I Bought The REAL RARE Thanos Infinity Gauntlet!


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  • Ninja Nolan
    Ninja Nolan Hace un día

    Oh do I know the infinity stones that’s easy power purple space blue reality red soul orange time green mind yellow what’s my next challenge

  • Anthony Modesto
    Anthony Modesto Hace un día

    Mind stone - reality stone - space stone -power stone - time stone - soul stone

  • Jack Nation
    Jack Nation Hace un día


  • JT Kinard
    JT Kinard Hace un día

    Toys r us: Mr juice I don't feel so good

  • sparkle lover 21
    sparkle lover 21 Hace 3 días

    The infinity stones are the power stone space stone reality stone soul stone time stone and mind stone

  • Lebon Anthonipillai
    Lebon Anthonipillai Hace 4 días

    Space time mind power and reality

  • rickandmortyfan 649
    rickandmortyfan 649 Hace 4 días

    all infinity stones space time reality power soul mind

  • Leon Stern
    Leon Stern Hace 4 días

    Space power reality soul time mind

  • Kurtdylan Escano
    Kurtdylan Escano Hace 5 días

    Space stone,Reality stone,Power stone,Mind stone,Soul stone,Time stone

  • The Unfinished Art
    The Unfinished Art Hace 7 días

    I remember reality stone and space

  • The Unfinished Art
    The Unfinished Art Hace 7 días

    All the infinite stone is the mind stone soul stone time stone power stone sorry I forgot the other ones

  • koukab Jabeen
    koukab Jabeen Hace 7 días +1

    You uploaded this video on my birthday

  • Justin Awesome
    Justin Awesome Hace 7 días

    4:45 look at his eyes

  • VerticalLine
    VerticalLine Hace 8 días

    time stone,reality stone,power stone,soul gem,mind stone,and last,space stone

  • nerf rocks
    nerf rocks Hace 8 días

    Mind stone, space stone, soul stone, time stone, reality stone, power stone.

  • Archana Arya
    Archana Arya Hace 8 días

    Yes I know all of these Infinity stones

  • MR. SKILL95
    MR. SKILL95 Hace 8 días

    Hmmm I wonder what it is it doesn’t say it on the box 😂

  • Charl Van ast
    Charl Van ast Hace 9 días +1


  • Charles Jordan Aslarona

    If it's super rare item why are they selling for just 50% ? doesnt make sense

    HASIB LALLMOHAMED Hace 11 días

    Reality time space power mind and soul

  • JT Kinard
    JT Kinard Hace 12 días

    Spiderman: Mr Stark I don't feel so good

  • JT Kinard
    JT Kinard Hace 12 días

    Power stone space stone reality stone soul stone time stone mind stone SNAP!!!!

  • Jack Will 89
    Jack Will 89 Hace 12 días

    On the screen it's showed Thanos

  • Jack Will 89
    Jack Will 89 Hace 12 días

    Why is the r backwards in Toys R Us

  • Sofie de rore
    Sofie de rore Hace 13 días

    reality stone space stone power stone time stone soul stone mind stone

  • Souheila Azzam
    Souheila Azzam Hace 13 días

    Have one dick

  • Jensen Hong
    Jensen Hong Hace 15 días

    I want it

    Harry BARRON-TOOP Hace 15 días


    Harry BARRON-TOOP Hace 15 días


  • Charlie Mason
    Charlie Mason Hace 15 días

    space stone soul stone reality stone time stone power stone mind stone

  • XanDURR
    XanDURR Hace 16 días

    Why that clickbait title
    I fOuNd tHe rEaL iNfInItY gAuNtLaUnT
    Implying that it’s the real one from the movie especially when u say it’s rArE

  • Alvin reyes
    Alvin reyes Hace 16 días

    you are crazy

  • Emma Field
    Emma Field Hace 16 días

    soul/time/mind/realty/ /and

  • FNAF Friends World
    FNAF Friends World Hace 16 días

    Reality stone space stone time stone power stone soul stone and mind stone

  • Joshua Joel
    Joshua Joel Hace 17 días

    Stan is dead from November 12 2018

  • Yamen farhan
    Yamen farhan Hace 17 días


  • Halavao Valu
    Halavao Valu Hace 17 días

    Oh my gosh 😂

  • Nammy Kabubi
    Nammy Kabubi Hace 17 días

    I saw thanos

  • unboxing dude
    unboxing dude Hace 17 días +1

    T- tesseract/space stone
    H- heart/soul stone
    A-aeither/reality stone
    N-necklace/time stone
    O-orb/power stone
    S-scepter/mind stone

  • Javier Soto
    Javier Soto Hace 19 días


  • seth nelson
    seth nelson Hace 19 días

    Infinity stone

  • Manuel Mendoza Jose
    Manuel Mendoza Jose Hace 19 días +2

    Infinity stones:soul,mind,power,space,re-ality,time

  • jamal roha
    jamal roha Hace 19 días +1

    1 power stone 2 space stone 3 reality stone 4 soul stone 5 time stone and 6 mind stone

  • Archie Pike
    Archie Pike Hace 19 días

    Reality Stone

  • Archie Pike
    Archie Pike Hace 19 días

    Space stone
    Power stone
    Soul stone
    Time stone
    Mind stone

  • Charlie 2018
    Charlie 2018 Hace 20 días

    Pls don’t snap your fingers

    NICK THE HEDGEHOG Hace 20 días

    4:20 jajajajajajajajajajajaja 😂😂😂

  • Pirate Cool
    Pirate Cool Hace 20 días

    Tessaract/space stone
    Aether/reality stone
    Eye of Agamodo/Time Stone
    Vision/Mind stone
    Souls/soul stone
    Orb/power stone

  • Tere Biso
    Tere Biso Hace 20 días

    I sub and turn on the notification and like the video

  • Jayvadell 691
    Jayvadell 691 Hace 21 un día

    1 space stone (tessaract)
    2 mind stone (scepter/vision)
    3 power stone (orb)
    4 time stone (doctor strange)
    5 reality stone (eather)
    6 soul stone (gamora)

  • Oscar the dude
    Oscar the dude Hace 21 un día

    purple:power blue:space red:realliy orange:soul yellow:mind green:time

  • Sophieloan Vo
    Sophieloan Vo Hace 21 un día

    It is Time stone space stone mind stone soul stone and power stone

  • Steven Ortega
    Steven Ortega Hace 21 un día

    green is time:purple is power:blue is space:red is reality:orange is soul:yellow is mind sone

  • glangri2
    glangri2 Hace 22 días

    Why toys or us why 😣😣😣

  • Jace Alatorre
    Jace Alatorre Hace 23 días

    Sam knows

  • Giovanni Berrios
    Giovanni Berrios Hace 23 días


  • Brody Dub Videos
    Brody Dub Videos Hace 23 días

    Purple = power blue = space red = reality yellow = mind orange = soul green = time

  • Lynn Aloi
    Lynn Aloi Hace 23 días

    Lol at 3:39

  • bio netic
    bio netic Hace 24 días

    1. Power stone
    2. Space stone
    3. Reality stone
    4. Soul stone
    5. Time stone
    6. Mind stone

  • Anthony 7629
    Anthony 7629 Hace 24 días


  • Harrison Murray
    Harrison Murray Hace 25 días

    r.i.p.stan lee

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez Hace 25 días


  • Luciano Santos-Coy
    Luciano Santos-Coy Hace 25 días

    Toys r us is opening back up didn't you now

  • Jo Hermitage
    Jo Hermitage Hace 25 días

    Where is the notification bell

    KD FILMS Hace 25 días

    guava juice has gone down in content sorry unsubed

  • The zana
    The zana Hace 26 días

    you funny😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    SUHAIL ANKALGI Hace 26 días

    Soul stone, silver surfer.
    Mind stone, vision.
    Power stone, the collector.
    Space stone , Loki.
    Time Stone, doctor strange.
    Reality stone, malekith.

  • Clarita Masajo
    Clarita Masajo Hace 26 días

    I just know the yellow stone soul stone

  • Salahuddin Ashiq
    Salahuddin Ashiq Hace 26 días

    i have downloaded tub tapper

  • Noah Raps
    Noah Raps Hace 27 días

    I got it today

  • FranchGang Or D0ry Car3y
    FranchGang Or D0ry Car3y Hace 27 días

    That is cool rip toys r us

  • JorgechorcxPappy
    JorgechorcxPappy Hace 27 días

    his virginity level is over nine thousand

  • Marvel Fan
    Marvel Fan Hace 27 días

    Power (Purple)
    Space (Blue)
    Reality (Red)
    Soul (Orange)
    Time (Green)
    Mind (Yellow)

  • odd life
    odd life Hace 27 días

    Soul stone
    Space stone
    Mind stone
    Reality stone
    Power stone
    Time stone

  • Ivon Rodriguez
    Ivon Rodriguez Hace 28 días

    Soul stone,power stone,space stone,time stone

  • Tim Driscoll
    Tim Driscoll Hace 28 días

    The seekritkptmint

  • BasicallyImABot 4
    BasicallyImABot 4 Hace 28 días +1

    4:21 I see thanos

  • Perla Tuazon
    Perla Tuazon Hace 28 días

    i saw thanos

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith Hace 29 días

    Space, time, power, soul, mind, and reality stone

  • Ryan RnD
    Ryan RnD Hace 29 días

    You mean press the mind stone

  • AKNinja
    AKNinja Hace 29 días +1


  • Connor S
    Connor S Hace 29 días

    Mind power space reality time soul

  • Skippy.com123 Portillo

    Rip toys R us😥😥😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  • Emma Keller
    Emma Keller Hace un mes +1


  • Emilio Richman
    Emilio Richman Hace un mes

    Aw probably snap

  • biker brown
    biker brown Hace un mes

    space, power, time, mind, soul, reality

  • Perry Vlogs
    Perry Vlogs Hace un mes

    RIP Stan Lee 😢😢😢

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein Hace un mes

    Death stone

  • isabella sulzman
    isabella sulzman Hace un mes

    I want it no fair

  • Ultimate Son Goku
    Ultimate Son Goku Hace un mes

    Yellow - mind
    Red - reality
    Blue - space
    Purple - power
    Orange - soul
    Green - time

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Hace un mes

    And mind

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Hace un mes


  • Emilio Richman
    Emilio Richman Hace un mes

    Reality stone red inifine power small yellow stone 💎 and busted stone 💎 time stone 💎 green purple goddess costume power th e like if u liked to name them all!

  • Alanlegend1
    Alanlegend1 Hace un mes

    i gave you 4... god dam it i need to watch more avengers!!!!!!!

  • Alanlegend1
    Alanlegend1 Hace un mes

    all the infinity stone the soul stone the time stone the reality stone and the mind stone

  • Untitled 666
    Untitled 666 Hace un mes

    i downloaded tub tapper Edit: Pls pin heart and like pls :) Hahaha

  • Jefferson Razon
    Jefferson Razon Hace un mes

    Where do you buy that?

  • Zek Sanchez
    Zek Sanchez Hace un mes +1

    4:21 Thanos picture

  • Mrwan Abady
    Mrwan Abady Hace un mes

    I love you guava juice

  • Dark_gamer 64
    Dark_gamer 64 Hace un mes

    3:18 Roi: Can you do this?
    **gets 399$ chair**
    Me: *BUt CaN YOu DO ThiS?!*