TJASS AND JULIAN NEWMAN PHYSICAL 2v2! TJass and Carson vs Julian and Stephania

  • Publicado el 31 ene 2023
  • Julian Newman and @StephaniaE take on @TristanJass and @carsonroneyy in week 3 of the 2v2 season.
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  • TimezGames
    TimezGames Hace un mes +411

    Also for everyone saying Stephania was helping a lot let me remind you that damn near every screen she set was a moving screen...she should've been called for them just like Cash was last week.

    • Nova Secret
      Nova Secret Hace 11 días

      Yes that and holding she grabbed his arms every screen lol

      LETSROCKTA Hace 16 días

      And then plays the card of the injury when frankly he barely touched her…

    • BasedGod Montymont
      BasedGod Montymont Hace un mes

      I mean they barely call them in the NBA so

  • Sura
    Sura Hace un mes +444

    Julian put up a really good fight but being undersized in unlimited dribble 1v1s is such a huge disadvantage.

    • CJ Hale
      CJ Hale Hace un mes

      Julian was matching him step for step except it was already too deep. If he presses from the 3 line Julian wins that 1v1

    • Matthew Taylor
      Matthew Taylor Hace un mes

      Doesnt help hes smallest person and skinnest person in a CO ED game

    • Thomas Cook
      Thomas Cook Hace un mes +1

      That wasn’t a good fight what are u talking about. Crazy thing is Julian has been playing ball his whole

    • Ky22 Cross
      Ky22 Cross Hace un mes

      Tjass is at least 5’10 5’11

  • Mitchel Sullivan
    Mitchel Sullivan Hace un mes +143

    Y'all giving Julian all these props when he acting like a 5 year old that was denied candy by their parents

  • River Power
    River Power Hace un mes +596

    Steph worked hard to make things difficult for Carson and TJ. Julian played a massive second game - puking and everything. Ran his heart out. Big respect to both.

    • River Power
      River Power Hace un mes

      @Taran Singh Grewal Probably a good point. But I would say that almost every player, apart from Friga, TJass, and Lolo, has struggled with stamina or injury issues. And you can argue injuries, particularly frequent injury is a case of failing to look after your body.

    • Taran Singh Grewal
      Taran Singh Grewal Hace un mes +1

      Puking isn’t a product of hard work when u ballin, it’s a product of not taking care of urself pregame. Don’t praise him for being irresponsible and undisciplined

    • Stephen Turner
      Stephen Turner Hace un mes

      @Eric Liu that's going to happen when she is constantly setting moving screens.

  • what?
    what? Hace un mes +35

    Huge props to Julian, he’s a lot shorter than most children 😂😂😂

    • M Gene
      M Gene Hace un mes +5

      I just dropped a number 2 in the toilet that was about his height no lie

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams Hace un mes +77

    So we’re going to act like Steph’s close outs aren’t dangerous and every screen wasn’t a moving screen? Damn… I wouldn’t be able to shoot with her getting underneath me either!!

    • B Hood
      B Hood Hace 5 días

      @Sewon Lee she was definitely playing dirty. Especially against Jenna.

    • 차정엽
      차정엽 Hace 6 días

      @B Hood "get physical" lmaooo u clearly don't hoop and I'd just keep my mouth shut if I were u bro

    • Jacob Villarreal
      Jacob Villarreal Hace un mes

      ur spittin😅

    • Sewon Lee
      Sewon Lee Hace un mes +7

      @B Hood being physical and undercutting someone while shooting has a huge difference that can't be effaced. Steph seemed like she was actively trying to harm her.

  • Spxmma
    Spxmma Hace un mes +326

    Steph was actually important to help Julian win. She was playing good d on 6’3 carson.

    • Colemen Bailey
      Colemen Bailey Hace un mes

      @Yosef Shemesh she 6'2

    • Kaido One
      Kaido One Hace un mes

      @cold Bro what...

    • Stickzify
      Stickzify Hace un mes

      She 6,1 m

    • pedro davalos
      pedro davalos Hace un mes

      She wasn’t playing good D and she missed 2 open 3s😂 she only scored 3 points in 2 games . Carson scored 7 in her first game

    • Jacob Kadar
      Jacob Kadar Hace un mes

      @Kaee that was my main point is that Carson didn’t step up when she should. Honestly, moving screen or not Julian is fast enough that TJass is NOT keeping up on defense after the screen, Carson HAS to step up there. She didn’t and it led to easy buckets all night

  • Duf
    Duf Hace un mes +285

    Give some props to Julian
    It's a lot closer than we thought

    • Wop
      Wop Hace 27 días

      @Edwin Benony nah cuz the ppl who already knew Julian can hoop knew it would be close

    • Edwin Benony
      Edwin Benony Hace 27 días

      @Wop he had it right the first time lol

    • Wop
      Wop Hace un mes +17

      Than u thought

  • rational consumer
    rational consumer Hace un mes +20

    what a game! outstanding performances from everyone, hope steph is ok! prayers up 🙏🙏

  • Tyboss11
    Tyboss11 Hace un mes +288

    The game wouldn’t have been as close if Carson actually played defense. She let Julian just run by her and tjass had to catch up by going around her to get to him at the basket. But good game to everyone and I hope Steph is ok

    • Zay Too Swift
      Zay Too Swift Hace un mes

      @LLJProductions it’s 2v2 a simple pick or DHO and that’s her man, nobodies hating I’m just stating facts and what I see. Tjass won them the entire series it doesn’t matter if he missed layups pro players miss lay ups. What would be the outcome if Carson played the 1v1 instead of Tjass?

    • Zay Too Swift
      Zay Too Swift Hace un mes

      @YONO LOL 😂😂

    • LLJProductions
      LLJProductions Hace un mes

      @edwartoelrico i think she possibly could but from what I’ve seen no

    • edwartoelrico
      edwartoelrico Hace un mes

      No lateral quickness, no coordination and weak. I don't see her playing quality defense

  • Water168
    Water168 Hace 2 días

    Lots respect for each other, good sportsmanship for both teams.

  • Kyo
    Kyo Hace un mes +131

    Closest game of the creator league yet hope matches keep getting interesting

  • Skyscraper
    Skyscraper Hace un mes +12

    This was crazy! Mad heart from Julien but I knew he was gonna lose to Tjass last round. Respect to both of them 💯

  • River Power
    River Power Hace un mes +176

    This was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

  • Ben Chains
    Ben Chains Hace un mes +1

    This was good. I liked this structure a lot more; add a 15-second shot clock to put the pressure on. I think Julian held his own; size can't be taught, but his heart is all there. He just took a few ill-advised shots instead of using his teammate.

  • Hunter Lithal
    Hunter Lithal Hace un mes +58

    All them moving screens, but soon as Tjass tries to push through it’s a problem 😂

    NTP CHOMP Hace un mes +60

    Bumps and pushing happens in the sport it’s for 50k as well as bragging rights. Each team had a lot on the line unfortunately the bump happened at the same time Julian ran behind her and she tripped on his foot. I hope she gets better but come on moving screens will lead to things of that sort I’ve seen it first hand.

      NTP CHOMP Hace un mes +2

      @May. she ran into him pretty hard it looks like he unlocks his arms and was running at Julian.

    • May.
      May. Hace un mes +1

      Yeah but that last screen wasn’t moving at all. She held her spot

    • HoustonMadeCaleb
      HoustonMadeCaleb Hace un mes +4

      @S A literally everybody calling that 😭

    • S A
      S A Hace un mes +8

      Finally someone called the moving screen. I was going mad 🤣

    S2XCREW Hace un mes +12

    Julian is soo quick, I'm glad Tjass & Carson took the W. Hope Steph is good 🙏🙏

  • Faceplant
    Faceplant Hace un mes +51

    I’ve never seen so many moving screens 😂😂 she even held on to jass

    • MMarty
      MMarty Hace un mes +10

      That's on the refs for not calling it. No reason for her to stop, it was clearly working.

  • Warren F
    Warren F Hace un mes +9

    Steph talking about a skunk but Julian was carrying 😂

  • Marceline Niz
    Marceline Niz Hace un mes +100

    Julian has earned my respect but, Stephania set so may moving screens that’s why the game was so close

    • Mauricio Ibarbe
      Mauricio Ibarbe Hace un mes +1

      4:50 isn't a moving screen there? i can tag at least 3 or 4 more from carson and jass, pls stfu

    • Chris Jones
      Chris Jones Hace un mes +11

      The moving screen was killin me 🤣
      Carson really wasn’t tryna play D or get boards 😭

    • Marceline Niz
      Marceline Niz Hace un mes +17

      @Jumpman Jimmy And if Carson switched the game wouldn’t be as close as well. She literally Let Julian get a free basket every time

    • Jumpman Jimmy
      Jumpman Jimmy Hace un mes +14


  • Ben Osteroth
    Ben Osteroth Hace un mes

    Great game and really fun to watch! Respect to everybody and thanks for the content HOH! Only thing i was like “DAMN” is when I saw Steph just move her blocks like crazy which made it sometimes impossible for TJ to guard Julian. Other than that just probs

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen Hace un mes +4

    Honestly, I was really trashing Julian before this, but today he played really well. Showed heart, shot pretty good from the field, played solid enough defense (especially game 2) and was overall a good presence on the court. It was refreshing to see

    • ShiftyPlaayz
      ShiftyPlaayz Hace un mes

      He always plays like that hall just watch his bad games and judge him cuz his temper and he’s bad in 5v5 this is easier for him

  • SEGAraid
    SEGAraid Hace un mes +63

    I kinda thought carson would be much better seeing as she played college ball. She has such a significant height advantage over all the girls in this tourney, I figured she'd be doing lots of posting up. Definitely didn't look like a college player. 2 v 2 is different tho.

    • CM
      CM Hace un mes +1

      She played NAIA, which is super low level college ball. Like way way lower than D1.


      @Donny Jones actually nba players have came out and said there high school helped them more than college because the game in high school is more like the nba than college is

    • LLJProductions
      LLJProductions Hace un mes +3

      I can tell she can make her layups and shoot decent but she wasn’t really showing effort like no aggressiveness or nothing

    • Donny Jones
      Donny Jones Hace un mes +1

      @The Real Red_Hawk3000 Well thats cap. One of the biggest if not the biggest differences between a LeBron James and or Kobe bryant and a micheal jordan from a pure basketball standpoint is college. Mike got that good being in UNC for 3 years and playing on the Olympic team set a foundation of playing with ther players and knowing how to incorporate people's talents in a structure so that way you can play the chess game. Plus she played in college for a women team their game is based purely on fundamentals and thats it with guys its both high fundamentals and high athleticism.

  • Retro chi
    Retro chi Hace un mes +204

    Tjass: “ Wow that’s a good match up bro!”
    Julian: F*CK🤬
    9:46 😂😂😂

    • kike Enriquez
      kike Enriquez Hace 4 días

      @Jaryn Shinn it’s fine during the game but it’s childish afterwards imo. Unless you’re playing for something huge

    • CJ Hale
      CJ Hale Hace un mes

      Tjass kind of came off as phony in this video

    • Sam Sikder
      Sam Sikder Hace un mes

      Omg as i read that i heard it🤣🤣🤣 I was already in that point in the video

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Hace un mes

      Just like me fr

    • Jaryn Shinn
      Jaryn Shinn Hace un mes +6

      No lie i respect that competitor attitude but that was funny af

  • WingManPUBG
    WingManPUBG Hace un mes +517

    I’m upset man…. Julian did everything he could to win and he proved everyone doubting him that it ain’t no sweep smh

    • brav1025
      brav1025 Hace 27 días

      @Yellow Flash illegal screens*

    • W
      W Hace un mes

      @Courtney Sutherlin lmao stay mad. That has nothing to do with anything. You said they were nothing in hIghschool as if people don’t grow past high school. You want NBA talent by a bunch of ESclipsrs. Why are you even watching this video lol

    • Courtney Sutherlin
      Courtney Sutherlin Hace un mes

      @W and what coled did he attend, both were nothing more than D3 talent at best. Julian has been going pro for years, they lied about he was singing to the Australian basketball league

  • QuinnEwers3
    QuinnEwers3 Hace un mes +3

    Props to Julian. Dude puked and still played good 🔥

  • Jameś
    Jameś Hace un mes +20

    Julian got outclassed on size there at the end and TJass knew it. Great few games tho. Sad to see an injury happen, but I was also excited for the 1v1 when they announced it.

  • You’re*
    You’re* Hace un mes +2

    Shout out to Julian. He was pissed about that first game and then came back in the second and went crazy. Played until he got sick. That's heart!

  • IShowSpeed
    IShowSpeed Hace un mes +2

    Well done Tristan! It was definitely a tough game, Julian was hitting tough shots and TJass was making good decisions to drive most of the game and rely on Midrange shots.
    This was one of the toughest games in the League so far for sure. Well done to both Teams 💯💯

  • Jean Pena
    Jean Pena Hace un mes +8

    Best moment at 20:15 - 20:25 Julian got bodied

  • Troy Bissonnette
    Troy Bissonnette Hace un mes +23

    Stephania set a ridiculously illegal screen at 5:22 and then complained to the ref when TJass tried to get around her as she held him up 🤦‍♂️

  • ThePrivateHoard Collectibles On Mercari

    That was great basketball. Great match up like you said. Those girls are no joke!! Julian got my respect! Great video.

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen Hace un mes +110

    NGL it was closer than everyone thought lmaooo give Julian respect, he deserves it fr

    • Wop
      Wop Hace un mes +1

      Than a lot of ppl thought* 😂😂

  • what?
    what? Hace un mes +17

    34:23 Julian’s career 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucas Cerda
    Lucas Cerda Hace un mes +16

    Julian Played well but sadly height matters in 2v2 / 1v1 aspect. U could get away with it on 5 v 5 b/c their help defense

    • Jakel
      Jakel Hace un mes

      U right

  • Zak
    Zak Hace un mes +77

    t jass scoring 11 straight and newman complaining about being to small got me crying😂😂😂

    • ST
      ST Hace un mes

      @Zar I agree with you tho

    • Zar
      Zar Hace un mes

      @ST I admit that the screen she was making were stupid and illegal. That's what annoyed me when I watched it but there were people saying she deserved it. I'm no simp but being happy that somebody got injured is just straight evil no matter the gender

    • ST
      ST Hace un mes +1

      @Rolando Montes that’s every what I just said bruh fr

    • ST
      ST Hace un mes

      @Zar dawg she was setting moving screens every fucking time

  • jalyn harden
    jalyn harden Hace un mes

    Can’t lie I was expecting more a blowout the fact he had to drive him each play means he didn’t think he was gone win otherwise

  • TheWokeBREAKER
    TheWokeBREAKER Hace un mes +2

    dang that second game julian was getting those handoffs like a running back with all that traveling and moving screens lol

  • Isaiah Forbey
    Isaiah Forbey Hace un mes +2

    This was a good at.The both teams did good 👏🏾

  • dayvions
    dayvions Hace un mes +97

    I honestly believe julianian and Steph win without the injury. That’s crazy

    • gingerfitdad
      gingerfitdad Hace un mes

      Julian stays complaining

    • Joey Ricciardi
      Joey Ricciardi Hace un mes

      Woulda, coulda, shoulda..It played out the way it did. Good game tho.

    • Just another Waver
      Just another Waver Hace un mes

      @timmy jacobs Steph was cool with him shooting most of the shots. She did her job setting the picks and he did his shooting. It’s all a strategy. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This is what cell should have done when he played against friga. It would have helped him.

    • Christopher Fraley
      Christopher Fraley Hace un mes

      How she gonna ask about a skunk when she didn't score a single point? Can't even talk trash right. Lol

    • Christopher Fraley
      Christopher Fraley Hace un mes +1

      You mean Julian wins because Steph was airballing and setting moving screens. Basically a cone as well

  • Angelica Jackson
    Angelica Jackson Hace un mes

    I would love to see a rematch between these duos

  • Edison Budzar-Tigue
    Edison Budzar-Tigue Hace un mes +5

    Stephania moving screen every time Julian scored lmaoo

  • Simon Hubert
    Simon Hubert Hace un mes

    Damn that was a good game I was really suprised by Stephania and Julian, I definitely thought tjass and carson would destroy them

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg Hace un mes +1

    Best game of hoh yet..... never expected that id be really rooting for Julian and steph........the got game spirit 🙌

  • alyssa smith
    alyssa smith Hace un mes +75

    let’s keep it real Julian could’ve won the first game easily if he didn’t settle for taht tough tough 3 when they were 19-19 he could’ve blown by again & got that lay but it’s all good Julian did what he could do once Steph was out .

    • Rj Salvador
      Rj Salvador Hace un mes

      Hahahahahaha julian could’ve should’ve … also he could’ve should’ve gone to the NBA 😂 uhhhhh julian could’ve should’ve…we can go on and on and on

    • MechaMaster
      MechaMaster Hace un mes +1

      Bro what is this channel😂

      KING JERMARCUS Hace un mes


  • The Golden Ratio
    The Golden Ratio Hace un mes +28

    Julian gained my respect. His defence is great his offence is great he makes shots and gets stops. Respect. Everyone else on the court is overrated

    • Rj Salvador
      Rj Salvador Hace un mes

      Hahahahahahaha respect for what being a peon

    • Bryce Woods
      Bryce Woods Hace un mes +1

      @Braden Losson he got a foul call almost every play

    • Braden Losson
      Braden Losson Hace un mes +8

      Over-rated bro t jass literally played with g league hoppers and did good you're crazy

  • Februly
    Februly Hace un mes

    Love this content ! ngl though if julien plays with a big they would definitely be unstoppable

  • H2
    H2 Hace un mes +118

    This game was basically T-Jass vs. Steph & Julian 😂 Carson played almost no D

    • Rage lives
      Rage lives Hace un mes

      @Christopher Fraley exactly

    • Rage lives
      Rage lives Hace un mes

      @noremaC nah Steph was playing no defense either and she wasn’t scoring

    • Jay H
      Jay H Hace un mes

      @Christopher Fraleyshe played defense though

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Hace un mes

      @noremaC Must have been LeBron saying that because that is absolutely false

    • HoustonMadeCaleb
      HoustonMadeCaleb Hace un mes

      @YONO LOL Steph helped Julian the screens helped a lot wym

  • WingManPUBG
    WingManPUBG Hace un mes +225

    The disappointing part is that if it stayed as a 2v2, Julian could’ve won🤦‍♀️

    • Snakebitten
      Snakebitten Hace un mes

      I see very little fundamentals and too much 3pts. No midrange, no post ups and poor finishing around the rim. Thx NBA for making these kids focus on 3 pt shot and not fundamentals.

    • Nuke Boy
      Nuke Boy Hace un mes

      @JJ 😂

    • Gustavo Pena
      Gustavo Pena Hace un mes

      He should have won it was 2v1

    • Beena
      Beena Hace un mes

      Crazy how y’all really don’t know basketball. Tjass wasn’t sitting at all. Unless he wasn’t at the end of the second game and third game. I didn’t watch the first game or most of the second. But what I watched was just Julian getting to his spots whenever he wanted

    • Amari64
      Amari64 Hace un mes

      @Maul he had to

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi Hace un mes +70

    If Julian had defence he would be unreal

    • finessekid
      finessekid Hace un mes

      @Just another Waver they both go hand in hand if your short your timing has to be perfect but if your tall you get to be a little delayed with you timing because you have nore length

    • Chris Butler
      Chris Butler Hace un mes

      @ssgdarren naw, scoring is more perimeter focused now and the rules benefit players on offense more. Guys in the 90s were as good as today…just a different type of game.

    • ssgdarren
      ssgdarren Hace un mes

      @Chris Butler scoring has evolved so much he would be an absolute liability on defense in todays game

    • Jayden Campos
      Jayden Campos Hace un mes

      @Marcus Moore facts he wouldn't 🤣🤣

    • Jayden Campos
      Jayden Campos Hace un mes

      @Jacob Kadar facts n not only that gourds are getting to tall but are still fast as if they were 6 ft so they end up having great defence and u need some type of height to play against a 6 ft 6 guard who is just as fast as you

  • Starwarsrankings
    Starwarsrankings Hace un mes

    I’m really glad to see Julian cooking man he’s got a lot better at basketball and his attitude I mean obviously he was mad but who wouldn’t be in that situation

    JAY THE TITAN Hace un mes +39

    it's crazy how when homegirl was hurt on the ground, julian literally said he's more upset that he can't score. and jass said we gotta make sure she's okay. That's crazy.

    • ST
      ST Hace un mes

      @Chris Lane EXACTLY

    • ST
      ST Hace un mes

      @DiLLy DiLLy dude she sets moving screens every fucking time dude T didn’t push through any of them before and now it’s a problem 😂

    • DiLLy DiLLy
      DiLLy DiLLy Hace un mes

      @Beena I never said she needed special treatment. I’m responding to op. On why jass said what he said, because he did cause her injury so it’s not surprising.

    • Beena
      Beena Hace un mes +1

      @DiLLy DiLLy it’s basketball, just cause she a female doesn’t mean she gets special treatment. She not special needs so don’t treat her like one

    • Beena
      Beena Hace un mes +2

      @James Pitman exactly, I’m the same way. Whenever something bad happens like taking an L I usually put the blame on my self cause I should of won the game already. He just being competitive. People just want to see him crying for his teammate he barely knows

  • RF3
    RF3 Hace un mes

    Julian as a basketball creator seems like a really good idea

  • Niya_Princess
    Niya_Princess Hace un mes +5

    Hope steph is alright. Jullian also tripped on her ankle ouch. hopefully she can rest up and make a quick recovery. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Antoine B
    Antoine B Hace un mes +5

    Now that was a good competitive matchup!

  • Kris
    Kris Hace un mes +5

    Carson made a game plan after every game or timeout and she didn’t follow through with any of it😂😂😂

  • Steve M
    Steve M Hace un mes +2

    Damn, Carson is the definition of a cone on defense. Half the time it was like she was setting screens for the other team making Tjass run around her to get to Julian 🤣

    HOOP LOGIC Hace un mes +55

    Man, if Julian would have a good attitude and carry himself better, I think a lot of people would like him more.

    • War Stars
      War Stars Hace un mes

      @YONO LOL of just this lie or all his other ones? He says in the first episode he’s trying to get more offers 🤷🏽. Other than that im not going through all his videos. I’m curious why you’re focusing in on this particular lie. I get that you like him and that’s your right. He just used his fame and position in a negative way.

    • YONO LOL
      YONO LOL Hace un mes

      @War Stars show me proof

    • War Stars
      War Stars Hace un mes

      @YONO LOL for the millionth time, Julian would say he had offers throughout his show; he never gave a #, but he lied abt having offers none the less…even then, the father is the kids’ mouthpiece

    • YONO LOL
      YONO LOL Hace un mes

      @War Stars ok and that's his pops that's not him

    • War Stars
      War Stars Hace un mes

      @YONO LOL gotta reread bud, the pops says he has 15 offers in an interview; Julian just claims he has offers throughout his career/show…which goes back to the original point of this post; if the Newmans were honest and humble, they could have utilized the underestimated power of the underdog and might have progressed further

  • Rob " SirDunkzAlot " Marley - Dunk Show

    This could be the biggest moment of Newman's Highschool career 👀 But shii what do I know 🤷‍♂️😂🍿

  • 2 Drippy
    2 Drippy Hace un mes +3

    We knew when it turned into a 1v1 it was over for julian bc now its all on tjass to bring it home for his team n he's tuff asf!!

  • CJ Hale
    CJ Hale Hace un mes

    Haha Julian’s face when he said please pray for her in the comments

  • FatBoyDaYoungan
    FatBoyDaYoungan Hace un mes

    Out of respect, good job Stephania, u did ur best, when u check up don’t always give the ball up, sometimes that’s what can happen getting tangled up.

  • Ball Sacagewea
    Ball Sacagewea Hace un mes +4

    Shoutout to Julian tho. Heavy underdog by popularity but came out and scored buckets

  • Christian Aguilar
    Christian Aguilar Hace un mes

    Prayers up for Stephania🙏🏼

  • Dj_Producers
    Dj_Producers Hace un mes

    I love Julian as a content creator he should def start his own channel

  • Juice
    Juice Hace un mes +5

    Julian scored over 40 points, the most in this tournament so far. Unfortunate they went out like that. They definitely would have won

    • Vos
      Vos Hace un mes

      Not with moving screen Steph bud 🥱

  • Michael J
    Michael J Hace un mes

    That is so sad, she has such a nice shot and spirit. Never wanna see anybody get injured, my "career" got cut short due to ACL/MCL/PCL all at once.. 😢 pray she's alright.

  • Ayeeeitsdaedae 88
    Ayeeeitsdaedae 88 Hace un mes +16

    Good game no excuses or nothing im glad juilan in here fr he didn’t play bad

  • Markell Wade
    Markell Wade Hace un mes +2

    So we just gone breeze past the fact that Julian got put on the floor by Carson🤣shii had me weak asf

  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete Hace un mes

    That man called for a shot clock in a 2v2 game 😂

  • Zachary Laurie
    Zachary Laurie Hace un mes +7

    Unlimited dribbles always benefits the bigger player but respect to Julian. If it was 3 dribbles he’s beat Trevor Dunbar before so he could’ve won this one easily.

    • StepBro2k
      StepBro2k Hace un mes

      @Sanctum ok so julian is faster but that's literally it tjass defense is by far better and tjass is better at literally everything else

    • Sanctum
      Sanctum Hace un mes

      @StepBro2k hes faster, got a quicker release and more active on defense he would def win some games.

    • Bryce Woods
      Bryce Woods Hace un mes

      @StepBro2k wipe ya mouth he better than tjass

  • Michael Del Pilar
    Michael Del Pilar Hace un mes +1

    Man Julian and Stephania barely lost that one. As in the other comments Carson was essentially a walking pylon but to fair Julian is just that shifty and quick got to give him props. Cash and Bree might end up losing every game o.o

  • McMerry
    McMerry Hace 13 días

    I need to watch a Anthony Height vs Julian Newman. I want to see a 5'6'' posterizing another 5'6'' 😂

  • Joshua Delos Reyes
    Joshua Delos Reyes Hace un mes

    Stephania hooping skills giving off lil daddy vibez 😂😂

  • Eddy Desir
    Eddy Desir Hace un mes

    Carson has some heavy feet. Her lateral quickness on those Julian drives could have been a big difference maker. On those quick in-n-outs that Julian does, once she falls for the fake its over, she cant move her feet fast enough to recover. Which is weird asf, she is only 6'3 and doesn't look overweight. She has the lateral quickness of Jokic

  • iamteamyou
    iamteamyou Hace un mes +4

    Honestly the best part of this Game was Stephania taking the ball out of bounds🍑💦….. Get Well Soon🙏🏾

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith Hace un mes +51

    Y’all really don’t understand even if Julian can seem like a clown, he’s a real hooper, time to give this man his flowers 💐

    • TheFadedSpade
      TheFadedSpade Hace un mes

      @MetaTekkers he a tweaka, folk

    • Stratos M
      Stratos M Hace un mes

      @marrick st.hilaire Yeah but for like the last 4-5 years we all knew that Julian is obviously not going pro and people who are aware of that keep hating on him

    • marrick st.hilaire
      marrick st.hilaire Hace un mes

      @ICHOOZuPIKACHU easily

    • MetaTekkers
      MetaTekkers Hace un mes +2

      he a tweaker

      ICHOOZuPIKACHU Hace un mes +2

      The problem was people thought he was a future NBA player or D1 college player, which he isn't good enough for either of those. However compared to youtube basketball players he's easily one of the better players, there's levels to this.

  • Adam Boyd0403
    Adam Boyd0403 Hace un mes

    No lie. Imagine if Tjass developed or used jab work. He’s nasty and hustles. Great teammate material.

  • Aye Mal
    Aye Mal Hace un mes +1

    9:48 had me rollin 😂

  • Evin Grindle
    Evin Grindle Hace un mes +1

    Julian's been a good 1v1 player, but he's upgraded to great in the last year. The thing that's holding him back from playing professionally is his height and also he can get tunnel vision easily. He's getting a lot better though as a team player!

    • LA Neely
      LA Neely Hace un mes

      @LöwenKönig I’m not about to argue with u I’m to busy making money

    • LöwenKönig
      LöwenKönig Hace un mes

      @LA Neelyeat a snickers dude it ain’t that deep. So what if Julian can ball in Rec leagues? What’s that going to do to his “career?” Are nba scouts going to his 1v1?

    • LA Neely
      LA Neely Hace un mes

      @Raymond Aguilar are you NBA lvl

    • Raymond Aguilar
      Raymond Aguilar Hace un mes

      Nah I don’t care if he’s 6’6 he’s no where near nba level

    • LA Neely
      LA Neely Hace un mes

      @dasun13 Julian will buss 90% of y’all haters all y’all do is talk behind the keyboard and show no clips

  • Strizzy Tube
    Strizzy Tube Hace un mes

    This was the best game so far Stephania was hoopin. Sucks she got hurt but TJass is my guy glad they got the dub.

  • Sports Bro
    Sports Bro Hace un mes +5

    Steph with the moving screens 😂

  • NaastyBoii
    NaastyBoii Hace un mes

    Carson lowkey had no clue In the second game And Steph with the moving screens really good

  • Keshawn Allen
    Keshawn Allen Hace un mes +2

    I hope Steph is alright I hope she makes a quick recovery prayers up🙏🙏🙏

  • Trevor 357
    Trevor 357 Hace un mes

    People clown on Newman a lot but this is the attitude I wanna see in these events. He cares and has the competitive drive where he only cares about winning

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez Hace un mes +1

    Julian really pushed shorty 💀💀💀

  • noremaC
    noremaC Hace un mes +1

    Baffles me that so many of these grown hoopers can't finish with their off hand. When I was in middle school it was damn near a prerequisite just to make the team

  • Cody Putnam
    Cody Putnam Hace un mes +3

    Thank you Stephanie for always checking the ball😅

  • TOKO
    TOKO Hace un mes

    Good game ,just all size at the end , Julian got heart 💯, keep doing your thang young blood

  • Daniel Mondragon
    Daniel Mondragon Hace 19 días

    Julian is going hard on Carson!
    Way too intense

  • Drew Little
    Drew Little Hace un mes

    Man Ju balled out. Love to see it

  • Chris Staples
    Chris Staples Hace un mes +1

    Steph set the best pick and roles. She played really well. And Julian was using it well. TJass is just too elite.

  • ent er
    ent er Hace un mes

    Respect to Julian dudes actually improved a lot

  • Carnel Patterson
    Carnel Patterson Hace un mes +5

    Bruh Steph can shoot and Julian didn’t utilize that nearly as much as he should’ve. He did not play as much team ball as he could’ve and Steph was supportive and defending till the end

    • Jaden D
      Jaden D Hace un mes +3

      Bro she shot like 25%

    • Wop
      Wop Hace un mes

      @War Stars he didn’t really have a choice here tho with Steph

    • War Stars
      War Stars Hace un mes +2

      Newman doesn’t play team ball

  • Matthew Chau
    Matthew Chau Hace un mes

    Don't think it affected much, but 8th T jass point shoulda gone to 9. He made freethrow making it 7, then a 2, but it was counted as 1

  • James Pinson
    James Pinson Hace un mes +1

    I’m just saying I hope Steph okay and Julian played his heart out, but she was setting moving screens all day 😂

  • River Power
    River Power Hace un mes +21

    Hope Steph is okay.

  • Mahalo Brownie
    Mahalo Brownie Hace un mes

    wow, so sorry for Stephania injury, hope everything is fine. we have to be careful when we put too much energy like that.

    • ShiftyPlaayz
      ShiftyPlaayz Hace un mes +1

      She doesn’t know how to set screens

  • Finesse B 𓅓
    Finesse B 𓅓 Hace un mes +25

    damn julian and steph actually had good chemistry they was hoopin sucks she got injured

    • Marceline Niz
      Marceline Niz Hace un mes +10

      Julian earned my respect but, Steph set moving screens the entire game she doesn’t earn my respect