11 Things You Didn’t Know About Millie Bobby Brown


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    *She watched this video*

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    chucky taher Hace 11 días

    eleven... ELEVEN (STRANGER THINGS) OMG DID THey mean that?

  • Helena Palit-ang
    Helena Palit-ang Hace 24 días

    THAT FIST KISS THING WAS SO...................interesting.

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    lexsie duggan Hace 25 días

    *j u s t s h h f i n n*

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    ChristySmiles Hace un mes

    Millie is so beautiful and rocks so many cute outfits and hairstyles! She's even a great actress and singer! I love her!😍😍😍

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    Welp... I hate Shopping too... As an Aesthetic tho...

  • natsuki fan
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    "And I was just like, 'KISSING SUCKS!' and Finn was just like 'I mean... it wasn't too bad...' "
    Finn looks so heart broken right there 🤣

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    Lol 😂 11 things!!😂

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    She also claims she's a flat earther

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    Well that's a bit rude of millie 1:24

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    Eleven i love you ❤️❤️😭😭

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    We all kno abt this like some of them

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    Millie is deaf in one ear! Didn’t know if you guys knew that one!❤️💕

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    She is deaf in one of her ear

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    11 facts
    TrY mE hUn

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    I just got Netflix so I wanted to watch Stranger Things and I am so glad I did I cried so much during the episodes it is the best show I have ever watched

    You will not believe how much I cried when Mike and El kissed

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    LaMont Montgomery Hace un mes

    Love all she just like me

  • Girl With A Vlog
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    I knew 8 out of the 11 facts about her. Anyone else wanna share don't be shy! 😊

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    Who else loves the song find me by sigma

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    I already new most of them

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    They really had to make 11 things about 11

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    and she is the newest and Youngest UNICEF's goodwill ambassador .

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    She is death in one ear

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    love you millie😘😘

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    She is my favorite charcter in stranger things

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    11 or eleven?

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    this lowkey makes me depressed😂

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    i have a season three secret but i aint tellin anybody .w. and yes its about millie bobby brown

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    She's sooooo cool and nice and friendly!I love her!!! *I promise!*

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  • the guy across the street looking at you

    Give the girls the wallfles damn

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    Most like 11 I know about Millie

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    We know this stuff

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    *reads title* OMG *11* things about the queen

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    its hasina! Hace 3 meses

    you know you're obsessed when you know literally all of these things

  • •Strangest Søul 011•


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    Ces la hasse

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    Grace Smith Hace 3 meses

    12 she is a bitch

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Hace 3 meses

    millie is so stuped I hate her

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward Hace 3 meses

    She is deaf in one ear

    ÅVÅKÏN QÜËËN Hace 3 meses

    She looks like a boy when she has short hair

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  • Temriz Khalid
    Temriz Khalid Hace 3 meses

    Thanks for making this video i love atranger things and would love to see way more

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    Jackaboy Awesome Hace 3 meses

    She’s half deaf

  • The F7
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    i knew all of these u lying channel

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    Come and find me!!!

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    Who is gonna be eleven for Halloween!i am!

  • Eva the roblox gamer
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    She's also in Keke do you love me and another song I forget

  • Drew Habi
    Drew Habi Hace 4 meses

    I just found out she like Hillary now I don’t like her political liking but I like her

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    I was also born on February 19th 😂

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    I just love Millie. She’s a wonderful actress and my favorite character on Stranger things.

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    Mille is so cool and and she is my favorite character in stranger things

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    stupid fakes ass hoe Minecraft hoe yeet

  • Maria Calderon- Morales

    What’s her your Number

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    I love Millie Brown

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    I am sorry for saying it but Millie is a B**CH sorry people like if you think the same

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    how bout 11 things u do do know about Millie Bobby Brown?!😏😱🤷‍

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    i knew it

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    She likes Finn wolfhard

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    Deanna B Hace 5 meses

    ELEVEN things LOL

  • Arpan Chaubey
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    11 things you "DIDN't" know, huh? That's basic human behavior to simply excuse the first four, or maybe even five. But to this point?! I mean, I literally knew everything you thought I wouldn't and trust me, I don't think I deserve a trophy for that. EVERYONE, I bet EVERYONE who clicked this video would know at least 10!

  • Big Chungus Official
    Big Chungus Official Hace 5 meses

    in first grade u werent cool unless you had a pokemon handbook anf now u arent cool unless you know about millie or stranger things

  • Nacho Dragon
    Nacho Dragon Hace 5 meses

    i already knew all those facts but still a good video!

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    Red Violets Hace 5 meses

    She actually hates egos irl

  • Honorary Fangirl Evie Connolly


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    Wym 11facts she is deaf

  • FireJach
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    She is an annoying person she should slow down with her personality

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    Millie is deaf in one ear

  • K A Y C I E
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    i knew all of these

  • Janet McDonald
    Janet McDonald Hace 5 meses

    milly is the best

  • Inka N
    Inka N Hace 5 meses

    Lol 11 facts by Millie Bobby brown aka 11 that cracked me up! ☝️

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    Fun Fact : Millie is deaf in one ear!

  • Queen Billie
    Queen Billie Hace 6 meses

    -11 facts you didn't know about millie bobby brown*


  • Jaden Parrish
    Jaden Parrish Hace 6 meses

    Hates shopping, great singer, that's a girl that I like. LOL

  • Doorknobs daily
    Doorknobs daily Hace 6 meses

    I knew all of these except the favourite advice thing

  • Fares Malik
    Fares Malik Hace 6 meses

    Btw, she’s deaf in one ear

  • Mia Tuber no diré mi nombre verdadero :v

    I love millie bobby brown and stranger things and it i loved

  • Adrianna
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    She's adorable

  • Ultra Nail Bar
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    I thought she was like 17... FML

  • seaycee shipper KSlove
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    5:14 Omg she said my name!!! Thank God!! I love her soo much!😭❤️❤️...😂😂 I'm replaying this.❤️🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Tiger King
    Tiger King Hace 6 meses

    did you know she can rap? she rapped Nicki Minaj's Monster on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

  • The Wild Gamers
    The Wild Gamers Hace 6 meses

    Milie bobby Brown is deaf in her right ear

  • TheUltimate Dinosaur1.0
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    What about Godzilla

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande Hace 6 meses

    I love this movie it’s so nice 👍

  • Doctor Phil Sypher
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  • stranger.things.011
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    The video was nice cause this woman didnt say bad thing abuot her.I think she is an incredibile actress,an amazing rapper,and a beautiful teenager.
    I love her.She is my idol.
    She inspire me to follow my dreams.Her first kiss is was so romantic!And she have a really perfect american accent.

  • Violet Bolivar
    Violet Bolivar Hace 6 meses

    I thought Maddie bff is Kendall

  • Hannah
    Hannah Hace 6 meses

    Does anyone know her face shape

  • Allison Madura
    Allison Madura Hace 6 meses

    Omg millie same girl * I hate shopping and trying on clothes too* also I did not know she was good friends with maddie 2 OF MY FAVORITE CELEBS FRIENDS :O

  • Pretty Kitties
    Pretty Kitties Hace 6 meses

    She's also in 'Girl Like You' by Maroon 5's video. Check it out and see if you can find her!
    -If you found her: like this comment
    -If you couldn't: comment something completely random
    -If you love Millie Bobby Brown: SUBSCRIBE TO ME!

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    The only problem she talk a lot

  • Wolf Queen
    Wolf Queen Hace 6 meses

    She is actually half deaf in one ear

  • Tyhirah Lockamy
    Tyhirah Lockamy Hace 6 meses

    What a funny pun 11 things you didn't know about Millie bobby brown

  • Rytham Hi
    Rytham Hi Hace 6 meses

    I hate her

  • Katie Muravez
    Katie Muravez Hace 6 meses

    Omg dude... my IQ just dropped

  • Gacha Callie
    Gacha Callie Hace 6 meses

    Milly Bobby acts 11. 11 things you didn’t know about milly bobby