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  • “makeouthill, the place where all ideas and love meet”
    "vice city" out on all DSPs this Friday
    To Jahseh’s Supporters Across The World:
    We continue to be amazed at the love and support that X’s fans show on a daily basis. We know how much his music means to all of you, and his impact continues to be as powerful as it’s ever been.
    It is important to us to continue to honor Jah’s legacy, and in that spirit we are planning an exciting 2022. One of our first initiatives is to get as much of X’s music from his earliest days as an artist up on all DSPs. We have been working diligently to clear as much of it as possible, and we are excited to announce our first release this Friday with “vice city” hitting all streaming services for the first time. We will continue to release music as we clear it, and are making sure we do it in a way that stays true to how X released each song originally.
    Visit now to sign up and stay up to date with X-related news, and be the first to be notified as the site evolves. Follow @makeouthill on Twitter for more updates.
    Beyond the music, we know X’s fans have been waiting patiently for the documentary and we will be sharing updates on it soon.
    Thank you again for your support and for continuing to honor and celebrate the life of Jah.
    The Estate of Jahseh Onfroy, aka XXXTENTACION
    Directed by MONTREALITY
    Animation / VFX: Stripmall
    Producer: MONTREALITY & Saul Levitz
    Sound design: Matt Yocum
    Special thanks: Noah, Brendan, Dreambear, Jacob Kirby, Swiss Made Entertainment, Sultan Jum, Aspects Dylan, Oscar Nagy, TripleSeven, M2 GH2, sophiehighroller, IMST, James Thomas, Godflow_91, Rolling Loud, KC Fritz, TimWestwoodTV, BigBoyTV
    Voices: Lil Uzi Vert, Joey Bada$$, Playboi Carti, Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd
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  • Chennai Kulla
    Chennai Kulla Hace 4 meses +751

    Xxxtentacion goes on to say “If I’m gonna die or ever be a sacrifice I wanna make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy. Or they found some kind of answers or resolve in my life, regardless of the negative around my name and regardless of the bad things people say to me. Because I don’t give a f**k because I know my goal in the end and I know what I want for everyone and I know what my message is.

    • Carla Bynum
      Carla Bynum Hace 2 días

      @xOmnipresent bruh

    • Carla Bynum
      Carla Bynum Hace 2 días

      I never got how that was his last words his hair was dyed a completely different color idk

    • love zone
      love zone Hace 7 días +2

      @xOmnipresent mofos are don't know
      How much life he saved

    • xOmnipresent
      xOmnipresent Hace 28 días

      @Sky Orteaga dramatic

  • Akerzy
    Akerzy Hace un mes +292

    That ending....

    • Brojgg
      Brojgg Hace 11 horas

      @Jellyzar u rlly think

    • Jellyzar
      Jellyzar Hace 18 días +1

      I think he still alive

    • Tentacion 2k5
      Tentacion 2k5 Hace un mes

      No die hard fans are started for spread X family power

    • Aven
      Aven Hace un mes


  • bino geekin
    bino geekin Hace un mes +103

    “If I’m gonna die or ever be a sacrifice I wanna make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy." R.I.P. x is great

  • Gabriel souzaa
    Gabriel souzaa Hace un mes +20

    impossible not to feel sadness remembering this legend 🖤🥀

    • MazyMaz
      MazyMaz Hace 21 un día

      No it’s possible I don’t even like x I like Eminem beter

  • Max
    Max Hace un mes +39

    "Looking for a brighter season" - X X X T E N T A C I O N

  • Chennai Kulla
    Chennai Kulla Hace 4 meses +1442

    Don't say RIP to this legend he alive in all everyone heart 🖤

  • Am1rGo
    Am1rGo Hace un mes +2

    Он всегда в наших сердцах❤️

  • Devastati
    Devastati Hace un mes +1

    Lenda 🇧🇷🤞🇧🇷

  • Lorran Carvalho
    Lorran Carvalho Hace un mes

    Melhor canal do mundo ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️

  • Francisco Antonio Cavalcante

    Voce sempre estara no meu coraçao xxxtentacion🖤❤

  • ghetto Hokage
    ghetto Hokage Hace 4 meses +898

    X you will never be forgotten RIP 🖤💛

  • Iago Gabriel
    Iago Gabriel Hace un mes +2

    Eterno xxx tentacion 🖤🖤😔

  • Guizerme
    Guizerme Hace un mes +20

    Aquele tiro matou um fisicamente, mas matou milhões mentalmente
    Legends never dies 🖤

  • Matheus De Jesus dos Santos

    Continue descansando em paz Xxxtentacion as coisas por aqui não são mais a mesmas sem vc sentimos faltar de novas músicas turnês, Lives no ESclips e em outras plataformas!! Vc ainda vive lenda!!!🖤🖤

  • Nathalia Mello
    Nathalia Mello Hace 27 días +6

    Eu sempre vou amar suas músicas e sempre vou te levar comigo , forever , forever 🖤🖤🖤

  • Kxng
    Kxng Hace 4 meses +912

    “your support is what keeps me alive”

    • Kim Sonn
      Kim Sonn Hace un mes

      All thanks to Lord #dretiko for helping me become rich and famous.

  • Henrique Santos
    Henrique Santos Hace 4 días

    Saudades eterno X😔

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas Hace 26 días +4

    this gives me hella goosebumps every time i see it
    we miss you Jah

  • MaxRG
    MaxRG Hace un mes

    Vivo o muerto siempre serás el mejor!🖤

  • lllIIIIllllIIlll
    lllIIIIllllIIlll Hace un mes +12

    How I really wish I've could of seen him in real life and give him a big hug

  • Zenterr
    Zenterr Hace 4 meses +533

    LLJ 🕊 Forever Legend

  • Christian Strout
    Christian Strout Hace un mes +13

    We miss you so much bro, legends never die.. R.I.P XXXTENTACION 💖

  • Adriel Souza
    Adriel Souza Hace 3 días

    Eu chorei mano,essa lenda vai fica no nossos corações Pará sempre,xxx Pará sempre

    MR EVIL Hace un mes +4

    Legends never die 😪

  • armadill pickle
    armadill pickle Hace un mes +1

    ✨Rest In Peace legend, you will be missed✨❤️🔥🧡🖤🖤🖤

  • The Unknown Lil
    The Unknown Lil Hace 4 meses +471

    that’s amazing ✨
    #LLJ 🙏
    We still love u ♥️💔

  • It’s Linxzy
    It’s Linxzy Hace 22 días +1

    This legend is still in our hearts

    MĄŘČØŞ ŤØP GĄMĔŞ Hace 20 días +4

    Tenho tanta saudades do xxxtentacion as músicas dele me fã relaxar luto xxxtentacion😔

  • José María Serrudo Cruz

    No importa que no estés aquí, yo quiero conocer por lo menos lo que tu fuiste lo que serás y en lo que te convertirás, por que te extraño aquí y el ahora xxxtentación, recuerda, significaste mucho para mi y para millones 🖤

  • AlEn Del Norte
    AlEn Del Norte Hace 27 días

    Xxx tentaciòn siempre estarás en nuestros corazones por siempre y para siempre y 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Doc Rich
    Doc Rich Hace 4 meses +229

    He was a legend in the making. R.I.P X 🙏🏾

  • Elsa Reyes Bernilla
    Elsa Reyes Bernilla Hace un mes

    Te extrañamos mucho xxx tentacion rogaria a dios que estes vivo te extraña todo el Perú ❤❤❤

  • xxxtentacio shorts
    xxxtentacio shorts Hace un mes +1

    mano ele mudou minha vida eu teria morrido pra ele ñ morrer

  • caduzinho gamer
    caduzinho gamer Hace un mes +1

    A lenda vai voltar ❤️😭

    • caduzinho gamer
      caduzinho gamer Hace un mes

      @Stephen Reed I don't understand what you said, can you repeat it please?

    • Stephen Reed
      Stephen Reed Hace un mes +1

      Hard to admit but XXX = 2018, year now = 2022. Normal people listen GOMUNKUL 6 now.

    NIGHT Hace un mes +5


  • TheFactory
    TheFactory Hace 4 meses +24529

    That intro is beautiful, can't wait for y'all to introduce these SoundCloud classics to the streaming world, the editing on this teaser is really insane as well

  • jotakak
    jotakak Hace un mes +6

    this intro is so beautiful. X really changed the wrld for most people.

    ESTUARDO FF Hace un mes

    Xxxtentacion te extraño muchísimo 🥺😭😢

  • ODIN
    ODIN Hace 25 días +1

    I will never forget you X. My life has changed since I met you 🖤 Happy soul and dear memory🖤😭

  • brendha
    brendha Hace 25 días

    você sempre está no nossos corações..🖤

  • the bootleg boy
    the bootleg boy Hace 3 meses +1453

    J changed the scene forever

  • Sulivan Moura Bueno
    Sulivan Moura Bueno Hace un mes


  • XXX gustavo
    XXX gustavo Hace un mes

    Vc sempre estará no meu coração XXX 🖤🖤🖤

  • HtHaze6hunna
    HtHaze6hunna Hace un mes +1

    I really miss you X my brother I would be here without your music ♥️🙏Rest in Haven I will see you again my brother thank you for everything

  • Guiliana Esther Torres Cardenas

    Xxxtentacion siempre en nuestros corazones nuestro rey

  • LINzzO
    LINzzO Hace 4 meses +174

    R.I.P X 🥺❤

  • juninho77
    juninho77 Hace 10 días

    Lenda xxxtentacion🕊️💔

  • Elian gamer
    Elian gamer Hace 9 días

    Recordaremos a xxx tentasion😭😭😭😭

  • Oliver Drake
    Oliver Drake Hace 22 días +1

    XXX you were always special to me I loved you you were my only pleasure 😭😭😭😭

  • johanben
    johanben Hace un mes

    heres el mejor te extrañaremos

    TONY FF Hace 4 meses +261

    Ele mudou tudo...

    • desisto da vida
      desisto da vida Hace 3 meses

      O canal dele está com a EMPIRE a gravadora do X e a gravadora que cuida de tudo da imagem dele ele que posta tudo que o X deixou

    • Akashi
      Akashi Hace 3 meses

      @Vinicios Moreira AUT2° 🅥 tem q ser paciente mt gente n entende mt disso

    • Akashi
      Akashi Hace 3 meses

      @Victor Bruno kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Vinicios Moreira AUT2° 🅥
      Vinicios Moreira AUT2° 🅥 Hace 3 meses

      @Akashi Mano, é uma lerdeza tão gigantesca que da ódio só de ler. Eu nem sei como você teve a paciência de responder kkkkkkkkk.

    • Victor Bruno
      Victor Bruno Hace 3 meses +1

      E o filho dele que tá gravando tendeu

  • matuê teto Wil treper
    matuê teto Wil treper Hace 5 días

    luto eterno XXX💔🖤🖤😔😔😔😭😭

  • rick22 fé
    rick22 fé Hace un mes

    Te amo tio x 🖤

  • lila
    lila Hace un mes +1

    repose en paix xxxtentation 🤲

  • Beckie
    Beckie Hace 9 días +1

    He was a “very special dude”
    *XXXTENTACION* For Life…

  • R.k channel
    R.k channel Hace 4 meses +65

    We miss u xx 🥺🥺🥺

  • Maddox
    Maddox Hace 18 días

    XXXTNTACION You will not be forgotten.
    R.I.P Legend.

  • LC 🥋
    LC 🥋 Hace un mes

    Eterno para siempre

  • The KBG Family
    The KBG Family Hace 24 días

    Rip XXXtentacion we can’t live without you king

  • NSP_dark
    NSP_dark Hace 18 días +1

    Never Legends don't dead💔🕊️
    I love you x 🖤🥲

  • Xaiyo
    Xaiyo Hace 4 meses +543

    this is probably the best thing ive seen from x’s team since he passed, props

    • unknown
      unknown Hace 4 meses +1

      @UZIdyldon420 if they were trying to keep his memory alive and not make money, they wouldn’t drop all his finished/unfinished music in two albums in the span of 2 years. stop defending people who don’t care 😭

      MIRASLOSS Hace 4 meses

      @UZIdyldon420 his original artistic vision will keep his memory alive in the long run. people will forget about these soulless cash grabs before they forget about what he was able to do while he was alive.

    • UZIdyldon420
      UZIdyldon420 Hace 4 meses

      @unknown you think a bunch of his oldest SoundCloud songs are gonna be any better? They’re tryna keep. his. memory. alive. Not make money or do great numbers cuz that’s obviously not possible now

    • UZIdyldon420
      UZIdyldon420 Hace 4 meses

      @MIRASLOSS he didn’t make a fuck ton of songs like Juice did. They did what they could to make a decent album, it’s not about the numbers after an artist dies. It’s about the lyrics and the memory of X. This is all they can do to keep his legacy going. Just appreciate that, that’s all fans like me ask of the X community, as well as the Juice WRLD community.

  • Eric Astorga
    Eric Astorga Hace un mes

    OMG I'm such a fan of you I love your music videos and you're blessed I thought you were dead thankfully that made my heart better

  • rackers boy
    rackers boy Hace 6 días +1

    X is alive in OUR hearts 😭😭😭😭🌹

  • RuTo
    RuTo Hace un mes

    Long live X 🙏

  • Mauro oviedo
    Mauro oviedo Hace un mes +3

    X siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones, tu legado seguirá vivo 🖤

    • Mauro oviedo
      Mauro oviedo Hace 4 días

      @Walter El Pro xd

    • Walter El Pro
      Walter El Pro Hace 5 días

      Yo viendo que no soy el único que escribe en español en los comentarios XD

  • Crushroadmusic
    Crushroadmusic Hace 4 meses +3280

    Legends Never Die, R.i.p xxxtentacion🙏🏾

    • Vani XIII
      Vani XIII Hace 4 meses

      Sorry but everyone dies...but its Legends that will never be FORGOTTEN

    • Happy ϟ
      Happy ϟ Hace 4 meses


  • Nathalia Mello
    Nathalia Mello Hace 27 días +1

    Eu sempre vou amar suas músicas e sempre vou te levar comigo , forever , forever 🖤🖤🖤

  • Heydems
    Heydems Hace un mes

    we miss you x you still live in our hearts tho 🖤

  • matuê teto Wil treper
    matuê teto Wil treper Hace 5 días

    tomara que ele não tenha vendido a alma pro mal e TBM tomara que ele esteja no céu

  • Kymahara Hanawane
    Kymahara Hanawane Hace un mes

    ªªªªªªª😞💔 EU TE AMO PRA SEMPRE ❤️

  • 9jaFanx
    9jaFanx Hace 4 meses +2512

    We miss this soul, you will forever remain in our hearts

    • Galactica
      Galactica Hace 4 meses

      @King Lieutenant Lee own?

    • só no my memes
      só no my memes Hace 4 meses

      sim concerteza

    • Crashence
      Crashence Hace 4 meses +1

      @ParisTroopa go do your homework dude
      Don't spread toxic words here

  • Manjiro geek
    Manjiro geek Hace un mes +1

    Obrigado por tudo sua lenda, ele nunca vai morrer enquanto ainda viver em nossos corações

  • Lynda Taylor
    Lynda Taylor Hace 21 un día +1

    We miss x rip remember he is in are heart he loves all us. Rip x

    MELANIN ZONE Hace 13 días

    Damn bro you made history🖤🖤🖤

  • MR FIRE 01
    MR FIRE 01 Hace un mes

    legends never die 🖤🥺

  • Marina Oliveira de Araujo

    a legend never dies 🖤🖤

  • HeadLessWR
    HeadLessWR Hace un mes +1

    That's crazy how people come back to watch this fire 💲💲👑👑👑👑 video Rip x he's in our hearts that's all that matters Cries

  • Hola Soy Dora!
    Hola Soy Dora! Hace 24 días +1

    Xxxtentacion is successful man and also a best rapper in the world ♥️

  • HupnozZz Cybersport
    HupnozZz Cybersport Hace 8 días +1

    Don't say RIP to this legend he alive in all everyone heart 🖤

  • jeremy johnson
    jeremy johnson Hace 4 meses +9100

    RIP X we miss you

  • Aziza Elmi
    Aziza Elmi Hace 29 días +1


  • mine wolf gaming
    mine wolf gaming Hace un mes

    Rip to this legend 🖤

  • weapons masters
    weapons masters Hace un mes

    we all miss you x❤❤

  • abhishek srivastava
    abhishek srivastava Hace 23 días +1

    Salute this man 🙏

  • Xisco
    Xisco Hace 4 meses +1784

    new fans are going to hear his old music for the first time, for everybody who is new, remember the feeling of listening to one of his old songs for the first time, is beautiful

  • Adriana Ango
    Adriana Ango Hace 26 días

    Te extrañmos 😭😭

  • True-bolt3 Gaming
    True-bolt3 Gaming Hace un mes +1

    We miss him Rest In Peace

  • insane bear
    insane bear Hace 21 un día +1


  • Cast
    Cast Hace 8 días +1

    2 legends voices in the same video RIP X RIP Juice

  • O-blocked
    O-blocked Hace 4 meses +931

    I’m getting chills up my spine it’s like his spirit manifested and came back..

  • Efe Mert Çalık
    Efe Mert Çalık Hace un mes

    I miss you so much xxtentacionxx you're loved missing someone who's dead may be the most ember feeling in you

  • Хасан Шаков
    Хасан Шаков Hace un mes

    Люблю его песни

  • Slimy army
    Slimy army Hace 21 un día +1

    I really love the beat is so good

  • AH
    AH Hace 16 días +1

    Legend never die

  • matt n
    matt n Hace 4 meses +992

    Listened to X since 2016. RIP forever in my heart. Helped me through so much, I was 15 at the time. Now I’m about to be 21. Never forget 🖤

    • TAOS
      TAOS Hace 4 meses

      Same bro but I was 13 at the time. Time flies

      YUNG_MARSHMELLOW Hace 4 meses

      I made the likes 888 just like the song!!!!!!!!!

    • waltrex
      waltrex Hace 4 meses

      Same here man... cant believe that much passed, still remember my teenage years going whit x and rae sremmurd

    • Bob Farlig
      Bob Farlig Hace 4 meses

      @xHacion Word !! from denmark . God Bless you

  • 🦋Haruko-San🦋
    🦋Haruko-San🦋 Hace un mes

    You still will be in our hearts !

  • Sanskriti Singh
    Sanskriti Singh Hace un mes

    RIP legend x miss you

  • OverL Ade
    OverL Ade Hace un mes

    We miss you X RIP💔

  • gerson jay racca
    gerson jay racca Hace 15 días

    We all love you xxxtenacion❤️❤️❤️

  • RileyTaugor
    RileyTaugor Hace 4 meses +363

    We all miss you King 💔