Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Publicado el 12 mar 2018
  • Digital currencies are generating a lot of excitement. John Oliver enlists Keegan-Michael Key to get potential investors equally excited about the concept of caution.
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Comentarios • 12 935

  • Leo Lionhart
    Leo Lionhart Hace 5 horas

    this week last night, I was talking about cryptocurrencies to my family using everything I learnt from here. Thanks John and team.
    Best educational show last month some other time ever.

  • Nancy mor
    Nancy mor Hace 16 horas

    Crypto is the best in the world and I have made more profit on it.

    AZATHOTH Hace un día

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  • Harry Willis
    Harry Willis Hace un día

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  • sudipta debnath
    sudipta debnath Hace 3 días

    Amazon Enters India’s Insurance Market Amidst Rumors That It’s Preparing To Launch Its Own Crypto

  • Luke Webster
    Luke Webster Hace 4 días

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  • Eneathepeanut
    Eneathepeanut Hace 4 días

    Hey it’s my favorite bird man

  • antred11
    antred11 Hace 4 días

    All this crypto currency BS isn't real growth. An economy doesn't grow just because someone juggles around imaginary numbers. It's all just Ponzi scheme BS.

  • lolwut
    lolwut Hace 5 días

    You know you're a liberal when you compare "pump and dumps" with kidnapping children.

  • Emre Gündoğan
    Emre Gündoğan Hace 5 días

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  • EloquentTroll
    EloquentTroll Hace 6 días

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  • Blair Spartan
    Blair Spartan Hace 6 días

  • Swallow & Co.
    Swallow & Co. Hace 7 días

    NEX ! 📈📈

  • Abule Babule
    Abule Babule Hace 7 días

    What a crap and bull$hit missing point bad comedy on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
    Level: Balkan Reality TV.
    John Oliver, who has shaken your cage?

  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker Hace 8 días

    Keegan Michael Key makes everything better

  • Roberts Eugene
    Roberts Eugene Hace 8 días

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  • Tyler Baraby
    Tyler Baraby Hace 9 días

    Lmao the comments on this video are such a hilariously accurate representation of everything this segment was trying to warn people about. Reading them has been like an econ lesson as well as a study of human psychology all at once... it's just fascinating.
    ___Reply, 3 weeks ago: "How's that 15 Bil doing? I'll answer for you - it's worth less than 1/3 of that now. Good job unintentionally proving the point which you were mocking, dipshit."

  • PaperMind
    PaperMind Hace 9 días

    DeepOnion makes sense if you know the underground use of crypto currencies

  • DYLAN 22
    DYLAN 22 Hace 9 días +4

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    • OWEN
      OWEN Hace 9 días

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    • ADAM
      ADAM Hace 9 días

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    • Oliver Adrian
      Oliver Adrian Hace 9 días

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    • Damian W
      Damian W Hace 9 días

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    • Richard E
      Richard E Hace 9 días

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    rdfgwefwear Okeefefawerawe Hace 9 días +23

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  • Chis Baines
    Chis Baines Hace 11 días

    Hello everyone my names John Oliver and I'm from England and I love nothing more than telling you all about my latest biscuit adventure, today I'm scoffing....Fig Roll.
    This particular biscuit is firm/crumbly with a mmmm soft/figgy centre mmmm softy munch.
    More biscuit news later.

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort Hace 11 días +13

    They pump and dey dump

  • Matijs De Boer
    Matijs De Boer Hace 11 días

    If you want the best price for your crypto buy it!

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas Hace 12 días

    Dumber name than deep onion? Sure. The following are all real cryptocurrencies and their market capitalization in millions:
    Dogecoin (620)
    Basic Attention Token (131)
    TrueUSD (70)
    TaTaTu (39)
    Byteball Bytes (34)
    Dignity (29)
    Matrix AI Network (27)
    DeepBrain Chain (12)

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas Hace 12 días +1

    The problem with blockchain is that it doesnt scale. Its fine when you have a few thousand users and everyone can sync the ledger. But ledgers grow increasingly large the more users you get (current bitcoin ledger is hundreds of gygabytes!). If you scaled blockchain to number of users and transactions that even a small local bank manages it would crash on its own weight. The only cryptos that manage to work around that actually uses centralized management at which point there are just shitty, unsafe banks.

    • Abule Babule
      Abule Babule Hace 7 días

      Mate, this is 2018.
      Have you ever heard of Lightin Network?

  • Strazdas
    Strazdas Hace 12 días +1

    Its been fun watching the cryptocrash lately. The big boys cashed up at the beginning of the year and the normies are now drowning as hype is dieing down. A great way to wash a few billion dollars without taxes i bet.

  • Jeremiah Franklin
    Jeremiah Franklin Hace 12 días

    Last time I saw someone so excited, yelling, and throwing his hand up like that was in a history class and he was about to invade Poland...

    AAA BBB Hace 12 días +5

    NEX is probably one of the biggest if not the biggest crypto opportunity in 2018.

  • Papa Dragon Born
    Papa Dragon Born Hace 12 días

    Entirely unicorn wedding... I'm listening

  • calon petani
    calon petani Hace 13 días

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  • 0Kasada
    0Kasada Hace 14 días

    W-what's wrong with his right thumb?

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  • Igi Bal
    Igi Bal Hace 14 días +1

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    • Sergey Kros
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    • Gleb Volum
      Gleb Volum Hace 14 días

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  • Averagejoe04
    Averagejoe04 Hace 15 días

    "It's easy peezy, toddler seizy." 😂😂😂

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  • Brant Sistrom
    Brant Sistrom Hace 16 días

    HODL means Hold On For Dear Life, it's not a misspelling of hold dumbass.

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71 Hace 16 días

    The chicken wouldn't care, DNA can't hold memories.

  • Vipan Thakur
    Vipan Thakur Hace 16 días +1

    Business is business matter what is it..that person is doing that he has courage of it.. and some are Dick who will just criticized other..

  • gallego c
    gallego c Hace 16 días

    more tulips any one

  • D Abramavich
    D Abramavich Hace 20 días

    Yeah and now Dan's a multimillionaire and John wishes he had a lambo....

  • Kiran Rao
    Kiran Rao Hace 21 un día

    You can use PayPal or wire transfer or cards to buy anything. OR you can pay $ to buy bitcoin and use it to buy things. Why?

  • Owen Zhang
    Owen Zhang Hace 21 un día

    25:03 Have to be Craeful #Craeful #Craeful #Craeful #Craeful!!@#$

  • Amanda Eastabrooks
    Amanda Eastabrooks Hace 22 días

    I was really hoping he would make his own Bitcoin, John Oliver Coin.

  • marvel's greatest hero
    marvel's greatest hero Hace 22 días

    Im not taking any chances Bitcoin could end up being worthless in the future and i don't want to end up broke

  • David McLean
    David McLean Hace 23 días

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  • Brett Lacher
    Brett Lacher Hace 24 días

    Thank God Oliver gets it. When you buy stock in a company, you are buying the right to a small piece of that company's profit. When you buy crypto... you are buying a worthless digital item that has absolutely no value, doesn't work effectively as a currency, and you're simply betting that someone else will pay more for your worthless digital shit than you paid for it.
    Mark my words: in 20 years, we will all look back at crypto as the biggest scam of the 21st century.

    • Abule Babule
      Abule Babule Hace 7 días

      In 20 years, toilet paper money will be used in Monopoly game only.
      In the meantime, get yourself educated about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • The Norske King
    The Norske King Hace 24 días

    This is so much like the South Sea Bubble its frightening

  • IVAN Romero
    IVAN Romero Hace 25 días

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  • Niliu
    Niliu Hace 25 días

    I would love it if the tabloids started asking celebrities real questions like that.

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    Karl Magnus Withbro Hace 26 días

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  • NocturnalNick
    NocturnalNick Hace 27 días

    Glad to see Dan Gurewitch is still around

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith Hace 27 días

    No we should have John Oliver who does a propaganda show ( disguised as bad comedy). The US dollar is a ponzi scheme based on debt and backed by nothing -- that is a SCAM>

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith Hace 27 días

    John Oliver is a dick ---

  • MJ Pleasant
    MJ Pleasant Hace 28 días

    Did anyone else hear the guy screaming bitconnect and think oh god Tommy Wiseau is making another movie

  • communistjesus
    communistjesus Hace 29 días

    Great advice...,However, the question is : When will Coach Hines The movie WITH THE ORIGINAL Cast be in theaters??¿???., Welcome to the USA under Sell out to Russia Donald J. Dump The art of the deal my A555. More like The art of treason.#impeachprosecuteandimprisontheentiretrumpadmistrationnow

  • Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla

    And now the guys working for Bitconnect is in jail. I wonder if the owner is, too.

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  • velencei gábor
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  • Billy Don
    Billy Don Hace un mes

    WTF? How did kazucoin fly up from .01 to $1.37 . I got in at .51 think I will ride this to $200. I missed the big BTC run, I ain't missing

  • Dave Ramsey Bolton
    Dave Ramsey Bolton Hace un mes

    Pump n' Dump sounds like Hit it n' Quit it ~

  • Kevin Gluys
    Kevin Gluys Hace un mes

    Why does the Keaton part have me laughing so much?!

  • Nik K
    Nik K Hace un mes

    I heard you bought a bold amount of Digibytes John Oliver

  • Druby
    Druby Hace un mes +1

    It’s so weird when you know who Dan is.

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores Hace un mes

    Bitconnect was the greatest ponzi scheme to ever exist

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores Hace un mes

    I love crypto. Making good as money trading. Doge is my baby

  • Novacification
    Novacification Hace un mes

    Crypto currencies are a tax on idiots

  • Chewy Thomson
    Chewy Thomson Hace un mes +1

    Which is worse: blockchain dorks or hardcore Rick & Morty fans?

  • Gobsnachaz
    Gobsnachaz Hace un mes

    Reading the comments here really makes crypto investors look like cultists.

  • Michael Oates
    Michael Oates Hace un mes

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  • oldrrocr
    oldrrocr Hace un mes

    better odds in Vegas. and more transparent.

    LUCKY SLAGA-D Hace un mes

    im supposed to be studying..but this is just too funny.

  • CryptoAB
    CryptoAB Hace un mes

    Lmao loved it

  • Shaz K
    Shaz K Hace un mes

    Bitcoin is finished its all about Xrp now...

  • shitkickertv
    shitkickertv Hace un mes

    Block Chainiver won't chicken up your nugs. And you can take that to the bank.

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now Hace un mes

    The "bitcoin conference that couldn't take bitcoin as payment" I believe was that poocoin "Bitcoin Cash" and not "Bitcoin" BTC.

  • Aaron Litz
    Aaron Litz Hace un mes +4

    Has everyone forgotten the Internet Bubble already?
    Yeah... this is exactly what it looked like. Only this time is about 10 times more idiotic.

    • Michael J Cusack
      Michael J Cusack Hace 13 días

      Idiocracy and Wall-E explained it pretty well! :)

    • Hotsiam
      Hotsiam Hace 21 un día

      yeah that s&p/nasdaq bubble is ridiculous! good observation!

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  • Divesh dhaka
    Divesh dhaka Hace un mes +1

    Man it's painful to even watch that fucker

  • Caroline Cork
    Caroline Cork Hace un mes

    Dan is very angry!🤓

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  • Havtorn
    Havtorn Hace un mes

    You can kind of tell that the audience was kind of lost for most of this segment. It's a whole lot more quiet than usual

  • Raine Dash Lacatena
    Raine Dash Lacatena Hace un mes

    Wanted to add that he also allegedly has connections to Steve Bannon (according to the Wikipedia page). So like, he's double or triple the sleaze now.

  • Tate Winter
    Tate Winter Hace un mes

    is that Danny g-witch? is that Keegan ala Key?

  • peter pan
    peter pan Hace un mes

    u suck

  • Jeremy Kegley
    Jeremy Kegley Hace un mes

    Crypto currency's is the way to go!

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  • Lil Crypto Mitch
    Lil Crypto Mitch Hace un mes +1

    Hah, EOS is now over 4 BIllion

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Hace un mes

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  • Katie Mason
    Katie Mason Hace un mes +1


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  • Thomas Busse
    Thomas Busse Hace un mes

    The Dollar is massively overvalued due to the petrodollar and the unsustainable debt: once the petrodollar fell outside the system's control, it basically allowed the corporations to run their own pump and dump schemes. One day, it's just going to collapse, wiping out much of the economy and being so complex nobody understands it - think about the Federal Reserve turning into Enron, and then trying to teach about it on CNN What that means is cyrptocurriencies were secretly developed in advance of the inevitable to rebuild the monetary system on a sustainable model, so holding cryptocurrencies (and I wish I had - I was reading about this the year it came out but I couldn't figure out how to make it work and I was super depressed at the time and not getting out of bed) also function as a hedge against the value of the dollar.

  • Selomon Kebede
    Selomon Kebede Hace un mes

    I'm high as fuck right now and that bitconnect shit made me lose my fucking mind.

  • alan7868
    alan7868 Hace un mes

    OMG, I can't believe I have to be everyone's daddy again, but okay here we go again. Don't buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. All you are doing is trading your real money for fake digital money and then they hack your account and steal that too. You're welcome. F_ck Man !!!

    • EcoDirts
      EcoDirts Hace un mes

      alan7868 Not with this