Popeyes 16pc Family Meal Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

  • Publicado el 17 ago 2017
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    Popeyes, because, WHY NOT!
    Coming off eating 10+lbs of Chicken Sandwiches this weekend, I for some reason was craving even MORE chicken! So that's how the Popeye's challenge came to be..
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Comentarios • 19 228

  • Ally Nieto
    Ally Nieto Hace 23 minutos

    I'm so sad because there wasn't any mashed potatoes or gravy😢

  • Ally Nieto
    Ally Nieto Hace un hora

    Omg these videos make me so hungry🍕😒

  • Figen Gucuyeter
    Figen Gucuyeter Hace un hora

    I hate biscuits

  • chinaboyhere
    chinaboyhere Hace 2 horas +1

    Gordon Ramsay: eats 1 bite

    challenge complete

  • Lars-Magnus Roettingen
    Lars-Magnus Roettingen Hace 2 horas

    Wow, wow, wow, there's plenty meat left on that bone!

  • Johnny - Esta Lit.
    Johnny - Esta Lit. Hace 2 horas +1

    Bet he took a long ass nap after this 😂

  • Tian Huang
    Tian Huang Hace 4 horas

    No ѕαυ¢є?

  • Danielmeir
    Danielmeir Hace 5 horas

    Popeyes is pretty dank

  • Genuine Meme
    Genuine Meme Hace 9 horas

    matt stonie is a family???

  • ırmak kurucu
    ırmak kurucu Hace 14 horas


  • Ilja Keller
    Ilja Keller Hace 17 horas

    Matt stonie eat ohne bin chicken

  • Symphony Railey
    Symphony Railey Hace 18 horas


  • Symphony Railey
    Symphony Railey Hace 18 horas


  • Nur Atiqah
    Nur Atiqah Hace 19 horas

    Kenapa tak gemuk gemuk??aku yang makan sikit ni pun naik jugak berat badan😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Metal Distance
    Metal Distance Hace un día

    Favorite video

  • John Moruzzi
    John Moruzzi Hace un día


  • Utaha - Senpai
    Utaha - Senpai Hace un día

    Eat so much and syill skinny, fuck logic

  • Critique
    Critique Hace un día

    work on your audio. the music is overpowering while you are eating. try to balance it or make the music a little more quiet

  • قناة كل شيء
    قناة كل شيء Hace un día +1

    هذا مو بشر الي معي لايك واشتراك مردودة

  • CovinaItsMe wo
    CovinaItsMe wo Hace un día

    How comes he is still fit but good job😂

  • Tyson Dawe
    Tyson Dawe Hace 2 días +1

    How is he not 500 pounds by now?

  • Michael Coghill
    Michael Coghill Hace 2 días

    I’ve never wanted Fried Chicken as much as I do right now

  • Bryan Ruiz
    Bryan Ruiz Hace 2 días +1

    Im eating Popeyes

  • LilBanana
    LilBanana Hace 2 días

    This guy makes a very good living for eating... one word: amazing

  • Simango Simango
    Simango Simango Hace 2 días

    If he was black people would say his wasting chicken

  • I & O
    I & O Hace 2 días

    In indonesia we have tanboy kun. So crazy man. Watch all your videos make me full already

  • Kalem Babar
    Kalem Babar Hace 2 días

    The point of his videos is that he can eat a lot of food in one sitting. Time is not a factor. So why does he have to eat like an animal? He doesn't even relish the food.

  • MD Hakeem
    MD Hakeem Hace 3 días

    Even if you’re not hungry, you can’t watch this without your mouth watering

  • Jaden Clarke
    Jaden Clarke Hace 3 días

    How are you not fat

  • BIG Hi
    BIG Hi Hace 3 días

    6:21 the fuckin CRUNCH

  • Jeremy Toman
    Jeremy Toman Hace 3 días

    That was not finished chicken. that seriously bugs the shit out of me.

  • مصطفي ف مصطفي

    ادري اخل كحبه شايل معده لو كابسه مال زبل 😂😂👌

  • Husky Gaming
    Husky Gaming Hace 3 días

    man now im hungry

  • TheWhiteYeti 09
    TheWhiteYeti 09 Hace 3 días

    18:24 damn, he must be practicing 😅💦💦

  • alexvids 1121
    alexvids 1121 Hace 3 días

    How I eat a three piece a soda and potatoes and gain weight and you eat this and you still a fuckin twig, what’s ur secret?

  • sareena k
    sareena k Hace 3 días

    i can vision a vegetarian having a heart attack whilst watching you eat all that chickennnn lmao

  • scrub lord
    scrub lord Hace 3 días

    I have a question and it is how do eat that much food without your stomach exploding beacuse there's a guy who ate 3burgers and milkshake at your age and died but he had pader willons diesese witch is when you don't know when your not full

  • Muhammad adil
    Muhammad adil Hace 3 días +1

    it feels more delicious when we eat slowly

  • Joel Roque Echaves
    Joel Roque Echaves Hace 3 días

    You got a real strong teeth right there matt you broke a bone hahahahahaha lo

  • Vanessa Giang
    Vanessa Giang Hace 3 días

    I'm just disturbed by the chicken skin that's left on the bone

  • Dylan Do
    Dylan Do Hace 3 días

    Love that crunch noise!

  • Akilah Keke
    Akilah Keke Hace 3 días

    Do you ever get tired of eating so much food that have a lot of calories

  • Gameasaur Dudeman
    Gameasaur Dudeman Hace 4 días

    Now I’m hungry😕😕

  • My name is jeff :v/
    My name is jeff :v/ Hace 4 días

    i have an obssesion whit seeing people eat, in special Matt stonie :v

  • Petra Linus
    Petra Linus Hace 4 días

    Why u wasting 🥘 food there is still meat 🍖 and chicken 🍗 skin

  • Tae with Suga
    Tae with Suga Hace 4 días

    If I was eating that it'll take me like two hours I'm a slow eater -_-

  • La NeNa
    La NeNa Hace 4 días

    How can he do it omg that's alot of food

  • Plant Maven
    Plant Maven Hace 4 días

    I would say people are starving for lack of food, but I realized this is not food. It’s a chemical lab experiment.🤮

  • Anaroch
    Anaroch Hace 4 días

    I’m watching this at school while sitting outside in the cold with no lunch and I’m feeling like I could take this challenge right about now.

  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones Hace 4 días

    There is a Popeye on Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX sold me old chicken. I will not come back there. I came around 11:30 lunch time and they sold me the chicken that left over the day before and they re-fried it and sell them. How do I know that? The chicken was dry not juicy and tasted old. Never come back!!!

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Hace 4 días

    Howd you finish the biscuits without any beverages.

  • Shy Bones
    Shy Bones Hace 4 días

    I legit got a KFC ad for this video. Thanks ESclips!

  • alireza zaker
    alireza zaker Hace 4 días

    من از تو بیشتر میخورم و سزیعتر

  • Lola Kokop
    Lola Kokop Hace 4 días


  • Lola Kokop
    Lola Kokop Hace 4 días

    Why am I watching this makes me want to eat!!!!😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😌😌😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

  • Bambino Coronel
    Bambino Coronel Hace 5 días

    The sound of him swallowing the Mac n Cheese is one of the most repulsive sounds.....

  • Varun Baranwal
    Varun Baranwal Hace 5 días

    I've watched this video so many times.....

  • Omar Diaz
    Omar Diaz Hace 5 días

    I wonder though if when you aren't doing a challenge do you take your time and enjoy your food?

  • Twinkie House Gamers
    Twinkie House Gamers Hace 5 días

    Popeye's Chicken is the Shiznit!

  • Pratima Moktan
    Pratima Moktan Hace 5 días

    Why he betrayed their fries

  • Grayson Sullivan
    Grayson Sullivan Hace 5 días

    How are you not fat

  • Herro There9876
    Herro There9876 Hace 5 días

    He didn’t finish the skins

  • Papa Chapo
    Papa Chapo Hace 5 días

    How doesn’t he get fat

  • lzvagias
    lzvagias Hace 5 días

    How is he so freaking thin??

  • Àgùsta Òlafsdòttir
    Àgùsta Òlafsdòttir Hace 5 días +2

    I want some but I live in a village in Iceland so we only have a expensive pizza place

  • İbrahim Enes AltınsoyHD

    O may

  • Mr Nth
    Mr Nth Hace 5 días

    I finshi in 22 minutes man I love that °deliecious salad°

  • Ghostkiller Savage
    Ghostkiller Savage Hace 6 días

    That is why I don't eat coleslaw

  • Weeb Abridged
    Weeb Abridged Hace 6 días

    Chicken walks past matt stonie's house "though i walk the valleys of death, i shall fear no evil"

  • Elijah Joves
    Elijah Joves Hace 6 días

    Try jollibee

  • Ziglle YT
    Ziglle YT Hace 6 días

    I need Some Fried Chicken..


  • Alpher [GD]
    Alpher [GD] Hace 6 días

    im just looking at this CAUSE IM HUNGRY XD

  • So ng
    So ng Hace 6 días

    I choked on a biscuit from popeyes one time

  • Lee Merta
    Lee Merta Hace 7 días


  • Sus Dude
    Sus Dude Hace 7 días

    I cant even afford my meal :.(

  • [GD] Xacti
    [GD] Xacti Hace 7 días

    I love Popeyes fried chicken so much

  • Hari Starc
    Hari Starc Hace 7 días

    Genkidesu ka

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Hace 8 días

    Matt can you do a challenge what furious Pete two boxes of KFC chicken and 30Pieces of french fry S can you do it on September 9 or Friday 13 2018 April

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Hace 8 días

    Matt did you ever wanted more food when you did the chili challenge ESclips is never ever ever reply to me so if youReply to me this this will be my first time that somebody actually replies to me literally I comment did and they never replied to me yeah I’m not happy like literally this this will be like my first time somebody is like ever replied to me that would just be amazing if I get like 20 likes I will still like it literally that chicken looks so crispy I need really need to take care myself I just see the eating it and anybody just try to steal steal my my 🍟🍟🍟 I would say good luck tryin G to sleep do not check the bathroom

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Hace 8 días

    Matt did🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨you ever lose a challenge with your brother

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Hace 8 días

    OK here’s the thing I was just video for all that I thousand times and it never ever gets old👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🗣🍗

  • Reena Singh
    Reena Singh Hace 8 días +1

    OK here’s the thing I like this video I like pork ribs but I’m a Hindu Yeah I’m I like the chili one that’s my three favorites Just seeing you eat that Popeyes makes me like hungry like real hungry watch or this fried chicken😋😍 I really wish I could have this☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😪😪😪😪😪🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • John Sanchez
    John Sanchez Hace 8 días

    This guy should bring back Man vs Food

  • Annissa Bowman
    Annissa Bowman Hace 8 días

    can you do 9 bowls of gumbo

  • Sterling Witherspoon
    Sterling Witherspoon Hace 8 días

    I’m at Popeyes right now bruh

  • Antonin Georges
    Antonin Georges Hace 8 días

    You love food

  • amini syathir
    amini syathir Hace 8 días

    im waiting he dies..hahaha

  • nono 1288
    nono 1288 Hace 8 días

    How are you not fat my God your stomach is a blackhole

  • Sabina Sigdel
    Sabina Sigdel Hace 8 días

    KFC callange

  • name person
    name person Hace 8 días

    Im jealous

  • Dennis Rojar
    Dennis Rojar Hace 8 días

    Without editing how u fast-forward

  • Audizz
    Audizz Hace 9 días

    You did my dream

  • Leslie Langit
    Leslie Langit Hace 9 días

    your fat as hell be fat

  • burcolli
    burcolli Hace 9 días

    where's the goddamn mashed potatoes

  • Adrian Fish
    Adrian Fish Hace 9 días


  • clarence 12755
    clarence 12755 Hace 9 días

    Heh i can eat more than yours i can eat 28 fried chickens

  • marcelo andre luna H
    marcelo andre luna H Hace 9 días

    Como shit sigue flaco ese man :v

  • kamalitooo kamalitooo
    kamalitooo kamalitooo Hace 9 días


  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato Hace 9 días

    ?idea for a nice challenge... can you destroy 3lb of pure sugar