Largest Plate of Thanksgiving Food Ever

  • Publicado el 23 nov 2017
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    Thanksgiving is here!! Time to bring out the turkey.
    And the Potatoes..
    And the Gravy..
    And the Stuffing..
    And the Cranberry Sauce..
    And the Pumpkin Pie..
    And the Green Be.. Nah
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Comentarios • 18 345

  • Greg Oswald
    Greg Oswald Hace 9 horas


  • TheBestBeast Yt
    TheBestBeast Yt Hace 9 horas

    Usually This would be sad a guy alone but it’s Matt stonie so it’s fine

  • Faree bash
    Faree bash Hace 21 un hora

    He has my body type.! How much ever we eat we dont get fat! 😁 We are hopeless

  • Latrell Cooper
    Latrell Cooper Hace un día

    That green bean casserole look sus

  • Milad Bannourah
    Milad Bannourah Hace un día

    Your amazing but you can't stop the stopwatch while you are still chewing.

  • Umar Durrani
    Umar Durrani Hace un día

    I am on my diet but when I look at it I get hungry and want eat so much food like chicken and rice

  • Frank Rock05
    Frank Rock05 Hace un día +1

    What about 2019?

  • dell wright
    dell wright Hace 2 días

    didn't a woman beat him eating hot dogs not long ago?

  • M4sked
    M4sked Hace 2 días

    As the time goes on the whipping cream on the pie is keep on flattering lol

  • oyun delisi ALİ DENİZ
    oyun delisi ALİ DENİZ Hace 2 días +1

    Türkler buradamı??🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Ayesha Hafeez
    Ayesha Hafeez Hace 2 días

    any one in 2k19 ???

  • PsYch0 LoVeR
    PsYch0 LoVeR Hace 2 días

    21.01.2019 ???

  • Kunal Roy
    Kunal Roy Hace 2 días

    Pie in one go..and hydration he is cracking me up

  • Merple Turple
    Merple Turple Hace 2 días

    Am I the ojly one who feels like only north americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • Katrina Miller
    Katrina Miller Hace 3 días

    How is dis man so skinny

  • Gerardo Rodriguez Rodriguez

    Y yo acá con un café y un pajarito viendo el video XD jahaha

  • Logan Jepsen
    Logan Jepsen Hace 3 días

    So Majestical from 3:00 to 3:18

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang Hace 3 días

    Did Morgan eat?

  • Hunter White
    Hunter White Hace 3 días

    0:50 best part

  • Karlos andrey Silva
    Karlos andrey Silva Hace 3 días

    Eu ñ sei falar nada em inglês

  • Rhylee Hizon
    Rhylee Hizon Hace 3 días


  • amido albudah
    amido albudah Hace 4 días

    The reason i watch these vids is because he has a sense of humour

  • yağmur 1
    yağmur 1 Hace 4 días

    Bummm be

  • Peyton Gustafson
    Peyton Gustafson Hace 4 días

    Sometimes you don't beat the challenges, because you talk most of the time. So if you want to beat the best time, don't talk so much.

  • Aaron Pizza
    Aaron Pizza Hace 4 días

    How the fuck is he not fat

  • Finn Mazlan
    Finn Mazlan Hace 4 días

    This guy metabolism must be so high, that the heat from his body can warm up his whole house during winter

  • UwU
    UwU Hace 4 días

    enjoy your food..

  • Jacob Cope
    Jacob Cope Hace 5 días

    This is my uncle whenever I’ve spent thanksgiving with his family. He gets protective over his food too

  • Ace Valenzuela
    Ace Valenzuela Hace 5 días

    Think about the people who got no food at thanksgiving T_T

  • Nolan
    Nolan Hace 5 días

    Should’ve done more gravy, all that is dry af

  • Karla Peterson
    Karla Peterson Hace 5 días

    Ok you lost me when you scraped your knife on the plate

  • video smasher
    video smasher Hace 5 días

    2019 anyone

  • Diogo Lopes
    Diogo Lopes Hace 5 días

    3:08 doesnt that look like a volcano of potatoes?

  • Youssef Mohammed
    Youssef Mohammed Hace 5 días

    after mattstonie are all this food he is now fattstonie

  • Assthetic_
    Assthetic_ Hace 5 días

    if that's your cooking then I'm sorry but you're shit at cooking lol

  • oblivion_遗忘者
    oblivion_遗忘者 Hace 6 días

    thats like 2 times my labtop

  • George Richards
    George Richards Hace 6 días

    How the hell does he eat so much

  • Cocopop
    Cocopop Hace 6 días

    9:30 I’m feeling full now...

    I would have Been full like a quarter of a quarter of that food in

  • AutumnsReign
    AutumnsReign Hace 6 días

    Deviled eggs, corn pudding, potato salad, reg green beans, bread rolls, candied yams, & Ham (NO pork on MY fork, just a suggestion)...butumera...yea! Lol you need to come to MY house and let ME cook for you!!! *btw: STUFFING IS EFFING DISGUSTING AF!!!!*

  • AutumnsReign
    AutumnsReign Hace 6 días +1

    Thats NOT a plate thats a *PLATTER!* LML

  • Rich Amar
    Rich Amar Hace 6 días

    Uuch this is disgusting *pours gravy on it* probably thinking “m,mm gravyyy”

  • Encarnacion Dayrit
    Encarnacion Dayrit Hace 6 días

    Heart attack gerd attack ulcer attack panic attack anxiety attack death attack chocking attack RIP BRO

  • carl Foutley ca
    carl Foutley ca Hace 7 días

    His fart smell is hell

  • Fernando Romero
    Fernando Romero Hace 7 días

    Instead of the stuffing, add some delicious mac and cheese 🤤

  • Sebas Maverick
    Sebas Maverick Hace 7 días

    i dont wanna invite him to a dinner jejeje it will be a insult from him

  • GOAT 1
    GOAT 1 Hace 7 días

    3:58 what?? The pie is 10.5 lbs!!!!

  • pubg shabaz
    pubg shabaz Hace 7 días

    Nice dod

  • juliana André edna julia santos

    Aja barriga 😱

  • captain cool
    captain cool Hace 7 días

    I knew he was gonna inhale that food when he said he was hungry

  • kazi md mustofa tuhin
    kazi md mustofa tuhin Hace 8 días

    i want to say you something.....please take it positively .......why you r trying hard to eat large package food......if the large package food r distribute in poor people then the poor people will thankful to you......u r i think if your video content for poor hungry people will have more views and the poor people r being pleased......thnk you.

  • Urn [Empty]
    Urn [Empty] Hace 8 días


  • asfad ax
    asfad ax Hace 8 días


  • Dark assassin Animations

    When he plated everything it made me hungry but when he ate it it made me cringe

  • Egehan Turgut
    Egehan Turgut Hace 8 días


  • Martina Lola fraser
    Martina Lola fraser Hace 8 días

    I cant eat one thing at a time I'd have to have a bit of everything on my fork lol I didnt do Thanksgiving this year due to my grandpa dieing on October 5 the start to are Thanksgiving long weekend I spent it in bed and a chicken TV dinner lol

  • AveryTube56
    AveryTube56 Hace 9 días

    I can't even eat a regular plate of thanksgiving I would Litterly die if I ate all that food you ate.

  • Mehmet Can_**
    Mehmet Can_** Hace 9 días

    bunu doyuramazlar amkk günde 2 öğün yese askeri maaşın anasını siker

  • Ratthasart Satthanusart

    6:34 aw why you replay the sound

  • Rachel Broadwater
    Rachel Broadwater Hace 10 días

    That looks like you have made a turkey out of the plate

  • Win Hla
    Win Hla Hace 10 días

    Everyone knows that if this was an eating competition, he would just pick up the food and shove it in his mouth

  • Rey Urban
    Rey Urban Hace 10 días

    He gotta be high asf💯😂

  • Onin laurence
    Onin laurence Hace 10 días

    Anybody still watching this in January 2019? pls. Hit Like!

  • بنت السلطنة
    بنت السلطنة Hace 10 días

    استغفر الله العضيم رب العرش العضيم وأتوب اليه

  • D3vil Production
    D3vil Production Hace 10 días

    6:34 Fuck I got goosbumbs

  • Elliott Avant
    Elliott Avant Hace 10 días

    Good grief, he actually did it, hahaha. Congratulations.

  • Clarissa S
    Clarissa S Hace 10 días

    how is he so pretty

  • Peashooter Tim
    Peashooter Tim Hace 10 días

    u forgot the sprite cranberrys

  • DrTrayPlayz
    DrTrayPlayz Hace 10 días +1

    Can’t wait until next thanksgiving to eat some gooood meat, mashed potaters, and others yum! Oh and also


  • Arsalan Khan
    Arsalan Khan Hace 11 días

    That's not a plate its a dish

  • Mert Demir
    Mert Demir Hace 11 días


  • MorbidDonkey
    MorbidDonkey Hace 11 días

    42 is the answer to life

  • Lazyjulio 20
    Lazyjulio 20 Hace 11 días +1

    6:38 matt stonie thinking "I'm gonna put gravy *sike* "

  • Raka Dimas
    Raka Dimas Hace 11 días

    imagine the toilet after this

  • Ivan Uglik
    Ivan Uglik Hace 11 días

    how he doesn't get fat? does he throw up after recording a video?

  • arfan Ghoreshi
    arfan Ghoreshi Hace 11 días


  • Hamzah Sattar
    Hamzah Sattar Hace 11 días


  • PemguinDaAfrica
    PemguinDaAfrica Hace 12 días

    If matt was a real nigga hed eat all that shit and put the turkey bones up his ass

  • Free Fire - User
    Free Fire - User Hace 12 días


  • Emily Pasillas
    Emily Pasillas Hace 12 días

    Stuffing or mashed potatoes

    Memes GRANDLORD Hace 12 días +1

    I’m not joking my thanksgiving dinner was 🍗 🍟 🥤

  • Pawan Bhakuni
    Pawan Bhakuni Hace 12 días

    I have made pumpkin pie from scratch. Shows bought one😂

  • PatrichOpsimar :D
    PatrichOpsimar :D Hace 12 días

    First why the gravy its red it looks like ketchup

  • Lol V
    Lol V Hace 13 días


  • SERBSHERB P S4 name
    SERBSHERB P S4 name Hace 13 días

    it is like jerking off to food to get hungry af before you eat

  • Lester Parnell
    Lester Parnell Hace 13 días


  • SAT Hazza
    SAT Hazza Hace 13 días

    2019 anyone ?????

  • era hymne
    era hymne Hace 13 días

    Next time. Try it southern/ soul food style

    EMILY GLEASON Hace 13 días

    Matt you’re making me hungry!! 😂

  • Hannah Ahlen
    Hannah Ahlen Hace 13 días

    I could probably only eat like half of the turkey leg. This is insane. He must have slept for like 80 hours after this.

  • Lukman Hussain
    Lukman Hussain Hace 13 días

    I can complete this plate in 4 min

  • Daequan's Toes
    Daequan's Toes Hace 14 días


  • Yeet -
    Yeet - Hace 14 días

    Ladies come get your mans

  • Evie Frye
    Evie Frye Hace 14 días

    Where does the food go?!

  • regi plays and more
    regi plays and more Hace 14 días

    How about the pie

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 15 días

    That gravy was fucking beautiful

  • Decent Assassin
    Decent Assassin Hace 15 días

    6:35 you really had to brake my damn spine im getting itcy af rn.

  • - _CAIOWORLD_ -
    - _CAIOWORLD_ - Hace 15 días

    -You gotta find a boyfriend that cooks for you in thanksgiving, not the opposite
    -Yeah, my boyfriend does that, except he eats everything he cooks on his own...

  • Fgg Ffff
    Fgg Ffff Hace 15 días

    ASMR 6:35

  • Hello There
    Hello There Hace 15 días

    If this is how he eats now, imagine his grandma

  • Mr fan
    Mr fan Hace 15 días