Amazing OMELET BREAKFAST Challenge in Oregon!!


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  • Randy Santel
    Randy Santel  Hace un año +86

    Hey everyone thanks for watching!! I watched my friend Ethan attempt this challenge the previous day and it looked so delicious that I had to add it to my schedule while I was in the area. This was challenge #1 of the day, and Wednesday's video will feature challenge #2 of the day which was a huge burger challenge in Bend, Oregon. Thanks for all support!!

    • KRAUSS Marcus
      KRAUSS Marcus Hace un mes

      hey youre fat Randy

    • Over the edge
      Over the edge Hace 10 meses

      Randy Santel How many times a month, do you have to call a plumber in ? You are a frikin monster! Back to back challenge? 👍

    • Mohammed Hussain
      Mohammed Hussain Hace un año

      Randy Santel oh

    • Derro Farm
      Derro Farm Hace un año

      Randy Santel You didnt drink the rest of the syrup.

    • eternalhalloween1
      eternalhalloween1 Hace un año

      GREAT JOB RANDY!!! I know it must have been hard for you at the time, but I have to admit I laughed when you finished, and the waitress said: "You have to have your dessert now."

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe Hace un día

    how is this guy alive?

  • Shirley Ethier
    Shirley Ethier Hace un día

    You're awesome, congrats. on another great victory.

  • Favio Robinson
    Favio Robinson Hace 2 días

    You to fat.

  • michael l
    michael l Hace 2 días

    Randy, you obviously either took your sweet was time with this one or you are slowingg down because I thought you would have wolfed this one down in 15 mins.

  • Carmen & Angelyse Rodriguez

    Randy you could’ve broke the record bro if u wanted too

  • Hidden Munchies
    Hidden Munchies Hace 17 días +1

    This dude would knock you out in one punch then eat everything in your house

  • Michael Holcombe
    Michael Holcombe Hace 20 días

    Less talking coulda got it

  • Free 100
    Free 100 Hace 21 un día

    piece of piss . i could easily do it in a week🤣

  • Paul Kinkade
    Paul Kinkade Hace 29 días

    You absolutely busted that Beaver. I am jealous.

  • Amit Karekar
    Amit Karekar Hace un mes

    Hey Randy, when are you getting married to Raina Huang??

  • Elizabeth Warburton
    Elizabeth Warburton Hace 2 meses

    “Not really the toast” lol

  • Penn Wooding
    Penn Wooding Hace 2 meses

    "The healthy vegetables "

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Hace 2 meses

    I can finish it, in 40 minutes...

  • Chad Hamilton
    Chad Hamilton Hace 3 meses

    I feel like a spoon would be easier.

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez Hace 3 meses

    He's got a another challenge that night are you shiting me

  • Gino Gabriels
    Gino Gabriels Hace 3 meses

    '"massive wall of shame"?

  • Brian Engler
    Brian Engler Hace 3 meses

    Why do u kneel and not sit in a chair

  • ASyder
    ASyder Hace 3 meses

    I woild like to know if he eats a lax.. after these challenges, gross i know but you dont want this to back up

  • eric Erics
    eric Erics Hace 3 meses

    Where molly ?

  • glen judge
    glen judge Hace 3 meses

    here is the part that we did not tell you about as the whole cake comes out
    randy: i thinkI will skip on that

  • IR2BB1RD
    IR2BB1RD Hace 3 meses

    why does he shake his head up and down when he puts food in his mouth Haha

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas Hace 3 meses

    This is him taking his time wow

  • GibbyDzUpholstery
    GibbyDzUpholstery Hace 4 meses

    Way to dominate Randy!

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez Hace 4 meses

    He gets stronger every meal

  • Brian Parent
    Brian Parent Hace 5 meses

    Don't ever let this guy use your bathroom

  • Kevin Peck
    Kevin Peck Hace 5 meses

    Awesome completion!

  • James Miller
    James Miller Hace 5 meses

    That plate of food looks amazing

  • Elga Ceña
    Elga Ceña Hace 6 meses

    your the cleanest player (eating) on u tube..

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz Hace 6 meses

    nice i have a omelet challenge close by in michigan and im just not sure how to eat it fast so thanks for the vid

  • Ryan C.
    Ryan C. Hace 6 meses

    Another W! Way to go!

  • Winston Caba
    Winston Caba Hace 6 meses

    Randy you forgot the Boom! ? But I got You 1 2 3 Boom ! GO

  • Winston Caba
    Winston Caba Hace 6 meses

    1..2..3.. &........ Boom ! Go randy lol

  • BeagleBear Gaming
    BeagleBear Gaming Hace 6 meses

    it look easy thou

  • MetalHeadZ
    MetalHeadZ Hace 6 meses

    Wth... Gotta put jam on those slices of bread!!!! Hurts my eyes seeing them with nothin on em. 😓

  • christopher Vincient
    christopher Vincient Hace 7 meses

    I find these video really motivating not sure why but they get me pumped 😂😂😂. I could not finish not even a quarter of that though.

  • Kenneth Jones
    Kenneth Jones Hace 7 meses

    I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

  • Barney
    Barney Hace 7 meses

    That challenge looked so damn amazing !!
    hard to believe you were only the fifth to complete it because it looked quite simple
    i would really love to do that challenge myself .
    keep up the good work Atlas and keep adding up those wins : ))

  • Jason
    Jason Hace 7 meses

    That looked so good.

  • LewisKingsley
    LewisKingsley Hace 7 meses

    Actually look at that, glad I’m used to British breakfasts because this looks awful 😂😂

    CHOY MYTH Hace 8 meses

    Did anyone else think he was sitting on a chair when he dose these videos...... You eat like a beast on your knees lol never thought I'd say that b4 😂

  • Cait Shannon
    Cait Shannon Hace 8 meses

    You always talk about these "sweet tee-shirts" but you NEVER WEAR any, except Atlas & Zeus.

  • NIchole Klocko
    NIchole Klocko Hace 8 meses

    Have you ever not completed a challenge?

  • Spencer T
    Spencer T Hace 8 meses

    Man that looks so good Randy. You could’ve beaten that record. Should’ve went in with a empty stomach!

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    yoknock knock im finished let the wordss flow

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    eat you toast bud

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    omolet fucker too

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    totally scrambled egg fucker too

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    your a goddamn pancake freak

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    raina is watchin you good friend

  • John A Neufeld
    John A Neufeld Hace 8 meses

    hey randy so wake up challenge go for it bud

  • NickPDX22
    NickPDX22 Hace 8 meses +2

    As I sit here outside of Portland, OR at 9am hungry, I'm thinking to my self a drive down to Corvallis doesn't sound so bad!! It's all about the gravy tho, if the gravy ain't good that will be a *deal breaker*

  • E. Lewis Basher
    E. Lewis Basher Hace 9 meses

    This one looks easy

  • Savage husky 2.0
    Savage husky 2.0 Hace 9 meses

    You’re an eating machine mate !

  • kamiko70
    kamiko70 Hace 9 meses

    oh yeah, i could down some gravy and biscuits right about now!

  • ChurchDaGod 97
    ChurchDaGod 97 Hace 9 mesesídeo.html you should do this food challenge

  • Beth Ann
    Beth Ann Hace 9 meses

    Too many haters on here. Absolutely too many.
    What is the point of having a civilization when we cease to be civilized to each other?

  • Hope Saldivar
    Hope Saldivar Hace 10 meses

    dose moving your head help you eat?



  • You have only One Life!
    You have only One Life! Hace 10 meses

    You have usually one hour time to eat those portions. It's too much to competitive eater but it's my opinion! Half hour is better such kind of type like u. Take care 'n God Bless:D P.s. John 14:6 please 'n peace

  • Mikaeel Shifa
    Mikaeel Shifa Hace 10 meses

    You should listen to some MJ's music while eating...

  • Mlt One Global
    Mlt One Global Hace 10 meses

    I heard you just said wall of shame.

  • RK S
    RK S Hace 10 meses

    Dude which song you hear while eating 😂😂😂😂

  • Gertrude
    Gertrude Hace 11 meses

    Randy, I am happy you found your joy in life. Keep going buddy. For every hater on the internet there are 10 people who'll encourage you to go on. Keep thinking abt them if you feel bogged down by haters.

  • Shade Tree
    Shade Tree Hace 11 meses

    I love your videos I didn't mean no harm about talking !!!

  • F E
    F E Hace 11 meses

    I honestly knew you wasn't going for the record. And you knew you could've beaten Ethan's record! Great job!

  • The Beams
    The Beams Hace 11 meses

    How do you eat that

  • Rommel Chavez
    Rommel Chavez Hace 11 meses

    omg bro! u r a beast!

  • Luke Martins-Hesp
    Luke Martins-Hesp Hace 11 meses

    Randy! You didnt finish the syrup!

  • peter samuels
    peter samuels Hace 11 meses

    I apologise, you are still young,and whether consuming so much food will create health problems in the future for you.

  • peter samuels
    peter samuels Hace 11 meses +3

    What is the point?To gorge yourself-gluttony one of the seven deadly sins.

    • Randy Santel
      Randy Santel  Hace 11 meses +6

      peter samuels why would I respond with a true answer to someone as unnecessarily judgemental as you?

  • Julio Godinez
    Julio Godinez Hace 11 meses

    That nodding back and forth just made me not watch another video lol, great guy, but this shall be my last video, good luck!

  • kooling it
    kooling it Hace 11 meses

  • Jose R Suarez
    Jose R Suarez Hace 11 meses

    This challenges look pretty easy Randy!

  • Mike Waisnor
    Mike Waisnor Hace 11 meses

    If you wanted to beat the record next time ditch the fork

  • Blixem
    Blixem Hace 11 meses

    Beaver buster--bawhahahaha. I cant wait to look at the comments.

    • Blixem
      Blixem Hace 11 meses


  • SupBro Vang
    SupBro Vang Hace 11 meses

    Ya should of ate bread with meat

  • Daniel Fox
    Daniel Fox Hace 11 meses

    Why don’t you flex some more? I bet you high five a lot.

  • liftheavy211
    liftheavy211 Hace 11 meses

    im surprised homeless people dont do these challenges they could eat free for life.

  • Madidi Riyami
    Madidi Riyami Hace un año

    Hiiii one question for u honey, what's the one food item that u don't or cannot eat?

  • Altruist
    Altruist Hace un año

    Eat 1 Kg = Defecate 1.1 Kg

  • zoltansocrates
    zoltansocrates Hace un año

    what actually IS biscuits and gravy?I keep thinking of a jug of Bisto and a packet of digestives

  • Ikon
    Ikon Hace un año

    The amount his girlfriend spends on toliet paper must be staggering.

  • Ed Bob Magee
    Ed Bob Magee Hace un año

    ode to gluttony hope you and your pig sycophants starve to death

  • Alexis Hernandez
    Alexis Hernandez Hace un año

    I don't know about this music..

  • Zorro Alphonso
    Zorro Alphonso Hace un año

    25 dollars, good deal.

  • myrna panal
    myrna panal Hace un año

    Molly can swallow all that as fast as a lightning!

  • Rodge Almighty
    Rodge Almighty Hace un año

    All that for just 25?? Can’t beat it

  • InternetLearningUserJ
    InternetLearningUserJ Hace un año

    Proof that you don't need brains to be successful.
    In fact, in this case, they may well be detrimental.

  • NecroVoid
    NecroVoid Hace un año

    I would of got full just eating 2 pancakes XD

  • Cookie Eater
    Cookie Eater Hace un año

    esay even i could do that

  • Russell Wright
    Russell Wright Hace un año

    "Are you ready for dessert?" (puts down whole double-layer chocolate cake)
    "Nah, I'm good" LOL

  • tanya tyldesley
    tanya tyldesley Hace un año

    You have got to be the cleanest competitor eater ever!!!

  • Shadow Self
    Shadow Self Hace un año

    that looks so good, especially coming from a malnourished person!

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez Hace un año

    I use to live across the street I can see the stairs that lead to the front door.

  • MrYogidoo
    MrYogidoo Hace un año +1

    Starts at 1:57 ...

  • mark Lawrence
    mark Lawrence Hace un año

    What is that gravy stuff I'm from the UK and never seen it before?

  • Riley
    Riley Hace un año

    Talk too damn mich

  • Fazly A.
    Fazly A. Hace un año

    Why people do this to themselves. Excessive eating that fucks up your health just for a monetary gain smh. Work hustle make money not this shit

  • tec61
    tec61 Hace un año