Naked Science - Colliding Continents


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  • Amir As
    Amir As Hace un hora

    Thank you naked science good job

  • Ashton UK
    Ashton UK Hace 2 días

    Science is evil shit! God. Created this flat earth and science is the grand deception lie! ITS FLAT, get over it and tell the truth, not this global lie shit

  • robert hastings
    robert hastings Hace 3 días

    The warming question is when will human quite killing the earth?

  • RandomNumber
    RandomNumber Hace 6 días

    The model of planet formation discussed in this video has been debunked by recent science. The "clumps" fall apart long before they can reach planet-size. The truth is, science has now discovered that we have _no idea_ how planets formed!

  • jamgrl38
    jamgrl38 Hace 6 días

    The whole video is a joke. 'Earth formed from left over sun'...BWAHAHAHAHAHA! wow

  • David McDaniel
    David McDaniel Hace 6 días

    That's where I have to disagree 8:00 to 8:30 on vid talking about how they think water was carried to earth last. All the materials earth has was in the rocks and dust and asteroids meteors comets that formed the earth and the water came to the surface along with the oxygen and and silicon, which is what created our primordial atmosphere protected by our cores magnetic forces. There's nothing exciting here its pretty mundane knowledge, like everyone who studies physics and geology and astrophysics should know this...

  • Que Pasa
    Que Pasa Hace 8 días

    The Earth may well be our only home. Don't Wreck it!

  • Adrian B
    Adrian B Hace 9 días +1

    So they collided and all planets became lifeless deserts, and the earth surprisingly became a beautiful planet with life,water,and nature.... makes sense.. lol

  • Michael Scrocca
    Michael Scrocca Hace 11 días


  • Michael Scrocca
    Michael Scrocca Hace 11 días


  • latino heat
    latino heat Hace 20 días +1

    Would of been cool to live in the dinosaurus era 😁

  • John Eyon
    John Eyon Hace 24 días

    LOL!! - 1:47 - "it's easy to see the distinctive pattern of land that makes up the continents - north america - south america - africa - antartica - EUROPE - asia - australia" - easy to see? - not europe - it's called a continent by europeans who self-importance has them feeling distinct from the rest of the world - geologically they aren't as can be seen from these images from space - in fact - not all geologists consider europe it's own continent - the Indian SUB-continent is more strongly separate from the rest of asia than europe is
    44:25 - look at the plate boundaries - they might cause a reassessment of the term "continents"
    49:14 - "but by then [the formation of pangea ultima - 200+ million years from now] - the impact of colliding continents could have been too much for our species" - LOL!! - our species will have evolved into another species long before then - the writer really means "our descendant species" - our species or our descendants will probably have went spacefaring not due to the the agonizing slow colliding continents and catastrophes that resemble the ones our species (and other creatures) has been suffering thru earth's evolution - but for other tamer reasons

  • Southeastern777
    Southeastern777 Hace 26 días +1

    Can't wait for Southern California to be destroyed! The "big one's" on the way ;-)

  • Ryan Valk
    Ryan Valk Hace 27 días +1

    so if the land that began at the bottom of the sea and ends up at the top of the mountian then wouldnt we find the oldest core samples of rock be at the top of the mountain

  • William R Warren Jr
    William R Warren Jr Hace 27 días

    49:42 ... Did any model makers out there catch the kit-bashed Darth Vader fighter unabashedly used as the front end of the returned from deep space but now departing starship? *SO-o,* maybe we didn't find a more hospitable place, after all. (Maybe they're hinting that Earth has been so forgotten it's even mispronounced "Hoth".)

  • Ross Anderson
    Ross Anderson Hace un mes +1

    Nothing 'new' to see here. Move on.

  • Jayson Stonne
    Jayson Stonne Hace un mes

    Regarding the sea fossils on top of the mountain, I am sure religious people think it was due to the "Great Flood"

  • Jayson Stonne
    Jayson Stonne Hace un mes +1

    If the planet started as hardened lava and granite where did dirt and plants come from?

    • Zoey Valyrian-Stokes
      Zoey Valyrian-Stokes Hace 27 días

      Jayson Stonne the Earth is ~59% silcate compounds, which 95% of rocks are made of. Grind those rocks up and you have dirt. Organic compounds that make plants are much more complex and theories are less firm about how they came about, but we know what they are now.
      the materials for everything on Earth have always been on Earth, it’s just chemistry

  • Peter Beedle
    Peter Beedle Hace un mes

    I think they better work on that theory that ALL the water in the oceans came later from outer space because it just doesn't pass the stiff test to me because its a shit load of water. Its just like "life" was first thought to magically come from out space just because they couldn't figure out how life first formed on Earth (probably because of the water theory). Now they are having second thoughts that maybe life was able to start here. Saying it came from outer space is not much different than saying God made it!

  • F. Crazybone
    F. Crazybone Hace un mes +4

    They call them natural disasters but they're not disasters at all. It's just what the earth does; we just happen to be in the way. The earth doesn't give two shits about people; if anything it's probably like a dog trying to shake off all of the fleas.

  • Howard Massicotte
    Howard Massicotte Hace un mes

    I have been asking religious scientism fanatics like you all my life WHY the universe bothers to exist in the first place and all i get is scientism scientism scientism. Please, my fanatical science-priest friend, go back to your clergy and find some real repeatable scientific experiment we can all repeat, proving your freemason 450-year-old spinning sphere. 647 206 5011. I m a retired lawyer in Toronto. call me i am a real human being, not a fake loser no-name coward. I will give you everything I own if you can prove the earth is heliocentric or even if the earth is moving period. I am very serious. you are either hypnotized and deceived or another paid NASA freemason shill. and if you are the latter, you are simply under deeper hypnosis. Either way, grow some and call me I will answer. I will prove to you one on one the earth is stationary, geocentric, with a dome 75 miles above the surface, that the sun and moon orbit us and that Nikola tesla was dead on about this realm, that it is ''not a planet, not a thing with edges '' that it is'' better described as a system environment'' ever changing with a '' firmament being maintained by the sun and moon''
    Ignorant people are abusing the discovery Nikola Tesla observed in nature, the alternating current in the atmosphere between the SUN and the MOON.. He copied and recreated this in his Tesla coil, even called sun moon and earth a tesla coil.
    TESLA SAID IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE UNDERSTAND FREQUENCY AND VIBRATION AKA ELECTRICITY. do you have any idea how to induce an alternating current? I doubt it but simply put, you need a sun, a primary coil, a moon, a secondary coil, and a stationary plain between them, a STATOR, an EARTH. tesla discovered alternating current through observing and copying nature, with the sun and moon representing the alternating coils and the earth representing the stator. do your homework children this is an electric binary infinite universe. earth is not a spinning ball. YOU DON T HAVE TO LIKE IT

  • Jj T
    Jj T Hace un mes +2

    4:44 It says its Earth 4 and a half million years ago, but the photo is actually from Mars' surface.

  • Thjeok Thjeok
    Thjeok Thjeok Hace un mes

    This proves science today , IS LAGGING ! Land masses dont float ! There is no subduction - No floating land masses ! It is a fact that the earth expands ! Which will create less destruction - less sea level rise .

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok Hace 29 días

      Hm , what country do you come from , and when did you get out of the asylum ?

    • Hm Grraarrpffrzz
      Hm Grraarrpffrzz Hace 29 días

      "you're", "woman", "than you"
      Also: I am your god in disguise.
      _"if its not up to you to proof me wrong then it proves i am right"_
      So, if you can't prove that I'm not your god in disguise, then I am your god in disguise. Time to bow down and pray to me?
      _"blind faiths anymore , Whether its a scientific or religious one"_
      Scientific theories require no faith but understanding.
      Religion requires faith as there is nothing to understand.

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok Hace un mes

      Schmeck , you are not my better , your an egotistical prick who thinks hes smart but your so dumb you cant perceive it . and if its not up to you to proof me wrong then it proves i am right . Your the asshole ! And by the way i am not a man , i am a 69 year old women who has probably lived and learned more then you , prick !

    • schmeckelgruben
      schmeckelgruben Hace un mes

      Thjeok Thjeok - It's not up to me to prove you wrong. You are automatically assumed to be wrong until you can prove you're right. It's your theory, so you have the burden of proof.
      And absolutely no authority to assign homework to your betters. If you're going to be an asshole, don't expect to learn anything here.

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok Hace un mes

      Hm , why the need to categorize people ? I dont advocate to a flat earth , creationism and the like , so there goes your theory . The information your seeking is there , your just so stuck in your paradigm your too scared to look . And you cant fool most of the younger generations to believe in blind faiths anymore , Whether its a scientific or religious one . And if you look at it , religions have influenced it as well as main stream science , the age of the earth and all its history is made up to fit Darwin's theories of evolution , then you have the religious one where some god created all some 8 thousand years ago , both are incorrect , both are manipulations to fit the paradigm they want you to believe . There is no real proof of the age of the earth , there is no real proof there is a god , there theories ! I dont have a sett idea on knowledge it grows as our minds grow , unlike yours that is stuck . You can say as much as you like that i haven't provided you with the information , doesn't make it so . You must be really dumb if you cant look it up yourself ?? [ Try typing in increasing volcano activity and earth quakes on earth ]

  • Danielle Symons
    Danielle Symons Hace un mes

    They showed every continent up close except Australia. How fucked is that? Lol right at the beginning I mean coz I haven’t watched it yet.

  • Todd Cheyne
    Todd Cheyne Hace un mes +1


  • Dusty Old Duster
    Dusty Old Duster Hace un mes +5

    Yeah, and 250 million years from now I’ll still have that unpaid student loan, along with bankers that’ll still want me to pay it back.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 26 días

      The damn banks are stealing your homes away from young students! If you DO get a good job after graduation, you spend your 1st 10yrs renting. Besides the liberal Social/Commie bullshit they force you to believe.

  • PaulLonden
    PaulLonden Hace un mes

    This is hardly as worse what inevitable is in store for our planet.......eventually the sun will get hotter , evaporating all water...
    We should appreciate a bit more on what a rare oasis we not take it for granted....👍🏻🌏

  • YoYO Semite
    YoYO Semite Hace un mes

    What a load of bullshit. Why not show the earth from the opposite side, where it would be all ocean, dumb ass

  • YoYO Semite
    YoYO Semite Hace un mes

    Yeah, hundreds of million of year in the future dumb asses will still be using incandescent flash lights

  • Govinda GovindaJi
    Govinda GovindaJi Hace un mes

    Is this explanation not backwards at 35:21 minutes? "The deeper you go, the older the rock." (Grand Canyon). If the rocks are being pushed UP from the bottom, then aren't the layers at the bottom newer or younger? They even find the sea creatures from the Permian period at the top of the plateau. What am I missing here?

  • hot rod daddy
    hot rod daddy Hace un mes +5

    that scientist just stated that people in the future will find 250 million year old cars and license plates???lmao. that can not and will not happen..if a car is left alone in a field it will turn back into earth within 3 lifetimes.maybe 4.. i've been restoring cars for 40 years i have first hand experience at this.even in a sealed building if we aren't here it will fall apart.and the vehicle will be exposed,oxygen and moisture will get to it..our structures are not permanent with out maintenance.we can barely maintain the roads and structures we have.

    • Robert James
      Robert James Hace 19 días

      Naturally most will be destroyed but here and there depending on circumstances elements of our existance will be preserved, perhaps it might be locked in solid ice?

    • Linda Lewis
      Linda Lewis Hace un mes


    • SIE44TAR
      SIE44TAR Hace un mes

      I too was amused at the 250,000,000 year-old license plate retrieved from the dirt! Perhaps it was locked in solid ice for 249,999,990 years.

  • Jack Pressler
    Jack Pressler Hace un mes

    Space is fake earth is flat
    ALIENS ARE DEMONS! Here is proof
    Satans inverted world VS Gods biblical world; which one do you live in?
    GOD: earth is immovable, cant be moved.
    SATAN: Earth spins 666 mph.
    GOD: suN moves around stationary earth.
    SATAN: earth moves around stationary sun. (pagan sun worship)
    GOD: water is contained with bounds
    SATAN: water can curve around and stick to a ball.
    GOD: earth has ends/boundaries
    SATAN: Earth is a ball
    GOD: separates our sins as far from the east to the west. (only works on flat earth)
    SATAN: East and West meet on a globe
    GOD: Earth was formed and pressed like a seal in wax
    SATAN: Earth is a ball
    GOD: earth is Under the glass firmament
    SATAN: Earth is not protected
    GOD: there are no Planets only stars UNDER THE FIRMAMENT (
    SATAN: FAKE space/Solar systems/galaxies billions of light years away away from a loving GOD
    GOD: stars are angels
    SATAN: Stars are solid gases millions of years away
    GOD: Earth is Gods footstool (Google what a footstool looks like)
    SATAN: Earth is a spinning ball
    GOD: Earth has foundations and pillars Holding earth on GODS floor; it hangs from nothing
    SATAN: Earth magically floats through imaginary space while spinning!

    Paul warns the church “be ye not ignorant of the devices of the devil” we live in a fake satanic system; we were born into it there’s only truth in the word of God in the King James Version BIBLE! Trust God‘s word not the opposition Satan! NASA is lying they are actors in a secret society!(FREEMASONRY)they worship Lucifer!
    a little research will reveal it’s all BS they lie. Google “the new world order” which every president talked about; Yeah, they control all the information we get, they lie to us! All this is in your Bible and Jesus is your only way out via the rapture of the church before shit hits the fan and Satan takes over the antichrist via the pope! Earth is flat with a dome firmament over it just like God’s Word says! Truth is truth; people will reject it and go back to their comfortable lives living in the biggest conspiracy satanic lie ever; too scared to even attempt to research it on their own, pretty much everything we were ever taught was BS, question everything be a critical thinker! Satan inverts everything God does; he made eve question God’s Word in the garden of eden; (yeah hath God said?); he Wants to be worshiped like the most high! People just think Satan only deceived the world in that they would not believe in The death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior; But he Took the deception to a whole different level! We are living in a faKe CGI spinning heliocentric model created by sun worshiping jesuits who serve their master Lucifer! now knowing that he created a fake world called the spinning Wet ball rocket in fake outer space, I can assume that’s the reason why Jesus said to “love not the world nor the things in it”; he said “he that has the love of the world has not the love of the father” It is because this is Satan‘s world, and he is the little god of this world so when you love this world you are serving Satan and unknowingly paying homage to him. If you love this world you cannot love God appropriately! God said “be in this world but not of this world” this whole world is a deception on a mass scale! wake up! believe the gospel (1st Cor 15:1-4) Jesus is coming for his bride! Believe the gospel give your life to Christ the rapture of the church is coming soon! For we have that blessed hope! Greater is he in me then he that is in the world, Praying this wakes some people up!
    For those with spiritual eyes to see: Im providing scripture references at the end of my post to represent what God said about our earths nature; and Obviously Satan is representing NASA or false science.

  • ElinT13
    ElinT13 Hace 2 meses +1

    I don't know - the creation of the grand canyon was totally a different one according to Nick Zentner (Central Washington University) and Tom Foster. Sorry, there are quite a few things else that do not make sense.

    • Linda Lewis
      Linda Lewis Hace un mes

      Beginning of doc they said that Europe and N.America were moving apart at 1" a year. Then @ the end they said N. America and Europe will collide. So, do they really know anything?

  • Bayliner175
    Bayliner175 Hace 2 meses

    The narrator sucks! It´s not an action movie. Shame!

  • Dunkleosteus
    Dunkleosteus Hace 2 meses +4

    Europe and North America are moving away from each other.

  • william mccann
    william mccann Hace 2 meses

    all sounds a bit like crap to me

  • spike lee stree
    spike lee stree Hace 2 meses

    All these events happen so slowly over time, we will be able to adapt.
    There will be no cities under snow and no clocks encased in ice sticking out of a got damn rock.. fn morons..

  • jason biehn
    jason biehn Hace 2 meses

    They don't know shit fake news like every thing else fucking dumb shit's don't No nothing more like they are retard's are running are world..

  • Dionisios Mousses
    Dionisios Mousses Hace 2 mesesídeo.html
    Magnetic Field Source! Take a First time Look inside our Earth!

  • Angel Derbessy
    Angel Derbessy Hace 2 meses +2

    Can't wait for the next map dlc of earth

  • vanhouten64
    vanhouten64 Hace 2 meses +1

    Truth is revealed by SCIENCE!

  • leo lichtveld
    leo lichtveld Hace 2 meses +1

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    • phoenixshade3
      phoenixshade3 Hace 18 días

      leo lichtveld
      Dude, the lack of vitamin B-12, DHA, and EPA has clearly affected your brain. Do yourself a favor and go eat a hamburger.
      Besides, your comment has zero relevance to the video.

    • jomen112
      jomen112 Hace un mes +1

      _"Monkeys of allsorts ... are 'vegans', they are gentle creatures."_
      I never meet a vegan proponent which is not ignorant of biology and does not base their ideas on how the world works on ideology or wishful thinking rather than facts.
      _"Watch "COWSPIRACY""_
      I seen it. It was rubbish, and one sided.

    • スzyckon
      スzyckon Hace un mes +1

      Look, I know what you're trying to do with this comment but holy fuck the way you formatted it.

    • Darrell Steele
      Darrell Steele Hace 2 meses


  • Simon Vanderlinde
    Simon Vanderlinde Hace 2 meses

    Images talk for themselves ...OOooh the sun is hot ..

  • Бисер Русанов

    We had to land on Mars and land on the surface for another 25 years, as in 1025 years. Apollo 11's moon's footprint was shot by director Stanley Kubrick, who died mysteriously after admitting to some media that he had shot the moon landing on a set! A small step of man - a huge lie of mankind. The cosmos does not exist as we have seen it and we have seen it on TV! Our Whole Cosmos is CGI, Photoshop and computer-generated images and has nothing to do with reality! Do not Believe on These Computer Graphics and Images CGI SEE with your own eyes through a publicly accessible telescope and you will understand the truth! Oops! Uppsala! I forgot that publicly available telescopes do not exist anywhere! SpaceX = FakeX. NASA is Satan himself the greatest manipulator, crook and liar who, with the help of the world's media, controlling them, controlling the curriculum and textbooks, has forced ordinary naive people to believe in Scientology, Scientology that has become a religion! Get a glimpse of Google and ESclips about the shape of our Earth, which is far from NASA's fake images of the missing over 20,000 satellites around the Earth that were fired in the next 50 years, in the Cosmos, cloud clouds and continent sizes over the years with different sizes of different colors and missing satellites everything is Photoshop and done with SGI computer generated images Everything we've learned at school is a Great Scam Scientist turned into a religious dogma based on absurd unproven never ego theories in which ordinary indoctrinated people believe blindly without themselves doing the necessary experiments and elementary checks. I wonder how blindly we have believed and believe most people that Humanity lives on a rotating 71% water ball around its axis with 1666km / h which travels in the space with the incredible 107,000km / h around the Sun in an incredibly rigorous ecliptic, from which the seasons depend only on the inclination of the axle and that during the Winter Earth was closest to the Sun and in the summer farthest , at the same time we are moving according to this model with 800,000 spirals together with our entire Solar System inside our "Galaxy", and our entire "Galaxy" was moving more than 2,100,000 km / h in relation to the other "Galaxies" caused by one A big absurd blast of nothing, where instead of getting a big scatter of anything like a real blast, it took that by mistake the nature formed all these "Galaxies" with Solar Systems on strictly defined law and order with strict certain eclipses, without decreasing corrosion or increase with inexhaustible energy moving in an absurd vacuum like a space ship without walls, windows and no hard protections, instead protected only by some magical magnetic field and magical "gravity" which is only a theory not logically absurd and unproven, which protect us from the vacuum and radiation where this vacuum should suck only for a fraction of a second our Atmosphere under pressure, and no physical or natural magical forces could hold it. Oceans in the equatorial area should be more convex because of the centrifugal forces if the Earth is a ball that rotates at 1666km / h but everywhere the water is flat and calm in many cases of good weather. Gravitation is only an unproven theory, which is a Catholic dogma from the Jesuits later turned into masons. It is impossible for gravity to be so strong that it holds trillions of tons of water, and at the same time so weak that it allows insects, butterflies and birds to fly lightly. According to Newton's law, a balloon with helium should stick to the Earth, do not fly! There are more than 200 proofs of Eric Dubey and a host of other new and newer ones that the Earth IS NOT GLOBUS and it is INCONVENIENT to be. A helium balloon according to Newton's theory would have to stick to the Earth, but to fly up. Everything can be explained by density and buoyancy. Everything is shot on special ZERO-G airplanes where zero gravity is reached when the airplane's nose is lowered or lowered. The flights of the Globe planes observe unreasonable unprofitable deviations that pass through the North, while on the Flat Earth they make sense because are in a straight line. GPS - and it works on planar trigonometry, the Solar Clock is impossible to work on a rotating globe, and the Compass would be useless to the Globe because the South would point into space. The polar star fully proves the flat and stationary Earth, as it never moves nor moves and is visible at 30 degrees South. There is no Parallax, every 6 months, when the Earth is supposed to pass on the other side of the Sun to have some change in the Stars. The Polar Star remains in the same place both in the summer and in the winter. 5000 years of the Stars are unchanged. 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Not to mention the water that it occupies 71 percent of the Earth and there is no possibility of distorted water, the law on liquids and leveling does not allow it, the water always finds the lowest point and could not stay calm when rotating Globus has flown in all directions along with the people and everything on it! Not to mention the astronauts' suits, which are a great joke, considering a vacuum chamber, how thick the walls are to withstand the back pressure, and the canvas suits full of air in the air, how they could withstand whatever it is vacuums without exploding, and not to mention that these suits are not at all suitable for radiation, and it was proved that when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant broke out, the Russians demanded from America cosmic costumes but they told them that their costumes were not adapted for radiation!

    • Andrea ooo
      Andrea ooo Hace 26 días

      Have you nothing better to do than writing this nonsensical diatribe!

  • steve nunua
    steve nunua Hace 3 meses +2

    The earth is expanding growing. Rifts are like stretchmarks. New one in Africa.

  • David Sims
    David Sims Hace 3 meses +1

    Debunking global warming huh

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 26 días

      Lol. NYC and Florida were both supposed to be 1/2 under water by now!

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33 Hace un mes +1

      A five year old could debunk global warming.

  • Moronvideos1940
    Moronvideos1940 Hace 3 meses

    I downloaded this Thank you

  • Sundaydish1
    Sundaydish1 Hace 3 meses +45

    Anyone else click on a doc hoping its not one you've clicked on a 1000 times before only to be disappointed?

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 7 días

      K1lostream...What you're describing sounds like someone quoting from a college textbook, who hasn't actually ever taken the course. I've studied the material using Strong's Exhaustive Concordance & the Amplified Bible both as translation clarification since 1977, and I assure you, taken in the correct context, the Bible is nothing like you describe. God is love.

    • K1lostream
      K1lostream Hace 8 días

      Southeastern777 - It's in Genesis 1:26, and I wasn't misquoting. But that's part of the problem with the books; they recommend everything from loving thy neighbour to genocide - an inconsistent, contradictory morass - exactly what you'd expect from superstitious people writing at different times with different agendas. Some of these books are great as works of literature (King James version bible springs to mind, for example), but as sources of factual or moral truths, these books are junk because anyone can cherry-pick bits to suit whatever point they want to support. So your writing down snippets of scripture scores you nil point in the credibility department, I'm afraid.
      The kicker is, when that was written, they didn't know about germs, bacteria, viruses, and so on, which very much have dominion over us.

    • D Davis
      D Davis Hace 8 días

      I also hope to understand it once.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 10 días

      Boy, you opened up a lot of issues! 1st, just imagine the world as it is, which then has some cataclysmic worldwide event, (pick one) so that all who are left disperse worldwide and start little kingdoms like ancient Greece & Egypt, over 2,000yrs ago. Future generations would speak of us in terms of "Atlantis" .
      2nd. The people who raised me were all farmers & survivors of the Great Depression; also very faithful.
      A responsible 'heir' of the earth is ordained by the Almighty to have Stewardship of the earth, NOT dominion as people who misquote Scripture claim. Pollution is paramount to sin. "The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it".
      And again: (the Lord) "and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth". (Rev. 11:18)
      The attitude about our wonderful ship that sails around the sun....shouldn't be either/or:
      "worship the created, not the Creator", or, "rape & conquer the land/Divine Providence".
      The Creator will hold us responsible on judgment day for Keeping House, in more ways than one!

    • K1lostream
      K1lostream Hace 10 días

      Southeastern777 - I'm half with you - if we were denied electricity, power more generally, and technology, then our species would crumple quickly. We would indeed struggle to get through the metaphorical 'tomorrow'.
      But this trajectory we're on has its roots in that book that told us we had dominion over the earth, that it was made especially for us - if we're to save ourselves (saving the world has nothing to do with it - if we go extinct, the environment might take a while to recover, but basically will be fine, unless we pass the tipping point to irreversible greenhouse effect) then we do need, with some urgency, to collectively shake off belief in the almighty, because that's the key to shaking off the belief that daddy will fix things for us, which, once we're all on board will pave the way to, dare I say, salvation?!
      I don't know what you mean by Mundanes (maybe animals or any non-human living thing, perhaps?) and I don't know what mechanism would cause us to regress to bronze-age state of knowledge if we were denied electricity - even if survivors were reduced to scratching a living using bronze-age technology following a societal collapse, they'd still have memories, and without computers would still be able to record things, right? I'm thinking perhaps I mistook your meaning there.

  • PC Mr X.
    PC Mr X. Hace 3 meses

    See Nibiru Go to Google sky and use these coordinates 5h 42m 21.25 22.36. 48 .
    you must zoom in to find it.
    This object has wings as many people have described. it is free to look.

  • azb1488
    azb1488 Hace 3 meses +4

    ha ha ha they come from the future and don't even carry led flashlights !,,

    • Noah Body
      Noah Body Hace 3 meses +1

      Somethings will never change. Including government funding.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses

    So we can pretty much count on natural disasters happening over and over again through history. Well what if anything will be done about it? Does anyone think that California will be evacuated hours before the bib one hits? No that's not likely. Just like it's not likely that they will warn us of impending eruption of Yellowstone! These things will happen when they happen and no one will be the wiser until they happen. There will be many casualties.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses

    This uplifting doesn't explain the massive water erosion which is really what created the Grand Canyon. It took much more water than has ever flowed through he Colorado river.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses +1

    One hundred million year time scale. Don't think I'll live long enough to see it through.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses

    The Atlantic ocean can only become a big as the Pacific if the Pacific gets smaller. Too bad we will never just how big Valbara was.

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses

    So it can't really be the oldest rock on earth because there was no water in the beginning. Perhaps it's just the oldest rock they can date. Do the people trying to explain these things realize they are making incongreuous statements?

  • Lawney Malbrough
    Lawney Malbrough Hace 3 meses

    How can you be an expert on something you've never seen?

  • Matthew. What's up Grice
    Matthew. What's up Grice Hace 3 meses +2

    I'm sorry but the earth is older than the sun

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 26 días

      Antitheist39 J...3 seconds after you die, explain your 'philosophy' to the Almighty. (Good luck with that ;-)

    • BullitT
      BullitT Hace 29 días

      Matthew. What's up Grice

    • helmedon
      helmedon Hace 29 días +1

      The creation of God is the foolishness of MAN...the WISDOM of MAN is what has replaced the FOOLISHNESS of the cosmic daddy issue you people suffer from. Nobody "hates" God, or the concept. It's simply that humans have grown intelligent enough to explain the things once attributed to a magical man in the sky. We know how to make fire now too! Your people are literally keeping humanity stupid and literally "praying" for death as salvation from a world you refuse to understand.
      Quoting a single book written by unknown, uneducated and geologically segregated men is folly.

    • Antitheist39 J
      Antitheist39 J Hace un mes +2

      Matthew. What's up Grice
      The wisdom of man is foolishness to God because God is a foolishness invented by men. Men who had nothing better to offer as explanation to satisfy their own ignorance, and justify their bloodlust. There is a reason why you are capable of using technology developed through man's wisdom in order to spread your bs all over the internet, yet all God's wisdom ever brought to the table is holding back the progress of humanity. It's because there is no God's wisdom and the bible is nothing more than a jumbled mess of primitive fables with no useful information of any kind contained therein.

    • BullitT
      BullitT Hace un mes +2

      Matthew. What's up Grice -
      *Holy Bible: A Guide to Life for the Complete Idiot.*
      Fuktardious Maximus' Handbook
      Moron's Instruction Manual
      [aka: Wholly Buy-Bull]

  • Val Sklarov
    Val Sklarov Hace 3 meses +2

    Sometimes I wonder if the geology behind the formation of the earth’s continents is accurate. Is there a conflict between religion, history and science in how the earth came to be?

    • phoenixshade3
      phoenixshade3 Hace 18 días

      "The continents are all drifting apart from each other."
      FALSE. Africa and Europe are moving towards one another. North America and Asia are moving towards one another. Australia is moving towards East Asia. All of these motions have been measured. Subduction happens, fancily produced videos by comic book artists notwithstanding.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 26 días spent too much time trying to teach other people's stupid brats.

    • Southeastern777
      Southeastern777 Hace 26 días

      theawecabinet...I like that explanation a lot better.

    • helmedon
      helmedon Hace 29 días

      You should write all that down on a couple pieces of paper and send it to all the world's scientific agencies and universities. Let them know they're all wrong and your Google PhD "Trumps" centuries of recorded data. Did you even watch this video? I think you need to trust in the hand of science instead of the hand of dog.
      The Earth is not "potato shaped". That's just a "Tysonism" that you folks took to literally. The Mariana Trench and the opposing mountainous ranges prove plate tectonics. The Earth doesn't need to get bigger, it basically eats itself and barfs up corresponding mass. Do you know what rift valleys are? Mountains?

    • MrAubery
      MrAubery Hace un mes

      earth is definitely FLAT

  • CRTukker
    CRTukker Hace 3 meses

    2:36 "London freezes at the NorthPole"
    How odd is this, the magnetic Northpole is actually moving towards London.

    • Sundaydish1
      Sundaydish1 Hace 3 meses +2

      Why not. Every other bugger seems to have moved there.

    • CRTukker
      CRTukker Hace 3 meses

      Must be the #Brexit lol

    • Noah Body
      Noah Body Hace 3 meses

      I guess there's just something about London that's attractive.

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    This isn't gonna happen tho

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    I thought.there were be topless chicks!

    • Camille Rynd
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      this is not about perverts

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      Me too. But your mom must have been busy the day they filmed.

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    I will definitely have to keep my guard up!!

  • Shuffler703
    Shuffler703 Hace 4 meses +1

    This is an old video. The ridge is not pushing plates apart. The weight of the old plate drawing down into the subduction zone pulls the plate apart at the ridge. The magma then fills in the gap. Rock at the ridge is not heavy. Rock at the subduction zone is compressed with age and sediment. It is heavy.

    • phoenixshade3
      phoenixshade3 Hace 18 días

      Derek O'Brien
      Actually, shuffler703 is right. It's called "slab pull", and it is the strongest of the three main forces driving tectonic motion. (The other major forces are ridge push, which is not caused by upwelling magma but rather by gravity attempting to "flatten" the mid-ocean ridges; and slab suction, which is caused when part of the subducted slab breaks free and sinks into the mantle, inducing a current which pulls on the remaining slab.)
      The "conveyor belt" idea is just wrong. Continental motions are *faster* than lateral motions in the mantle. It doesn't convey the continents; in fact it creates *drag* on them.

    • Derek O'Brien
      Derek O'Brien Hace 3 meses +1

      Nope, the "conveyor belt" mantle currents are doing the pulling; since the oceanic crust is far thinner than the continental crust, the rifts generally are in the ocean, hence the oceanic ridges that are recent volcanic features. The Mid-Atlantic ridge, with Iceland a prominent feature, is a good example. The exceptions are the rift valleys, such as the East African rift where there are three-way plate stretching taking place - the African Nubian plate, the African Somali plate and the Arabian plate - tearing the crust apart.; it appears that there is a "super-plume" of rising heated mantle material driving this situation. The "conveyor-belts" carry the plates to their destination, whether it be in subduction zones, crested by volcanic island arcs, or in plate collision where upthrust mountain chains develop, such as the Himalayas, Andes, European Alps, and US/Canadian Rocky Mountains.

    • Steel City Interpreters
      Steel City Interpreters Hace 3 meses

      Shuffler703 okay Napoleon

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    They are forgetting about the new continent of Iceland growing down the mid Atlantic Ridge.

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    My wife is turning into a continent.

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      Unmade Urged " No, honey....that
      outfit doesn't make you look fat.
      It's the fat that makes you look fat. "

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      don't you disrespect my big fat

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      Tell her to lay off the cratons when she eats a salad.

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      Snaggletooth 75 you are correct. But she is busy sucking the life out of the Mariana Trench so I am safe for now.

    • Snaggletooth 75
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      I bet your wife wasn't too pleased with your shitty comment.

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    THANK YOU Naked Science!!!!!!!!!! Great Documentary the only down side i have is that you guys don't upload quick enough. UPLOAD more then once a month! Please. :)

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    Great video! Thanks!

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    Surfs up!

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  • FreeMindedMason
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    Okay, but this is how geology confuses me. How can this 4 billion year old rock just be there but all the dead stuff gets covered with layers that date up to the dinosaurs. How is this thing not covered in 4 billion years of shmut?

    • Noah Body
      Noah Body Hace 3 meses

      They were just lucky. Like being in the middle of a snow drift. There's no snow in the middle, but there is snow all around the middle. The old rocks were in the middle as everything around was changed. Of course in some cases, the rocks did get buried. But they were uncovered over time. Sometimes by people digging for them and in some cases uplifts in the Earth exposed the rocks.

    • Aymen Jaouani
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    • johnny zog
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      Aymen Jaouani wrong!! Jesus has one of those bad ass Dyson vacuum cleaners and sucked it all up! It's in the bible. I believe it's in the book of Windex but I'm not 100% sure.🛐🇰🇵

    • Aymen Jaouani
      Aymen Jaouani Hace 4 meses +1

      Some of the 4 billion years staff is buried under layers of dust and rocks. Most of it is eroded transformed recycled melt and mixed with lava and goes on a journey to the earth's center. But rarely, few rocks may reemerge or even stay unchanged for billions of years. (I am not a geologist are you a real mason?)

    GAME RAIDER Hace 4 meses +21

    I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens

    • D Davis
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      The aliens they live on planet X.

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      Well said....

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    nature builds, humans destroy it...

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      Actually Nature builds, destroys and then re-builds again

    • Fishslap 33
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    • Charles McMillion
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      Nonsense. The Appalachians used to be higher the the Himalayas. Did people do that? No - erosion did.

    • Shuffler703
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      Carpe diem you are not familiar with nature.

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      NOW this i can agree with. Humanity sucks hairy old asshole. lol

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      And may I add that you never "save" people from shit. You cause the shit and then pretend to save people from it so you can take over, just like the British used to do. And the Romans before them. American companies were all over the rise of Hitler, providing everything from small arms, flags and brown shirts to massive funding of the NSDAP. And this was facilitated by the worst criminals in the world at the time. People like Prescott Bush, father of George Bush and grandfather of George W Bush. Along with the Dulles brothers and Harriman, this crook was more responsible for the rise of the Nazis and for keeping them going during the war than anyone.
      So yeah, please don't bother "saving" us again. We can do perfectly fine without this kind of "salvation", thank you so much. Stay in your gangster country and leave the rest of us alone.

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      Muslims are not a problem. Mass immigration is of course, but that has been forced on Europe by the EU, which was set up by Washington to begin with. So that's your fault too. The only problem we have is the USA meddling and causing trouble all over the world. Remove the US and things would improve probably, for Muslims and for everyone else. Don't talk to me about Nazis. You are the Nazis now. The sooner you understand that the better. You have illegally and arrogantly occupied the planet since WWII.

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      Love the stupid sound effects too. Makes me wonder who the target audience is. Three year olds or Americans probably.

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