'Dances with Wolves' actor accused of running cult, sexually assaulting girls in North Las Vegas

  • Publicado el 30 ene 2023
  • Actor Nathan Chasing Horse has been taken into custody on allegations that he ran a cult and sexually assaulted girls. The “Dances with Wolves” actor is accused of targeting indigenous girls who were in need, claiming that spirits wanted them to have sex with him, and promising them they’d be part of “The Circle,” the 8 News Now Investigators have learned.

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  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered Hace un mes +609

    They need to investigate this in the larger context of missing native women and girls in the west in general. That has been largely ignored.

    • alisha shields
      alisha shields Hace un mes

      @Zed's Dead Bless your heart and tell Hitler I said, hey

    • alisha shields
      alisha shields Hace un mes

      @Zed's Dead NO, I sent it to the right person. You seem like a really angry person or maybe your just sick of being blamed for things you didn't do throughout history and are just trying to get through life like everyone else. I get it. Believe me. As I read through all these comments it makes me feel so hopeless. Like the world is on fire. Sorry if I fanned your flames. Have a good day

  • CS Jobson
    CS Jobson Hace un mes +54

    I’m so sorry this happened these women. Swift Justice for them. My God. 🙏🏾

    • Marcus Jr
      Marcus Jr Hace un mes +1

      It worse for young boys. They never get help

  • Nicci Dee
    Nicci Dee Hace un mes +124

    Since they don't want to throw up a picture for you, Nathan-Chasing-Horse played "Smiles-A-Lot" in the movie Dances with Wolves.

    • Jerry Don Quixote
      Jerry Don Quixote Hace un mes

      @Liz Lemon you jealous lmao 🤣

    • Liz Lemon
      Liz Lemon Hace un mes

      @Jerry Don Quixote says the guy whose only subscription channels are busty Asian women and gun shows. 😂

    • Jerry Don Quixote
      Jerry Don Quixote Hace un mes

      @Atdotcom exactly hit the nail right on the damn head!

    • X
      X Hace un mes +1

      Thank you. I was wondering which actor he was

  • Trumpia Lightning
    Trumpia Lightning Hace un mes +421

    Tell me who's not a sexual predator in Hollywood...

    • MrStaybrown
      MrStaybrown Hace un mes

      In Las Vegas

    • Ch3k420
      Ch3k420 Hace un mes

      Tell me who’s not a sexual predator in the church…..

    • msn
      msn Hace un mes +1


    • godbyone andy godby
      godbyone andy godby Hace un mes

      Maybe Betty white but never know.

    • Yasmine Vine
      Yasmine Vine Hace un mes

      I live in Hollywood. I've never met one. Only things like this in small communities with dominating beliefs on women. And they weren't in Hollywood

  • Shelly Warren
    Shelly Warren Hace un mes +4

    OH my goodness PRAYERS going out to the family and friends

  • Hello Destiny
    Hello Destiny Hace un mes +9

    This really gotta stop. My family was targeted by one of these. They got my kids on board. Then stalked and harrased me. Stg I was approached by 2 demons using the same words. They were yelling "Prove your loyalty to The Circle" and we're bragging about material possessions. These people ruined my entire life. Pray, watch and pray some more. And most importantly take strong action when you see weirdo, psycho or any other unnatural types of energy attempting to gain access to your family. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything of the sort. I'm a living witness of how far these groups will go to silence people if they feel you know to much and you won't cooperate with their agenda.

  • Larissa
    Larissa Hace un mes +82

    I had a similar experience with a person in Santa Rosa, CA. He held me hostage at one point and dumped animal blood in my house. He still walks free.
    I wish nothing but safety and comfort for the victims.

    • new flower
      new flower Hace un mes


    • Larissa
      Larissa Hace un mes

      @edu thanx

    • edu
      edu Hace un mes

      @Larissa sorry, what gl means is good luck, sincerely wish tje best for you

    • Larissa
      Larissa Hace un mes +1

      @fuxi um...ok.

  • ArghMatey
    ArghMatey Hace un mes +51

    The worst is when the predators/abusers are from your own community

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes +2

      @Jake Makanui You never now. Native women have been speaking about domestic violence they face on the reservation, but because they are looked down on they aren’t taken seriously, so maybe this incident will encourage people to take things more seriously, and realize that internal issues need just as much attention as external issues?

    • offgrid
      offgrid Hace un mes

      Why is that worse?? Are you saying that people from outside your community are not worth as much?? Wow

    • Free Man
      Free Man Hace un mes

      Is it?

    • Phillip Swisher
      Phillip Swisher Hace un mes +1

      That is true 90% of the time for all crimes, among all communities.

  • kā
     Hace un mes +81

    Whoa,this is deep.
    Justice for the victims.

  • Rj Chavers
    Rj Chavers Hace un mes +93

    Did I miss it or did this station just choose to not show his picture or booking photos?

    • fuxi
      fuxi Hace un mes

      All these people are the Same as this guy

    • John Le
      John Le Hace un mes +1

      It’s smiles a lot

    • Brad Emerick
      Brad Emerick Hace un mes +8

      they didn't have a native American reporter as a go to either .

  • vidform
    vidform Hace un mes +123

    "...single parent homes without a father-figure." We need more good fathers in the home.

    • Larro G
      Larro G Hace un mes

      70% of all children murdered, are murdered by their own mother. The father isn't always the problem.

    • Yasmine Vine
      Yasmine Vine Hace un mes +1

      Nathan was a father at home to many! Has nothing to do with what you're saying. Do you always make everything about your Own issues?? This isn't about you

    • vidform
      vidform Hace un mes

      @Richard That's why I said we need more GOOD fathers in the home.

    • Hyacinth
      Hyacinth Hace un mes

      That's a wide open field!

    • Eris🦇 Mana
      Eris🦇 Mana Hace un mes

      Triggered i-cels 😂

  • Exploring the Ka with Ra Castaldo

    How does this stay secret, so many people are guilty for keeping this secret and that's just as bad !!!!!

    • MrStaybrown
      MrStaybrown Hace un mes

      So many of his family, his parents, aunts, uncles, siblings all hid it for him..They're all helping him live this way.

    • kingPoodieTV
      kingPoodieTV Hace un mes

      Notice how they didn't even show him. What type of news coverage is this

    • Dominique Xo
      Dominique Xo Hace un mes

      @Impulse_XS america citizen. She had both parents in her life and she was a brat at the time. I personally think he took her against her will because she wouldn’t go with any stranger but her close friends🤦🏻‍♀️ I knew the danger of letting her go as a minor but I wanted to teach her a lesson. I have 3 daughters and 2 boy’s all minors

    • Dominique Xo
      Dominique Xo Hace un mes

      @James Hoffa thanks

  • Veronica De Hoyos
    Veronica De Hoyos Hace un mes +83

    Wow what a disgusting individual he is! 🤬

    • Abri
      Abri Hace un mes +2

      U must as well say that of most hollywood, aka dirtywood

    DJ HENDOE-SKII Hace un mes +4

    The money doesn't change you, just makes you 20x more the person you already was

  • live4life
    live4life Hace un mes +1

    Anybody can be a actor. Glad they finally did something about him and hope they capture all the others like him

  • 2006glg
    2006glg Hace un mes +25

    I had no idea who he was and on the thumb it says Nathan chasing horse accused of sexual assault, and without knowing this was someone's name, that sentence went into my brain in an entirely different way. I thought what does someone chasing a horse have to do with anything and can horses commit sexual assault?? So glad I watched the whole video or else I'd still be confused.

    • P B
      P B Hace un mes +1

      Its the media.....did you expect facts?

    • Eris🦇 Mana
      Eris🦇 Mana Hace un mes +1

      Don't feel bad easy to misread

    • Shawn
      Shawn Hace un mes +3

      Same! I was like, WTF am I reading?? So, I had to see video.


      The horse raced past the barn fell.

  • Blaise and the Bambina
    Blaise and the Bambina Hace un mes +20

    On July 6, 2015, after attempting to hold a Sun Dance ceremony in the area, Chasing Horse was banned from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana as a "safety threat", due to charges of "human trafficking, sexual abuse, drug dealing and intimidation of tribal members" wikipedia

  • Smart Guy
    Smart Guy Hace un mes +105

    Everyone knows what is going on the laws just need to step it up these are minors and children this is abuse and rape.

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez Hace un mes +71

    A real predator caught way too late…..

  • Truong Ly
    Truong Ly Hace un mes +15

    Always listen to what your mom telling you kids "Don't answer your door, don't talk to strangers and trust your instincts" This world are full of psycho and evil!

    • MrStaybrown
      MrStaybrown Hace un mes

      Just because someone is in a film doesn't mean that person is a good person.

    • ferretyluv
      ferretyluv Hace un mes +2

      This wasn’t a stranger or someone breaking in. He was a groomer, which means he knew them.

  • Lee M
    Lee M Hace un mes +8

    Show us what he looks like could be more victims out there. He gave two cents about the children he has done this too. Show us his picture. Show us! He is a real creep and all who knew he was involved with minors and did nothing should be charged too. Sick. Show us his picture he should be on every news station over this. Thank you for reporting this.

  • Sunny O'The White Moor
    Sunny O'The White Moor Hace un mes +2

    As if we don't have enough to deal with, with native girls and women being murdered and trafficked every day. This is absolutely atrocious.

  • quinara proctor
    quinara proctor Hace un mes +97

    Why aren’t we doing more to protect our future/children

    • Curtis Payne
      Curtis Payne Hace un mes

      They do something and your response is to do more....ffs

    • J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉
      J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉ Hace un mes +1

      The problem isn't just one thing. My ex husband was extremely abusive to me. Tracked everything I did. Ended up him holding me captive in my 2nd floor apartment with a knife to my throat. He was crazy. Eventually, there was a noise that he looked the other way... and I grabbed the phone and ran into the bathroom and called 911. He was charged with 2 felonies... Aggravated Assault and False Imprisonment. He was in jail for all of 3 days... he even plead guilty to both charges. I even appeared in court to tell them how dangerous he was. They let him go. And he came after me again. Stalks me every now and then. The cops did their job. They were really good to me. But I've lost all faith in the justice system. His rights matter more than my life does and that's just how it is. I conceal carry everyday... and always have gun in reach somewhere. That's one side of it, the real side of it.
      The other side of it... isn't pretty either. Many women want to take them back so they won't help the police and the judges just dismiss the case. Others actually lie. When women lie about abuse and falsely accuse men, it makes it harder for the real victims. I know it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. It happens enough that when a woman is claiming abuse, almost all men will roll their eyes and think "here we go again". And we need to be believed. It really is a serious issue.

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes

      @Emily Feagin You’re answer isn’t cynical. It’s the truth. It’s why despite being fined or fired for misconduct business and people still act partake in bad behavior. They don’t care and there is no real incentive to protect.

  • Keetah Brough
    Keetah Brough Hace un mes +35

    I'm in northern canada and I heard about him freaking years ago.. that he was doing that stuff. Well, it just shows that indigenous are not immune to that corruption that has snaked its' way onto the planet. that we are also human, and make bad mistakes, if the deed serves us. Lookit any Band Chief there is and carefully. There's plenty who are doing crazy ass stuff.. just like this guy. Go on. Do it. You'll be SHOCKED.

    • Acadian FrenchFry
      Acadian FrenchFry Hace un mes +2

      Ethnicity doesn't play a role in corruption. Human nature does. It's all a sin problem, not a skin problem.

    • offgrid
      offgrid Hace un mes +4

      Why would indigenous be immune from corruption?? What on earth made you think that in the first place? Crime numbers are astronomical in native communities

    • ArghMatey
      ArghMatey Hace un mes +4

      Yup, crazy how these things are known but swept under the rug within the communities it occurs in. I keep thinking r Kelly, Kevin spacey, Ryan singer...

  • gen
    gen Hace un mes +9

    so this is actually my neighbor and i was the one that took the video showing the swat team in the driveway. i haven’t lived there for that long but the few months i’ve been living there i’ve never seen a single car parked in the driveway, not one person leave or enter the house. this was all happening in front of me and i was honestly js so shocked that he was my neighbor. i js got so scared when i heard the swat teams sirens and them saying “everyone leave the house” or wtv it was and i’m guessing they were still investigating until 3 or 4 in the morning since i woke up around that time but i’m not sure since i fell back asleep. anyways i’m js still shocked i was living in the same neighborhood as him 😭

    • atomictraveller
      atomictraveller Hace un mes

      one of the things we have yet to learn as a culture, is to remain silent lest our relatively meaningless comments occlude a more meaningful and informed statement like this that tangibly adds to the information.

    • miapdx
      miapdx Hace un mes

      Bless you, no one wants this kind of notoriety. We can't pick our neighbors but if we could we we would all say "no cult leaders, please." 😒

  • Kami M.
    Kami M. Hace un mes +1

    Those poor girls 😢 some people are just demons, praying for the Native community 🙏🏾

  • John White
    John White Hace un mes +46

    A creep from Hollywood wow I’m shocked .

    • Yasmine Vine
      Yasmine Vine Hace un mes

      I live in Hollywood. So many nice people here. They weren't in Hollywood

    • Brandon Hinrichs
      Brandon Hinrichs Hace un mes

      Yeah he's not from Hollywood This isn't even in Hollywood. Chances are he was born on an Indian reservation and as far as I know there aren't many Indian reservations in Hollywood

    • Eric Von Harding
      Eric Von Harding Hace un mes

      Vegas actually

  • M king82
    M king82 Hace un mes +75

    They've been trying to take him down now for years I guess they finally succeeded although this allegation is way worse than what he has been accused of.

    • L Z
      L Z Hace un mes

      Exactly!! Thank you to the Las Vegas PD for listening to the victims and taking action.

    • M F
      M F Hace un mes +11

      Why does it alway takes years for cops to hold these nut jobs accountable? Stalking, rape, terrorizing, beatings, it's all swept under the rug or (pretty pathetic) excuses given about how they can't protect them.

  • Trina2021
    Trina2021 Hace un mes +6

    Thats is gross n shameful. 🤔😖 I pray the Victims get justice.

  • Yanke Swet
    Yanke Swet Hace un mes +9

    This basically describes Beverly hills.
    But underage girls and boys.
    God save their souls 🙏

  • flight2k5
    flight2k5 Hace un mes +23

    Nathan wasn’t chasing horses. He was chasing something else.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton Hace un mes +1

    Thanks for making me to have to look him up to determine what character he played and to get an image of him. Great reporting.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton Hace un mes

      @miapdx Uh gee he was an actor in a movie and I (like I'm sure many) wondered which one he happened to be? Not everything has to do with race, you freaking marshmellow.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton Hace un mes

      @miapdx What are you talking about?

    • miapdx
      miapdx Hace un mes

      Gee, race means a lot to you, doesn't it. 😒

  • Lisa Jean Shinobu MORGANA

    Oh Lord have no mercy if found guilty in a court of law. Blessed Be us beautiful sisters 👯‍♀️ 🐴🪬🫶🏽🥲✊🏽🦉🐻‍❄️🐻🦊🦅🪶🌞🌚

  • namco003
    namco003 Hace un mes +1

    Just listened to a true crime podcast episode about Native girls missing near, or from reservation areas around LV area. Doesn't really get covered, but i'm sure it will now. Apparently, the only true way to put a stop to an issue, is make sure the person is connected to Hollywood.

  • Sunshine Butterfly
    Sunshine Butterfly Hace un mes +2

    unfortunately this is common in the indigenous community. it's very common place for native american women to be molested by other native american men and many times it's their own family members. the chances of them being raped and abused by their own people are sadly very high

  • David P
    David P Hace un mes +8

    How come they didn't show a picture of him?

    • Tom R
      Tom R Hace un mes +1

      for a small fee I can teach you to go on the internet and look him up - its amazing tech.

    • Shawn
      Shawn Hace un mes

      Because criminals have rights🤬🤬🤬

  • dawntina skinner
    dawntina skinner Hace un mes +2

    We need a picture of Nathan in this report

  • Southernburrito
    Southernburrito Hace un mes

    🤦🏼 ya know, I really did have a several up close structural craft ufo encounters & some really weird stuff happen to me & I never once thought of ever doing anything like this weird cr@p these other people do. “The Circle” “Spirit Sex Coercion”??? Oh I understand it, but that’s not my heart. If anything I was worried for others at what occurred that I couldn’t explain. My worst came from the examination of cult propagandas of the unexplained in contrast with Holy Scripture attempting to find the truth amidst all the liars, but all I ever did was storm up into mountains in the dark to see who wanted to put what monies where there mouth is & give my respect to God! ✝️

  • Mickie Griffin
    Mickie Griffin Hace un mes

    Oh my God prayers for strength God will get justice

  • tosh rizzle
    tosh rizzle Hace un mes +18

    I'm sorry but this is where good parenting comes into play. IF YOURE INVOLVED IN YOUR CHILDS LIFE YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR KIDS FROM PEOPLE LIKE THIS. I was a single mother

    • your tears are wine to me
      your tears are wine to me Hace un mes +8

      How about holding the men who create single mother's accountable?
      If a man doesn't want to marry the women he impregnated then he needs to stay celibate until marriage.
      Also I see no one keeping these father's from their children?
      60 percent of father's who do fight custody wins but let's keep most father's don't want to take care of children.

  • WLM Activist
    WLM Activist Hace un mes +8

    And yet you refuse to show his face

    • Lynn Vh
      Lynn Vh Hace un mes +1

      @Tom R Oh ok... sorry my bad 😂😆

    • Tom R
      Tom R Hace un mes

      @Lynn Vh Ssshhhh - I was working an angle, Imagine spending more effort complainning then it takes to actually look it up for yourself.

    • Lynn Vh
      Lynn Vh Hace un mes

      @Tom R Or watch Dances with Wolves 😂

    • Tom R
      Tom R Hace un mes +1

      for a small fee I can teach you to go on the internet and look him up - its amazing tech.

  • James Dalton
    James Dalton Hace un mes +5

    Has 6 wives and nobody in the neighborhood noticed.

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes

      Some natives have multiple wives, so they probably didn’t think that was surprising, but how tf did no one notice that something was off? I don’t know my neighbors personally, but it’s not hard to see if someone is doing something shady.

  • ibelieveitcauseiseentit
    ibelieveitcauseiseentit Hace un mes +3

    I guess the spirits forgot to tell him the police were on the way and that inmates don't like child molesters 🤷

  • Daniel X
    Daniel X Hace un mes +1

    I'm so used to news people having terrible writers. For a second, I was afraid that they were going to say that he was chasing more than just horses. I kid you not, I've heard some of the most awful puns from local news anchors.

  • JoJo
    JoJo Hace un mes

    Like she said, it’s been happening for years.

  • Carnage
    Carnage Hace un mes +27

    Sounds like he was trying to be a Native American Charles Manson mixed with David Koresh. Going to be an insane book on this.

    • Sister Barbie
      Sister Barbie Hace un mes +1

      Nope ! He won’t talk !

    • I
      I Hace un mes +3

      @Dark cat that’s exactly who I thought of. Or those fundamentalist Mormons in Arizona and Utah (Warren Jeffs)

    • Dark cat
      Dark cat Hace un mes +2

      Like that nxvm guy lol

  • O L
    O L Hace un mes +6

    Across state lines ? That is outrageous !

  • AlteringRealitystudios
    AlteringRealitystudios Hace un mes +7

    Release the Epstein Client List...

  • Lares Deces
    Lares Deces Hace un mes +7

    Ah, the old "The spirits want XYZ, and you'll be a VIP in THE CIRCLE" pitch.
    That line still works to this day....so I've heard. ☺️

  • miapdx
    miapdx Hace un mes

    Native American girls are incredibly vulnerable. He knows this well, and the fact that he preyed on them...is incredibly sad. They've had to deal with predatory white men for generations...one of their own is unforgivable.

  • Rambo Thrust
    Rambo Thrust Hace un mes

    for years this has been going on. if one was my family member wouldn't have lasted this long an no jail time for a dead man.

  • Mary Morningstar
    Mary Morningstar Hace un mes +2

    he is not the only Native using his tradition to lure women. There is a secret on the reservations that most do not know, at least outsiders do not know. Then needed to look into missing Native women a long time ago. A lot of Native women disappear in Canada as well. Native people have a tendency to keep their pain to themselves.

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes +1

      Every race is verbal about injustice they face outside their community but when it comes to internal affairs they go quiet. That’s shut how it is, and unfortunately people aren’t going to speak up about internal affairs unless it’s safe to do so. It’s common practice for communities to gaslight and oppress their own to prevent anyone from leaking into.

  • G T
    G T Hace un mes +64

    Phew! Not Kevin Costner!

    • Hunt 3516
      Hunt 3516 Hace un mes +1

      I thought the same 🤣

    • I
      I Hace un mes +2

      Actually… “According to a 34-year-old employee of the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Fife, Costner took off his towel and performed a *** act. The incident is said to have happened while he was staying with his wife at the hotel during the Dunhill Links pro-celebrity golf tournament in October 2004.”

    • Empowered
      Empowered Hace un mes +1


    • Diecast Life
      Diecast Life Hace un mes +2

      He’s been chasing horses alright

    • Stephen P Murphy
      Stephen P Murphy Hace un mes +10

      Now now now, don't jump to conclusion there's still plenty of time to expose him.

  • Sevi Regis
    Sevi Regis Hace un mes +20

    A monster. How did it take so long to catch up to him

    • Justin Barker
      Justin Barker Hace un mes

      @HighRisk you have no content troll

    • HighRisk
      HighRisk Hace un mes +1

      @night witch. 🌕 this channel doesn't have any content #troll

    • HighRisk
      HighRisk Hace un mes +1

      @Anita Kristensen this channel doesn't have any content #troll

  • MayBe JP
    MayBe JP Hace un mes

    This is what ‘Smiles Alot’ turned into? He seemed all innocent back in the movie.

  • C S ~ [Duke of Ramble]
    C S ~ [Duke of Ramble] Hace un mes +1

    This is awful, but, I think it's time we started using punctuation, or _stopped_ using all-caps in headlines... 😒
    Genuinely, I initially thought this was a satirical thumbnail!
    *_Nathan, chasing [a] horse, accused of sexual assault_*
    Glanced at the channel name... Thinking _"What in *thee hell* do they DO in Vegas these days?!?"
    Took a number of times rereading and finally seeing the video title, to understand it for what it really meant:
    "Nathan Chasing Horse, accused of sexual assault"
    Just sayin... 😊
    That's why we use capitalization of proper words, *and* punctuation! 😅
    The classic example being the huge difference between:
    _"Time to go eat grandma."_
    _"Time to go eat, grandma."_

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Hace un mes +2

    What a sick man he need to be in jail for a long time..

  • MrStaybrown
    MrStaybrown Hace un mes

    He says he is a Shaman Native Medicine Man when actually he is evil.

  • Eric
    Eric Hace un mes +1

    Holy crap that is sickening but no longer surprising

  • RICK
    RICK Hace un mes +9

    A picture would be nice.. it's the kid that looked like a girl, the one that got saved from the Buffalo

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango Hace un mes

    So, this guy may, or may not be guilty of certain things, but "being the leader of a cult" is not illegal.

  • J G
    J G Hace un mes +15

    Really? "Spirits are telling you to sleep with me..."
    Bro I have no words.

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes

      @TENNESSEE WHISKEY Both are pretty bad, but I’m gonna go with the latter because I’ve heard all sorts of crazy stuff, but am just amazed that people fall for it.

    • Anita Kristensen
      Anita Kristensen Hace un mes

      @Eris🦇 Mana obviously you don't know much yourself.

    • Eris🦇 Mana
      Eris🦇 Mana Hace un mes

      @Anita Kristensen Obviously you haven't studied native culture

    • Anita Kristensen
      Anita Kristensen Hace un mes +1

      @Eris🦇 Manaknowing and believing are different. You may know about something, but not believe in it. They believe in things like the spirit of mother earth, bear, bison, eagle, wolf, etc. I guess you could say that the spirits are their gods.

  • Robie 1
    Robie 1 Hace un mes +4

    Funny how all the conspiracies are coming true

  • Speak The Word Bible Study

    You know what? Y’all knew he was doin this nasty stuff!!! Thank God He has come to right the wrongs and destroy the wicked!!! My Father is bringing all the dark things to light and destroying them with the power of His mighty Spirit!

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      @kathy Wade I spoke of my problem with Christianity but I am "Preaching" tolerance. I am actually practicing it as well. To aver your question, yes.
      I have thought about tougher sentences and I still believe in that. For some things. The fact is that we are imprisoning a very large group of people, and regardless of whether they are this, or that, or that, they are criminals first. However, it is time that we realize that we cannot let violent offenders serve short sentences because everything is overcrowded, and we can't spend more money, evidently. What do we do? Well, we have to realize that did are hurting a lot of people and meeting our neighbor go through hell providing those drugs. It is self-inflicted, but we have to find a way to cope with that, and imprisonment is just going to cause a lot of suffering, and it is going to teach petty criminals to become career criminals. There is a time for a heavy hand and their is a time for coping. We need to focus on getting the level of education up for everyone and getting people to have an understanding to the importance of that. We need to work on transitioning people from dogs back to humans that achieve something. Otherwise more suffering, and a burden on our Healthcare system as well as affecting crime. We have got to quit pointing at people and blaming them for a perceived slight. In other words quit blaming a race and blame a person. Show me the individual act of racism, and if it is racism without a doubt, I will fight it with you. It can't just be an act by a white person that happens to inconvenience you, it has to be a hateful or depriving act motivated by racism.
      I understand the need to stand on principles, and to not cave to societal pressures.
      I also know when it is time to heal a little, to put in a band aid or to set a bone.
      Right now is not the time to be crying, "punishment!".
      If Christianity is practiced as intended, then I have no problem with it. If people want to have their differences but not impede on the rights of others, and not insist that others assimilate to their way of thinking, then I have no problem with it. If everyone truly believes that then we would not have a single war.

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      @CensormyD I understand your sentiment, and while I do see the harm, I also see the good. Everyone suddenly wants to tear down some institutions based on the actions of a minority, but as long as they change to the positive, and have expectations upon no one else, then I would rather retain the positive. If you start over you end up with a lot of suffering. It is best to change a mindset as to replace an entire in situation. I would suggest to all of those that wish to change everything, that they do it responsibly, and one step at a time. History is full of ideological youth with good intentions causing massive death and suffering, and causing a destabilization of society because of rapid change done with insufficient forethought.

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      I have no issue with your religion, but if God is so just and if God destroys the wicked, then why did God let this go on for so long? Why don't we just stop doing that and realize that the Judeo-Christian idea of God is at best flawed? Why don't we stop attributing the good on God and the bad on a devil, and just take responsivity? I don't even think that that disagrees with your model...

  • Emily Perkins
    Emily Perkins Hace un mes +1

    There's been talk of this for YEARS and now it's coming to wider attention...

  • Chile pino
    Chile pino Hace un mes +3

    The reporter loves to say his name at every chance

  • punkghostsamurai
    punkghostsamurai Hace un mes +14

    Well this comes as a serious blow to all Native American communities everywhere.

    • punkghostsamurai
      punkghostsamurai Hace un mes

      @Tiahna Rodriguez it is still baffling that it took this long to act.

    • Red Paint
      Red Paint Hace un mes

      @punkghostsamurai Being persecuted, ignored erased - oh yeah that was before this arrest.

    • punkghostsamurai
      punkghostsamurai Hace un mes

      A victory for society yes. Justice for the victims yes. But do yall see the backlash one culture will receive?

    • Eris🦇 Mana
      Eris🦇 Mana Hace un mes +2

      This is a victory many communities knew about him and warned others no one listened..

    BALLA Hace un mes +7

    This is a inside view of what goes on in Hollywood.

    • Max
      Max Hace un mes +2

      Not just that , the tribes this effects as well those girls came from somewhere

  • Al G.
    Al G. Hace un mes +1

    What’s new?!? He’s only being investigated because he didn’t give 10% to the big guy. He didn’t pay his dues and now they are collecting.

  • Connor West
    Connor West Hace un mes

    Probably not unlike MITT/mastery in transformative training. These cults are the new low key thing.

  • Let the deed shaw
    Let the deed shaw Hace un mes +1

    That is a shame...

  • 5thHorseman
    5thHorseman Hace un mes +39

    Not condoning his criminal acts, but he was 14 when he played the part of "Smiles A Lot" in Dances with Wolves. It's likely he was abused by hollywood elite himself.

    • Jan C
      Jan C Hace un mes

      @A Minor Maximum Actually it wasn't directed at her..I was just responding in general.

    • David Hansen
      David Hansen Hace un mes

      @Luci Feric you're easily triggered

    • Tom R
      Tom R Hace un mes

      @Luci Feric way too much -its a cult

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      @Jan C Well, I try not to be that harsh when I can help it. At least give her a chance to respond. That is what I would expect, so if I expect the same then I need to offer the same. I get where you are coming from, though.

  • Arls
    Arls Hace un mes +7

    What if the flight logs are being used as evidence? And slowly being raided.

  • Raven
    Raven Hace un mes +1

    Now we know why he smiled a lot. 🤣

  • David Wyatt
    David Wyatt Hace un mes

    This guy was in a movie, and the news can’t show us a photo of what he looks like?

  • Xahd
    Xahd  Hace un mes

    Good on you, Nathan. Way to chase that horse. Not even animals should get away with sexual assault.

  • Perfect Liar
    Perfect Liar Hace un mes +1

    Not once did they show his face smh

  • i walk in circles
    i walk in circles Hace un mes +12

    This is Hollywood at its finest

  • Michael Green
    Michael Green Hace un mes +2

    Anyone who dances with wolves should be investigated😮

  • Neo8888i
    Neo8888i Hace un mes +4

    A cult.... the divine is within you!!!! If you want it, the only guru you need to find is your self! If you have to go through somebody else in a sense that you rely on them, then you have not been truly liberated spiritually.

  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez Hace un mes +1

    Crazy story to think this happened in Las Vegas.

  • Dj Copywrite
    Dj Copywrite Hace un mes +6

    this is the funniest story of the year, but I'm not buying it. this is just another classic example of what happens if you step on someones richelieu's

    • Tempest Fury
      Tempest Fury Hace un mes +3

      You aren't buying it? This is all fabricated? Umm, to do what? 🙄

  • Stephanie Meadows
    Stephanie Meadows Hace un mes

    What is wrong with people. This is just sick.

  • blush baby
    blush baby Hace un mes +15

    Damn these men are demons!

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes

      @PeterPeli Trust no sane person thinks all men or all women are bad. This man’s actions were his own.

    • Tiahna Rodriguez
      Tiahna Rodriguez Hace un mes

      Farhan Yes, blame women for a man’s actions 🤡🤡

    • your tears are wine to me
      your tears are wine to me Hace un mes

      @Farhan Guess what???
      Feminism ain't going away anytime soon so learn to live with it.

    • your tears are wine to me
      your tears are wine to me Hace un mes

      @temujin and you came from a woman

  • Lisa Hyyppa
    Lisa Hyyppa Hace un mes +12

    🙏❤️‍🔥🥰 for safe refuge in Christ Jesus

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      @Deathly Hallows How do you know God is a he?

    • Deathly Hallows
      Deathly Hallows Hace un mes +1

      Why didn’t he save those women and children then? Where was he during the genocides of WW1 n WW2? Where was he when Christians were being fed to the lions on the Roman Arena?

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes

      @Tom R Jesus doesn't abuse. He isn't even alive. Bad people are everywhere. At least the Christian church is about morality and forgiveness when it isn't politicized. I am not a Christian, but I will take a well behaved, non judgemental church over what we have and what the insane left is suggesting. I do not apologize for the transgressions committed under the Christian flag, but if you take out the Bible thumping, glory to God Christians, and give me what it is supposed to be, I would not have a problem with coexisting. We should all seek to coexist, with different people trying different things to find the answers. People always say follow the science, until it doesn't agree with their motives, but if we do follow the science and constantly adjust as r better understand reality, and to to remove all bias, we would find that science neither proves nor disproves anything that most religions teach. Everybody wants to tear down what they don't understand because of a few bad actors. Maybe everyone should work on solutions that really work instead of crying about what is wrong all of the time.
      That is just my two cents, and I do not proclaim it to be the only solution, just a very reasonable one.

    • Tom R
      Tom R Hace un mes +1

      Why switch abusers

    • A Minor Maximum
      A Minor Maximum Hace un mes +1

      Why did it take so long for this safe refuge to show up? What was it before that?

  • Yasmine Vine
    Yasmine Vine Hace un mes

    I'm glad to hear all the controlling abusive men are being arrested. First that toxic man in Romania now this. Patriarchy is ending and all the abusive men are going down. Including the horrible Islamic leaders in Iran. Freedom for women worldwide is increasing daily

  • Bonafide Gail
    Bonafide Gail Hace un mes +1

    I'm sure he is not the only one.

  • goodiegoodiegumdrops
    goodiegoodiegumdrops Hace un mes

    It's crazy you can say rapist on national television but it's censored on social media and ESclips lol

  • Geri N.
    Geri N. Hace un mes +7

    Nathan Chasing Tail 🤣

  • Liz G.
    Liz G. Hace un mes +1

    Let’s be honest the only reason why this is in local “news” is because is not part of Hollywood anymore!!

  • Russell Leavitt
    Russell Leavitt Hace un mes

    OK I get it. This guy needed to be arrested for the crimes that he has been accused of. My question to the authorities is why they waited so long to make the arrest???

  • urworstnitemaresnitmare.
    urworstnitemaresnitmare. Hace un mes +6

    There is only one way to handle this

    • Cowboy X
      Cowboy X Hace un mes +3

      Time to saddle up and play “Cowboys and indians” again!

  • Kenneth Blevins
    Kenneth Blevins Hace un mes

    I have watched the movie dozens of times , for the life of me i cant place his face

  • Violet Energy
    Violet Energy Hace un mes

    Wow, everyone has turned against their own. Disgusting and disgraceful.

  • Leigh Clements
    Leigh Clements Hace un mes +18

    Yeah most of Hollywood is!! Why has the Epstein case gone quiet???!!

    • king james
      king james Hace un mes +1

      Politicians & Cabal members are above laws that only apply to “we the sheeple”🤷🏽

    • Keetah Brough
      Keetah Brough Hace un mes +3

      just an fyi. even though nothing was done about epstein case.. when his island shut down, another 3 islands popped up, likely, or boat or whatever. But be assured.. it didn't end when epstein got caught.

  • Johni
    Johni Hace un mes +1

    Exactly not the kind of indigenous man we need in our tribal community and a horrible type of behavior. Lock him up for a long while.

  • Barbara Sutherland
    Barbara Sutherland Hace un mes

    Why would you tell girls that kind off lies young girls are going through a lot and they need help this how they get help he's been doing a long and no one didn't do anything about it.🎉🙏🎉

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer Hace un mes +3

    As long as Kevin Costner isn't running a cult, we're good.

  • Regulus Aldebaran
    Regulus Aldebaran Hace un mes

    How disgusting 🤢 let’s see if he will be part of the circle in federal prison

  • nikki dee
    nikki dee Hace un mes

    Everyone probably knew what he was doing that's why he got dismissed for tribes, and our people will try to handle bad people within our system and not get help from outside people but this .... Person .... Because he was a celebrity needed the white man to come in a carry him off to wherever.. But the ancestors have a way of getting justice..I pray he gets help and I don't know what happened to his daughter when we he was young but now she looks and acts sssooo lost( in spirit, mind and body) prayers to all the victims..