New Super Mario Bros. 2 E3 Trailer - Nintendo 3DS

  • Publicado el 5 jun 2012
  • Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach, but this time, Mario has another objective. The Mushroom Kingdom is bursting with more gold coins than before. Each level is littered with gold as coins rain down from overhead pipes, trails of coins are left behind special gold enemies and gold pipes transport Mario into coin-filled caverns. It's up to players to collect as many coins as possible throughout their adventure.
    New Super Mario Bros. 2 is available now!
    #Nintendo3DS #NewSuperMarioBros2
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Comentarios • 7 669

  • Jean-Kevin KikooLol
    Jean-Kevin KikooLol Hace 2 días

    it is all bah now

  • Ena Kanali
    Ena Kanali Hace 2 días

    Oh hey a *NEW* mario bros game

  • Archer :p
    Archer :p Hace 2 días

    I know this was years ago but I wish I was as skilled of a speed runner as the person playing the game in this trailer.

  • UnbekanntTV
    UnbekanntTV Hace 3 días

    Designer: How many coins should I install?
    Nintendo: Yes

  • leyes pro
    leyes pro Hace 3 días

    Infiniti moneis xd

  • GOJIFAN 64
    GOJIFAN 64 Hace 5 días

    Ah, i remember this game.

  • Toe Bro
    Toe Bro Hace 5 días

    King Maridas's golden touch

  • JessePlays
    JessePlays Hace 8 días

    did anyone get a gameover without doing it on purpose

    if so they are the worst player ever ;-;

  • Real Yoshi
    Real Yoshi Hace 8 días

    0:14 *Wario wants to know your location*

  • Erick Br
    Erick Br Hace 9 días

    200 coins in new super mario Bros. 2

  • Laua
    Laua Hace 11 días

    2019: ❤

  • Zidan Arrasyid
    Zidan Arrasyid Hace 11 días


  • Joey Caridi
    Joey Caridi Hace 11 días

    So much gold!!!!

  • Aced
    Aced Hace 12 días

    Well 8 years after the release of 3ds console, the price still remains unchandged, well thank god That 3ds emulator For pc exists and i can play every single 3ds game For free

    • Killnepi
      Killnepi Hace 9 días +1

      plz share with me the emulator and the game 🙏❤❤

  • Lucas
    Lucas Hace 12 días

    1:16 SPOILER

  • Ace the Star
    Ace the Star Hace 13 días

    I love to be a billionaire

  • Barti Gaming
    Barti Gaming Hace 16 días +1


    • PowCards
      PowCards Hace 14 días +1

      Barti Gaming YES

  • W4S7 DaEpicGamerBoi
    W4S7 DaEpicGamerBoi Hace 19 días +2

    *[SERVER]: Your friend, Mr. Krabs, has join your game.*

  • T o n y K a p p a
    T o n y K a p p a Hace 20 días

    Omg inhuman reacrion

  • xexxybee
    xexxybee Hace 22 días

    Baby slice

  • Samuel208
    Samuel208 Hace 25 días +1

    We need a "New Super Mario Bros 3"

  • Elemental Forest1
    Elemental Forest1 Hace 25 días +3

    I beat the game twice :P

  • mr scrub
    mr scrub Hace 26 días +2

    Wut da level at 0:32

  • Sylux Metroidfan
    Sylux Metroidfan Hace 29 días +1

    I love this game!

  • Waterful Vaporeon 09
    Waterful Vaporeon 09 Hace un mes +1

    When I get rich ,💰💰💰

  • Mr Pigg
    Mr Pigg Hace un mes

    Ah yes, one of the most boring, run of the mill, uninspired platformers.

  • TayGotGame [?]
    TayGotGame [?] Hace un mes +1


  • MichaelofAngels 777
    MichaelofAngels 777 Hace un mes

    Looking back i see us Mario fans are long overdue for a Mario Bros. 2 (USA) throwback game. Mario bros. 1 and 3 get too much attention. Let mario dream nintendo!!!

  • MichaelofAngels 777
    MichaelofAngels 777 Hace un mes +1

    This was 6 years ago?? Wth

  • Lautaro Aronna
    Lautaro Aronna Hace un mes

    Tengo la ligera sensacion que en este juego va a ser muy importante comprar cosas y que la inflacion llego al reino champiñon

  • Permafreux
    Permafreux Hace un mes +1

    This game is supposed to be bought by the burgueoise?

  • Xx xX
    Xx xX Hace un mes +1

    Someone after mario maker 2 live?

  • Geeta Adhikari
    Geeta Adhikari Hace un mes


  • Moski GOD
    Moski GOD Hace un mes


  • Ethan 716
    Ethan 716 Hace un mes

    This is the first ever game I played

  • HyperStrike
    HyperStrike Hace un mes +2

    0:08 - (Me - Mommy can I have money?)
    0:12 - (Me - I have enough to buy a toy I guess...)
    0:14 (Me - WTF!!!!!!!!!! 😳😳😳)

  • Thomas Cerda
    Thomas Cerda Hace un mes +1

    This game... so many memories...

  • QuazzleTheQaz
    QuazzleTheQaz Hace un mes

    I'm watching different videos, and yet THIS somehow gets recommended to me, along with others

  • BakerDaGamer
    BakerDaGamer Hace un mes +31

    2013: nope
    2014: na
    2015: lets not
    2016: meh...
    2017: no...?
    2018: maybe

  • winston lamont
    winston lamont Hace un mes

    Why did you recommended this to me ESclips?

  • LoganTheMyth92
    LoganTheMyth92 Hace un mes +3

    *wait* 6 years ago? Bruh I felt like this game came out like 3 years ago

    • Beef Boss
      Beef Boss Hace un mes

      Yeah exactly how I feel

  • kruksis crucs
    kruksis crucs Hace un mes

    Well now we will be in gold

  • Franx1s
    Franx1s Hace un mes +1

    somos taan viejos.jpg :"v

  • Phantom Freakazoid
    Phantom Freakazoid Hace un mes

    Aka Mario's lust for money

  • Jean Lin
    Jean Lin Hace un mes


  • theo j
    theo j Hace un mes

    If you play this in citra it basically looks like the Wii u game

  • Matt Corso
    Matt Corso Hace un mes +1

    Omg this is old

  • Hamster Royaldvr
    Hamster Royaldvr Hace un mes

    Not really new anymore

  • The moon has risen
    The moon has risen Hace un mes

    Nintendo has gotten desperate

  • Metanet Rehimova
    Metanet Rehimova Hace un mes +1


  • BeveJayy Jayy
    BeveJayy Jayy Hace un mes


  • Jwala Madoori
    Jwala Madoori Hace un mes


  • FrenchCatToast
    FrenchCatToast Hace un mes

    My uncle bought me this before he died And its my favorite mario game because of him

  • Hector21
    Hector21 Hace un mes


  • Demon Marauder
    Demon Marauder Hace un mes +2

    Nintendo: We need a new 2D Mario game for 3ds
    Miyamoto: Idk what to do, give me some time
    Nintendo: We need more money to new investments
    Miyamoto: Money? Oh i got an idea!

  • Naila Parveen
    Naila Parveen Hace un mes +1

    Is this a rich game?

  • Subydyber
    Subydyber Hace un mes +2

    King Midas in a nutshell

  • Funnymations Official
    Funnymations Official Hace un mes +1

    1/10 not enough gold

  • keYotic X
    keYotic X Hace un mes

    Is toooooooo easy

  • Spooky Peek-a-Boo
    Spooky Peek-a-Boo Hace un mes +6

    *6 years ago*
    New Game!!!!!!
    Still spamming my tv and youtube with ads and having this on my recommended videos

  • Frank Selvera
    Frank Selvera Hace un mes

    Oh no! Mario must defeat Capitalism!

  • Vivid LouieAnimates
    Vivid LouieAnimates Hace 2 meses +1

    This Should Be Called NSMB3 Sents It’s The 3rd One In The Series

  • Dan Plays
    Dan Plays Hace 2 meses +2


  • Jeffcontonio
    Jeffcontonio Hace 2 meses


    FOFFOTV Hace 2 meses +1

    Who wants new super mario bros 2 deluxe

    • JoMmY nEUroN
      JoMmY nEUroN Hace un mes

      I don't think no one wants that after getting New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe WHICH WAS A PORT OF NSMBU for the Wii U

  • Jplsk Kumar
    Jplsk Kumar Hace 2 meses +1

    Owwwww the graphics hurt me eyesssss

  • erickivสภ
    erickivสภ Hace 2 meses

    2019 y todavía lo siguo jugando

    ERICZITOBG 48 Hace 2 meses +2


    ERICZITOBG 48 Hace 2 meses +2


    ERICZITOBG 48 Hace 2 meses +2


  • JosiYah Grashen
    JosiYah Grashen Hace 2 meses

    0:41 He nearly avoided that Koopa Troopa!

  • Joaco10Cool XD
    Joaco10Cool XD Hace 2 meses +1

    I have this game of mario
    (is beatiful)

  • Rocky Eggling
    Rocky Eggling Hace 2 meses

    Rocky- this game is amazing! 🤩

  • Vertex
    Vertex Hace 2 meses +2

    The world's most capitalist game.

  • sharon noonan
    sharon noonan Hace 2 meses


  • eiruni
    eiruni Hace 2 meses +2

    You'd think that Peach would be able to afford some security with all of those coins.

  • momo 3290 :v
    momo 3290 :v Hace 2 meses

    Toda mi vida e deseado jugarlo y no e podido😢😢😢

  • Casey Cooper
    Casey Cooper Hace 2 meses +1

    The worst new super Mario bros game, imho

    • JoMmY nEUroN
      JoMmY nEUroN Hace un mes

      @Rocky Eggling There wasn't really a good game because it was bland and uninspired and barely any "New" content expect for Gold Mario

    • Casey Cooper
      Casey Cooper Hace 2 meses

      @Rocky Eggling I like it, but like it was kinda really short, and I beat it in less then 4 hours.

    • Rocky Eggling
      Rocky Eggling Hace 2 meses


  • julian gonzalez
    julian gonzalez Hace 2 meses

    Love nintendo

  • GenoSans4
    GenoSans4 Hace 2 meses +1

    0:07 one coin 0:10 five coins

  • GordanX 05 02
    GordanX 05 02 Hace 2 meses

    Well... That's how mafia works!))))

  • aurora Romero
    aurora Romero Hace 2 meses +1

    Sloud played world Super Mario Bros Wii

  • Timplenut
    Timplenut Hace 2 meses +5

    Nintendo: Makes New Super Mario Bros 2
    EA: Hold my beer

  • Helen Cota
    Helen Cota Hace 3 meses

    I with Mario could be real

  • Mynameisntgenji882773 8

    This game is inspiring kids to know that money makes the world go around

  • Savij
    Savij Hace 3 meses

    Copy + paste = the most remedial, lazy, and mediocre platforming series ever.

  • Rao Eñe
    Rao Eñe Hace 3 meses


  • kilik treminio treminio

    why they do not do it on android

  • Demon Marauder
    Demon Marauder Hace 3 meses

    Super Mario Bros :Coin Lands

  • Sam'sstuff
    Sam'sstuff Hace 3 meses +2

    I've been wanting this game since 2012 and I'm still trying to get it.

    • Mahdi RANA
      Mahdi RANA Hace 10 días


    • Saljo
      Saljo Hace 2 meses

      @Sam'sstuff yep I have it it was just 80$

    • Sam'sstuff
      Sam'sstuff Hace 2 meses

      @Saljo thank you for giving me advise, I will consider doing that.

    • Saljo
      Saljo Hace 2 meses

      You should buy the 2ds bundle that comes with the game, in my opinion it's the most affordable. Just go to a local walmart or target and they 87% gotta have it

  • J p b Dude / Marble MasterTM

    Wait.. where is the coins?

  • blueclouds
    blueclouds Hace 3 meses

    ik im the only one here in 2019 whos still playing it

    • lord of Ink games
      lord of Ink games Hace 2 meses

      I would play it but im busy sinking my last hours into Mario maker

    • Ziji Lee
      Ziji Lee Hace 2 meses

      I still play it a bit

  • Marie H.
    Marie H. Hace 3 meses

    FrrrRfffg3wsm4jb n sn2edqwsrfa E#rwsnC#esd#etnb. jjjn5hrn bv ngwghtx uhhhj

  • Sorcerer SMC
    Sorcerer SMC Hace 3 meses

    New Super Mario Bros 2, a.k.a the one Mario game that NO ONE likes. All it is is just New Super Mario Bros Wii; but on a 3DS, excluding Bowser Jr, adding more background “bahs” to the music when they’re not needed, and last but not least, making it mostly about collecting coins

  • Matheus Augusto
    Matheus Augusto Hace 3 meses +1

    NEW SUPER MARIO BROS.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcos Zeferino
    Marcos Zeferino Hace 3 meses

    Só eu que acho esse jogo melhor que o new mario bros deluxe do switch?

  • XPool
    XPool Hace 4 meses +1

    Almost a decade later, and they’re still advertising this game on the New 2DS XL. (Along with Mario Kart 7)

  • Дубон Кек
    Дубон Кек Hace 4 meses +2

    Why everyone hates this game?!
    That was a f⬛cking good game!

  • Black Hole-chan
    Black Hole-chan Hace 4 meses +2

    I pre-ordered this with my birthday money and got the exclusive coin keyring with it :D I still have it to this day, but it's all beaten up and scuffed, good times lol