Celtics blast Suns, young Warriors step up in loss vs. Jazz, Nets coming together | Hoops Tonight


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  • The Volume
    The Volume  Hace un mes +6

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    • TheMETALICA40
      TheMETALICA40 Hace un mes

      You still think the warriors have the best starting lineup?

    • Ty Johnson
      Ty Johnson Hace un mes +1

      Timpf we need your all time bigs list
      Before 2023.
      It’s important

  • Sergio Cabrera
    Sergio Cabrera Hace un mes +49

    The coaching with both Boston and Utah show that it wasn’t just Ime Udoka. They had some damn good assistants and they’re showing out with BOS and UT

    • Vinsmoke Tatum
      Vinsmoke Tatum Hace un mes

      Doesn't help when Ainge can't give Brad the roster he wants

    • CarSalesComedy
      CarSalesComedy Hace un mes +1

      Don’t understand people saying Brad couldn’t bring it out of them. Celtics were young and had tons of success. This team and last years team are MUCH better than Brads Celtics.

    • Bik Maharjan
      Bik Maharjan Hace un mes +2

      Brad took them ECF multiple time. They were young at the point

    • Daniel Gikonyo
      Daniel Gikonyo Hace un mes +2

      He set the table brought it out of them… remember Brad had them too and he just could not bring it out of them. Its ok to say that Ime was good and that does not take away from the current guy at all. It’s a Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr type situation. One set the foundation the other built the house. They both did a great job

    • Wayne tables
      Wayne tables Hace un mes +1

      i could coach jayson and jaylen to an ECF

  • Nate Biggs
    Nate Biggs Hace un mes +10

    College student who’s a warriors fan here, I can’t watch every game but Jason is the absolute best when it comes to analyzing the game and his perspective on who has been playing bad and who has been playing good. Would never had know how good wiseman played yesterday to know that there is improvement or Moody has been working on his shot or how good the rest of the young guys look durning the season. God bless you Jason 🙏

  • Brock Jensen
    Brock Jensen Hace un mes +13

    I’ve been tryna tell y’all about this Celtics team… last year they lost to warriors, even as a die hard Celtics fan I expected that to happen. Regardless of who had the more talented team the warriors were far more experienced and that is a really big deal. Now not only does Boston have that experience, they got a player that somehow improved their already elite roster in Brogdon.
    I’ve had Boston winning the chip this whole year but I want to recognize and appreciate Jason being willing to talk about this team and recognize they very well may be better than both of the teams he thought were the finals favorites. I don’t want sports analyst changing their picks everyday but being able to admit a team is better than even you thought over a long period of time gives your current takes/opinions credibility.
    I love the show and appreciate you as always Jason!

      PEIHE BIN Hace un mes +1

      And rob williams isn’t even back, crazy to think about.

  • Jasper Ezekiel
    Jasper Ezekiel Hace un mes +5

    I see rob Williams filling most of the Kornet/Griffin and some of grants minutes. I think especially cause his injury is one that lingers he’ll be a 20 minute a night player to make sure he’s fresh for the playoffs. I agree that he’s a great look to have, but he shouldn’t be playing 25-30 min a night. He’s really critical against any team that plays zone coverage because vertical spacing is so much more effective against it, and he’s our biggest threat there against teams like the heat. In the heat series last year he was our second most impactful player in my opinion, any game he played well we won, and Miami doesn’t really have an answer for him. I think he’d also be useful against the bucks with their size, and cavs 2-big look too, but against teams like the warriors he’s definitely a burden at times.

  • Yann Courtel
    Yann Courtel Hace un mes +2

    As a Warriors fan, at first, I really thought it was a depressing loss and still think JP was foul twice at the end and just maybe we could have escaped alive. That said, it is encouraging to see the effort! They played nothing like the 2 lifeless losses we had against the Pelicans without our starters. I absolutely love JK's energy especially on defense. We will gel soon. The Western conf is still very open and we are coming, sooner rather than later.

    • Yann Courtel
      Yann Courtel Hace un mes

      @Tuff00 only if it's worth it. I wouldn't trade anyone except Wise at this point. The market is not great though. Let's see how the next 2 games go.

    • Tuff00
      Tuff00 Hace un mes

      Fr we need to trade Wiseman and some more guys/ picks for more depth tho

    BLAQOUT Hace un mes +92

    Back for best basketball analysis on ESclips…

    • JP
      JP Hace un mes

      no u

    • Ty Johnson
      Ty Johnson Hace un mes

      @Shane Scott
      Gotta tap into the pod.

    • Shane Scott
      Shane Scott Hace un mes

      @Ty Johnson yeah but they don't post enough

    • Tejandrio Bolton
      Tejandrio Bolton Hace un mes

      @Nicholas Leventis first take fell off years ago

    • Nicholas Leventis
      Nicholas Leventis Hace un mes +1

      100%. Stopped watching shit like first take, this is much better

  • BigSweetBrown
    BigSweetBrown Hace un mes +1

    Love the videos but can we get some grizzlies coverage please. They’re quietly sitting near the number 1 spot in the west (likely to be tied at number 1 after tomorrows games) and haven’t even played a single game with their full starting 5 yet.

  • An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

    This guy gives the best basketball analysis anywhere.

  • KTDS Gaming
    KTDS Gaming Hace un mes +9

    Bro said New Orleans Hornets brought back a memory of me going to a game as a kid🥲

  • Mel Jay
    Mel Jay Hace un mes +1

    I think it's time for the suns to part ways with cp3, his offense only come and goes these days and he's a terrible defender atp in his career. I would move him or bench him, but next season so everything could be sorted out and understand during the off-season just in case him or a teammate gives u pushback u don't cause any distraction or lose chemistry this season. Love cp3 tho

  • Alasdair Macdonald
    Alasdair Macdonald Hace un mes +2

    How are you not going to call out Klay for just walking away from Malik to allow that wide open 3? For no reason at all Klay just wondered into the lane and did nothing as if was Westbrook.
    Worse no one from the team either on the court or on the bench even looked at him or called him out on it.
    Klay's not the same player but neither he or the team wants to recognise it. His chucking in the game was horrific as was his defense for the most part. I know they had that team meeting a few weeks ago but he's back to his old ways it seems. It will probably look better when Steph or Dray is back but on the court and in his head the Klay issue is one of the roots of this teams problems.
    Also enough is enough Kuminga needs to be given 20+ minutes a night guaranteed. As long as he brings the defensive and rebounding effort consistently he deserves more offensive touches outside of Wiggins he's the only player who can apply real rim pressure. He won't save their season by himself but he can go a long way to improving their chances to win games if he plays more.

  • Ro
    Ro Hace un mes

    KD has been a great defender this year. Great on ball, help defense and rim protection. He’s top 10 in blocks per game. He should make his first all defensive team this year. He’s also having a career year in fg% 55 %

    • Emile Maritz
      Emile Maritz Hace un mes

      Does he deserve a spot over Tatum or Giannis though? Jokic will get the nod at 5 Giannis at 4 and then Tatum (currently mvp favorite) at the 3 I don’t see KD getting first team this year despite him playing amazing. Maybe if Tatum just falls of a cliff. But if history has taught us anything he just gets better the second half of the season.

  • Luke Remsberg
    Luke Remsberg Hace un mes

    Wasn’t an extra pass. NAW’s pass to Beasley was a set play for the corner 3. Chris finch ran that same play in the playoffs (I believe) for Beasley to hit a game tying 3 that sent the game to OT. As a warriors fan that sucked to see but it’s a hell of a play call and was really cool to see

  • KOD
    KOD Hace un mes

    I still think Lakers would be number 1 in the west if they did the Westbrick for Buddy and turner trade now they are looking at half measure moves.. The Lakers could win the west.. Beating the Celtics or Bucks is another story but those two teams are going to have a brutal series to get out of the east so anything is possible.

  • Parris Styles
    Parris Styles Hace un mes

    Yeah I think linings and Poole will be the future of this team, the other talent will be gone or in a supporting role.

  • Cholo Abenes
    Cholo Abenes Hace un mes +1

    I would love to see visuals/clips to illustrate your points, Jason. But I guess production time wouldn't permit it. Still one of the best on YT.

  • Abel Araya
    Abel Araya Hace un mes

    I remember ppl laughing at my face when I told them I had faith in Brad Stevens being elevated into the GM position for the Celtics, and ppl especially SAS said that Brad shouldn't have been elevated, and that he questioned Brad being deserved of that opportunity, using the race card saying "It's beautiful to be a white guy". But I digress....
    Last year was just a measuring stick as to where this team could be, and now they're on a demolition tour to get the job done.

  • Ben Den
    Ben Den Hace un mes +6

    Kerr has done his best to crush Kuminga's confidence you can see the tentativeness in his play.

    • Tuff00
      Tuff00 Hace un mes

      @Ben Den Kuminga isn’t too good at getting his own shots yet he’s still pretty awkward on that end

    • the GOAT -IsHere•
      the GOAT -IsHere• Hace un mes

      @Gee Andrezziidk man he’s actually not bad when it comes to passing it to the open shooter when he drives. It’s just most of the time no one is open so he ends up passing it back to a covered guy on the perimeter. Kuminga’s “low IQ offensive” just doesn’t show up for me, I don’t see what he is doing wrong.

    • Gee Andrezzi
      Gee Andrezzi Hace un mes +2

      @Ben Den GSW entire offense is built on BALL-MOVEMENT. You literally just proved the point. He’s trying to develop Kuminga’s IQ as a basketball player. So that if/when Kuminga replaces draymond, he can flourish like Draymond and Iggy do creating for OTHERS, not just himself.

    • Ben Den
      Ben Den Hace un mes

      @Gee Andrezzi He is one of the few players on the team that can create his own shot, playing inside and out. Kerr should be playing him in the dunker spot. If he can figure out how to use him then trade the guy.

    • Gee Andrezzi
      Gee Andrezzi Hace un mes

      Kerr is trying to teach dude to play smarter. Kuminga is so low IQ offensively. All he does is try to blow by defenders and he misses wide open teammates half the time

  • Thee_Empowerer
    Thee_Empowerer Hace un mes

    I would like to see the Nets healthy and with about 20 games with everyone. They’ve shown spurts of really good basketball in a few games.. 30+ assists in a few consecutively..

    • TheZane03
      TheZane03 Hace un mes

      @Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average they haven’t been healthy, Seth, tj, yuta, Ben and kyrie suspension, all have been in and out the line up

    • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average
      Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average Hace un mes

      They are healthy now,have been for a while,just that they are still playing it light with that Diva Simmons.

  • Fonzi
    Fonzi Hace un mes +1

    Absolutely love this channel

  • Paul Hanson
    Paul Hanson Hace un mes

    The irony: Golden State wanted a big down low who could dominate and use his physical gifts as they have no one like Wiseman from a physique perspective on their roster. Come to find out Wiseman hates physicality and wants to play like a guard. I've never seen such a huge guy be so soft and clueless about going and grabbing the ball. He's always slow to defend, like he's thinking so much of what the coaches say that the play passes him by. As soon as he can show that he can be physical, block out a defender, BLOCK the opposition and be aggressive defensively-I'll be excited about him. But I think he's absolutely, unfortunately, a bust for the Warriors. May not be for a different coach.

  • Simon cabrera
    Simon cabrera Hace un mes

    Game day update! Warriors dominated the Celtics tonight!

  • TheZane03
    TheZane03 Hace un mes

    That lakers win from the nets, was a given, a back to back game, and KD was the only one playing from their starters

  • Spomusmo23
    Spomusmo23 Hace un mes

    PHX doesn't look good at all they were embarrassing against Dallas too. But Boston is on another level this season.

  • Yémi Doherty
    Yémi Doherty Hace un mes +1

    Trust Jason to find a way to talk about the Lakers during a segment that doesn't involve them.

  • Kenneth jbar
    Kenneth jbar Hace un mes

    Finally the nets get some attention 😭 they been better than the lakers yet they aint been gettin no shine

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un mes +1

    i like kuminga. has the physical tools to be two beast

  • Racquel Holness
    Racquel Holness Hace un mes

    that was Suns last year came off a final lost.... killing it within the RS but come in the PO.....went flat........

  • Alejandro Pagan
    Alejandro Pagan Hace un mes +1

    That was a foul on the Poole strip

  • CJ Gunderson
    CJ Gunderson Hace un mes +2

    Boston didn’t “damn near blow it” against Milwaukee. Milwaukee had a chance to close it out in 6 at home and blew it. A subtle difference, but it was Milwaukee’s conference to lose and they lost it.

  • Somerset Bassett
    Somerset Bassett Hace un mes

    Nets, told yall they would be fine. Imagine thinking a team with KD wouldn't be relevant. Smdh

  • Landon Lakes
    Landon Lakes Hace un mes

    Boston’s second unit with Tatum or Brown has been fukin great - White, Brogdon, Hauser, Kornet + jb/jt

  • Sojere Israeli
    Sojere Israeli Hace un mes

    Definitely liked what I saw from kuminga last night

  • BrenTw0
    BrenTw0 Hace un mes

    you ignore that the jazz were missing their 2 best players as well of course

  • Luke Remsberg
    Luke Remsberg Hace un mes +2

    Wasn’t an extra pass. NAW’s pass to Beasley was a set play for the corner 3. Chris finch ran that same play in the playoffs (I believe) for Beasley to hit a game tying 3 that sent the game to OT. As a warriors fan that sucked to see but it’s a hell of a play call and was really cool to see

  • QuazztheKid
    QuazztheKid Hace un mes

    JP definitely got fouled twice but ok!! Not sure why folks sweeping it under the rug..

  • HGC
    HGC Hace un mes

    Always a pleasure to listen in

  • Ryan Simoncini
    Ryan Simoncini Hace un mes +1

    “Dominated Golden State for three games.”
    Did we watch the same series? Warriors were up double digits the entire game up until the fourth where grant, Horford, and white did not moss from 3 for thehalf of the fourth… which was statistically insane

  • nineteenct
    nineteenct Hace un mes

    Book is going through a rough stretch, but as a Pels fan I’m so proud of Dyson Daniels having excellent defense on him and so many other star players up to this point, incredibly Herb Jones like

  • Tejandrio Bolton
    Tejandrio Bolton Hace un mes +1

    this guy is so good

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell Hace un mes

    Wiseman’s best game? He played 5 mins lol

  • C Mac
    C Mac Hace un mes +4

    A ton of Celtic love from JT. Brogdon/Hauser are a sizeable upgrade from Pritchard, who played every playoff game last season. Tatum/Brown have yet to hit their prime so they are still improving, expect that to continue. Everyone is signed (except Grant, which BOS holds RFA rights) so the rest of the NBA should buckle in. If Brown makes All-NBA, he'll get the Super MAX. Then the Celtics will be cemented into a 5yr run. The Warriors can answer this by adding two +++defenders, they have the assets in Wiseman/Moody to add Vanderbilt and Poeltl. Kerr doesn't have the time to develop them + it's not really fair to the W's or the kids. If they do that they will have a really strong 9 man group. Boston can always play Brook Lopez off the floor when they go Grant/Horford at the 4/5 and go 5 wide.

    • kxrty
      kxrty Hace un mes

      @alpha Acquaye thats what o said pritchard is better then Hauser his abilities just isn't needed as much

    • alpha Acquaye
      alpha Acquaye Hace un mes

      @kxrty you’re right but it’s easier play Hauser because he’s 6”6 so not as big as a liability plus we already got smart brogdon nd white so it’s tough for him to get minutes

    • kxrty
      kxrty Hace un mes

      @C Mac mmm defender is about even and shooting is even but pritchard can run an offence. Hauser is a spot of shooter. Pritchard is a logo 3 threat with a great handle and passing ability he can score at all 3 levels with great shot creation ability

    • C Mac
      C Mac Hace un mes +1

      @kxrty I like Pritchard but Hauser is a better shooter and defender

    • kxrty
      kxrty Hace un mes

      Pritchard is better then Hauser and a very good secondary guard. Boston just happens to have the best guard rotation in basketball

  • DaVaughn Sneed
    DaVaughn Sneed Hace un mes

    this dude cover every warriors game love the anylisis u logical an smart but seesh!

  • Q _
    Q _ Hace un mes +1

    The graphics are a nice touch

  • Jay
    Jay Hace un mes

    Tf you be talking about, dude plays one year and college and swears he can talk bout teams

  • Louis Butler
    Louis Butler Hace un mes +3

    New Orleans Hornets...

  • 🥕 NewJeans Loverboy 🥕

    Poole was fouled twice on the last play

  • Aris Acuna
    Aris Acuna Hace un mes +7

    Real talk. You need your own show

  • Julio Thom
    Julio Thom Hace un mes +2

    New top dog? They’ve been Top Dog all year.
    Boston realizes they blew a title last year, and they look focused on not making that mistake again.

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W Hace un mes

    Olynyk fell on top of JP on that final in bounds. That's a very clear foul. Dude just takes him out like a middle linebacker and the refs just let it happen. Not saying that GSW shouldn't have been better down the stretch but JP was clearly, clearly fouled.

  • Somerset Bassett
    Somerset Bassett Hace un mes +1

    Ws game was fun, 11-11 eh they'll be fine. JK was a beast nice to see him get some run, Wiseman was fine.

  • medicperu
    medicperu Hace un mes

    Jk made it exciting. Loved the bench playing hard. Didn’t expect a good game. Happy

  • O U
    O U Hace un mes +5

    Teeheehee JT you said New Orleans Hornets 🤣 I still fuck that up from time to time. Glad you're keeping it real, no edits. I love your breakdown, always learn something more either Xs and Os or psychology. Keep it going!

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson Hace un mes +1

    With the Jays as the main leaders… it is your job to develop you game, because they are… every single off season… Hauser, Grant, White, Smart… if there is a hole in your game, Fix it.

  • Steven Taylor
    Steven Taylor Hace un mes

    you’re wrong in your analysis about rob man

  • M O
    M O Hace un mes +2

    Talk about the Pelicans man. Wtf😭😭

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un mes

    i agree that boston has to prove they can execute consistently in the playoffs

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes

      @Anthony Yusef they made it that far without being consistent

    • Anthony Yusef
      Anthony Yusef Hace un mes +1

      They did make it to the finals and had a 2-1 lead...I consider that a deep playoff run

  • Superfan K
    Superfan K Hace un mes +1

    I understand what you're trying to say but please stop trying to imply that the Celtics are better off without Rob. They aren't.

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un mes +2

    idk abt this rob thing... im open to the idea of him gambling too much - love to see some stats that back that up.
    im skeptical tho bc celtics posted a 120 offensive rating (abt what they are doing now) over the second half of last szn. so they were as good w him last yr as they are this yr on offense. also they had the number #1 defense last yr w rob and have slipped some this yr without him.
    The thing abt 5 out offense is that it requires great collective decision making on when to screen/cut/slip/drive/relocate/etc. they are making better decisions this yr and thats why its working out (if this translates in playoffs nobody is beating them). without that it can be pretty stagnant if you have 5 guys jus passing around on the perimeter. line ups w kornet tatum n the bench have been effective (partly bc brogdon n tatum get to go against teams second unit) bc the 4 out 1 in breaks the rhythm of 5 out and forces action towards rim more naturally.
    Cs are fine w/o him so im sure they'll manage his minutes and ease him back into the fold as to make sure he stays healthy n not disrupt what they got going now.

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes

      @Steven Taylor right! lol 1 big lineups w rob switiched everything n double big was stifling defensively. size and versatility everywhere w two rim protectors 3 if you include tatum.
      he'll probably come off the bench to start n replace kornet in the 4 out 1 lineup. brogdon hauser tatum grant n rob is going to be deadly on both sides of the ball

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor Hace un mes +1

      @Taylor yep 120 and up😂😂 dk how the narrative is getting swung just bc dude doesn’t like double big when if u think ab it they were switching everything w rob, and played drop without him. so by his logic he should love rob.

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes

      @Steven Taylor wrd and not just 1st. it was the same record setting number that it is this yr

    • Steven Taylor
      Steven Taylor Hace un mes +1

      @Taylor yea that was a bad take, 1st in offensive rating after january with rob in the lineup last year. this idea that double big doesn’t work was proved wrong last year.

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes +1

      my boy wrking hard to find something negative to say abt the celtics. "worried rob is going to make them worse" is a terrible take lol
      they switch w rob when he's not injured btw

  • Wilson Pena Diaz
    Wilson Pena Diaz Hace un mes +2

    Man stop talking so much about lakers they didn’t even play last night. Love the analysis tho keep it up

    • kxrty
      kxrty Hace un mes

      Lakers gets the most views let man get his money

  • Mar-Jax
    Mar-Jax Hace un mes

    Season doesn't start until Christmas. Relax

  • Todd Hood
    Todd Hood Hace un mes

    Hey Tim, did you watch pre game? Hes actually shooting now

  • Karim Zakaria
    Karim Zakaria Hace un mes +5

    Good point about Robert Williams. I think they are better off bringing him off the bench because their starting lineup is unguardable right now. The ability to have 5 shooters on the floor and play 5 out basketball has really elevated the Celtics into such a historical offensive juggernaut.

    • An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd
      An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd Hace un mes

      There's a million reasons Williams should be a bench player. First and foremost, I'm 99% sure he'll have another injury before the season even ends, and I don't want them screwing up the chemistry and spacing they have for a temporary starter.

    • just908blaze1
      just908blaze1 Hace un mes +4

      @C Mac with the looks that they are able to create for each other I wouldn’t be surprised if the drop off is only minimal. Part of the reason these guys are shooting lights out is because of how clean the looks are.

    • C Mac
      C Mac Hace un mes +1

      Boston will be really good playing 1 IN/ 4 OUT (as we've seen with Luke). They will be more balanced OFF/DEF. Their 3pt shooting is due to regress lower unless you believe they have 4 of the TOP 10 3pt shooters in the NBA

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton Hace un mes +1

    Warriors are done and crispy just like fried chicken

  • Aarya Naik
    Aarya Naik Hace un mes

    i think JK can be a giannis if he gets a bit competitive andd aggressive

  • Lord Devil
    Lord Devil Hace un mes

    That's why I say you don't know what you're talking about sometimes such as Giannis being a better player than Curry. Nets beat the New Orleans Hornets? You can't even get the team name right

  • David Sok
    David Sok Hace un mes +1

    This guy keep bringing up the lakers when he talk about the Celtics, this guys suck, always comparing Celtics players with lakers, lakers is no where close to the Celtics this season.

  • primecat54
    primecat54 Hace un mes

    Boston is starting to share the ball, that's the difference in basketball.

  • Tony Wu
    Tony Wu Hace un mes

    Looks like Tatum still calls Draymond daddy

  • bandoogiemanz
    bandoogiemanz Hace un mes

    Sorry man, any team with Chris Paul as it's leader, just won't have the constitution to not let go of the rope.

  • H AL3
    H AL3 Hace un mes +1

    Bro just say New Orleans Hornets

  • Brandon Troy
    Brandon Troy Hace un mes

    The C’s are ready to take the mountain.

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton Hace un mes +1

    Warriors are done

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un mes

    golden state ducking celtics smoke saturday sitting guys for no reason

    • NBA 876
      NBA 876 Hace un mes

      @Lupe A no man you tripping

    • Lupe A
      Lupe A Hace un mes

      @NBA 876 why you using red shade in your pic? You hiding your herrrrpes?

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes

      @NBA 876 it will be a tough series but i got the Cs. Led by the jays they're 2-0 vs bucks in the playoffs (not including the yr kyrie quit on them).
      everybody talks abt bucks missing middleton but they dont talk abt smart n rob missing games for Cs.
      we'll see

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace un mes

      ​@NBA 876are steph n draymond injured?

    • NBA 876
      NBA 876 Hace un mes

      Boston Celtics ain't making past the bucks anyway

  • Mr. Majani
    Mr. Majani Hace un mes

    On the point about the Celtics bashing everyone in after a finals disappointment... didn't the Suns do the exact same thing last year? It's not a guarantee to win after that

  • Alasdair Macdonald
    Alasdair Macdonald Hace un mes

    Kessler is already twice or three times the player Wiseman is which is crazy to say.

  • Theo Trinbago
    Theo Trinbago Hace un mes

    Wiseman is a terrible defender. TRADE HIM

  • Noel Ihim
    Noel Ihim Hace un mes

    Guy really just said the Lakers are better than the Nets. These Laker fans don’t understand how delusional they are.

  • billy hurst
    billy hurst Hace un mes

    WTF did you call the Hornets?? The New Orleans Hornets? Catch up man.

  • NBA 876
    NBA 876 Hace un mes

    Boston ain't making past warriors and the bucks

  • Jay
    Jay Hace un mes

    Bro is always trying to minimize what Boston does

    • Aaron Moes
      Aaron Moes Hace un mes

      He is usually hyping the Celtics up, I disagree. He minimizes what the Bucks are doing much more imo.

    • Jashan Assi
      Jashan Assi Hace un mes

      @Jimmy Jay NOOO KIZZZY FAM

    • Jimmy Jay
      Jimmy Jay Hace un mes +4

      Only the Title matters

  • NBA 876
    NBA 876 Hace un mes

    Boston Celtics is weak my guy

  • NBA 876
    NBA 876 Hace un mes

    Boston Celtics just like suns regular season team

    • TOM Motsepe
      TOM Motsepe Hace un mes +1

      The suns did the same thing year before last, exactly the same as what Boston is doing now. Hungry because of a finals loss

    • Anthony Yusef
      Anthony Yusef Hace un mes +1

      @NBA 876... You do know they got to 6 games in the FINALS last year? I think Philly resembles that far more than the Celtics

  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere Hace un mes

    Celtics are fools gold. You’d be a fool to bet on or put belief in the Celtics winning the chip.

  • Polo GODsfavorite
    Polo GODsfavorite Hace un mes

    Bucks the best team

    • Aaron Moes
      Aaron Moes Hace un mes

      Can't wait to see.. Celtics are playing the best right now though.