EXID(이엑스아이디) - 'ME&YOU' Music Video

  • Publicado el 15 may 2019
  • EXID(이엑스아이디) - 'ME&YOU' Music Video
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  • Lis Moren
    Lis Moren Hace un día +2

    *Please LEGGOS stream this to 20M and more* We can do it:') Vamos cada día a reproducir los MVs DE EXID!!!!

  • Minarin feelingless
    Minarin feelingless Hace un día

    Why they always make such a scary videos man...?!

  • Chanthasone Phosalath
    Chanthasone Phosalath Hace un día +1

    I'm late... But now I see that the dancing "LE" isn't actually LE herself

  • Bunny San
    Bunny San Hace un día

    You mean you and i

  • Jongin's smile stan
    Jongin's smile stan Hace un día +1

    ma'am this is a lesbian nightclub

    KIMO CHAN Hace un día

    Yeah exid is so unique

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace un día


  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace un día


  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace un día

    18 918

  • Marina Asprilla
    Marina Asprilla Hace un día +2


  • Icha Icha
    Icha Icha Hace un día

    Kesini gara gara mba mawar?:')

  • OmqlilAlex
    OmqlilAlex Hace 2 días +4


  • OmqlilAlex
    OmqlilAlex Hace 2 días +6

    Please come back.. This girl band has no Bad music ITS true right?

  • Victor Moraes
    Victor Moraes Hace 2 días +5

    solji makes me wanna screaaaaam, such a unique beauty and powerful vocals

  • Hmm Neb
    Hmm Neb Hace 2 días +2

    wow the thumbail was so colorful

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 2 días


  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 2 días +1


  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 2 días +2

    "me y you"

  • กัง ฟู
    กัง ฟู Hace 2 días


  • 白慧雯
    白慧雯 Hace 2 días +3

    Stream it

  • TheRealFekKat Ntp
    TheRealFekKat Ntp Hace 2 días

    Is this copy succducc - me&u ?

  • engine b
    engine b Hace 2 días +10

    this song was the bop of the summer and it'll be the bop of the fall and the bop of the winter and THE BOP of the-

  • engine b
    engine b Hace 2 días +6

    missing my queens today (they havent gone anywhere...i just miss them all the time lol)

    MEL VLOGS Hace 2 días +2

    I Love U❤❤

  • 배불룩
    배불룩 Hace 3 días

    hani's beauty of 4 years ago.

  • -の-KawaiMOD
    -の-KawaiMOD Hace 3 días +1

    ♥ Seni Seviyorum EXID ♥

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Hace 3 días +8

    Luv this beat .

  • Al_xcia
    Al_xcia Hace 3 días +1

    I've just now noticed...What's up at 1:12 ?! Why is there a "body double" in LE's place on that dance break???

    • V Productions
      V Productions Hace 3 días

      Cause LE had an injury in her ankle because of the dance practice

  • Damla Taşan
    Damla Taşan Hace 4 días +8

    EXİD is so good!

  • mimansa namrata
    mimansa namrata Hace 4 días

    Similar dress, red velvet zimzalabim

    • engine b
      engine b Hace un día

      This came our first tho...you played yourself 🙄

  • Juan Antonio HM
    Juan Antonio HM Hace 4 días +29

    Let's try to make this 20M before September ends!!

  • jim ruan
    jim ruan Hace 4 días +4

    EXID Leggo❤️

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 4 días +4

    "ME Y YOU"

  • 白慧雯
    白慧雯 Hace 4 días +3

    We are love

  • 白慧雯
    白慧雯 Hace 4 días +2

    EXID&LEGGO forever

  • 白慧雯
    白慧雯 Hace 4 días +2

    Exid fighting fighting

  • Lost_ illusion
    Lost_ illusion Hace 5 días +7

    *«Queens forever»*

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 5 días +2

    !ME Y YOU!

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 5 días +2

    aguante exid

  • Earthcy 9112549
    Earthcy 9112549 Hace 5 días +1

    죄송합니다Exid매우 화난 사람이 있어야합니다.

    ELINKID CHANNEL Hace 5 días +6

    Let 's make EXID 25view !!!

  • suga vida loka
    suga vida loka Hace 6 días +6

    Solji 😍

  • Chris Navarra
    Chris Navarra Hace 6 días +6

    STREAMMM !!!!

  • Nguyễn Cường
    Nguyễn Cường Hace 6 días +6


  • Tấn Phatd Truong
    Tấn Phatd Truong Hace 6 días

    hay mà huhu yêu thương ngta đi tr ơi

  • Tấn Phatd Truong
    Tấn Phatd Truong Hace 6 días

    hay mà bài nào exid cũng hay mà ko ai đón nhận black pink kinh khủng fan do cty noi tieng hay ko hoi hà ' bên nước ngoài thi dễ

    HYUN JAE Hace 6 días +1

    الاغنيه بتجنن

  • 진구와도라에몽
    진구와도라에몽 Hace 6 días +4

    아 진짜 하니 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠ

  • chan yza
    chan yza Hace 6 días +8

    missing you queens

  • عاشق توايس-ولد - boy

    Fighting leggo

  • opabuddy Hp
    opabuddy Hp Hace 6 días +1

    aguante exid

  • Ethereal Johnny Suh
    Ethereal Johnny Suh Hace 6 días +6

    Bruh their choreographer should have given them better coreo for this song. I barely discovered it and it BOPS. I would have thought the coreo popped off

    • engine b
      engine b Hace 2 días

      the orginal choreo DOES pop off! unfortunately they made some changes because of LE's ankle injury at the time (and she couldnt really perform the modified version for the live performances, either). they only recently performed me&you as five during their japan tour at the end of august, but it's remained as the modified version for the sake of time and relearning it, im assuming. here's a link to yuri (one of their choreographers) doing the original dance at a studio, it's SO GOOD, and super energetic!!-- esclips.com/video/BdsJTpYmIHo/vídeo.html

    • Patrick Kenyon
      Patrick Kenyon Hace 5 días +1

      @Ethereal Johnny Suh LE is the rapper. You may notice she missed some dance scenes.

    • Thịnh Lê Hoàng
      Thịnh Lê Hoàng Hace 5 días


    • Leggo Trash
      Leggo Trash Hace 5 días +1

      @Ethereal Johnny Suh LE is the main rapper, the one with the wedding pants and the cat-like eyes

    • Ethereal Johnny Suh
      Ethereal Johnny Suh Hace 5 días

      @Patrick Kenyon which one is LE?

  • guren veggie
    guren veggie Hace 6 días +1

    for those who want to learn the song quickly

  • ؘ ؘ
    ؘ ؘ Hace 7 días +7

    Queens indeed

  • Avan FTH
    Avan FTH Hace 7 días +1

    Legends from old generations KPOP Girls Group

  • Hiếu Nghĩa Nguyễn
    Hiếu Nghĩa Nguyễn Hace 7 días +5

    2019.8.15, from VietNam

  • Rosé's ViSuAls Are UndErRatTed

    People : crazy about bts and blackpink.
    While me : crazy about exit bc the 0:5 part killed me with that high note. Who’s that girl that said me & youuuu~~~

    • Letsgo Magica
      Letsgo Magica Hace 7 días +2

      SoulG sang that youuuuuu part

    • JC SD
      JC SD Hace 7 días

      Rosé's ViSuAls Are UndErRatTed - Hani starts the song, and Solji then sings the high note “You.” Here is the link esclips.com/video/Yv4U8jTfsbY/vídeo.html to translated lyrics and members’ parts.

    • NICE!
      NICE! Hace 7 días

      That's Hani

  • rheARMY Malihan
    rheARMY Malihan Hace 7 días +8

    The rapper 🥰
    Firstimer fan here. 🥰😍😘

    • NICE!
      NICE! Hace 6 días +2

      @rheARMY Malihan it's ok at least u know about them

    • JC SD
      JC SD Hace 7 días

      rheARMY Malihan - You’re welcome. The good news is that Solji returned from her medical hiatus and she is singing even better than before. She is the Idol, male or female, with the most wins on King of Mask Singer as of September 13, 2019, with a total of 6 wins esclips.com/video/g0WXVGvg-ao/vídeo.html. Loved it when the KOMS MC said “She is Solji, the leader of EXID, the group with great singing skills.” 🥰
      LE co-wrote a beautiful ballad called “Summer Fall Winter Spring” also known as “Like The Seasons” esclips.com/video/fOgQUq4PcKY/vídeo.html, which was the first song to thank fans for supporting them. The lyrics are so meaningful to us Leggos.

    • rheARMY Malihan
      rheARMY Malihan Hace 7 días

      @JC SD thanks for An Unhelpful guide to EXID link. 😭😊💓

    • JC SD
      JC SD Hace 7 días

      rheARMY Malihan - Here are the lyrics to “Blacklist” esclips.com/video/3sV-VOOujVM/vídeo.html. LE lets it all hang out, telling us how she feels. It is on Spotify and iTunes.

    • JC SD
      JC SD Hace 7 días

      rheARMY Malihan - Here is link to “Blacklist” esclips.com/video/kP5avwGxbdY/vídeo.html written by Hyuna and LE, the family friendly version. LE has so much swag.

  • Drei Styles
    Drei Styles Hace 7 días +6

    It will be lit if EXID joined QUEENDOM

    • JC SD
      JC SD Hace 7 días +1

      Drei Styles - EXID would of course slay their performances, especially with LE’s ability to rearrange songs and add her own Rap verses.
      However, the other fandoms are much bigger and our OT5 would be the targets of the other GG’s toxic fans. Therefore, I am glad that EXID is not in this show, especially since the groups are LIP-SYNCING 😱 !

    • Letsgo Magica
      Letsgo Magica Hace 7 días +1

      He he.. I was about say same thing....Missing these queens...

  • annyonseyo 69 Yo
    annyonseyo 69 Yo Hace 7 días +1

    El final del camino