Popeyes 16pc Family Meal Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

  • Publicado el 17 ago 2017
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    Popeyes, because, WHY NOT!
    Coming off eating 10+lbs of Chicken Sandwiches this weekend, I for some reason was craving even MORE chicken! So that's how the Popeye's challenge came to be..
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Comentarios • 23 919

  • AlexTDM & ChrisTDM
    AlexTDM & ChrisTDM Hace 47 minutos

    Chicken is my favorite food

  • BigBallsKing 100
    BigBallsKing 100 Hace 50 minutos

    I will grow hungry no more!!!

  • AlexTDM & ChrisTDM
    AlexTDM & ChrisTDM Hace 52 minutos

    Don't you get sick by all this food.. And I mean sick by ill

  • LegendZ_ Fearless
    LegendZ_ Fearless Hace 3 horas

    Why do i always watch these when im hungry

  • Javan Sharp
    Javan Sharp Hace 6 horas

    You didn't get all the meat off the bones

    SYPHEX GAMING Hace 9 horas

    Not even eating it properly. HATE IT.

  • TREX time
    TREX time Hace 11 horas

    These videos make me hungry

  • Carl Daiz
    Carl Daiz Hace 12 horas +1

    You should have made it to 25 Because you know what they say "you know whats better than 24? 25"

  • Carl Daiz
    Carl Daiz Hace 12 horas +1

    I use matt as a motivation to eat XD

  • jacob mynenko
    jacob mynenko Hace 12 horas

    Biscuits?? Where I live we call them bread rolls

  • Andreas Permadi
    Andreas Permadi Hace 13 horas

    i searched for a mukbang i didnt signed up for this

  • ClownGang
    ClownGang Hace 15 horas


  • Isaiah McGuire
    Isaiah McGuire Hace 16 horas +1

    Can you do an applesauce challenge?

  • Grigory Fazz
    Grigory Fazz Hace 16 horas

    Dude how are u still skinny

  • Michael34268
    Michael34268 Hace 18 horas

    how do you fit all that in you are you hollow?

  • DC MD
    DC MD Hace 19 horas

    He chicken looks so good

  • Norman Herrera
    Norman Herrera Hace 19 horas

    Mom I need Popeyes

  • Malireality
    Malireality Hace 19 horas +1


  • Dixon Lixon
    Dixon Lixon Hace 20 horas

    You could have got boneless chicken

  • Nö gamer tag Nö gamer tag
    Nö gamer tag Nö gamer tag Hace 22 horas +4

    2:18 lol

  • Edwin Castillo
    Edwin Castillo Hace 22 horas +1

    do you starve yourself how do you eat this much

  • DarkAssassin
    DarkAssassin Hace 23 horas +1

    You must take the world's BIGGEST shits after these vids

  • Switch deałaed
    Switch deałaed Hace un día +6

    Take a moment to think about his toilet

  • Pee master 666
    Pee master 666 Hace un día +1

    Man you gonna have serious health issues in future.

  • Blake Ruiz
    Blake Ruiz Hace un día +1

    His famliy is the tolet must be giving her a hard time.😂😅

  • Tommy Heap
    Tommy Heap Hace un día +1

    If he had diabetes and he didn't do an injection he's go straight to DK

  • Deepa Harini
    Deepa Harini Hace un día

    Spoiling your health for others entertainment
    Am I right

  • 00fster X
    00fster X Hace un día

    *asks parents for popeyes*

  • Matthew Pena
    Matthew Pena Hace un día

    Yeaaaaaa.......based on how much he eats on a weekly basis...........he gonna die soon.

  • Kade Lishbrook
    Kade Lishbrook Hace un día +1

    He turned his family into a 16pc family meal

  • Patrik Käll
    Patrik Käll Hace un día +1

    You can legit fit an entire cow in your stomach

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith Hace un día +1

    When your girl sends nudes, 'aw, the bottom looks horrible'

  • Isabel Head
    Isabel Head Hace 2 días +1

    Eats food "I don't need to eat for months now"

  • AYY ZU7
    AYY ZU7 Hace 2 días

    Love that chicken from popeyes!

  • J3BZ
    J3BZ Hace 2 días

    I bet this same music plays when he's in the bathroom

  • Infxmous Gxmer
    Infxmous Gxmer Hace 2 días +1

    I heaf clogged arteries who does too? Leave a like if you agree

  • Sensai YEET
    Sensai YEET Hace 2 días +2

    Did you win the food eating comp, if u did I’m not surprised ;)

  • yash verma
    yash verma Hace 2 días

    Do you even eat normally or just start eating fast

    And hatsoff to morgan for controlling himself

  • 120Aaron 285yt channel
    120Aaron 285yt channel Hace 2 días

    OMG how is your jaw not freaking broken and I’m pretty sure you should be super fat (no offence )

  • Albhaa Husam
    Albhaa Husam Hace 2 días

    i think i know why he lives alone

  • RM Lover With A Bias Wrecker Named Suga

    When My Grandma didn’t feel like cooking and she had 90% of her family over she’d by the Popeyes 16 piece family meal for her, my grandfather, her five children (including my mom) and her to grandkids at the time. (My sister and I were her only grandkids at the time and we were little so we didn’t eat that much.) so tell me how the hell this man ate all that in a Matter of minutes

  • Bazil Ali
    Bazil Ali Hace 2 días +1

    Me: *Tries to eat like Matt Stonie*
    Also me: *Breaks teeth*

  • I am SIN
    I am SIN Hace 2 días

    I ate a full pizza and vomited this nibba eats enough to feed family and just walks away TF

  • Jin BTS
    Jin BTS Hace 2 días +1

    Asmr lover has joined the chat

  • hailey xu
    hailey xu Hace 2 días

    Please tell me how you stay the size you are

  • Anastasia Abbey
    Anastasia Abbey Hace 2 días

    Trisha Paytas is shook

  • Amy Cakes
    Amy Cakes Hace 2 días +1

    I get full after 3 pieces of chicken, small mac and cheddar, and 4 biscuits 😋😋😋😋 now I want popeye's

  • Kate Oware
    Kate Oware Hace 2 días

    Give me some biscuits

  • MMA Gaming
    MMA Gaming Hace 2 días

    “My teeth are fine but”...
    *dies of a heartattack*

  • Chedddy Budder
    Chedddy Budder Hace 2 días

    At the beginning I feel like I want to try stuff like this, but later I don’t anymore when I watch the rest.

  • Gone Sadly._
    Gone Sadly._ Hace 2 días

    All these skinny bitches being like "eats a nugget, dies" and me knowing i can eat all of this in a sitting -_-

  • Yunus Altunsoy
    Yunus Altunsoy Hace 3 días

    Friend: I’ll be gone for 25 minutes will you save some food for me

    SULLY IJAZ Hace 3 días

    2:59 shout out to ASMR

  • jason flynn
    jason flynn Hace 3 días

    Is popeyes another version of kfc over in usa. I would like it to come over to the u.k.😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • mehmet ördek
    mehmet ördek Hace 3 días

    Do not believe this man liar

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Hace 3 días

    Yo here’s a tip
    U know how u did the 10,000 calories chips and french fry eating challenge and how u got all the sauces at once
    Save the sauce and every time u have a chicken
    Eat some of the sauce
    Then the chicken won’t be dry

  • munchy crunch
    munchy crunch Hace 3 días

    this is probably the 100000000000000000000000000000000 time I have watched this video lol

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez Hace 3 días

    Asco tu programa amigo🤢

  • 7mto.0
    7mto.0 Hace 3 días +1

    u are a lier

  • Tinku sharma
    Tinku sharma Hace 3 días

    Your mother fuck

  • Vlad Daniel
    Vlad Daniel Hace 3 días

    U not eat well on the bone!!!☠

  • momo momo
    momo momo Hace 3 días

    Matt Stonie: 70 Pieces of Chicken
    Me: Wheres this man's house

  • momo momo
    momo momo Hace 3 días

    You have to finish the chicken don't leave crumbs

  • momo momo
    momo momo Hace 3 días

    Where do you get that chiken 😍

  • KobiWan_Kenobi
    KobiWan_Kenobi Hace 3 días

    6:03 that was a thigh

  • Caleb Athey
    Caleb Athey Hace 3 días

    Someone should slow down the chicken parts, and make an ASMR out of it!😂

    SALTY NUB Hace 3 días

    Toilet has left the chat

  • Arwin Panlilio
    Arwin Panlilio Hace 3 días

    Its so bad idea watching this with an empty stomach😧

  • DrOpLeT
    DrOpLeT Hace 3 días

    Is this a how to be black tutorial

  • DrOpLeT
    DrOpLeT Hace 3 días

    All that greece , i would have achne so bad

  • Roe Sims
    Roe Sims Hace 3 días

    The family sides are much smaller where I'm from...wonder why?

  • ghostdasquarian
    ghostdasquarian Hace 3 días +1

    next challenge, eat 20 popeyes biscuits without water

  • Danielle Rhode
    Danielle Rhode Hace 3 días

    Asmr lol

  • Typical Gamer420
    Typical Gamer420 Hace 3 días

    The salad thing is ear rape 😂🤣🤣

  • lamaj conteh
    lamaj conteh Hace 3 días

    Why is he living the life i dream of getting paid to eat u know

  • Natty Duncan-Gilmour
    Natty Duncan-Gilmour Hace 4 días

    There might be a chance that I would be able to eat that fast but I couldn't eat that much

  • Malik Ikrash
    Malik Ikrash Hace 4 días

    1 like = 1 pray to his toilet

  • vSharppp
    vSharppp Hace 4 días +2

    Great vid 💪🏽 God Bless

  • Pulverized
    Pulverized Hace 4 días +3

    I ate like this in front of my date

    She broke up with me

  • nana Sware
    nana Sware Hace 4 días

    do a snack shack entire menu challenge

  • Jinnyboi’s Let’s plays

    You should do a normal meal challenge. Lol

  • Tuana_PS4 Fortnite
    Tuana_PS4 Fortnite Hace 4 días

    If i try this than i’m gonna die umg

  • gox Lau
    gox Lau Hace 4 días

    I am so hungry and feel like the chicken is not eaten up (there's still some meat left on the bones) so I was like hoping I am you

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz Hace 4 días

    My brother said how are you not fat

  • ItzzHil GT
    ItzzHil GT Hace 4 días

    How is he still skinny ???????? Tell me your miracle

  • Sandman FX
    Sandman FX Hace 4 días

    Hey Matt the bathroom will hate you

  • BlackAmex Vlogs
    BlackAmex Vlogs Hace 4 días

    Kidney stonie

  • Tali0x-9 VKS
    Tali0x-9 VKS Hace 4 días

    I look in the french i like . KINSTAAR.

  • ToastyG_
    ToastyG_ Hace 4 días

    How do you stay so slim? I've always wanted to know

  • Drago Wang
    Drago Wang Hace 4 días

    Is it just me who eats the ends of the chicken drumsticks

  • PlayWithNini
    PlayWithNini Hace 4 días

    Please make ASMR

  • BloodysYT
    BloodysYT Hace 4 días

    Nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit

  • AnthonyTheesen
    AnthonyTheesen Hace 4 días

    When he first opened the box of chicken it looked burnt af until the camera settles

  • XXX Favor
    XXX Favor Hace 4 días

    99% of people probably thought you were going to start with the chicken 🍗

  • Isang Battalion!!!
    Isang Battalion!!! Hace 4 días

    I cant believe he is not fat

  • Hirrumi Purple_Flare
    Hirrumi Purple_Flare Hace 4 días


  • Boogie ASL
    Boogie ASL Hace 4 días

    G.o.a.t 🐐

  • Youtuber Obsessed Jess
    Youtuber Obsessed Jess Hace 4 días

    Matt stonie you are a fast eater

  • Jelly Kones
    Jelly Kones Hace 4 días

    It would really hurt if he bit his tongue

  • Sedkid
    Sedkid Hace 4 días

    I don’t know why but I like watching people eat stuff fast like if true