The Day Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Shocked The Whole World


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  • madika madiktea
    madika madiktea Hace 3 meses +8748

    cr7 really GOAT

  • Martin Hernandez
    Martin Hernandez Hace 2 meses +9869

    Imagine how good Ronaldo and Messi had to be to play in these two teams full of the best players of that generation and STILL stand out as the two best on each side. That’s just crazy

    • Yuvraj Sarathe
      Yuvraj Sarathe Hace 7 días

      MF wants to humiliate the whole football world

    • ilikefish
      ilikefish Hace 14 días

      @Alexander Bersenev little kid

    • Jevi As god as my witness
      Jevi As god as my witness Hace 14 días

      What season was this again?

    • Gacha_x_Misty
      Gacha_x_Misty Hace 14 días

      @Teyae T FACTS ❤❤

    • Gacha_x_Misty
      Gacha_x_Misty Hace 14 días

      @Alexander Bersenev Use ur brain to figure out the ‘iMpoSsIbLy TrIcKy SiTuAtIoN’ that Ronaldo literally changed football history forever, whether u like it or not :) But i also respect ur opinion ❤

  • Nick Echeverria
    Nick Echeverria Hace un mes +834

    Clasicos like these one won't happen again.
    Thank you CR7
    Thank you Messi

  • Kwarteng Asafo-Adjei
    Kwarteng Asafo-Adjei Hace un mes +187

    Messi has now won a world cup and a copa America trophy. I've always had a preference for Messi and I love him a lot. But what I've realized is that the media really played on our preferences so that anyone who had a preference for Messi would go down a rabbit hole and be completely enthralled that you'd end up not going as deep into Ronaldo's highlight reel as well. My oh my Ronaldo truly is a GOAT of our era, watching him gives me goosebumps, the way he runs, the way he scores, I can't believe we were blessed to have these two both. I really do wish Ronaldo could have also won a world cup now that Messi has one, not because he needs it but just because football fans suffer from recency bias, also because he deserves it. All the same he's always going to be right beside Messi in the eternal halls of fame. Without each other the consistency and longevity would have existed but definitely not to this level

    • Erik
      Erik Hace 5 días +1

      @ϟϟ Random_Persons ϟϟ you call him penaldo because he always makes them. I'm sure you wouldn't call him that if he missed all the time

    • Artur Rosman
      Artur Rosman Hace 11 días

      Nobody deserves a World Cup. You have to earn it. You have to make your team better. Penaldo never had that in him.

    • ϟϟ Random_Persons ϟϟ
      ϟϟ Random_Persons ϟϟ Hace 16 días

      @Kwarteng Asafo-Adjei There is a difference from doing it urself and letting others basically do it for u. He will never be able to set a foot onto a field thinking alr I can do this I will win the world cup.
      But ur right! Gotta think positive. At least he would win it as a coach

    • Bernhard am Klavier
      Bernhard am Klavier Hace 18 días


    • Mark Hatch
      Mark Hatch Hace 21 un día +4

      @TANI💲H She's right though. Messi has been better than Ronaldo since 2009 when he beat Ronaldo's Man Utd in the CL final. And now Messi has a World Cup which ends the debate forever.

  • Huma •
    Huma • Hace un mes +80

    Both Messi and Ronaldo are the GOATS. And we will never see anyone play like them, ever again. What a pleasure it has been to witness their careers at peak.

    MARTIN ALEJANDRO Hace un mes +55

    Gracias Messi y Ronaldo por regalarnos cosas que contaremos a los que no sintieron la emoción de verlos jugar en vivo y en especial por este partido.

  • Ali
    Ali Hace un mes +36

    My god Iniesta and Busquets were incredible in the midfield. Watching these old Classicos are kinda sad because they were the pinnacle of football at the time, but I’m glad I could be able to relive it here

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma Hace un mes +32

    Messi made the impossible Goals.
    Such a successful gem he is 🔥

  • saneeth varma
    saneeth varma Hace un mes +19

    Having started watching football since 2-3 yrs ago and being a core messi fan and the sport, , now I regret this more than anything that how many classico matches I have missed in those years between these two teams full of legends 😍

    • MhaDestiny
      MhaDestiny Hace 22 días

      You never witnessed prime Messi or Ronaldo
      Prime Messi was an alien
      While prime Ronaldo was considered to be the most complete player of all time until his injury which made him a terrible free kick taker and shifted his entire playstyle

    • saneeth varma
      saneeth varma Hace un mes

      @Shady Jesus yeah 😍

    • Shady Jesus
      Shady Jesus Hace un mes +1

      You'll be fine, I started watching football since 2004, so I never watched prime Ronaldo Nazário and Maradona and so many other legends. Was lucky to watch these 2 goats's entire careers, but I might miss some future goat career that you will watch. Will always be like this, "problem" for generations

    • Samuel Souza
      Samuel Souza Hace un mes +1

      Football is always great, you will be able to watch the rising of other legends like Mbappé, Haaland and etc don't worry

  • Miss Benjamin
    Miss Benjamin Hace un mes +7

    Geez this still gives me goosebumps, each and every player was world class, glory boys and glory days, some day we all have to retire, love you Cristiano Ronaldo...

  • ElDaelZ
    ElDaelZ Hace un mes +1

    A great clásico, i love this early 2010 football. Clearly a great era for both of the teams.

  • KIdD1234
    KIdD1234 Hace un mes +1

    Ronaldo and messi played really well but OZIL won my heart❤️

  • J0 Fiz
    J0 Fiz Hace un mes +3

    Just seeing that piece of skill from iniesta. My god he was class, unbelievable

  • kianno wartabone
    kianno wartabone Hace un mes +1

    we are lucky that we get to enjoy lionel messi and cr7 in the same era. the greatest goalscorer and baller of all the time..

  • Zsolt Szatmári
    Zsolt Szatmári Hace 2 meses +10072

    Everyone talks about Messi and Ronaldo but all i see is a ton of legends on both sides. One of the best era for both teams.

    • Dorreon Lord
      Dorreon Lord Hace 15 días

      Thats exactly why we talk about Messi and Ronaldo. Even in teams stacked with legends they still manage to stand out. That is what set's them apart from the rest.

    • David
      David Hace 16 días

      Best? its the worst. They all dive like faggots.

    • Commander Tato
      Commander Tato Hace 20 días

      @Live to the Lord Jesus. Now the sport is in a pretty bad state full of dark mercenaries of the south who only care about money.

      02_SHAFFIQUE BARUDGAR_ SE ELEX Hace 28 días

      @Tarek Nassar he is talking about Andre Gomes .. probably doesn't knows about Fabregas, Ozil , mascherano and others

    • Suzani Bafazi
      Suzani Bafazi Hace un mes

      They were the main players like in any other team

  • Kazi Niaz Ahmed
    Kazi Niaz Ahmed Hace un mes +2

    Messi became the GOAT today after lifting that World Cup 🎉

  • zero
    zero Hace un mes +1

    Legends like these come along every 2 decades

  • DrunkMemory
    DrunkMemory Hace un mes +2

    It really blows my mind to think that we lived the best era of futbol both teams crazy stacked, The Two best players going at it, there will never be a better rivalry im just glad I got to witness that era it will truly never get better

  • Enerst Sangula
    Enerst Sangula Hace un mes +4

    The two were made to put smile to the world.
    Total respect to the two heros

  • Salam Alekum
    Salam Alekum Hace un mes +2

    Missing those matches 😭😭😭😭

  • Exa 02
    Exa 02 Hace un mes +6

    Damn Messi ability to play making is unreal, he creates a lot of chances and still can score as good as Ronaldo if not better scorer 🐐🙌🏼

    • MhaDestiny
      MhaDestiny Hace 22 días

      I wouldn't be talking about football with a goofy ass subscription as yours
      I bet you're only following the trend

  • Eduardo Nsingi
    Eduardo Nsingi Hace un mes

    Magia de football.

  • Amstar Sangma
    Amstar Sangma Hace un mes

    Longest rivalry in football 🔥They share the stage for 15 years!!

  • Roy TV
    Roy TV Hace un mes +1

    Simply 2 of the greatest player of all time..not fan to both player but they undeniably the best of the best in the world

  • takumi
    takumi Hace un mes

    from this to winning the world cup, messi is a legend

  • Mark Mitchezee
    Mark Mitchezee Hace un mes +1

    Messi creates Magic ! Messi can simply do things that NO OTHER PLAYER EVER can do. On a Daily Basis. LM10 is the Greatest and it's NOT even close

  • iExvmple
    iExvmple Hace un mes

    The two best players of our generation

  • Swat 17
    Swat 17 Hace un mes

    Messi the real G.O.A.T.!

  • Hdks 80px
    Hdks 80px Hace un mes

    Thanks messi,ronaldo,lewendowski,benzema,modric,Di Maria and all greats for all memories for life time

    SKINNY B Hace un mes +1

    Partidos que un día random eran como una final de Champions

  • PsyNyte
    PsyNyte Hace un mes +1

    When two unstoppable forces collide.. there's always a balance...take this for an example

  • Elang
    Elang Hace 2 meses +6418

    14 ballon d'or winners, world cup winners, euro winners, UCL winners, Trebel winner coaches, 2 living GOATs, countless legends ... What a match.

  • H U
    H U Hace un mes +5

    in a few years we'll miss them both dearly and realize what a treat the past 15 years+ have been.

    • samm
      samm Hace un mes

      @H U yea >:(

    • H U
      H U Hace un mes +1

      @samm End of the golden era imo!

    • samm
      samm Hace un mes


  • ShiShi _99
    ShiShi _99 Hace un mes

    Messi the most amazing footballer to me and my family

  • Sneakytacos77
    Sneakytacos77 Hace un mes

    I’m a Madridista but this is my favorite Barca kit in the 2000s. So clean man

  • Muto ka
    Muto ka Hace un mes

    To stand out on a team full of legends

  • Lando Bybee
    Lando Bybee Hace un mes +4

    Why it shouldn’t be a debate
    Ronaldo after 1000 games:
    725 goals
    216 assists
    31 trophies
    Messi after 1000 games:
    788 goals
    348 assists
    41 trophies

    • Lando Bybee
      Lando Bybee Hace 17 días

      @MhaDestiny Why you’re brain dead:
      I have nothing against Ronaldo and enjoyed watching him play. I just think it’s absurd that people compare the 2 it’s like comparing LeBron James to MJ both have a reasonable case on why they are the best at their sports but one is just clearly better.

    • MhaDestiny
      MhaDestiny Hace 22 días

      Why you should be a clown:
      You spent years hating on Ronaldo and also not being able to watch Messi play cause you were too absorbed on comparing their stats and especially hating on Ronaldo
      While a football fan like me who's a fan of both got to witness the greatest era of football

  • Eduardo Nsingi
    Eduardo Nsingi Hace un mes +1

    Magia de football

  • JJBGaming
    JJBGaming Hace un mes +1

    I miss these matches ❤️

  • Bob Iyke
    Bob Iyke Hace un mes

    Messi was never a system player as we all thought. He is the system. Easily the GOAT. Ronaldo is already done now. We have to tell ourselves the truth

  • MysteryMan 021
    MysteryMan 021 Hace un mes +7

    I feel oddly annoyed that you edited the thumb nail to add an extra goal to each side. Kind of takes away the intrigue of it being goals in back to back minutes

  • You Can
    You Can Hace un mes

    All the football legends in one frame

  • Abdul
    Abdul Hace un mes

    Both are legend
    Cr7 plays to become to be the best but Messi plays his own game and the become the best😍🔥

  • Shivam Sawant
    Shivam Sawant Hace un mes

    what a game!!!
    my love for football is increasingggg

  • midnight anime
    midnight anime Hace un mes

    Golden era of football, specially in la liga

  • noo Name
    noo Name Hace un mes +2

    It’s crazy to think how dull the el Classico seems now.
    Seems like just another game now. The Madrid Darby is honestly more interesting

  • New User
    New User Hace un mes

    Both of these were one of the best in that era.

  • Lobster Strange
    Lobster Strange Hace un mes

    In this era we've seen some of the greatest legends in football the new prospects are unlikely there ever reach this level due to all the outside noise nowadays it's not just football it's tiktok ESclips and Instagram

  • Vaschi 1925
    Vaschi 1925 Hace 2 meses +18

    Greatest rivalry of all time.. True Legends.... Let us all enjoy their remaining years ...

  • arit Games
    arit Games Hace un mes +2

    Back in the days when el classico was deadly

  • Emily Herbert
    Emily Herbert Hace un mes

    Messi is the best ❤

  • Anthony Chinedu
    Anthony Chinedu Hace un mes

    Sincerely these guys outstandingly great. They've done so well for themselves. The media should just back off & let them be pls

  • Sourav Biswas
    Sourav Biswas Hace un mes +1

    Look at the facial expressions of CR7, he considers Lio as his competitor, but Lio doesn't care about all this rat race. He cares only about winning. That makes him greater and more generous. 🙏🏻

  • Bipin Lamichhane
    Bipin Lamichhane Hace un mes

    Reason, i watched football Messi and Ronaldo both are true legend of my era.

  • OhBonezz
    OhBonezz Hace un mes

    Remember the matches were so intense. Man some of the best soccer ever since both teams had best players ever at the time

  • Sneakytacos77
    Sneakytacos77 Hace un mes

    The days when Benzema couldn’t finish for shit ❤

  • Angel Saldana
    Angel Saldana Hace un mes +1

    Those third goals were amazing

  • white noises
    white noises Hace un mes

    Messi is the real GOAT......NO DOUBT THERE

  • bruddaman
    bruddaman Hace un mes

    It is a dream to go to Spain and watch these teams play wish I could’ve went when they were still there

  • Dileep KUMAR Dillu
    Dileep KUMAR Dillu Hace un mes

    Messi GoaT for a reAson
    THat absolute curling Goal smashed Madrid like hell

    LITTLE PAC Hace un mes

    Legends 💯💯💯💯💥💥💥💥

  • Kiryuu channn !!
    Kiryuu channn !! Hace un mes +1

    ozil assist was a next level

  • kiran m
    kiran m Hace un mes

    Old Barcelona and real Madrid is just 🔥🔥🔥

  • メグ
    メグ Hace un mes +1


  • Anime Szene
    Anime Szene Hace un mes +1

    7:19 beste Reaktion 😂😂🥰

  • wunderkind darlington
    wunderkind darlington Hace 2 meses +5763

    In terms of football, we’re the most spoiled generation ever!! Had the privilege of seeing two greats go right at it year after year after year… What a time this has been

    • MhaDestiny
      MhaDestiny Hace 22 días

      @UnDefeatableYT not really cause to be on the same level as Ronaldo or messi
      They need to perform at the same level for 16 years

    • Nabis The Xeno Kid
      Nabis The Xeno Kid Hace un mes

      @ChrisDerick55 yeah its footbal or life. Because for me the 90’s and 2000’s cartoon are better but some kid from 2010’s might say something else is better

    • ChrisDerick55
      ChrisDerick55 Hace un mes +1

      @Nabis The Xeno Kid you’re absolutely right. Never thought about that. I’m from the time of Ronaldinho and I say he’s the best ever but someone who watched Pelé for example would say otherwise. It is a stupid debate.

    • Daniel
      Daniel Hace un mes +1

      @Radu Popescu they have no clue what reality is the most useless generation to date thick as shit and dumb as stumps

    • Im his Lobster
      Im his Lobster Hace un mes

      Yess!! No one has this mindset and rather compares them

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed Hace un mes +1

    2:30 seeing Ronaldo's calma after his retirement hits different

  • Sunny Rocks
    Sunny Rocks Hace un mes +1


  • bogdantora
    bogdantora Hace un mes

    Messi left Quatar with the world cup on his hands .Ronaldo left the stadium on tears after the defeat against Marocco...Enough said.Messi is the goat

  • Ajay Chaudhary
    Ajay Chaudhary Hace un mes +1

    Cr7 is the best goat on earth❤

  • Dennis Ogilvie
    Dennis Ogilvie Hace 2 meses +2802

    The teams were so stacked on top of Messi and Ronaldo. What an incredible match


    • fala_hpy
      fala_hpy Hace 2 meses +6

      This is like dream 11

    • Ignitious Mukobe
      Ignitious Mukobe Hace 2 meses +2

      @Samuel Bigs for real... i fee you 😎

    • Samuel Bigs
      Samuel Bigs Hace 2 meses +83

      Unbelievable really
      These two squads will be irreplaceable

  • Amir khan
    Amir khan Hace un mes +2

    Cr7 the 🐐

  • Gogo Mayro
    Gogo Mayro Hace un mes

    Lionel Messi 👑👑👑

  • AM LC
    AM LC Hace un mes

    Greatest team rivalry of all time

  • Suz Mejoz
    Suz Mejoz Hace un mes

    G.O.A.T ⚡

  • Live to the Lord Jesus.
    Live to the Lord Jesus. Hace 2 meses +2299

    With Ronaldo and Messi on the verge of retiring. I don’t expect to see anything like this from Neymar or Mbappe or Kane or Fodden. Both Messi and Ronaldo have cemented their names as the best Football players ever to exist & what a time to be alive to see their artwork and mesmerising gameplay and footwork. #Respect for Messi and Ronaldo

    • Siva Kumar
      Siva Kumar Hace 10 días

      wait please someone emerge over a period of time Lord JESUS

    • Abror Abdukayumov
      Abror Abdukayumov Hace 17 días

      Neymar is gonna retire soon too

    • nerd🤓
      nerd🤓 Hace 24 días

      Only messi.

    • Dave McG
      Dave McG Hace 27 días

      @somehting somehting why? When it originally started in England

    • somehting somehting
      somehting somehting Hace 27 días

      why do you say football. i know you don’t want to say soccer but then say futbol

  • KADARU 24
    KADARU 24 Hace un mes +1

    messi the goat no questions asked

  • DS
    DS Hace un mes

    Messi is the confirmed goat but people don’t realise how good CR7 was to go toe to toe with him for so long

  • Jasshi Yadgi
    Jasshi Yadgi Hace un mes

    Messi is ❤️

  • Aaranshu Bhandari
    Aaranshu Bhandari Hace un mes

    Imagine Ronaldo and Messi playing in same team..

  • Ahang haye shad
    Ahang haye shad Hace un mes +1

    I just miss those days

  • Moatasim Hisham
    Moatasim Hisham Hace un mes

    No two players will ever come close to their level ever again

  • Abdul Rafay
    Abdul Rafay Hace un mes +1

    Both Are GOAT

  • Soy_rkive
    Soy_rkive Hace un mes

    I’m so happy knowing that I watched this live 😭

  • Ronoh Kipchumba Cornely
    Ronoh Kipchumba Cornely Hace 2 meses +1489

    The assist from Özil was something else. Talk of the two Greatest legends of all time. CR7 and LM10 will never be forgotten forever.

  • Mua Na
    Mua Na Hace un mes

    I love the way when he said messi 2 ronaldo 2😍

  • JAHH From Uptown
    JAHH From Uptown Hace un mes

    That’s when I used be glued to those matches football is different and that más magical

  • NovaPlayz
    NovaPlayz Hace un mes +1

    Brazil and Portugal losing WC is heart breaking.... I personally feel bad for Neymar and Brazil ...

  • Mohit Das
    Mohit Das Hace un mes

    If Benzema was decent atp in time, Ronaldo will have 30 more assists

  • Kate Stevens
    Kate Stevens Hace un mes

    Messi sizes is to his advantage he sneaks out Ronaldo fights through that’s a real goat

  • GamingARoblox
    GamingARoblox Hace un mes

    everybody talking about messi and ronaldo yes they're great,but the defenders in this game is so good

  • Eduardo Nsingi
    Eduardo Nsingi Hace un mes


  • Miral Abualjadail
    Miral Abualjadail Hace un mes +1

    The glory days

  • Imran shorts
    Imran shorts Hace un mes +1

    Young Ronaldo > Young Messi
    Prime Ronaldo < Prime Messi

  • pogopogipogu
    pogopogipogu Hace un mes +1


  • Alve Ibn Masud
    Alve Ibn Masud Hace un mes

    LM10 is really G.O.A.T🦾✨

  • nothing
    nothing Hace un mes

    Those days never come back💔🙁

    DAVE EXE MIZO Hace 2 meses +5379

    When Messi and Ronaldo change Elclasico to a personal battle

  • Me and My house ❤
    Me and My house ❤ Hace un mes +8

    Both Cristiano and lionell are best players , how ever I just noticed that CR7 goal score he pointed to himself that he did it , while Messi he pointed to heaven ,with out God he can't do that 🙏 that's why he is the real G O A T !! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Motivational
    Motivational Hace un mes +1

    Messi and Ronaldo respect eachother! Mean while fans in chat😆