A Day in the Life of an MIT PhD Student

  • Publicado el 8 dic 2022

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  • Samuel Bosch
    Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +9

    Here is the video about getting admitted to MIT as a PhD student: esclips.com/video/VXEorm-KHAQ/vídeo.html
    If you're interested in seeing more of my daily life at MIT, you can follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/samuel.bosch/

  • wen u foop
    wen u foop Hace 4 meses +321

    People who typically make these day-in-the-life videos at such prestine institutions seem pretty boring since they have like the exact same daily routine every day and don't stray from it at all and just don't have a sense of humor. Thank you for breaking the stereotype. You seem like a funny guy who simply enjoys life, your studies, and the people around you.

    • Alessandro Poli
      Alessandro Poli Hace 2 meses

      Thats beacause you have to study super hard to get at that level ( even if you are so smart) if you will look at a day in the life of an athlet it would be the same except training instead studying :))

      SACHIN ANAND Hace 3 meses +3

      @Samuel Bosch hello brother , I'm graduate from IIT Bombay with CS branch. You know about IIT (indian institute of technology) India's most thought exam

    • Mrs. Bulldog
      Mrs. Bulldog Hace 3 meses +4

      I think the same routine over and over again is something to make life easier for them. Once a routine is implented, is does not take any "work" to take a decision. Just to focus on what is important for them. For me it would be boring either, but I can get the point of routines.

    • Finance Corner
      Finance Corner Hace 4 meses +2

      @Samuel Bosch Sam can you please explain why these theoretical models add value to the computer science world? I am a bit lost there.

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 4 meses +17

      Thank you! 😊

  • Lean
    Lean Hace un mes +18

    woah.. this completely shatters the expectations I had for MIT! ..in a good way (i'll expain)
    I thought that MIT students would lock themselves into their dorm, surround themselves with books and computers and study all day.. not talking to anyone and just burning themselves out
    but I'm incredibly glad that people of MIT are actually pushing students away from living this lifestyle, and instead encourage them to eat healthily, execise, get in touch with nature and socialize!
    Very impressive! I'm now getting more excited about university..
    time to study now! ~~

  • Gerrit Quaremba
    Gerrit Quaremba Hace 7 meses +37

    Very insightful and inspiring video!
    Could you make a video about your learning techniques and how you prepare for exams? Would be so cool :) great content Samuel!

    • Gerrit Quaremba
      Gerrit Quaremba Hace 5 meses +2

      @Samuel Bosch great to hear that! Looking forward to your video! :) Thanks Samuel!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses +7

      Hey Gerrit, I received quite a few requests for making a video about my study methods, so I will definitely do this in the next few months 🙂

  • Anas Tesla
    Anas Tesla Hace 7 meses +143

    Very informative video and especially funny xD You had me at Arnold(< Coleman) and the geese. The combination of both picks you up really well!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +2


    • Anas Tesla
      Anas Tesla Hace 7 meses +3

      @Samuel Bosch Too bad 😂 I guess after Sacha had named his topic because it was „easy/ lightweight“. It should become a running gag like your Arnold jokes ;)

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +10

      Thank you Anas - I appreciate the comment 😁 i actually did have a “lightweight baby reference” from Coleman, but it didn’t make its way into the final version, as many people wouldn’t have understood the joke 😂

  • Leonhxrd S
    Leonhxrd S Hace 7 meses +43

    Great video Samuel, I really like the way it is produced. Such a good job by the person who did all the cutting and editing! :) Apart from that, your day looks so exciting, being around so many brilliant people all day must be great (except for the imposter syndrome). Btw: How much physics would one have to know (assuming good maths and cs knowledge) to first get involved with research in your area / to roughly understand the basics of quantum algorithms?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +2

      @Leonhxrd S Let's hope so :)

    • Leonhxrd S
      Leonhxrd S Hace 7 meses +5

      @Samuel Bosch Hahaha, I had a lot of stuff going on the last few days so I couldn’t make it any earlier 😂
      If you keep the video quality on this level the channel will surely blow up even faster than it already does!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +10

      Hey Leonhxrd, I was already wondering why you didn't comment hahahahahha
      We have an excellent video editor in our team, and we really tried shredding off every single second of video material that wasn't needed :)
      I don't think you need to know a lot of physics. It's quite interesting to see what backgrounds quantum computing people come from. I would argue that half of them aren't physicists at all.
      You don'thave to be an expert in quantum mechanics (which is very hard). Some basic courses in Quantum Computation can probably teach you all you need to know :)

  • TeeGibbon
    TeeGibbon Hace 3 meses +8

    Hi Samuel,
    I like your videos and insights! But I got one question after watching this and your fitness video: How do you manage your nutrition, especially calories and proteins, during your busy schedule at MIT? You only have a small breakfast, then spend most of the day at MIT and only eat one usual meal for lunch. The rest of the day you spend working and working out again until your post-workout meal. How do you manage to have such a trained body?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 3 meses +2

      Heyyy, I do actually eat quite a but more than just what I showed in the video. I just released a new day in the life video where I talk about that.
      Also, I just released a fitness video 🙂💪💪💪

  • Matthias K
    Matthias K Hace 6 meses +22

    I found your channel through your interview with Niklas Steenfatt. Find your videos very interesting and valueable. Hopefully there will be another video with you two together. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +1

      Hey Matthias, I'm glad you enjoyed my video. This is actually a good reminder, I have to text Niklas to confirm that I'm coming to London hahahahah He will be a guest on my podcast 😊

  • Mark Chen
    Mark Chen Hace 12 días +1

    As a computer science student and a tech entrepreneur, I do find this video interesting and engaging to learn more about how to be a MIT student at Boston!

  • Junaid farooq
    Junaid farooq Hace 6 meses +3

    Hello sir
    Just an inspirational video 🔥🔥🔥
    I am from india and done with my undergraduation. Now looking for PhD at MIT and need some help. I will be glad if you could help me out

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 4 meses +3

      Here is my video about how to get into PhD programs at MIT and other top universities. Enjoy! 🙂 esclips.com/video/VXEorm-KHAQ/vídeo.html

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +3

      Hey Junaid, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the video 🙂
      Let me know if you have any concrete question. Happy to answer anything here in the comment section. I'll also make a video about PhD applications at some point

  • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
    Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 7 meses +4

    Awesome video bro👍🏻💙
    My dream uni...bro whenever I feel demotivated I watch ur MIT videos...it acts as a spark...lots of love brother keep growing ♥️♥️
    One question should I join MIT for undergraduate or masters....which will be better?? I wanna come there soon but still asking u as u r like by big bro...plz tell

    • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
      Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 4 meses

      @Rishabh's Classics Yeah...I hv read the details from MIT Admission Portal...its given step by step...and an olympiad medal will make ur profile amazing...I just pray that I get one.
      R u preparing for olympiads?

    • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
      Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 4 meses

      @Rishabh's Classics Hv u taken dummy or regular school??

    • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
      Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 4 meses +1

      @Rishabh's Classics Bro..Neet ya Jee we hv to give bcoz Indian parents don't know any career beyond engineering or medical...bhai its bit hard to manage both Pcb + maths plus olympiad preparation...but I will try my best In Sha Allah 🤗
      What about u?? R u preparing for olympiads?

    • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
      Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 4 meses

      @Rishabh's Classics Allen for Neet prep...brother u hv taken which coaching...

    • Inspiring Muslimah ♥️
      Inspiring Muslimah ♥️ Hace 4 meses +1

      @Rishabh's Classics I can feel u dude...Relax first!!😅 So yeah..I m currently in 11th Grade preparing for NEET too...but my main aim is MIT...I hv taken pcmb.
      What about u?

  • faysal
    faysal Hace 7 meses +24

    Bro, Kindly make more videos for high schooler's and tips to get into MIT

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +15

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 In 14 days, I will release a video that is probably THE most relevant for getting into MIT: "how to understand math intuitively" (the title isn't fixed yet). Having a good understanding for math is probably the most fundamental skill for doing anything (not just limited to STEM)

  • Lucas Koroljow
    Lucas Koroljow Hace 7 meses +15

    Great Video again! I think I have to do a trip to Boston for visiting the MIT! Thanks for another great insight in your life, studies and research!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thank you Lucas 😁 I’m glad you enjoyed watching the video!

  • Andrés Cuevas
    Andrés Cuevas Hace 3 meses +2

    Thanks for sharing a normal day in your life dude, I really appreciate it. I´m a student of electromechanical engineering. Greetings from Mexico.

  • Hanief Knight
    Hanief Knight Hace 7 meses +4

    Hello Samuel, I'm Hanief from Indonesia. Very helpful video, because I'm finishing my master's degree in Biophysics now and searching for opportunities to get PhD program at top universities, can i ask you some questions about MIT by email? because i need a mentor to guide me for the next steps

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 4 meses +2

      Here is my video about how to get into PhD programs at MIT and other top universities. Enjoy! 🙂 esclips.com/video/VXEorm-KHAQ/vídeo.html

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +4

      Hey Hanief, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊
      You are very welcome to ask any questions here in the comment section directly. My email inbox is like a black hole, and I miss half of my them

  • 술톤 윤돼지 탄핵
    술톤 윤돼지 탄핵 Hace 22 horas

    I was about to get sick and tired of these kinds of vids, and yet this is somehow pretty enjoyable. Probably because of the wit.. Thanks for sharing! 🌷

  • you dropped copium
    you dropped copium Hace 7 meses +4

    I enjoy watching these videos, amazing job

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses

      Thank you Robert! I really appreciate your comment :)

  • Chinguun Munkhtsetseg
    Chinguun Munkhtsetseg Hace 7 meses +4

    great vid! got me smiling through the whole thing

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thank you Chinguun, I’m always happy to hear this - glad you enjoyed the video! Kind regards from Cambridge 😁

  • Jalal Mazhari
    Jalal Mazhari Hace un mes +1

    Hello Samuel,
    thx for the sharing your daily activities. You are a happy,energetic and witty person.
    All the best.

  • Nicholas Cherry
    Nicholas Cherry Hace 2 meses +2

    I work in tech, but didn't complete my CS degree.
    Can you please tell me how Cosine, etc. are used in quantum computing? that's very fascinating to me

  • Alexander Caley
    Alexander Caley Hace 4 meses

    I really want to have a graduate/phd education experience like this

  • TheTechEgg
    TheTechEgg Hace 7 meses +2

    Amazing Video! You are one of the most inspiring people on the internet! When will you have your next Q&A?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +1

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment 😁
      You can follow me on Instagram, as I usually announce all Q&A sessions there. It will likely be sometime in the next few weeks

  • Cristian Intriago
    Cristian Intriago Hace 7 meses +8

    Wow! You got that physique while being studying in MIT, did you have time to exercise while being in exams? Make a video about it!

      ANIME LOVER Hace 7 meses +1

      @Samuel Bosch I completely agreed .
      If it is possible, make a video about how you plan your life!!
      (Sounds scary hhh..)

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +7

      Hey Christian, thanks for your comment :)
      It's really just a matter of prioritizing what is important - so I don't think that going to the gym a few times per week really takes away that much productive time. At the same time, I don't watch TV or spend my time on other things.
      But I like you're idea - I could make a video about it in the next few months :)

  • Shahina Naz Aamir
    Shahina Naz Aamir Hace 6 meses +3

    You have some nice sense of humour 😂😂 i enjoyed the whole video ! Keep it up ❤️

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +1

      Hey Shahina, thanks for your comment! I’m glad to hear that you had fun watching it 😊

  • Rain Serene
    Rain Serene Hace 5 meses +5

    I hope you got a great job or start your own company etc. after PhD and not deemed as overqualified. It was a different job landscape at this moment due to pandemic.

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses +2

      Should be fine! 🙂 Keep the optimism!

    ANIME LOVER Hace 7 meses +1

    Thank you for this video !!
    Keep up the good work!!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +1

      Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Abhie Maharana
    Abhie Maharana Hace 7 meses +2

    Great video man! I did the same video idea too! Day in the life of a premed at Rutgers university. Looks like your life is so much more interesting 😂

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +2

      Thank you Abhie, I just watched your video - it's really cool :)

  • Abdulloh Doniyorov
    Abdulloh Doniyorov Hace un mes

    Sir, I request you to watch this video carefully. I am contacting you because I know you are an expert in the field of physics. If I had the slightest doubt that this phenomenon is new for science, that this phenomenon is a new possibility for the eye, I would not have bothered you.

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores Hace 7 meses +2

    Great video and different one compared to others 👍🏼👍🏼

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +1

      Thank you Manuel - I’m glad you like it 😁 yeah, I tried to make it really authentic!

  • just books
    just books Hace 4 meses +1

    I wish I had a friend like you lmao, your humour is on point

  • Sanjeet Shetty
    Sanjeet Shetty Hace 5 meses +1

    Inspiring video! Good luck with your research bro

  • Vicotr Shysko
    Vicotr Shysko Hace 5 meses +5

    I wish I could attend this astonishing place! Once upon a time I'll do this! Just bear this in mind.

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses +1

      Hey Vicotr, best of luck to you! 🙂

  • XX X
    XX X Hace 4 meses

    Hello Bosch!Can you tell me how many times do you go to gym every week?I'm going to follow your daily schedule but I wonder whether it is necessary to go running everyday(not gym, I plan to do jogging)

  • Benjamin van de Weyer
    Benjamin van de Weyer Hace 7 meses +3

    Amazing and diversified video and of course entertaining! Greetings from Germany.
    btw: nice warm up weight for ur calves

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses +1

      Thank you Benjamin, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😁 gotta grow these claves! 💪💪💪

  • Julian
    Julian Hace 7 meses +9

    Great video Samuel! But now i have to go back to study for my Abitur in physiks tomorrow 😁💪🏻

  • Lorraine Smith
    Lorraine Smith Hace 5 meses +2

    Being a high performance type of person, I am curious if going to the gym is the only spare time activity you do in your free time? Do you e.g. watch TV, do other stuff when having down time? Hobbies?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses +2

      Well, I have a ESclips channel and a company 🙂 but I don’t watch TV, as I rather spend time with friends instead

  • CalBears Three
    CalBears Three Hace 2 meses +1

    Great video! Practical question by the way: Why do you live on the Harvard side? Are there no good places to live next to MIT?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 2 meses

      Thank you 😊 I was at Harvard before starting at MIT, so I decided to stay in the area. It’s really nice there :)

  • Nerd Kingdom
    Nerd Kingdom Hace un mes +1

    Heftig das du Studium und fitness so krass kombinieren kannst

  • Frank Bosch
    Frank Bosch Hace 7 meses +4

    Melissa kommt auch sehr sympathisch und natürlich rüber 😀

  • sane_ayu
    sane_ayu Hace 7 meses +2

    Hi! I'm currently giving my finals for 12th grade/ High school. I'm an international student. I wasn't able to apply last year. Could you please guide me a little on how should I apply this year... I'll be thankful!

    • sane_ayu
      sane_ayu Hace 6 meses

      @Samuel Bosch Hi!
      Yeah, from this year I'll be starting with my university and would like to apply as a transfer student..
      Could you please guide on what should I do and how should I do it...

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +1

      Hey, thanks for your comment :)
      Hmmm what is your situation? Are you starting university and then want to apply as a transfer student?

  • Zhengbo ZHOU
    Zhengbo ZHOU Hace 7 meses +2

    Nice video! Just curious how you put your "Student card (??)" on your phone? Is that specifically for MIT student or there are some trick about ios that I don't know? Thank you and looking forward for more great production!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +1

      Heyyyy thanks for your comment 😁
      Yeah, it’s a specific MIT thing and doesn’t work at other universities (such as with my Harvard ID)
      Stay tuned for more awesome content 😁

  • AKSocius
    AKSocius Hace 19 días +1

    Brilliant person, a brilliant video 👍

  • JM Fétz
    JM Fétz Hace 5 meses +2

    Bravo, das haben Sie gut gemacht! Keep up the good work and the happy aura. Prost from Kanada! Woop woop 🍻

  • Marcus Teth
    Marcus Teth Hace 7 meses +3

    Great video as always! Thank You

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thank you Marcus - I really appreciate it 😁

  • zzz
    zzz Hace 2 meses +1

    Hi samuel! Im wondering if ordinary tourist like me can have a tour around universities like harvard or MIT?

    • zzz
      zzz Hace 2 meses

      @Samuel Bosch oh thats nice to hear. Im planning to go there this december just to see for myself these great universities. I know I am not that smart but just to let you know your videos inspire me a lot. Hoping to perhaps see you on your bike or walking when i get there idk 🤣🤣

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 2 meses +1

      There are guided tours for sure. MIT used to be open access to everyone, but stopped since the start of the pandemic

  • Chaplin_Scarsgawd
    Chaplin_Scarsgawd Hace 3 meses +1

    I love MIT and only God will take me here for a study,seminals and conferences...

  • Jaisel Singh
    Jaisel Singh Hace 7 meses +1

    Keep it going! i really liked this video :)

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thank you Jaisel :) I appreciate the comment!

  • Doston Hasanov
    Doston Hasanov Hace un mes +1

    Omg you are insane!
    You wake up at 8 and are super productive

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace un mes

      Well, if you wake up 2 hours later and go to bed 2 hours later, you still have the same amount of hours to be productive in 🙂

  • ThunderCats
    ThunderCats Hace 4 meses +2

    Samuel is a magic boy. He can do everything. He is smart, handsome. He has everything. You are born to be the best of the best.

  • Amir Nouripour
    Amir Nouripour Hace 7 meses +5

    It was so funny. I didnt expect all those punch lines at the beginning🤣🤣. Arnold🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️He does not believe in himself this much bruh🦆

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Hahahahah thanks Amir! And thank you for participating in the gym 😁

  • Wobbler 84
    Wobbler 84 Hace 6 meses +3

    Einfach nur Respekt!

  • Ivan Ferraz
    Ivan Ferraz Hace 12 días +1

    You are a genious, congrats :)

  • Md. Iftakhar Kabir Sakur

    Simon part was hilarious😂

  • Finn
    Finn Hace 7 meses +3

    great video, as always

  • Naku Nam
    Naku Nam Hace 4 meses

    Hey there, I'd want to ask how or where you learned the astounding editing that you performed throughout the video also would like to know about the on how to create thumbnail any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm also intending to start my own ESclips channel, and it would be incredibly beneficial if you could assist me through that process. Also, what is sun glass camera brand that your wearing. By the way this is another great vlog. Thanks.

  • Ron Williams
    Ron Williams Hace 2 meses +1

    That's my old dorm room on the left at 2:33 (MacGregor G-416). I never appreciated what awesome views I had and how lucky I was to be there on the river with a giant window overlooking the Boston skyline, and sadly kept my shades down most the time. Also, what the heck are they building across the river at 2:36?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 2 meses

      THat's so cool - I wish I had that view :)
      Not sure what that building at 2:36 is. Some eye poison 😂

  • mehdi karimi vagargahi
    mehdi karimi vagargahi Hace 5 meses +1

    Great work Samuel!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses

      Thank you!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed my video 😁

  • Emmanuel God Is With US
    Emmanuel God Is With US Hace 4 meses +1

    I wish to look as happy as you. It's really refreshing to see such joy to be authentically perceived. Never thought I would be so wishful of such quality. I don't even know what I am trying to say. Basically. You look so happy. I wish I was able to be just as happy as you look.

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 4 meses

      Hey Emmanuel, thanks for the comment! I think everyone has their ups and downs, including me 🙂

  • Benjamin David
    Benjamin David Hace 7 meses +4

    Meet and Greet in Germany or Switzerland soon? Keep up the good content!!!

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thant would he pretty cool - although I think my channel is still too small to have a considerable number of people in a single city. But soon hopefully!

  • go chopstic
    go chopstic Hace 3 meses +1

    what's your opinion about Oxford Ph.D compared to MIT ?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 3 meses +1

      Also great 👍 Although it was only my backup option, given their ridiculously low salaries and some other factors

  • Yeety McYeetersson
    Yeety McYeetersson Hace 3 meses +1

    Never knew you could get a whole chicken at saloniki, I’m definitely doing that next time for gains 💪💪

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 3 meses +1

      Mhahahahhaha I sopped getting it, because they kept shrinking the size. It’s just s baby chicken nowadays 😂

  • Nice xd
    Nice xd Hace 3 meses +1

    Heyy Samuel I would like to ask you how you teach yourself new stuff? For example: Crypto. You once said you‘d like to teach yourself about it! I always have problems to teach myself new stuff and don‘t know where to start. Do you have any tips for me?🙏🏼😅

  • Angelika Bosch
    Angelika Bosch Hace 7 meses +1

    Very interesting video! The swimming pool with the diving towers is a dream. Do you use that too?

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll probably use it for the first time this week!

  • Mom found the poop sock
    Mom found the poop sock Hace 25 días +1

    3 hour long classes is normal at my university lol, i should suggest that we get snacks halfway through

  • Lowkey Gaming
    Lowkey Gaming Hace 2 meses +1

    That was nice. I didn't expect that the vid will actually be fun.

  • Lol ㅋㅋㅋ
    Lol ㅋㅋㅋ Hace un día +1

    The humor is lit 😂😂

  • Shakti Rathore
    Shakti Rathore Hace 6 meses +1

    Manny People Shows life alittle depressed in Manny video which take away the drive and motivation to get into these big name collage . Seeing their life feel like is it really worth the hardwork and time to get that kind of like . Now seeing your video remind me their is a good and enjoyable side to it .Just study what you like meet people and all doesn't look that bad at all . THANKS MAN TO MAKE THIS VIDEO 👍👍👍 ( REALLY APPRECIATED ) Hope channel grow 👍👍

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses

      Hey Shakti, thank you so much for this comment! Much appreciated! Yeah, I always try to keep a positive attitude :)

  • Staying the Course - Grad School Tips & Advice

    Great content and subscribed! Let us know what you think of our grad school channel.

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 7 meses

      Thank you 😁 Awesome channel! Keep up the good work!

    M.N.GOWTHAM XA Hace 5 meses +3

    Underrated channel...
    Love from india ..
    Will meet you in 2024..

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 5 meses +1

      Thank you so much! 🙂 see you soon!

  • ComputerOnlineWelt
    ComputerOnlineWelt Hace 6 meses +1

    You are really inspiring me

    • Samuel Bosch
      Samuel Bosch  Hace 6 meses +1

      Heyyyy, thanks a lot for this comment! I really appreciate it 😂

  • Nico Hambauer
    Nico Hambauer Hace 5 meses +1

    The drone shots at the beginning 🔥🔥 Your shots?😁👍🏽

  • Hey
    Hey Hace 5 meses +1

    Den Casio-Taschenrechner auf deinem Schreibtisch bei 3:36 😍 So zuverlässig wie kein anderer und damals immer in der Schulzeit benutzt

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      I got this one: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08T247N3N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
      But there are many good ones. I just picked this one, as I already had a desk at MIT, so I only needed the height adjustable base that matches my desk

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      Haahahaha yeah, I used to get up at 5am quite regularly until 2 years ago. Maybe I’ll get back to that schedule 🙂

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      If you are just moderately into fitness, then you should be fine with just taking protein powder. If you want to become more advanced (and make sure that your training and diet follow this), then I would also recommend some of the following supplements that I take:
      - creatine
      - BCAA
      - CLA
      - Omega 3
      - Casein
      I hope this helps :)

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      Hey, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to answer your questions during my live Q&A sessions. Also, you can watch the recordings of previous Q&A sessions, where I answer many people’s questions :)
      Also, you may find many of my upcoming videos useful

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      I think it depends more on the definition. Google claims to have already reached quantum supremacy, even though there is no practical use of it for now. If quantum computers actually work out (which is a big “if”), then this might happen first. AGI at the current rate still seems quite far ahead (although again a question of definitions)

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      Thanks for your comment 😊
      I could surely do that. Is there anything concrete you are curious about?

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