Stray Kids "Double Knot" (Feat. STAY) Guide Video

  • Publicado el 9 oct 2019
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Double Knot" (Feat. STAY) Guide Video
    Stray Kids Digital Single "Double Knot"
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  • Siti Wardina
    Siti Wardina Hace 8 horas

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

  • NCT in da choza
    NCT in da choza Hace un día

    woojin you are all that is well.

  • NCT in da choza
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    woojin you are perfect.

  • NCT in da choza
    NCT in da choza Hace un día

    You are art.

  • NCT in da choza
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  • NCT in da choza
    NCT in da choza Hace un día

    te extraño tanto. .

  • NCT in da choza
    NCT in da choza Hace un día

    I MISS.

  • NCT in da choza
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  • NCT in da choza
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  • NCT in da choza
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  • ItzTwicey -
    ItzTwicey - Hace un día

    Lol Felix is the only one who took this seriously 😂

  • nhammie lee
    nhammie lee Hace 2 días +1

    English version is out.

  • kimjong kei
    kimjong kei Hace 2 días


  • • f i r e g i r l•
    • f i r e g i r l• Hace 3 días

    gausah so so an kangen woojin kalo lo bukan ot9

  • Hazel Gupta
    Hazel Gupta Hace 3 días

    Who's here after double knot english version?

  • Laura Wlz
    Laura Wlz Hace 3 días

    1:31 I kinda feel like Minho when Jyp told him he has to rap xD

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay Hace 4 días +1

    Woojin 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Mahabintang Wanda Prasmanasari

    Ngomong apasi woy :( lieur ih lieur

  • xXJimochi Xx
    xXJimochi Xx Hace 4 días

    I was watching Woojin the whole time this video and I am crying. Man I miss him so much

  • Charles Ramos
    Charles Ramos Hace 6 días +3

    Who's here after the teaser for Double Knot (English version) was released?

    JÚLIA K-POPPER Hace 8 días +1

    When you are sad, and you see this video, your sadness goes away in time (*˘︶˘*).。*♡

  • Brooke Boyer
    Brooke Boyer Hace 8 días

    Okay but Chan in this tho

  • IDA Channeal
    IDA Channeal Hace 8 días


  • Girls Do Kpop
    Girls Do Kpop Hace 11 días +1

    Brazil loves you stray kids ❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Makeu Daesyn
    Makeu Daesyn Hace 12 días

    Ang gwapo ni Felix WTF😩

  • -Dear Crush
    -Dear Crush Hace 12 días


  • รักเป๊กผลิตโชค รักบังทัน


  • ᄆHan Jisung :3
    ᄆHan Jisung :3 Hace 16 días +1

    My pace:NA NA NA NA
    Side effects:AHHHH
    Double knot:DA DA DA DA
    _♡STRAY KIDS♡_

  • Dewi Aisyah
    Dewi Aisyah Hace 18 días


  • Fujoshi Potterhead
    Fujoshi Potterhead Hace 20 días

    00:26 omg minho where are you looking? 😄

  • Forget the Karate Kid. I'm the Taekwondo Kid.

    Minho, who tf said you could BIASWRECK ME XD

  • Kooki Army
    Kooki Army Hace 21 un día +1

    Who luv Felix? ❤️

  • \\ Yane Foxy Chan \\
    \\ Yane Foxy Chan \\ Hace 23 días +1


  • kittylixxiez
    kittylixxiez Hace 23 días

    *studies for concert*

  • busy loving skz and 5sos
    busy loving skz and 5sos Hace 25 días

    0:18 🤩

  • Сьюз Флаурез
    Сьюз Флаурез Hace 25 días

    хенджин и айэн: милашки
    феликс: ну что тайгер тут

  • kpop ikon bts blackpink
    kpop ikon bts blackpink Hace 26 días +1

    L.n hyunjin is me bias😍

  • Tu Nguyen
    Tu Nguyen Hace 26 días

    Who is watching and listening in 2020 Woojin departure the group which is my bias I miss him?

  • Choi Naomy
    Choi Naomy Hace 27 días

    I think I got it😂

  • Just Another Random Kpop Stan

    I feel sad everytime i watch this video bcuz i new about Woojin leaving while watching this 😢

  • Ganitcha Hosyana
    Ganitcha Hosyana Hace un mes +1

    You Make Stray Kids Stay💖

  • Ana ynv
    Ana ynv Hace un mes

    No one:
    Absolutly no one :
    Seungmin : Yaaaaan ( Changmin's part) 😭

  • floatinqcloud
    floatinqcloud Hace un mes

    This was posted 2 days after my b-day best present ever

  • Roziinah Zahraa
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  • Ria Jonson
    Ria Jonson Hace un mes

    ahahaha just look at chanbin and felix

    BLINK OFFICIAL Hace un mes

    Why is Han so sexy 😏😍💍❤️💋💋💋💍💍💍💍💍💍

  • ŋąʄɛɛʂąɧ_ 强 _ ʂąɖıყყą

    Missing Woojin. Hope he's healthy and proud of his brothers and friends stray kids❤❤❤ Stays are always and forever here!

  • Han Lee
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  • kpop hoje
    kpop hoje Hace un mes +1

    브라질에서는 전체 쇼를 부르거나 비명을 지르십시오!

    EXOSKZNCTSVT_ Vicmudo Hace un mes +2

    I didn't know that this will be the last ot9 fan featuring guide 😔 well I guess we, STAY, should just accept it, move on, and be happy with the 8 remaining members...still woojin you're in our heart and we will always support and love u.

  • Dwi Andini
    Dwi Andini Hace un mes

    Lucu bgt astagaaaa mau gua karunginnnn huuhuhuhuhu

  • 리나에요
    리나에요 Hace un mes +1

    9명이서 즐겁게 놀던게 엊그제같은데..
    그때가 그립다

  • 아미원스테이아가새마데skz


  • 아미원스테이아가새마데skz

    우진오빠ㅜ 보고싶어요,이제 9명의 모습을 볼수없다는게 넘 슬프다.그래도 스테이 맘속엔 영원하니깐 아프지도 슬프지도마요.스트레이키즈는 항상 9명이에요,앞으로 스키즈 우진오빠 둘다 꽃길만걷도록 응원할께요,사랑해요💘
    #ThankYouWoojin #김우진🐻

  • Anjelique Macararanga
    Anjelique Macararanga Hace un mes +3

    last video with woojin.😣

  • K i t s u n e
    K i t s u n e Hace un mes +1

    Friend: so who’s the best one?
    Me: the talented one
    Friend: u-
    Me: shut up

  • Pia Julieta
    Pia Julieta Hace un mes +1

    난 널 사랑해

  • SKZ :'3
    SKZ :'3 Hace un mes +4

    No puedo dejar de vera Woojin:'"c

  • Fahmida I
    Fahmida I Hace un mes +1

    Woojin 😢❤️

  • Juanito Arcoiris
    Juanito Arcoiris Hace un mes

    No de ven tan animados como en otros vídeos del fanchant, aquí ya tenían problemas con Woojin, a mi no me engañan

    • Juanito Arcoiris
      Juanito Arcoiris Hace un mes

      @Enzito Paracatito La verdad es que no, hace ya años que estoy con ellos, pero no creo que tenga que andar dando explicaciones al respecto.

    • Enzito Paracatito
      Enzito Paracatito Hace un mes

      Seguís a Skz desde ayer