Inside the Dinosaur Library

  • Publicado el 2 abr 2018
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    We're back in Bozeman, Montana this week talking to Amy Atwater, Collections Manager at the Museum of the Rockies. MOR has among the largest collections of North American dinosaurs in the United States. We talk to Amy about her job and the collection she manages.
    Thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart :
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Comentarios • 344

  • Noahdinosaurman 1
    Noahdinosaurman 1 Hace 20 horas

    This is fantastic

  • Shiverz
    Shiverz Hace 6 días

    This was so awesome to see!! Seriously my dream job. Great video and thanks for taking us backstage :)

  • B Rex
    B Rex Hace 15 días

    B-Rex? But B-Rex is my nickname! And it is not related to this one T. rex!😱

  • James 4theDoctor
    James 4theDoctor Hace 26 días +1

    Also support your local museums!

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith Hace un mes

    You could go to Bismarck ND and interview the team at the heritage center. They have a famous dinosaur named Dakota that has fossilized skin.

  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson Hace 2 meses

    Great episode. I'd live to see more of Amy is on the ship in the future. She has an amazing energy in her presentation.

  • Gareth Tudor
    Gareth Tudor Hace 3 meses

    After spending some time at the Melbourne Museum, talking with some scientists and volunteers, I'm really happy to learn that the infectious enthusiasm they showed for their fields is pretty much commonplace across the board.
    That afternoon was massive fun, and I learned some really cool things about some really cool critters... especially that drop bears were actually a thing a few thousand years ago.

  • Dansparce
    Dansparce Hace 3 meses

    How does one get an awesome job like this? Dinosaurs and OCD level organization? Sign. Me. Up.

  • Shannon Parker
    Shannon Parker Hace 3 meses +1

    Gotta love Kallie!! I also love eons. Thx for all the videos.

  • hydralisk102
    hydralisk102 Hace 4 meses

    Can you visit the Royal Tyrell museum in Drumheller Alberta Canada?

  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts Hace 4 meses

    I fervently believe in God but also fervently believe in Evolution. I am awed by creation from all sides. We are all holograms and "God" is the projector. For all intents and purposes, infinite variety in infinite combinations. Namaste, Live Long and Prosper. I like Kallie.

  • yovita RD
    yovita RD Hace 4 meses

    what a cute t-shirt >.

  • MissNebulosity
    MissNebulosity Hace 4 meses

    "Big mega fauna." Is that redundant? 🤔

  • Scooby Dooby
    Scooby Dooby Hace 4 meses

    My god, being a Preparator has to be one of the most tedious thankless jobs in existence. Yet so VERY important...

  • Nokle
    Nokle Hace 4 meses

    I find intelligence sexy.

  • violetwitch
    violetwitch Hace 5 meses

    Actually love how casual and informative this conversation is

  • joey flores
    joey flores Hace 5 meses

    Kallie is simply adorable beyond belief.

  • Cornlips 4
    Cornlips 4 Hace 5 meses +1

    I love these type of videos. Its great to learn about the intricacies of museum work I otherwise would have never known about.
    Thank you for all your hard work and please never stop.

  • MrKrinkelz
    MrKrinkelz Hace 6 meses

    Woah shes pretty

  • Mario Pineda
    Mario Pineda Hace 6 meses +1

    Thank you very much! You ladies rock!

  • Kattie Stonemann
    Kattie Stonemann Hace 6 meses +1

    It really inspires me to see female scientists getting recognition :)

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams Hace 6 meses +1

    You guys should have Dr. Joe Peterson from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh do an episode on dino taphonomy! He is a great paleontologist with plenty of charisma for the camera.

  • PlainsPup
    PlainsPup Hace 6 meses

    1:48 - Oh my gosh, those small tyrannosaurid skulls look amazing! Almost like recently killed animals. Are those real fossils, or only casts?

  • Sweet Nightmare Gaming
    Sweet Nightmare Gaming Hace 6 meses

    The idea of touching something so old, something that literally traveled through millennia, something that the last time they saw the sun was when dinosaurs walked the earth... How awe inspiring. I can only imagine the kind of care that goes into preparing each of those fossils.

  • Samuel Russell
    Samuel Russell Hace 7 meses +2

    Best Eons episode. I do history and love my records managers, librarians, archivists and gallery curators. I'm so glad that your area respects fossil collections curators and managers just like I respect my information specialists.

  • Ralf Oltmanns
    Ralf Oltmanns Hace 7 meses

    Watching the news nowadays with all these religious nutjobs, the anti science movement, and what lawmakers of the GOP and the current president have to say, we Europeans tend to think how utterly stupid "all" Americans are. And then you see Kallie and Amy and you realize: There's still hope, look at those bright, intelligent, and well educated women. I just wish there were more Kallies and Amys and less right wing boneheads.

  • Pete Mitchell
    Pete Mitchell Hace 7 meses

    It's a 3 hour drive from here, what's your role? We'll all be out of a job. I wonder how they would treat me if I ever go there?

  • ShawnM m
    ShawnM m Hace 7 meses

    I went to Dinosaur National Monument on the Utah Colorado border but didn't have much time. I also wasn't in the company of an expert. You guys should go there with hosts and cameras.

  • InkuisitivSkins
    InkuisitivSkins Hace 7 meses

    Does anyone know the possible steps to eventually becoming a preparator like this? Like what schooling and work experience would be best? I've wanted to be a paleontologist my entire life and I once had the volunteer opportunity to prepare a fossil like this and ready it for display at a local museum, but it was only for a few hours, and I realized it's really what I would love to specifically do in the future.

  • Janis Cortese
    Janis Cortese Hace 7 meses

    OMG VISIT THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE!!! It's the coolest, and hey, it's associated with the only founding father to say -- direct quote -- that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  • MrLuckyAndrew
    MrLuckyAndrew Hace 7 meses

    I just nerd out.

  • Tina Abrahamson
    Tina Abrahamson Hace 7 meses

    Come visit here in SW South Dakota at the Mammoth Site. You're going to love it!

  • Ethan Breyer
    Ethan Breyer Hace 7 meses

    Ooh, I love that museum

  • Katie  Vinson
    Katie Vinson Hace 7 meses

    Thought it was cool to hear she got her masters at UT-Austin.

  • Damstraight68
    Damstraight68 Hace 7 meses


  • Damstraight68
    Damstraight68 Hace 7 meses

    I didn't know Sofia Nygard curated dinosaurs

  • Catira App
    Catira App Hace 7 meses

    loving that dinosaur shirt

  • Jeremy Wiles
    Jeremy Wiles Hace 7 meses

    I’d love to see an episode on the lost continent of Appalachia. As a kid growing up in West Virginia, I always wondered what kind of dinosaurs roamed around my neighborhood, but those rocks were eroded away millions of years ago.

  • paper cranium gone insanium

    You guys should go to the university of wyoming. While their fossils aren't all millions of years old, I still enjoyed looking through their fossil library

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature Hace 8 meses +1

    I hope they take ALL fossils and do intense scans to reveal them in tiny detail so people don't have to handle the actual fossil, they can just study the scans.

  • Martin Fernandez
    Martin Fernandez Hace 8 meses

    Go to amnh!

  • John Hightower
    John Hightower Hace 8 meses


  • Johnny Li
    Johnny Li Hace 8 meses

    Can you do an episode with the pair of paleontologists that found an ichthyosaur possibly as large as the blue whale?

  • The Laughing Hyenas
    The Laughing Hyenas Hace 8 meses

    No episode today? I thought they were doing one every Monday?!?!?!

  • James Tompkins
    James Tompkins Hace 8 meses

    There is a 12,000 year old paleo-Indian settlement site just 30 minutes from where I live. I'm pretty sure this is where they have found the oldest stone tools in North America! Access is restricted and so I haven't been able to see it personally. Of course, there are sites similar to this all over America. I would love to see an episode that takes us through a sort of timeline of the oldest sites in America!

  • kavin kumar
    kavin kumar Hace 8 meses

    plz say about bruhathkayosaurus ,the species that makes me get into geology and its fossils were found in india but now those fossils where destroyed.visit india for fosssils

  • Dickie72002
    Dickie72002 Hace 8 meses +3

    Seeing Kallie get really pumped about the topic of the video. Makes some want to be pumped and learn about it myself.

  • Emily Keeble
    Emily Keeble Hace 8 meses +2

    You should visit the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, MT. Not just saying that because I'm going to be working there this summer.....

  • Wynter Panther
    Wynter Panther Hace 8 meses

    I would love to learn about the evolution of Venus fly traps.

  • Billy Giuliano
    Billy Giuliano Hace 8 meses

    Can you guys make a video on the evolution of horses? Fascinated.

  • Blades Dark
    Blades Dark Hace 8 meses +1

    I wanna visit this, seems so fresh.

  • Maxine Walters
    Maxine Walters Hace 8 meses

    Where do you get your awesome wardrobe from?!?! Loving the themed shirts and pins/brooches

  • ffmfg
    ffmfg Hace 8 meses

    question: if fossils need to be protected from our environment, why is this ok to handle them with bare hands? aren't oils from human skin a pretty bad thing for anything that needs to be stored for a long time?

  • Marie-Michèle Fournier
    Marie-Michèle Fournier Hace 8 meses +1

    I thought Amy Atwater had a particularly pleasant voice and would be happy to watch/listen to more !

  • Todd Mitchell Christensen
    Todd Mitchell Christensen Hace 8 meses +2

    Thought I was going to not enjoy this but I LOVED IT!!! Can you do a video about North American primates? I want to know more about those little guys!

  • ivan delarosa
    ivan delarosa Hace 8 meses +1

    :I Amy is a cute nerd.

  • Yosi Baki Nor
    Yosi Baki Nor Hace 8 meses

    Do an episode on Soils (lime, gromosol, and so..) pls..

  • striko pur
    striko pur Hace 8 meses

    Is it just me or does Amy sound like Amy from The Big Bang Theory? :)

  • Zan Kraken
    Zan Kraken Hace 8 meses

    Shes so excited to just be there, its so adorable!

  • ReX Slayer
    ReX Slayer Hace 8 meses

    I want the EONS team to travel to the past Adrian Belew when he was with King Krimson making the "i am a dinosaur" song and interview him

  • Ken Battor
    Ken Battor Hace 8 meses

    Have you done an episode on Eurypterids?

  • Bhima SÖlberg
    Bhima SÖlberg Hace 8 meses

    How about China and Mongolia! It's got to be warmer than Hoth.

  • Lisa Pope
    Lisa Pope Hace 8 meses

    Wow. What fun and super duper easy jobs these women have

  • nebulan
    nebulan Hace 8 meses

    Sideling hill maryland :)

  • Dodo Bird
    Dodo Bird Hace 8 meses

  • real sabab
    real sabab Hace 8 meses

    hey kally, we miss your braid

  • corvus13
    corvus13 Hace 8 meses

    Hey, Eons, could you do a story on the Seed Vault in Svalbard?

  • Tessa T
    Tessa T Hace 8 meses +1

    Please come on out to the Smithsonian for the re-opening of the Hall of Dinosaurs after the extensive renovation.

  • Sara Gates
    Sara Gates Hace 8 meses

    Hello, Eons!
    I'm in Portland, OR, and I'm deeply curious if there's something here locally I haven't seen yet relating to Earth's bigger history :)
    If you have a chance to travel from MT, come to OR! :D

  • My name is Connor.
    My name is Connor. Hace 8 meses +68

    Kallie always looks so happy to be wherever she is. She's a great interviewer because her positive energy rubs off on her guests. It's really inspiring to see people excited and passionate about their work.

    • gyozakeynsianism
      gyozakeynsianism Hace 2 meses

      And the Jurassic Park pin? Lol ... Nerds at work, very entertaining.

    • Johanna Geisel
      Johanna Geisel Hace 6 meses +1

      Did you notice her dinosaur shirt? :D

  • Jose Noriega
    Jose Noriega Hace 8 meses +2

    Please continue interacting with these professionals and letting us get a glimpse into their world. It is wonderful to know these incredible individuals who let us suffice are craving of paleontology.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield Hace 8 meses

    I wonder how many fossils will be discovered that totally change our understanding of some part of prehistory? I bet there are billions of incredible fossils just lying around if we only knew where to look. Just laying there in the dark, unloved and unappreciated.

  • Queen Bae
    Queen Bae Hace 8 meses

    4:35 she reminds me of Safiya Nygaard lol

  • Scott woodrich
    Scott woodrich Hace 8 meses

    You have very beautiful.......fossils!

  • Micah Spruth-Janssen
    Micah Spruth-Janssen Hace 8 meses +1

    Also you should go to Ash Falls Fossil Beds and do an episode about how catastrophic events such as volcanoes give us the most complete snapshots of specific ecosystems and periods of time!

  • Micah Spruth-Janssen
    Micah Spruth-Janssen Hace 8 meses +3

    I love the museum of the Rockies!!!!

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody Hace 8 meses +1

    Great video! Also, awesome "Clever Girl" pin! :)

  • Enthused Norseman
    Enthused Norseman Hace 8 meses +1

    KALLIE IS SO CUTE! Goddammit, my feelings are so confused.

  • Matthew Kearney
    Matthew Kearney Hace 8 meses +2

    PBS eons is quickly becoming my favorite ESclips channel

  • The All Seeing Eye
    The All Seeing Eye Hace 8 meses

    Dry obvious southern drawl😃

  • Adam Marshall
    Adam Marshall Hace 8 meses +1

    Eon should come down to Tucson, Arizona and check out the university of Arizona laboratory of tree ring research

  • Madhijz
    Madhijz Hace 8 meses


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    Loading Please wait Hace 8 meses

    aw she was nice

  • Aexuron
    Aexuron Hace 8 meses

    AMNH next?

  • B Rex
    B Rex Hace 8 meses

    A dinosaur fossil/any fossil curator?? Why did nobody every tell me that this job existed? Tomorrow I shall hand in my resignation!

  • Wyrmhand
    Wyrmhand Hace 8 meses

    Please film in The Linnaeus Museum

  • Carmine Roma
    Carmine Roma Hace 8 meses

    I really like eons, thank you. I'd like to see you visit the Thermopolis Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

  • Jamie Oglethorpe
    Jamie Oglethorpe Hace 8 meses

    It is probably beyond your budget, but I am really curious about the "Cradle of Human Kind" and all the wonderful homo naledi fossils.

  • Jahblo
    Jahblo Hace 8 meses +1

    That was awesome! please do more of those.. just loved to see the passion that you both shared.

  • Bryson Ritchie
    Bryson Ritchie Hace 8 meses

    I love these museum visit videos! Eons should visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum/Drumheller someday!

  • Sean Ehle
    Sean Ehle Hace 8 meses

    You dropped such a huge teaser there, now I'm intrigued.
    What's incredible, ridiculous and insane about those borophagine teeth?

  • KBurnside99
    KBurnside99 Hace 8 meses

    Where is that dinosaur shirt sold? SO cool

  • João Scaldini
    João Scaldini Hace 8 meses

    what a nice voice she has

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    Could you do some trips to other continents? You should visit Naturalis in The Netherlands!

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    Daniel Mbaabu Hace 8 meses

    should've been longer

  • Francois Lacombe
    Francois Lacombe Hace 8 meses

    How far back in time could a stranded time traveler still survive by living off the land?

  • Ivander Jr
    Ivander Jr Hace 8 meses

    I thought this was a brainscoop video. Nice vid, tho.

  • Sir Meow The Library Cat
    Sir Meow The Library Cat Hace 8 meses +2

    😀 How delightful to see such enthusiasm and intelligent understanding of the subject. Who could not but be awed by their knowledge and capacity to convey their findings to the wider world? Thank you both!

  • Ovicephalus
    Ovicephalus Hace 8 meses

    I could spend a week in there without getting bored... I would love to get a chance to visit this place at some point.