Crimes of Grindelwald Trailer 2 Breakdown/Easter Eggs/Theories (Fantastic Beasts)


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  • Birna Björt Hjaltadóttir
    Birna Björt Hjaltadóttir Hace 3 meses +496

    I think the black cloth is acttually a fantastic beast called Lethifold (also called Living shroud) it resembles a black cloak pergaps half an inch thick

    • Jamie M
      Jamie M Hace 7 días

      The only thing that can repel those is the patronus charm.

    • Lisabe Callaghan
      Lisabe Callaghan Hace 13 días

      🔵 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald [2OI8] Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ : [ ]
      Oóutstanding móvie! Sehr zu empfehIen, es auszuprobieren!

    • Theresa Cassell
      Theresa Cassell Hace 26 días

      I was about to say that he needs to read the book lol

    • April Adkins
      April Adkins Hace un mes

      If do you remember that lethafolds act a little bit differently for one thing they will only come at night and they surround their victims like a blanket

    • zee iman
      zee iman Hace un mes

      it definetley wasnt that , they arent that big neither to they come in public.

  • Antoni Wojnar
    Antoni Wojnar Hace 53 minutos

    The cats are matagots

  • JK JK
    JK JK Hace 20 horas

    Wud luv to see dumbledore vs grindelwald

  • Trish Tinney
    Trish Tinney Hace 21 un hora

    Tina took Gs wand.

  • TK Summoner 27
    TK Summoner 27 Hace 4 días



  • Uni Chan
    Uni Chan Hace 5 días


  • Destroy TheHuman
    Destroy TheHuman Hace 7 días

    2:40 it’s only witches, not witches an wizards :)

  • Ale Gaby Cruz Onofre
    Ale Gaby Cruz Onofre Hace 8 días

    Dumbledore was DADA profesor back in 1910, and transfiguration teacher after 1937, fantastic beast was film in 1926, that is why he is DADA profesor. Info taken from Pottermore

  • TheGaming
    TheGaming Hace 8 días

    I don't understand this. In HP Dumbledore won against Grindelwald in a duel but in this movie Newt fight against him??

  • Gavin Shoulders
    Gavin Shoulders Hace 8 días

    Her name is nagini

  • malo tonga
    malo tonga Hace 9 días

    but i thought tina disarmed him after newt caught him which means it should go to tina

  • Gaming Lord
    Gaming Lord Hace 9 días

    Is dambeldor gay or gridolvald or they are bouth gay

  • ahava . weg
    ahava . weg Hace 10 días

    Maybe Dumbledore was just teaching defense against the dark arts because he was swapping the defense against the dark arts teacher, same how Snape swapped lupin... Just my opinion

  • Gamen Met Evan
    Gamen Met Evan Hace 11 días

    How does this man pronounce Nagini😂

  • Henry Teska
    Henry Teska Hace 11 días

    Wasn't creedance killed at the end of fbawtft?

  • Bill Wurtz
    Bill Wurtz Hace 18 días

    Oh i thought that was a reality stone lel

  • Karthik S
    Karthik S Hace 24 días

    Grindelwald should be build as big as Voldemort.... Dumbledore should be given a bigger role than he had in Harry Potter... A showdown between these 2 should be hyped and bingo... Wizard world will reign supreme...

  • Ultimate humpty Buble. Dumpy

    Sooooo Dumbeldor is gay??

  • Ashley Collins
    Ashley Collins Hace 24 días +1

    I’m confused
    Is Dumbledore Gayyyyyy?

  • Sienna Maddocks
    Sienna Maddocks Hace 25 días

    That is not teana that is nickolis flemell

  • Sai Nikhil
    Sai Nikhil Hace 26 días

    Maybe Dumbledore was acting as an substitute for some one ill/on leave like Snape did for Lupin

  • Game Husky!
    Game Husky! Hace 27 días

    I dont think the cat are wampus as they don't have 6 legs

  • Game Husky!
    Game Husky! Hace 27 días

    I think grindelwald patronus is a pheonix what do you think?

  • Jacob Villa
    Jacob Villa Hace 29 días

    Oh my god, I literally love you voice Morgan...

  • Moinul Islam
    Moinul Islam Hace 29 días

    Thanks movie flame. Ocean of Information.

  • Rajitha Shijoth V
    Rajitha Shijoth V Hace un mes

    She is naigene

  • Matt Billy
    Matt Billy Hace un mes

    in the Italian trailer, the Asian witch is actually presented as Nagini.. so yes, she'll definitively become the Dark Lord's pet ;)

  • gopherchucks
    gopherchucks Hace un mes

    its not like a wheres waldo . her name is Nagini its not to far of a stretch to think that she is dickheads snake . they do live as long or longer than most humans.

  • Johnson Pappachen
    Johnson Pappachen Hace un mes

    I also have a theory - Dumbledore is the one to defeat Grindelwald. This is because we see Dumbledore using the elder wand in the Harry Potter series. As we know the characteristics of the elder wand, the opponent has to kill or disarm the user of the elder wand. So this is my theory.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace un mes

      That's not even a theory. There is a scene in the first book (and movie) when Harry meets Ron on the train and they eat a chocolate frog and read on the back of it that Dumbledore is most famous for his defeat of Grindelwald in 1945.

  • Code Yishu
    Code Yishu Hace un mes

    Dumbledore has the elder wand in the Harry Potter series... so maybe Dumbledore does become the person to take down grindlewald, even though it’s not what he has planned. It wouldn’t make sense if Newt ended up with the wand because that would mean at some point dumbledore would have to defeat him, and that’s not exactly his style 😂

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace un mes

      We already know from the first book and movie that Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald (Harry and Ron read it on a chocolate frog card).

  • Eric Crabtree
    Eric Crabtree Hace un mes

    I have a theory of why would Dumbledore would be defense against the dark arts maybe he is a substitute teacher similar to when Snape was substitute in prisoner of Azkaban 🤔🤔🤔

  • April Adkins
    April Adkins Hace un mes

    Very good theories and it definitely makes me think a little more thorough about what JK Rowling is trying to do with these prequel movies connected to Harry Potter. I definitely see the connection with Tom Riddle AKA Voldemort with everybody and the Death Eaters. And it's a good thing that many years ago JK Rowling revealed that Dumbledore was gay now this makes total complete sense. I honestly thought many years ago when the Harry Potter movies ended that was pretty much it but I've always been a Harry Potter fan forever and a day and now that these movies have come out we are super excited

  • yazmine acres
    yazmine acres Hace un mes

    Wait I thought credence died in the last movie!!?

  • Nasib Noori
    Nasib Noori Hace un mes

    You should do a breakdown of the final trailer

  • Sarthak raghav
    Sarthak raghav Hace un mes

    I guess the scenes in the mirror can change with time

  • bo55 lobster
    bo55 lobster Hace un mes

    Please, help is this after or before Harry's time

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace un mes

      This is set in 1927 so way before Harry's time.

  • Havannah Wild
    Havannah Wild Hace un mes

    I'm pretty sure the black cloud thing is actually a Lethifold/Living Shroud

  • Jolien Deschamps
    Jolien Deschamps Hace un mes

    The music is the same as in dh2😭

  • widyasarigaluhp
    widyasarigaluhp Hace un mes +2

    man, the nagini tho! it's been confirmed in the last trailer that she was a woman before. bloody hell, you're smart. it's a spot on!!

  • Karilyn R. King
    Karilyn R. King Hace un mes

    Actually Dumbledore was reluctant to go after Grindelwald and put it off for so long because he never knew who cast the spell that killed his and he feared the answer was himself and that Grindelwald would reveal it.

  • Max Paul
    Max Paul Hace un mes

    Back to the dancing hirl with white cloth ,in contrast the black cloth in the city.

  • Max Paul
    Max Paul Hace un mes

    If she is nagini then is it possible that it was nagigi who influenced voldemort and grindlewald? Then there sjould be an origin story for nagini after fb.

  • Amelia Fischer
    Amelia Fischer Hace un mes

    6:24 baby yassss

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes Hace un mes

    Grindelwald wasn't using the elderwand when he was disarmed. What ever want he had (probably graves wand) is what would have become his. He couldn't be walking around as someone else and wielding the Elder Wand lol

  • AlexanderBrando
    AlexanderBrando Hace un mes +1

    Nagini ♥️

  • Akshat Tripathi
    Akshat Tripathi Hace un mes

    You know what whole movie series is based on ilvermorny school's houses first was Thunderbird second is wampus and it will continue as so and so

  • yratiloS
    yratiloS Hace un mes

    Gellert "Socks" Grindelwald

  • Hypno Abel
    Hypno Abel Hace un mes

    jk rowling said that Dumbledore in Sorcerers stone saw in the mirror was his family together and happy again.

  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Scorpius Malfoy Hace un mes


  • Bella Crafts
    Bella Crafts Hace un mes +3

    I wish wish wish wish wish, that the fantastic beasts franchise was in novels like the OG Harry potter tattoo. I know technically there is a book called Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, but I wish it was in a story, not a factual style...

  • robbie simpson
    robbie simpson Hace un mes

    The cat like creatures are called Matagot.

  • Chris Swifte
    Chris Swifte Hace un mes

    Turns out the cats are called matagot

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte Hace un mes

    , I haven't even seen Fantastic Beasts yet that's cool

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte Hace un mes

    I feel disappointed that Dumbledore is gay. I just feel like they could have done it and such a more interesting way

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace un mes

      Why are you disappointed? It was revealed in 2007 that he was gay, so 11 years ago. Also, there were plenty of hints in the books. His character not being gay doesn't make sense.

  • The nerd Cave
    The nerd Cave Hace un mes

    I don’t think they look fake they look awsome

  • Frozty
    Frozty Hace un mes

    I thought cridence die

  • IFM
    IFM Hace un mes

    Dumbledore smokes pole?

  • castodivo
    castodivo Hace un mes

    This video is spectacular. As always, your attention to detail and imagination are wonderful.

  • Kolzh
    Kolzh Hace un mes

    Can u make a video on when the death eaters like Strange and Peter Crouch Jr when they was in hogwarts

  • Comic but Serious
    Comic but Serious Hace un mes

    i ve always wondered if the philosoher stone wasn’t a failed try to reproduce the resurrection stones power from the deathly hallows

  • CharlieVlogs
    CharlieVlogs Hace un mes

    New trailer 3

  • Fernando Campos
    Fernando Campos Hace un mes

    So dumvadore got booty fucked by grindewell? What kind of shit is that to be teaching kid's that a man loving another man not as a friend but as a lover is wise to show kid's JK RAWLIN why would you do something stupid like dumvedore been gay

  • Ace Monoxide
    Ace Monoxide Hace un mes

    But it was Tina who disarmed Grindelwald in the end of the last movie so would it be her who be the master of the wand

  • Peter Asl
    Peter Asl Hace 2 meses

    So....Dumbledore is gay!

  • Victor Esquivel
    Victor Esquivel Hace 2 meses

    Ohh lord have mercy i love this trailer breakdown

  • Kait Rose
    Kait Rose Hace 2 meses

    You know when Tina make the statue move it looks like the state is lifting the bottom of her cloak as if for Tina to go under and hide of a may be a secret passage way

  • Kom O
    Kom O Hace 2 meses

    is dumbledore ?

  • Koala Bin Mario
    Koala Bin Mario Hace 2 meses

    Shes using it to go through a secret can see the statue revealing something behind her cloth at the end of the scene

  • Fetechene
    Fetechene Hace 2 meses

    Good video, but just so you know J.k Rowling said that Dumbledore is not gay in any of the movies. And will not be gay in the fantastic beast movies. I’m just saying this so your videos are not miss information. Great video, and keep up the great work.

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      She didn't say that. She said that his sexuality won't be in the forefront of the movie as his appearance will be quite brief (I don't think he will be longer in the movie than 10 minutes).
      We don't know about movies 3, 4 and 5 but I can only assume his sexuality will be touched upon as it is a large part of his story.

  • Grim Daddy Dog
    Grim Daddy Dog Hace 2 meses

    I'd just like to thank you for giving us permission to follow you on social media.

  • thunderbow Hd
    thunderbow Hd Hace 2 meses

    The black thing over the City is a letifold

  • m6u3
    m6u3 Hace 2 meses

    2 Monrhs to go!

  • Ben Todd
    Ben Todd Hace 2 meses

    Please do a video on Nurmengard

  • Thisarobbery
    Thisarobbery Hace 2 meses

    How did credence is still alive? As we saw credence death in fantastic beast.

  • ae b
    ae b Hace 2 meses

    I think the cloth is some scary ministry thing by the way the chick looks at it

  • Benjamin Dada
    Benjamin Dada Hace 2 meses

    U are not the only one

  • JC_wolf 64
    JC_wolf 64 Hace 2 meses

    WAIT, is domador a puff

    • JC_wolf 64
      JC_wolf 64 Hace 2 meses

      +Viktor me no English

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      +JC_wolf 64 I understood what you said...his name is Dumbledore not Domador and yes he is gay.

    • JC_wolf 64
      JC_wolf 64 Hace 2 meses


    • JC_wolf 64
      JC_wolf 64 Hace 2 meses

      +Viktor it's a different way of saying homo

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      +JC_wolf 64 OK, well you're obviously trolling so I rest my case here. Good day.

  • Mhew Wariya
    Mhew Wariya Hace 2 meses

    Thank you! This makes so much sense!

  • stisen
    stisen Hace 2 meses

    You said that you thought the snakegirl might be naigini, does that mean we’re gonna se bathilda baengshot in this movie?? Jeeze thats a really cool ester egg, and does that mean that it might be creadence or what he is called who was her housband in the HP movies/books?

  • TY-BELL17
    TY-BELL17 Hace 2 meses

    Gotta make every character gay

  • Vortex does things
    Vortex does things Hace 2 meses


  • Rick Smith
    Rick Smith Hace 2 meses

    Dude you have to learn to inflect

  • ThaddeusMaximus
    ThaddeusMaximus Hace 2 meses

    What is up with the way you talk?

  • Tyto Alba
    Tyto Alba Hace 2 meses

    What puzzles me even more than Dumbledore teaching a DADA class is the fact that he's balding...and has full hair as older Dumbledore. Ok, maybe magic 😅

  • endertron
    endertron Hace 2 meses

    4:04 It liks like the room whare Sirius died in the Order of the Phoenix

  • I. Zweyrohn
    I. Zweyrohn Hace 2 meses

    those creatures could not be wampus cats, since wampus cats are six-legged.

  • Wilfredo Lomod
    Wilfredo Lomod Hace 2 meses


  • Paul Navigator
    Paul Navigator Hace 2 meses

    It's goyle not crabbe.

  • Charlos
    Charlos Hace 2 meses

    Dude I just noticed I wasn’t subbed....for that I’m so sorry. It has been corrected and I am now subscribed and hit the notification button. Thanks for the kickass videos

  • Tom Caldlow
    Tom Caldlow Hace 2 meses

    The wand won't change allegiance to newt because grindelwald is more powerful. Even though newt did disarm him it doesn't mean that the wand will change allegiance. In the books it said the wand chooses its own destiny and can change allegiance on its own even without defeat of the previous owner and it can refuse to align with a wizard. The wand can also change allegiance if a wizard of greater power or greater purpose is in its presence. Defeating the previous owner is the main way people have gained the allegiance with the elder wand but it's not the only way.

  • Aolani Foxworth
    Aolani Foxworth Hace 2 meses

    Wompuses have 6 legs not 4. I should know I am in this house.

  • HadesVPS GT
    HadesVPS GT Hace 2 meses

    it all makes sense.Jk rowling said dumbledores gay.we found his crush.gellert gridelwald

  • Koba
    Koba Hace 2 meses

    Who is to say it is a datda lesson. Think about it. Tranfingeration is turning one thing into another. Which is what the ridikulas spell does to a boggert. What if boggerts are never oart of datda but Tranfingeration

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      It's already been confirmed that Dumbledore will be teaching DADA in this movie.

  • Ryan Lu
    Ryan Lu Hace 2 meses

    Wait is Albus gay?

  • Gaming Wiz4rd
    Gaming Wiz4rd Hace 2 meses

    It was goyle that used fiendfyre in dh

  • Smudgy Dinosaur
    Smudgy Dinosaur Hace 2 meses

    The snake girl is probably Nagani

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      She is. It's already been confirmed by David Yates.

  • Hannibunny 412
    Hannibunny 412 Hace 2 meses +1

    The "cats" got a own name

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson Hace 2 meses

    Obviously we'd know how they would end but I would love to see stand alone movies for Tom Riddle/Voldemort before he tries to kill harry. & a standalone movie for Dumbledore.

  • André
    André Hace 2 meses

    In the books, Dumbledore say that his reason for waiting so long with going after Grindewald is because he is afraid that Grindewald knows whose spell it was that killed Ariana, and it's also hinted that Dumbledore would see Ariana in the mirror. So I am a bit confused if he would see Grindewald in it!

    • Viktor
      Viktor Hace 2 meses

      People's deepest desires change with age. Perhaps once he defeated Grindelwald he put that chapter of his life away and from then on saw Ariana and the rest of his family.

  • Lewis Castles-Hyson
    Lewis Castles-Hyson Hace 2 meses

    So so wrong