I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button

  • Publicado el 11 nov 2019
  • I Built the first ever ESclips Gold Play Button BASS Guitar.

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Comentarios • 24 401

  • Davie504
    Davie504  Hace un mes +31428

    *checkmate youtube*

  • Sudharshan Pani
    Sudharshan Pani Hace 9 horas

    Vedio is very irritating mannn

  • CupCakeViolater
    CupCakeViolater Hace 9 horas

    2:26 sound i swear is the save sound of the digimon game for the gamecube i swear

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez Hace 10 horas


  • Shah Ho Nam
    Shah Ho Nam Hace 10 horas


  • Jacob M
    Jacob M Hace 11 horas

    Don’t send it to me

    MONK MIKE Hace 11 horas +1

    Davie504: ESclips Phfff.. CHECKMATE
    ESclips: ...
    Davie504 you're awesome bro n by owning the BEST EPIC SLAPP YT Trophy/BASSSSSS 👌👍👍
    Who got the GOLD btw ?
    But anyways God Bless n Godspeed to you All my Friends. 🎵🎶💙🎶💙🎵

  • T. White
    T. White Hace 12 horas

    You talk like your soooooooo relaxed I love it

  • Mark lumicday
    Mark lumicday Hace 13 horas

    WISE choice on making it gold play button BASS guitar, but,
    not EPIC bass solo!!! He didn't TAP. checkmate Davie504.

    GAMING MATRIX Hace 13 horas


    GAMING MATRIX Hace 13 horas

    ang kulit mag salita haha

  • ACE R
    ACE R Hace 15 horas

    Wow very very WOWWWWW ,crazy how you played bass. new subscriber here in Philippines

  • L GZ
    L GZ Hace 16 horas


    JOHNATAN RENAN HORST Hace 16 horas

    Well, do the amp if you´re so fucking!! hahahahhaahaha

  • louie macias
    louie macias Hace 18 horas

    Bass!!! Plz

  • Zoltán Tigyi
    Zoltán Tigyi Hace 19 horas


    CUBING PERSON Hace 20 horas

    The first song is megalavina

  • huk lj
    huk lj Hace 21 un hora

    Who done your drums?

  • Karina Infante
    Karina Infante Hace 21 un hora

    Alguien es español?

  • argyle relyveld
    argyle relyveld Hace 22 horas

    bro your amazing 🤩🤩

  • kero kanko
    kero kanko Hace 23 horas

    8:50 JojoJ reveal

  • fffinedt
    fffinedt Hace un día

    Slep s 😂😂😂

  • Nahum Castillo
    Nahum Castillo Hace un día


  • Edbert Juan
    Edbert Juan Hace un día

    Lol for the bass 😂

  • kram Null
    kram Null Hace un día

    Had to slap it with girth...

  • Patrick Tobiaz
    Patrick Tobiaz Hace un día

    Eh he looks quite happy though he doesn't wanna show it up. And i can't stop watching his slapping vids and that kind of accent i can't describe :v

  • Fuzuki Music
    Fuzuki Music Hace un día

    Not weird flex but ok

  • Fudge
    Fudge Hace un día

    e p i c

  • Saifo Wahsh
    Saifo Wahsh Hace un día

    Megalovanis than giorno il vento d'oro

  • TaeLoveKookie xoxo
    TaeLoveKookie xoxo Hace un día

    And he's about to play the b a s s then an ad suddenly pops up...

  • Azilyti
    Azilyti Hace un día

    Omg... ESclips Bass!!

    ZURGENOX Hace un día

    E P I CC

    CARL YEETMAN Hace un día

    lead reveal at 6milllion?

  • Kevin Danger Powers
    Kevin Danger Powers Hace un día

    This is by far the coolest use of a gold play button I've ever seen.... EPIC!

  • Yt Player
    Yt Player Hace un día

    Congratulations u got an indian comment

  • Ruben Fraser
    Ruben Fraser Hace un día

    why does davod wear headphone, is he robot deaf man confirmed eyok

  • Flat
    Flat Hace un día

    that bass looks sick as hell

  • Ethereal Forest
    Ethereal Forest Hace un día

    First song is megolovania

  • Zackster
    Zackster Hace un día

    Since when did youtube start sending out shitty fake ass particle board play buttons? lol

  • MC Theos
    MC Theos Hace un día

    *V E R Y E P I C*

  • Matthew Landheer
    Matthew Landheer Hace un día

    Awesome!! Very creative idea and amazing solo at the end!!

  • soul eater
    soul eater Hace un día

    Your a weird person.. Fucked you!

  • Oni Sama
    Oni Sama Hace un día

    Why'd you always wear headphones?

  • Kiatomuraツ
    Kiatomuraツ Hace un día

    8:36-8:40 Undertale (fight against Sans) 8:41-8:48 Giorno's Theme

  • Rizky Budi Nugraha
    Rizky Budi Nugraha Hace un día

    making a bass from amnesia guitar
    wait thats illegal

  • laika BOSS
    laika BOSS Hace un día

    E P I C C S O L O

  • MaxTheAlpha
    MaxTheAlpha Hace un día

    I want bass

  • Eva Berlin Sylvestre
    Eva Berlin Sylvestre Hace un día +1

    One day, small children will read about Italian bass-clef composer Davie504 and know it never got better than that.

  • Loonie Vlogs
    Loonie Vlogs Hace un día

    Send me the remaining pieces..

  • MetalBazú 18
    MetalBazú 18 Hace un día +1

    Holy shit, it sounds great...

  • jimmyxchang
    jimmyxchang Hace un día

    Now if they send you a Gold Play Button Bass guitar, you now have to turn it into a normal ESclips Gold Play button.

  • stringX90
    stringX90 Hace un día


  • Athena YT
    Athena YT Hace un día


  • John Monnin
    John Monnin Hace un día +2

    Did I miss the Italian ear reveal?

  • purm1287
    purm1287 Hace un día

    I guess the ESclips logo and the word Bass didn't make the cut

  • Tor Magne
    Tor Magne Hace un día

    Send the 🅱ASS pice to me if you dare.

  • nelsontheyoutubedoggo
    nelsontheyoutubedoggo Hace un día

    1: sans megolovania
    2: giornos theme
    3: jojolovania

  • Stephen Briggs
    Stephen Briggs Hace un día

    For the lack of a bridge pickup, this bass sounds very bright. Maybe it's just because of the new strings

  • Mister M8
    Mister M8 Hace un día

    Better than Aruan felix!

  • Felipe Gutierrez
    Felipe Gutierrez Hace un día +1

    11:11 he played The Lick