Kanye West - Follow God

  • Publicado el 8 nov 2019
  • kanyewest.lnk.to/JesusIsKing
    Director: Jake Schreier
    Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
    Producer: Cody Ryder
    DP: Jason McCormick
    Production Company: Park Pictures
    Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
    Additional Post: SetNet
    The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee
    Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.
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Comentarios • 35 790

  • Haru- H
    Haru- H Hace 22 horas

    What’s with these endings?

  • Alok Sarawgi
    Alok Sarawgi Hace 22 horas

    I realized after 42 years that my father is my best friend.I felt that

  • Алекс Юстасу
    Алекс Юстасу Hace 22 horas

    Иисус Господь !

  • Changa morris
    Changa morris Hace un día

    yap yap yap

  • Shaolin Master
    Shaolin Master Hace un día

    Minute 1:09 to 1:22 Just makes you want to love Kanye, love hip hop , fk it love Christ

  • vasilis hatzopoulos
    vasilis hatzopoulos Hace un día

    The way the car starts looks like it’s a video game 🤪🤪

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King Hace un día

    Another Soul Saved 🙌 God is saving souls every day.

  • s Lemon
    s Lemon Hace un día

    With Holy spirit !

  • damian hernandez
    damian hernandez Hace un día

    It’s all God’s plan!!

  • Hector Cabrera
    Hector Cabrera Hace un día

    Every time the homie curses now

  • A T
    A T Hace un día

    Kanye back with this one

  • Diana Yang
    Diana Yang Hace un día

    Freaken Kanye... douchebag!!

  • Shannon McCarthy
    Shannon McCarthy Hace un día

    esclips.com/video/JJ2zOyl0hrc/vídeo.html help us change the world for the better

  • Cylas Kawika
    Cylas Kawika Hace un día

    How he have his dad and mine in prison

  • RideTheWave
    RideTheWave Hace un día +1

    I can finally bump a song ..in the car..loud..with the kids there...clean👌🏿🙏🌊🌊🏄🏿‍♂️🌊

  • Aly Boo
    Aly Boo Hace un día

    This album is so damn good

  • Lorenzo Stevens
    Lorenzo Stevens Hace un día +1

    Anybody know the exact time Jesus Is King was dropped ?
    I’m on to something!🤔

  • chelsea p
    chelsea p Hace un día

    Dumbest shit I ever watched ... what happened to the old music he made...bring it back (you got kardashian kursed) bless youuu

  • Eric Doogan
    Eric Doogan Hace un día

    Coldest start of a song ever

  • crazypupok
    crazypupok Hace un día

    Is this snow or sand?

  • Niky Roy
    Niky Roy Hace un día

    Mother you have worst video all the time.

  • Sealand
    Sealand Hace un día

    This album is a punch to the atheists

  • Cody
    Cody Hace un día

    Looks like teslas truck, except the XLT trim level.

  • Jr Hernandez
    Jr Hernandez Hace un día

    Here is a time skip to the song 0:30

  • 1TakeJulio
    1TakeJulio Hace un día


  • Martin Paula
    Martin Paula Hace un día

    *from NO CHURCH IN THE WILD to FOLLOW GOD this video is a correction of all the bad ideas he put in that song with Jay z back then K west is all different human GOD BLESS HIM*

  • Nikki Miller
    Nikki Miller Hace un día

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Let me get this straight. Kanye and Kim both take part in morally bankrupting our culture, pulls money and resources from that same thing just to flip it and tell everyone not to be indoctrinated???

  • Double8 Productions
    Double8 Productions Hace un día

    Who else watching in 4K on a 1080p monitor.

  • Adam Anissian
    Adam Anissian Hace un día

    Father I stretch Stretch my hand to you

  • Louie D'angelo
    Louie D'angelo Hace un día

    King of the earth and heavens! GOD forever

  • Sucram Snave & Associates


  • Gracie GhostHeart
    Gracie GhostHeart Hace un día +1

    2:13 my conversations with my mom about grades

  • John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions

    He perform this song ANYWHERE the crowd gone lose it!!

  • DylanTV
    DylanTV Hace un día

    this man is crazy but he is one of the most talent man in the business

  • Reaper
    Reaper Hace un día

    I was listening to this song and I looked up at the sky and I swear I saw Jesus dancing his @ss
    off!!! Love you Kanye pure genius another killer song.....luv Michelle in NJ. 🎤🎵🎶🙏💕💕😇💪

  • Harvey Morris
    Harvey Morris Hace un día

    There is nothing cooler than Christ, he will save you from anything

  • Jake Lineberger
    Jake Lineberger Hace un día

    this song sucks

  • Monshreal Jackson
    Monshreal Jackson Hace un día


  • Rosemary
    Rosemary Hace un día

    Why follow someone’s else foot steps when you Came to earth to Creat your own? Follow god to have that sense of goodness, When in reality there is no good or evil, there is no separation, there is only one; which is Us We are the embodiment of Love. Anything else is Confusion it’s An illusion, We came to spread Love in our own Unique Way, If I you follow something that Is not yourself, what are you actually searching for?

  • Josh Kroger
    Josh Kroger Hace un día

    Black conservatives stand up this is powerful.

  • M JP
    M JP Hace un día

    I love how he went to chopped off Maybach and bitches to driving in the desert with an expedition vehicle ( on the search for something greater )

  • Jointz36
    Jointz36 Hace un día

    Kanye still doing his thing man, that nigga aint crazy LOL

  • Fern Chase
    Fern Chase Hace un día

    This is some Real Life stuff Kanye...I AM Moved...deeply! #BLESSINGSBRO #This

  • Mr. Big Curved Johnsin jr III

    Still needs to get away from them WHITE PEOPLES out there

  • Vxor
    Vxor Hace un día +1


  • Ivan Lopez
    Ivan Lopez Hace un día

    40 Acres and a mule? Nah 4,000 acres and a tank

  • Krzysiek Aga
    Krzysiek Aga Hace un día

    Religious Kanye, God bless my man

  • Howie ThaRapper
    Howie ThaRapper Hace un día

    "Screamin at my dad and he told me it ain't christ-like, but nobody never tell you when you bein like christ"
    Truest lyric ever told.

  • Linda Ruth Bond
    Linda Ruth Bond Hace un día

    Hi Kanye, the religious burdens and expectations of man that weigh you down are NOT from the Lord, and we are praying them off! His yoke is easy and his burden is light. His complete freedom, joy, rest and delight belongs to you. You are a wild one who is not called to be domesticated. Our God is not a tame God! 👑💖👑💖👑

    SNEEDS DURAG Hace un día


  • Ruth Rogmad
    Ruth Rogmad Hace un día

    Praise the Lord!

  • Arab416 Tv
    Arab416 Tv Hace un día

    You don’t care about Jesus, your a Satan worshiper ..

  • Arab416 Tv
    Arab416 Tv Hace un día

    Stop faking it Kanye ... your not fooling no one

  • Ethan Mak
    Ethan Mak Hace un día

    Kenny from South Park be like

  • Dovie Dovel
    Dovie Dovel Hace un día

    This whole album smells like asshole

  • Toluwalase Olajoyegbe
    Toluwalase Olajoyegbe Hace un día

    This was better than o expected

  • HxC Fragman
    HxC Fragman Hace un día

    That sick Old school early 90's/early 2000 Wave.

  • Premier Properties
    Premier Properties Hace un día

    Wrestling with God...I dont really want to wrestle
    Romans 7:15-20 New International Version (NIV)
    15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. 17 As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.

  • Mrs. A.
    Mrs. A. Hace un día +1

    Who in the occult hell told this biblical clown to share his diary in the form of wackness?? 😂 Satan, Lucifer, and Jesus jacked Kanye up real good. 🙌😂

  • Brendan Berney
    Brendan Berney Hace un día

    That perched alpaca with the white snow in the background at 1:00 is so aesthetic