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  • Hey Larlees, todays video is a in depth tutorial on how to blend your eyeshadow like a pro. This video is great for beginners or for people who are just trying to perfect their look. Thanks for watching. - Laura

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      Laura Lee can you do 3am good here is to die for Laura can you do 3 a.m. videos

  • Bethany Deer
    Bethany Deer Hace un día

    Can’t believe I’m only just seeing this! So useful!

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    Felisa Ashley Hace 5 días

    Omg I don't know how to thanks this help and explained so much to me

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    that the sweetest way anybody
    has eve asked me to Subscribe ;)

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    Laura lee ur so pretty hun and i love watching ur videos ur funny . lol u make me laugh n make my day. And u r a genuis at make up. And i just bought benifit eyebrow pencil n i didnt even no that was u on it.

  • Julia Åknes
    Julia Åknes Hace 7 días

    Thank you so much!!! This video made me finally feel like a pro at makeup👏 You are really talented❤️

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    Lola B Hace 8 días

    I want to thank you for this video. I started cosmetology school and know NOTHING about makeup. You have given my the knowledge and the confidence I needed to get started. I purchased all these products that you have suggested in the video too. Thanks again!

  • Megan Koerper
    Megan Koerper Hace 9 días

    your prity

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    Zoe Davies Hace 10 días

    If you don't have Eyeshadow primer is ok to use concealer ??

  • Hollow's World
    Hollow's World Hace 10 días

    That flower pot was floating.

  • nicole issaian
    nicole issaian Hace 11 días

    She makes it looks so easy up until you sit and try it step by step and ya it’s not easy at all but I give every makeup artist props . Y’all are so patient & talented .

  • Susie Ramos
    Susie Ramos Hace 11 días

    I am so grateful for you

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    Areeba Rahman Hace 13 días

    You look so Soo sooooo pretty 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Elizabeth Carter Hace 14 días

    Glad I found this, was just thinking how I wish I could find a eye shadow tutorial on your channel!!

  • Shreeja Babu
    Shreeja Babu Hace 14 días

    Laura thank you so much for this actual tutorial on how to blend eyeshadow! It is so helpful that you are actually describing the techniques you are using. Would you please do more of these in-depth eyeshadow look tutorials?

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    Cassandra Medina Hace 15 días

    Love this, I can see the difference in my makeup following your tips. 🙋‍♀️🤙

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    So pretty really want to try this!

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    Thank you so much for the in depth explanation !!! I learned so much you are so far the only one I found who explained it this simple and step by step. Lots of love 😘

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    U sooo perfect 😘😘😍😍😍

    AMANDA DAVIS Hace 16 días

    I like your hair here! Very adorbs

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    madison deslatte Hace 17 días

    this was the first video i watched of laura lee and it got me hooked .. just how calm and relaxed she was about doing her makeup was so calming to me!!

    • madison deslatte
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      oh and + i subscribed not even 10 seconds into the video 😅😅

  • Alynna Marquez
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    “natural brow” that’s soooo dark for a brow !

    • Alynna Marquez
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      i love laura though :( don’t get me wrong :(

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  • athena jordan
    athena jordan Hace 23 días

    Have you thought about maybe doing a close up/zoomed in eyeshadow dos and dont makeup tutorial. I have a really hard time seeing the blending from here. Honestly im a beginner i just cant tell wdf im doing and it fustrates me bc it looks good to me but lord who determined and a perfectionist and dont understand why this is so hard for me lol. Pls pls pls. I love your channel help a wifey out.

  • athena jordan
    athena jordan Hace 23 días

    Yaaaaassss Thaaaaaank yooooou for making this video a few of my questions were brought to the light.....i have small eyes and always had a hard time finding the right size brushes bc im also a beginner and on a budget.

  • Malgorzata Batog
    Malgorzata Batog Hace 24 días

    you have hooded eyes?

    FLAWLESS_ LYFE_ Hace 25 días

    Lmao “the grey hair came back and it brought it’s friends”

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    I've learned so much.. So much that I feel comfortable with experiment now lol.

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    Cindy Foster Hace 25 días

    Laura thank you this video was very helpful ⚘

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    Lori Quaresimo Hace 25 días

    You are so good with makeup and you make it look so easy! When I try blending my eyeshadow the one color seems to overtake the other color. It ends up looking like one color instead of this look.

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    Slime Sisters Hace 27 días

    Very helpful!

  • Slime Sisters
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    You're The Best I've Found Found On ESclips or anywhere Else.
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    Would you say E.L.F has good eyeshadows?

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    good tutorial but i have to ask ... does this have to be 20m long :/

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    Candice Parton Hace un mes

    Hey Laura! Thank you so so much for this video. I have tried to follow many if your eyeshadow videos and I don't know if it's bc of the shape of my eye or what but it just never turns out NEAR as pretty as your's does. I'm going to try and pm you and send you a pic of my eyes so you can hopefully help me out! Thank you so much Laura!! Love you girlfriend!!!!

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  • Jasmin Stukins
    Jasmin Stukins Hace 2 meses

    Thankyou so much this really help me with my makeup , I’m 13 trying learn how to do good make so you got a subscribe x

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