The Greatest Showman | "A Million Dreams” Full Scene with Hugh Jackman | 20th Century FOX


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  • Jeann Pulido
    Jeann Pulido Hace 7 horas

    *gasp W-wolverine's... singing?

  • James Lastimosa Martinez
    James Lastimosa Martinez Hace 13 horas

    Let's us all be like Charity :)

  • That One Odd Girl
    That One Odd Girl Hace un día

    Talk about over protective

  • Randy Phillips
    Randy Phillips Hace un día

    My wife watched this show one night and I was half asleep on the couch. I heard this song over and over and loved it. I still haven't watched it but think I will tonight. I had no idea one of the Xmen was such a good singer

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Hace un día +1

    I love his x men and logan movies

  • Heaven of Apocalypse
    Heaven of Apocalypse Hace 2 días

    Amazing movie

  • Arlene May Villaflor
    Arlene May Villaflor Hace 2 días

    the song this is me is really heart touching i cried when i listen to that song who cries when you heard that song?

  • mejores tik tok
    mejores tik tok Hace 2 días


  • Hannah Sophia Fuertes
    Hannah Sophia Fuertes Hace 3 días


  • Putri Elsa
    Putri Elsa Hace 3 días

    i juast realize that wolferine could be a romantic person

  • Bruna Muniz Canestraro
    Bruna Muniz Canestraro Hace 3 días

    Ex wolverine singing? Is amazing

  • andrew Laurea
    andrew Laurea Hace 3 días

    how did charities daughter is still alive???

  • Belton Belton
    Belton Belton Hace 4 días

    anyone watched it without knowing XD

  • JayTheDapperGod
    JayTheDapperGod Hace 4 días

    this is the best love story ive seen in years

  • JayTheDapperGod
    JayTheDapperGod Hace 4 días

    the girl that gave the boy the apple has a beautiful heart
    EDIT: AND Beautiful some of you might think she is "ugly" but i dont agree to the ones who said that cause the one who said that is probaly UGLY UGLIER than a poop

  • day dream
    day dream Hace 4 días

    Who's the blonde haired girl actor singing?

  • Smwasam Smwasam
    Smwasam Smwasam Hace 5 días

    Visually and vocally splendid. Overall an outstanding movie. The issues that it addressed proves that we all have ups and down but with the right mindset we can all achieve our dreams. Thank you...🤩

  • Caelia
    Caelia Hace 5 días

    This is beautiful and the boy is a fantastic singer. Brings alot of emotion to the song

  • Karupé
    Karupé Hace 5 días

    5:49 made me cry lol

  • bogart juezan
    bogart juezan Hace 6 días

    why is it however big however small ?

  • Cole Baer
    Cole Baer Hace 6 días

    I get those goosebumps everytime

  • Question Marc
    Question Marc Hace 6 días

    Eminem was right about recognition and awards.

  • Panic! At The Impala
    Panic! At The Impala Hace 7 días

    When she opened his letter I c r I e d

  • Barbara Lopez
    Barbara Lopez Hace 8 días

    At first I was skeptical like “not another musical.... boring!” But then I decided to watch and OMG I love this musical!!!! Can’t stop watching the songs here on ESclips. BEST musical ever!!!
    Wish this movie would’ve won some Oscars !!!
    The songs are so alive. So modern.

  • Snoops K9 Behaviour
    Snoops K9 Behaviour Hace 8 días

    this is my fave and the same the little girls voice sounds so beatiful and the little boys to

  • kimberly faith
    kimberly faith Hace 8 días

    this is my favorite movie in the world i am yournumber fun in the philippines

  • Yeelix_15 Doesn't care
    Yeelix_15 Doesn't care Hace 8 días

    Everyone who disliked this video is crazy.

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples Hace 9 días

    i only came from panic at the disco cause i didnt get to watch the movie :(

  • Lia Bepunkt
    Lia Bepunkt Hace 10 días

    I was 8 minutes into movie and already crying my eyes out. 😭 Such a beautiful movie so far 💕🎩

  • Tommy Coyub
    Tommy Coyub Hace 10 días


  • Michaella Braid
    Michaella Braid Hace 10 días

    Hugh Jackman is so hot

  • Colt Draws
    Colt Draws Hace 10 días

    Fav song ^_^

  • MewDenise
    MewDenise Hace 11 días

    Great music.. to bad the plot needed more. A musical needs 3 hours

  • Mark Sevi
    Mark Sevi Hace 11 días


  • PiggyCute Trotter
    PiggyCute Trotter Hace 11 días +1

    loki watch this every day

    YURI PLA4Z Hace 11 días +1

    Oi povo US e UK nois é BR

  • Veronica Rose
    Veronica Rose Hace 13 días

    I wanna dance like this....

  • Man sum Chiu
    Man sum Chiu Hace 13 días +1

    思朗 聖經

  • Man sum Chiu
    Man sum Chiu Hace 13 días +1


  • Caitlin Wilde
    Caitlin Wilde Hace 14 días

    This is such a good movie. I love it so much. Hugh Jackman is so versatile. I mean wolverine and sings and dances.

  • Khang Vũ
    Khang Vũ Hace 14 días

    6:02 foreshadow of his weird circus ;)

  • Shane Drayton
    Shane Drayton Hace 15 días

    Before I saw the flim I didn't realize that Hugh Jackman could sing

  • Zoe Wilkinson
    Zoe Wilkinson Hace 15 días

    This is the greatest show not a million dreams!!! Duh

  • Adeline Sugeng
    Adeline Sugeng Hace 15 días

    Michelle Williams deserve more recognition for sure!!

  • Soundharya kool
    Soundharya kool Hace 15 días

    Love it

  • 23 1
    23 1 Hace 15 días

    이건 몇번을 봐도 몸에 소름이 돋네 ㄷ

  • Hani Unique
    Hani Unique Hace 16 días

    Oh I just noticed that they went into a house that they bought when they married

  • Inga Steinberg
    Inga Steinberg Hace 17 días


  • Danijela Del Forno
    Danijela Del Forno Hace 18 días

    I can't stop singing

  • park Sheimin
    park Sheimin Hace 19 días

    Love this movie .......

  • Angie Grass
    Angie Grass Hace 19 días

    I got so shocked when the man slapped the boy

  • Breanne Doria
    Breanne Doria Hace 19 días

    This is probably the millionth time i cried T_T
    It's a genuinely beautiful song about dreams and finding happiness

  • Nico ASISTIN
    Nico ASISTIN Hace 19 días

    ya right so fun😍😍😍

  • Qing Yang Zhang
    Qing Yang Zhang Hace 19 días

    I love when he proposed, that was sooooooooo romantic!

  • Jaydeanwayne Mercado
    Jaydeanwayne Mercado Hace 22 días

    Can you do a parody of 30th century fox represent s

  • Hansi Hello Kitty
    Hansi Hello Kitty Hace 22 días

    Amazingly awesome I wached this it was amazing

  • GachaPotato KPLANat
    GachaPotato KPLANat Hace 22 días


  • Cozy_ _Cody
    Cozy_ _Cody Hace 23 días

    Is this a song they used in Tinkerbelle?

  • Peyton Beaumariage
    Peyton Beaumariage Hace 23 días +1

    Is it just me or is this not A Million Dreams.....

  • Ann Donabel
    Ann Donabel Hace 23 días

    9:42 she got pregnant

  • James James
    James James Hace 23 días

    9:18 wow... that's risky.

  • J.E.L
    J.E.L Hace 23 días +1

    Why haven't I seen this movie?!

  • Epic Elite
    Epic Elite Hace 24 días +1

    Wolverine!!ahahahah fav is Zack

  • Imam Faisal
    Imam Faisal Hace 24 días

    Wanna get pregananant? Just sing and dancing... Thats how you get pregananant.

  • Sophia Omitogun
    Sophia Omitogun Hace 24 días

    I love love love love!!!!! This movie 😍❤️ and the soundtracks ! My God! 

  • xNINAx xANINx
    xNINAx xANINx Hace 26 días

    this isn't a spoiler for *ME* because i seen it already :3

  • Nathan Gabriel Manalo
    Nathan Gabriel Manalo Hace 26 días

    Charity’s dad is hell of a demon

  • Jezreel Jumalon
    Jezreel Jumalon Hace 26 días

    You know what hurts most? Is that PTs father didn't do anything after Charity's father slapped his son.

  • Terrible Trixia
    Terrible Trixia Hace 26 días

    i sort of cried...NO i DIdnT I SWeAr

  • Marshmallo pops
    Marshmallo pops Hace 27 días

    I lost it when that angel gave him the apple

  • Love Debby
    Love Debby Hace 28 días

    This song made me cry when I was watching it... which is a great sign

  • SmølPennyMoonlight
    SmølPennyMoonlight Hace 29 días

    How dare that mister slapped the boy. He’s just being honest. And it was really nice the woman gave him the Apple :’)

  • casey ho
    casey ho Hace 29 días +1

    3:33 is when the song starts if anyone wants to skip to it

  • Zia The Gacha
    Zia The Gacha Hace un mes

    I love charity the lady who gave him an apple and Barnum

  • coleenx 0308
    coleenx 0308 Hace un mes

    Hugh Jackman!!!! perhaps

    PRINCE LOPEZ_ Hace un mes

    go to public and shout EVERYONE "WHAT'S YOURE DREAM YESTERDAY NIGHT!" or not-you slap yore face veryy hard

  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez Hace un mes

    I have to sing this in chorus and everyone just screams and fan girls 😂🤣

  • Vedika Kalan
    Vedika Kalan Hace un mes

    Song Starts at 3:37

  • Kelly and Chelsie
    Kelly and Chelsie Hace un mes +2

    This film its so beautiful I like it so much

  • kaulpage
    kaulpage Hace un mes

    I love it pleaswe do more vidios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanna Baguna
    Joanna Baguna Hace un mes

    Well that's a good slap
    But still freaking hurts
    Actually i cried 🤧🤧😭😢

  • Victoria Comeau
    Victoria Comeau Hace un mes

    I know it's a different time period and all, but his father just stood there while another man viciously slapped his kid. That's a body slam moment if I ever saw one.

  • lyne Periabras
    lyne Periabras Hace un mes

    When i watch these i cry!!!!!!…

  • Mr. McCluckster
    Mr. McCluckster Hace un mes

    can i make out with wolverine please even though im only 17

  • xS Closer77
    xS Closer77 Hace un mes

    me too

  • Amit Maini
    Amit Maini Hace un mes

    Best movie I've ever seen!!

  • Ben- Yøshımura
    Ben- Yøshımura Hace un mes

    i love this film

  • JisooKomBlackpinkKru
    JisooKomBlackpinkKru Hace un mes +1

    i'm not crying, you're crying!!

  • Edz Estoquia
    Edz Estoquia Hace un mes

    It's so pretty song ever

  • itzemily Y
    itzemily Y Hace un mes

    5:58 I cried so hard

  • Amira Quilapio
    Amira Quilapio Hace un mes

    if thats me the boy i will go outside and never come back

  • Annie Obas
    Annie Obas Hace un mes

    This inspired me to write my college essay

  • Janela Coronel
    Janela Coronel Hace un mes

    Me too

  • Christian Sarmiento
    Christian Sarmiento Hace un mes

    Their relationship makes me want to tear up

  • Christian Sarmiento
    Christian Sarmiento Hace un mes

    I'm so annoyed that the speeches are so quiet

  • Fishtycoon Yt
    Fishtycoon Yt Hace un mes

    There dance its crazy but fabulous

  • Fishtycoon Yt
    Fishtycoon Yt Hace un mes

    Wow his dad a golden digger lol

  • CIBTZ Corysavo04
    CIBTZ Corysavo04 Hace un mes +1

    The little girl kinda looks like that girl with bow I think she's called jo jo sewa

  • Uriel Bordon 2
    Uriel Bordon 2 Hace un mes +1

    sub spanish >:U