Jennifer Aniston & Bono Love Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy Special

  • Publicado el 16 oct 2018
  • Adam talks about his Netflix comedy special '100% Fresh,' Jennifer Aniston and Bono watching it, remembering Chris Farley and reveals what his mom thinks of his stand-up. #KimmelinBrooklyn
    Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)ídeo.html

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    Jennifer Aniston & Bono Love Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy Specialídeo.html
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Comentarios • 374

  • frank juankno
    frank juankno Hace un día

    I swear jimmy kimmel crys atleast once a day

  • Eduardo77
    Eduardo77 Hace 2 días

    The Netflix special is truly generationally good. Best stand up since Chris Rock “Bring the Pain”.

  • 10th degree white belt
    10th degree white belt Hace 2 días

    May I lay me eyes on it? 😂😂😂

  • KiIowatt
    KiIowatt Hace 5 días

    He's got about as many stinkers as he does hits but that special is actually really good.

  • T Liberty
    T Liberty Hace 5 días

    Phone, wallet, keys!

  • Peeking Turtle
    Peeking Turtle Hace 7 días

    This was Adam’s best show ever. I’ve always loved his movies. Whacky critics can go suck ass. You’ll never get it.

  • Parvez Jhim
    Parvez Jhim Hace 9 días

    my new pick up line courtesy of Adam Sandler " may i lay me eyes on it"

  • Not A liberal, not a Trumptard Just a sane person

    The Farley tribute had me crying too.

  • MumbleCakes
    MumbleCakes Hace 10 días

    After watching this special I feel sad I never watched a lot of his past movies after around the Zohan days..

  • 3Way Entertainment
    3Way Entertainment Hace 11 días

    The Sandman kept checking for that handshake at the end.

  • Joshua Huddleston
    Joshua Huddleston Hace 11 días

    I love barmitzah boy song

  • James H
    James H Hace 12 días

    +1 for Adam Sandler

  • Nichole Serra
    Nichole Serra Hace 12 días

    This special was soooooo good

  • Normal Everyday Regular Dude N.E.R.D.

    The real question is; why are Kimmels uploads still only in 720p60? STEP IT UP KIMMEL!

  • Matthew Cohen
    Matthew Cohen Hace 12 días

    Ending of the special made me cry the Chris Farley made me ball

  • BrianCoyneMusic&Art
    BrianCoyneMusic&Art Hace 13 días

    Sandler's special is amazing. It's the Adam Sandler we all grew up with and have been missing for so long. I've watched it four times already!

  • iBangAPES
    iBangAPES Hace 13 días

    phone wallet keys

  • Carlos Ledesma
    Carlos Ledesma Hace 13 días

    Something about the movie Punch Drunk Love cant put my finger on it but if its on im going to watch it. Lol stand up was hilarious!!

  • Alex Sander Watson
    Alex Sander Watson Hace 13 días

    Is it just me? Or adam sandler looks like zohan? 😂😂

  • dean collison
    dean collison Hace 15 días

    Next up Adam sander vs bo burnham diss songs

  • Mordin Solus
    Mordin Solus Hace 15 días +9

    Maybe its just me but Adam Sandler somehow reminds me of Al Pacino.

  • The Indie Diary
    The Indie Diary Hace 16 días

    I love Jimmy Kimmel because there's no over-the-top bullshit with Jimmy. He chats and lets the guests talk without cutting them off. Good stuff.

  • Everything
    Everything Hace 16 días

    I automatically assume you're a shitty person if you have any hate for Adam at all

  • Jason Barron
    Jason Barron Hace 16 días

    Adam Sandler is still 100% cool

  • The Lounge
    The Lounge Hace 16 días

    Is don't mess with the zohan 2 coming out? Sand has the pinch again

  • Nathan Slade
    Nathan Slade Hace 17 días

    Adam Sandlers best movie is anger management for sure.

  • Orgasmatron 93
    Orgasmatron 93 Hace 17 días

    Hope he doesnt have leukemia

  • Max Austin
    Max Austin Hace 17 días

    Corny ass.

  • kornfreak78
    kornfreak78 Hace 17 días

    I absolutely loved his Netflix special. That Chris Farley tribute was amazing.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hace 17 días

    He looks more like a Jew than usual

  • mizlisa19
    mizlisa19 Hace 18 días

    I loved it. I missed musical hilarious Sandler!!

  • UseThe4orce
    UseThe4orce Hace 18 días

    The netflix special is awful as usual. I suffered through 8 minutes of it before turning it off and moving on.

  • Jeremy Zion
    Jeremy Zion Hace 19 días

    I liked that Adam wasn't doing shitty "woke" comedy unlike that tool Jimmy Kimmel.

    NORRIN RADD Hace 20 días

    The Chris Farley song made me cry 😢. It was sooooo good.

  • Briar Jensen
    Briar Jensen Hace 21 un día


  • Adam Davila
    Adam Davila Hace 21 un día

    I almost made the mistake of changing the channel... Great F'n special!

  • W84SKIP
    W84SKIP Hace 21 un día

    dang i really love that advert on toon blast by dead pool so funny.

  • Venice Bitchh
    Venice Bitchh Hace 21 un día +3

    If you see an interview with Adam sandler and he doesn't say " Bananas" then u know its a clone.

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man Hace 21 un día +1

    It was really good. Good for him. I missed his standup and signing awesomely shot. All the different stages clipped Together. Mr Slowmo was awesome

  • MrGordysexy
    MrGordysexy Hace 23 días +1

    The Chris Farley song is epic

  • Mr. Zeke and The Crew
    Mr. Zeke and The Crew Hace 23 días

    Loved it...but wow...that tribute song....

  • StephenFawking
    StephenFawking Hace 25 días +1

    you know someone is special when they can make you laugh and cry at the same time, My Friend Chris Farley was a golden moment, great tribute.

    SicK_SKITSO Hace 26 días

    Just watched it for the seventh time !

  • mike rosario
    mike rosario Hace 26 días +1

    Who would eat 32 lunches lol

  • Ferny Quintana
    Ferny Quintana Hace 27 días

    Sandler always has me comin back, hit or miss

  • venado rockero
    venado rockero Hace 27 días

    Great there gonna be some jews here lol

  • PJM
    PJM Hace 28 días

    The Chris farley tribute was beautiful

  • KoRnBaKo
    KoRnBaKo Hace 29 días +1

    His Irish accent made me LOL! :L
    I'm from Dublin and everything haha

  • heatherbotez
    heatherbotez Hace un mes +1

    his goofy sweetness is what i always loved so much about him

  • M. Angel Renteria
    M. Angel Renteria Hace un mes

    I thought I was the only one with a egg shaped head.

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol Hace un mes

    Bono doing his devil character on stage tells you everything you need to know about who he really is, folks. wtfu

    • miarrem
      miarrem Hace 24 días

      +yaimavol oh please enlighten me, really

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol Hace 24 días

      miarrem Take your blue pill and go back to sleep. If you don't know the truth about Bono by now, you don't want to know.

    • miarrem
      miarrem Hace 24 días

      What are you talking about?!!

  • TheWillog
    TheWillog Hace un mes

    sound like a dirty version of paul simon hahaha

  • Tarun Mudaliar
    Tarun Mudaliar Hace un mes

    What did Chandler think of Sandler?

  • Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    He is probably coming straight from the meat packing district, just working there for fun as a warehouseman... 😅☺️

  • Charles Gore
    Charles Gore Hace un mes

    That Champion jacket 🔥🔥🔥

  • Matt Ryan Watts
    Matt Ryan Watts Hace un mes

    “May I lay me eyes on it” ahahahaha

  • E M
    E M Hace un mes

    Adam is boring and not funny

    MICHAELinJUSTICE Hace un mes

    Adam "I made a tribute song for Chris"
    Jimmy "ya, I cried during that part"
    Jimmy, when do you not cry? You're like Niagara falls, but even that only has so much water that falls down at a time.

  • Matt Q
    Matt Q Hace un mes +10

    Him and Keanu Reeves are the only ones to still act so normal regardless of how much money they have.

  • Jonathan Benson
    Jonathan Benson Hace un mes

    Adam is the best!

  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Hace un mes

    I love this guy

  • Melody O
    Melody O Hace un mes

    Adam is still a snack 😍😘

  • Diana Byrne
    Diana Byrne Hace un mes +2

    I like Adam Sandler..I am a fan. Love him.

  • Giggity 96
    Giggity 96 Hace un mes

    90s Adam Sandler was the best.. all downhill from there

  • Clem Cornpone
    Clem Cornpone Hace un mes

    Adam Sandler is the Yoko Ono of his generation.
    Adam Sandler is course sand rubbing in the crease between your scrotum and leg as you carry a heavy load you can't put down.
    Adam Sandler is to moviemaking what Sarah Palin is to politics.
    The torturers of the 15th Century Spanish Inquisition in hell pray to Adam Sandler.
    Adam Sandler is a one man mass media butt rash.

  • K Hal
    K Hal Hace un mes

    Lol they friggin autotuned him

  • Aldo Gonzalez
    Aldo Gonzalez Hace un mes

    I always laugh so hard when i see him (Adam) i cant wait to watch his special!

  • Mohammad Etemad
    Mohammad Etemad Hace un mes

    Why is He sound like Al Pacino? Or is just me🙄

  • LoSito
    LoSito Hace un mes

    I ❤️ Adam Sandler! Such a great talent and awesome person!

  • Rigsby 1
    Rigsby 1 Hace un mes

    Sandler looks a lot happier than he has for about 18 years

  • Tania Blancarte
    Tania Blancarte Hace un mes

    Ooooh I miss when people used to be more like Adam Sandler, sooo down to earth. Love you man.

  • Sunny Dayz
    Sunny Dayz Hace un mes

    Why can't u rub off on David Spade?

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard Hace un mes

    I love how Adam is so real. Always nice and decent -Hollywood never corrupted him :)

  • Angel Pak
    Angel Pak Hace un mes +1

    There is a genius in there that comes up every now and then. He'll flop a few, but come back strong.. I'm looking forward for the Zohan's new special on Oct 23rd it says on Google

  • wickkidda
    wickkidda Hace un mes

    So glad he’s going back to stand up. I’ve been hoping for this.

  • Ken  Mings
    Ken Mings Hace un mes

    Sick of em sweat suits and them corny hats lets talk about it!

  • the9thGen
    the9thGen Hace un mes

    Haven't missed one flick of his

  • ShadyVlogz
    ShadyVlogz Hace un mes

    Adam looks like a school janitor who got pulled into the principals office for a quick chat after his shift.
    And at the end was waiting for him to pull out a handkerchief and start blowing his nose...Classic dude!

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn Hace un mes

    @Adam Sandler you're amazing and we love you

  • Zack Dawson
    Zack Dawson Hace un mes

    Feel like every time I see the sandman i wanna cry because i live him that much, this coming from a manly hetrosexual straight steak eater.

  • Yancel Santana
    Yancel Santana Hace un mes

    Damn he got a great voice

  • Exile
    Exile Hace un mes

    Even though Adam Sandler has a stigma of his new movies being trash, he is a f****** Legend.

  • Ed Bain
    Ed Bain Hace un mes


  • Mark F
    Mark F Hace un mes +1

    the bono story was hilarious!!! hahah

  • Mark F
    Mark F Hace un mes

    "may I lay me eyes on it" hhaah, love you Adam

  • greg scott
    greg scott Hace un mes +2

    Looks like he works at Chipotle!

  • redd
    redd Hace un mes

    Adam is starting to look tom greens Uncle

  • German Dimplez
    German Dimplez Hace un mes

    I love ‘The Wedding Singer’! Sandler looks good. Few years ago I was sweating it for him. Glad he’s back.

  • TRJ2241987
    TRJ2241987 Hace un mes +2

    When I was growing up in New Hampshire, 6th-8th grade era Adam Sandler's first four comedy CDs were the absolute gold standard of audio comedy, funniest thing to every single guy I knew, those sketches and songs used to make me laugh so hard my sides would hurt....I remember getting the 4th one for Christmas 1999 and staying up all night laughing our asses off, the 'Uncle Donnie' sketch......oh man. There was about a 5-7 year period in the 1990's where Adam Sandler could do no wrong.

  • J S
    J S Hace un mes

    Who’s waiting for the next Drew+Adam movie?

  • Alex Shula
    Alex Shula Hace un mes +2

    I had a chance to spend some time w Adam a bunch of years ago. Probably the nicest, kindest, most normal person I've ever met in my life ! Talking to him is exactly like this - like chatting w your old buddy. ZERO celebrity aura, unlike others

    • Spoonface McGee
      Spoonface McGee Hace un mes

      Alex Shula This is so true! Friendliest most easy going guy ever! Means a lot more when you find out he’s worth almost $350M (not lying, google it)

  • john qwenta
    john qwenta Hace un mes +3

    Adam Sandler looks like Richard Pryor in the 90's.

  • Freddy E.Carhuas
    Freddy E.Carhuas Hace un mes +15

    I don't care what anyone says about Adam Sandler or his movies, I love his humor and all his movies.

  • F M
    F M Hace un mes

    Trump supporter sandler. A fan no more! Piss off!!

  • Jared Genesis
    Jared Genesis Hace un mes

    RIP Chris Farley. Miss you alot buddy

  • Athan Shmathan
    Athan Shmathan Hace un mes


  • - Aurahh -
    - Aurahh - Hace un mes

    Anyone misses Adam Sandler movies? For example, The Grown Ups series, the Cobbler, etc.

  • kisstharing
    kisstharing Hace un mes +23

    I never ever understood the hate Sandler got. Sure he had some duds and some comedy fails, but he's also had some legendary movies as well. Plus he always seems genuine and people that work on his movie sets say its the most fun they ever have. Just another misunderstood person in Hollywood.

  • Vylkeer
    Vylkeer Hace un mes

    Adam is amazing. Didn’t know he sang that good!

  • Aidean
    Aidean Hace un mes

    adam is an american icon