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    Christmas is coming! It's less than one month until the most magical day of the year! You have to be fully prepared ASAP. If you want to decorate your home on budget yet in style, we are here to help you with our amazing ideas.
    The first idea is so cute! Do you remember how we used pool noodles for making wreaths in our previous videos? Well, today we'll show you how to use the leftovers of pool noodles. Get some fabric and make a cute Santa face wall decoration. Looks adorable!
    Another Santa craft is a cute napkin ring. Make your Christmas perfect even in the tiniest details!
    You can make cute Santa decorations for you Christmas tree - for this craft you'll need felt, yarn, and spoons. There's also a cool Christmas party activity - Santa sledge racing. Check out our tutorial for kids to get prepared for this cool game.
    You'll also need yarn for making adorable toys - check out those stars we've made with a help of glue and yarn.
    One of the most unexpected crafts is making cute Christmas angels out of paper clips and and beads.
    If you get yourself some transparent balls for the Christmas tree, a few drops of nail polish in a bowl of cold water will help you to turn them into watercolor masterpieces.
    Watch this video up to the end and don't forget to tell us in the comments, which craft you liked most of all.
    01:03 - Funny Christmas decoration
    03:22 - Decorating plastic cups
    06:15 - Cinnamon decorations
    07:19 - How to give a present of money
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