REACH and RoHS Compliant Friction Hinge OEM - ISO Certified Torqmaster

  • Publicado el 12 nov 2016
  • -- (203) 326-5945 This video shows an example of the manufacturing facility of Torqmaster International, a leader in stock and custom friction hinges. Torqmaster is ISO-certified, and their friction hinges are REACH, RoHS, and conflict minerals compliant.
    With complete in-house assembly capabilities, we produce thousands of TorqMaster friction hinges per week. Our products are tested on computerized assembly stations and we life test a portion of every order. We design & engineer all of our own assembly and testing stations and work closely with our clients to implement the exact quality and test program required for their needs.Customer Satisfaction is paramount to TorqMaster. We pride ourselves on quick responsiveness to your requests and never compromise our high quality standards, product performance and on-time delivery.
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    We offer stock friction hinges, custom friction hinges, torque hinges. Our company is ISO-Certified, and our hinges are compliant for your needs pertaining to REACH, RoHS, and conflict-minerals.
    We have a complete machine shop staffed with tool and die makers, machinists and model makers using computerized turning and milling equipment. On site fabrication of difficult geometry and fast turn around of sample runs for design verification is ready for solving our customer’s unique design problems.
    Our in house fabrication for some of our detailed components gives us tight control over critical dimensions and production timing. We have a close working relationship with our supplier base that has been forged over many years. As experts in their respective fields, our vendors add industry specific knowledge and experience to the team at TorqMaster as we serve your design and manufacturing needs.
    We offer prompt deliveries to meet tight build schedules. Whether your project requires 100 or 1,000,000 hinges each month, we will work closely with you to provide exactly the function, feel and fit you require.
    Our hinges have been integral parts of some of the most demanding applications. The products that feature our hinges have won many awards for design and innovation. Other applications include products as rugged as a laptop that will work as a wedge for your tire if your car is stuck in a snowdrift to a low cost, low cycle hinge for a desktop drive cage.
    The product design and project management expertise TorqMaster possesses helps create a seamless development process for your hinge requirements. Our staff can specify, recommend, configure, or design a hinge that will fit your budget and performance demands.
    With in house design and prototype capability, FEA and scheduling software, we have the tools to make your program a success. Our CAD system has broad import and export capabilities allowing us to work in unison with our many customers, regardless of their design programs.Executing in a team environment, we are seasoned at working closely with our diversified expert vendor base and you, our customer, to quickly fit a design to your particular requirements.Contact our professional sales staff to initiate a design program tailored just for you.We are committed to quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. TorqMaster has developed long term relationships with many large original equipment manufacturers. OEM’s praise TorqMaster’s responsiveness and adherence to the most demanding standards of quality control and on-time delivery. Our engineering promotes quality manufacturing as well as the performance and reliability of our products.
    Thank you and we look forward to working with you for your upcoming needs on friction hinges and torque hinges.
    Translations for languages around the world:
    Fabricantes de bisagras de fricción
    Fabricants de charnières à friction
    Výrobce třecích závěsů
    Nhà sản xuất bản lề ma sát
    Sürtünme menteşeleri üreticileri
    Friktion gångjärn tillverkare
    Producătorii de balamale de fricțiune
    Fabricantes de dobradiças de fricção
    Producenci zawiasów ciernych
    Friksjon hengsel produsenter
    Pengangkut engsel pengeluar
    Trinties vyriai gamintojai
    Produttori di cerniere a frizione
    monaróirí cuimilte hinge
    Bisagras de fricción de encargo y de la acción
    Brugerdefinerede og lagerfriktionshængsler
    Charnières de friction sur mesure et en stock
    Custom en voorraad wrijving scharnieren
    Kitka sarana valmistajat
    Prodhuesit e fërkimit
    Cerniere di frizione personalizzate e di riserva
    Engsel geseran adat dan saham
    Tilpassede og lagerfriksjonshengsler
    Personalizate și balamale de frecare
    Zoll- und Lager-Reibscharniere

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