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    So, I wanted to start my "training" with something typical. Why not do 100 Oreo Cookies? This one was definitely interesting, but I wanted to try out a few different techniques and get back into eating again. I took some time off, so I wanted to see where my speed was/is. Ideally I want to do more speed work in the coming weeks, so let me know how you like the video down below!

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  • Lark Duncan
    Lark Duncan Hace 3 meses


  • Laura Padron
    Laura Padron Hace 4 meses

    i wish i could eat like this every day

  • Arne Römhild
    Arne Römhild Hace 7 meses

    the taste best when they are in the milk for 30 to 40 seconds

  • ThatMissQuin
    ThatMissQuin Hace 11 meses

    ugh I ate a whole box of the chocolate peanut butter pie oreos last night. so good but why didnt I film it? silly.

  • Rochelle Washington
    Rochelle Washington Hace un año +1

    I 💖 Oreo's

  • Parody Valley
    Parody Valley Hace un año

    In Italia non teniamo così tanti oreo che tenete in America da noi ci sono solamente quegli originali, quegli double sempre originali e quegli thing quanto vorrei che ci fossero anche in Italia 😭😭

  • Jhatel Ann Rodriguez
    Jhatel Ann Rodriguez Hace un año

    Next time put the dipping milk in a bowl, so your not stretching to get to the milk.

  • german Guerra
    german Guerra Hace un año

    Pareces pendejo traga

  • Kimberly Bennifield
    Kimberly Bennifield Hace un año +1

    You love milk

  • Paulo Oliveira
    Paulo Oliveira Hace un año


  • jameka robinson
    jameka robinson Hace un año

    Now that's a challenge I can do

  • Ee ee
    Ee ee Hace un año

    nice channel. I watch when I am extremely hungry. I hope you get more sponsorship and this channel grows.

  • B K
    B K Hace un año +1

    Omg I love Oreos!!!

  • Maddy Limee
    Maddy Limee Hace un año

    I would just throw a bunch in your milks and let them turn to mush so you can chug it after you finish the rest of the dry ones

  • Black lim
    Black lim Hace un año

    Dirtist man in tha world

  • Mom Eats and advice
    Mom Eats and advice Hace un año

    Wow the. Most I can eat are 12 without getting sick and that is hours apart lol

  • Alanna Bayse
    Alanna Bayse Hace un año +1

    Yes I love Oreos

  • cholols avanture
    cholols avanture Hace 2 años


  • Vípop
    Vípop Hace 2 años +1

    You are a fucking beast!!!

  • Hammad J.
    Hammad J. Hace 2 años

    Don't Eat Too Much OR You Will Hate Them..

  • Hammad J.
    Hammad J. Hace 2 años

    Here is Android O Season!
    So The Views Will Definitely Get High !!

  • Judy Clark
    Judy Clark Hace 2 años

    alright. Erik. go. go OK oeros. are. good. OK be. bless💞👂💛💛💰💰😘😘😘🎵🎵🎵💜💜💜💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • JTuni
    JTuni Hace 2 años +1

    Best ESclipsr

  • SweeTC2847
    SweeTC2847 Hace 2 años


  • Astronotty
    Astronotty Hace 2 años +2

    What happened to the giant oreo cookies?

  • Celia Desch
    Celia Desch Hace 2 años

    oreos are not vegan btw... i don't know if it's supposed to be a joke and i don't get it or whatever but most things he says are "vegan" are not... pancakes? eggs. cookies? eggs and milk...

  • Humble Legends
    Humble Legends Hace 2 años

    how do you not get diabetes from eating like that a lot i mine 700g of sugar

  • Shoqk/Pedras
    Shoqk/Pedras Hace 2 años

    ez challenge...

  • Andre' Bentley
    Andre' Bentley Hace 2 años +1


  • Alyssa Clark
    Alyssa Clark Hace 2 años +1

    I'm in love with this channel

  • Sarah Lashus
    Sarah Lashus Hace 2 años

    how is he not obese

    • L Lawliet
      L Lawliet Hace un año

      He does this thing called working out daily. Crazy i know

  • VeTIGERgan Life
    VeTIGERgan Life Hace 2 años +1

    Why you don't get fat 😓?

  • Kaitlyn H.
    Kaitlyn H. Hace 2 años

    Ah strategy dunking Oreos in milk to disintegrate the Oreo pretty much...make it easier to go down.

  • Darkshadow6452
    Darkshadow6452 Hace 2 años +1

    Lol im eating oreos whipst watching this

  • dzyogas.mp3
    dzyogas.mp3 Hace 2 años +1

    oreo isn't even tasty, bleh

  • CodiTheJedi
    CodiTheJedi Hace 2 años

    cool haircut dude

  • papi 02351
    papi 02351 Hace 2 años

    how can you eat all of that in one day? i can't do that

  • moon dust xxx
    moon dust xxx Hace 2 años +1

    100 oreo isn' t a Challenge! ! it' s tooooo easy! !

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind Hace 2 años

    Lol accidentally this is a vegan challenge 👌🏻

    • Be Kind
      Be Kind Hace 2 años

      Btw this was insane! Well done!!!

  • FreakEating
    FreakEating Hace 2 años

    Damn! Oreos are unforgiving. I would have predicted a faster finish. Honestly, I've never tried 100 so I need to try this out before I talk lol.

  • Blessie Cayco
    Blessie Cayco Hace 2 años +1

    i think oreo gave you a hard time 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Rodríguez
    Daniel Rodríguez Hace 2 años

    Que hace la canción de las chicas les gusta el pollo frito aquí? ??XD

  • Migue G
    Migue G Hace 2 años

    I would eat 15 oreos and I finish sick....imagine with 100...hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Addison Kovac
    Addison Kovac Hace 2 años

    Why do you give yourself such bad belly aches? :/ is it an American thing?

  • Toos Training
    Toos Training Hace 2 años +8

    Dude I've never seen a cinnamon Oreo. I gotta get on this..

  • 72Missblondie72
    72Missblondie72 Hace 2 años

    whats the name of the song played in the like outro?

  • Marie Myers
    Marie Myers Hace 2 años

    You should try and make a fitness challenge series along with your food challenges too...I'd like to see if you can do the 1000 squat challenge.

  • Josch Waisenhardt
    Josch Waisenhardt Hace 2 años

    rly like the 8-bit music :)

  • _Superrachel
    _Superrachel Hace 2 años +1

    Why do all those youtubers who do food challenges, drink pepsi during their challeges? Is their an actual reason? Does it help?

  • Lucita Landeros
    Lucita Landeros Hace 2 años +1

    Best soundtrack ever! Ska for Life ! 🙏🏼🤘🏻🏁🏁🏁🎼🎷🎺🎸 I would totally like to ask you to use more haha and yes the Cinnabon Oreos are amazing! Great video!

  • Josh Hockett
    Josh Hockett Hace 3 años +1

    wise choice of cookie. better yet doing the variety spread of oreos. i have never tried anything but the traditional oreo or a double stuffed style oreo. sadly its been well over 5 years since i have had one some point back before moving to cali. i miss them!

    XxDARKZOID GAMERxX Hace 3 años

    Hey Eric the electrics I did not know my sister said increases a chance of getting cancer sorry my sister said I did not know

  • XRat0rX
    XRat0rX Hace 3 años

    well done Erick! I could probably eat a whole box but three is insane!

  • Tader _
    Tader _ Hace 3 años


  • pej f
    pej f Hace 3 años +4

    no joke. this guy sucks. ill never watch this guy again. what a nob.

  • ThoseDreamz
    ThoseDreamz Hace 3 años

    I bet your fingers were raisins after this xDD

  • arttwice
    arttwice Hace 3 años

    Me dio hambre

  • Sara Velazquez
    Sara Velazquez Hace 3 años

    He's so adorable, Love the challenges!!!! 😜😏

  • Finna Yeet
    Finna Yeet Hace 3 años +11

    Thank you for ruining your health for our entertainment.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace 3 años

    Oreos = cocaine

  • jmat444
    jmat444 Hace 3 años +7

    whats up, you fucking douchebag?!

  • Catrín
    Catrín Hace 3 años +1


  • TheSunnycal
    TheSunnycal Hace 3 años +3

    you have about 3 years to go before your'e a type 2 diabetic,congrats

  • Xandre Aguir
    Xandre Aguir Hace 3 años +8

    why do you look like you have down syndrome.

  • Demore Gains
    Demore Gains Hace 3 años

    Looks like a young George bush.

  • thebest1870
    thebest1870 Hace 3 años +1

    Nate beat you

  • Tweeks
    Tweeks Hace 3 años


  • SanttuTonttu
    SanttuTonttu Hace 3 años +1

    what do you eat for breakfast, usually?

  • Roisin Curry
    Roisin Curry Hace 3 años

    Ew hate the golden ones

  • Mac Yip
    Mac Yip Hace 3 años

    1,109g carbs and DIET coke? nice logic......

    • Musti  Ali Khalil
      Musti Ali Khalil Hace 3 años

      +Erik TheElectric pssssshhht.. some people don't get good jokes my friend...

  • Frankie Wotton
    Frankie Wotton Hace 3 años

    Do you normally eat anything else throughout the day after these challenges?

  • Jimigene Daso
    Jimigene Daso Hace 3 años +1

    A timer?!! It was about time! Great challenge Erik!

  • ramicule
    ramicule Hace 3 años

    how many prots is that?

  • kitty gaby
    kitty gaby Hace 3 años

    te falto una

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith Hace 3 años

    Why don't you drink normal milk I looked back on your old vids and you did

  • Reffa the Rat
    Reffa the Rat Hace 3 años

    Oo new intro I like

  • Yanna Mari
    Yanna Mari Hace 3 años +31

    Just watching you eat satisfy all of my cravings, and as a human-being on a diet it's a life saver haha!

  • wixom01
    wixom01 Hace 3 años

    Diet Pepsi, of course. Gotta watch those calories, lol.

  • Strat Galx
    Strat Galx Hace 3 años

    Hey Erik, nice new intro!

  • Lulu_Brocc
    Lulu_Brocc Hace 3 años +1

    Good job! You should get a Dog, I now this is random its just dogs can be your best friend through struggles , and there just basically something to keep your company, and if your allergic to dogs you can get non allergenic Dogs! If you have something to say about this you can put it in your next Q and A I know it's not really a question but you will have an answer for it!

  • Thy Truong
    Thy Truong Hace 3 años +1

    Everytime u post a challenge i legit get so happyyyy

  • Alisa Thomas
    Alisa Thomas Hace 3 años

    For some reason I kept expecting you face to go blue or red like in Charlie and the chocolate factory! way to go!

  • jen
    jen Hace 3 años +5

    He's 22 but looks 42... Why

    • Ganja Gains
      Ganja Gains Hace 3 años

      sickening lifestyle brah do u really think his body is gonna flourish from eating shit all the time?

  • lulu
    lulu Hace 3 años

    Probably I already asked! What is your message to youth?

  • melvin hamilton
    melvin hamilton Hace 3 años +11

    Erik just one suggestion, diet Pepsi or anything that is labeled diet is so dangerous to your health. You try to maintain a healthy life style which is an important reason. Diet means they take out one chemical and something else that is worse. You eat healthy but you don't doing these food challenges. You lifts weights ride bikes and do competitions, think about the diet drink and Almond milk. Salt and chemical's

    • Jinarchy
      Jinarchy Hace un año

      What's wrong with almond milk? What do you drink then?

    • Happy thoughts
      Happy thoughts Hace 2 años +2

      Your body is composed of chemicals. The air you breath contains chemicals lol get the fuck out

    • Sam N
      Sam N Hace 2 años

      doesn't pop have gelatin in it? making it not vegan friendly

    • melvin hamilton
      melvin hamilton Hace 3 años

      FYI that is bad I am a doctor

    • a b
      a b Hace 3 años

      Thats2besides the point. There is something off with him. Compare himself to videos of when he was recovering and actually looked healthy.

      yeah you can see the difference

  • Gon Ku
    Gon Ku Hace 3 años +1

    The tides are crashing down on you buddy

  • Gon Ku
    Gon Ku Hace 3 años +1

    hey it's LimpDawg

  • Jolin S.
    Jolin S. Hace 3 años

    Isn't the fact that there vegan friendly scary?! I mean the fact that the "cream" in the middle isn't dairy because I'm sure OREO didn't make it out of cashew!

  • SSS Ss
    SSS Ss Hace 3 años

    you look like Matt Smith
    i think

  • Joseph Sein
    Joseph Sein Hace 3 años

    weak flavors...I would've done double stuff, Reese's, and Mint!

  • Marina Gomez
    Marina Gomez Hace 3 años +1

    1 cup, drink the milk, refill the cup. Less cups to wash.

  • Camryn Palmer
    Camryn Palmer Hace 3 años

    Could have dumped them all in the milk at the beginning and had oreo cereal haha!

  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup Hace 3 años

    Finish all the oreos. Big smile. Click. THAT should have been your thumbnail!

  • kytothelee90
    kytothelee90 Hace 3 años

    Nice work! Is this something you'd do again another time to see if you can beat your time?

  • Daniel Sexton
    Daniel Sexton Hace 3 años +4

    Practice for competitive eating? Nice try, but it's obvious you have an ED. Please gain 100lbs.

    • Daniel Sexton
      Daniel Sexton Hace 3 años

      +Erik TheElectric +Blake Simpson +World Class Douche Bag haha yeah I was trolling guys. I was posting right before going to bed, which is when I tend to not think it through. Glad you are here to call out bullshit from self-acclaimed food psychiatrists as well though. Excited for what's ahead Erik!

    • Blake Simpson
      Blake Simpson Hace 3 años

      Please do some research before you post such an idiotic comment. He had an ED called anorexia which he has overcome. He only eats like this very rarely which is perfectly fine. So going from anorexia to actually being able to eat anything is a miracle in itself. If he wants to indulge from time to time so be it.

  • Star Brady
    Star Brady Hace 3 años

    Good Job!! I did a 56 Oreo challenge and that was enough for me. haha

  • Lucia Martin
    Lucia Martin Hace 3 años


  • Lanky T
    Lanky T Hace 3 años

    Awesome vid! now review em all

  • 0gre44
    0gre44 Hace 3 años

    And after downing all that sugar, He crashed on the couch! lol

  • LaughingFrenzy321
    LaughingFrenzy321 Hace 3 años

    He needs a better playlist 🎵