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  • Ashton Charlesworth
    Ashton Charlesworth Hace 18 horas

    While you guys are wondering how she makes such good candy I'm wondering what they do with all the candy

  • Mayra Scherrer
    Mayra Scherrer Hace 19 horas


  • Doha Ben Hamza
    Doha Ben Hamza Hace 23 horas

    do gummy bears

  • emmaleighjosmusic
    emmaleighjosmusic Hace un día

    I’m having withdrawals! I need more episodes 😩😂

  • emmaleighjosmusic
    emmaleighjosmusic Hace un día

    When are you guys making more of these??

  • greenyawgmoth
    greenyawgmoth Hace un día +1

    I could watch Claire read off ingredient lists all day, she is so perfect.

  • Kijagold
    Kijagold Hace un día

    Well hellur

  • Emkarow
    Emkarow Hace un día

    You should do gourmet candy corn for Halloween!!

  • Lia Murphy
    Lia Murphy Hace un día

    I wish they would make gourmet vienna cookies.

  • Dork Torque
    Dork Torque Hace un día

    3:40 don't be fooled, she is actually watching some stick a camera in their rectum

  • Madeline McAdams
    Madeline McAdams Hace un día

    What about the ones covered in Nerds candy? Or the sour ones?

  • Igor Serafim
    Igor Serafim Hace un día

    Sexy Boss 😛

  • Patrick Horgan
    Patrick Horgan Hace un día

    btw this is my favorite series on BA. Has Claire made gourmet pop rocks?

  • Rhillyna Sithat
    Rhillyna Sithat Hace un día

    gourmet goldfish

  • Cloudy Tug
    Cloudy Tug Hace un día

    I’ve watched like 7 videos the whole time thinking this was tasty

  • Adrien Fitzwater
    Adrien Fitzwater Hace un día

    Try Doritos!!!

  • Kaitlyn Alyssa
    Kaitlyn Alyssa Hace un día

    Gourmet candy cane for the holidays!

  • Hannah Thomson
    Hannah Thomson Hace un día

    Gormet Reece's peanut butter cups. They are good, but very sweet in my opinion 😀

  • Wedo101
    Wedo101 Hace un día

    I like red vines NOT twizzlers

  • Nolan Palmer
    Nolan Palmer Hace 2 días

    Can you make gourmet twix? They are my favorite candy bar.

  • Nolan Palmer
    Nolan Palmer Hace 2 días

    Twizzlers are nasty. You should have made Redvines.

  • Camy
    Camy Hace 2 días

    gourmet whopper (the candy) 😋😋

  • Jam B Gaming
    Jam B Gaming Hace 2 días

    You should make gourmet ruffles all dressed chips

  • - Jay Lilyanne -
    - Jay Lilyanne - Hace 2 días

    You should make gourmet smarties, but the Canadian ones that are the best. A chocolate circle with a coloured candy coating. 😁

  • Lucas Tosetti
    Lucas Tosetti Hace 2 días

    hey claire, everones proud of you, youre very good at what you do, and youre good

  • Tony Coronado
    Tony Coronado Hace 2 días

    I watched this on Friday

  • GamingElephant 310
    GamingElephant 310 Hace 2 días

    Can you make sweedish fish

  • Peter McMullin
    Peter McMullin Hace 2 días

    People be mixing up twizzlers and Redvines

  • Hailey Prince
    Hailey Prince Hace 2 días

    I watched on Friday

  • Manuel Apolloclès
    Manuel Apolloclès Hace 2 días

    I don't know if you have them in USA, but in France, we have the "Fraise Tagada", a candy which is extremely popular !!
    I'm curious if our gourmet chef Claire is able to replicate them !

  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen Hace 2 días

    reads off ingredients: ...enriched wheat flour...
    watches video of Twizzlers making: "OK, WHEAT. There's WHEAT in it!"

  • Pearl B.
    Pearl B. Hace 2 días

    Brad, "Oh, ME-OW" 12:19

  • Marciella Shallomita
    Marciella Shallomita Hace 2 días

    You know what’s funny? I’m watching this on Friday! 😂

  • Lyla Louderbaugh
    Lyla Louderbaugh Hace 2 días

    You should make takis

  • Reed Knecht
    Reed Knecht Hace 2 días

    Yo, do gourmet chex mix!

  • Karina Morales
    Karina Morales Hace 2 días


  • rylee sadaghiani
    rylee sadaghiani Hace 3 días

    Remake gummies

  • rylee sadaghiani
    rylee sadaghiani Hace 3 días

    Make gummies

  • violettheory
    violettheory Hace 3 días

    I suuuper want to see Claire try to make butterfingers. It seems like the perfect mix of easy and hard.

  • Isabella Valdes
    Isabella Valdes Hace 3 días

    Love these videos Clair! You should totally make Biscoff lotus cookies, they’re seriously so addictive!!

  • William Kwan
    William Kwan Hace 3 días

    Gourmet snickers

  • Flyn1der
    Flyn1der Hace 3 días

    Your videos are fantastic! Diagnostic/Experimental cooking is an addictive niche. You should make a video trying to make Pop Rocks! Keep up the good work!

  • George Meade
    George Meade Hace 3 días

    I remember Red Vines having the straw utility, but not Twizzlers. I could be wrong, but I know Red Vines still have them

  • GrimGerdey Green
    GrimGerdey Green Hace 3 días

    Can you please make pocket Ian my favorite matcha and all of them but not banana if you can get a good banana u

    JJ DESTROYER Hace 3 días

    Omgosh they buy sooo much like what does that do for u

    JJ DESTROYER Hace 3 días

    Do like those smarties things

  • Indy Wood
    Indy Wood Hace 3 días


  • Rian Reyes
    Rian Reyes Hace 3 días

    Is it just me or did they mean to make red vine licorice? The straw thing is something I've only ever remembered with red vines or like off brand and homemade licorice candy

  • Mushpa Y Mensa
    Mushpa Y Mensa Hace 3 días

    I think Brad and Claire should get married...

  • JugPan
    JugPan Hace 3 días

    Claire - Please make gourmet French Toast Crunch cereal!!!

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 Hace 3 días

    I could watch this woman eat all day. (not in a creepy way) !

  • Anastasia Griffith
    Anastasia Griffith Hace 3 días

    I HATE blck licorice

  • Samantha Jimenez
    Samantha Jimenez Hace 3 días

    you guys should do a candy corn episode for Halloween!

  • Evan Vega
    Evan Vega Hace 3 días

    "BrAd dOn'T TOuCh iiiiiiiiiitttttt"

  • Abigail Cannister
    Abigail Cannister Hace 4 días

    This series is so much fun! Like I feel better about all my experimental cuisine failures haha. Hope this series continues, I subscribed because of it, and people plsss stop bullying her about her hair. She looks unique and different, just let it be!

  • CUB
    CUB Hace 4 días

    Claire im only 19 but will you marry me

  • chloe parreño
    chloe parreño Hace 4 días

    she looks like sarah from buzzfeed

  • James Moursund
    James Moursund Hace 4 días

    Oh Geeze Oh Man...
    Twizzlers are terrible - everyone who has ever had one knows that they are underwhelming. I present:
    Behold - delicious in either modern cherry or classic black liquorice.
    I like this channel, but I simply can't understand why you would seriously undertake a challenge like this, when there is such a clear victor among the competition. I simply challenge you this: open a community theater in your basement, run it with children for 20 years until they become cool enough to do it on their own, then buy the snacks for a rehearsal and tell me that you're somehow going to choose twizzler over a freaking tub of red vines. Not likely.
    These things have a history about which you cannot even dream.

  • Leah Murphy
    Leah Murphy Hace 4 días

    I think they are thinking of red vines. Those have the that has a hollow center.

  • HugeWangPiece
    HugeWangPiece Hace 4 días

    can b-rad and claire get their own show together

  • jessica green
    jessica green Hace 4 días

    You should make swedish fish!!

  • Alex Costine
    Alex Costine Hace 4 días

    Its freaking strawberry licorice

  • Zac  Appleby
    Zac Appleby Hace 4 días

    Claire you should try and make some Starburst, anyway love the series and good luck 👈😄👌

  • maria rosas
    maria rosas Hace 4 días

    Claire should try making Snickers

  • Abbey Austin
    Abbey Austin Hace 4 días

    Brad vs Claire attempting to make Swiss rolls!

  • Brian B
    Brian B Hace 4 días

    You, Brad and the gang have resurrected a long time passion of mine... cooking. I have, since I was a young lad loved cooking, but everyone says that its a carrer of pain, struggle, and that made me scared and sad and not want to peruse it. But you guys have showed me what cooking is again... a passion. Yes its hard and stressful at times, but its all worth it in the end bevause its what you love.
    Thank you for that to me again
    Keep doing what you guys do.
    Bless you guys 😀😜😀

  • Francisca Feist
    Francisca Feist Hace 4 días

    you know it's good when the first ingredient is corn syrup

  • Internet Nobody
    Internet Nobody Hace 4 días

    gourmet starburst

  • mendel lee
    mendel lee Hace 4 días

    "the opening is closed." :D

  • Owl Lady
    Owl Lady Hace 4 días

    Gourmet warheads

  • Ilysa Rose
    Ilysa Rose Hace 4 días

    I love seeing brad and Claire interactions, they’re so adorkable

  • Stratos Tong
    Stratos Tong Hace 5 días

    This is so fascinating. It would probably take me a life time and still not figure out any of this

  • Hey It's Elijah
    Hey It's Elijah Hace 5 días

    *And at this moment, I shipped Brad and Claire.*

  • Nikoline Vrist Hansen
    Nikoline Vrist Hansen Hace 5 días

    Try make kinder buenos

  • KrazyKing
    KrazyKing Hace 5 días

    This is what Rogue does while waiting to be part of the MCU

  • NicCamp
    NicCamp Hace 5 días

    wait this was my favorite series. ugh

  • AdLibby
    AdLibby Hace 5 días +7

    Where did she go tho? I miss her videos so much! Who ever let her leave this channel made a huge mistake. She’s creative, brilliant, charming and she rakes in the views!
    Claire, I hope you’re out there doing what you love, sweetie.

  • HopperDragon
    HopperDragon Hace 5 días

    Brad and Claire are cute together.

  • Paleface316
    Paleface316 Hace 5 días

    53 year old woman, attempts to do something.... 10 people care about?

  • maria varela
    maria varela Hace 5 días


  • AisuruMirai
    AisuruMirai Hace 5 días

    Suggestions (that have probably been given hundreds of times) for future episodes:
    • Moon Pies
    • Hostess Fruit Pies
    • Creamsicles aka Dreamsicles
    • Nutter Butters
    • Funyuns
    • Sun Chips
    • Doritos
    • Pop Tarts
    • Bugles
    • Ring Pops
    • Tootsie Pops
    • Werther's Original
    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    • French Toast Crunch
    • Hot Pockets
    • Pizza Rolls
    • Butterfingers
    • Sour Patch Kids
    • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    • York Peppermint Patties
    • Froot Loops
    • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
    • For Halloween: those gross, generic "peanut butter" candies in orange and black wrappers
    • For Thanksgiving: Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce
    • For Christmas: Cherry Cordials
    • For Valentine's Day: Conversation Hearts

  • Amuchanist
    Amuchanist Hace 5 días

    What about Gourmet Tootsie Rolls...?

  • Plaza Time
    Plaza Time Hace 5 días +4

    I finally found something decent to watch!!

    Battery dies

  • Amber Randles
    Amber Randles Hace 5 días

    She should make pringles

  • WhatALife !
    WhatALife ! Hace 5 días

    Make Recess next!!

  • Linda Pham
    Linda Pham Hace 5 días

    Brad @1:53 - 1:54
    _well _*_hehllo_*

  • bee
    bee Hace 6 días

    I love that you want to use corn syrup. Corn is a major allergen my kids deal with daily. Almost every candy has it.

  • Lauren Edel
    Lauren Edel Hace 6 días

    Make cheese itz or goldfish

  • Rikki 716
    Rikki 716 Hace 6 días

    I never used Twizzlers as straws. My candy of choice was always Red Vines. They are stiffer and more straw-like. Also they are cherry flavored. With her comment and the beginning, I think that she might have been thinking of them too.

  • Zachary Tatro
    Zachary Tatro Hace 6 días

    You should do Starburst!

  • Abby B
    Abby B Hace 6 días

    Some suggestions (things I’d like to see gourmeted):
    - Jolly ranchers
    - Pringle’s
    - starbursts
    - almond joy
    - cheez-its/goldfish
    - sun chips
    - poptarts
    Love this series btw 💜💜

  • Chaia Pedroso
    Chaia Pedroso Hace 6 días

    Could you do gourmet nerd candies?

  • jonavuka
    jonavuka Hace 6 días

    For all these challenges I would pretend to make progress and in the end when they sample my version I'll just serve them the originals... Hehehe

  • LokDesaad6
    LokDesaad6 Hace 6 días

    Based on what they were describing, it sounds like they were talking about Red Vines as opposed to Twizzlers.

  • Savannah Campbell
    Savannah Campbell Hace 6 días

    Am I the only one who would love to work here??


    You should make fudge stripe cookies next!!

  • Angie Saeiew
    Angie Saeiew Hace 6 días

    Haribo please

  • Tommy Crump
    Tommy Crump Hace 6 días

    you need to try making candy corn next as candy corn tastes eh to alot of people i hear, so you need to try improve on that i think

  • SKennedy
    SKennedy Hace 7 días


  • Khushi Kp
    Khushi Kp Hace 7 días

    Is it me or does everyone ship both of them? I mean Brad and Claire