1 GALLON of CLAM CHOWDER Challenge *asmr warning*

  • Publicado el 2 feb 2018
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    I've got family in Boston, I gotta root for the Patriots...
    Back again with the seemingly annual Superbowl Challenges!! This time, in honor of the New England Patriots making to the Superbowl, I'll be killing some good ol' New England Clam Chowder.
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Comentarios • 4 211

  • Molly Zhang
    Molly Zhang Hace 7 horas +1


  • #LC
    #LC Hace 13 horas

    hi.. i'am Lina from Malaysia. i like watch all u video

  • crazyj0909
    crazyj0909 Hace un día

    Do you even taste the food?

  • Pamela Harrington
    Pamela Harrington Hace 2 días

    I don't like clam chowder.....I like fried clams

  • Erika House
    Erika House Hace 4 días

    I have never tried clam chowder.......after the video audio at beginning I don’t think I want to until the sound stops haunting my nightmares.
    Don’t get mad I’m just exaggerating

  • Cortney H.
    Cortney H. Hace 5 días

    you drum?!

  • Dean L
    Dean L Hace 8 días

    What is clam chowder

  • Carl Proctor
    Carl Proctor Hace 11 días

    Sounds like a laxative prank 💩

  • aFeverishFiend
    aFeverishFiend Hace 13 días

    *throws up*

  • claudia privitelli
    claudia privitelli Hace 15 días

    hold on, theres actually clam in clam chowder...?

  • Owen Shutt
    Owen Shutt Hace 16 días

    Hey it's ya boy big papa back again with another asmr video. (Slurp)

  • Mark C
    Mark C Hace 17 días

    You chose poorly... better do a cheesesteak challenge bruh

  • CaporTech YT
    CaporTech YT Hace 17 días


  • Ëmprêss Trïsh
    Ëmprêss Trïsh Hace 17 días

    I'M SHOOKETH😮😮😮😮

  • The goofiest doofus channal of youtoob

    My new model food is my favorit

  • KabutoPvP '
    KabutoPvP ' Hace 19 días

    I'll never look at clam chowder the same way again....

  • Ivan Cahyadi
    Ivan Cahyadi Hace 20 días

    What is clam chowder?

  • Noah Clinton
    Noah Clinton Hace 21 un día

    Slurppp slurppp slurppp

  • Imani Long
    Imani Long Hace 22 días

    That's impossible

  • Xxisaiah 15
    Xxisaiah 15 Hace 23 días


    FERLUX & GAB Hace 24 días

    does he vomit at the end?

  • bananapen265
    bananapen265 Hace 25 días

    Sounds like my poop dropping.

  • poltergeist
    poltergeist Hace 25 días

    That looks and sounds disgusting

  • Emilie
    Emilie Hace 26 días

    Eat sardines ;)

  • Sarn Muss
    Sarn Muss Hace 26 días

    Sounds like a toilet flushing.

  • Chris Mompiere
    Chris Mompiere Hace 26 días


  • untitled 000000
    untitled 000000 Hace 27 días

    I already liked this dude but now that I know he’s a patriots fan I like him even more

  • Laz Rubalcaba
    Laz Rubalcaba Hace 27 días

    I guess tom Brady missed placed his patriots must win card.

  • Andrew Swag
    Andrew Swag Hace 27 días

    Disturbingly entertaining

  • Tinyzeroxd 26
    Tinyzeroxd 26 Hace 27 días

    I love clam chowder with cheese quesadila

  • Pmawk
    Pmawk Hace 28 días

    Dang, what's her name?

  • Infinx
    Infinx Hace 28 días

    this kinda looks like congee..

  • Sabrina Santos
    Sabrina Santos Hace 28 días

    põe legenda nos vídeos, por favor.🤗😍😘

  • Sam White
    Sam White Hace 29 días

    y not a gallon of real clam chowder?

  • Aesthedicc
    Aesthedicc Hace 29 días

    i am very uncomfortable

  • Jose Sanches
    Jose Sanches Hace un mes


  • Natalyah Rivera
    Natalyah Rivera Hace un mes

    Is it good ? It looks like mashed up mushrooms and it just reminds me of mushrooms 😬

  • Jacinta Ndungu
    Jacinta Ndungu Hace un mes

    the audio tho!!!!! (i hate clam chowder now i hate it more) *POOR TOILET*

  • SHawAIz KhaN
    SHawAIz KhaN Hace un mes

    4:03 that sound hears like if WWE match starts

  • Ralph TV
    Ralph TV Hace un mes

    Wear white shirt

  • Rhian Ramielle Manrique

    ahahahah pogi mo lakas mo kumain aahahahah 100000000000

  • Đyłan Mıchaėłıs
    Đyłan Mıchaėłıs Hace un mes

    The audio killed me-

  • best ono un
    best ono un Hace un mes

    This dud is a legend

  • Titancraft 250
    Titancraft 250 Hace un mes

    lol It would take me that long to eat one of those containers

  • Erik Rasmussen
    Erik Rasmussen Hace un mes

    shoulda been in a sourdough bread bowl

  • takerdust
    takerdust Hace un mes

    It's pronounced "chow dereeee"

  • Nico Graber
    Nico Graber Hace un mes

    you fat catfish you'll get on your mouth you eat wasting you mattis fart

  • Ehundley Ethan
    Ehundley Ethan Hace un mes

    Clam chowder is bettwr than you think you got clans potatos broth its gooooood

  • caaban star
    caaban star Hace un mes

    Sounds like Diarrhea

  • Dylan Mackenzie
    Dylan Mackenzie Hace un mes


  • gomy loomy
    gomy loomy Hace un mes

    it's so good

  • gomy loomy
    gomy loomy Hace un mes

    my mom make the chowder

  • gomy loomy
    gomy loomy Hace un mes

    I love clam chowder

  • Sierra kitten
    Sierra kitten Hace un mes


  • henlo fren
    henlo fren Hace un mes

    Not gonna lie thought it said one gallon of cum chowder

  • • Nugget •
    • Nugget • Hace un mes

    Das nasty..

  • majestic unicorn
    majestic unicorn Hace un mes

    Who's the girl in the background?

  • toy slayer
    toy slayer Hace un mes

    My brother heard it drip and said "are you watching some one pee?"

  • Linus Lindberg
    Linus Lindberg Hace un mes


  • Clement Lim
    Clement Lim Hace un mes

    Previously known as superbowl
    Curremtly known as SOUPerbowl

  • Awesome Squarepants
    Awesome Squarepants Hace un mes

    I love asmr

  • Death Psycho
    Death Psycho Hace un mes

    Can someone please explain what clam chowder is???? I cant figure it out

  • Theory
    Theory Hace un mes

    Who wants chowder?!

  • StandbySupe 35
    StandbySupe 35 Hace un mes

    What does “asmr” mean?

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson Hace un mes

    Never had clam chowder

  • weirdxaydae hi
    weirdxaydae hi Hace un mes

    This made me cringe so hard

  • Chill Frost
    Chill Frost Hace un mes

    😍 clam chowder

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G Hace un mes

    I had to watch with no sound haha

  • Adora Geheimnis
    Adora Geheimnis Hace un mes

    Your work it's my dream. Eat

  • Imperfect
    Imperfect Hace un mes

    The ASMR is disgusting no hates

  • A. T
    A. T Hace un mes

    Wait i have never tried clam chowder. Whats that?


    Sounds like when I use the bathroom

  • Pro Flow RBX
    Pro Flow RBX Hace un mes

    I’d fucking love this!

  • Jonathan Yang
    Jonathan Yang Hace un mes +1

    When you love clam chowder but.. You eat a lot of it in front of your friends and they call u fat...

    🖕😉 fuge off m8

  • NinjaKitty Gamer
    NinjaKitty Gamer Hace un mes

    The patriots lost

  • FilipGamez
    FilipGamez Hace un mes

    Enjoy the audio at 0:12 xD

  • Arshia C
    Arshia C Hace un mes


  • TechnoRAGE
    TechnoRAGE Hace un mes

    That asmr sounds like my diarrhea

  • Gaming/drawingwithmina

    Perfect audio bro 😂😂😂

  • Lloyd IceFire
    Lloyd IceFire Hace un mes

    His toilet gonna shit after he shit

  • Mariah Casson
    Mariah Casson Hace un mes

    I say 5:00

  • BlazeFJE Whitea
    BlazeFJE Whitea Hace un mes

    Who is the girl?🤔

  • Youtube Talks/Discussions

    I've never tried clam chowder. It looks good, but is it good?

  • FrankieBeans
    FrankieBeans Hace un mes

    That made me want to vomit OMG that is so disgusting probably one of if not the most disgusting thing you ever done

    l GRiZZZY GAMER l Hace un mes +1

    Look at him go 😲

  • Grave Bug
    Grave Bug Hace un mes

    The potato population has decreased 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Whale
    Whale Hace un mes

    I had no idea you had family over here in Beantown! Love ya man and I always love having my favorite people have a relationship with my city!!!

  • Boyfanplace Swift
    Boyfanplace Swift Hace un mes

    You must colabs with youtuber : Tanboy kun mukbang

  • Presley Mossman
    Presley Mossman Hace un mes

    I love your comdey😂😂

  • Aaron Pierce
    Aaron Pierce Hace un mes

    Yessir, Yessir, Happy Bowl

  • Richard Morrill
    Richard Morrill Hace un mes

    How do you eat so much if you so small

  • Ayeaye Sar
    Ayeaye Sar Hace un mes

    Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny

  • Cami Plaquin
    Cami Plaquin Hace un mes

    i love my food fantasies through you

  • Evita Maldonado
    Evita Maldonado Hace un mes

    This cannot be healthy, nor human

  • Toby Cadenhead
    Toby Cadenhead Hace un mes

    I've never had clam chowder I've had potato chowder with some clams in it, nice job!

  • mr_anderson
    mr_anderson Hace un mes

    Tom Brady is a douche

  • Angela Malone
    Angela Malone Hace un mes


  • Brenna Herbert
    Brenna Herbert Hace un mes

    Wow just found your channel and I think I’m in love with your videos!!! so amazing

  • Figglehorn165
    Figglehorn165 Hace un mes