HLTH Code Review: Nutrient-Dense Meal Replacement Shakes Any Good? (Taste Test)

  • Publicado el 7 dic 2022

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    G PLAYA Hace un año +3

    I might give this a shot. Sometimes you need to just stop eating and give your system a break and time to clean it self! This might be a good choice!

    • Chad
      Chad Hace un año +1

      I'm a fan. I've tried all the flavors now and every one was surprisingly great.

    • Mealkite
      Mealkite  Hace un año

      Definitely agreed! It's very clean, no junk and plenty of protein so it'd be a good reset option!

  • Michelle Lauer
    Michelle Lauer Hace 8 meses

    How did you get the smaller sample packets? I can't find anywhere to order them and not the full size packages.

    G PLAYA Hace un año

    Shoot didn't get #1👍