University Challenge - S51E10 - St John's, Cambridge v Imperial

  • Publicado el 12 sep 2021
  • Apologies for the slightly later upload than usual, 'technology, who likes it'!
    In another first round match, two teams who have been champions in the past play each other for a place in the second round.
    Jeremy Paxman asks the questions.
    Yes, I am aware of the answer to the starter question around the 20:18 mark

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  • Charsiupao

    ",,, on Ancient India". Zeng smiles, gives two thumbs up. Sheriff turns to look at him with a big smile, basically saying "all yours!". This team may be brilliant, but it's their likeability which makes them such fan favourites.

  • Ted Davidson
    Ted Davidson Hace un año +1

    Zeng on geography and Sheriff on art/literature. These two specialists along with two strong teammates will make Imperial tough to beat.

  • sfumato
    sfumato Hace un año +1

    Zeng is strong but we can’t overlook Chan. He’s really the only reason St John’s will come back as a highest scoring losing team.

  • population: me

    i love mays' smile when saying the geography answers because he knows zeng got it all :D

  • Z Z
    Z Z Hace un año +1

    Zeng's efforts on the first picture round was one of the more impressive feats of knowledge I've seen on this show

  • Samantha Perkins

    If CHAN and ZENG were in a team they would be truly a force to be reckoned with. Unbeatable, indomitable. 😊

  • Umyesplis
    Umyesplis  +325

    What Ouyang lacks is confidence other ways she’s inteligent kudos to chan for carrying his team and imperial is just mindblowing

  • Ally C
    Ally C  +386

    danggg i came for Zeng, but Chan knows his stuff!! a shame his teammates aren't strong enough. Imperial is a much more balanced team.

  • ShiningTiger

    Imperial was a balanced team. They are contributing equally. Good effort from Chan.

    PARIKHIT BARUAH Hace un año +499

    Zeng is a different animal, prolly the best quizzer I've seen thus far. Mind-blowingly strong knowledge of geography

  • Louise NFT
    Louise NFT Hace un año +205

    pleased to see that even though they won by a considerable amount, the game was not at all one-sided! both teams managed to score highly. to do as well as the losing team did is very commendable, that score would have 100% won against some other winning scores so far. well done to everyone

  • Oscar
    Oscar Hace un año +340

    I hope there are many more geography questions for Max Zeng in future matches :)

  • Shaun
    Shaun  +66

    Look at Mays so happily taking free map answers from Zeng haha

  • V J
    V J  +169

    "Imperial Zeng" is so appropriate.. He is a boss!

  • Germa42
    Germa42  +33

    I literally cannot even comprehend how good Zeng’s geography knowledge is, mostly because I didn’t hear the full question most of the time 😂

  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor Hace un año +170

    Zeng's flags and maps answers on the first picture round, particularly on the bonuses, was simply extraordinary. I got the starter, Poland, but was just starting to get my bearings on the other 3 when he was blurting out the answer. I'd rate Imperial 3rd best so far with St. John's safely inside the top 10.

  • daniel arbide
    daniel arbide Hace un año +114

    Chan is truly a master of many trades, he cannot be underestimated. He knows shit.

  • Bushraa Kibriah

    Chans team needs to help him more, he’s doing everything for them.

  • Vinz
    Vinz  +8

    Mays' smiles as he says the answers given by Zeng regarding Geography😂😂 99.99% accuracy

  • Stephen Ballantyne
    Stephen Ballantyne Hace un año +391

    That’s more like it - hard questions answered without fuss by a couple of knowledgable teams.