Can Twitch Chat Survive A SINGLE NIGHT of FNAF?

  • Publicado el 1 oct 2022
  • I set up a program to allow chat to play the original FNAF, and we spent hours trying to beat just the first couple nights.
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Comentarios • 1 564

  • HD aNimates
    HD aNimates Hace 2 meses +7872

    good to know chat never changes when they're given a task, they willingly fail to torture the streamer until they get split into teams

    • Mypli
      Mypli Hace 3 días

      @剣ɴᴀʀᴜᴋᴀᴍɪ and got over 2k likes on both lmao

    • REboot Yt Protec Yt
      REboot Yt Protec Yt Hace 8 días


    • ImABonker
      ImABonker Hace 14 días

      likw ishowspeed

    • Cynix
      Cynix Hace 15 días

      Bro both of your comments are top

    • Jupiter Stupider
      Jupiter Stupider Hace 20 días

      Did you just comment twice

  • HD aNimates
    HD aNimates Hace 2 meses +8928

    I think the camera obsession is actually smart, it keeps them occupied from using anything that'll hurt the run

    • N0KT1
      N0KT1 Hace 28 días

      how's it feel having two top comments

    • adam ridza
      adam ridza Hace 28 días


    • LenderbladeX
      LenderbladeX Hace un mes

      Agreed with a 89.7% yes

    • MiracleWolf
      MiracleWolf Hace un mes

      @A Blue Fishh better than them closing all the doors and turning on the lights

    • Maximillion Reynolds
      Maximillion Reynolds Hace un mes

      How do you have the first and second most liked comment

  • Stephanie Slayton
    Stephanie Slayton Hace 2 meses +3904

    absolutely love chat's coordination to open the Barbie game after the insanity of night one lmao

    • Dhark0n
      Dhark0n Hace 20 días +3

      @Via Alinskie the thing is, THEY CAN, and WILL coordenate if they wanted, it is already proven that a bunch of random people, can find a way to work together, EVEN if it is something like 1000 people simultaniuly working, so yes, they can, and they will, if they so desire

    • GDN
      GDN Hace 26 días +3

      Still don't feel safe

      xRAINxOFxBLOODx Hace un mes +7

      @GDN Fear not. Embrace the darkness. Become edgie teen, regardless of age.

    • GDN
      GDN Hace un mes +7

      How can you say it's a barbie game
      The lore of the fnaf universe is nothing compared to ba-
      Hold on I'm thinking dark thoughts
      Now the world won't be the same

    • Unown Commenter
      Unown Commenter Hace un mes +38

      Don't forget that they couldn't even see what they were doing. They had a plan, they predicted where it all was, and they did it.

  • Crypt1x
    Crypt1x Hace 2 meses +2352

    imagine being bonnie or chica and just seeing the guard spamming the door button as it slams open and shut on your face

    • IAmPotatoGaming
      IAmPotatoGaming Hace 4 días +1

      Theres probably an animation of that

    • LiLande The Clown
      LiLande The Clown Hace 7 días +1

      @Legend crushed under the door

    • CircusDremFnafSMP
      CircusDremFnafSMP Hace un mes +1

      @Legend yep lol

    • Legend
      Legend Hace un mes +6

      @CircusDremFnafSMP And during their movement opportunity, where they would have gone inside, they have to go back mid-step because of Twitch chat.

    • naride
      naride Hace un mes +14

      not to mention intermittently flipping the cameras up and down even though you are clearly right there

  • Dylan
    Dylan Hace 2 meses +1391

    Watching spiff guide chat is like watching him trying to guide a team of preschoolers and I love it

    • taraluna01
      taraluna01 Hace 2 meses +19

      @cyan.cephalopod I've herded two cats before... this was harder...

    • cyan.cephalopod
      cyan.cephalopod Hace 2 meses +49

      Like herding cats

  • Tonicxz
    Tonicxz Hace 2 meses +3955

    This reminds me a lot of how DougDoug plays Peggle, Mario Party and other games with his Twitch chat. Always super fun to watch and take part in live. Also, not sure how exactly you have things set right now, but it can be a good idea to only let certain commands go through if enough people use that command in a certain amount of time.

    • ell
      ell Hace un mes

      He was definitely "inspired" by him lmaoo

    • ThatOneGuy
      ThatOneGuy Hace un mes

      @Monkey Rocket PLANNED

    • Thk
      Thk Hace un mes

      I don't know how exactly the game works, but could modifying the game to have infinite power, such that it is about chat doing the right things at the right times, without being penalized for goofing off all the rest of the time.
      Also perhaps 'don't do x' commands that counter a single corresponding 'do x' for the cooldown period. So for instance if the cooldown is one second, and 5 people do the 'don't do x' command at the same time, then 6 people would have to vote to 'do x' in that second for it to actual happen.
      Gives Chat a method of exercising restraint that can't be undermined by one person going 'open door lol', doesn't rely on randomness, permits fast responses, one person can still cause an action to happen immediately, provided it is uncontested, still encourages a proportional response. Basically make all of the actions little spring reset levers, so while you can push it toward the off state, it will not do anything expect make flipping it on harder for someone who tries to push it the other way at the same time.

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes

      @Sans Diamond tva moon man probably as strong as shaggy

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes

      @ekSil sb should be next lol

  • Spy Crab
    Spy Crab Hace 2 meses +1489

    I'd like to see how chat handles a more complicated fnaf game

    • All54321 Gaming
      All54321 Gaming Hace un mes

      FNaF 2 would have so many different controls. We’re going to get mask spam for that.

    • NoviceYT
      NoviceYT Hace un mes

      Sister Location would be a nightmare

    • break_the_galaxy
      break_the_galaxy Hace un mes

      Ultimate Custom Night or Pizza Sim. Easily the biggest recipes for disaster in the entire franchise

    • Giliv
      Giliv Hace un mes

      Would honestly LOVE to see fnaf4 with chat 😂

    • Isdrakon
      Isdrakon Hace un mes +1

      @Dokusei 🐷👑 could that go right

  • Crypt1x
    Crypt1x Hace 2 meses +6298

    watching spiff lose his mind over chat door spamming is brilliant
    (please stop saying your height it was funny at first but i've changed my username and now it's just getting old)

  • wild caffeine
    wild caffeine Hace 2 meses +3699

    only a matter of time until Spiff's Twitch channel is managed by chat itself

    • The Llama
      The Llama Hace un mes +2

      !votemute randomtwitchuser20

    • Trina Power
      Trina Power Hace un mes +1

      ong bro

      JUST AN ICE Hace un mes +5


    • wessltov
      wessltov Hace 2 meses +21

      !ban AstralSpiff

    • bug
      bug Hace 2 meses +56

      mods and bebopbadger taking over spiff’s editing team next lmao

  • PointsofData
    PointsofData Hace 2 meses +417

    This feels like a good representation of how Ennard would work

    • Imp Lord
      Imp Lord Hace 7 horas

      Ennard, but William Afton didn't stop at 5 children.

    • ellanat0r
      ellanat0r Hace un mes +6

      Totally LOL

    • Sky
      Sky Hace un mes +42

      Ennard, but he’s hundreds of goons fighting over the last brain cell

    • Ori
      Ori Hace un mes +24

      @BitchBoy I think bonbon would be counted as his own entity. Ennard is chaos

    • Airmanon
      Airmanon Hace 2 meses +54

      A more extreme Ennard, but I can see it

  • ReBuff
    ReBuff Hace 2 meses +791

    Watching chat play is like watching a neural network slowly get better at the game

  • StarkMaximum
    StarkMaximum Hace 2 meses +327

    In this version of the game, the security guard is freaking out mashing the doors and causing a lot of noise, and the animatronics aren't malicious, they're wandering around going "what is that RACKET CUT IT OUT" and they kill you JUST to make the noise stop.

    • Benjamin Loken
      Benjamin Loken Hace un mes +33

      If i were a animontronic who was trying to relax and i was hearing that ruckus, i would get annoyed to the point of stopping the sound

  • Reverie Collection
    Reverie Collection Hace 2 meses +741

    i fucking love the dramatic shift between the absolute chaos and griefing in night 1 vs chat and spiff getting genuinely really invested and celebrating victory after night 2

    • Lynx
      Lynx Hace un mes

      @TheCameronMaster464 just reverse search it. she's called madeline btw

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes +1

      @Fluffy Boi ralsei gaming

    • TheCameronMaster464
      TheCameronMaster464 Hace 2 meses

      @Fluffy Boi That's what I mean, where is that fanart from? I want it.

    • Fluffy Boi
      Fluffy Boi Hace 2 meses +3

      @TheCameronMaster464 pretty sure it's a character from the game Celeste, although it looks like fanart to me.

    • Henry applebottom
      Henry applebottom Hace 2 meses

      I love anime!

  • Predator 20357
    Predator 20357 Hace 2 meses +726

    I like how Spiff puts it properly, it’s not that Chat are all idiots, it’s just that they have no unity and are on different wave lengths.

    • Mecha Knuckles 2001
      Mecha Knuckles 2001 Hace 19 días

      @#B4sH The people using doors on night 1 were definitely trying to ruin the run.

    • Ryan Kriller
      Ryan Kriller Hace un mes

      @Aji how so?

    • Aji
      Aji Hace un mes +1

      @Ryan Kriller this whole back and forth gave me second hand embarrassment

    • Scoot_Black
      Scoot_Black Hace un mes

      Nah whoever was trying to stay on cams at 12am on night one is either a idiot or never played FNAF before

    • shrimp man
      shrimp man Hace un mes

      nah night 1 was mostly safe until 3 AM and there were still mfs using doors, like tf was going through their heads

  • The_Godbodor
    The_Godbodor Hace 2 meses +285

    Fun fact, you don’t have to look at Pirates Cove to deter Foxy. His AI just looks for if you’re looking at cams in general, not which cam you’re looking at.

    • PalladinPoker
      PalladinPoker Hace un mes +1

      @casualcrisis I saw a few a couple of years ago, that may well be one of them. All I remember details wise is how most RNG is D20 rolls with fixed but arbitrary wait times between them. Having looked at a cam recently cancels Foxy trying to progress but if you looked at the Cove I think it was way shorter.
      All I really committed to long term memory was the optimum strategy for 4/20. Cam on 4B then follow this pattern:
      Cam Flip, Left Light, Right Light, Left Light. If you see an animatronic close the door. When it's gone open the door.

    • casualcrisis
      casualcrisis Hace un mes

      @PalladinPoker have you watched tech rules's video on the fnaf ai? he looks at the programming ai side of things and gets more exact.

    • PalladinPoker
      PalladinPoker Hace un mes +2

      It's even worse. Looking at cams stalls his advancement but looking at the cove specifically is barely better than never at all. Correct camera use is to leave it on 4B which prevents Freddy from entering the office even when the door is open.

    • Sway22
      Sway22 Hace un mes +6

      Fun fact: you can beat 4/20 mode by just spam looking on freddy camera. Never look at foxy and he will never attack.

    • Dylan
      Dylan Hace un mes

      @Nihili facts

  • FrickenDweeb
    FrickenDweeb Hace 2 meses +207

    I love how this adds a personal touch to the Twitch Plays format. It's not random twitch users just screwing around with zero commentary, it's Spiff learning how to rangle his chaotic good community into a semi functioning hivemind and sharing in the resulting triumphs and stumbles.

    • LordTourettes
      LordTourettes Hace 25 días

      @DamageMaximo and I prefer it that way. Thanks

    • DamageMaximo
      DamageMaximo Hace 25 días

      @LordTourettes aight nobody will miss you

    • alison xavier lopes
      alison xavier lopes Hace un mes

      @LordTourettes doug doug videos offer a lot more than both of those things

    • LordTourettes
      LordTourettes Hace un mes

      @alison xavier lopes Not XQc or FNAF related?
      Count me out bro

    • alison xavier lopes
      alison xavier lopes Hace un mes +4

      So a doug doug video...?

  • RCL
    RCL Hace 2 meses +729

    In a alternate reality:
    Astralspiff: I coded it for the chat to control what the animatronics do in the game while I play.

    • Mecha Knuckles 2001
      Mecha Knuckles 2001 Hace 19 días +1

      @Bimusician Wait seriously? How did he do it?

    • DamageMaximo
      DamageMaximo Hace 25 días

      this is just you wanting to give him a suggestion, bruh

    • CorPig
      CorPig Hace un mes


    • casualcrisis
      casualcrisis Hace un mes +11

      fun concept but the animatronics would def need heavy balancing, the whole difficulty of fnaf is the ai slowly ramping up as the night goes by

    • 🎄Hecter The Hive Wing⛄️
      🎄Hecter The Hive Wing⛄️ Hace un mes +3

      "/move foxy_left_Cirridoor"

  • Yetr
    Yetr Hace 2 meses +342

    This is like a Star Trek episode with Spiff in the command chair, but the entire ship crew is comprised of pre-schoolers and I'm here for it

    • Cliche _
      Cliche _ Hace un mes

      @RagerGamer red shirts knowing they're about to die 4 seconds after their debut:

    • RagerGamer
      RagerGamer Hace un mes +1

      That or the crew are red shirts

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes +7

      Oop warp reactor overloading oh wait now life support is failing oh wait now the warp core is ejecting oops now comms are being hacked oops now the Borg got us ah shit we're dead

  • JIM17
    JIM17 Hace 2 meses +215

    Seeing how hiperactive the chat is makes me wonder if they could clear night 5 faster than night 2

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person Hace 2 meses +567

    Next you need to pit chat against an ai that executed random commands and see which one does better

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    2:30 "people using doors are griefing" love how much chaos is happening on 1ST NIGHT and Spiff is just there laughing at this madness

    • Randigo
      Randigo Hace 14 días

      @Quandale Dingle The 3rd I find him in comment sections too

    • adam ridza
      adam ridza Hace 28 días


    • jozık459
      jozık459 Hace un mes

      No way you're actually on every video i watch

    • the man
      the man Hace un mes


    • JXDAnimatez
      JXDAnimatez Hace 2 meses +2

      I'm pretty sure this guy is a bot

  • beep boop
    beep boop Hace 2 meses +156

    This is the perfect example of what happens with too many cooks in the kitchen. Such a glorious dumpster fire. Top tier content right here.

    • danny
      danny Hace un mes +2

      it takes a lot to make a stew

  • prince-sivler
    prince-sivler Hace 2 meses +363

    the amount of times somebody was caught on the light and chat refused to close the door... immaculate

  • Charlie Kendall
    Charlie Kendall Hace 2 meses +193

    I’d say separate the door commands into “door open” and “door close” so you don’t have to put such a delay on chat commands

    • Caxacar
      Caxacar Hace un mes +1

      Code it in Phyton

    • Charlie Kendall
      Charlie Kendall Hace 2 meses +7

      @PointsofData and that is why we do work. To refine the meme, make it as pure as possible for chat’s consumption

    • PointsofData
      PointsofData Hace 2 meses +8

      @Dreemurr Delm that sounds like a lot of work for a meme

    • Dreemurr Delm
      Dreemurr Delm Hace 2 meses +8

      @Ren Shinomiya I mean it could check to see if the command to close the door has already been run, since the default door state when the night starts is open, and then it would know if that door was open or closed as long as there was no weird lag

    • Ren Shinomiya
      Ren Shinomiya Hace 2 meses +58

      @Charlie Kendall the thing is, the setup doesn't really check the game's status. Spiff just ran a program that presses a button when a chat command is triggered. It's practically impossible to do that with his current setup

  • Justin Brentwood
    Justin Brentwood Hace 2 meses +250

    Can chat beat a single night of FNAF? Yea, it's called FNAF 3 night 1 (you know, the night that's impossible to fail).

    • Benjamin Loken
      Benjamin Loken Hace un mes +4

      Life will find a way for him to fail

    • Henry applebottom
      Henry applebottom Hace 2 meses +5

      We will find a way!

    • Owen
      Owen Hace 2 meses +15

      Chat will figure out a way to fail

    • Matheus Yoshikage
      Matheus Yoshikage Hace 2 meses +11

      Like Pizza Sim night 1 where Spiff actually lost once?

    • CircusDremFnafSMP
      CircusDremFnafSMP Hace 2 meses +70

      Springtrap would break out of the room he’s sealed in early just to torture chat

  • Orange Tree
    Orange Tree Hace 2 meses +84

    The scarily consistent thing about Twitchat is that they always manage to synchronize for a certain task, regardless of what it might be. Can take them awhile, depending on the difficulty, but they will complete eventually, without a fail.
    So, obviously, Twichat should try playing Poppy Playtime.

  • Anton Shevchuk
    Anton Shevchuk Hace 2 meses +156

    Spiff saying "No chat close the door! Yes good keep it closed- NOO CHAT CLOSE THE DOOR" repeatedly reminded me of that scene in Spongebob where patrick was putting the dollar in the vending machine

  • Mari ST
    Mari ST Hace 2 meses +123

    I love how chat’s collective hivemind just turns the hypothetical player into a 2 year old pressing buttons and its wonderful

  • Leafgreen 25
    Leafgreen 25 Hace 2 meses +183

    I’ve literally never been so invested in a FNAF video before. Good job chat, y’all deserved that win.

  • DJ Sterf
    DJ Sterf Hace un mes +42

    Twitch's latency is a lot better than what it was in 2014-2015, so if you're taking a chunk of inputs at a regular interval, analyzing them, and sending through the most common command from that chunk of inputs, you have a good shot at beating higher nights with a large chat, all of whom will have a fairly educated idea as to what's going on in the night (especially due to the low latency).

  • Thundrfox
    Thundrfox Hace 2 meses +117

    Watching this in full was unreal. For no fault of spiff this video just doesn’t caption the bizarre sort of sync that happens toward the end of the stream

  • Min
    Min Hace 2 meses +25

    Spiff is like God watching his creations discover fire

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes +1

      Fire and embers

  • Djlion
    Djlion Hace 2 meses +56

    GOOD IDEA: You should do a vote every second where it counts up all the commands and does the most popular one. this helps the spamming of the door. and if there is a big delay then you can raise it from 1 second to 2 or 3

  • Robolta
    Robolta Hace 2 meses +83

    The obvious issue is that the commands are toggles, so if you get even 1 laggy command then it can go against their intentions entirely. Commands to specifically turn things off/on would be ideal but would require more setup than what is currently used. If this were implemented I feel like chat could get further with the right amount of collaboration, though it would also mean there are commands which specifically enable people to go against the ideal command.

  • old channel
    old channel Hace 2 meses +33

    You wanna know the funny thing. This is Night 1, all chat needed to do was nothing until 2 AM and then close the left door and never go on cams and they would've won. Only threat is the rare chance Foxy will activate in the first 2 hours due to your inactivity but that rarely happens.

    • Mr. Chipotle
      Mr. Chipotle Hace 12 días +1

      This is what I was thinking, seems like most of chat never knew the 2am beginning

  • Killo
    Killo Hace 2 meses +90

    i feel as though it would be a good idea to do something like the other streamers did with the percentage but more robust, possibly have an interval actions time of 2-3 seconds and pick the most commonly said action.

    • Killo
      Killo Hace 2 meses +5

      @Via Alinskie true

    • Via Alinskie
      Via Alinskie Hace 2 meses +23

      Can't deny that watching em spam everything was fun though

  • Baker Oth
    Baker Oth Hace 2 meses +29

    The gang is just like “wtf is the night guard doing”

    • CircusDremFnafSMP
      CircusDremFnafSMP Hace 2 meses +9

      They are only coming to kill the guard to get him to quit doing whatever it’s doing lol

  • Soogi
    Soogi Hace 2 meses +66

    this was honestly such a great idea, Its so cool and impressive the amount of effort you put into your videos, it amazes me every time.

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes +1

      I really would like sundrop lore

  • Dianacat777
    Dianacat777 Hace 2 meses +28

    I thought it was kind of neat how cams ended up being really helpful ( times) despite being nearly useless in the actual game. I was in the second stream, and pretty much the best way to survive was to have cams go up as soon as someone closed the door on an animatronic, because cams being up would eat the stream of door commands that were coming in on varying stream delays and would always end up reopening the door while the threat was still there. This was also true for when a troll would close a door for no reason and people would get stuck opening and closing it on a loop.
    Also, yeah, it was cool how chat started out purely chaotic and got more focused over time. Spiff's organization and staggered permissions definitely helped on that front, but individual chatters got way less "I want to see something I do end up on the screen" and way more "I want to win this" as the stream went on, and figured out a loose system for when to act. People really hit their stride... well, as much as Twitch Plays allows, anyway.
    (light gang mvps)

  • angelindenile
    angelindenile Hace 2 meses +20

    I would love to see you suddenly remove all limits that you placed, like the cool downs and override on doors, and don't tell the chat at all. Total freedom like the first round but they are already in the habit of teamwork-- would they fall out of it or maintain the dream?

  • illuminous
    illuminous Hace 2 meses +16

    I would say next time make the command a percentage to succeed. So the only way to guarantee an action is through chat spam. Which encourages working together more and overall means less inputs .

  • Dysfunk
    Dysfunk Hace un mes +18

    Favorite moment of this stream was near the beginning where you desperately asked chat to check the light, and they waited.... and waited. And then when they did it just KEPT GOING, like they were buzzing angrily at Spiff, and then he went "Okay- okay I was wrong, no one's there!"

  • Finnian
    Finnian Hace 2 meses +16

    chat shenanigans aside, the whole "can be played with just a couple buttons" thing actually sounds amazing for anyone with a disability if you were to release it!

  • Scarlette Foxx
    Scarlette Foxx Hace 2 meses +80

    AstralSpiff gets to understand the righteous fury chat feels when they see him do something stupid in a game :)

  • Spamkromite
    Spamkromite Hace 2 meses +28

    Oh hohoh, what an epic play. I love Twitch Plays, it's full of hilarious events that are unforgetteable 🤣

  • jnd
    jnd Hace 2 meses +1884

    This is the bestest thing that’s ever happened to humanity, even though I just sit back and enjoy every single moment of madness on stream, but IT’S WORTH EVERY SECOND

    • the man
      the man Hace un mes


    • Sleepii Reapy
      Sleepii Reapy Hace 2 meses

      @Didu breastfest?

    • jnd
      jnd Hace 2 meses +2

      @MomosMong was going for bestestest but that'd be a bit overkill don't you think

    • MomosMong
      MomosMong Hace 2 meses +6

      bestest, onlyest, leastest, mostest, cheapestes

    • Didu
      Didu Hace 2 meses +7

      @Popcorn_Pillow beastfest

  • Patio
    Patio Hace 2 meses +17

    I'm kinda curious about how chat would do in ultimate custom night, since that uses keyboard shortcuts instead of exclusively mouse input. Maybe we can see how high of a score they can grab?
    just don't let chat try to set the difficulty on their own

  • Mr. Biersaefer
    Mr. Biersaefer Hace un mes +4

    Speedrunning Night One Death is so simple nowadays, you don't have to move! The AI will just do it for you!

  • Aiko
    Aiko Hace 2 meses +52

    I was JUST watching the VOD of this last night and wondered if this was going to end up as a video soon. Incredible timing.

  • Sebastian Richey
    Sebastian Richey Hace 2 meses +21

    Spiff, if you let your chat keep cams while being in a jumpscare, they could’ve won the night because of a glitch where if an animatronic forced your camera down, there’s a short window where type can flip it back up again. That exploit is infinitely repeatable, making it possible to beat every single night by dying

  • Mortal Wizard
    Mortal Wizard Hace 2 meses +57

    I would love to see this again but with a voting system, something like there needs to be 50 (or something) messages for that action to trigger

  • PKS1
    PKS1 Hace 2 meses +44

    Twitch chat would have easily beat every game in the series if A Crew was playing since there always playing 4D chess when ever they play a game and are simply the best at everything

  • I Am Not
    I Am Not Hace 2 meses +25

    20:50 chat was like "Oh, it's Bonnie! Yeah, he can come in, sure."

  • Fishborne
    Fishborne Hace 2 meses +27

    Being able to have been a part of this, even for a little bit, was a magical experience

  • shmove
    shmove Hace 2 meses +8

    this is such a fun concept, i really like it!! i think you could ramp up the chaos even further by editing the clickteam fusion project for the game and adding keybinds for control inputs so that chat commands can be instantaneous

  • Sam Labbato
    Sam Labbato Hace 2 meses +18

    the absolute relief of chat beating night 2 was insane. It felt like they never would

  • William Whyte
    William Whyte Hace 2 meses +16

    i love how dougdoug starts so many trends like twitch chat plays x or beating x with on voice commands and how other people take it and adapt it to their style of content

  • Star
    Star Hace 2 meses +6

    This is probably one of, if not, the most fun idea I've ever seen for a stream!! Loved it, wish I couldve been on the stream with chat aha

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N Hace un mes

      What if
      Its sunnin time

  • TVS26
    TVS26 Hace 2 meses +28

    Interesting it seems as though twitch plays is becoming more popular. I love it

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    Dread Nought Hace 2 meses +22

    Honestly, one of his funniest videos, you can almost feel him wanting to choke the viewers lol

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    IroSquared Boku Hace 2 meses +20

    "We need a command to boop Freddie? But then that's all you guys would do."
    Yesterday's stream was chaos and I look forward to the video from that.

  • WiFi.2347
    WiFi.2347 Hace un mes +6

    I love the idea that the night guard has DID and hundreds of personalities are fighting to survive

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    FizzyIzzy Pop Hace un mes +3

    I think UCN 50/whatever might be possible considering chat would just spam every button constantly
    As long as enough coordination is put into what the buttons do chat could totally win

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    Lyssi Hace 28 días

    this has to be my favorite thing spiff has done. watching everything go downhill is absolutely amazing

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    Malik Foxen Hace 2 meses +6

    This was a cool af idea, including your chat in the gameplay sounds like something thats super fun.

  • Drunk Moth
    Drunk Moth Hace 2 meses +26

    man, spiff had really forgot how to play fnaf after the dark deception speedruns, now the poor chat has to play for him

  • Brit Animations
    Brit Animations Hace 2 meses +2

    Hey Spiff, does giving up control to a bunch of randoms online make the game feel less or more scary? Because while it's not your fault, it also makes you even more helpless

  • TheRedPrince
    TheRedPrince Hace 17 días +1

    Spiff's ability to guide a chaotic mass like this makes me wonder how he'd do with actual children lol

  • ●Alex●
    ●Alex● Hace un mes +3

    You honestly sound like a supportive dad and it's great

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    Graysongdl Hace un mes +2

    I wonder how much better it would've been if they had "closeleft" and "openleft" instead of just "ldoor". The software would need a way to detect the color of a pixel, but I bet it'd give much better results. Something similar for cameras (opening cameras vs closing cameras) could probably solve the issue of people just wasting a ton of power. Because I think the main problem isn't how soon chat is able to do stuff, it's just the fact that the most important controls in the game are all toggles instead of single actions.

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    Kittydemon Overkill YT Hace 2 meses +45

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    Supersonic family Hace un mes

    This reminds me a lot of how DougDoug plays Peggle, Mario Party and other games with his Twitch chat. Always super fun to watch and take part in live. Also, not sure how exactly you have things set right now, but it can be a good idea to only let certain commands go through if enough people use that command in a certain amount of time.

  • Orin William Thrift
    Orin William Thrift Hace un mes +7

    Chat is just having a panic attack while the animitronics are just questioning why there's a symphony of door and camera sounds coming from your office

  • kaizoisevil
    kaizoisevil Hace un mes +1

    It's worth noting that on night 1, you have noticeably more power than on any other night. This is because the creator knew that players would fiddle with the mechanics and thus use more power since they just started the game. Furthermore, none of the animatronics do anything until the phone guy stops talking.

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    unjustcharlie Hace 2 meses +6

    Skeptical going in as this seems like a very different type of video but your videos are always great and chat stuff can be fun so I'll give the video a watch anyway:)

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    evan robert Hace 2 meses +6

    Fun fact of the day: in FNAF 1 and 2, the cams are only needed for one room, as the animatronics make noise when they reach the doors/vents. It's quiet and hard to hear, but everything except foxy, and (in fnaf2) the music box, have a sound cue, meaning FNAF 1, on 20/20/20/0 (with 0 being foxy) could be beaten, while blind, if you're skilled.)

  • BitchBoy
    BitchBoy Hace 2 meses +2

    I missed this stream, but I got to watch yesterday's stream where Spiff tried to defeat us. It was amazing. I think the VOD is already up if you want to watch it.

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    TenderQuirkyDragon Hace 2 meses +11

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    Eerie Feels Hace 2 meses +1

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  • Amprage A-Lister
    Amprage A-Lister Hace 2 meses +3

    Spiff you’re great, i’ve never had a ESclipsr who I always smile when they upload keep it up!! ❤

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    Spiff was a lot like Sundrop in this video

  • GamersWeekend
    GamersWeekend Hace 2 meses +1

    This is like a Star Trek episode with Spiff in the command chair, but the entire ship crew is comprised of pre-schoolers and I'm here for it

  • Connell Reynolds-Granner
    Connell Reynolds-Granner Hace 2 meses +4

    Reminds me of the old twitch plays pokemon days. A fun time. I do wonder like how they managed to complete pokemon, if they'd be able to do a few games or even a harder FNAF

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  • Comment Spae
    Comment Spae Hace 2 meses +16

    yes a type of internet group known for constantly battling one another and immediately giving into whatever the host does because they're totally able to think independently
    will totally be able to think as a team for a reaction-based game
    well it's no danganronpa at least
    that would be far more unforgiving for a twitch chat to do considering the controls have to be changed every single segment

  • Zach_Scream
    Zach_Scream Hace un mes +2

    The fact you can AFK night 1 (almost) every time and win with 49% really hits different when you watch this video

  • Just Another Music Channel

    This would be a great couple/friend group game. You can’t communicate, you can only kinda control through text, and you have to trust each other not to open the door Freddy is behind :)

  • Bluewilliam 7
    Bluewilliam 7 Hace 2 meses +3

    Now imagine if this was done on 4/20 mode. Chat wouldn't be able to reach 2AM until they get some help

    • xX-FERAL-Xx
      xX-FERAL-Xx Hace 2 meses +3

      Bold of you to assume Chat would last more than 5 seconds in 4/20 mode lol. Freddy would kick their ass

  • TBUThrowaway
    TBUThrowaway Hace 2 meses +581

    The first frame of this video has the line "Why did you do this?" and I think that sums up the entire premise pretty well

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