University Challenge - S51E10 - St John's, Cambridge v Imperial

  • Publicado el 12 sep 2021
  • Apologies for the slightly later upload than usual, 'technology, who likes it'!
    In another first round match, two teams who have been champions in the past play each other for a place in the second round.
    Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
    Yes, I am aware of the answer to the starter question around the 20:18 mark
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  • Charsiupao
    Charsiupao Hace un año +1774

    ",,, on Ancient India". Zeng smiles, gives two thumbs up. Sheriff turns to look at him with a big smile, basically saying "all yours!". This team may be brilliant, but it's their likeability which makes them such fan favourites.

    • Esh Lim
      Esh Lim Hace un año +83


    • A A
      A A Hace un año +9


    • Nakynie
      Nakynie Hace un año +2

      So so true

    • sultan arya
      sultan arya Hace un año +18

      Its funny that when it comes to indian things the camera realy focus on sheriff because she is indian but all the question answered by zeng who is chinese

    • Charsiupao
      Charsiupao Hace un año +41

      @sultan arya Sheriff is British, though. I think the camera just focuses on whoever has the cutest expression or something. They probably have multiple cameras which switch back and forth and the choice of active camera could be just random?

  • Ted Davidson
    Ted Davidson Hace un año +1907

    Zeng on geography and Sheriff on art/literature. These two specialists along with two strong teammates will make Imperial tough to beat.

    • brendan kenny
      brendan kenny Hace un año +64

      It’s proving to be an unbeatable combination so far.

    • Equality For all
      Equality For all Hace un año +40

      Yes. Humble & respectful

    • Equality For all
      Equality For all Hace un año +3

      @brendan kenny may behaves like superior to fellow classmate

    • router coach
      router coach Hace un año +109

      I've watched three of these with Imperial college. I don't see it that way at all.... He seems like a pretty cool Team captain supported by an exceptionally strong team

    • Scribbles On My Wall
      Scribbles On My Wall Hace un año +3

      Did they won?

  • sfumato
    sfumato Hace un año +1228

    Zeng is strong but we can’t overlook Chan. He’s really the only reason St John’s will come back as a highest scoring losing team.

    • peiceofcheese87
      peiceofcheese87 Hace un año +116

      Chan is actually a powerhouse, probably even better than Zeng given the breadth of his knowledge

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +101

      Great leadership of Chan - going for more starters rather than endlessly discussing bonus questions.

    • Alan Hope
      Alan Hope Hace un año +30

      @peiceofcheese87 I wish he'd learn a bit more about microphones though. He's at the BBC, not the check-in desk at Easy Jet.

    • ExEssex :
      ExEssex : Hace un año +11

      @Alan Hope Agree. You'd think the sound man would tell them they don't need to move an inch to be heard clearly.

    • ԐԀɪ DԆŮМS
      ԐԀɪ DԆŮМS Hace un año +2

      And then, for Chan, 'This set of bonus questions is on the topic of _____' might as well be
      'I'm sorry, Mr. Chan, but your EasyJet flight has been cancelled.' Grimace!

  • population: me
    population: me Hace un año +826

    i love mays' smile when saying the geography answers because he knows zeng got it all :D

  • Z Z
    Z Z Hace un año +1106

    Zeng's efforts on the first picture round was one of the more impressive feats of knowledge I've seen on this show

    • IestynsViola
      IestynsViola Hace un año +109

      I'd have got them all eventually, but the speed at which he answered was astonishing!

    • Magic Machine
      Magic Machine Hace un año +52

      Maybe he's just a fan of Paradox Interactive strategy games lol

    • - WEAluka
      - WEAluka Hace un año +12

      I managed the starter faster, but his speed on the bonuses were incredible!

    • Jessica Ellina
      Jessica Ellina Hace un año +47

      His knowledge on geography in general was excellent.... nothing zen about Zeng!!!!!

    • ohbe18
      ohbe18 Hace un año +103

      @- WEAluka I hope you realize we the viewers get to see the starting pictures for quite a few seconds before it shows on the screens for the contestants. His buzzer was near instant.

  • Samantha Perkins
    Samantha Perkins Hace un año +337

    If CHAN and ZENG were in a team they would be truly a force to be reckoned with. Unbeatable, indomitable. 😊

  • Ally C
    Ally C Hace un año +406

    danggg i came for Zeng, but Chan knows his stuff!! a shame his teammates aren't strong enough. Imperial is a much more balanced team.

  • YourThird EyePsychology
    YourThird EyePsychology Hace un año +342

    What Ouyang lacks is confidence other ways she’s inteligent kudos to chan for carrying his team and imperial is just mindblowing

  • ShiningTiger
    ShiningTiger Hace un año +189

    Imperial was a balanced team. They are contributing equally. Good effort from Chan.

    PARIKHIT BARUAH Hace un año +525

    Zeng is a different animal, prolly the best quizzer I've seen thus far. Mind-blowingly strong knowledge of geography

    • Shanil Misra
      Shanil Misra Hace un año +55

      Getting those flag questions that quickly is genius really

    • Igor Mokin
      Igor Mokin Hace un año +47

      He's quick as hell, but is more of a narrow specialist. The whole team is very good though, so he can play to his strengths. I wouldn't call him the best this year, but he's up there.

    • Jacob Ramis
      Jacob Ramis Hace un año +2

      Reminiscent of Webb in Corpus Christi last year.

    • Gray V. Mhan
      Gray V. Mhan Hace un año +18

      Zeng has to be into maps on levels most people don't understand

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace un año

      I got them as quickly as him and I'm not smart

  • Oscar
    Oscar Hace un año +348

    I hope there are many more geography questions for Max Zeng in future matches :)

    • 翟
       Hace un año +12

      History as well!

  • Louise NFT
    Louise NFT Hace un año +213

    pleased to see that even though they won by a considerable amount, the game was not at all one-sided! both teams managed to score highly. to do as well as the losing team did is very commendable, that score would have 100% won against some other winning scores so far. well done to everyone

    • manewhairstyle
      manewhairstyle Hace un año +13

      both teams managed to score highly but the only reason they did is bc of chan. the rest of the team contributed close to nothing💀💀

    • Redefined Living
      Redefined Living Hace un año +3

      @manewhairstyle lol no.

  • V J
    V J Hace un año +183

    "Imperial Zeng" is so appropriate.. He is a boss!

    • chae
      chae Hace un año +16

      Certainly helps that there was a famous navigator admiral Zheng he of the Ming dynasty Imperial fleet

  • WonderWhatHappened
    WonderWhatHappened Hace un año +830

    Zeng is where Google Earth goes for answers.

    • Z K
      Z K Hace un año +2


    • I am ok
      I am ok Hace un año


  • daniel arbide
    daniel arbide Hace un año +120

    Chan is truly a master of many trades, he cannot be underestimated. He knows shit.

  • Shaun
    Shaun Hace un año +72

    Look at Mays so happily taking free map answers from Zeng haha

  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor Hace un año +170

    Zeng's flags and maps answers on the first picture round, particularly on the bonuses, was simply extraordinary. I got the starter, Poland, but was just starting to get my bearings on the other 3 when he was blurting out the answer. I'd rate Imperial 3rd best so far with St. John's safely inside the top 10.

    • Matthew Wu
      Matthew Wu Hace un año +5

      Even more so considering we see the images before they do

    • John Kramer
      John Kramer Hace un año +5

      The flags are redundant: if you recognize the countries by shape, then that's all you need to identify the connecting country. Of course if you don't recognise the countries by shape, the flags can help, but Zeng obviously doesn't need them. My knowledge isn't a patch on his, but I didn't need them either (I'm no good on flags in any case).

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace un año

      The map game was supet easy. I got them faster than he did and I'm nothing special.

    • Ronkyort0dox
      Ronkyort0dox Hace un año

      Yeah, I didn't even look at the flags

    • Aisea Mafi
      Aisea Mafi Hace un año +14

      @Ronkyort0dox you do know we the audience get to see the images seconds before the players are shown it on there screens right?

  • Stephen Ballantyne
    Stephen Ballantyne Hace un año +394

    That’s more like it - hard questions answered without fuss by a couple of knowledgable teams.
    It really helps to know your periodic table off by heart in this game, eh?

    • Igor Mokin
      Igor Mokin Hace un año +45

      And all cities in Uzbekistan and elsewhere, to say nothing of the world map with corresponding flags.

    • Stephen Ballantyne
      Stephen Ballantyne Hace un año +8

      @Igor Mokin Do they still publish those large-ish “family atlas” books they used to make when I was a kid? I can see poring over the actual physical pages of a modern one of those would be useful swot. Especially the Central Asia and Africa pages.
      And the CIA world handbook on the internet, probably.
      And possibly something on rural British churches. (Not this week, though.)

    • Igor Mokin
      Igor Mokin Hace un año +6

      @Stephen Ballantyne I think they still publish atlases in my country, don't know about Britain. I love the ones I've got at home though, and I agree that poring over one is more useful for a quizzer than reading electronic sources.

    • T K
      T K Hace un año

      @Igor Mokin have they changed the Afghan flag to the new Taliban flag yet?

    • Igor Mokin
      Igor Mokin Hace un año +1

      @T K you mean publishers who make atlases? Might depend on whether they accept the new Afghan regime or not. And then, even if they do, it will take some time for the actual book to be printed.

  • Germa42
    Germa42 Hace un año +39

    I literally cannot even comprehend how good Zeng’s geography knowledge is, mostly because I didn’t hear the full question most of the time 😂

  • Bushraa Kibriah
    Bushraa Kibriah Hace un año +35

    Chans team needs to help him more, he’s doing everything for them.

  • Vinz
    Vinz Hace un año +12

    Mays' smiles as he says the answers given by Zeng regarding Geography😂😂 99.99% accuracy

  • SC
    SC Hace un año +73

    Zeng's geography knowledge is IMMENSE. Well done, sir!

  • Obi Igwe
    Obi Igwe Hace un año +67

    Chan vs. Imperial. Imperial is a well rounded team and will go far. Chan's teammates need to do more on the starters.

  • Herr Schmidt
    Herr Schmidt Hace un año +94

    Interesting where Zeng is placed. I would have thought he would be seated next to the captain considering his involvement, but maybe with his confidence having him further away allows including the team.

    • thomas261989
      thomas261989 Hace un año +15

      I don't think it matters where the MVP sits. Loveday sat at the same seat in Gonville and Caius' season.

    • Adam M-S
      Adam M-S Hace un año +16

      Having been on UC years ago I can say we didn't really give much thought to the seating arrangement, except that one person requested to be on the captain's right. The other two were pretty much randomly seated. Mind you, we were a lowly, 'first round cannon fodder' team, so a certain lack of planning was probably to be expected. Not coached to the hilt on every aspect like an Oxbridge team.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +32

      @thomas261989 There is a tactical choice to be made. Put the shyest member on the far place and you end up with a team of three.

  • Tony Wilde
    Tony Wilde Hace un año +119

    I know I'm late to the party, but Zeng! Wowzers! Periodic table? African flags? Random Uzbekistani cities? Got ya covered 😂😂😂

  • Siyabonga Mchunu
    Siyabonga Mchunu Hace un año +192

    Imperial is back baby....this team inspires a lot of confidence.

  • Red
    Red Hace un año +172

    RIP to all those destroyed by Zeng at a Geoguessr battle royale

    • Jivya Jinn
      Jivya Jinn Hace un año +11

      I don't feel so bad about losing now I know this is the level of opposition I'm up against lol

    • I am ok
      I am ok Hace un año +1


  • Jivya Jinn
    Jivya Jinn Hace un año +69

    Zengs geography answers were mindblowing. Had to rewind and rewatch to take it all it. Savant level knowledge that quick. Up there with hapax legomenon meme worthiness.

  • Abby Heng
    Abby Heng Hace un año +22

    Max is the reason why I got hook with this show, impressive by his geo👍👍👍

    • Josh Abrillo
      Josh Abrillo Hace un año +5

      Same.. watched a short and am watching all episoodes now😂

  • Carlo
    Carlo Hace un año +35

    It's been a while since I last saw someone so good at geography and places! Well done Zeng! My heart is happy! Also, love the diversity in this match!

  • Yannick Ha'ra
    Yannick Ha'ra Hace un año +39

    by far my favourite match of the season so far! how exciting. really goes to show how even the losing teams can blast through answers. had they been up against any of the previous teams, they likely would've won I think.

  • Naga K
    Naga K Hace un año +253

    Nominate Imperial Zeng as the Usain Bolt of Geography Qs

    • Helen Swan
      Helen Swan Hace un año +2


    • DavidsonLoops
      DavidsonLoops Hace un año +1

      Why were there so many geography questions to begin with when Zengs in the game

    • Aisea Mafi
      Aisea Mafi Hace un año +12

      @DavidsonLoops Some questions may sound like geography questions but are actually not. These questions might have geographic clues or hints after the initial question, which sometimes allow players to either make an educated guess based on something they know about the location, or confirm that there hunch was right or wrong.
      For instance, Zeng answers a question about a poem that talks about the independence of a West African Country in the 19th Century. This question might sound like a geography question when in fact it's a history based question and a literary one. Imperial did not know the author nor did they know the poem so were forced to take a stab at it.
      Mays asks Zeng to take an educated guess and the only country he could think that made sense was Liberia.

  • lamomano12345
    lamomano12345 Hace un año +14

    22:48 chan actually beat zeng on a geography question. what a beast o_0

  • Fin Lloyd
    Fin Lloyd Hace 3 meses +1

    Zengs geography is effortless, may just smiles every geography question because he knows they have it in the bag.

  • KSfan4ever
    KSfan4ever Hace un año +87

    It's really exciting to watch a brilliant geography quizzer like Zang! Could he be Monkman #2?

    • Jordan P
      Jordan P Hace un año +1

      You mean Brandon?

    • zippygotsillyagain
      zippygotsillyagain Hace un año

      Emmanuel Guttenplan! Sorry, flashback, couldn't help it.

  • Asteries
    Asteries Hace un año +5

    Zeng's knowledge on world geography is next level insane

  • Richard Morley
    Richard Morley Hace un año +93

    No fuss, just straight answers. Excellent teams.Hope to see them both again. "Lake Garda" - any relation, Dave?

    • Dave Garda
      Dave Garda  Hace un año +54

      Well it's either the lake or the Irish police force, I'll take the lake over the police.

  • Harshini
    Harshini Hace un año +11

    Mays is great when it comes to find like "ok I know this ans is completely wrong" lol..he knows it before if that was an wrong answer lol 😂..he really make it more fun without any nervous

  • Diela
    Diela Hace un año +23

    Imperials are so well balanced 👏🏻

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +43

    Two very good teams tonight! And Imperial is a strong contender for best team! Certainly the second-highest scoring team so far! And they did it against a very good team to boot. Both teams will be seen again. (Edited because I forgot last week's score of 270 as highest)

  • Dennis Grießner
    Dennis Grießner Hace un año +50

    Zeng knows his geography alright. Even geo history. Good stuff!

  • Snehil Mishra
    Snehil Mishra Hace un año +47

    Would love to see Zeng in a Geography quiz.

  • lychvy
    lychvy Hace un año +33

    As a Singaporean, this makes me really proud hahahah! Zeng's insane!

  • Lasse Diercks
    Lasse Diercks Hace un año +4

    unbelievable hard carry by Imperial Zeng - extraordinary performance.

  • Krombopulos Michael
    Krombopulos Michael Hace un año +11

    Zeng is utterly insane. I can't believe how quick he is

  • girl girl
    girl girl Hace un año +155

    Chan couldn't do it all by himself.

  • Borislav Hristov
    Borislav Hristov Hace un año +2

    Zeng is a killer on Geography! Well done mate.

  • Calvin Miner
    Calvin Miner Hace 8 meses +1

    wow, this is where it all began- Imperial's tremendous romp.

  • ChanTheGreat21
    ChanTheGreat21 Hace un año +19

    That picture round was honestly insane, he had the answer before I deciphered 3 of the flags lmao

  • tomie myspace
    tomie myspace Hace un año +14

    Max Zheng confirmed 90 points per serie will already assured Imperial to win it. The others, admiringly too, will just confirmed it further.

  • Meevious
    Meevious Hace un año +64

    20:24 After that appellation from the quizzees, a nod from the quizzers, Dave!
    Mr. Paxman also went to the trouble to pronounce it himself, just as you wanted.
    A subtler moment, but perhaps more momentous. I'm guessing they didn't want to risk killing you by way of tea inhalation. =)

  • Taex.v
    Taex.v Hace un año +4

    Chan is like the Zeng of his team 💀

  • Antti Helin
    Antti Helin Hace un año +71

    I don't think "Garda" was a coincidence. A question-setter wanted to sneak that in, maybe they knew already, maybe the earlier Dave Garda moment clued them in.

    • Oscar
      Oscar Hace un año +9

      At least one of the question-setters (Max Fitz-James) is a former contestant, who had commented on Dave Garda's uploads a couple years ago so I'm thinking it was deliberate now

  • saraschya
    saraschya Hace un año +4

    zeng is incredible! he got all the answer from geography question hahahahah and mays seem enjoy it 😂

  • pikapikacheww
    pikapikacheww Hace un año +3

    not me marathon every episode of these competitions when i literally have an exam for tmr 😭 the fact that i just found a clip about this competition and i have watched almost all of em 😃

  • Storyteller Shephered
    Storyteller Shephered Hace un año +9

    Zeng belong to biochemistry and answers every questions on geography and India
    He impressed me with his ancient India answers.

  • John Cartwright
    John Cartwright Hace un año +18

    Should be dubbed 'Zing-zing' Zeng for speed of answers! Poor Chan seemed to be a one-man team; confirmed by the stats from poster Lindokuhle Sibande here, whom I thank for their work!

  • Thomas Warren
    Thomas Warren Hace un año +21

    Zeng's geographical knowledge is awesome

  • Leftin Lister
    Leftin Lister Hace un año +10

    An imaginary team with Sheriff and Chan would be un-lay-wasteable!

  • population: me
    population: me Hace un año +6

    st.johns chan is super fast and their teamwork is also there, i like the young team participants in university challenge

  • Slobodan Reka
    Slobodan Reka Hace un año +7

    23:55 Paxo doesn't stop asking the question even though someone buzzed, which is weird.
    If George had listened to Paxo's word overspill, he'd have known it was the bouncing bomb.

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +20

    I would rank the best teams I've seen so far as 1. Edinburgh, 2. Imperial, 3. Trinity, 4. Hertford, 5. Reading

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P Hace un año +28

    Well, well done Zeng on winning University Challenge 2021/22

    • Adrian Gonzales
      Adrian Gonzales Hace un año +1

      They won?

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace un año +1

      @Adrian Gonzales no final is on 4th april

    • Adrian Gonzales
      Adrian Gonzales Hace un año +1

      @Sharanya Ray which channel can i watch this even

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace un año +2

      @Adrian Gonzales if you are in uk then BBC 2 otherwise you have to wait till next monday for Dave to upload in this channel.

    • Sharanya Ray
      Sharanya Ray Hace un año +2

      @Adrian Gonzales well they did now

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +16

    Thanks again for the upload, Dave! Enjoying the very British dish of fish and chips tonight! With Dr. Pepper!

  • Yaru byaching gumsing
    Yaru byaching gumsing Hace un año +3

    Chen was the only who was leading the team💟

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise Hace un año +21

    If ever I go travelling, I want Zeng with me as my guide!!!

  • Cosy Cribs
    Cosy Cribs Hace un año +14

    Goodness me I haven't yet seen all the flags properly and Zeng already named the 2 surrounding neighbouring countries and the correct answer being the country in the middle. Not just his knowledge but his eyes and brains are God mode as well!

  • Silver
    Silver Hace 11 meses +2

    Chan and Ouyang have good chemistry

  • Animated Wrestling League
    Animated Wrestling League Hace un año +11

    Big changes in the standings this week!!
    Current top 4 runners up with 4 first round matches left to play:
    1. St. John's- Cambridge-155
    2&3 (TIE). UCL (University College London)-135
    2&3 (TIE). Emmanuel-Cambridge-135
    4. Strathclyde-110
    Eliminated: Oxford Brookes, Durham, Manchester, Peterhouse-Cambridge, Glasgow (Falls from top 4 this week), London Business School (Falls from top 4 this week)
    Lowest winning score(s): King’s College London & Queen Mary London-115

  • Lucy Lou
    Lucy Lou Hace un año +18

    His team is impressive but wow, all hail the Zeng master. Thanks, as always, (Lago di ) Dave. 🐨🌷

  • 2eleven48
    2eleven48 Hace un año +9

    It's interesting how the Greek alphabet undergoes changes in pronunciation in English terms here and elsewhere, e.g. ipsilon becomes upsilon, yota becomes iota, phi (phee) becomes phi (eye), thelta (hard 'th') becomes delta, v becomes b in beta.

  • Meya
    Meya Hace un año +6

    Zeng is a biochem student but mastered in geography. Just woah

  • parkviewmo
    parkviewmo Hace un año

    Two good team and some difficult questions! I hope we see both of them back. Thank you, Dave Garda!

    • CoolSpace
      CoolSpace Hace un año

      Would't be surprised to end up as if this were a rehearsal for the final

  • Empress Touch
    Empress Touch Hace un año +2

    Two very classy captains, both very comfortable in their own judgement NOT to rely on nominating.
    There were some awesome individual performances too.
    Given that BOTH these teams have succeeded in two of the previous four titles, this didn't disappoint.
    (Even if they were answering the bonus questions faster than even the subtitles could help [so-and-sos] like me!?!)
    Those playing the Twitter Fantasy UC contest when it soon commences will do very well to note this fixture.
    Very high quality television broadcasting.

  • IestynsViola
    IestynsViola Hace un año +17

    One of the best first round games we've ever seen, I suspect; even if the result was not so much in doubt. If they avoid each other, a repeat for a semi final or final is a distinct possibility. Other teams could take note of what you can achieve if you answer what you know quickly, and don't waste any time on things you don't know.

  • I_ISIG
    I_ISIG Hace un año +3

    watching this makes me more depressed but I love it

  • Dotsanddash
    Dotsanddash Hace un año +4

    The answer for the last question before the gong is, Overthrow. For those of you wondering.

  • Lindokuhle Sibande
    Lindokuhle Sibande Hace un año +104

    *St John's College - Cambridge: 155*
    *Imperial: 210*
    *Stater Questions Stats*
    ST JOHN'S COLLEGE - CAMBRIDGE (85 points) :
    Clark = 0/2 { 0 points}
    George = 1/2 {10 minus 5 points}
    Chan = 8/10 {80 points}
    Ouyang = 0/1 {0 points}
    Starter Questions success rate = 60%
    IMPERIAL (95 points):
    Zeng = 5/5 {50 points}
    Sheriff = 2/2 {20 points}
    Mays = 2/3 {20 points}
    Jackson = 1/4 {10 minus 5 points}
    Starter Questions success rate = 71.43%

    *Bonus Questions Stats*
    Bonus Questions success rate: 51.85% (14/27)
    IMPERIAL : 115 points
    Bonus Questions success rate: 76.67% (23/30)
    *Top 4 Losing Scores As It Stands*
    1. St John's College - Cambridge (155)
    2. UCL (135), Emmanuel-Cambridge (135)
    4.Strathclyde (110)

    • John Burkinshaw
      John Burkinshaw Hace un año +9

      Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año +8

      Really appreciate your efforts!

    • Jivya Jinn
      Jivya Jinn Hace un año +4

      Fantastic! Thanks again :)

    • Regin Manamba
      Regin Manamba Hace un año +1

      Thanks for taking charge of this now that Don Fatale is MIA. I shall look forward to reading your breakdown of scores.

  • tycoob
    tycoob Hace un año +2

    Imperial Zeng is my new favorite Star Wars character

  • Chris Hobbs
    Chris Hobbs Hace un año +18

    Next week's match will be interesting in that Paxman's alma mater St Catharine’s College, Cambridge will be going up against University College, Oxford. Paxo does love his Oxbridge matches. This will be the first time I'll see him preside over a match involving his old college.

  • SlideTapGames
    SlideTapGames Hace un año +9

    A refreshingly fast-paced match. Imperial were ridiculously fast on so many questions - so much so that I didn’t get a chance to look at the flag picture round before they answered. Ended up breaking my record with 24 questions this time but didn’t beat the students to many.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt Hace un año +4

      Yep, impressive captaining - Mays knows what direction to turn, gets the answer and decides.

  • parap
    parap Hace un año +4

    I recognized Armenia 😁 Always love a good Armenia reference on UC. Greetings from Yerevan!

  • Fesam thelastfireboy.
    Fesam thelastfireboy. Hace un año +1

    I have this feeling that Zen already soup the geography of planet Mars.

  • dilatasi alkena
    dilatasi alkena Hace 4 meses

    I'm just in awe of you Max!

  • Erulian
    Erulian Hace un año +50

    The answer to the last question is simply "Overthrows." Took me a while to realize its simplicity.

    • Michael Airley
      Michael Airley Hace un año +1

      As a cricket fan it was easy for me.

    • Erulian
      Erulian Hace un año +4

      @Michael Airley I hardly even watch Baseball, let alone Cricket. I always skip over the Cricket questions when watching UC.

      RUBBER BULLET Hace un año +1

      I guessed overrun, but I guess I was wrong. Overthrow seems to have two slightly different stresses; in my head, anyway.

    • Erulian
      Erulian Hace un año +1

      @Michael Airley Will do! :D

  • Maire Fisher
    Maire Fisher Hace un año +2

    Thanks, Dave! This was a fabulous contest.

  • Alex Alexon
    Alex Alexon Hace un año

    What a great battle. George looks like a rock star.

  • Jane G
    Jane G Hace un año +4

    Great match! Thank you, Dave.

  • population: me
    population: me Hace un año +5

    my third comment because this round is so good, imperial keeps smiling and that makes me smile so wide too, its true, their behaviours are what attracts people !

  • Marty
    Marty Hace un año +4

    A good contest this week. Thanks Dave.

  • GroovingPict
    GroovingPict Hace un año +21

    I wouldnt want to go up against Zeng in a Geography quiz

  • SSgt Mole
    SSgt Mole Hace un año +2

    Well played, both teams.

  • Angeline Ng
    Angeline Ng Hace un año +1

    Hahah i actually know the answer to one question that neither team knew - Earthshot award. But still damn some amazing brilliance here!

  • Nasri Noor Azam
    Nasri Noor Azam Hace un año +16

    Now I'm finally understand what Level Asian really means

  • Duncan Thorpe
    Duncan Thorpe Hace un año +34

    One can't help but wonder if the answer at 20:26 was inspired by the answer that was inspired by you.

    • Chris Hobbs
      Chris Hobbs Hace un año +11

      "Dave Garda" is always the right answer!

  • Alan Hope
    Alan Hope Hace un año +159

    Mays overruled Sheriff on three occasions and got it wrong every time. He needs to listen to his team, including the one who's a woman. She knows her stuff.

    • Nikola Manojlovic
      Nikola Manojlovic Hace un año +10

      Ah, bring in gender and sexism where none exist. Classic.

    • MoOt
      MoOt Hace un año +17

      @Nikola Manojlovic and you know that how? Or do you just always order people to stop mentioning sexism?

    • Nikola Manojlovic
      Nikola Manojlovic Hace un año +7

      @MoOt I didn't order anything and I generally don't issue commands to people, you know, autonomy and respect. I am stating an obvious observation, something a child could ascertain just by watching the episode. Luckily, I've also been on quiz teams in my uni days nearly a decade ago and there's literally zero focus on a person's genitalia and all of the focus on their abilities as a contestant. The original comment would have made sense without the gender part, because it has everything to do with the team captain's ego and not with his inability to listen to female team members.

    • Charsiupao
      Charsiupao Hace un año +14

      He also changed his answer once and went with Sheriff's, when his original answer was correct, so it works both ways. It's just how the game works, and you win some, you lose some. Don't read too much into it.

    • Elda
      Elda Hace un año +10

      It's chance, he took his chance, some were right, some were wrong.
      You look too deep into this

  • Bob Hill
    Bob Hill Hace un año +3

    Glad to see jackson keep going and get one right at the end!

  • Danni J
    Danni J Hace un año +1

    Lived for many decades only to end up here to realize how much I need to learn. My font of knowledge is just lagging.

  • ddopantss
    ddopantss Hace un año +2

    i just realized mays general knowledge was crazy

  • Leon J
    Leon J Hace un año +15

    Sheriff, Zheng, Chan. Good match.