These Animals Reunited With Owners After Years #2 !

  • Publicado el 2 mar 2023
  • Pets are a part of our lives, but for our animals - we ARE their lives! That’s why any amount of time apart is incredibly difficult for them, because they don’t have much time to begin with... Today we’re going to show you how these animals reunited with their owners, and you’re definetly going to want to give your pet a hug by the end... but for now, subscribe and click on the bell so you don’t lose this channel!
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  • Tom K
    Tom K Hace 26 días +114

    I always found it incredible how much love an animal can give. I respect all parts of life a lot. From birds, to squirrels, to even the animals we don't find adorable. They have feelings and that's really remarkable. I think animals are here to remind us humans how to be.

    • Dawit M.
      Dawit M. Hace 25 días +2

      Tom K. Agreed 110% wit you….

    • angela vara
      angela vara Hace 25 días +2

      Do you still eat them though?

    • Light Up
      Light Up Hace 25 días +1

      Humans are like that.
      No love from or for animals can compare to love in a loving family.

    • gothick femboy
      gothick femboy Hace 14 días +5

      ​@angela vara vengan stop killing our plants

  • WOW OD
    WOW OD  Hace 2 meses +387

    *OK.....NOW YOU DID IT! Crying my eyes out! These reunions between these souls is so heart warming.*

    • TurtleShell 8024
      TurtleShell 8024 Hace 2 meses +4


    • WELUCK - Luckiest People
      WELUCK - Luckiest People Hace un mes +8

      The happiness and excitement in these animals' faces when they reunite with their owners is priceless. They truly are a part of our families

    • Troll McClure
      Troll McClure Hace un mes +5

      Works everytime.
      Like chopping onions

    • mike scully
      mike scully Hace 24 días +4

      You hit the nail I was the same as you.

    • Baba Gladston
      Baba Gladston Hace 23 días +3

      I love animals

  • kirin carli
    kirin carli Hace 6 días +1

    Llevo casi 6 meses sin ver a mi perro y espero algun dia poder verlo otra vez. Ojala y dios me ayude. 🙏🏻

  • Manuela Benoit
    Manuela Benoit Hace 21 un día +3

    Can't help but cry. Only the coldest heart won't be moved.

  • Eddie Moore
    Eddie Moore Hace 2 meses +129

    You guys can't do this to ppl! Im a 41 year old man and you've got me sitting here in tears. Unbelievable to see tigers and lizards and giraffes and even cougars melting as they see their past owners and saviors. Just unbelievable!

    • Ya Boi Jern757
      Ya Boi Jern757 Hace 27 días +4

      Me too bro

    • Diana Ryan
      Diana Ryan Hace 25 días +2

      That's because the owners were kind to them and didn't abuse them. Just goes to show what kindness can do.

    • CocoaChanel0607.
      CocoaChanel0607. Hace 25 días +2

      Ikr it’s so beautiful I can’t help but to tear up😢

    • Maily Wong
      Maily Wong Hace 25 días +1

      I cried too

  • The Nameless One
    The Nameless One Hace 25 días +39

    Kind of brings a tear to your eye. Such wholesome interactions with completely different species all over the place, should change our entire interaction worldwide in all honesty. We owe them a better, healthier planet. I hope we can figure this all out before its too late even though it almost seems like it is too late.

    • Marcelle Pesek
      Marcelle Pesek Hace un día +1

      The Nameless One: I so agree with you! For
      years I've had beloved pets and wanted to so much to understand everything they said and felt. Now, at last, people are beginning to open their
      minds, though we should have done this much
      sooner. I hope we make faster stride forwards and realize how sensitive animals are and how much
      we can learn from them. Maybe we can learn to
      cooperate and still save this planet. I'd like to be
      positive and say, YES! We can do much that's
      good! I ask that the Universe's love be poured out over our world. PLEASE EXPRESS GOOD THOUGHTS, LOVE AND HOPE TO EVERYBODY OUT THERE!

  • Lcoq19
    Lcoq19 Hace 2 meses +129

    After a weekend hospital stay, you'd have thought I'd been resurrected from the dead the way my dog reacted when I got home! I couldn't leave the house without her for a long while, but she was such a good girl while I was gone. Due to circumstances beyond my control, she was home alone most of that time with someone driving from 1½ hours away to let her out just once a day and she still didn't potty in the house. I wish she were still in my bed next to me instead of a box on my mantle but her impact on my life is permanent. She had the longest, best life I was able to give her and I believe that with my whole heart. 🐾 💜🐾

    • Sharon Andrews
      Sharon Andrews Hace 2 meses +6

      Bless you sweetheart. I know how you feel as one true pet parent to another. Thank you for caring 💖.

    • Lcoq19
      Lcoq19 Hace 2 meses +14

      @Sharon Andrews that dog saved my life on more than one occasion since I knew she'd never understand if I failed to come back home. She was my baby and got me through so much. 2½ weeks after she had to be put down due to sudden age-related illness that left her unable to even stand (we had to put her in the car by carrying her in her quilt [which my momma hand-made for her, just like she has for all her children and grandchildren] like a sling; which is no easy task with an 80lb dog), I had to take on raising my 14 month old nephew. In a way, it's good she passed before he arrived since she had me to herself (save for our other rescue dog) in her last days. I think sharing me would've been especially difficult on her at that age. The other dog is now the same age she was when she passed and even he's a little jealous of my now 3-year-old human kid (the nephew whom I have custody of and am in the process of adopting). But you just do what you can to give the dog attention too, ya know? Definitely easier as the kid gets more independent. Plus, before I head to bed every night, once the 2-legged kid is in bed, I sit on the couch and love on my 4-legged baby for a while, just to remind him he's still loved too. 🥰
      Sorry, I'm rambling! I just don't get much occasion to talk about the first love of my life, my fuzzy baby girl. I miss her on every day that ends in the letter "y". 🐾💜🐾

    • Maily Wong
      Maily Wong Hace 25 días +2

      Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story

    • Lcoq19
      Lcoq19 Hace 24 días +2

      @Maily Wong she was my world; I take every opportunity to talk about her that I can. 💜
      Just before the 2nd anniversary of her death this year, I got a memorial necklace with her picture and a small, bullet-shaped urn to hold a small amount of her ashes. It's brought me so much comfort to have a little piece of her on my person.

  • Nasom Naseegak
    Nasom Naseegak Hace 2 meses +29

    When I was a teenager, I used to be away from my family for a year. But now that I have dogs, I'm never more than 12 hours away from them. I know how powerful animals are to my senses.

  • 53kaja
    53kaja Hace 2 meses +196

    In this cruel world, only animals can love unconditionally and selflessly ❤❤❤❤❤

    • Todd
      Todd Hace un mes

      . .i

    • Beau. s
      Beau. s Hace un mes +1

      Yeah just like the malamute that mauled me and most killed me 2 years ago. 😂

    • Soldier of CHRIST
      Soldier of CHRIST Hace un mes +8

      No, people who follow the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST can also love unconditionally.

    • GFW777
      GFW777 Hace un mes +3

      As well as those who are trully in Christ Jesus.

    • GFW777
      GFW777 Hace un mes +1

      @Soldier of CHRIST Amen

  • Vikings Fan
    Vikings Fan Hace 2 meses +53

    Best thing you can get from an animal is their unconditional love! What a great collection of happiness!

  • Marcelle Pesek
    Marcelle Pesek Hace 2 meses +73

    Dear MAD LAB, thank you for this wonderful compilation of such heartwarming videos. I just ache for those
    who had to be separated from their dear ones, and so happy to see their utter delicious joy when they were
    re-united! To anyone who doesn't believe in the purity of animals' love and loyalty and that they have souls, I hope this will convince you otherwise. We need to stop cruelty and hatred in all forms and send out love to all beings. We are all part of one great Universe. God gave us the animals to love them and take care of them, not to beat or abuse and take advantage of them. I'm so grateful for seeing these lovely reunions and miss all of my beloved pets so much. Please be kind to all life on this precious earth. Love and compassion should be
    the feelings we have for each other, all animals and nature. Please do all you can to do away with cruelty. Thank

    • Cathy Dargie
      Cathy Dargie Hace 2 meses +1

      They come out with some great videos don't they?

    • Davey Houston
      Davey Houston Hace 2 meses

      I wish they had souls!! 😢

    • Marcelle Pesek
      Marcelle Pesek Hace 2 meses +2

      ​@Davey Houston Dear Davey, I truly
      believe that they do! One of my beloved pet kitties would jump up on my bed, walk beside my body and then plop down on
      my lap. After he passed, I would feel the same "jump and paws walking from my
      feet to my lap". I would look, as it felt so real that I thought a cat had come in from outside, but nothing was visible. Some may
      say it was my imagination and grief, but I'm sure he was there, and not just once, but
      several times. I've also felt other pets nearby afterwards. Best wishes to you.

    • G-Mommie
      G-Mommie Hace 9 días

      @Marcelle Pesek “…..You are truly believed here, I have had that gift as well, some of us do and other’s do not….sooo yes they call it our imagination or grief even worst your mind playing tricks on you, tiredness or plain ole’ crazy”!!!! “..I will always beg too differ with anyone about my sanity & what I’ve been given too feel that others don’t, for I know I’m blessed and gifted with that of of others could have they’d jump at the first sign too have”!!! G-MOMMEE

    • G-Mommie
      G-Mommie Hace 9 días

      @Davey Houston “…..Too be such a power creature and able too kill an opponent or for food in an blink of an eye, remember people, places, things, hate being abused but, love be loved, appreciated, cared for and respected as well as be able too give that back too humans no matter what….I call that humans of another race and kind and they all have soul’s”!!!! “……Most ANIMALS are more like humans and without a doubt way better than many of humans I know”!!! G-MOMMEE

  • Fast Fuzzy
    Fast Fuzzy Hace 17 días +3

    My dog gets super excited when me my wife a daughter get home from spending a few hours with her mom and dad he acts like we was gone for days no matter if its just a quick trip to the store. Animals are the true definition of love and loyalty. 100% of humans could learn alot about love and loyalty from them

  • law35penn
    law35penn Hace 2 meses +35

    It's amazing how much love and affection these animals showed to humans. 🥰 🥰 🥰

    • SilvaDreams
      SilvaDreams Hace un mes +1

      Mind you all of these animals are social by nature and so they end up bonding with the human that cares for them.
      It doesn't make the big cats safe though, specially if you don't know how to read their body language.

    • Al A
      Al A Hace 24 días

      Animals can teach us a thing or being LOVE.

  • Andrew Estes
    Andrew Estes Hace 2 meses +68

    I love animals and WE MUST protect the creatures of this world! They have the capacity to love just as much as we do

    • blackwolf
      blackwolf Hace 2 meses +3

      They can love more ....

    • egon gefferie
      egon gefferie Hace 2 meses

      Yeah but dont keep them in your house , it aint pets let them live there wildlife !

    • Guillermo Chavez
      Guillermo Chavez Hace 9 días

      I agree 😢, going vegan.

  • Diana Ryan
    Diana Ryan Hace 27 días +21

    I am 75 y/o. When I was a little girl, at the age of 10, my siblings and I had a duck named Quacky. Everytime we came home, on a bus from school, no matter where Quacky was, she would quack and run to meet us. She was the best duck.

    • manoman0
      manoman0 Hace 23 días

      Ducks are best.

    • EvilHellMusic
      EvilHellMusic Hace 11 días

      What's a duck?

    • manoman0
      manoman0 Hace 11 días

      @EvilHellMusic that contested in 2023? :D

  • Samuel Ah Loo
    Samuel Ah Loo Hace 2 meses +48

    The emotional love and bonding between any animal and a human is undeniably so beautiful to watch. May the good Lord bless all the people and animals in this world that share a common respect for each other, no matter who or what they are. We are all God’s creatures. Love and Aloha from Maui, Hi. 🙏🏽🤙🏾🥰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌺🌈🌞🍅🍍💖💖

    • Samuel Ah Loo
      Samuel Ah Loo Hace 2 meses


    • Chris Jan
      Chris Jan Hace 2 meses +1

      @Samuel Ah Loo its a scam be carful

    • Marcelle Pesek
      Marcelle Pesek Hace 2 meses

      Samuel Ah Loo, I agree with you totally! You have
      such a good heart! Many blessings to you! And hi back, from California.

  • Kalee Johnson
    Kalee Johnson Hace 14 días

    The man getting his service dog back and truly thanking the officer was the one that broke me oh my god I am in tears

  • Jackie Perry
    Jackie Perry Hace 2 meses +62

    I don't even know what to say. This was beautiful beyond words. Thank you for showing us so much love in one place.

  • MB🍓
    MB🍓 Hace 21 un día +1

    Made me cry...They can feel, just as much and genuine sincere love. ❤️❤️

  • Idontlikesweats
    Idontlikesweats Hace 16 días +1

    So beautiful, they love unconditionally. Brought tears to my eyes, and joy in my heart. ❤

  • Crystal Boven
    Crystal Boven Hace un mes +22

    2 years ago I had a massive heart attack and survived it but I was in the hospital for 3 weeks then I went to Rehab for a month not seeing my precious Aime who is a German Shepherd/Retriver when I finally came home she cried and I cried best reunion ever I will never forget it she's my best friend she actually hugged me and never left my side

    • Abishek Rauthar
      Abishek Rauthar Hace un mes +1

      You are damn lucky like that Final Destination thingy you were brought back from the jaws of death, but remember M.I. repeats, so get yourself checked regularly..

  • Sarah Westwell
    Sarah Westwell Hace 2 meses +16

    This is how all humans should be with all animals. The bonds they forge are forever. Less abuse and wayyy more love guys. Xxx

    • Marcelle Pesek
      Marcelle Pesek Hace 2 meses

      Sarah Westwell, I could't agree with you more!
      They are precious and we need to give them
      love and help whenever we can. If anyone wants
      a pet, please get one from a shelter or if they
      come to you/or you find them. They will thank
      you always! Remember that it is a commitment,
      and treat them gently, please! If you can't adopt
      them, pls. find a truly loving person who can.
      Thank you, all kindhearted animal lovers!

  • G4BrI3L
    G4BrI3L Hace 29 días +21

    Los animales son hermosos valorenlos, amenlos, cuidenlos y veran este mundo con otros ojos

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith Hace 23 días +5

    Oh man,this was so cute! It's really heartwarming & amazing how some of the wild animals that normally don't get much or any exposure to humans,still reacted as lovingly & almost as excited as the domesticated ones...

  • Jose raimundo Silva
    Jose raimundo Silva Hace 2 meses +11

    Isso é o máximo da bondade
    Convivio máximo

  • ItzCaseyKC
    ItzCaseyKC Hace 14 días +3

    It's a beautiful thing to see animals showing their love and appreciation to those who helped and loved them.

  • Solitaryconfinement
    Solitaryconfinement Hace 2 meses +11

    I work about 100 yards from my house and when I get home you'd think my two dogs thought I was never coming back. I love it! It's my favorite part of coming home. They get more excited than my kid does that's for sure.

    • WELUCK - Luckiest People
      WELUCK - Luckiest People Hace un mes

      It's amazing how animals can remember their owners even after years apart. These videos prove that the bond between humans and animals is unbreakable

  • David Ward
    David Ward Hace 2 meses +16

    The connection we have with animals is truly astounding! 😍

  • WELUCK - Luckiest People
    WELUCK - Luckiest People Hace un mes +16

    *These videos always bring tears to my eyes! So heartwarming to see the love between animals and their owners even after years of separation* 😍

  • Ron Dignam
    Ron Dignam Hace 2 meses +67

    OMG these were too cute! Some of them brought tears to my eyes! I love seeing the REAL connections between animal and human! It’s amazing to see!!

    • Dee Sylvia 🐱
      Dee Sylvia 🐱 Hace 2 meses +3

      I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who cried! So so precious. Tears were definitely shed

    • Stephen Miller
      Stephen Miller Hace 2 meses +3

      I cried too

    • AMV - Luckiest People
      AMV - Luckiest People Hace 2 meses

      *Seeing the love between people and animals moves me*

    • Nicholas TV
      Nicholas TV Hace 2 meses

      ​@Stephen Miller hey what's up
      I'm Jay from NC what u doing now

  • Angel baby squeaky
    Angel baby squeaky Hace 2 meses +66

    These animal videos make you feel better
    The feeling that these animals have for their rescuers and owners is wonderful.
    Thank you for this great video, I really enjoyed it.

    • Diane Bannister
      Diane Bannister Hace 2 meses +6

      I wish that people I knew showed gratitude like what these animals were showing.

  • Ester Souza Vitor
    Ester Souza Vitor Hace 2 meses +13

    Que lindos ,como não amar os animais ❤

    • John Sellers
      John Sellers Hace 2 meses

      How not to love animals? Don’t you mean how to love animals?

    • LuanAstronomy18
      LuanAstronomy18 Hace 10 días

      ​@John Sellers hello! I am a Brazilian speaker here, they didn't mean that. In here, that means something like “ How could we not love animals? ”

  • Punio
    Punio Hace 18 días +2

    Human and Animals belong together ❤

  • beri232
    beri232 Hace 26 días +18

    I swear…. if people were more capable of pure, unfiltered love and friendship as our animal friends… it’d be a much better world!

  • Torio Maas
    Torio Maas Hace 12 días

    Thought-provoking. Breathtaking. Inspirational. Think about the fact that animals are so good at remembering those that did them good, it is no wonder when they remember even better those that did them bad. Be good to our fellow earth denizens. We are on this rotating ball of rock and dirt together.

  • db lm
    db lm Hace 25 días +4

    What a world if folks showed this kind of compassion towards each other.
    It must take place

  • Anthony Nambo
    Anthony Nambo Hace un mes +2

    Not a moment goes by when I want to see my animals again, hold them to me and sleep. Brings tears to my eyes 🥲

  • KJT Wesley
    KJT Wesley Hace 2 meses +16

    Love knows no bounds even with the wildest creatures. ♥️♥️

  • •.dandylion joys.•
    •.dandylion joys.• Hace 24 días +8

    The fact the lions were so darn happy to see their rescuer was so beautiful

  • keith mounts
    keith mounts Hace un mes +1


  • mattgotsskill
    mattgotsskill Hace 2 meses +9

    all of these are nothing compared to the man with the crocodile, that is probably the rarest animal relationship you will ever see.

  • Shoot To Save
    Shoot To Save Hace 25 días +1

    Can't stop warm tears of love... missed all my pets i had for my almost six decades with them

  • Gyronaut412
    Gyronaut412 Hace 28 días +8

    Didn’t think I’d be crying on my lunch break but here I am

  • Corinne Page
    Corinne Page Hace 29 días +5

    It's so heartwarming to see the bond between animals and humans. 😪

  • M. Meißburger
    M. Meißburger Hace 19 días +1

    Love has no border , no race , its generally bound to every soul who can feel , no matter the body ..

  • D M
    D M Hace 2 meses +47

    Bonding and connecting with animals is a remarkable experience. They always love without condition.

  • Cecilio Martin Garcia
    Cecilio Martin Garcia Hace 13 días

    Tienen alma como nosotros y sentimientos 😍

  • Jon Focker
    Jon Focker Hace 24 días +7

    When I was 16, i found a black kitten someone released on a side street and took it home. I named him Magic and he was one of the best cats in the world. He had an amazing life. About 12 years later, my parents moved to NC and stopped along the way at a rest stop. They put Magic in a harness and tried to take him for a walk. He did some jin jitsu move and flipped out of the harness and ran off. They didn't know what to do and looked for like an hour but couldn't find him. So they went back on their drive south.
    My stepdad worked for the highway department and figured they would be the ones to see him if anybody. He tracked down the mile number and rest stop and contacted them a few weeks later. They were feeding a black cat that fit the description! My stepdad had a huge bond with Magic so he was happy to drive the 8 hours or so to get him. I too absolutely loved Magic. He was super smart and we had good memories.
    One time we were having a garage sale and a guy came walking up the driveway with a super tall and skinny dog. Only it wasn't a normal dog. It was a wolf! A skinny black wolf that apparently wasn't very confident. It was hiding behind its owner as they walked.
    As they got closer to the garage, Magic came out of nowhere sideways with his back arched. He has no front claws so not sure what he could have done lol. (I regret declawing him, never again). He thought the wolf was a threat and was ready to fight. Or at least pretend. The wolf saw Magic and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets! His tail went between his legs and he wanted outta there!!!
    It happened so fast and we were all shocked by it. The biggest "dog" we've ever seen and a clawless cat ready to fight lol. Hilarious.

  • Vi Ma
    Vi Ma Hace un mes +15

    I cried a lot!!Thank you for reminding us once again how magnificent, pure hearted and trully beautiful creatures the animals are!!

  • Linda Thompson
    Linda Thompson Hace 2 meses +8

    So wonderful to see animals react to people who have loved them.

  • Scherfee Playlist
    Scherfee Playlist Hace 2 meses +5

    this makes me smiling so much and I am normally a bold cold person but when seeing this my heart cant stop soften up omg

  • Nora S.
    Nora S. Hace 23 días +1

    The gratitude of animals is not comparable with the gratitude of people!

  • Raymon Summers
    Raymon Summers Hace un mes +6

    Thank you for this. In an angry world it's refreshing to see the beautiful side of humanity and animals

  • Michael Alexander Zamora
    Michael Alexander Zamora Hace 2 meses +16

    This is so wholesome ❤

  • Grace Hand
    Grace Hand Hace 11 días

    My cat rescued me in January. I had ended a 9-year relationship, and my beloved car had broken down. This beautiful feline took ahold of my heart. Every time I go to work, she looks sad, but when I come home, I can hear her happy meows at the door. I will put away my things and then happily pet her for as long as she wants. She has my heart.

  • ArnoldVeeman
    ArnoldVeeman Hace 22 días +2

    Funny how people are being so touched by this. Yes, most animals have exactly the same feelings as we do. That's not weird once you felt this yourselves.
    I was fostered by a family for the first 3 years of my life. We got attached and are still on contact. However, the happiness I see in this animals are completely 100% the same as how I would describe my feelings towards my step family. Point is, do they feel the same?
    I talked about this from time to time and although I feel that for my part I have always want to be really connected to them they never let me in. Leaving me with a sort of empty feeling the whole time.
    Now, as a kid I didn't ask these questions and just enjoyed my time with them. I went back and forth to them after living there for 3 years. After that I got back to my biological mother, which I didn't like so much as being with them instead. So I went back to them as often as I could.
    Now, I am 50 years old and things feel a little different...
    Sometimes I think "I wish life was simpler". These animals somehow remind of that thought. As a professional music composer I am always looking out for people to collaborate with that have the same ideas, temperament and feelings. I wonder what would happen if like-minded people had the means and opportunities to make a movie or a series about all of this. I think it would be an amazing experience.
    Yes, I am really touched by footage like this. It's inspiring... yet sometimes confronting too . . .
    But thanks for the effort to make and upload this ❤

  • Mark Martin
    Mark Martin Hace 2 meses +4

    People know love but animals know it deeper

  • Albert Hall
    Albert Hall Hace 25 días +1

    So amazing! Thank you for compiling this group of reunions!

  • Blanca Gonzalez
    Blanca Gonzalez Hace 4 días

    Los animales, lo mas hermoso de la creación, te aman y no te juzgan y su amor es sincero.

  • Lilith Rogers
    Lilith Rogers Hace 2 meses +9

    OH, these wonderful quick glimpses into the affection between these creatures of all sorts and their human allies bring me to tears of joy...thank you!!! We are ALL ONE!!😍😍

    • Oded Haber
      Oded Haber Hace 2 meses +2

      I wish the ticks, mosquitoes, and horseflies didn't agree so wholeheartedly.

  • Willfried
    Willfried Hace 29 días +2

    Das sind die Bestätigungen meiner Meinung:
    Die Liebe und Dankbarkeit der Tiere ist die ehrlichste auf dieser Welt❤👍

  • Sjira
    Sjira Hace 2 meses +4

    They know, feel, love like us all. ❤

    SANDY RAGSDALE Hace 11 días

    These animals have so much love to give. They never get old❤❤

  • M. Sutton
    M. Sutton Hace 2 meses +158

    This shows there’s not an animal on Earth that can’t love and bond with humans. So beautiful.

    • Joanne Jasny
      Joanne Jasny Hace 2 meses +1

      Make the most of it because they are all becoming extinct due to lack of habitat and and food, thanks to us humans.

    • Tanner Sorenson
      Tanner Sorenson Hace 2 meses

      Komodo Dragon

    • Joseph Ross
      Joseph Ross Hace 2 meses +2

      Shows the power of love. Wow

    • Spinalcordgaming
      Spinalcordgaming Hace 2 meses

      Snakes: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Aldemar Duarte
    Aldemar Duarte Hace 2 meses +2

    El único amor verdadero

  • Karen Camp
    Karen Camp Hace 2 meses +7

    I absolutely love Dean Schneider. His connection with the animals is unbelievable.

  • vielka denerson
    vielka denerson Hace 2 meses +10

    0:14 Tiger's face expression is saying it all !

  • Lazy Lucy
    Lazy Lucy Hace 7 días

    So heartwarming ! My eyes were full of happy tears 😍

  • Vrinara
    Vrinara Hace un mes +2

    The bond between animal and humans is shaky, but when you raise or rescue an animal, they never forget and honestly? Seeing this made me tear up in happiness.

  • Kari Kiefer
    Kari Kiefer Hace 2 meses +7

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      Marcelle Pesek Hace 2 meses +1

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    • I Grant
      I Grant Hace 2 meses

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  • Ambiguum Spectatorem (Espectador Ambiguo)

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