mannerism is so approachable. As for learning the language, I’m visiting unexpectedly and had been studying Portuguese for family reasons. So now I’ve stopped and am trying to focus on what I think I’ll need to be at least polite in Japan. I’d rather learn from you as a native and as a person rather than an indifferent organisation. 😊

  • Hyun-Shik
    Hyun-Shik Hace 8 meses +2768

    Keep in mind that Shogo is from Kyoto and Duolingo is teaching standard Tokyo Japanese.

    • Christopher Luke
      Christopher Luke Hace 8 meses +253

      That doesn’t mean anything dude. It’s like saying someone from Liverpool can’t understand someone from London. Everyone known standard Japanese in Japan.

    • N. M. Fergus
      N. M. Fergus Hace 8 meses +818

      @Christopher Luke There are differences in dialect between areas of Japan. It's like how in the US, different parts use different words for the same thing

    • Wako Doodle
      Wako Doodle Hace 8 meses +569

      @Christopher Luke Tbh my relatives are from birmingham and when they come over I can barely understand what they're saying, despite us all speakig english.
      The dialect can be very different from different regions, even in england.
      That and although similar, Tokyo and Kansai dialect is still somewhat different.

    • Bad Request
      Bad Request Hace 8 meses +200

      @Christopher Luke there are always differences within any language. you go to italy you will have not only different accents but almost different dialects from city to city. venetians for example have a much more academic italian and romans have a more sped up and casual italian (in my opinion at least). if you put a brazilian and a portuguese side by side, not only their accents will be completely different in many cases so will words and grammar, even though the base is the same. a brazilian who has never been exposed to portuguese from portugal will have a hard time understanding (not my opinion, i have heard this from many brazilians)

    • Midoseito Akage
      Midoseito Akage Hace 8 meses +48

      @N. M. Fergus Exactly. This is the same thing with french; theres many way to say the same thing. Duolingo is badly made.

  • crwydryny
    crwydryny Hace 4 meses +10

    I think the problem with duo is it uses formal language more than conversational language. I think the idea is to give people basics on which to build using things like watching japanese media, or talking with japanese people

  • Joel Tan, Jr.
    Joel Tan, Jr. Hace un mes +1

    Duolingo actually helped me A LOT for starting off learning japanese, ever since the pandemic and classes being delayed, I had a lot of spare time on my hands so I decided to self-study japanese. A few months of Duolingo mixed with youtube tutorials, anime watching and music listening, I could understand A LITTLE bit of japanese but enough to understand simple conversations.. I still need to learn A LOT of other words and Kanji study using OTHER learning materials.
    As of now I can watch some Vtubers and sometimes listen to japanese radio through radiogarden, (radio is tough to listen to, they talk fast for me to follow, but that just means I ain't there yet).

  • Mink
    Mink Hace 5 meses +33

    Hi Shogo!
    If you use the mobile app you can also learn just hiragana or just katakana.
    Then you only get lessons in the symbols and what they mean. It's really interesting and I found
    it really helps when you're trying to translate, for example Japanese songs!
    You're a real inspiration to all of us thank you for the in-depth video's Shogo!

  • Daniel Rossy Explica
    Daniel Rossy Explica Hace 5 meses +35

    One small thing tho: Japanese (in Duolingo) is available to English speakers, but not (by default) to Spanish speakers. I am a teacher of English, but my native language (and thus my IP region) is Spanish so I had to switch Duolingo to English so I can access to the Japansee course. That is not because I can't learn Japanse from Spanish, it is because there is no Japanse course written in Spanish in Duolingo.

    • Bagh Nakh
      Bagh Nakh Hace 4 meses +1

      Tuve el mismo problema. Si bien es cierto me considero fluente en ingles, puedo conversar, leer, escribir, escuchar distintos acentos y entender en un 99% el idioma, hubiera sido genial hacer el curso de Japonés desde el Español, se siente raro cuando uno en la cabeza tiene la fonética del ingles y luego pasarla a la del Japonés que es tan similar a la fonética del Español, es casi la misma. Se siente raro aprender un nuevo idioma tomando como base un idioma que no es tu idioma natal, independiente si siento que lo manejo bien y me siento cómodo con este.

    • Daniel Rossy Explica
      Daniel Rossy Explica Hace 4 meses

      @Bagh Nakh Yo soy profesor en inglés. No me cuesta "pensar en inlgés" y estoy acostumbrado a usar esa lengua como base para aprender otras cosas.

    • Sparvierosart
      Sparvierosart Hace 3 meses

      Yeah it’s the same for Italian. I had to switch to English and sometimes the lost in traslation became a little bit too much.

    • MEP
      MEP Hace 3 meses

      @Bagh Nakh Lo siento igual. O sea, no tengo problemas en usar el inglés para aprender otro idioma. Me viene bien sobre todo si quiero aprender otro idioma germánico. Estoy aprendiendo holandés y el inglés me ayuda mucho por ser parecidos. Pero con el japonés lo veo igual que tú. Sería más fácil y cómodo aprenderlo desde el español directamente. De hecho, me siento mucho más cómodo aprendiendo cualquier idioma desde el español ya que es un aprendizaje más directo. Pero mientras estos cursos no estén disponibles en español, tendremos que esperar y usar el inglés. Aún así lo bueno del español es que tiene una buena cantidad de idiomas para elegir. Hasta tiene dos exclusivos (catalán y guaraní). Otros idiomas no tienen la misma suerte. Me fijé y algunos idiomas solo tienen entre 3 y 5. Los que tienen menos hablantes solo tienen el inglés así que imagínate.

  • Everything Else
    Everything Else Hace 2 meses +8

    I recently stopped using Duolingo for Japanese. I started out learning Japanese with Duolingo because I was vaguely curious about learning the language and already had Duolingo on my phone from learning Italian. It helped me learn hiragana and katakana and understand some basics, but the further I got, the less I felt like I was learning. It would often get frustrating with longer sentences where you just forget to put 1 part in, like the section where every sentence is like "It takes 10 minutes to get to the hospital from the station by car" and then the next one is like "Going from the park to the hotel, it takes 5 minutes by car". My wrists would get tired from doing my daily lesson on that section.
    And then some things were annoying, like it often requires numbers to be typed as kanji (but I think not always), and sometimes I would dictate the Japanese to my phone, which would always use arabic numerals, and sometimes I wouldn't notice, or I'd have to go and replace all of them with kanji. Then there are the cases where the same word or construct does or doesn't accept a certain translation in a different section based on what lesson they're trying to teach, but then when doing review practice, you don't know which section it came from.
    But the main problem I had was that it got to the point where it was no longer the best use of my time towards improving my Japanese, but I had trouble stopping it, almost like an addiction because at that point I had a streak of over 1,000 days and I didn't want to break it. But I finally stopped and started trying immersion instead. Honestly, for how long I was doing it, I can't even understand most sentences I hear, so it really wasn't working beyond making me feel like I was making progress.

  • monowavy
    monowavy Hace 8 meses +1757

    The problem with DuoLingo is that it almost never takes you out of your comfort zone, making real situations be an impossible challenge even for someone that's practiced many hours in DuoLingo. Real word usage and input, even if simulated, is by far the strongest method to learn languages.

    • Notradamaza
      Notradamaza Hace 8 meses +212

      Duolingo is meant to help you know vocabulary and keep you consistent in studying. After a few months when you understand a lot of vocabulary you can then start with other resources like books or even movies. If it wasn’t for duolingo I would never find the time to consistently study languages everyday. And I’m sure most locals would be very happy with you trying to learn their language and correct your mistakes/pronunciation.

    • nancy
      nancy Hace 8 meses +35

      ​@Notradamaza so true, i learn so many vocabularies from duolingo! and the goals set made me keep consistent with my learning

    • クイン
      クイン Hace 7 meses +42

      Its definitely not a full time resource. However, it is very digestible for a beginner, especially someone who’s never studied a language before and have no idea how to start. It keeps you doing at least a bit of study everyday. I find it makes a nice warmup!

    • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
      HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul Hace 7 meses +7

      I learned 5 years of english in school. But the time afterwards, speaking to natives and other L2 speakers from entirely different countries helped me more with actually learning to speak the language than school ever did. Learning a language and "learning" a language wre two entirely different things.

    • takanara7
      takanara7 Hace 7 meses +4

      @Notradamaza Duolingo is a terrible, inefficient way of doing that. Just memorize a bunch of vocab using SRS flashcards, much more efficient way. Other thing is memorizing the conjugation rules, which are complicated. DL doesn't tell you anything, and the conjugation rules are too complex to learn from it, IMO.

  • チャーリー・ブラウン

    Would definitely be happy learning Japanese from Shogo, hopefully lessons come soon

  • Alicia Moon
    Alicia Moon Hace 4 meses +8

    Learning the Time absolutely destroys me for some reason. I struggle so badly with it.
    I’d love to take up actual classes one day but until my wallet and my schedule allows it, Duolingo will do 💖

  • Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

    I picked up Duolingo Japanese again-this is maybe my third time around? I’ve used it for German and Ukrainian before.
    At least Duolingo has improved somewhat over the years. When I first tried Japanese there, the program was the same for all languages. And they threw out Hiragana and Katakana with no real explanation of what any of it was.
    It’s better this time around. They’re trying to introduce Hiragana and Katakana from the beginning. They offer romaji in tiny letters and make the Japanese characters more prominent. And they have a separate section to show how to write in Hiragana and Katakana.

  • Bruce Hanson
    Bruce Hanson Hace 3 meses +1

    If you got your language license I would happily be one of your first students, currently trying to study hiragana and katakana before delving too deep into words so I can learn IN Japanese writing instead of English letters. Best of luck to you! Although I'm sure your skill will be more then enough to earn your license!

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo Hace 26 días +2

    You better watch your back boy😶
    Ps: For who are whining about getting their relatives, lovers and friends you should have your lessons in time amd not miss the notification or else that wouldn't happen😶
    Ps: Thank you for using Duolingo😊❤️

  • TogashiJack
    TogashiJack Hace 8 meses +853

    As someone that is currently using DuoLingo, I found Shogo's "Mistakes" to be perfectly indicative of the experience. Typos or Unintended entry (do not the feed the animals), Narrow or Inflexible translations, or strict vs colloquial translations. Sometimes it is very easy to understand a sentence and be completely unsure as to how Duo will accept an answer.
    In the Skip Ahead test, Shogo had 3 Hearts, which is not the case for most lessons. While Mobile does have a hearts system that replenishes over time, PC does not have such a hindrance and you can make many mistakes.

    • nekokna
      nekokna Hace 8 meses +23

      putting the time and forgetting to put "it is " is infuriatnig for me,grrr

    • Patrick Aupperle
      Patrick Aupperle Hace 8 meses +13

      I think it's fair enough to reject extra words being inserted. The translation is in fact, incorrect. It might be a bit frustrating, but what do you expect from a computer program?
      Apparently many Duolingo sentences already have thousands or even tens of thousands of acceptable answers, but you can't expect it to catch every possible sentence with a similar meaning.

    • Lucien86
      Lucien86 Hace 7 meses +4

      Yes the translation engine is clearly too inflexible - it should be able to spot that 'do not' and 'don't' are equivalent. Do not is simply applying more emphasis and is slightly more formal - it is also different between spoken and written English. Writing conversational English you are really supposed to use the spoken form..

    • Eric Son
      Eric Son Hace 7 meses +8

      I wish they'd remove from the mobile version the questions that require manually typing in answers. Unless you have a tablet, it's not exactly pleasant to type in full sentences using the virtual keyboard.

    • Jim Hawkins
      Jim Hawkins Hace 7 meses +4

      Yeah.. I never understood the difference between, "that's a big bed" and "that bed is big". Only the second one is right in Duolingo.

  • Sinory
    Sinory Hace 4 meses +2

    I am currently learning Japanese as my 2023 resolution and I do use Duolingo. It's fun and I like the way it's with the i+1 method, but it can be tedious at times. I've been recommended Memrise as well who has videos on how to write the characters or people say the word in question. Also thank you ESclips for the recommendation of your channel!

  • Adrian McCall
    Adrian McCall Hace 19 días

    I have gone through soooo many “on the go” apps and duolingo is something that definitely helps with my studies to GO ALONG with my Genki Books.
    I also enjoy the competitive aspect of the “leagues” and that’s basically a global leaderboard and you compete throughout the week for earning XP. You are seeing real people’s profile photo and username with a score right next to there name. I love competition and it’s a great motivator. ESPECIALLY when I first started.

  • Ginny Jolly
    Ginny Jolly Hace 6 meses +4

    I've been using Duolingo to study Ukranian. I studied German in college, and there is heavy study on gender, cases, articles, and conjugations. But this doesn't appear much in Duolingo. I've had to understand there are different forms of pronouns and even conjunctions by my previous language learning. Having charts for these can help distinguish one from the other.
    That could be the reason it's tedious to a lot of people. In English we don't have so much emphasis on genders for inanimate objects. And we have prepositions that determine case, like to or for. And the word "and" only has one form in English, while I've encountered two so far in Ukranian.
    I'd supplement first with cases, conjugations, and genders. Have some tables to guide you.

  • Victor Gabriele Pecoraio

    I wanted to thank you because I find your videos truly amazing and useful, also you always make my day.
    P.s. when you make Inu-chan speak I always smile and laugh a lot. Please take care and keep going❤

  • Estrella Arce
    Estrella Arce Hace un mes

    I am trying to learn Japanese with duolingo and my main issue is to actually understand the correct way of putting sentences together. Love your videos btw!

  • Samantha Skinner
    Samantha Skinner Hace 8 meses +766

    I've been on DuoLingo specifically for Japanese for two years now -- I adore it. I know it's not perfect because language through an app just can't be, but it follows alongside some of the textbooks I have and threw Kanji at me really early on, which I super appreciated.
    I think it's important to note that no one should ever use one single source for learning. Even Duolingo suggests using other sources to supplement, but it keeps me coming back every single day and even teaches me newer references that a textbook wouldn't.

    • Oreocycllo
      Oreocycllo Hace 8 meses +15

      What textbooks or other sources did you use?

    • nex FTW
      nex FTW Hace 8 meses +9

      I stopped using duolingo due to the amount of kanji😭

    • John Blyth - Composer, writer
      John Blyth - Composer, writer Hace 8 meses +26

      This is my experience. I would never got this far without Duolingo. I’ve also cycled through , manga, watch lots of Slice of Life anime, and ESclips videos, and ordered paper dictionaries from Japan. It’s slow going, and even although I repeat early levels a lot to improve reading speed and comfort, I still make mistakes even with kana after 2 and a half years. The recent dramatic update of the Duolingo phone app, which I was initially shocked by, is making kana finally stick better. I also very much like the emphasis on words rather than isolated kanji, and have got used to-and developed a feeling for-the variant onyomi and kunyomi that it throws at you-in general onyomi is often given for kanji in isolation, but sometimes bleeds over into compounds where it wouldn’t normally be heard. It’s a pretty huge course, and I expect to take another couple of years at it to get to a reasonably comfortable level, even with spending an average of 1.5 hours a day on Duolingo, not counting the other resources I use. But I really couldn’t see any other system maintaining my interest and enthusiasm, with my personal learning style.

    • Samantha Skinner
      Samantha Skinner Hace 8 meses +16

      @Oreocycllo I have the Genki textbooks!

    • Swan D'Sombra
      Swan D'Sombra Hace 8 meses +6

      i cheat the kanji by listening, and can only prevent myself from doing that by muting my phone. but if i'm pressed for time and need to preserve my streak, i'll just unmute the phone and listen to everything instead of trying to read.

  • Jack Mathew fallaria Santos

    For me the biggest problem with DuoLingo is gets really tedious after a while it’s the same kind of exercises over the upside is the stories are varying in quality, but at least you can start taking to real people I’ve done a few of the beginner conversation class and they’re okay! Another thing is that the programs quizzes are SO much harder than the material you’re learning

  • 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐦

    Shogo made me feel very motivated when I first saw him on ESclips, he didn't only motivate me to study Japanese but also motivate me to study normal school subjects such as math since I really wanna be a teacher in Japan. Shogo is the best example for motivation in my opinion.

  • SeraphSparkles
    SeraphSparkles Hace 3 días

    Hey, I really recommended Renshu for learning. It's a very complete app for learning Japanase.
    There's a community behind it that helps you with mnemotecnics for remmembering Katakana, Hiragana amd Kanji, they come with examples, pronunciation and writing practice. Also, it has lessons of grammar which breaks the sentece and explains it to you, there's always a tab where the community also explains!
    In addition, there's a dictionary integrated and every lesson you complete they reward you with a new word.
    There are plenty of other features and games!
    Even tho it's really confusing at first, I really recommend it. ❤

  • Elliot Russell
    Elliot Russell Hace 2 meses +2

    You should try out the feature where you can learn かな characters and review and go over them. Now that I am starting to learn Japanese again, all the characters from Duolingo that I had gone over I remember completely and are helping when I'm learning かな again now

  • Dominique Bini
    Dominique Bini Hace 7 meses +665

    I’ve always said that language is a forest, and each book, person, program or other lesson is a path in that forest. You cannot learn the entire forest from one path 🙏💕

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S Hace 4 meses +4

    The absolute best advice I can give to any learner of Japanese is to learn Kanji as soon as possible. You should walk out of semester one with 300 kanji, semester two with 800. The sooner you learn Kanji, the sooner the language goes from random sounds to actual meaning. Compare もっています to 持って在す (I know 在す is an anachronism). One is just sounds, the other is communicating a person is literally in the act of holding something in their hands.

  • Pahda69
    Pahda69 Hace 4 meses +2

    Мне дуолингво понравилось тем что есть аудирование. Не в каждом обучающем приложении можно найти озвучку. Плюс, с дуолингво просто начать и легко втянуться в изучение языка. Тебе дают основы, некоторую базу, тот же алфавит, с которой потом намного проще самостоятельно изучать язык по более серьёзному учебнику. Мне нравится подход, когда я сначала заучиваю определённую конструкцию, а после узнаю, почему она построена именно так. Наоборот почему-то хуже запоминается. И да, сова старается, поддерживает)))

  • Toradono
    Toradono Hace 4 meses

    I use Duolingo atm mostly to not lose much of what I learned when I lived in Japan, to get some grammer and such back. And slowly stepping forward in my own speed. Hope I one day feel comfortable enough to open my Genki and Minna no Nihongo books again XD

  • African Signature
    African Signature Hace un mes

    I'm too busy studying German, so I haven't dabbed in the Japanese lessons.
    Duolingo is very animated and beautiful in the atmosphere perspective but in some exercises it feels all like fill in the blanks and mainly multiple choices.
    It should for one teach you to the alphabets then the pronunciation to finaly leading into conversations in basics.
    It's a fun app but there are several crucial elements missing as a learning language app.

  • thatoneguy454c
    thatoneguy454c Hace 4 meses

    I have been using it to help me learn Russian and I personally think it is great. Within five units I have effectively learned how to sound out sentences and phrases just by reading the Cyrillic. I am nowhere near fluent, however I can use translating apps to figure out the structure of what I am trying to say and then use the knowledge I currently have for pronunciation. I find that the weirdness of some of the phrases and sentences is also very entertaining and forces you to really pay attention to what is being said. One of the sentences I already got was " there is a girl in my luggage"

  • Robert Diaz
    Robert Diaz Hace 8 meses +435

    I started learning Japanese on Duolingo and switched to Spanish. Honestly, if Japanese had as much care and attention paid to it as Spanish does with the app, I would have stayed with it. There are Hiragana and Katakana flashcards that ask you to draw the figures, but I'd like the same for the Kanji in the lessons as well.

    • Ausar0
      Ausar0 Hace 8 meses +43

      Thing is though, unless you are planning on actually LIVING in Japan, or you need it for some kind of exam, you don't really need to know how to write the kanji by hand. I mean, nowadays we rarely even have to write things anymore in general. Everything is done via keyboard.

    • Christine Ann Clerino
      Christine Ann Clerino Hace 7 meses +15

      Kanji is the most difficult in read a loud not in written of characters in levels of middle school or high school.

    • Mxka
      Mxka Hace 7 meses +10

      Writing kanji in the app would be hard

  • simspawn
    simspawn Hace 4 meses +1

    Thank you for you perspective on Duolingo. It is as I exected, and one would need to supplement learning with native speakers. That, to me, is to be expected. If you can do Rosetta Stone next Please I would appreciate.

  • ArchetypeGotoh
    ArchetypeGotoh Hace 2 meses

    Interesting; your first encounter with the app was after their big redesign. I’ve been using it for Italian, and each of the little check marks used to be grouped into topics, so you’d do 5 sets of lessons just on household Objects before moving on to a practice sets on a new verb tense, with tips and tutorials for only that idea; now they pepper in about 5/6 of these topics into each checkmark of the units. I’m sure it would have been better if i had started i the new method, but making the switch was hard for me; i went from focused vocabulary and practice sets to the new method where i couldn’t see a clear pattern of organization. The new way made it harder for me to stay motivated, but you seem to like it.

  • ​
     Hace 6 meses +5

    Just got around to this video, very interesting. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese with the LingoDeer and Drops apps, would be very interesting to see you review those. LingoDeer is similar to Duolingo (but people say it’s better, and the company behind it says there’s scientific research behind it), and Drops is a vocabulary trainer app (similar to Anki, I think).

  • wisskier
    wisskier Hace un mes

    I'm using DuoLingo to learn Nihongo and I'm enjoying it. It is starting to soak in. I second some of the comments that many of the exercises are formulaic and I need to start working more on the Hiragana and Katakana. Yes, there are many different trucks Duolingo uses to encourage using the app and learning. I've stopped playing non-card games on my phone swapping with the Japanese lessons.

  • Genchi Violet
    Genchi Violet Hace 2 meses

    As someone who has 300+ days in Japanese duolingo, this was a very fun video to watch! I had to like and sub then and there cause I learned a ton from you today! I also would like to say that it's awesome that uou want to teach Japanese. Hopefully we can all support ad much as we can because you'd make an amazing teacher.

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo Hace 8 meses +329

    I have 703 day streak on Duolingo, and while it’s helpful for learning vocabulary, I find that it’s only really useful for when you’re just starting out learning Japanese. I was able to master hiragana and katakana really fast because of it, but after that it doesn’t feel like I’m learning much 😅

    • WhiteFlame
      WhiteFlame Hace 8 meses +42

      703...well...cheers to your dedication

    • Lefaine
      Lefaine Hace 8 meses +34

      Gosh dang. Here I was thinking my 63 day streak was impressive.

    • Sebastian
      Sebastian Hace 8 meses +10

      "Learn Japanese words free" is an amazing app to try for vocabulary, I am using their apps for other languages, pretty cool.

    • Bernhard Von Barret
      Bernhard Von Barret Hace 8 meses +5

      Well... you learn Hiragana and Katakana in 7 hours... completely.

    • Léon亜錬パウル
      Léon亜錬パウル Hace 8 meses +10

      550 days and im loving it. As long as you complete all the levels language stays in your mind

  • ScaerieTale
    ScaerieTale Hace 2 meses +2

    I really appreciate this video. I have really bad ADHD (medicated), but I just started using Duo Lingo to learn Japanese again after learning basic hiragana several years ago. I find the system *really* helps with the dopamine hits encouraging me to keep going every day.
    It's a relief to know I can at least get my foundations with it before moving on to actual textbooks and a real teacher!

    • Teka
      Teka Hace un mes +1

      Oh really ? Alright that's more incentive for me to start then, thanks for that input !

  • Adam Tracey
    Adam Tracey Hace 10 días +1

    Excellent video on the Duolingo Japanese language! Have been studying for about a month now and I too wear a kimono while practicing. You know for immersion and to help my mind absorb it more readily :).

  • KillaSoda
    KillaSoda Hace 4 meses

    Great video! I've started using Duolingo to brush up on hiragana and katakana, I only had one semester of Japanese in college, so I'm already learning new things. I do have a plan to start supplementing with some textbooks and workbooks I picked up. I'm surprised how much I do remember, even basic grammar. Going to be the start of a long journey, for sure!

  • SchatLabs Unlimited
    SchatLabs Unlimited Hace 6 meses +1

    Our Japanese friend in Kyoto was not Japanese enough for The Owl; that green bird is ruthless 😂
    Jokes aside, this was a fun video. It really explores Duolingo's strengths and weaknesses. I think it's okay for basics, until eventually the harder topics would get harder to properly teach because it fails to convey the very specific nuances the real and living spoken language has. Like you mentioned, the dialects and keigo might not be properly taught through the app/website. Other than that, it's decently flexible regarding some mistakes like typos, but sometimes it's not flexible enough. The excess 'the' was just painful 😅
    One last thing, the way you pronounced 'streak' like 'steak' but with an 'r' xD
    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced 'streek'. Like 'sneak', 'peak', or 'leak' ^^

  • Heartbreaker
    Heartbreaker Hace 3 meses +2

    I just started learning Japanese 2 days ago so this review really helps. It seems learning the alphabet and a few basics is what Duolingo really helps in but a lot of videos strongly suggest using textbooks and other resources. Thank you for the heads up!

  • I G
    I G Hace 8 meses +273

    Hi Shogo! I am licensed teacher in my country and I am impressed with your new goal of becoming a certified Japanese language instructor! Teaching has its ups and downs but I know that you'll love every minute of it! More power to youuuuu!

  • Felix Warren
    Felix Warren Hace 6 meses

    That's amazing that the Japanese days of the week have that meaning. The days in English actually refer back to something elemental as well because each day refers to a planet, and each planet usually has an associated element or metal. Actually, they're the same as the Japanese ones. Monday, Moon (silver), Tuesday, Mars (fire/iron), Wednesday, Mercury (water/quicksilver), Thursday, Jupiter (air and weather and also things that grow/tin), Friday, Venus (relationships and love/copper), Saturday, Saturn (earth/lead). So really, almost identical to the Japanese system in many respects.

  • R3
    R3 Hace 2 meses

    Something important to note are the settings you can apply to how you read and answer questions. For instance, you can set the characters to have hiragana pronunciations instead of romaji. You can also swap out the word banks for a blank textbox that lets you just type your answers the way you want (assuming you have a Japanese keyboard)

  • Malte
    Malte Hace 3 meses

    I really wanna visit japan but i have trouble learning. So i'm using duolingo in order to learn some basic speaking, but completely skipping any writing, hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Maybe this is bad haha, but i really just want to learn to speak. I think duolingo isn't the best way to learn any language, but it is very easy to start learning, but if you really wanna learn a language studying it and taking classes etc is most likely the best. Really great video! Nice to see someone have a more positive view of duolingo and understanding what it is actually for.

  • Kleineganz
    Kleineganz Hace 6 meses

    I was using both DuoLingo and Memrise to learn Japanese. I need to go back and start over. One thing I have that most folks don't, is close friend who is fluent in Japanese (he reads Japanese novels, written in Japanese). He's great at explaining the language nuances that these learning apps aren't able to. One of these days I want to vacation in Japan and I'd like to be able to converse with people without making a complete fool out of myself.

  • Melissa Pennington
    Melissa Pennington Hace 3 meses

    I've been using a combo of Duolingo and Busuu which I really enjoy. Also picked up Japanese from Zero, the videos that go along are fun. I'm only a month in and I really enjoy it and am looking forward

  • XenoPin Quiauri
    XenoPin Quiauri Hace 7 meses +153

    Edit (5/12/23): it seems Duo has updated their app, and honestly I like it. They have broken down the lessons to make them easier to use-and in addition have different voices to say the sentences you have to type so you get a feel of different accents and talking speeds. For learning hiragana, they have implemented a system where you now to write the hiragana symbols to move on to the next section. I’m glad they’ve made these updates. Makes learning Japanese a lot better 😊
    (What’s below is pre-Duolingo update)
    To be honest, I’ve been (trying) studying Japanese for like 5 years now, and one of the biggest things I hated about Duolingo was that it taught you sentences or phrases rather than words…like…it didn’t really teach you how to form the sentences (by which I mean why each part of the sentence goes where), nor did it explain the grammar (very well). It also didn’t explain (well) how to say certain phonics (like ra, ro, etc). I downloaded an app called Bunpo and that has helped me more in a month than Duolingo has in 5 years (albeit I was able to remember katakana and hiragana). I also wish it told you how to write the symbols or something.
    Not to mention, it would at random substitute hiragana for Kanji and it expected you to know that. Like, I remember when 人 showed up and it took me having to google why you either say “hito” or “jin”, because Duolingo didn’t explain that, but rather expected me to know that.

    • Aramati
      Aramati Hace 2 meses +5

      It's used to explain the grammar in the foruma, but they closed the forums 😢

    • Twin comics animations
      Twin comics animations Hace 2 meses +3

      Bunpo? I am going to try it.

    • 이사벨라 (Isabella)
      이사벨라 (Isabella) Hace 2 meses +4

      Oh yeah, i found it too and i like it a lot! Would def reccomend

  • Jay F
    Jay F Hace 6 meses

    I've only just started. It has helped me start off though in a fun way that works for my learning style. I don't have a goal to be fluent but to understand and read some Japanese in anime or games. I do dread the kanji though... It looks super intimidating.

  • Herbie Valerius
    Herbie Valerius Hace 6 meses +4

    I tried it to learn German.
    For about 6 weeks, I practiced the same words in different order and occasionally learn a verb that helped me conjugate and string a sentence together.
    Then i watched an episode of rick and morty in german, and i had already seen it in english, and i instantly learned several new words.
    Duo Lingo is OK if you have no other sources, but if you do, and you definitely do, do literally anything else.

    • Commie_sylveon
      Commie_sylveon Hace 2 meses

      i do the same with anime, i watch the dub first, then the sub. although i dont know how to write it, i know how to somewhat speak it. but i learned my english from youtube. when i was a young boy i always watched english youtube videos than dutch youtube videos, at first i didn't know what those words ment, but after a while from watching the video and hearing what you youtuber said, i could succesfully translate some words without prior knowledge, like if the youtuber said fire, and his gun is shooting. i could translate it in my head and conclude it would mean in dutch ''vuren'' But as a consiquence that i always watched so many of those english videos, that i am now better in the english language than my own native language, as in english classes i get better grades then my dutch classes. which is funny, and i think mostly in english than in dutch.

  • Ryoko007
    Ryoko007 Hace 5 meses +18

    From 4:12 your pronunciation from reading from duolingo sounded exactly like the duolingo japanese language. That was awesome!

  • Yawning Hamster
    Yawning Hamster Hace 5 meses +15

    You have a wonderful, valuable ESclips channel, Shogo. I'm so impressed by your dedication to education and I love this channel so much. Arigatou gozaimasu!

  • ♡Venom♡
    ♡Venom♡ Hace 2 meses +1

    I currently started learning japanese with Duolingo and so far i am doing okay but i cannot write with only characters..I always use the keyboard that is like the normal one but types in characters if that makes sense-

  • Heriberto Sarmiento
    Heriberto Sarmiento Hace 8 meses +149

    Shogo don’t be surprised your native language is getting more and more popular thanks to japans soft power= culture,music,movies,manga and anime

    • chewtoy
      chewtoy Hace 7 meses +6

      i guess it's included in culture (as is the rest) but don't forget the delicious food!

    • TheCausalParadox
      TheCausalParadox Hace 7 meses

      @chewtoy Unhealthy though

    • Tvoje Jídlo
      Tvoje Jídlo Hace 6 meses +8

      @TheCausalParadox Japanese food and unhealthy? R u sure

    • Sharpie !!
      Sharpie !! Hace 6 meses +1

      @TheCausalParadox im ngl Japanese food (especially just the avarage food in the supermarkets) is extremely healthy compared to america’s, i’d say.

  • Osric Finvara
    Osric Finvara Hace 3 meses +1

    Thank you for making this. I started using duolingo to prepare for taking Japanese classes. I've been wondering how accurate it is.

  • Xristina Rose
    Xristina Rose Hace 6 meses +28

    I chose duolingo so i could use it whenever i need to wait for something (bus, doctors appointment, free time etc etc). Im ok if it would take many many years before i could understand Japanese, im not in a hurry.

  • 熊唯嘉
    熊唯嘉 Hace 5 meses +29

    The names of the days in a week are derived from the seven moving objects in the sky (five inner planets plus sun and moon) both in East Asian and in Graeco-Roman (and later Germanic) traditions.
    日 - Sun - Sunday
    月 - Moon - Monday
    火 - Mars (Tiw/Tyr) - Tuesday
    水 - Mercury (Woden/Odin) - Wednesday
    木 - Jupiter (Thor) - Thursday
    金 - Venus (Frigg) - Friday
    土 - Saturn - Saturday

    • Sebb
      Sebb Hace 4 meses +2

      That's really interesting! Now I finally know the connection between Thursday and what you call it in german (basically "Thundersday")

    • ActionPeter
      ActionPeter Hace 4 meses +1

      木 - Jupiter (Thor) - Thursday --german-> Donar - Donnerstag

  • Skinny Dipper
    Skinny Dipper Hace 3 meses

    I have been using Duolingo to learn Spanish as an English speaker for over two years daily now and am happy with my progress. I've never gotten this far when it comes to learning a foreign language. I've studied multiple languages in my 29 years of life as it's one of my biggest passions. I want to be able to be fluent or almost completely fluent for job opportunities after I graduate in 2028

  • Crazy book lady
    Crazy book lady Hace 4 meses +1

    The interesting thing is I am using this app to learn Japanese so I'm happy you made this video

  • Hollis H
    Hollis H Hace 8 meses +136

    I am studying Polish in DuoLingo and a friend is studying Swedish. I delight in earning Polish, and she is very half-happy. It depends on who creates the language lessons. The Polish is often hilarious! My favorite sentence is "Excuse me, I am an apple" which blew "the elephant is drinking milk" right off the scale. I did start with Transparent Language which is free from my library system. Having a dual view helps so much!! And I know native speakers of Polish. A great benefit.

    • Emperor TGP
      Emperor TGP Hace 7 meses +2

      the japanese lesson has the "i am an apple" sentence as well

    • xXghost_toastXx
      xXghost_toastXx Hace 7 meses +19

      My polish lessons on Duolingo always get me dying, I had a sentence once that read "the evil child drinks coffee" like tf 😭

    • Hollis H
      Hollis H Hace 7 meses +2

      @xXghost_toastXx Oh, yes! That was a hoot!

    • Miko
      Miko Hace 7 meses +5

      I am Polish and I checked Polish lessons on duolingo. I can say that some sentences do not make sense or are hilarious, also there are often unnecessary words / phrases in the sentences

    • Armchair Critic
      Armchair Critic Hace 6 meses

      @Miko unnecessary words? 🥺

  • Leaf Maltieze
    Leaf Maltieze Hace 4 meses +1

    Wow, these early DuoLingo lessons look way better than the stuff I learned. I'm 4 sections into Japanese on DuoLingo, and I have a 62 day streak, but I have not learned any colors, or numbers. I've learned foods, directions, and some really basic sentence structure, along with the alphabets for Hiragana and Katakana.
    My roommate is also taking Japanese through DuoLingo, and his lessons are completely different than mine. He did learn numbers, and colors. They seem to have several different beginner courses, and they just throw you into one of them at random.
    One of the most annoying things is that I can't retake a specific lesson. If you clear a whole course, you can retake the course and then retake the lessons in that course. A couple days ago I took a lesson that I really struggled with, and although I got through it, I knew that I didn't really learn it very well. I wanted to retake that same lesson again, but the app doesn't let you.

  • Endhitman11
    Endhitman11 Hace 6 meses

    Hi Shogo! Love your content, it helps me calm down and learn all about this wonderful culture!Super epic

  • Shiba
    Shiba Hace 5 meses

    The assessment test is a joke xD I studied Japanese for 1 year in Japan and then got too busy to keep up with my Japanese studies. A few months later I wanted to use Duolingo... After using Duolingo daily for 2 years (sometimes for hours a day) I'm still repeating a lot of content. There also are very many mistakes. But Duolingo is easy and fairly fun and definitely better than doing nothing.

  • UInferno
    UInferno Hace 4 meses

    I picked up Duolingo Japanese on a whim as I was bored over winter break and got sick of scrolling through Reddit. The gameification is what makes it useful but from the beginning I could tell that running excercises alone wouldn't cut it.
    That said I was able to learn hiragana in under a week and can comfortably transliterate it into Romanji

  • Sara
    Sara Hace un mes

    My problem with Duolingo is that it does not talk about kanji. It tests you in the lesson before studying it, and studies the letters randomly

  • Nilrem H
    Nilrem H Hace 4 meses

    Thank you for this video and I really enjoyed watching your content. You kept making me smile and laugh. Thank you for making this so much fun. Much love, from Canada. And happy new year!

  • Beckster
    Beckster Hace 3 meses

    It's been awhile since I've used duolingo so I could be off base here but my biggest complaint of duolingo has always been the lack of grammar explanations, and the fact that they mix both formal and casual into the lesson without a clear explanation or indication of if it's formal or casual. I used to use it to supplement my French lessons in highschool and college and it wasn't that great for me

  • Katarzyna Głodny
    Katarzyna Głodny Hace 4 meses

    I try to learn Japanese by duolingo :D It was nice to see you testing it as a native speaker :)

  • Any Road
    Any Road Hace 6 meses

    This was a great video! I had used Duolingo in the past for Japanese but I fell off of it a while ago. Thanks for going through it and telling us about it’s pros and cons :D