Popeyes 16pc Family Meal Challenge (8,000+ Calories)

  • Publicado el 17 ago 2017
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    Popeyes, because, WHY NOT!
    Coming off eating 10+lbs of Chicken Sandwiches this weekend, I for some reason was craving even MORE chicken! So that's how the Popeye's challenge came to be..
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Comentarios • 20 977

  • LogicTech
    LogicTech Hace un hora

    Love Popeys chicken!

  • YouTubeChannel HD
    YouTubeChannel HD Hace un hora

    Anyone 2018??

  • hitler did nothing wrong

    you didn't hit 25mins, trash. learn how to eat fast you cuck

  • Awesomedope101 Awesomedope101

    Hor fried chicken from Popeyes

  • أحمد 021
    أحمد 021 Hace 3 horas

    >Orders a family meal
    >Eats it alone

  • Mrg Tv
    Mrg Tv Hace 3 horas

    I think hes one of these guys who eat as much as they want but not getting Fat.
    Im 13, eating one menu in Mcdonalds and getting fat like shit

  • Gavin _
    Gavin _ Hace 3 horas

    I’m gonna watch this every time I’m about to get popeys

  • Syke Danger
    Syke Danger Hace 5 horas

    He should do ASMR

  • Yaniz Ruiz
    Yaniz Ruiz Hace 5 horas

    Do the 100 chicken nuggets challenge.

  • Xan ny
    Xan ny Hace 6 horas

    So satisfying

  • faralinda81
    faralinda81 Hace 11 horas


  • Nasir Wiggins
    Nasir Wiggins Hace 16 horas

    Your just greedy 4Real

  • James James JP
    James James JP Hace 17 horas

    Im hungryyyyyyy

  • Drawd -er
    Drawd -er Hace 19 horas

    We don't have Popeyes around here in my country :(

  • gwapa ko
    gwapa ko Hace 19 horas

    If I eat 1 pc of chicken I'd get 5 pimples immediately

  • Adam Karacay
    Adam Karacay Hace 20 horas

    Dude there so much chicken on those bones

    MIGHTY RED CHICKEN Hace 20 horas

    Best part starts in

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master Hace 21 un hora

    Of course his name is mr chen😤

  • Naomi Teraye
    Naomi Teraye Hace 23 horas

    I feel like this is completely do-able.....maybe

  • Nathaniel Shea
    Nathaniel Shea Hace un día

    Iv never had Popeye is it good?

  • Ethan Castillo
    Ethan Castillo Hace un día

    Damn u can get a heat disease for doing these challenges

  • Hyena45 6
    Hyena45 6 Hace un día

    That last one wasn’t a chicken breast

  • Ron Burg
    Ron Burg Hace un día

    your my idol

  • angel master689
    angel master689 Hace un día

    When i saw the mac and cheese I wanted to throw up so bad bc one I hate certain cheeses 2 I'm elergic to American and white American cheese

  • Gavin Neville randomly random videos

    coleslaw i am not shaving that manoyaise off done

  • Suri Haynes
    Suri Haynes Hace un día

    The biscuits were the best part of the meal I love biscuits I like chicken I wouldn’t have it everyday but I guess

  • Fastskull
    Fastskull Hace un día

    I fucking love popeyes

    • Fastskull
      Fastskull Hace un día

      I love drumsticks and their tenders but I dislike breasts (hard to eat with all the bones) but they don’t do tenders with drumsticks

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz Hace un día

    If he keeps doing these challenges his heart will eventually stop

  • Blue Wolfyy
    Blue Wolfyy Hace un día

    The most chicken I have ever eaten is 13 legs, 9 wings, and 2 breasts! It was a long while ago and I still have the crave for eating more chicken! 🐔🐔🐓🐓🍗🍗🍗🍗

  • Jug Jag Calsius
    Jug Jag Calsius Hace un día

    Im so hungry right now !!!

  • ツHoppin
    ツHoppin Hace un día

    Those chickens arent completely clean lmao

  • Kabir Khan
    Kabir Khan Hace un día

    I'm starving

  • wil 2000
    wil 2000 Hace un día

    No shit thats alot of food

  • Jason Clifford
    Jason Clifford Hace un día

    That would take my family about 1hrs and 30 minutes or so

  • arriyah carter
    arriyah carter Hace un día +1

    I want some

  • Brother Russia
    Brother Russia Hace un día

    An african family cry as they watch this

  • inigo deguzman
    inigo deguzman Hace un día

    I just saw the crimson boar

  • Ava Dimichele
    Ava Dimichele Hace un día

    Is it just me or when I’m starving I’m like I’m STARVING GIVE ME FOOD NOW and take 2 bites and I’m full

  • Ava Dimichele
    Ava Dimichele Hace un día

    His videos always make me so hungry

  • Jaylan Defran
    Jaylan Defran Hace un día

    Why do u leave pieces of chicken on those bones and batter

    XXDOJ Hace un día

    This is making hungry and makes me want to go back to Arizona

  • Oswaldo Sanchez
    Oswaldo Sanchez Hace un día

    Anyone watch this while eating

  • Shelby Hernandez
    Shelby Hernandez Hace un día

    Now I want chicken😂

  • Rasmus Tagu
    Rasmus Tagu Hace un día

    Backround music sounds like a fucking boss fight

  • Lil D
    Lil D Hace un día

    Hor r u not fat!!!!!🤔

  • LifeasMichelle
    LifeasMichelle Hace un día

    Matt u eat like a champ.

  • engi neer
    engi neer Hace un día

    Legend says. He is still thin and still got his ticket to heaven

  • Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738

    How come this guy isn’t obese

  • Sebastian Cevallos
    Sebastian Cevallos Hace 2 días

    Yo muero por un festín asi

  • Nathanimations
    Nathanimations Hace 2 días

    Only watch Matt Stonie videos on an empty stomach. I learned the hard way.

  • James Swarbs
    James Swarbs Hace 2 días

    A tech bargain bucket

  • Basspro fishing&building

    How do you not get obese after how much food you eat

  • FutureOfAFox
    FutureOfAFox Hace 2 días

    The sound when u eat the mac and cheese =/

  • bay prof
    bay prof Hace 2 días

    Ben niye böyle bişey izledim anlamadım aq

  • Tuoppi _24
    Tuoppi _24 Hace 2 días

    the whole video ”msa msa msa msa msa”

  • TheOdd 4sout
    TheOdd 4sout Hace 2 días

    When the teachers 2 mins left of lunch

  • Michael Mcdonald
    Michael Mcdonald Hace 2 días

    Is this really real

  • Dark Sora
    Dark Sora Hace 2 días +2

    This boy is a Super Saiyan

  • PuaThaPug
    PuaThaPug Hace 2 días



  • Aysha Alexander Fernandez

    10chicken in 10 minutes

  • Arya Swastika
    Arya Swastika Hace 2 días +1

    05:48 chug it down boy

    • Egg
      Egg Hace 2 días

      Arya Swastika ....

    • Arya Swastika
      Arya Swastika Hace 2 días

      Did u hear that elgggg

  • Sarah Al-heraki
    Sarah Al-heraki Hace 2 días

    I watch your videos to *_starve_* myself.

  • Kenzlee Mckae A-S
    Kenzlee Mckae A-S Hace 2 días

    Just saying. did anybody else want to smack him when he started smacking his mouth with the coleslaw? nah just me? xD sorry Matt its a good video! My sisters used to torture me with that when I was younger and I still cant stand it to this day but cool video

  • Ryano
    Ryano Hace 2 días +1

    Was the mic like in your mouth wtf

    Literally all I hear is *SHCHSHCHSHCHSHXHSHCHSHCH*

    • Ryano
      Ryano Hace 10 horas

      LikeMike294 no it’s just that I didn’t think the mic was going to be IN HIS MOUTH

    • LikeMike294
      LikeMike294 Hace 13 horas

      Ryano So, you watch a video of a guy eating and dont expect to hear him eating?

  • Hairem Jewel Canilao
    Hairem Jewel Canilao Hace 2 días


  • Harry Yii
    Harry Yii Hace 2 días


  • Colton Lovisone
    Colton Lovisone Hace 2 días

    His stomach is a family

  • Jelanta Campbell
    Jelanta Campbell Hace 3 días

    I watch this to starve myself

  • JustifiedMC
    JustifiedMC Hace 3 días

    rip bathroom

  • Brian Wang
    Brian Wang Hace 3 días

    He eats a whole family

  • moodeditz .mp4
    moodeditz .mp4 Hace 3 días

    when your mom doesnt let you ever eat popeyes and you see matt stonie eat a whole family meal

  • Yiğit Sönmez
    Yiğit Sönmez Hace 3 días


  • Gucci Cornbread
    Gucci Cornbread Hace 3 días

    Da shit was funny when he bit that bone

  • 100% DEPO
    100% DEPO Hace 3 días

    Fat Master

  • G Squad
    G Squad Hace 3 días

    pause at 2:18 hah

  • Alyssa Chansler
    Alyssa Chansler Hace 3 días

    popeyes has good chicken but KFC has good sides

  • fiz13 gaming
    fiz13 gaming Hace 3 días

    He is constipated

  • TumTum Corp.
    TumTum Corp. Hace 3 días

    i usually watch this to strave my self kwkwkwwkkwkwkwk

  • Aim Was Awesome
    Aim Was Awesome Hace 3 días

    This was supposed to be a spinach

  • TheTepig Studios
    TheTepig Studios Hace 3 días

    I don't even like fried chicken, yet you still made me feel hungry

  • gabes train show
    gabes train show Hace 3 días +1

    popys biskits are the bomb

  • Dubble U
    Dubble U Hace 4 días

    Boi 2 pieces of chicken then that’s it

  • Ness Torregrosa
    Ness Torregrosa Hace 4 días

    Normal family: yep thats a family meal for us :D..

    Matt Stonie: wow thats just for me.. maybe i can eat 1 more of that.. (people staring at Matt.... Shocked

    • Egg
      Egg Hace 2 días

      Ness Torregrosa ...Dude just stop talking that wasn’t even funny

  • anahi sandoval
    anahi sandoval Hace 4 días

    How much toilet do you buy🤢

  • xtreme dude
    xtreme dude Hace 4 días +1

    im starving

  • Hammyben The savage
    Hammyben The savage Hace 4 días

    It’s torture if you’re watching this while your hungry but I can’t stop at the same time LOL 😂

  • Retro LoL
    Retro LoL Hace 4 días

    Me - Holy fuck I’m sick of chicken, I prolly ate like 3 pounds of it last week...
    Matt- Holy fuck I love chicken, I ate like 20 pounds of it last week

  • lukas Bentāhöe
    lukas Bentāhöe Hace 4 días

    How tf are u skinny when u eat 2million Cals a day

  • Leen Hazzani
    Leen Hazzani Hace 4 días

    Look if your disgusting don’t disgust people with u🤮

  • The Husky Lynx
    The Husky Lynx Hace 4 días

    Matt, the eating athlete

  • Dale Fierce
    Dale Fierce Hace 4 días +1

    Black people still know how to finish chicken better

    • Egg
      Egg Hace 2 días

      Dale Fierce that’s racist

  • Penta Gamer
    Penta Gamer Hace 4 días

    at 1:05 when u see a big fried chicken

  • Jonovan And Gaming
    Jonovan And Gaming Hace 4 días

    Idk What's Better, McDonalds Biscuits Or Popeyes Biscuits?

  • Hoover Hoover
    Hoover Hoover Hace 4 días

    So...do you shit a lot?

  • BoX_ MonKey156
    BoX_ MonKey156 Hace 4 días

    Im so hungry.why did you do this to me...

  • LOK Maye
    LOK Maye Hace 4 días

    that was some fucking incredible looking chicken

  • Vashti Young
    Vashti Young Hace 4 días

    It takes me 20 mins to eat a TWO PIECE DINNER from there! This guy just ate a FAMILY BOX! Jeez..

  • Joseph Lapidus
    Joseph Lapidus Hace 4 días

    Why do i always whatch this at night it makes me want chicken

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank Hace 4 días

    Kids in Africa could have eaten Matt Stonie 😡😡😡

  • thevegeta 223
    thevegeta 223 Hace 4 días

    Please sub to me thanks you have a great day