New Super Mario Bros. 2 E3 Trailer - Nintendo 3DS


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  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here Hace 2 días +1

    that trailer is from 2003

  • Leonor Quevedo
    Leonor Quevedo Hace 3 días


  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis Hace 3 días

    0:12 MOAR COINS

  • No ideas
    No ideas Hace 6 días

    I'm stuck at the 7 world since 4 years

  • That Guy 3604
    That Guy 3604 Hace 7 días +1

    The song in the background is just one of the best you have made, Nintendo.

  • Humberto Olivas
    Humberto Olivas Hace 7 días

    Because they do not put the game for the Nintendo DS because it is 2D not 3D

  • Johnny Bernard
    Johnny Bernard Hace 9 días

    I have the same

  • Marcelo jogos
    Marcelo jogos Hace 9 días

    Wario time

  • Marcelo jogos
    Marcelo jogos Hace 9 días

    and rich luigi

  • Marcelo jogos
    Marcelo jogos Hace 9 días

    rich mario

  • TheCookieJar
    TheCookieJar Hace 10 días

    Can we delete this game from existence?

  • elizabeth aguilar
    elizabeth aguilar Hace 14 días


  • Christopher Zitzelsberger

    Ich bin der Meinung sie hätten NSMB 2 so ähnlich gestalt wie New Super Mario Wii : Also mit Fireflower / Pinguin , anderen Items , die Wesen die versuchen dich zu erwischen wo man dann Pilze bekommt ( in W1 die Gumbas ) usw ! Außerdem sind die Welten viel cooler aufgebaut !

  • marcsengel
    marcsengel Hace 18 días


  • Diddy kong
    Diddy kong Hace 18 días

    iS iT sTiLL nEW

  • Maria Eliane
    Maria Eliane Hace 18 días

    Not finalization Mário word of snes. Sale for me switch mario bros 2.

  • MasterGamingYT™
    MasterGamingYT™ Hace 20 días

    This is the most unoriginal game, now New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a good game, i'll say that, but most of it's assets are taken directly from previous New Super Mario Bros. titles (especially New Super Mario Bros. Wii), sure they have some original content, like the final boss, the golden fire flower, and the million coins, i'm not saying it's bad (trust me, it's a good game), but the fact that you use assets from the other 2 titles is just tiring, c'mon nintendo, atleast bring something new to the table, not copying and pasting assets, thats not the nintendo i'm used to.

    • MasterGamingYT™
      MasterGamingYT™ Hace 6 días

      +MisleadPerceptions *Like 6 years old* It is 6 years old, also the fact that you put a giggling emoji makes me think that you're kidding

    • MisleadPerceptions
      MisleadPerceptions Hace 19 días

      MasterGamingYT™ dude. This game is like 6 six years old. Get over it 😂

  • Michael Scanlon
    Michael Scanlon Hace 20 días


  • Ayomikun Odidi
    Ayomikun Odidi Hace 20 días

    At least this game didn't introduce s u p e r c r o w n s

  • I need light I’m a moth

    Mario bros wii lookes better

  • Jake Matlock
    Jake Matlock Hace 22 días


  • Alexander Araya
    Alexander Araya Hace 23 días

    Nintendo, How i can fix a damaged Nintendo 2DS?

  • Courtney Moyer
    Courtney Moyer Hace 24 días

    I am going to get is game again pretty soon.🙂

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine Hace 24 días

    This game is so trash

  • HeroOfTheEmblem
    HeroOfTheEmblem Hace 25 días +1


  • Alexis Gómez
    Alexis Gómez Hace 28 días

    *November 2018 ???*

  • Heather Steele
    Heather Steele Hace 29 días



  • Faiza Muzeyn
    Faiza Muzeyn Hace 29 días

    Fo 00 I was a little baby.

  • Zachary Schultz
    Zachary Schultz Hace un mes

    Exactly been wrong since the first one just make an epic super mario world we will all be happy

  • QuantumFlare
    QuantumFlare Hace un mes

    'It's up to the players to collect as many coins as possible'
    A wild Gamechamp3k appeared!

  • LuiGarcia
    LuiGarcia Hace un mes

    Ahhhh when time were simple

  • Kim lack Twist
    Kim lack Twist Hace un mes


  • legoboy7107
    legoboy7107 Hace un mes

    0:06 That's the Super Mario Galaxy coin sound effect...I miss that sound effect so much..why'd they have to change it for 3D Land, World, and Odyssey? At least Mario + Rabbids uses it.

  • Joshua Goku
    Joshua Goku Hace un mes


  • Exploring With Angel
    Exploring With Angel Hace un mes

    it would've been cool if nintendo made wario be a main villian since this is about coins

  • Shaffer Family
    Shaffer Family Hace un mes


  • tsmxxs
    tsmxxs Hace un mes


  • Mohawk Burrz
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  • Edward Ofori-Okyere
    Edward Ofori-Okyere Hace un mes

    Just like old times

  • Janusz Hanys
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  • Mabel Johnson
    Mabel Johnson Hace un mes


  • Sonic max games
    Sonic max games Hace un mes +1


  • Sonic max games
    Sonic max games Hace un mes +1

    Coins coins coins!!!

  • JakePlays
    JakePlays Hace 2 meses

    When Nintendo asked you to subscribe

  • Ranger Exe
    Ranger Exe Hace 2 meses +1

    Is this more about the coins
    or the Princess 👑 she is gone the coins can wait
    I am talking to you Luigi

  • ryefrand
    ryefrand Hace 2 meses

    i should’ve gotten this instead of 3D land crap

  • Zaa DR
    Zaa DR Hace 2 meses

    In the beginning I was like: eh a coin? More coins?! EVEN MORE COİNS!!!! HELP İM DROWNİNG!!!

  • Jose Steele
    Jose Steele Hace 2 meses

    Is it just me or does the super star look legit with good mario?

  • C_cat Videogames
    C_cat Videogames Hace 2 meses


  • Jamie
    Jamie Hace 2 meses +1

    My top 20 Ratings for all Super Mario Bros. and 3D Games: (NOTE: Do not take it personally)
    1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    2. Super Mario 64 + Super Mario 64 DS
    3. Super Mario Odyssey
    4. Super Mario 3D World
    5. Super Mario 3D Land
    6. Super Mario Bros. 2
    7. Super Mario Land
    8. New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe-(not yet released)
    9. Super Mario Galaxy 1+2
    10. Super Mario World
    11. Super Mario Bros. 3
    12. Super Mario Bros.
    13. Super Mario Sunshine
    14. New Super Mario Bros. 2
    15. New Super Mario Bros.
    16. New Super Luigi U
    17. Super Mario Run
    18. Super Mario All-Stars ( for the Wii and SNES )
    19. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    20. Super Mario Advance
    ~Hope you enjoyed it!~

  • Naala und Knöpfchen
    Naala und Knöpfchen Hace 2 meses

    cool game

  • Nitsua Odrap
    Nitsua Odrap Hace 2 meses

    I really want this game

  • Juan Portillo
    Juan Portillo Hace 2 meses


  • Danieldoes Gaming1234
    Danieldoes Gaming1234 Hace 2 meses

    Nintendo used to care about us 3DS Users...

  • Giovanni Sighinolfi
    Giovanni Sighinolfi Hace 2 meses

    Super Mario miliardario

  • NeedleNose FOR CHUCKLES

    New Super Mario bros 2
    An Oldie but a *GOLDIE* See what I did there!

  • Charlie Gaming
    Charlie Gaming Hace 2 meses

    The first E3 trailer with no beta footage

  • PK Lightning Lucas
    PK Lightning Lucas Hace 2 meses

    End of September 2018 anyone?

  • Nrdam
    Nrdam Hace 2 meses +1

    kinda wish i didnt sell my 3ds... :/

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario Hace 2 meses +1

    Nintendo, i am very proud of you, this game is a piece of art, i come from school just to live the new mario's adventures in my 3DS, collecting coins is awesome, every second in this games gives joy to my heart, a sequel would be awesome, Thanks for reading. 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🎮🎮

    SHAWN BLOCK Hace 2 meses


  • David Cocieto
    David Cocieto Hace 2 meses


  • Leander Morales
    Leander Morales Hace 2 meses

    1:12 :v

  • AllCreamedUp
    AllCreamedUp Hace 2 meses

    Try to die simulator

  • EliPlayer Gaming & Más

    I wanted this game (and the 3ds) when i was 6 (2012) but it was expensive. I got my 3ds in 2016 and in 2018 i bought this game to a kid.... For 4 bucks LOL

  • KrmaThe Masta
    KrmaThe Masta Hace 2 meses

    Look back at thus game in 2018.. eww

  • FR9AL5 909
    FR9AL5 909 Hace 2 meses


  • FR9AL5 909
    FR9AL5 909 Hace 2 meses

    Is dis real

  • DomVar Productions
    DomVar Productions Hace 2 meses +1

    I actually Played the whole game and Loved It

  • Doggo Universe
    Doggo Universe Hace 2 meses

    *M O N E Y*

  • CiaranTDD
    CiaranTDD Hace 2 meses

    I love the remix

  • Dr-Wolf
    Dr-Wolf Hace 2 meses

    this music made me cry for some reason, not sure why

  • Joel
    Joel Hace 2 meses +1

    I'm sure everyone found this game as a guilty pleasure....

  • imohsowrong
    imohsowrong Hace 2 meses

    This reveal genuinely had me excited at first since I had always dreamed of a New Super Mario Bros. 2, despite Wii already existing.
    Nowadays this game is just super meh.

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez Hace 2 meses +1

    Que viva Mario y sonic y también nintendo:-)

  • Hawkeye Gaming
    Hawkeye Gaming Hace 2 meses +1

    I like to think that this was a game about wario but then they changed it into a Mario game

  • Michaela Castalaña
    Michaela Castalaña Hace 2 meses +2

    Nintendo’s main point: coins.
    THE END 😴

  • Nameless Thug
    Nameless Thug Hace 2 meses +1

    Worst game ever, leave it to Nintendo to make games where you literally can't die.

    • Timothy Roehm
      Timothy Roehm Hace 2 meses +1

      Nameless Thug :The Ds version is so much better than this.

  • Ray Is not hedgehog
    Ray Is not hedgehog Hace 2 meses +1

    OMG !


  • GamerNation
    GamerNation Hace 2 meses

    Remember when people liked the 3DS?

  • Puggenheimer
    Puggenheimer Hace 2 meses +1

    This game was so bad, why did I buy it?

    • Puggenheimer
      Puggenheimer Hace 2 meses

      +Timothy Roehm F

    • NathanGuiaYT
      NathanGuiaYT Hace 2 meses +1

      Timothy Roehm Damn, what a mediocre Christmas you must’ve had. Sorry to hear that.

    • Timothy Roehm
      Timothy Roehm Hace 2 meses +1

      NathanGuiaYT :I know right I’ve gotten this game for Christmas and guess what I’ve played it and then beat it in one day yep I’ve beaten this game when I first got it.

    • NathanGuiaYT
      NathanGuiaYT Hace 2 meses +1

      Anti-Hero Rifle this is literally just the same as nsmbwii but worse. It’s shorter, way too easy, lazily made, unoriginal, and extremely bland. the first one in the series was much better. Mario 3D land is lightyears better than this game.

    • Luigi Mario
      Luigi Mario Hace 2 meses

      You dont know true art

  • Luan Shqiptar
    Luan Shqiptar Hace 2 meses +2

    Still waiting for NEW Super Mario Bros 3!

  • Pizza gaming
    Pizza gaming Hace 2 meses

    When I saw this I thought it was for switch

  • Any Cabral
    Any Cabral Hace 2 meses


  • Any Cabral
    Any Cabral Hace 2 meses


  • LordPickle
    LordPickle Hace 2 meses +3

    If they took away the 1 life per 100 coins thing, this game would be a lot better.

  • ManchesterUnitedPro
    ManchesterUnitedPro Hace 2 meses +2

    Who is here after the direct

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr Hace 2 meses +2

    I remember this xdddddd

  • Ethan Wing
    Ethan Wing Hace 3 meses +1

    Nintendo is the the the best.

  • mrsicmade666
    mrsicmade666 Hace 3 meses

    And are you have to do is call 510-372-4679 that’s the phone number that you have to call and will put money in from

  • mrsicmade666
    mrsicmade666 Hace 3 meses

    Did you pre-order I’m supposed marshmallows to me

  • Palpas
    Palpas Hace 3 meses +2

    Am I the only one who actually liked the game?

    • Timothy Roehm
      Timothy Roehm Hace 2 meses

      Grim Queefer :Agreed

    • Grim Queefer
      Grim Queefer Hace 2 meses

      Palpas yes dude. You of all 7 billion people of earth are the only person who enjoyed this game. -_-

  • Me like dumpkins
    Me like dumpkins Hace 3 meses


  • The Failburger
    The Failburger Hace 3 meses

    Nobody talks about this game.

  • Isaiah P.
    Isaiah P. Hace 3 meses

    Wario’s dream

  • Sharese Braziel
    Sharese Braziel Hace 3 meses


  • Sharese Braziel
    Sharese Braziel Hace 3 meses


  • ray garcia
    ray garcia Hace 3 meses


  • Theflashguy 125
    Theflashguy 125 Hace 3 meses

    probably still the best new super mario bros game