Ade Oladipo was disappointed to not see Anthony Joshua at the Tyson Fury v Derek Chisora fight! 馃憥馃憖


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  • Just Chilling
    Just Chilling Hace un mes +22

    Joshua doesn鈥檛 want the Fury smoke simple as that 馃槀

  • DadDistroyer
    DadDistroyer Hace un mes +6

    Derick was ALWAYS there for AJ But AJ couldn't support Him. Shows who cares about who.

  • Toby Lerone
    Toby Lerone Hace un mes +4

    AJ doesn't want any part of Fury, or Wilder for that matter. He should just retire if he isn't willing to fight either.

  • Tony Welch
    Tony Welch Hace un mes +1

    鈥淚 was standing behind Fury, right in there鈥
    Somethings never change hey Gaz 馃檮

  • Chopper number one
    Chopper number one Hace un mes +3

    If it was his leg why did he ask what happened, he was definitely buzzed but survived and won.

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      He couldn't fathom how his balance went out of the window. He's never even in that situation before.

  • Alex Belotti
    Alex Belotti Hace un mes +66

    Aj isn鈥檛 involved anymore, Fury will fight Usyk before AJ has his little confidence builder or whatever he鈥檚 doing. The big boys are fighting, game changed.

    • the wet bandits
      the wet bandits Hace un mes

      @Mikey PC bet you jizzed in your knickers when eddie paid martin to find a nice spot on the canvas to lie down on dont kid yourself pal is it not disappointing after backing joshua for so long thinking he was something he wasnt when he turned out to be another overhyped gifted olympian lol

    • GHOST
      GHOST Hace un mes

      Oh he鈥檚 here 鈥淭he Cancer鈥 of ESclips

    • The Joker
      The Joker Hace un mes

      Is Eddie hearn still promoting? I thought him and Conor were on the run , Iits not game changed it looks like game over lol

    • Lee
      Lee Hace un mes

      @free from the matrix mind You do realize none of those names you mentioned are good either? Parker couldn't even beat Whyte so he definitely isn't good, Klitschko was past his best and already a broken man after getting schooled by Fury, Ruiz is the biggest bum of them all, apart from making AJ quit he hasnt achieved anything, didn't do anything before AJ and hasn't done anything since. Pulev got beat by Chisora and stopped being good 10 years ago. Whyte is awful aswell. Funny how AJ fans make out every single one of his opponents were world class and in the prime of his life when he fought them

    • free from the matrix mind
      free from the matrix mind Hace un mes

      @Mike H parker, Klitschko, povetkin, ruiz, pulev,whyte, you do realise wilder has never beat anyone good, ortiz is his best win in a life and death lost every round, he never beat a real champion like aj and fury did, his resume is awful go look, aj has the best resume in the heavyweight division win or loose

  • Remi Lloyd
    Remi Lloyd Hace un mes +3

    AJ doesn't want the Fury fight.
    People need to be honest. AJ isn't that good. He's lived off the back off an Olympic gold he was gifted(watch in on youtube).
    The Cuban beat him in the first round and he was gifted a draw(but won gold on countback) against the Italian.
    Long story short, Fury school's him.

  • MR.F
    MR.F Hace un mes +3

    2:18 Davies thought when Usyk came in ring he was worried at 1 point that it mite kick off. lollllllll!!

    • Saul West
      Saul West Hace un mes +3

      Exactly 馃槀, Usyk and Joyce are two of the most respectful and polite fighters in history.

  • MrBarry465
    MrBarry465 Hace un mes +8

    Agreed, imagine if he'd been there and got in the mix with the other 3. The bloke is way too stage managed.

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes

      @Simon H not Fury's biggest fan I meant to say sorry

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      @Left, Right, Goodnight Manufactured hype job

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes +2

      He's finally been found out, he's never been a great boxer

    • JW
      JW Hace un mes

      That would of been the best thing to happen ever !! What a cock for not even attending

    • Jack Tanner
      Jack Tanner Hace un mes +6

      If he did that, he would actually have to fight one of them lol. Usyk beat him twice. And he鈥檚 lose to fury and Joyce

  • mr sentence name
    mr sentence name Hace un mes +6

    he should have gone disguised then pulled up in the ring with the other 3

    • Just Chilling
      Just Chilling Hace un mes

      Disguised as Andy Ruiz jr

    • Jack Keane
      Jack Keane Hace un mes

      Gone disguised as someone with a pair of bollocks

  • Happier8000
    Happier8000 Hace un mes +1

    The WBA knockdown rule is a pointless argument as Dubois won two rounds after anyway lmao

  • Scott Knowles
    Scott Knowles Hace un mes +2

    Yes but the question we all want answered is did fury shower before the fight? 馃お

  • Malamute
    Malamute Hace un mes +2

    There are two Charlos (they are twins) and Gareth confused one with the other. Jermell is not calling out Bivol LOL It was Jermall

    • Mr Sugar
      Mr Sugar Hace un mes +1

      Temato tamato 馃ぃ

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Hace un mes +5

    Had anyone seen AJ?

  • john oliver
    john oliver Hace un mes +1

    I wouldn't mind seeing josh kelly vs david Avanesyan rematch afted crawford. Or the conor benn fight if he comes back

    • Jack Keane
      Jack Keane Hace un mes

      Kelly鈥檚 moved up in weight Avanesyan isn鈥檛 big enough for 154

  • Mike
    Mike Hace un mes

    If aj went they would of sold 200 ppv instead of the 50 馃槀馃槀

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      Yeah they would tune in hoping to hear another BLM speech

  • Daniel Bakarr
    Daniel Bakarr Hace un mes

    Nope sorry I like dubious I have high expectations I agree with ade, listen when dubious went back to his corner he was saying what happen he was confused and I feel if this was a more high ranked heavyweight he would have been stopped so I just feel maybe people are putting dubious on a higher pedestal I just feel dubious doesn't deal well with being backed up I can let the joyce fight go but looking at him I am just not sure and it's not a bad thing dubious is still young there's no doubt in his attributes but the bigger the fights are certain of those attributes may be nullified based on the opponent and he will be tested and doesn't have the experience of being in deep waters too much but I am glad he came though and his fight but i am gonna slow down abit on where I think dubious could be, look even if he goes in for joyce now I think joyce wins even more so in devastating fashion

    • Jack Keane
      Jack Keane Hace un mes

      It鈥檚 because of the standard Frank Warren blueprint. Has his fighters have literally no learning fights and then chucks them in for title shots without going through the levels, same as Yarde. Dubois should have been fighting Chisora and Fury should have fought Lerena

    • Emperor Smizz
      Emperor Smizz Hace un mes

      Dubois got dropped 3 times last fight quit vs joyce and all he got hit with was the jab over and over again

    • Macho Man
      Macho Man Hace un mes

      Doubois has got quit in him and that can be unlearned no matter how much training it's something your born with haye n Aj r the same

  • chrome hitz
    chrome hitz Hace un mes

    People should know by now, AJ doesn't go to fury fights and fury doesn't go to AJ fights.

  • A J
    A J Hace un mes +1

    He's still in hiding.

  • Mark Hawkes
    Mark Hawkes Hace un mes

    He just lets them get on with there circus

  • Danny Hawthorne
    Danny Hawthorne Hace un mes

    Because for the 1st time in 10 years he isn't really relevant

  • Juiceroom Boxing
    Juiceroom Boxing Hace un mes

    Tottenham isn't local enough for Joshua ya get me

  • Cus's System
    Cus's System Hace un mes

    I disagree with you guys on AJ. If I was AJ I would not of attended either ? The fight everybody wants to see right now is Fury VS Uysk ? Why have AJ attend ? You still have Joyce; Dubois in front of him for a crack at the world title

  • Colin Clyne Music
    Colin Clyne Music Hace un mes

    Chisora should have been finished in round 2, Fury carried him and Dubois should have probably been beating in that first round鈥.some dodgy shit going on there with the clock!!

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      The on screen clock is not the same as the independent time keepers clock.
      The broadcasters clock used to to disappear when there was under 15 seconds left because they were never accurate.

  • Joseph Rodgers
    Joseph Rodgers Hace un mes +1

    This fella Ade is a clown does he not realise AJ isn't in the picture he's lost 3 of his last 5 and turned down Fury in December he doesn't even have a trainer 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

  • Matthew OBrien
    Matthew OBrien Hace un mes

    As long as AJ avoids Fury some people will always wonder, or even say AJ can win it. But the reality is Fury would beat him in every way possible mentally, physically and what ever other ways there is

    • James Bond!
      James Bond! Hace un mes +1

      And he would do it in a sexual way knowing fury!

  • Andy
    Andy Hace un mes +1

    Sick of seeing Gareth A Davis everywhere , he's like a Bon Jovi Jimmy saville Hybrid

    • Disband_the BBC
      Disband_the BBC Hace un mes

      Then why did you click on the video, when he was in the thumbnail?

  • Ghetto Genius
    Ghetto Genius Hace un mes


    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      Yeah ignore the part where he could not put any weight on his right foot.

  • Randy marsh
    Randy marsh Hace un mes

    Why would AJ be there lol it was supposed to be him fighting fury, lol, be a bit weird if he showed up.

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      To prove he wanted it. Instead of hiding behind commercial deals

  • Callum
    Callum Hace un mes +20

    He hasn鈥檛 got the balls to show up

    • the wet bandits
      the wet bandits Hace un mes +1

      not ajs stile it seems 鈥 the minute he goes off script he thoroughly embarrasses himself 鈥.. can a get a champ champ ? and where is bengo g14 while were at it lol

  • BlueLab
    BlueLab Hace un mes

    If one fighter has won the first 7 rounds, I think the fight should be stopped for the safety of the boxer. Yes he could still have a punchers chance but obviously getting a beat down

  • Marcel Marizu
    Marcel Marizu Hace un mes +2

    AJ has terrible management team. Most are Yes man. Ade is part of the problem. They fail to tell AJ the truth and what he should do. Right now, AJ is in limbo and totally confused on what to do.

    • EmmanzinoHD
      EmmanzinoHD Hace un mes

      You only see what he wants you to see remember that

  • irishman
    irishman Hace un mes

    Good show

  • Alan Murphy
    Alan Murphy Hace un mes

    Why. The guy gets abused. Its madness. Crazy the disrespect AJ gets.

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      More than justified. He should have kept his BLM speech to himself and not threatened the university kids.

  • Grey
    Grey Hace un mes

    Gareth strokes himself when he smells a boxers b.o mid interview

  • Myles Crouch-Anderson
    Myles Crouch-Anderson Hace un mes +22

    AJ has never attended any of Fury's fights but Fury hasn't attended any of his either.

    • Mikey PC
      Mikey PC Hace un mes

      @Marco if it's well documented, then post a link. Very simple.

    • Marco
      Marco Hace un mes

      @Mikey PC They literally banned him from doing it. It鈥檚 well documented.
      How long are you watching boxing?? Two weeks?

    • Mikey PC
      Mikey PC Hace un mes

      @Simon H I think you're getting confused. There was never any talk of Wilder getting in the ring after the Klitchko fight. The guy's 6'7. If he really wanted to, nobody could've stopped him. Wilder had been invited over by Matchroom for the Parker fight. Wilder didn't attend alleging AJ banned him from getting in the ring which was again complete bullshit. But heh, don't let facts get in the way of a good story馃槄

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes +1

      Mikey PC Wilder wanted to go in the ring after the fight but AJ banned him. The shithouse 馃ぃ

    • Mikey PC
      Mikey PC Hace un mes +1

      @Marco that's rubbish. Wilder attended the AJ Klitchko fight to commentate and that's it. He didn't go there chasing a fight and he didn't call AJ out afterwards. Fury or Wilder didn't attend any of the other fights you mentioned.

  • Will Goodall
    Will Goodall Hace un mes

    Don Charles is an awful, awful trainer. He should've pulled Chisora out in several previous fights but be never has

    • Disband_the BBC
      Disband_the BBC Hace un mes

      He pulled Chisora out in Fury Vs Chisora 2 in the 10th round when his eye was ready to burst and Chisora sacked him for it. The trouble with Chisora is he's as tough as old boots and has to much pride to quit.

  • M T
    M T Hace un mes

    He was in America

  • Sonny Blundell
    Sonny Blundell Hace un mes

    Chisora is supposed to be his mate n is at most of AJs fights, Joshua is a fake guy that's obvious but he could of gone there to support his mate he didn't have to get involved.

  • C M
    C M Hace un mes +5

    AJ is still a top 10 Uk heavyweight

    • Adam Davidson
      Adam Davidson Hace un mes +1

      Ajs spent

    • marshtermind
      marshtermind Hace un mes +5

      Top 10 uk heavyweight 馃槀 I couldn鈥檛 even name 10 British heavyweights. AJ is top 10 heavyweight in the world

  • Father vinyard
    Father vinyard Hace un mes +3

    鈥.. aj and eddie offered chisora 80 grand to fight aj when aj was on the come up when chisora had at that point 1 million plus fight purses 鈥.. clearly aj didnt want it food for thought 鈥. blatant lowball tactic

    • Father vinyard
      Father vinyard Hace un mes

      @UC27e27K75kfBVj4Bl2J4VNw fair enough pal but rematch clauses for mandatorys is a tactic that holds belts hostage imo eddie has managed aj well for him and ajs benefit but bad for boxing on the whole

    • Saint don is a nonce
      Saint don is a nonce Hace un mes

      @the wet bandits oh i don't know what he said exactly i never watched the fight

    • Father vinyard
      Father vinyard Hace un mes

      @Saint don is a nonce anybody who has ever fought aj has had to beat him twice because of rematch clauses etc fury aj and wilder have stalled undisputed in a few ways over the years

    • the wet bandits
      the wet bandits Hace un mes +1

      @Saint don is a nonce aj when he had belts 鈥 road to undisputed
      aj when belt-less 鈥. fk these belts lol
      thats not to say fury is any better with contradictions btw before you deflect

    • Saint don is a nonce
      Saint don is a nonce Hace un mes +1

      Well at least he's not fighting the same guys he beat over and over again just so he can duck anyone decent

  • kenny marshall
    kenny marshall Hace un mes +5

    EVERYBODY Talking about AJ just keeps him Relevant in boxing in my opinion

    • George C
      George C Hace un mes +2

      In the same way Jake Paul is always talked about鈥?

    • kenny marshall
      kenny marshall Hace un mes

      @POW POW but there not talkin about me are they tho馃槅馃槀

    • POW POW
      POW POW Hace un mes

      But if they're talking about you, then you're relevant, no?

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes +1

      AJ should just take his money and run,he's earned plenty, been managed well and has finally been found out,I've never thought he was a great boxer ever,he should walk away with his head high and pocket's bulggini

    • M 脰tt枚nen
      M 脰tt枚nen Hace un mes +1

      For a while, yes. But he has to Come out and engage or he slowly becomes irrelevant.

  • travelvids
    travelvids Hace un mes +3

    Why turn up to be shown up for not being at the other side of the ring?

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis Hace un mes

    Why would you turn up and watch a fighter you know you could never beat鈥..

  • David Varey
    David Varey Hace un mes

    Aj bitter about fury that鈥檚 y he put a spanner 馃敡 n the works

  • Lew Lew
    Lew Lew Hace un mes +6

    Could of been Joshua spitting out blood if he never ducked for the December 3rd date!!

  • Jake Chadwick
    Jake Chadwick Hace un mes +3

    Aj literally said in an interview the week before he would be in America training bore off fury fan boys

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      @David Winner Training for what? He won't have a fight until next summer.

    • David Winner
      David Winner Hace un mes

      Thank u lol 馃槀 he said he going to America to go train why dose he have to be there lol when the most important thing to AJ right now is to get his camp right

  • Projected Thoughts
    Projected Thoughts Hace un mes +7

    It鈥檚 worrying that AJ is still running around trying to find a trainer. At this stage of his career, it doesn鈥檛 bode well.

    • Disband_the BBC
      Disband_the BBC Hace un mes +3

      @Seosamh P谩draig 脫 Dubhthaigh come on you have to give him some credit he's one of the best evasive fighters of all time. If he thinks he could possibly lose the fight he evades it all cost, the problem is he thought Andy Ruiz and Usyk would be easy pay days and still got slapped. 馃ぃ

  • AJ C
    AJ C Hace un mes

    Wet wipe

  • Matt
    Matt Hace un mes +1


    • Lew Lew
      Lew Lew Hace un mes +2

      Yea thanks for that

  • Macho Man
    Macho Man Hace un mes +10

    Aj made a fortune off the back of fury freeing up the belts and he should be grateful to him !!

    • Live4eva
      Live4eva Hace un mes

      @Martin Berry I agree with you but the number of top 10 (ranked) heavyweights he has thought compared to the gypsy king is overwhelming.

    • Martin Berry
      Martin Berry Hace un mes +2

      @Live4eva to be honest Aj best win was either Klitschko or Ruiz nothing spectacular

    • Live4eva
      Live4eva Hace un mes

      @Macho Man look at the calibre of fights aj has had compared to fury how many title defences has fury had.. fury is a better boxer then aj but his record against top calibre fighters is beyond piss poor.

    • Macho Man
      Macho Man Hace un mes +2

      Aj record is piss poor bro

    • Frank Jaeger
      Frank Jaeger Hace un mes +1

      @Live4eva hahahahahahahaha

  • RSR
    RSR Hace un mes +1

    I'm disappointed anyone turned up to this fight.

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes

      I'm just surprised,I heard it was 拢27 PPV, but one pound fifty for tickets or 2 tickets fot拢2,also heard no-one turned up,that was all big John other children and they got in for nothing,60,000 Fury's

  • BaseDaKID - The HARDCORE Casual

    People can't help but bring up Anthony Joshua for clout 馃檮馃槖

    • A.S
      A.S Hace un mes

      @hurley31 He hasn't been in hiding at all.

    • Jon Trownson
      Jon Trownson Hace un mes +3

      What?? ? When fury, usyk and joyce were at ringside together, nobody mentioned a.j. whatsoever mate.. in fact, nobodys mentioned him at all since until this vid,, wich happens to be made by ade, a dazn employee..
      Wtf are you talking about???

    • hurley31
      hurley31 Hace un mes +5

      Just friendly concern. He鈥檚 gone into hiding since his meltdown.

  • JW
    JW Hace un mes +1

    Aj is just an embarrassment

  • treyakasprings
    treyakasprings Hace un mes

    Joshua鈥檚 life is set whatever happens he鈥檚 a sensible man 鈥 fury is an accident waiting to happen at some point unless he gets his used car pitch 馃ぁ鈥.. At least he鈥檚 got mrs doubt fire to cheer him on

  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon Hace un mes

    Why would AJ after bottling to fight fury, instead chisora fights him鈥..then fury will be fighting uysk for undisputed ,who has beat AJ twice鈥︹hy on earth woukd AJ go to that fight? What you want him to do or say? Like wtf?

  • Sporting Icons
    Sporting Icons Hace un mes +1

    Gareth confused with wrong Charlo lol

  • JohnFisherChoir
    JohnFisherChoir Hace un mes +4

    He doesn鈥檛 really need to attend, along with Fury he鈥檚 the biggest boxing star regardless

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes

      @Simon H AJ can easily fight at a stadium for years to come,u don't know what football team he supports but is there not hooligan football casuals at all London clubs?,,he'd be an asset for any firm

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes

      @Simon H no mate,I agree with you,I wasn't paying for the fight and thankful I watched the t.v whilst the fight was on and it was a lot better.the TV was not plugged in,a blank screen but my friend's who watched it were jealous,拢27 ppv-digusting, honestly,Fury,Warren,arum are a joke,it's no wonder people by illegal streams

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      Not true. His comeback in December was gonna be at Wembley Arena. His stadium days are long gone.
      He will only fight at the 02 if Hearn puts 2 or 3 world title fights on the undercard.

    • JohnFisherChoir
      JohnFisherChoir Hace un mes

      @Left, Right, Goodnight I doubt he watched it

    • Left, Right, Goodnight
      Left, Right, Goodnight Hace un mes

      AJ had the money to buy the PPV, do you think he has a wee chipped firestick like me,I wouldn't pay 拢27 for a ringside seat,I'll bet there were cheaper tickets

  • irishman
    irishman Hace un mes +1

    He not loyal to his friends like eddie not loyal either to his fighters whyte and delboy cause under Matchroom

  • Paul Stephenson
    Paul Stephenson Hace un mes +1

    Why should Joshua be there??? He鈥檚 doing his own thing ffs, he鈥檚 just had back to back loses and he鈥檚 in the gym. Fury鈥檚 nonsense is boring but all the fanboy media lap it up, he was never going to fight Joshua it was always Chisora.

  • John Aldred
    John Aldred Hace un mes +4

    He was too busy threatening Students ! Eddie won't put Joshua in the ring with a punch bag for fear of hin losing & the cash cow coming to a grinding halt. ! It's up to the real Heavyweight boys to battle it out & to leave Joshua to work up a sweat for those Poster poses to sell sports drinks.

    • Jon Trownson
      Jon Trownson Hace un mes +3

      That uni incident could've got genuinely violent if it wasn't for the fact those students never signed a rematch clause....

  • Unientity
    Unientity Hace un mes +1

    Here鈥檚 the problem. Fighters have not found a way to out other boxers that avoid fights like Joshua and Usek has done in the past. Tyson has made that attempt. I know exactly how to out fighters. You show the fans the contract to prove that it was sent and show the fans that they being Usek and Joshua has not signed. Period. The proof is in the pudding and these runners need to be outed. Also enough of the Chisora being a punching bag nonsense because when he beat Pulev, everyone was staying that he was a contender and all of the sudden he should retire? Really? Give Tyson his due cheers. Chisora still could beat Whyte or any other fighter in the top 10. Tyson just makes it look good. When he annihilates Usek people are going to do the same crap. They are going to say that he was too small for Tyson. This nonsense is just ridiculous. Tyson Fury is levels above all of these fighters and next people are going to say that Usek should retire. Watch and mark my words. Every fighter that Fury beats, everyone is going to say they should retire.

  • Father vinyard
    Father vinyard Hace un mes +2

    a bought and paid dazn mouthpeice

    • Dodge172
      Dodge172 Hace un mes

      Bought and paid for mouthpiece? don鈥檛 be a baby - what are you 12

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis Hace un mes

    Aj is in the states currently sleeping with more trainers!

  • O
    O Hace un mes

    AJ is scared, he will retire soon ..AJ is a body builder and Hollywood will grab him...he will be a big brand name!

    • Simon H
      Simon H Hace un mes

      He's too stiff for Hollywood. He will start up a record label and release some gangster rap.

  • Bob
    Bob Hace un mes +3

    Is Gareth sponsored by Frank? Why would anyone(inc.AJ) want to stand in the freezing cold and watch an overpriced sparring match?
    Chisora was gone after Fury's first flurry in round 1.
    Usyk attended, even after Fury threatened to slap him, but Usyk clearly showed he's not scared and wants the fight, it's up to Fury if he wants it now.
    Joyce, he was there because he knows Fury is calling him out as the fans are asking for it, but we all know Fury will not take that fight.
    Hope Chisora recovers ok from the pounding he received in the freezing cold.

    • hurley31
      hurley31 Hace un mes

      @Bob so what's your issue exactly? Klimas has said the fight is done and will take place likely no later than March 4th 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

    • Bob
      Bob Hace un mes

      @hurley31 done deal and waiting for Fury to sign, he said that over a week ago.

    • hurley31
      hurley31 Hace un mes

      @Bob how do you know he's not signing it? Presumably the same way you know he's not fighting Joyce.
      Usyk's manager Klimas has basically confirmed it's a done deal.

    • Bob
      Bob Hace un mes

      @hurley31 mate, forget AJ, why is Fury not signing the Usyk deal? Is he really worried more about his peeping toms elbow? Where are the 1 week deadlines now?

    • Bob
      Bob Hace un mes

      @Disband_the BBC if we don't see Fury vs AJ now, it will happen when they're old and running out of money 馃槅

  • Jonesy 81
    Jonesy 81 Hace un mes

    What would be the point of AJ being ringside, it was a bit strange Joe Joyce was in the ring but I suspect it was because he's signed to Queensbury...AJ isn't really in the picture at the moment, his confidence is shot and it'll be interesting to see if he fights for a belt again. I guess he could fight Joyce but that could be a long painful night, more than likely Whyte next.