KC Royal Breakfast Burrito Challenge!! (UNDEFEATED)


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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace 4 meses +109

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! We are back to posting Friday food challenge videos again!! I attempted this challenge during a weekend trip to the Kansas City and Overland Park, Kansas area in early April. This is a 2018 video and was filmed after completing our Southwest USA Winter Tour in mid January. All those 28 tour videos will start uploading in August after our 2017 Australia Tour videos finish uploading. Sorry for any confusion and thanks for supporting our channel!!

    • Gregory Wesley
      Gregory Wesley Hace un mes +1

      Randy Santel, amn randy, you should've replaced Adam for man vs food!

    • Ibrahim Hussein
      Ibrahim Hussein Hace un mes

      Seems quite easy for you . It's all soft and a lot of cheese makes it softer .

    • doreen miller
      doreen miller Hace 2 meses

      Great job. You look great! You look like you are using my same nutritional system! 👍💪💪

    • Roger R.
      Roger R. Hace 4 meses

      Randy Santel how'd you lose Soo much weight so quickly?

    • Thomas Murphy
      Thomas Murphy Hace 4 meses

      Randy Santel please do a bay area food challenge in san Francisco san jose and oakland. Comment me back

  • flyback 2me
    flyback 2me Hace 5 días

    A "little" weight? 😧. Dude, I can almost see THROUGH ya. 😞

  • Marcel Vandekuit
    Marcel Vandekuit Hace 8 días

    haha 10.39 gg loozer mi eet food in 4min

  • James Gowan
    James Gowan Hace 11 días

    That’s a lot of food for $25

  • proud19
    proud19 Hace 16 días

    Hell that is tiny compared to El Burrito Felíz from Maria Maria here in Valley City, ND. Only 1 college football player has been successful at even finishing it but it took him close to 2 hours.

  • Patrick Richards
    Patrick Richards Hace 18 días

    Lol that was just a snack for you

  • Alonda Jones
    Alonda Jones Hace 20 días

    I live in Olathe KS

  • Jordan moore
    Jordan moore Hace 25 días

    Hey I've been there I used to live in Bonner springs

  • jfoster1515
    jfoster1515 Hace 27 días

    Well, that was amazing and it looked very good... I think this is my first ever comment and hate to go right to questions, but.... Do you have a favorite body cleansing drink / food that helps in digestion, top to bottom...?

  • Juanita Beaman
    Juanita Beaman Hace 27 días

    Hilarious when you say "healthy vegetables" 😂😂

  • steven lowe
    steven lowe Hace 29 días

    Damn you can kill some food....

    JOHN MCCLINTOCK Hace 29 días

    45 minutes ?? Waaay to easy for my man Randy.. Should have been a 10 minute time-limit challenge for food-inhaler Randy !!

    TK MARO Hace un mes

    Wait no Miley Cyrus.🤔

  • guywithbadenglish
    guywithbadenglish Hace un mes

    dude... this is crazy

  • Scooter Blalock
    Scooter Blalock Hace un mes

    So what does Zues do?

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez Hace un mes

    No wonder you won, that cook threw like 1lb of meat and veggies out of the pan ;)

  • Alex Trendz
    Alex Trendz Hace un mes

    If I have to finish that plate, it will take me 10hs minimum lol

  • Asif Shaikh
    Asif Shaikh Hace un mes

    Hey Randy, I watched ur most of the challenges..one question always been wondering...do u chew or directly swallow.... does it pain in stomach

  • T C.
    T C. Hace un mes

    What's not to like about this video. It's cool👍 I swear people just leave a 👎 for the hell of it, with no legitimate reason. Thanks for posting 👍 👏

  • CrazyWhite BoiBrad
    CrazyWhite BoiBrad Hace un mes

    Looks the easiest out of all

  • ConnieMF1
    ConnieMF1 Hace un mes

    Lucky you looks yummy lol

  • David Mac farlane
    David Mac farlane Hace un mes

    A small island

  • Sal Campos
    Sal Campos Hace un mes

    Dude You Rock 🤘🏼Myself and my Father like To Watch Your Shows At Night. Keep Kicking Foods Ass and be Safe on your Travels!!!!

  • Ibrahim Hussein
    Ibrahim Hussein Hace un mes

    That burrito was executed very well . Congratulations

  • LN Gam'Z
    LN Gam'Z Hace 2 meses


    RUDY MINOR Hace 2 meses

    Beast mode

  • Big Dog Trump Supporter

    Great Job Randy Keep It Up Brother!!!;)

    ROBERT SMITH Hace 2 meses

    Great job! Wish all competitors cleaned a plate like you!

  • S.J Givens
    S.J Givens Hace 2 meses

    eating with a serving fork, that's awesome.

  • Yugen Utopia
    Yugen Utopia Hace 2 meses

    I love your teddy bear

  • Baws Nitti
    Baws Nitti Hace 2 meses

    That's not worth 30 dollars? But good job. Legend has it Randy never paid for any meals lol 😂😂😂🗣️🔫💨👌🏾💯

  • MedinaMcKee
    MedinaMcKee Hace 2 meses

    It's really nice to see you fit again. Keep up the good (but sometimes gluttonous) work!

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios Hace 2 meses

    When are you going to do a challenge with Matt stonie

  • bad luck6969
    bad luck6969 Hace 2 meses

    I love that song 😍😍😍

  • Ted McCarthy
    Ted McCarthy Hace 2 meses

    Awesome win!!!!!💪💪💪💪

  • Andrew Davey
    Andrew Davey Hace 2 meses

    Your a Legend m8
    Love these videos
    Keep them coming

  • Shiva Attreya
    Shiva Attreya Hace 2 meses

    Crazy thing about food
    challenges ..you can eat in whatever way you want😂😂😂😂😂

  • Greg noway
    Greg noway Hace 3 meses

    Their website still says no one won the challenge. www.foodyskc.com/Food-Challenge.aspx

  • komal lingayat
    komal lingayat Hace 3 meses

    Wish to see you in India

  • The Empire
    The Empire Hace 3 meses +1

    I like how he says all the meats, cheeses, and sauces and then he just says “ and a bunch of healthy veggies “

  • Alika Leslie
    Alika Leslie Hace 3 meses

    Dude you eat for free a lot👍🏽

  • Mona gracia
    Mona gracia Hace 3 meses

    Wow! 😍

  • Jeff Stanley
    Jeff Stanley Hace 3 meses

    I have recently began watching these challenges and really enjoy them. I am noticing that these monster meals are pretty economical. For instance this meal is $30 and would feed at least four of me and probably six. Where can you get a meal for $7.50 down to $5 a head? Keep it up Randy.

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez Hace 3 meses

    Lol. The cooks saute skills suck.

  • Claudia San Diego
    Claudia San Diego Hace 3 meses

    You look just as good as the burrito. I'm so glad I'm binge watching your videos.

  • Gabby Yantin
    Gabby Yantin Hace 3 meses

    You a beast man

  • Ameena Tariq
    Ameena Tariq Hace 3 meses

    You are so awesome, I wish you get millions of subscribers.

  • Slimesarainbow Slime all around

    I love breakfast burritos

  • Don Spartan
    Don Spartan Hace 3 meses +1

    The word Royal should be abolished. When I hear that name I think of mentally ill scroungers who are paedophiles

  • Aset Usir El-Ra
    Aset Usir El-Ra Hace 3 meses

    Haha! My birthday, no wonder you won! 😊 Love your channel.

  • raymund usi
    raymund usi Hace 4 meses

    Can Randy do vegetarian themed challenge?

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack Hace 4 meses

    Is there a Plumbers Challenge that travels with Randy to all the events ??

  • Thrill Seekers
    Thrill Seekers Hace 4 meses

    randy you’re literally the best!

  • Ryan Scott
    Ryan Scott Hace 4 meses

    Love the videos man. Been on a binge watching. You, Toad and the LA Beast are my favorite. 👍🏻

  • Alhaan Khan
    Alhaan Khan Hace 4 meses

    very nice editing!

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz Hace 4 meses


  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams Hace 4 meses

    I am a breakfast man and that royal breakfast looks delicious, just without the pork because I don't eat pork. Nice giving that royal burrito a royal beating

  • LifeLessMinoutar24
    LifeLessMinoutar24 Hace 4 meses

    Pak-man in real life bro ..... WAKAWAKAWAKAWAKA

  • Hank Don
    Hank Don Hace 4 meses

    Awesome job. Get paid to eat

  • Mitchell Cox
    Mitchell Cox Hace 4 meses

    i think i should do this. that way i never pay for food or shirts. good job.

  • Troy Stafford
    Troy Stafford Hace 4 meses

    Yo Randy much love bro love the show Dude you where in BEAST MODE..

  • Jean Rials
    Jean Rials Hace 4 meses

    Wow! What an amazing video!!

  • Paul Muad'dib
    Paul Muad'dib Hace 4 meses

    $2 for a beer on the sign behind you! Sure beats NY prices

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli Hace 4 meses +1

    I love how Randy absolutely cleans his plate and even the table. Hes totally coherent after demolishing that challenge when I'd be in a food coma.

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli Hace 4 meses +2

    Not going to lie, that looked delicious. I'd order that any day for breakfast. Thanks for sharing Randy.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace 4 meses

    He'll ya dude destroyed it 😎

  • get buck98
    get buck98 Hace 4 meses

    @00:54 fail

  • Alex Snow
    Alex Snow Hace 4 meses

    Jesus, I missed you?

  • tim hotsaucejunkie
    tim hotsaucejunkie Hace 4 meses

    what was your first eating challenge?

  • Kevin Damey
    Kevin Damey Hace 4 meses

    What happened to the usual guitar shredding?!

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace 4 meses

      Arthur edits the Friday videos and uses a different music source than Mitch does I think

  • Tacskcats
    Tacskcats Hace 4 meses

    been losing weight?

  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 Hace 4 meses +2

    Wow all those evil racist white people LOL

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam Hace 4 meses

    okay I gotta ask, whats with the teddy? im new

  • TheMasterMoto
    TheMasterMoto Hace 4 meses

    The best thing about the way you eat is you stop the clock once your mouth is empty, I hate people who think they have finished when there mouth is still bulging with food... Great job

  • Kenneth Salyers
    Kenneth Salyers Hace 4 meses

    Man that looked good, good job looking healthy

  • Grizzlyjds
    Grizzlyjds Hace 4 meses

    Hey guys! Grizzlyjds here, Just sat down and watched this video.. completed it in just under 6:52 I want to thank Randy Santel for eating this food so i don't feel hungry anymore. This was like # 3,3** since the video went live. Like # 7026 overall. Have a great day and thanks for producing.

  • Liz Chemursoi
    Liz Chemursoi Hace 4 meses

    Soooooo brave

  • oldscut84
    oldscut84 Hace 4 meses

    2 dollars beer ???

  • Moto Thumper
    Moto Thumper Hace 4 meses

    love it how he reviews the flavour after eating it like that. ahaha

  • Robert Goldsborough
    Robert Goldsborough Hace 4 meses

    Very clean video randy, as always! The only person on ESclips who doesn’t eat messy! When eating big.

  • LUDO S
    LUDO S Hace 4 meses

    Des chiens en train de bouffer

  • Mr. Everything
    Mr. Everything Hace 4 meses

    I like that new music so relaxing. And sound like millenial. No more minus one rock music randy haha

  • jeremy s
    jeremy s Hace 4 meses

    Randy... Any challenges in Wichita Kansas?

  • nathan greer
    nathan greer Hace 4 meses


  • nathan greer
    nathan greer Hace 4 meses


  • nathan greer
    nathan greer Hace 4 meses


  • Shah Gamer
    Shah Gamer Hace 4 meses +1

    Please stop doing that extremely annoying/cringe smile before you start eating

  • Silva City
    Silva City Hace 4 meses

    That back round eating music was fire af Randy loved the vid man

  • Jewlz Cartagena
    Jewlz Cartagena Hace 4 meses

    It's really nice how he complemented the quality of the food. What a grateful dude!

  • embrezar
    embrezar Hace 4 meses

    Randy, when did you complete this challenge? I just checked the Foody's website, and as of this moment it says "1st prize winner gets a $100 Foody's Gift Card!" Did you receive a gift card, being the first winner of the challenge? Or maybe it's for anyone that can beat your time... if you didn't get a $100 gift card, then I'm guessing it's probably the latter situation.

  • LamboFanatic
    LamboFanatic Hace 4 meses

    Half of those ingredients are on that stove ...

  • Breeze H
    Breeze H Hace 4 meses

    You came back super strong and knocked this out with ease! Your training must have paid off👍❤️

  • TraciPeteyforlife
    TraciPeteyforlife Hace 4 meses

    That looked tasty........so yummy.

  • Justen Mora
    Justen Mora Hace 4 meses

    Have you ever had a challenge where you didn't like the food?

  • Louis Folse
    Louis Folse Hace 4 meses

    Congrats my friend! That actuallly looked super delicious! Keep on pushing for 600 and beyond! Awesomeness!

  • alj dark
    alj dark Hace 4 meses

    that looked delicious

  • SirToby1076
    SirToby1076 Hace 4 meses +1

    Not bad for a breakfast :-)

  • Elaine Tucker
    Elaine Tucker Hace 4 meses

    👏👏That thing is huge awesome job randy

  • Barry Ward
    Barry Ward Hace 4 meses

    Please don’t speed up the video. Great job though!

  • Michael Emery
    Michael Emery Hace 4 meses

    damn randy, you look great