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  • Hey Larlees, todays video is a in depth tutorial on how to blend your eyeshadow like a pro. This video is great for beginners or for people who are just trying to perfect their look. Thanks for watching. - Laura

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      Lob d-
      UDie und pdie f e. @bei
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      PDie war

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      Laura Lee can you do 3am good here is to die for Laura can you do 3 a.m. videos

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    Dilek Sen Hace 4 días

    So for how many weeks aren't you going to post make up videos? 4? 8? 12?

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    Angie Miller Hace 17 días

    I love all her tutorials, her makeup looks gorgeous and I really love her corky ness!

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    Lori Foster Hace 19 días

    Hi Laura. It’s time to get back on the horse. We need to see you again on ESclips. Suck it up and go for it!

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    It took me a minute to realize this was Laura Lee.. Smh.

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    Thank you! 😎😁❤️

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    Her voice is too much🤮

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    Thaaaaank you!! So beautiful!!

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    I love how you explained in this video. My fave!

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  • AreNee Jordan
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    I was looking 4 a list of the brushes...did I misd it in the description? Thank you!!!

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    You are a wonderful teacher. You're going to be a wonderful momma 🐻

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    Kay Stallings Hace un mes

    Can you please do a tutorial on glitter tears? I'm new to your channel and I would love to see you pull off another bomb make up look!

  • Juliana Ramirez
    Juliana Ramirez Hace un mes +1

    Young lady, you have some serious skills, and what's so awesome is that you are so precise and easy to follow. You blew me away when in the middle of applying the lid color, you spoke directly to those of us that have hooded eyes and told us what to do at that point, proving that you don't need to do an entire video just for hooded eyes, all the time. That was genius and I appreciate it. Also, I'm an Afro-Latina. Puertorriqueña. You included us when talking about what shadow to use at a particular point in the shadow application. You r awesome, girl!!!!!!! Now, that said, this is the first time that I've been able to get through an entire video of yours, without feeling annoyed. I don't mind a little bit of kidding around, but u take that to another level, and I feel like I'm here to learn from you and I want to concéntrate, and you Go off on these silly Goofy tangents, and Frankly, it's distracting. In this video, you were so poised and professional, and I'm sure that it's much more appealing to a broader audience of adults. I love your videos. You're a great instructor. I'm subscribed and look forward to many more. You are one of the best on ESclips. Wish you continued success.

  • Crafty Claudine
    Crafty Claudine Hace un mes

    This is the first video I green across. Girl don't back down. You made a mistake and their taking it way to far because you on top girl!!!! Love you and stay strong.

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    Jewel Washington Hace un mes +1

    That's about 11 too many steps, I don't have that much time in my life to dedicate to eye shadow

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    love this!

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    Your so frigging beautiful. Love this look on you. The best I seen yet.

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    Loved the look. Can’t wait to try it!

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    You are truly a blessed gift from God.I want to say thank you for all of ur teachings you give us ur amazing💙🙌😇

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    I don’t like yu Bc your a little bit to bougie & uu don’t gotta good personality

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    I just saw this video and loved it... but your eyeshadow color is amazing I didnt catch what color it is... could you maybe tell me brand and color please

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    This video is super helpful!! You're so funny and beautiful! Thank you for this!!

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    You’re the best!

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    11:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    thank you laura, this was so helpful!! x

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    Lmao I followed you with the same exact palette with similar brushes step by step and mine still dame of looking like trash😂😂

  • Isabella DiGiambattista

    I definitely needed thiss

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    Thank you Laura! This was very helpful for me my eye makeup looks AMAZING! I love you girl!😘🙌🏼❤️

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    Michele Rosa Hace un mes

    Thank you, this was so helpful, I am getting the pallet in tomorrow and will do the step by step with my new first ever morphe pallet.

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    OMG!! I have been looking forever, for a very in depth video on how to apply eye shadow..FINALLY I found one...this video is the best one on ESclips!! Thank you so much for making this, it has taught me so much!!

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    Omg. I wish I could afford precisely my brow. That was awesome!!

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    I love it. You're like the Dory of makeup tutorials. Except you know what the hell you're talking about. I wish I found your channel sooner

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    She sounds like Farrah from teen mom.

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    Molly Hughes Hace 2 meses

    SUPER helpful thanks so much Laura.
    New to your channel , can't believe it has not come up in my feed before.
    Love ya lots

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    This tutorial was SO helpful! I loved how in-depth you went. As a complete eyeshadow beginner, this helped me understand what colors to use on what part of the eyelid. Thanks 😘❤️

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